A COUPLE of games on the horizon today that we'll be taking a pot shot at. Firstly, a regular that we've all fallen in love with in Norway and another from Iceland later on tonight.

Rosenborg 3 have produced the goods for us before and are back in action today in what could prove a tough encounter, while tonight's Icelandic 4 Dield action has plenty of scope to bring the bacon home.


Rosenborg 3 have conceded 16 goals in their last two matches going down 8-1 in both. Today the travel to face Steinkjer FK and with Rosenborg's away form being abysmal this game could well see quite a few goals yet again.

Steinkjer aren't as strong as Buvik and Orkla, the two sides who hit eight past Rosenborg in recent weeks but they are still capable of a goal, especially at home against the lesser lights of this league. Steinkjer hit 7 past Meldal and 5 past Charlottenlund, the two teams who split Rosenborg at the foot of the table. They are big, strong side and should have enough in the tank to put Rosenborg's young team under plenty of pressure.

Rosenborg are a young team consisting of a lot of U19 players and fielded a very young inexperienced goalkeeper last week. We'll be checking the team lines pre-kick off and will post if there are dramatic changes to their team but we can't see it. Steinkjer should be hitting 4 or 5 goals here. This game is due in-play on Bet365 though they haven't got it listed as yet it is in today's diary.

Over 1.5 & 2.5 HT goals
Steinkjer Over 3.5 & 4.5 Team Goals


Berserkir have had a slowish start to their league campaign winning one 3-0 and drawing the other 2-2. They were one of the form sides during the league cup campaign, scoring for fun, especially when at home and tonight face up to Stal-Ulfur on their own patch.

Stal recorded a 4-1 win last week against the bottom side Kormakur but lost their opening game on the road 3-1 to Skallagrimur, the side who Berserkir drew 2-2 with last week.

These sides faced off in the League Cup where Berserkir ran out 4-2 winners in a game they dominated. Berserkir scored 19 goals in 5 matches in that tournament while Stal-Ulfur conceded 26 in 5. Berserkir will be looking to make up ground on league leaders Skinandi tonight and should see off Stal whilst scoring a few in the process.

Over 1.5 BERSERKIR HT goals
BERSERKIR Over 2.5 & 3.5 Team Goals
Over 4.5 FT Goals

Another game in 4 Dield worth a watching is the Afrika v Kongarnir match if it appears anywhere which sees league newcomers Kongarnir take on one of the poorest sides in Iceland. Could be worth a watching in-play this one to see if Kong dominate as they managed a 4-1 away win to Arborg who are of a similar level as Afrika.


  1. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye im waiting for both games. And yes i´m going to be more cautious in the Rosenborg game since Steinjker isn´t as strong as Buvik or Orkla as you said.

  2. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Cheers BP :)

    There was a few of us highlighting these matches on another thread earlier today. You’ve taught us well :)

    We’ve been keeping a note of the teams you’ve been giving us over the last few months – Alta was one of them, 10-1 yesterday!

    • FATHEAD 9 years ago

      I couldnt agree more Greg, thanks to BP the footy season never ends. With a profit !

  3. Sly 9 years ago

    2 minutes and no goals. Im disappointed with you Bp :p

  4. Sly 9 years ago

    1-0 to the Steink

  5. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Got on over 2.5 ht goals @ 7/4 and total Steinkjer goals over 3.5 and over 4.5. Fingers crossed.

  6. Sly 9 years ago

    Steinkjer stinking moar goals plz

  7. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 woop woop

  8. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    3-0 after 13 mins, unreal

  9. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    3-0, easy money this

  10. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Nice work BP

  11. Sly 9 years ago

    Hehe Steinkjer

  12. Patrick 9 years ago

    I didn’t actually do the HT bets. Went for FT goals and Steinkjer goals. Need a couple more for a win.

  13. George 9 years ago

    Now its 3-0 so early . bookies gone mad on the overs market any suggestion o a sensible unders bet? Realisticly csnt go too high can it!?

  14. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    3-0 after 12 mins, what a disaster, hahaha :)

    Over 1.5 and 2.5 1st half goals up!

    Patrick, hope your other bets come in mate!

    I’m also on over 5.5 goals and over 3.5 team goals! Fantastic start :)

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I need 2 more Steinkjer goals and given the way things have been, I’m extremely nervous! I didn’t bet as heavily as I wanted either because of losses today, yesterday and many other days!

  15. Sly 9 years ago

    George in these games you have to bet before the game starts because the bookies will obviously push it since Rosenborg has an history of getting trashed. If you want sensible now you will have to wait i guess.

  16. bob 9 years ago

    How longs been played now?

  17. Sly 9 years ago

    Patrick 2-0 Portugal 20 mins in the u19 game. What did i say? I hope you followed my tips

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      3-0 now Sly! Yes, I ended up doing 2.5HT at 4/1, small stakes but nice win along with the 1.5HT and 3.5FT. I figure that since it is someone else’s tips, I might actually win! :D

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Good job mate.

  18. Sly 9 years ago

    Steinjker cmon moar

  19. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Fathead, glad you came down from the balcony after missing the start of the stallions game, haha!

    I hope you brought Patrick down with you? :) I really want his bet to come up, he must have smashed a mirror or somthing recently?

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      No smashed mirrors or dead black cats Greg but lots of swearing and shouting! Thanks to Sly, I got a decent win and one of my own bets (a Finland U19 game actually came in!). Couple more Steinkjer goals and I might break even for the day.

  20. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    ‘Need another two goals from Steinkjer for £400 profit. At least I can relax as i can look at it as risk free as first bet already up.

    £110 over 2.5 first half goals @ 7/4
    £110 over 3.5 Steinkjer goals @ 8/11
    £80 over 4.5 Steinkjer goals @ 13/8

    £300 on and £700 back if all come up

    Fingers crossed

  21. Sly 9 years ago

    Portugal 3-0 Bulgaria that´s 1.5 ht 2.00 odd and 2,5 4,50 odd done 26 mins done. Guess +3,5 Ft as good as done too. I really hope you followed me up Patrick

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      4-0 now! Yes, I did, thanks a million mate, really needed it! HopefullY BP’s tips come in fully and repair some of the damage.

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Too bad they took the game of live betting. We would have taken them to the cleaners, guess they were expecting it.

  22. Sly 9 years ago

    4-0 Portugal. Hehe all done $$ 30 mins

  23. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Good to hear Patrick, was considering getting the samaratins to give you a ring if things didnt improve soon, haha!

  24. Patrick 9 years ago

    It may sound odd but it almost seems as if my Bet365 account is jinxed! Looking back over my bets in the last couple of weeks, my Sporting Bet account is doing okay as is Paddy Power but Bet365 is stealing all my cash. Very peculiar. The Portugal bets and the Finland U19 wins both came on Sporting Bet. I sound like a superstitious old woman :D

  25. Sly 9 years ago

    Unless something amazing happens i guess Ht is done at Steinkjer´s game. Done +1,5 and +2,5 gonna lose +3,5. Hopefully they score 2 more for the +4,5 ft.

  26. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Rosenberg to score is 10/11, worth a shout!

    Oh find that both teams score in a lot of these matches, lots o 5-1 6-2 etc

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Damn! Was planning to bet on Rosenberg to score at those odds and never got round to it. Why am I not surprised? lol

  27. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yassss 4-0 Steinkjer

  28. kev 9 years ago


  29. Sly 9 years ago

    HAHA yes. All done. All hail the Steinjk

  30. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    There you go sly

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Aye profit all round. Hope all you guys made it

  31. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    5 bets up in first half only 2 more in second half

  32. Madi 9 years ago

    Missed this! Great shout

  33. Sly 9 years ago

    Iceland U19 coming up lets see what are the markets

  34. Sly 9 years ago

    If you see more Portugal u19 games check the markets. After the Czechs got thrashed 5-0 against Denmark i expect them to get a same kind of beating from Portugal. Portugal has a very strong team, seems to be another golden age. Bruma and Gonçalo Paciencia son of the Porto old Glory Domingos seem like potencial stars. Portugal trashing Bulgarians 5-0 Ht

  35. Sly 9 years ago

    Kinda crappy markets on the u19 games. Guess i´ll go easy on the +1,5 ht and go harder on the 4th division games later tonight

  36. Liam 9 years ago

    Anyone doing the 7pm Icelandic games? If so what bets are u looking at?

  37. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    3 for me so far Fathead, waiting on one more goal for the full house! :)

    Pleasing thing is a good few where on this game anyway, BP reinforced the level of confidence in this match, haha! Great to know when BP is unable to post there will likely be someone on here who will put something up! I noticed this game In my morning scroll through the fixtures but had forgotten until sly mentioned them this afternoon so thank you to sly too! :)

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Np mate. We are here to help everyone beat the system. Gave very good tips for the Portugal Bulgaria u19 game too. There were +1,5 +2,5 ht and +3,5ft all done, 5-0 Ht

  38. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Sounds like there’s no need for me anynore then.. my work here is done lads, good luck ;)

    • Sly 9 years ago

      You are always needed Bp. Your tips are always welcome. That Lerona Rita one was unbelievable for me. Always looking forward for your tips. By the way 4-1 Rosenborg. IT´S ON. Remontada!!!

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      No chance! We always want your input BP, lord knows I could do with it!

  39. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Sorry BP, didn’t mean it to sound like that, like I said earlier, you have taught us well, we want to learn more so please please keep the tips coming! :) xxx

  40. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    From a bad start ,today could just be the best for a long while.Like Sly I’ve only had “Greg bet” on the Akranes match.

  41. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I only ever back BP’s tips in these matches and that’s no offence to others, just think he really knows his stuff. Keep up the good work BP

  42. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye gonna be honest. Thought about that too but didn´t bet on it Patrick

  43. FATHEAD 9 years ago


  44. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Full house BP. £400 profit. Very good, very good

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Nice one mate

  45. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    There’s that Rosenberg goal I was talking about :)

  46. Sly 9 years ago

    5-1 Amazing i have been winning with Rosenborg 3 for ages now. Gift keeps on givin and Bet365 still putting it live. Long may it continue

  47. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    6-1 now, oooft

  48. Patrick 9 years ago

    Surely Rosenberg can’t lose 8-1 again?

  49. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Full house 7 bets in. 5/1 for over 3.5fhg best.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .On to the next 1

  50. Sly 9 years ago

    Why not? I think they are playing the wrong sport but i don´t care just as long as we are winning hehe

  51. MrT 9 years ago

    Gutted that I missed the start of this as checked site just before 5pm then just before 7pm.

    Reminder for all that Palmeiras game tonight. They managed almost 20 corners at the weekend!

  52. Chris Guy 9 years ago


    Poland to be winning after 30 mins 17/20 @ Ladbrokes.

    Poland to be winning 3-0 at half time 10/1 @ 888 Sport.

    Poland -2 Handicap 10/11 Various

  53. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I know how you feel MrT. I was lucky enough to check just before 6pm

  54. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Good work fathead! :) Roll on the 9pm game!

    On them too Mr T over 5 1st half corners for me!

  55. Patrick 9 years ago

    Poland are 4/1 to score 5 goals with Sporting Bet, pretty reasonable IMO. Not saying it will happen but an early goal and it becomes a real possibility

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Saw that Patrick but i´m looking forward to Iceland´s 4th division and i´m not keen on that. But when the game starts i´ll see how it goes.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Great Sly, you have condemned me! 1.5 First half goals is Evens for Poland game.

    • Sly 9 years ago

      I´ve went +1,5 and +2,5 ht in that game but it´s just low bets to make time till the Iceland games. I´ve also followed up in corner since there are good markets. I´ve gone +4,5 and +9,5 corners in the Poland game as well.

  56. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Will Bet365 be covering the Berserkir game at all?

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Says it is in-play on Bet365 Chris.
      @Fathead – I was about to comment on the KH game, I see they are 1/6 to win when certainly early form doesn’t suggest these are worthy odds at all. Perhaps BP can shed some light on it.

  57. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    It’s on the schedule Chris guy so fingers crossed!

  58. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    BP any thoughts on the other Icelandic game at 9 bet365 KH Hildarendi v Skallagrimur

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Lets see KH is 6th in the league with a 3-7 in goals. They tied one game 2-2 against the 7th and were trashed 1-5 against second place KB. Skallagrimur is 4th with 5-3 in goals. They won 3-1 against Stal Ufur and tied 2-2 against Beserkir.

  59. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Over 12 corners @ 5/6?

  60. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Over 6 first half corners @ 5/4

  61. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Hopefully I’d rather play with bet365 money than having to deposit a further wad of money elsewhere. What you guys putting on Berserkir game?

  62. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Who generally gives better odds for these games? Bet365 or Sportingbet?

  63. Sly 9 years ago

    I think it´s Sportingbet mate. I´m going to wait for the 4th division games to go live since i haven´t seen anything worth it mate.

  64. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Nothing to report on KH game Fathead, it was given the once over but the value lies with the Berserkir game for me. Still waiting on team news on Berserkir, which if there is anything untoward to report I’ll post here.

    Don’t go mad on this and start returning all the Stenjker winnings to the bookies though lads, nothing worse than taking then giving straight back if it goes wrong.

  65. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Thanks BP they wont be gettin much of mine back.
    50p EW btts for me Chris

  66. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Sportingbet give you more markets including Team Goals, first half team goals, first half goals and handicaps. Bet365 are shite for these games now. Paddy Power also lobs the occasional one in so always worth a look there.

    Afrika game is NOT on tonight and is now being played tomorrow.

  67. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Chris guy, will be on over 1.5 & 2.5 1st half goals mate! BH made a good point, it’s been a pretty good day today, don’t wont to give it back! Will wait to see what the overs prices are!

  68. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Same guys gone for £100 on over 1.5 goals first half at Evs too and £120 on Poland to score before 30th minute @ 5/6.

  69. Sly 9 years ago

    What a shit game. Poles look like they can´t be arsed. Empty stands and shit football.

  70. Patrick 9 years ago

    Poland should be a couple of goals up already but for shit control and passing.

  71. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Not good man not good. Poland 1/14 as well. Unreal

  72. Patrick 9 years ago

    1 corner so far, unbelievable! I made the sin BP warned about and my Portugal winnings are gone on this awful game. Wouldn’t mind but there is so much space that if Poland woke up, they could easily score 4 or 5.

  73. Sly 9 years ago

    3 corner 2 to go mate

  74. Becks 9 years ago

    guys, how to you get the HT goal section up on bet365?? I wanted to put on BP’s tip for the 9pm game..but i cant work out how you get it up!

    Agreed with the poland game..shocking!!!

  75. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    The Poland match is not a game for me, having watched Scotland struggle against Liechtenstein, wouldn’t imagine Poland will be busting a gut in a pointless friendly!

  76. Sly 9 years ago

    Haha what a miss. Poles really are shit. Remind me never to bet on them again. It´s against of team of butchers and gardners. Embarassing.

  77. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Absolutely shocking display from Poland, IDIOTS

  78. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Becks you have to wait till the markets open up around kick off time

  79. Becks 9 years ago

    thanks Fathead mate, appriciate your help!!

    Yeah what is going on in the Poland game..How could he have missed that chance lol!!

  80. Patrick 9 years ago

    Bookies whopped my arse on this one. I’ve moaned about bad luck today but this was just shit judgement on my part.

  81. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Scary thing is they are shit but started the game @ 1/14 to win!!

  82. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Patrick I’ve just blown £220

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      This will be 2-0 max. Couple of late goals probably.

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Aye i think so too. Or 1-0. Anyways, the real money to be earn i hope is in the iceland´s 4th division games. Lets see how they go

  83. Sean Ireland 9 years ago

    7/2 available Liechtenstein +1,evens plus 2 if anyone feels brave :)

  84. Patrick 9 years ago

    What shocks me most is the lack of corners. Constant domination and only 4 corners is beyond pathetic. 0-0 could be excused as it happens a lot but so few corners in such a game. Was going to bet big but opted against it. Thankfully!

    Me – “Poland 4/1 for 5 goals, 5 corners HT evens and 2 goals HT 11/10, what great odds!”

    Bookie – “Heeheeheehee!”

  85. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Berserkir prices up now on sporting bet

  86. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Only over 4.5 goals on offer though

  87. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    They should have built that Polish stadium over here in the UK there’s more of the ignorant fuckers over here than in Poland.

    • Guido 9 years ago

      haha :-) Fathead tells it exactly as it is ;-)

  88. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    How does a Polish mother teach her kids to put on their underpants. yellow at the front ,brown at the back

  89. Sly 9 years ago

    Rofl really looks like it by looking at the empty stands

  90. Sly 9 years ago

    Anyways no one is looking at the other u19 game? its battle at the top Stjarnan u19 vs FH u19. Goal ratio, Stjarnan 8-0 in 3 games and FH 7-1 in 2 games. This can be extremely balanced or if there´s a goal early in the game, goals galore. Gonna keep an eye on this one too if it goes live

  91. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Berserk it game on b365 now

  92. Sly 9 years ago

    Berserk it game on b365 now

  93. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Yeah markets are really poor on bet365 for these matches tonight! Sportingbet far better! I’m just on first half goals!

  94. Sly 9 years ago

    Indeed mate. Done the same

  95. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Some mad prices ie over 2.5 goals @ 1/10.

    I got on the following at pretty naff odds.

    £200 over 1.5 ht goals @ 1/2
    £200 over 4.5 goals @ 19/20
    £200 over 1.5 Berserkir ht goals @ 23/20

  96. Paul 9 years ago

    The Poland game..anyone tell me the draw price prior to kick-off? Curious as someone told me to back the draw on this game and I missed the email.

  97. Sly 9 years ago

    Are you telling me this is fixed? I´m going to call Sepp Bladders to tell him of my anger for failing on my over at HT. Kidding mate didn´t noticed the odds for the draw. Must have been good surely

  98. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Don’t know Paul but I hope you’re wrong unless its 3-3

  99. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Can’t believe over 1.5 first half goals was 1/2 with Sportingbet and 5/6 with Bet365. Shit! I’ve got £200 on it.

  100. Patrick 9 years ago

    Rubbish Poland scored about 40 minutes too late!

  101. Sly 9 years ago

    Everton ladies 1 Liverpool 4 Perhaps they should replace Rodgers with whoever is coaching the ladies team

  102. Paul 9 years ago

    Sly, nothing like that I think mate. Just someone I know who comes up with a few decent tips. 10/3 now so must have been 6`s or 7`s I guess.

    Chris, hope their is plenty of goals in the Polish + Iceland games for you and I. I`ve had a few bets on the Iceland matches tonight.

  103. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye was jking mate. Anyways the draw is looking impossible now that Poland scores. I doubt the Liechenstein fowards who are a Baker and a Mailman gonna score against Poland

  104. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    1-0 Berserkir, need another one before ht

  105. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Thought I’d staked £600 on game but its £500

  106. Sly 9 years ago

    aye me too mate

  107. Sly 9 years ago

    aye me too mate

  108. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    1-1 our prayers have been answered

  109. Sly 9 years ago

    Hehe Fathead a good day all round. Now have a smaller stake on +4,5 let´s see how it goes

  110. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Another over 1.5 first half goals comes up trumps!:)

    Wasn’t a great price but it’s made sure today has been a cracker, albeit after a slow start with the two Aussie games!

  111. Becks 9 years ago

    Just had a look at some of the late night games for tonight, Quite fancy BTTS on Figueirense Vs Chapecoense.

    Haven’t found out much about these teams but i have seen that Figueirense have won their last 3 games and Chapecoense have won 2 and drawn the other.

    Anyone else got any info on these teams??

  112. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Over 1.5 ht goals bet up but annoyed I only got 1/2

  113. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Might be a bit crowded in the Counting House tonight

  114. Patrick 9 years ago

    Turned a catastrophically shit day into merely a poor one. One day I’ll actually make a decent profit.

  115. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Did over 1.5 htg in the other game .2-0 nice

    • Sly 9 years ago

      The u19 game? It was right in the end. FH will have to risk it in the second half. Predict more goals there.

  116. Patrick 9 years ago

    I’m about the only person on this site who regularly turns a loss by the sounds of things! :(

  117. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Chris guy what site did you get 1/2?

    I got 1/2 on bet365 just before kick off but your earlier post reads that you got 5/6?

    Becks, Figs home games have been great for BTTS, last 7 home games has seen that come in, Chap’s away record though reads only 5 of 15 BTTS! It’s certainly got a chance just worry about the away team scoring!

  118. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Not convinced by the way this one is panning out that Berserkir are gonna get anywhere near the goals I fancied. If you’ve any way of bailing out here I’d maybe take it..

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Well i´ve done the +1,5 ht it was my prime bet. I´m going with the +4,5 ft all the way now BP, who knows maybe Berserkir wakes up in the second half. Anyways it was a good day so i´m just gonna see how it finishes and it´s done for today mate.

  119. Becks 9 years ago

    Palmeiras Vs Avai…Avai currently sat in 2nd leugue..while Palmeiras are in 5th..gotta be worth a couple quid???

    Also Avai have won 5 lost 1 and drawn 2…
    Palmeiras have won 2 lost 3 and drawn 1…

  120. Steven 9 years ago

    I got 5/6 on both games in bet365 just a few minutes after ko

  121. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Nice one fathead, Me too!! Think that’s 10 out of 12 today on the Half time market! :)

  122. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Nice one fathead, Me too!! Think that’s 10 out of 12 today on the Half time market! :)

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Gonna go +4,5 ft on that u19 game. Have a feeling goals will pop up FH will have to risk it.

    • FATHEAD 9 years ago

      Greg ,as someone says booooooooooooooooooooooom

  123. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £600 on the betting and £582.50 back. Waiting on over 4.5 goals for another £390 which would recover my Poland losses back so hopefully otherwise a small loss for tonight

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I hear you Chris, I’d almost have made a small profit for the day only for that ill-judged game. In the very unlikely event that Berserkir score 4, I’ve calculated I would actually be evens or in slight profit, only 3 more goals, I’m pretending to be optimistic :D

  124. Becks 9 years ago

    Greg thanks for the heads up..i have a feeling i am going for a figs to win as they are at home..so thinking of putting that as a double with Avai..pays out 6.74/1

    Any thoughts??

  125. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I got 1/2 with Bet365 but a couple of minutes after kick off it was 5/6 so pretty poor.

  126. Becks 9 years ago

    Well done Chris..you did well :D

  127. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    FH V Stjarnen u19’s

    Second goal right on half time!

    Not sure what bet365 are all about, how can you change a price from 1/2 at kick off to 5/6 a minute in! Buggers!!

  128. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    No third goal 9/1

    I always like it when the bookies mark your selections as favs.

    Over 4.5 goals @ 8/13
    Under 4.5 goals @ 6/5

  129. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Trying to think what I could do I could bail out on under 4.5 goals @ 6/5

  130. Patrick 9 years ago

    Today could have been worse I suppose but just for once, I’d like to be a winner. Maybe tomorrow…

  131. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Price cut to 11/10 but got £200 on under 4.5 goals. Can’t see another 3 goals.

    Total staked tonight £600

    If this game is over 4.5 goals balance £772.50
    If this game is under 4.5 goals balance £802.50

    No lose situation for me. Bailed out as you said BP. Should have quit when £400 up on previous game but oh we’ll £172.50 or £202.50 profit is good enough I guess.

  132. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Becks, Palmerias I’m sure were relegated last season! They have a pretty impressive home record with 10 wins 1 draw and 2 defeats from their last 13 ( those defeats coming against Tijuana in the Copa lib and Minerio the best team in the country!

    I’d personally be on Palmerias to win this match every day of the week! Sorry if I’ve put you off but can’t see past a home win!

  133. Patrick 9 years ago

    Mind if I ask Chris, are you a bloody millionaire or something? Your stakes would see me out on the street in a week, I have envy :)

  134. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Patrick you only need 2 now

  135. Becks 9 years ago

    Greg i am with you on it…i am trusting you as you know a lot more bout it than i do!! Any other shouts i should check out??

  136. Becks 9 years ago

    Paysanda Vs Parana

    Paysanda to win greg??

  137. kev 9 years ago

    Thinking about a bet for tonight too becks. But I got a feeling there will be a few draws… oeste v ceara, figs and palmy… thinking a few quid on that. Let me know if u decide on a bet for tonight… we usually do well when we go for same bet! ;)

  138. kev 9 years ago

    Chris has been asked this before… always keeps quiet! ;)

  139. Becks 9 years ago

    Kev…How are you fella…I was going for
    figs to win
    Palmy to win (thanks to greg)

    looking at Paysanda to win but cant find any info…

  140. MrT 9 years ago

    Any thoughts on Jamaica v Mexico in a few hours? Betfair recomending laying Mexico. I disagree. Can see Jamaica making it quite difficult but I see 2-1 or 3-1 to Mexico. Overs at 2.2 seems worth a punt but will mainly be on Mexico at around 1.7.

  141. Patrick 9 years ago

    Don’t blame him. I’m just being nosy ;)

    It’s a dream of mine to be one of those Las Vegas ‘whales’ and gamble nonsensical amounts of money. Would never happen mind since the wife would make me donate to charities :)

  142. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Uruguay 1:00
    Defensor v Penarol this ones tighter than a ducks arse.

    • FATHEAD 9 years ago

      Thats Thurs morning

  143. Craig alves 9 years ago

    went for a late night treble after reading all the winners posted on today :)

    palmeiras game over 6 1st half corners
    figuerense over 1.5 gls
    boa v asa 2 or 3 goals 7/1

  144. kev 9 years ago

    Passy drawn 2 outta 3 home games and lost the other! Another draw by looks of things. Just going by past few games… few good apps u can get to just check that kinda thing becks that give u goal alerts for selected games etc. Fotmob one but I prefer soccer livescores app. Dont have games like the ones bp shouted out but they have most games… and im good mate! :)

  145. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Greg Browning – I need your HT goals secret. I sort of took your advice today and looked at youth games where the odds for 3.5 and 4.5FT were short but 1.5HT goals had much better odds. Did 5 games in total (small stakes as an experiment) lost all 5! 4 of them had one goal!

  146. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Under 4.5 goals @ 4/5 is good for now

  147. Sly 9 years ago

    Goal Fh Hafgsfsdpfjsdgjordur. IT´S ON.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      2 goals in 15 minutes is unlikely in the FH fshkjdhfdkjafhksdhfjkdhdfkfhdskjhkhf game but more likely than twats Berserkir!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Wots this Chile U20 vs Tahiti on the calendar? I didn´t even knew Tahiti had a football team i thought they played sports with coconuts. Gonna check the game if it goes live.

  148. Becks 9 years ago

    Kev,, thank you for your advice bud!! So what you going for then??

  149. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Patrick my friend to answer your question no, I’m not a millionaire lol

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      There goes my plan to cadge some cash off you :D :D :D

      If you have any intention of becoming a millionaire, don’t bet on the same games as me lol!

  150. Patrick 9 years ago

    Tahiti played 6, lost 5 in the World cup qualifiers but only lost 2-0 and 3-0 to New Zealand. Also beat Samoa 10-1 last year :D so I guess they’re not as crap as we thought!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Aye good infos mate. Was really thinking of betting on that game if it went live. Thought Tahiti would play with grass skirts and bare feet. Gonna be cautious

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Chile’s U20 team is decent, lost 1-0 to Uruguay and 3-1 to Paraguay this year but beat Ecuador 4-1. Depends on where the game is played as well. Tahiti could be terrible travellers and a long trip could ruin them. Odds will be interesting.

  151. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £100 on no more goals @ 11/10. Only 5 mins remaining!!

  152. Sly 9 years ago

    Did the Ht´s but in the rest, the iceland games were a bit of a letdown.

  153. Patrick 9 years ago

    Thanks a lot Bershitkir, this and the Poland game was a bad end to what looked to be an evening of turnaround. *Goes off to weep in corner*

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Tommorrow will be better mate, you´ll see

  154. Conor 9 years ago

    guys is it tahiti or tahiti u20 team? as if its the u20 they are whipping boys but tahiti are not so easy.

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Dunno yet mate. Gonna wait if the game goes live. Only way im betting in the game and if it has good markets

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      It should be the Tahiti national team. Not sure if they even have an U20 team!

    • Conor 9 years ago

      they do and they get beat by ALOT! lol

  155. Guido 9 years ago

    Jeez Chris..thats aboot £1K uve stuck on an obscure Scandinavian 3rd/4th div game..did you find a wallet or rob a Tescos at cashing up time?

  156. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Absolutely mental prices with Bet365. On 85 mins it was 11/10 for no more goals. On 87 mins it was 1/3. Got £100 on it at 11/10 so hopefully that will make up for the 1/2 short odds I got earlier on ht goals. Wait and see, whilst I’m typing this someone has probably scored lol.

  157. Conor 9 years ago

    over 2.5 goals is 7/10 on bet365…bbut all depends on which team is playing if thats good value or not

  158. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Fecking joking me right

  159. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Hey man I’m just a working middle class guy

  160. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Ok what’s for betting on palmeiras game? Corners?

  161. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Vile over 2.5 goals @ 7/10??

  162. Sly 9 years ago

    I think it´s the main team. They are preparing for the Confederations Cup and playing u20 teams in Chile

  163. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Sorry Becks, know nothing about those two! Good luck with your 3rd team! MrT’s Mexixo bet could be a shout!

    Patrick, there’s no secret mate, it’s just over time you start to notice teams who’s matches tend to have goals! The u19 and u21 leagues produce a high number of goals ( Czech, Iceland, Hungary, Poland) while the Norwegian, Icelandic, Aussie and Philippie leagues leagues are the same!

    I find those matches where a team is priced really short to win the match are the best ones to go for when looking for an over 1.5 1st half goals bet (i.e home team 1/4 v away team 8/1 or home team 5/1 v away team 1/3) then look to see what they have prices over 3.5 goals at! If it’s around the 4/6 or 4/5 mark then goals are expected + there’s sites like soccerway to look recent form!

    I’m no expert on it, just on a good run at the moment! Stick to 1.5 goals though, 2.5 is much harder regardless of the odds!

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Thanks Greg! Loads of stuff on tomorrow, obscure heaven lol! I’ll be taking a long look in the morning before work!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Aye take note of the women´s romania cup between game Csc Targoviste vs Olimpia Cluj Patrick mate. Gonna bet on that game depending on the markets. Olimpia games are always filled with goals

  164. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Just stuck over 1.5 ht goals on the chile game. £80 @ 13/8.

  165. kev 9 years ago

    Went for a few quid on 3 draws in mexico, penarol, and paysanda… 35/1… also few quid on draws in fig, palmy and oeste.. cant make my mind on what to go big on becks

  166. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Palmeiras game? Over 12 corners @ 5/6. Thinking about going £180 on it, what you reckon guys?

  167. Patrick 9 years ago

    Oh and thanks to BP again. Berserkir may have pissed us all off but 5/8 on the bets above is a better hit rate than me and if I only did your bets, I would be in profit! You probably think it is below your own high standards but I for one hope you continue to show us how it’s done! :)

  168. Craig alves 9 years ago

    ive just had a look at the danish lower leagues as got ma 2.90 back on berserkir -2 AH, on a treble for £10 back but onebof the teamsbis top v bottom and marienlyst in the west 2nd div league have scored 68 gls and conceded 36 in 26 games so could be one for in play as they’re only 1/7. 4/9 to be leading at ht is what I took in that game

    marienlyst leading at ht
    over 2 5 gls at brabrand v aarthus
    fc helsingor win

    £2 90 returns £10.37

  169. George 9 years ago

    Whats thoughts on palmeiras corners?

  170. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yessss 1-0 Chile. Give us a second goal before ht. Chile pumping Tahiti according to bet365 stats

  171. kev 9 years ago

    Cant believe mexico have drawn their last 5 games… didnt think that was possible. Sorry if im being rude…but how can u have an opinion on palmeries corners? Surely thats just a lottery?!

  172. kev 9 years ago

    Nice one Chris. I went for over 2.5 match goals after u posted and got it at 4/6 :)

  173. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I’ve just gone £120 on total corners over 12 @ 5/6 and £80 on total half time corners over 6 @ 5/4.

  174. Sly 9 years ago

    Boooooooooom 2-0 Chile. That´s enough for me for tonight. Need some rest. Good luck for the rest of the evening for the ones still betting

  175. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 to Chile penalty get in

  176. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Does anyone know the the h/t f/t scoreline for the Berserkir match tonight?

  177. Sly 9 years ago

    1-1 ht 3-1 ft mate

    • Horsing Around 9 years ago

      Cheers Sly – luckily just went for the home win on that one. I’ll thank myself lucky for going to the cinema.

  178. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    13/8 over 1.5 ht goals

  179. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Nice one Chris :)

    13/8, cracking price too

  180. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Got £200 on the Palmeiras game for corners due to everyone talking about them

  181. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    3 mins gone in palmeiras game. 1-0 up and 2 corners already

  182. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    1-0 Palmeries 3 mins in

    13/8 over 1.5 fhg
    4/6 over 1.5 Palmeries total goals

    Dream start :)

  183. kev 9 years ago

    Good shout greg!!

  184. Craig alves 9 years ago

    sporting bets what will happen in minute ?? looks no bad too for palmeiras games, corners are 6/1 so put 7 bets on each minute and only have to get 1 corner to break even, anymore is profit. 3-1 palm now so over 6 1st hf corners will hopefully come in soon

  185. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    come on, need another 2 corners

  186. MrT 9 years ago

    Just missed out on over 6 corners but race to 7 looking good and over 12.

    Going for Mexico win and btts no on game later on.

  187. MrT 9 years ago

    Both bets in on Mexico game.

    Jamaica 0 – 1 Mexico

    Nice start to the day!

  188. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Lovely waking up to a Palmeriias 2-1 win. Like I say Becks, really solid at home, haha! :)

  189. Jay 9 years ago

    Anyone got any tips on the Hungary u19s at 9am? Goals in the mtk game? Cheers

  190. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Jay, I’ll be on over 1.5 1st half goals in this match and the Vasaas game later!

  191. Jay 9 years ago

    Cheers greg

  192. ryan 9 years ago

    Thanks Greg, easiest £20 quid I have earnt.

  193. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Taking up where you left off last night Greg .Missed the game on now so whats the thoughts on the Vasas game at 11.

  194. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Greg, couple of games later I’ll be looking at in the Denmark series. Marienlyst v Varde at 6.Craig mentioned this before and SC Edegal v Dolle-Musse . Edegal have scored 67 in 23 games and Dolle conceded 74 in 23. Edegal won the away game 8-1. Due in play bet365 at 2. See if theres any value in it.

  195. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Over 1.5 goals in kecscemeti and vasas games. 2 x £100 singles

  196. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Kecscemeti 1-0 up after 40 secs

  197. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Kecscemeti 1-1 after 3 mins 15 secs. Get in there!!

  198. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    3mins 1-1 Bloody hell Chris !

  199. Homicide 9 years ago

    Everyone seems to be doing 1.5 goals lately.

    You guys seem to be winning alot easily hoe good are the odds is it best to stake big.

  200. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Vasas not playing ball just now though

  201. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Vasas 1-0 up after 19 mins. Need them to grab another

  202. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Homicide it just depends what you can afford to lose and how much you want to win. I staked £220 to win £420 (£200 profit).

  203. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 vasas after 23 mins

    Easy £200 profit

  204. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Vasaas match up after 24 mins – the roll continues :)

  205. Homicide 9 years ago

    I usually stake £10 but add lots of teams I nearly won yesterday doing a 5 team acc over 2.5 goals.

    but I have no problems putting 100 on a bet. I put 100 on england to draw or win double chance because I know the teams and players.

    so ill guess ill have to copy your tips and do my research

  206. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Hi Greg, Yep this ones in the bag along with all up to 3.5fhg in the Kecksem.eti game.Better start than yesterday

  207. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Pretty much every one of these games are over 1.5 by ht

  208. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    What’s next at 12? Croatia under 19 vs Greece under 19

  209. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Cheers for the info Fathead! Will be on that

    Been in meetings most of the morning, had 4 bets on, the 3 Hungarian matches and the Sydney game all over 1.5 fhg! All 4 up, good morning all round, as have the rest of you by the sounds of it :)

  210. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    LKS Lomza game

    £100 over 1.5 ht goals @ 11/10
    £100 over 3.5 ft goals @ 11/10

    Good luck whatever games you guys chose

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      Chris Guy
      LKS Lomza game

      £100 over 1.5 ht goals @ 11/10
      £100 over 3.5 ft goals @ 11/10

      £200 down the pan there !!!!!!!!!!!!

      TOP STUFF ! ha ha ha


  211. Homicide 9 years ago

    Kenya vs Nigeria over 1.5 @ 1/2. Dunno if its any good but im thinking nigeria will win and score some goals

  212. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Don’t think I picked the right game here. 20 mins gone and not a shot on target :-s

  213. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Where did you find the stats for these teams Chris?

  214. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Woodlands Wellington vs admiralty fc

    Going for it big time here:

    £100 over 1.5 ht goals @ 11/10
    )100 over 2.5 ht goals @ 7/2
    £100 over 4.5 ft goals @ 9/4
    )20 over 3.5 Wellington goals @ 5/2

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      woodlands wellington have scored 16 goals in 14 games ?

      only game for me is at 16:15

      Estonia cup

      Twister Tallinn v Paide Linnameeskond

      inplay on bet365 @ 16:15 / PAIDE 1/100 For the win.

      PAIDE over 4.5 team goals ;) ;)


  215. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Don’t know much about the teams to be honest, just a quick google search

    • Horsing Around 9 years ago

      Chris, I’m thinking of doing O1.5 goals in 2nd half – have you got a link showing both teams their goal difference and league positions? Any information would be helpful as I can’t find anything about the U19 team via Google, only the first team. Ta.

  216. Craig alves 9 years ago

    everybody seems to be winning on the over 1.5 1st half gls, can see this being mr fixits top 5 come august. good to see all the winners over the last few days

  217. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Admiralty 1-0 up after 3 mins

  218. Craig alves 9 years ago

    £320 on an Australian lower league haha never fails to amuse me. hope it comes in for yi Chris.

  219. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Not being greedy but I could do with another goal in the Vasas game

  220. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Milesey think I will take a look at that game too. Maybe over 2.5 ht goals too

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      I’m not digging before you think i am, but research Mr Guy, you always need to do it, especially when putting on the big amounts, be selective, you don’t have to bet on every game, Estonia Cup games around 16:15, limited to i think 3 inplay on bet365, games yesterday were a 6-0 and a 9-0, both wins to a team who were 1/100 ( 9-0 ) and a team who were 1/50 ( 6-0 ), always look in depth at every game before you stake.


    • Milesey 9 years ago

      Anyone know of any sites offering more ESTONIA CUP games today inplay ?

      Bet365 seem to have 3 inplay, from the 10 ties taking place today.


  221. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Craig, myself and a few others have been posting tips for over 1.5 for the last few weeks but it’s really taken off the the last couple of days! Day has been great so far! I’ve put suggestions up earlier in this thread on what leagues to focus on If that helps?

  222. Milesey 9 years ago

    ESTONIA: Cup

    Twister Tallinn v Paide Linnameeskond 16:15

    Retro v Narva 16:30

    Both inplay on bet365, both away teams priced at 1/100 for the win, will have to wait till they become live inplay for the goal markets and see where the value lies, Twister took a 13-0 pumping last time out, and Retro went down 7 nil, today they meet high opposition in the cup !


  223. Craig alves 9 years ago

    aye greg I’ve been on everyday looking to see who’s got what on most days just not posting, I’ll let ma treble run and see whats on tonight if it comes up. lost £40 on the internationals at the wknd chasing losses so no more deposits fi me haha ht bet of Brazil to be winning at 70 mins at 5/4 was the stinger when Ox equalised on 67 mins

  224. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Admiralty 2-0 up

  225. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Fair enough Milesey but its no good laughing at punters who are losing. I wouldn’t do that to you or
    Anyone else for else for that matter.

    Anyway I will be on the 2 teams you have chosen.
    Are they def 4:15pm kick off?

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      Don’t pluck a game out of the air, just cause it’s under 19’s, they aren’t all going to be over 1.5 goals in the first half, back it up with stats, not the stat that it’s an under 19 game so there will be loads of goals.

      One game starts at 16:15, the other at 16:30, both inplay on bet365, at the moment all they are offering is win markets with the away teams at 1/100.


    • Milesey 9 years ago

      Admiralty 2-0 up

      see that sums it up, for you went for woodlands wellington to score the most goals, but 1 second looking at the stats 16 goals in 14 games ? tells you everything, all i am saying to you is research, don’t just pluck a game off the market and hope that there will be goals, BP selects certain games, researches them, takes a couple a week at most, be happy with a profit of £500 a day and walk away.


  226. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Ok dokey.

  227. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Olimpia women 1/500 now

  228. steven 9 years ago

    2 games that KO at 2pm catch the eye for goals most notably, SC Egedal vs Dollefjelde-Musse,there last meeting was 8-1 to Egedal, make ur on conclusions ,not saying it will happen again, but i fancy them to get at least 5, the other match i can see there being goals in, is the match between Naesby 2 VS Aurup, both frequently involved in high scoring games and there last 3 H2H reads, 3-1, 4-2, 3-1.

    over 1.5HT goals in both games
    over 3.5 and 4.5 in both games
    team goals Egedal over 3.5 and 4.5.

  229. Guido 9 years ago

    Prety sure Chris is trying to launder money from the till or puggy machines??..lumping hunners on obscure matches…widns be surpised to see on Reportin Scotland news “Dunbartonshire Polis looking for a suspicious looking man with clowns make-up on wearing a Celtic shirt with MULGREW on the back man who made off with 15 carried bags full of change from the local amusement arcade yesterday evening” ;-) ;-)

  230. Guido 9 years ago

    Prety sure Chris is trying to launder money from the till or puggy machines??..lumping hunners on obscure matches…widna be surpised to see on Reporting Scotland news “Dunbartonshire Polis looking for a suspicious looking man with clowns make-up on wearing a Celtic shirt with MULGREW on the back man who made off with 15 carried bags full of change from the local amusement arcade yesterday evening” ;-) ;-)

  231. Craig alves 9 years ago

    feck it fiver on over 2.5 gls in Croatia Greece game at evens, Croatia all over them on bet365 stats

  232. Chris Guy 9 years ago


  233. john 9 years ago

    If that’s clowns make-up Guido remind me never to take my daughter to the same circus you go to…lol

    • Guido 9 years ago

      Whatever it is, it would frighten the French john, thats for sure!! :-)

  234. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Takes a 1/500 team 23 mins to score. Not good man. Can’t believe it was 5/6 for over 8.5 goals

    • Paul 9 years ago

      I took the Over 3.5 HT bet on this game Chris. Still a slim chance with this one.

      Edit…the third has just gone in. :)

  235. steven 9 years ago

    Egedal 2-0 9 mins gone :)

  236. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Milesey Woodlands 3-2 up, talk about a get out of jail. Need cluj woman to score one more before ht

  237. Paul 9 years ago

    Lovely…number 4 in that women`s game. :)

  238. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye Olimpia Cluj always delivers 4 0. Just hope Patrick followed my tip yesterday

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I actually didn’t since the odds were so poor. I managed to get 21/20 on Cluj at -8 handicap though seconds before they got goal #5!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      I left the message expecting you would follow up my tip :( Anyways i hope they continue the trashing but the times i´ve bet on Olympia they relax on the second half.

  239. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yesss cluj 4-0

    £200 on over 3.5 ht goals @ 4/5

  240. Paul 9 years ago

    Good stuff Chris…nice £160 return for you on this Romanian game. You got money on the Over 8.5 also?

  241. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Paul didn’t do the over 8.5 goals mate. Didn’t think the women’s game was going to be a winner when it was 0-0 @ 23 mins. The highs and lows of these games are mental. I started with £600 yesterday got it to £820. Today got balance to £1020 then away down to £300 now back to £985. Lost £200 on disappointing Germany game

  242. Paul 9 years ago

    I know the feeling mate. I was backing really heavy until recently (similar stakes to you) and went through a bad run and lost far too much. I have started betting again on the football this week after a few weeks break but with much smaller stakes (£10s and £20s). I know it`s a cliche and been said a million times before but the skill is taking the profit for the day and walking away from the computer.
    Good luck anyway.

  243. Paul 9 years ago

    Thank you to those guys who selected the Egedal game. Excellent tip. :)

  244. Sly 9 years ago

    When i tipped the Olympia game yesterday i expected a good game but not 11-0. What a way to start the day

  245. Sly 9 years ago

    Really taking a look at those Estonia cup games. It´s Top division clubs against bottom league ones, perhaps someone can shed a light on these games because to be honest i don´t think i ever bet on Estonian games.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Milesey said that Twister lost 13-0 to someone and Retro got beat 7-0 recently. I’m not sure if this was in their own division which would be hilarious since they are up against teams well above them!

  246. ryan 9 years ago

    Chris, you need a staking plan. 2-5% of your total book. I know that may sound boring, but it will allow you to take the bad with the good. Of course, if you have the money then it does not matter.

  247. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Well done with the Edgal tip fathead, missed the start but managed to get something on over 5.5 :)

    • FATHEAD 9 years ago

      Greg, I hammered it mate !

  248. Sly 9 years ago

    If that´s true i suppose the markets will be crap. I never bet on estonian football. I usually don´t pay attention to it but since those games are close, i suppose i´ll have a look at the markets. I´m also waiting for the Poland u19 vs Spain u19. I predict the poles will take a beating.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Full Markets already on Sporting Bet Sly for the Poland vs Spain U19 game. Over 1.5 HT goals is 7/5 and over 2.5HT for someone brave is 11/2. Spain are 6/4 to get 3 goals or more and 9/2 to net 4 or more. Any of those worth a look?

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Patrick im gonna go +1,5 and 2,5 ht and spain +2,5 and that´s it unless something happens during the game that gets my attention. There are far too many bets to do today so i´m not going in too aggressively. Already earned well in the Olympia game so those bets are enough for the Spain game.

  249. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Milesey ,another Estonian cup game in p[lay scheduled on bet365

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      I’m looking for the market to open on this twister game to see if there is any value in it !


  250. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Twister game up in b365 you need to click more football once you click in play!!

  251. Steven 9 years ago

    Twister game up in b365 you need to click more football once you click in play!!

  252. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £100 on over 3.5 ht goals @ evs

  253. Sly 9 years ago

    Hmm kinda crappy markets. I mean 3,5 ht? It may be possible but i lack the knowledge on Estonian football to recomend that bet. I´m staying away from that game for now. Perhaps if the +2,5 ht appears with decent odds i´ll go with that.

  254. Steven 9 years ago

    looks a decent bet chris

  255. Steven 9 years ago

    can’t see it in play

  256. Patrick 9 years ago

    Can’t see the Twister game on Bet365 at all.

  257. Sly 9 years ago

    look at the more football option like Chris said. Its there.

  258. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Steen click on in play and scroll down and press more football. It’s there hiding

  259. Patrick 9 years ago

    Nevermind, found it hidden away the sneaks!

  260. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    over 2.5 fhg 4/6

  261. Steven 9 years ago

    thanks found it

  262. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Retro up now, again under more football

  263. Sly 9 years ago

    Staying away from this game. Good luck guys

  264. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £80 over 2.5 ht goals @ 11/8
    £100 over 5.5 ft goals @ 6/5

    On retro game

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Combined the +2,5ht at the retro game with +1,5 in the fin u19 game TPV vs FC Haka

  265. Steven 9 years ago

    could do with a goal soon..

  266. Steven 9 years ago

    anyone know why narva’s price is dropping all the time ie it was 1/100 when i first went on then 1/50 at the start then 1/40 now 1/33. only played a few minutes

  267. Patrick 9 years ago

    I am so bloody annoyed with myself. Had written down a Finnish Kolmonen game for 4pm and forgot about it in all the betting on other games. Currently 5-0 after 35 minutes, d’oh!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Sounds like a good tip. Why didn´t you say something to the masses?

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      To be honest Sly, I completely forgot about it and only remembered since I had the name written down and noticed the 5-0 scoreline.
      Let’s be honest, my tips are generally worth forgetting!

  268. Steven 9 years ago

    over 1.5 first half goals in the paide game now 8/13

  269. Sly 9 years ago

    Nah mate. I pay attention to all the tips. Then i investigate and decide if i should bet or not. If i don´t win i get angry at myself not the tipster. I bet it had good odds. Was a nice call mate too bad you forgot it.

  270. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    You ever seen a more 1 sided game than the Twister 1

  271. Milesey 9 years ago

    AT least one game is delivering, the shock is, i thought it would be the other one, that is so one sided but still 0-0 !


  272. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Twister game is piss poor

  273. Steven 9 years ago

    scores milesy? after how long? cheers

  274. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye the Retro game +2,5 ht at 2,37 is almost done.

  275. Milesey 9 years ago

    0-2 after 18 minutes

    0-1 after 33 minutes


  276. Steven 9 years ago


  277. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 Narva, need one more before ht. paide 1-0 up also

  278. Craig alves 9 years ago

    paddy power doing offer on all u21 euro championship games where there is over 3 goals in the match they will refund losing 1st and last gl scorer, correct score amd scorecast bets. israel v norway 1st up in 5 minutes

  279. Craig alves 9 years ago

    pen in retro game tae

  280. Steven 9 years ago

    3-0 narva. paide letting the side down so far

  281. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Women’s game over 2.5 ht goals @ 8/11

  282. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Chris, did you check any statistics on this or just base it on the fact women are playing? Before, I suspect you picked a team because it was U19 and it didn’t come in. Not having a pop but just good to know why you recommend.

  283. Craig alves 9 years ago

    still getting evens on another 1st half gl in tge retro game wi 10 mins

  284. Milesey 9 years ago

    ESTONIA: Cup
    Retro 0-5 Narva 37 MINS GONE

    at least one team have their shooting boots !


  285. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    during last nights betting frenzy on the Icelandic games I refered to the Polish immigrants in the UK as ignorant f***ers. I now reasise this was said in the heat of the moment and what I meant to say was that they are RUDE ignorant f***ers. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  286. Milesey 9 years ago

    On the 3 way handicap, you can get TWISTER at +6 1/1, seeing as though they are only 1 down, this must be worth a punt !


  287. Milesey 9 years ago

    On the 3 way handicap, you can get TWISTER at +6 1/1, seeing as though they are only 1 down, this must be worth a punt !


  288. Milesey 9 years ago

    make that 2 in 3 minutes .


  289. Steven 9 years ago

    knew that would happen! ffs lol

  290. Milesey 9 years ago

    must have changed their boots at half time, 5 -0 now.


  291. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    C’mon 10 mins to find a goal in woman’s game

  292. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    0ver 0.5 1st galf goals inplay in the Austria game 8/11

    1-0 :)

  293. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Iceland 9pm
    Afrika v Kongarnir
    flagged by BP last night as 1 to watch

  294. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Will be on it Fathead! :)

  295. Milesey 9 years ago


    ESTONIA: Cup

    Twister Tallinn 0 – 5 Paide Linnameeskond

    Retro 1 – 11 Narva


  296. Sly 9 years ago

    Will have to look at that game. Frekin spaniards only winning 1 0 against the Poles are costing me

    • Sean Ireland 9 years ago

      Sly one thing you have to remember about the euro u19 games is that there are a lot of red cards given out,spain had one today so had bosnia agaist Austria..you can see what I mean looking at this link,i know some of you like to bet on a card or 2,in fact some of you would throw a fifty on how many flies land on a dog turd so these games may suit :)..http://www.flashscores.co.uk/football/europe/euro-u19/

  297. Patrick 9 years ago

    Looking at the stats on the latest Estonian Cup match, it seems as if Joker are giving as good as they’re getting. Had a small punt at 13/1 on Betfair but they’ll likely lose 4-0 now :D

    Bloody Spain, why couldn’t you be as good as Portugal?

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Indeed. Having a player sent off cost us i think. Will have to do magic in the iceland games tonight. Spaniards made me lose all the profit i had from the Olimpia game.

  298. Homicide 9 years ago

    How many goals do you think will go in. Denmark vs georgia game.

    over 2.5 or 3.5

  299. Patrick 9 years ago

    For anyone who is interested, some Iceland women’s matches tonight.
    Stjarnan are very strong and have scored 16 goals in 3 home games so far. They face Throttur who have played 5, lost 5 and conceded 15 having been promoted last season. This could be a proper hiding if things go well. On at 8.15pm.
    In the same league at the same time, Breidablik are also strong and could get 3 or 4 goals away to FH.

  300. Paul 9 years ago

    The Marienlyst tip looking good with 3 late goals from them in the first half. Need one and two more goals from them in the second half to boost today`s tidy profit and then the final bets of the day for me will be on the Afrika game highlighted last night by BP. :)

  301. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Thanks for the info Patrick, will have a look at that one!

  302. Patrick 9 years ago

    Joker ended up winning after all, wish I put on more than a couple of quid lol! Still, a nice unexpected few pound.

  303. kev 9 years ago

    Fathead what u thinking about the afrika game? Just over 1.5ht and over 3.5?

  304. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Stjarnan didn’t waste any time

    1-0 7mins :)

  305. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Kev, thats the plan but have to see what the markets are like .

  306. kev 9 years ago

    I know hate betting on crazy stuff like that when the odds are like 1/2… what do u guys usually stake? 10 on each?

  307. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    3-0 Stjarnan 40 mins

    Over 2.5 first half goals 6/5 :)

    Hk Vikingur 0-2 40 mins

    Over 1.5 first half goals 8/13 :)

  308. kev 9 years ago

    Good start to the afrika game ;)

  309. Sly 9 years ago

    The goals are starting to appear on Iceland. Throttur Vogar Kfg done. Need one more on Afrika game and on Selfoss u19 one

  310. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    I with you on that Sly, KFG 1-1 :)

    Another goal in the Africa game gives me 4 out of 4 in tonight’s Icelandic games (guys and gals) haha!! :)

  311. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    I think Mileseys the man to follow tomorrow , I just got a feelin hes due a big one.

  312. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Great to see him back on top form today.

  313. Sly 9 years ago

    Nice one mate. Really need the earnings tonight. Spain´s U19 game was a disaster for me

  314. Becks 9 years ago

    Missed all the games tonight so no betting for me :( hope everyone got on ok though, is there anything on late tonight worth a punt?

  315. Becks 9 years ago

    treble in the Brazilian Campeonato 3 games kicking off at 23.30 any thoughts???

  316. Patrick 9 years ago

    This evening’s matches are killing me. Not sure what Starjnan women are playing at, almost 30 shots and no further goals. Should be 6 or 7 up by now.

  317. Patrick 9 years ago

    Iceland women’s football can go for a shit! Usually tons of goals but when I decide to bet…

  318. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Glad I was on over half time goals, full time goals looks to be poor in a lot of these mathes tonight!

    Becks how did your treble go last night?

  319. Sly 9 years ago

    Over +1,5 on all matches except Afrika and Selfoss one. Unbelievable.

  320. Patrick 9 years ago

    Yet again I’m somehow down cash for the day. Next time I’m ahead on any given day, I will pack it in because I never have any sort of a run, it’s uncanny how quickly my fortune changes!

  321. Patrick 9 years ago

    My Sporting Bet account actually got cleaned out, damn :(

  322. Becks 9 years ago

    not to bad Greg, 2 out of 3 not sure what team let me down, blurry eyes this morning didn’t help lol, any tips for late night games Greg?? .

  323. kev 9 years ago

    Felt sick about last night’s games becks… passy ended up winning! Hope u stuck with them. Fancy going for a treble tonight. Going with international, sao paolo, gremio and flamengo… try win some money back from that afrika game :@

  324. kev 9 years ago

    Think it was figs that let u down mate. Let me down too!

  325. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Haha cnt beat a bit of blurry eyes in the morning!

    Sao Paulo -1 at 10/11 is worth a small stake

    Gois not started very well and São Paulo sitting top with 2 wins and a draw fo the opening 3 games!

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