NOT been much taking our fancy over the last week or so here at BP Towers with bookies squeezing the life out of some of the good games and not bringing some others in-play at all.

Couple of games taking the eye today and possibly a bit of Icelandic action tonight depending on some team news later on so keep your eyes peeled on the comments section about 8.30-9pm.

LATVIA 2 LIGA, 5.15pm (bet365)
Rinuzi v FK Fortuna

Sly has beaten me to it with this one as I see from the comments in the Mr Fixits Tips thread but I'm gonna post this anyway. FK Fortuna are piss poor. They have four over 40s in their squad and are newly promoted to this 2 Liga set-up from god knows where. DSVK Traktor beat this lot 2-0 away from home and that really says it all about how poor Fortuna really are, with Traktor being abysmal themselves.

Rinuzi played league leaders Lerona Rita away from home last week and dominated the dangerous attacks and shots though lost 4-2. This is Rinuzis first home match of the season having played all three on the road so far and this should be a demolition job if they have their shooting boots on as Sly has already pointed out. The Over 4.5 goal line at 4/5 should come home with ease here but another market I'll be living in hope of is corners. Rinuzi hit 12 past Lerona Rita last week and Fortuna gave away 26 corner in an earlier match in the season as they came under bombardment. A line of Over 11 or 12 about the evens mark will be getting taken on here.

Over 4.5 goal line & Over 11 or 12 corners dble (should pay just under 3/1 if prices hold)

SWEDEN U19 DIV 1, 6pm (bet365)
FC Rosengard v Akarps IF

This is the second tier of U19 football in Sweden and a few of these games have been making an appearance lately. Akarps sit 4th in the table having scored 29 and conceded 17 in 10 matches so far. Rosengard are placed 8th and having scored 22 and conceded 35 in the same amount of fixtures, big averages.

Recent games have seen Rosengard's form improve with them managing a 3-3 away draw at high scorers Limhamn Bunkeflo last week and a 5-2 away win at Angelholms the week previous. Akarps last couple of games have seen them beat Angelholms 4-2 and BK Olympic 5-0 at home.

This game will have goals, the earlier match in the season saw Akarps run out 4-1 home victors but this does look a league where home advantage makes a difference. Again corners may be worth looking at here too. Rosengard were hugely priced last week away to Limhamn and won the Race to 3, 5 & 7, with the RT7 price a crazy 28/1.

Over 2 half-time goal-line @ Evs
Rosengard Race to 7 corners (don't go mad)

Like we said, there may be some Icelandic action tonight but would like a bit more information before recommending any bets, will keep you all posted.


  1. Lord Clegg 9 years ago

    Well Mr BP- I’m on your goal line tip. It can only do better than my Ascot bets- haven’t even got one placed yet in four races.

  2. Craig alves 9 years ago

    on the goal line single at 1.9 lets hope its a winner :), will see how the odda for ht gls are but think it’ll be 2.5 odds on when the home team is 1/66

  3. Sly 9 years ago

    Welcome back BP. As a fan of your work i´ll have a look at the sweden u19 game. I saw it but i haven´t payed attention to it. Hopefully the markets are worth it. Cheers mate and welcome back

  4. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Welcome back mate :)

  5. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    365 offering full markets in this Rinuzi game. They either know something we don’t or have lost the plot as this could be anything, no corners sadly.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      BP, hopefully they’ve lost the plot.

  6. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Didn’t take them long to realise the error of their ways, full markets ditched!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      BP, maybe read your comment! Right, taking the boy to football training and will try to keep track of the Under-21s game in the Coral shop next to the pitch.

  7. Sly 9 years ago

    Yeah it is strange. I was expecting just +1,5 ht and +3,5 or 4,5 ft. Just hope they have their scoring boots on. Fk Ogre vs Dsvk Tractor they were able of missing 2 pens in one half. Unbelievable stuff. “Just” gave 4 goals that match 3-1

  8. Sly 9 years ago

    Heh too late already bet cheers bet365 :p I mean lets see if they haven´t pulled a stunt and this isn´t a cracker :p

  9. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    1-0 Rinuzi, 4mins

  10. Craig alves 9 years ago

    just checked there and seen it ko’d 5 mins ago. great start BP

  11. Ruby 9 years ago

    2-0 after 7 minutes. over 1.5 ht in already top man!

  12. Sly 9 years ago

    Heh 2 0 Bp. Lovely!

  13. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Sly, BP thanks for highlighting this game gents!on big on over 1.5 fhg at 4/7

    Up after 7 mins, haha :)

  14. Sly 9 years ago

    Heh. I tipped it but BP´s info was more important and made me bet even more. Cheers Bp, well done mate :)

  15. Dogary 9 years ago

    3-0 in 14 minutes hahahahaha!

  16. Ruby 9 years ago

    3-0 14 mins cheers sly and bp great tip!

  17. Worried 9 years ago

    Getting worried in the Rinuzi game, goals seem to have dried up

  18. Worried 9 years ago

    Take that back, I’m an idiot ;)

  19. Sly 9 years ago

    4-0 Lovely :)

  20. Lord Clegg 9 years ago

    One more goal and I’ve recovered the money lost at Ascot today. Strictly footy and tennis from now on.

  21. W 9 years ago

    Thanks so much, got back all my losses from Ascot and got a bit of profit from that over 4.5 tip!

  22. Lord Clegg 9 years ago

    Thanks BP- your reappearance was worth waiting for.

  23. Paul 9 years ago

    Thanks BP- your reappearance was worth waiting for.

  24. Dogary 9 years ago

    Over 4.5 paid before half time. Great tip cheers

  25. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Fantastic stuff BP

    Over 1.5 fhg 4/7
    Over 4.5 goals 5/6

    Cheers :)

  26. Paul 9 years ago

    The Swedish game in-play anywhere? Can`t see it on 365?

  27. Sly 9 years ago

    Amazing mates 5-0 :)

  28. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Thanks Sly and BP…..great spot. Fantastic – shame the corners market wasn’t available for the double but I’m not complaining.

  29. weordie 9 years ago

    any way to keep an eye on the u19 game?

  30. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    They’ve obviously decided against bringing the U19 game in-play. Will post a score once I get it, shame that..

    Could still be money to be made in this Rinuzi game, Fortuna get worse as the game goes on and have shipped most their goals so far this season in the 2nd half.

    • weordie 9 years ago

      cheers BP, it’s the only one I need for my treble to come in

  31. Craig alves 9 years ago

    cheers BP, over 1.5 ht & 4.5 ft pre game. in-play over 3.5 ht gls at 3-0 after 30 mins 8/11 too :) wish a got on beforw they cancelled the markets now

  32. Paul 9 years ago

    Took the O7.5 market at half time also. Number 8 just goes in…thanks again BP/Sly.

  33. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Sadly, this is the last we will see of FK Fortuna.. RIP

  34. Ed 9 years ago

    These over 1.5 HT goals tips really are a gold mine. Loving the tips, Sly, Greg and Bounty Cun…I mean Punter!

    Well done for finding a solid way to beat these pesky camel coats, lads.

    I like the look of some of the Iceland u19 games later. Not so sure of the 4th division fixtures but they’ve been good recently.

  35. W 9 years ago

    10-0 this is mental!

  36. Sly 9 years ago

    Heh guess we won´t see Fortuna inplay for a long time now :)

  37. Paul 9 years ago

    11 now lol
    Fortuna must be a truly rotten outfit.

  38. Sly 9 years ago

    The markets are really taking a hit on the u19 iceland games. We use to have +1,5ht at evens. Now look at the +1,5ht odd of top of the table clash between FHu19 and Breidablik. We are losing our mine :p

  39. Sly 9 years ago

    Grotta u19 vs afturelding 8pm kick off

    First place Grotta against last place Afturelding is a game which may give us a decent overs chance. Grotta started badly with a 2 0 defeat at home. After that false start they went on to win two in a row with convincing 5-1 and 3-0 wins. Afturelding has struggled in their 2 games losing twice and showing a leaky defence with a 4-2 and 3-2 defeat. At least they have showed some offensive capability being able to score 4.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Hey Sly, Sporting Bet also has this game. They usually offer full markets once the game kicks off. Do you think Grotta could score 2-3 goals? Interestingly, they are just above evens.

      Btw, incredible tipping from you and BP. 11-0 must be a new Bounty Punter record!

  40. J 9 years ago

    Sly, what bet should we go for? Cheers mate

  41. Sly 9 years ago

    Depending on the markets the usual +1,5ht and +3,5ft because the u19 markets are very limited that´s why i don´t even post what to bet. It´s always +1,5ht and 3,5Ft

  42. Lord Clegg 9 years ago

    What was the Rosengard- Akarps score? Any first half goals??

  43. Sly 9 years ago

    What was the Rosengard- Akarps score? Any first half goals??

  44. J 9 years ago

    Ok, just making sure, cheers mate

  45. Sly 9 years ago

    Patrick this game has less potencial than the 9pm ones. But you never know. Football results aren´t linear. Im actually doing full steam research now with the U19 II teams that Bet365 has put on the calendar. If Bet365 puts those games inplay they may have potencial. Trying to research on Iceland football association site but there so many series of leagues with II teams that i don´t know which one is which. If we only had an iceland guy in the site hehe

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Thanks Sly. The odds are not great tbh. About the best value appears to be a Grotta win at evens. They are 11/10 to score 3 on Sporting Bet and 3.5goals are 1/3!

      On another note, I think the Brisbane Knights play tomorrow morning!

  46. Sly 9 years ago

    If anyone can help out i would appreciate it. Because those u19 II club games look tasty

  47. Sly 9 years ago

    The knights playing tomorrow? So many game today that i haven´t checked it. Will take a look after iceland games. Thks for the heads up mate

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Grotta 1-0 down, so much for winning lol! Only had a small stake anyway.

      Yes, our buddies play tomorrow against Taringa Rovers at 10.15am in the Canale Cup. Taringa stuffed them 8-1 a couple of weeks ago. As it’s a cup match one wonders if Rovers will have a full team but they should hand out another beating.
      On Sunday, the Knights take on Moggill who beat them 9-1 earlier on in the season!

  48. Sly 9 years ago

    Afturelding u19 one up. Good lads

  49. W 9 years ago

    Make that two ;)

  50. Sly 9 years ago

    Yes 2-0 13 mins $$ sucess. Pity the low odds but profit is profit mates :)

  51. Patrick 9 years ago

    A reminder why I usually don’t bet on teams to win! Might be worth betting on Grotta to score a couple now!

  52. Sly 9 years ago

    You bet on grotta? Damm i only advice for overs. U19 is too crazy. Only safe bets on teams instead of overs are Stjarnan u19 and Haukar u19. In these games it´s overs overs overs all the way

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I figured that top vs bottom, evens was decent odds. Only a minimum stake so not in the least bit fussed.

      Still irate over Nigeria last night, 1 more goal and I have a couple of hundred quid. Why didn’t they just shoot instead of trying to round the keeper and run into him?

  53. weordie 9 years ago

    The Rosengard Akarps game finished 2-3 but I can’t find when the goals were scored

  54. RabTheHermit 9 years ago

    Its been a day of many goals today- well done Sly. I got on over 1.5 and a smaller stake over 4.5 so covered at the very least.

  55. Sly 9 years ago

    Rab np mate. You see those u19 II games in the calendar? I´ve been doing some research and there are pretty crazy results like 6-7 etc but the problem is that there many u19 teams. Don´t know which are which. We have to find an iceland lad who can help us out beating the bookies. They do have internet on iceland near the igloos right? I´m just messing icelanders don´t get offended :p

  56. Patrick 9 years ago

    Forgot to mention, nearly landed a whopper on Betfair on the Latvian game. Typed in evens for over 1.5HT goals to see if anyone would take the bet and someone gave me 5/1! Shame it was only 41p lol!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      LOL. Hilarious stuff

  57. kev 9 years ago

    Whats the suggested bets for the nine o clock games sly?

  58. Patrick 9 years ago

    All the Deild 4 games look evenly matched tonight. Probably best to focus on the 2 x U19 games Sly Mentioned. Sporting Bet have both again and will likely have full markets.

  59. kev 9 years ago

    What are the u19 games?

  60. Sly 9 years ago

    Kev mate it´s the usual +1,5ht and +3,5ft. Those u19 markets now are very limited. They use to give lots of money so bookies now limit it to a couple of overs bets.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I reckon 3.5 team goals might be in order for the 2 favourite teams (on Sporting Bet).

  61. Sly 9 years ago

    Oi Patrick mate, in the last tips the +1,5 ht has come easier but i think you are right. I just hope Stjarnan has their scoring boots on tonight. Just 2 0 last game. I have big hopes on the Haukar game. They are trashing machine

  62. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Haukar U19s v HK/Ymir U19s, 9pm

    Haukar U19s have had two 8-0 wins and a 6-0 from their home games this season. Both these clubs were promoted from the Third tier of Icelandic U19 football last season where they were both seen to be scoring for fun. HK/Ymir had a 12-1 victory over Haukar during that campaign but it is Haukar who looked to have stepped up a tier and retained the ability to score goals against better opposition.

    RECOMMENDED BETS (SportingBet)
    Over 2.5HT goals
    Haukar O3.5 & 4.5 Team Goals

    Skinandi v Berserkir, 9pm

    This is a top of the table clash in 4 Dield but we reckon that Berserkir are now getting back to the form that took them to the League Cup final a few months back. Berserkir won 8-0 last week against KH, which was no mean feat and shocked plenty in the know with the Icelandic lower leagues. They’ve had a slow start to the league, but at one point were missing half a dozen players who would be regular starters and these are now returning.
    Skinandi finished rock bottom of theit league last season and have started remarkably well. They showed their weakness losing to Skallagrímur in their last match and we can see Berserkir taking this one and scoring a few in the process.

    Over 1.5HT goals
    Berserkir Over 1.5ht goals
    Berserkir Over 3.5 team goals

  63. Madi 9 years ago

    On the hauker game over 3.5, here’s hoping :)

  64. kev 9 years ago

    U reckon over 1.5ht haukur goals at 4/6 best bet sly?

  65. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    I’ve had a good day today Sly (thanks to you, Greg and BP) so I’ve gone for 3 singles, 3 doubles, and a treble on the U19 (over 1.5 h/t). Good luck everyone.

  66. Ruby 9 years ago

    Anyone find out the rosengard u19 score and how many were scored in first half?

  67. Sly 9 years ago

    Goals at the Beserkir and Haukar game already. Keep em comin boys :)

  68. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Rosengard finished 2-3 but not got the scorers yet..

    Good start with Berserkir and Haukar game but SportingBet‘s slowness at releasing markets has cost me here

  69. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    2-1HT in the Rosengard game… EVEN MONEY winner!!

  70. Sly 9 years ago

    Very good mate. Bp magic

  71. Mr Kop 9 years ago

    What site are youse getting these markets? William hills only doing 1X2

  72. weordie 9 years ago

    Magic, cheers BP. I put that as a treble with Spain u21’s and over 4.5 in your other tip. Just waiting for bet365 to payout then

  73. bounty punter 9 years ago

    SportingBet is the place to be for these Icelandic games, full markets right up to second tier U19s..

  74. W 9 years ago

    Another goal in the Haukar game would be nice!

  75. Sly 9 years ago

    Full steam on the Skinandi Beserkir match but the u19 games just aren´t delivering :

  76. W 9 years ago

    Getting worried :/

  77. Patrick 9 years ago

    Skinandi not going down without a fight. Won’t complain if it’s a 5-4 win for Berserkir!

    Haukar U19 have left their shooting boots at home at the minute.

  78. Ruby 9 years ago

    Brilliant bp. Done a big double on the rosengard game over 2 ht and your other game over 4.5 ft. Is still showing the rosengard game to run. Hopefully we’ll see more tips from bp on this site.

  79. Dertanyan 9 years ago

    Again missed Skinandi bet… Checked bedore 10 minutes of start but then could not turned back :)… What a unlucky day for me….

  80. W 9 years ago

    Phew! Good work Haukar!

  81. J 9 years ago

    Anyone putting any more bets on the skinandi game or not getting to greedy

  82. Sly 9 years ago

    Bleh sorry in the Ht bets in the Stjarnan and Viking game. Hope second half is better for the FT ones :

  83. J 9 years ago

    Or what about one of the u19 games

  84. Sly 9 years ago

    I´m already waiting for the FT overs mate and i don´t see any decent openings. The u19 unless an avalanche of goals appear for the FT overs were a letdown. I think i´m gonna stick to womens u19 much more predictable.

  85. Craig alves 9 years ago

    stjarnen let my double down but my own pickings, 1/10 & 1/12 thought it’d be a rout for both faves at they prices but goals in a few other games. ah well onto tomorrow we go, maybe wake up to 121 mill then a can jump back in ma bed at 6 in the morning :)

  86. Sly 9 years ago

    Stjarnan and Vikingur. Although Vikingur was more of a hunch, expected an open game. Haukar delivered it was the one i had most hopes but again it was barely. Now still 3 goals needed for +4,5ft

  87. bounty punter 9 years ago

    Poor all round in Iceland tonight with the big favourites struggling.. tomorrow is another day

  88. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye besides womens u19 the 9pm bets have been a letdown lately. I think i´ll start neglecting this timezone since during the day i barely miss a tip

  89. Sly 9 years ago

    Even Afrika, earned so much money with them last year, i think they must have bought defenders or something lol

  90. Patrick 9 years ago

    Barring a late flurry of goals, I’ll be down for the day which is annoying as it promised a lot at one stage. Actually had 3 days running with profit of some sort before today for the first time in months. Made a nice change.
    I do need to alter my betting strategy, I still throw away money on foolish bets. I’m always 1 goal short when betting on 6/4 to 2/1+ games so I need to stay at shorter odds and be more patience during matches!

  91. Patrick 9 years ago

    Like you Sly, late games are my undoing. Can’t believe not one of Hauker, Starjnan and Berserkir have scored in the second half!

  92. Sly 9 years ago

    :( Sry mate. The statistics were pointing for over but it wasn´t to be. It´s phases, sometimes i pass those losing by 1 goal phases too but the key is to make conclusions when there is persistent failure in some bets. For instance after Stjarnan u19 last week and these games tonight i think i´ll stick to the tips i´m more sucessful with. I think i´m giving u19 iceland a break. At least the men´s, the women´s has been profitable and predictable

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Been happening for months mate. Can’t believe how often it happens actually. My best strategy is to stop just before I make my usual bets and hold back until the option just below holds value!

  93. Paul 9 years ago

    Today was going fantastic. Shame the Iceland games appear to have let us down and wiped out most of today`s profit. Nevermind…hopefully tomorrow can be more productive. :)

  94. Sly 9 years ago

    And missed peno´s and 2 disallowed goals can´t help us either lol

  95. Patrick 9 years ago

    And missed peno´s and 2 disallowed goals can´t help us either lol

  96. Paul 9 years ago

    Sly, it happens mate. I`m grateful that you, Greg and BP are here providing first class researched selections.

    lol…I had a cheeky few quid bet on HK just before they took the corner! (18/1).

  97. Sly 9 years ago

    Aye mate. See if we recover tomorrow. See what the Brisbane Knights vs Taringa Rovers can deliver.

  98. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    New day tomorrow – unlucky BP and Sly…..your previous tips more than make up for the Iceland U19s tonight. Keep ’em coming!!

  99. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Patrick, you will not bet past 6pm tomorrow!!! :)

    I know what you mean about later games spoiling a good days work – if you can, try and concentrate your available funds on a smaller number of games and avoid betting on games out of boredom, or games you have t been able to research properly! See how you get on!

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