AFTER yesterday's selections coming up trumps there's a few games taking the eye on today's card from varying corners of the world.

Latvia, Finland, Estonia and our old favourites Iceland provide the games that we'll be taking on today as we look to chase the traders down again.

FINLAND U19 LEAGUE- Bet365, SportingBet
HJS U19 V Ilves U19, 4pm

The traders put this game up last night and had HJS as the odds on favourites. How they came to that conclusion when HJS have played 4 games, conceded 22 and scored 1 we'll never know. The league that HJS play in also contains HJS Academy side and we can only presume that they thought this was who Ilves were set to play. The 6/4 on offer for Ilves was quickly smashed off the boards and as things stand now Ilves sit as the 13/20 favs.

Ilves themselves have played 4 games scoring 16 and conceding 3. They recorded an 8-0 win a few games back over TaPa, a side who HJS gained their only point from by drawing 1-1 with them. There appears to be a clear gulf here as HJS have been beaten 8-0, 9-0 & 4-0 in their other three games.

SportingBet are set to bring this game in-play and will hopefully bring it with the usual markets they carry. Ilves Team Goals will be getting taken on here as will the handicaps and first half goals.

Over 1.5 first half goals
Over 4.5 full-time goals
Over 2.5 & 3.5 Ilves Team Goals

Lerona Rita v DSKV Traktor, 7pm

Latvia 2 Liga was the source of many winning bets last season and makes a comeback on Bet365 today. DSVK Traktor were very poor last season and were regularly involved in games that saw plenty of goal action. When these two faced-off last season Lerona won 4-1 and the other game finished in a 2-2 draw but Lerona had a weakened side for that encounter.

This season is only a few games old and so far Lerona has beaten one of the better sides, Flaminko, 2-0. Traktor have also only played one game and went down 3-0 to Rinuzi, a side that Rita put 4 & 3 goals past in their two encounters last season. Flaminko have since went on from their defeat at the hands of Lerona to win 10-0 against a newly promoted side.

Lerona should be sticking more goals past this lot than they managed in their opening game, so the goal-line that's currently set at Over 4 is tempting as would be Team Goals if offered, but that is unlikely.

Over 1.5 first half goals
Over 4 goal- line or Over 4.5 full-time goals in-play
Over 2.5 & 3.5 Lerona Rita Team Goals

Hamar v HK Kopavogur, 8.15pm

Hamar and HK face up for what is only the third league game in the Icelandic third tier. Hamar have had two opening draws to get them going while HK have had one win and one defeat. The defeat for HK came at the hands of the current league leaders KV, a side they recently faced-up to and beat in the 3rd tier League Cup final. Going on League Cup form, which is about all you can really do at this stage of the season in Iceland, HK and KV are the two who will be challenging for the league title this season.

HK won three and drew two on their route to the league cup final including an astonishing 8-0 win against tonight's opponents Hamar. Hamar themselves were also beaten 6-0 by Afturelding in the league cup though the other three matches they played were a lot tighter. HK will be out to make up the ground they lost to KV tonight and should manage this against Hamar in a game that should see a few goals.

Over 1.5 half-time goals
HK asian handicap if -1

Kaitselit Kalev II V MC Tallin, 5.30pm

Another one worth keeping an eye on in-play is the Estonian II Liga game between Kaitselit Kalev II and MC Tallin at 5.30pm. Tallin look way overpriced to us here at 13/5 for the outright win. Kaitseliit Kalev recently played FCF Tallinna Ülikool where they lost the match 7-2 while MC Tallin played Ülikool away from home the week later and won 1-0. Tallin currently sit 4th in the table, whilst Kaitseliit are 10th. The only thing we think that can be driving this price is the fact Kaitseliit have won their last two matches and maybe started the season poorly but the 13/5 price on Tallin is still big and means an asian handicap of +0.5,1 at Even money which we'll be having a small go at pre-kick off then seeing how the game goes.

Good luck with all your bets today and let's hope we can better yesterday, if anything else pops up during the day we'll post it in the comments section below.. BP

  1. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Have they messed up the odds with the IIves game? Couldn’t get anything on with Bet365, no betting in the game but got on with Sporting Bet.

    £100 on over 4.5 goals @ 21/10
    £50 on over 1.5 ht goals
    £50 on over 3.5 IIves goals

  2. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    1-0 IIves

  3. Kim Jong S 9 years ago

    Its appeared on bet365 now, to late score is 0-2

  4. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 ILves – ht betting smashed. Thanks again BP

  5. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I know Kim Jong, Bet365 were too late but luckily managed to get the bets on with Sportingbet

  6. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Managed to get £50 on ILves over 3.5 goals @ 4/1 so hope they bang a few more in

  7. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    3-0 ILves looking good man

  8. steven 9 years ago

    that estonian game is interesting, 1/7 for over 2.5 goals not sure av ever seen a shorter price, the other estonian game involving ajax (table toppers) at home looks good for goals also, i will be getting involved in both these games :)

  9. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £100 over 4.5 goals @ 21/10
    £50 over 1.5 ht @ 6/5
    £50 over 3.5 ILves goals @ 4/1

  10. steven 9 years ago

    MC Tallinn must be that price due to the fact they lost there last two fixtures to this side 6-2 and 10-0.

  11. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Aaarrrfgggghh, been In a meeting so missed this one! Well done to all who got it on it! You’ve been a busy boy BP, haha! Good work, we’ll thank Chris for hounding you :)

  12. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yes 4-0 ILves goal in 20 secs I second half woohoo

  13. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Greg it’s swings and roundabouts mate. I missed the second one yesterday cos I stupidly thought it was a 6:45pm kick off. I was raging as I had money in the account and was sitting waiting to bet!!

  14. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £160 profit already. 40 mins to find another goal for an additional £310 profit. Please one more goal and its £470 profit from this game

  15. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    6-0 Ilves after 50 mins. Absolute mental. Thanks BP

  16. Bryan 9 years ago

    I just went for the away win in-play at 4-6. Went to make my dinner with it at 0-0 and come back to them leading 6-0.

    Superb BP! :-)

  17. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Clear balls up by the traders this one. Nice start to the day here with hopefully more to come.

    Ease up on the stakes Chris, we’re not going to nail everything so don’t go giving them back your hard-earned too easy.

  18. Paul 9 years ago

    I`m well pleased for people following these great tips but I am f***ing pissed with myself as up to the weekend, I was on such a terrible run with some big losses on the footie + horses, I decided to give the betting a break for a few weeks and focus on my business. Typically, this week would have been a great week (not just these tips but several of my own also that I picked). Sods law!

    Anyway, congrats BP…first class tips mate. :)

  19. steven 9 years ago

    hopefully that icelandic game produces goals, cannot find anything on the latvian game :(

  20. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    7-0 mental

  21. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Everything you need to find on Latvian game is in the post Steven. This is low level stuff in Latvia, the squads have barely changed from last season and as we’ve pointed out it’s only one game into the season.

  22. Peapod 9 years ago

    BP which site do you use to gather all your stats ?

  23. FATHEAD 9 years ago

    Mr F you said BP was good but I didnt think you meant THIS GOOD !

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      FATHEAD, any more comments like that and BP will have a fat head and won’t get through the door. I did say he was good and know the effort he puts in to the research but remember he can’t always put up winners.

  24. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    9-0 BP. How much more damage could we have caused? Excellent result mate

  25. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    No one site Peapod.

    A lot of time and effort is spent researching the games that we flag up here. Study is the key to beating these bookies and there’s nothing sweeter than a winner like than a 9-0 beasting, especially when they’ve got it well and truly wrong.

  26. Peapod 9 years ago

    Bounty Punter brings home the bacon !

  27. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £200 bet on the same and £685 back. Lovely Jubbly

  28. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    They should have been around 1/14 lol

  29. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Estonian game currently 3-1, didn’t quite work out, next stop the 7pm Latvian match! :)

  30. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Got Estonian well wrong.. can’t win ’em all

  31. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    5-1 now, wish this had been tipped for goals and not an away win, haha!

  32. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Was worth a shout BP based on what you knew! :)

  33. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Tried to stick a bet on and it wouldn’t let me. Bang first goal in 1 min

  34. Ross adamson 9 years ago

    1-0 already to lerona what a start :)

  35. barney 9 years ago

    anyone got a good treble please

  36. Patrick 9 years ago

    Sporting Bet suspended the betting for the first few minutes and now there are 2 goals. Obscenely bad service.

  37. Kim Jong S 9 years ago

    Amazing BP the over 1.5 h/t bet is up in 4 minutes !

  38. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Amazing BP the over 1.5 h/t bet is up in 4 minutes !

  39. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    BP, I could kiss you, haha! :) x

  40. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Danny Boy what’s that comment all about mate?

  41. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    No offence taken Danny, you rattle away then..

  42. Danny 9 years ago


  43. Horsing Around 9 years ago

    Chris Guy, is there any reason why you always state the stake you are placing on almost every message?

  44. Patrick 9 years ago

    Angrily placed my Sporting Bet stake on Lita getting 6 goals, not scored since lol! Not in the least bit surprised and yet again, I pay for my frustration/stupidity!

  45. honda91 9 years ago

    I put 7 how u think I feel haha

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      @ Honda – We make daft bets and wonder why we don’t win! :D

  46. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Because I don’t horse around

  47. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Boom Boom :)

  48. honda91 9 years ago

    also just wana say well done BP for the earlier success and at 3-0 this one looks very likely for over 4.5. Also congrats to milesey for his big lucky 15 other day. Also mr.fixit for a good season of football and super singles especially. Many congrats on you three and thank you for sharing all your tips with the people who follow the site. Been nosing around for a while but just decided to post a comment saying thanks

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      honda91, hopefully the three of us will continue to put enough winners to keep everyone in profit.

  49. Paul 9 years ago

    Broke my couple of weeks no betting vow and just HAD to have a bet on the Latvian game with a half time + full time bet! Obviously the half time is well settled and hopefully a couple more goals will materialise during the final 50 minutes or so. :)

  50. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    BP will the Hamar game be on the Bet365 page or sporting bet?

  51. honda91 9 years ago

    well that’s 4 Patrick lol I usually do ok but have had a frustrating day and my bets usually feel the wrath lol also danny whats wrong with you man seriously. Also Chris we don’t really need to know how much you put on I bet the people on here betting their dole money are just sat there full of envy lol

  52. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Danny he is a fanny but I just learn to ignore him mate. I’d love to meet him as I’d knock him out in one punch ha ha. Enjoy your beers my friend.

  53. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    4-0 Leroy lita, haha

  54. Patrick 9 years ago

    Immense tipping again BP. Shame Lita were ultra quick off the mark. Need them to hit a nice round half-dozen for a win and I’d have taken 4 at HT when it was 2-0! Half a chance of it coming in thanks to that late show.

  55. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Honda I don’t really care what people think about me posting my stakes. If they don’t like it then they can just move onto the next comment. People on dole money shouldn’t be gambling or have Internet access ;-)

  56. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Chris Guy – I’ve no idea why people are obsessed with the amount you bet. As far as I’m concerned, you can do whatever you like, it isn’t hurting anyone. Compared to the like of me, you bet quite substantially so best of luck to you.

  57. Sly 9 years ago

    Just found this site recently and i just wanted to post to thank Bp for the tips for the finnish game. Thks alot mate, they were well worth it. Gonna start contributing also to this site in the comments section. Thks once again BP

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Sly, I’ve been out all day but was aware of BP’s tips and boy were they good ones. Look forward to your input.

  58. honda91 9 years ago

    haha very true chris very true. Cmon lita gimme 3 more for a happy day

  59. Sly 9 years ago

    Combined the Lerona Rita game (+2,5 goals HT) with the u19 IBV vs Valur U19 (+1,5 HT) and the Iceland womens 1st division Volsungur vs Sindri (+1,5 HT) for a cool 80 euros. Volsungur just scored the 2nd $$

  60. Sean Ireland 9 years ago

    Ill gladly tell people what I bet with….. a fiver plus the free tenner bet Mr f said he’d give me.

    • Guido 9 years ago

      Sean, has that free bet not been deposited in yer account YET??

    • Sean Ireland 9 years ago

      NO..Mr F dismissed my bet on a technicality,cant remember what he said exactly but I think the 7/2 was too big on the odds front and he called it a double….don’t want to start an argument over it but I think he was on the doubles if you catch my drift :)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Sean, right I remember now. This is the free bet you hadn’t won anyway and which turned out to be a double entered into the super single contest.

    • Guido 9 years ago

      Dizzzappointing stuff Sean. Widna be so bad if Mr F stuck to doubles..think the cork gets chucked in the bin once he starts/gets forgetful. :-) Hows yer uncle BIG JOCK getting on?..any winners lately?

    • Sean Ireland 9 years ago

      Would have been a small conselation on the BANKER tips id lost on recently but I don’t like to use that word so im saying nothing ;)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Guido, for me a double is two pints usually.

    • Guido 9 years ago

      yas not a fan of our national drink then Paul?…n I dont mean irn bru (cant stand either tbh)..prefer smirnoff anyday with a splash of coke. Milesy is a malibu n coke man with a straw n packet of pork scratchings I beleive.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Sean, what free bet was that then?

    • Sean Ireland 9 years ago

      The 7/2 I had on Chelsea draw h/t win f/t in your super single contest…you called it a double,wasnt sure if you were shouting that when putting your order in at the bar though :)

    • Guido 9 years ago

      I’d reckon Mr F is a hauf n hauf man Sean..a nip o whisky n half pint o beer..doon the Clydenak Co-operative Social Club/spit n sawdust job leaning on the bar staring doon the old battleaxe barmaids cleavage chatting her up by boring her by to death regalling tales of the good ol’ days when Davie Cooper played for the Krankies and they played ay Kilbowie n Steadman was a man of honour!! :-)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Guido, thanks for the history lesson. On a rare night off I’ll walk down the golf club for a few pints of Belhaven Best. Can’t touch the whisky – maybe when I’m older.

  61. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Thanks Patrick

  62. Bryan 9 years ago

    Chris Guy ruining another thread I see, typical.

  63. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Prices up with Bet365

  64. Mr Fixit 9 years ago

    Kim Jong S, no you can’t. I deleted as soon as I saw it so stop messing about.

    • Kim Jong S 9 years ago

      sorry mr F :-}

  65. Patrick 9 years ago

    YES, YES, YES! 6-0 wonderful! Here’s hoping for a 7th to save Honda’s bacon :D

  66. Sly 9 years ago

    Good call Patrick Leroy Lita 6 now

  67. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    £150 on over 1.5 goals @ 6/5 for £330 back

    Fingers crossed

    • Guido 9 years ago

      What ya got the ton 15 on Chris? what match?

  68. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Hamar vs HK

  69. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Chris – I’m always wary about HT goal bets, I like to place relatively small stakes on HT goals since goals tend to come later, just my personal opinion of course.

  70. honda91 9 years ago

    Well Patrick we done it lol thanks a lot BP all credit to you. Missed a couple of high scoring game myself two under 19 games not sure what legue teams are 4-0 up. These under 19 games are just hilarious

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Iceland´s U19 games are usually high scoring games. Im actually waiting for the 9pm games of iceland´s women´s u19 games. I usually bet on men´s but going to check out the odds on Women´s Valur u19 vs FH u19 on bet365

  71. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Poor stuff this from HK and cost me big time here. Dominating but seem to have lost the shooting boots they had pre-season. Big second half needed or some of the lovely Latvian winnings will be going back in the bookies satchels..

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Lost the +1,5 but still have 3,5, 2,5 and 1,5 FT. Lets hope they are game on in the second half

  72. Sly 9 years ago

    The two u19 women´s games from iceland are going well 4 goals in both with 30 mins to go still. Going to take note for future reference.

  73. Paul 9 years ago

    Thanks BP for providing these excellent tips/research. I only did the Latvian and Iceland games (lost a little on the last game but still a small profit overall so I`m happy).

  74. Sly 9 years ago

    Yes indeed, my day was excelent and partialy it was thanks to you. Now i´m going to wait for tomorrow´s australian games envolving Brisbane Knights and Mount Gravatt in the Brisbane Capital league 1 and the reserve match. I remember the Brisbane Knights against Michelton both on league 1 and reserve was extremely profitable. At the Sporting Pulse site we can see the following results from Brisbane Knights (all losses ofc): 1-9 against Moggil, 0-6 against Bayside, 7-1 against South Side eagles, 1-11 against Michelton liked i mentioned previously. Reserves scores: 1-5 against Moggil, 1-6 against South Side, 2-11 against Bayside and 1-13 against Michelton. Hope there are decent markets.

  75. Steven 9 years ago

    Well done bp was on the Latvian game all bets came up. What was the final score in the Iceland game? I did over 1.5 goals at ht and I thought I checked with not long to go and was 0-0 but the bet came up!

    • Sly 9 years ago

      The Hamar Hk game ended 1-1 mate

  76. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Up and down today but who can grumble at an 8-0 and 9-0, especially when the Finnish U19s was so poorly priced up by the bookies.

    Not a lot doing tomorrow other than the Brisbane Knights reserves game mentioned above, but that’s purely dependant on the goal line being half decent. May also have a go on the HT and asian handicaps for Broadbeach v Southport at 9ish, main game this, not reserves.

  77. Paul 9 years ago

    BP, this Broadbeach game looks like an 11:30am kick-off? (and the reserve fixture showing at the earlier time).

  78. Danny 9 years ago

    good luck Bounty Punter I have decided against reviewing yesterdays tips comments and what have you as I Normally do early bells here I would like to apologize for a few comments that may have been utter nonsense Danny + 9 pints of tooheys + 2 pints of Heineken + 1 wife beater + I lost count of the amount of Double Jameson’s = a barrage of guff and the occasional foaming from ones mouth

  79. Mr H 9 years ago

    Chris guy your comment about people on the dole smacks of elitism,gambling just a rich mans playtime is it?. Up until now your comments have been water of a ducks back but that was just ludicrous to state that. Never speak on an empty head son

    • robert miller 9 years ago

      , I,m one of those unemployed that he talks about that can,t afford to bet. but im lucky that I can afford to have internet, sky tv sports but that’s what you get when you stay in a highly respectable place like Prestwick. its not Chris, s bets its his unmistakenable arrogance and I think his previous need to have a title to his name suggests a desperate cry for attention. I,m lucky in that I don,t need to rely on guys to perform for me in that I compete in my own sport and have done for 30 years. totally agree with all you say Mr H

  80. Mr H 9 years ago

    Robert I’m not unemployed but it’s attitudes like his that divides society into classes and creates the I’m better than you because of my bank balance attitude. I know just as many fools who have money as I do that have nothing. I’d go as far too say that poor people have better attitudes too the little luxuries they have in their lives than rich people who want for nothing and if gambling is one of them then who is this clown too declare that they shouldn’t be doing it because they are on benefits? Rant over

  81. karl 9 years ago

    What chrisguy has said in the above statement about people that have less than him has confirmed what an absolute plank he really is.
    Very disrespectful comment to make from someone who forgets that a lot of people have lost jobs recently through no fault of their own and don’t need a @@@@@ like him telling them they are beneath him.

  82. Paul 9 years ago

    With over half hour on the clock, no goals in the Brisbane Knights game. Many people (myself included) jumped on this game.

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      It’s the reserve game, the first team play today at 11:30am.


  83. Paul 9 years ago

    Milesey, it`s the Reserve game that had the most interesting stats.

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      I looked but could find absolutely nothing on the reserve teams, so i left it alone. good job too looking at it 0-0 at half time, think the under 7.5 goals at the beginning of the match at 1/1 was terrific value if you got on that, RED CARD on half time. Maybe i’ll get on the over 3.5 goals now then.


  84. Patrick 9 years ago

    I am on the Brisbane reserve game too, stats suggested they would get a beating but as usual, stats let me down. I was considering another reserve game but didn’t bother and unsurprisingly, there has been 11 goals thus far. Absolutely typical.

  85. Paul 9 years ago

    Patrick, I know the feeling. I intended giving the betting a miss for a couple of weeks due to results like this when the stats go out of the window but had a play yesterday and followed-up that small profit and went heavier on this game. Frustrating…

  86. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Calm down lads the comment about unemployed is just tongue and cheek so don’t take the bait and I apologise if I offended anyone. My old man is unemployed and he had the full works when it comes to sky tv package lol.

    Did anyone else get on the Cheksea game last night? £50 ew on Ba @ 6/1 to get £500 back. Good start to the day.

    • Danny 9 years ago

      and what exactly are you on the site aside from a proper punter you are always swearing on the site out of the hundreds and hundreds of punters over the years you would receive the award for most people to have had an argument with mr betfair

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      You put up tips and don’t even bet, and you found this site looking for the AA site didn’t you ? and having ago at BP last night, your a grade A plank, then you use it half the time to chat to your brother for you haven’t a clue how skype works, or msn mess.


    • Milesey 9 years ago

      I argue with one person, cause he is a cock, and if you did your homework, the other alias’s were actually the same person, messing around, like idiots like to do on this site.


    • Danny 9 years ago

      Milesey I have the worst hangover in the world I am not going to sit and have an argument all day/night long on the site I shall continue to put up tips on the site unless they are not welcome apart from that nada no banter nothing sweet as a nut

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Danny, no harm getting pissed, we all do it now and again,but honestly log out. It’s not BP you should be apologising to but if you don’t know what you said the other night that was offensive then I can’t help you. But let’s quit the fighting and get back to the tipping. Anyone else agree UCD have a chance at Dundalk at a massive price? Sean Ireland?

    • Danny 9 years ago

      fair enough Paul I really should avoid the site when am in the way past out my box stage I am aware of my statements and you are correct they are in no way acceptable it wont happen again PROMISE

      UCD have been not bad form wise but just an opinion from the past few seasons they are mince and I think Dundalk should win tonight 3-1

      Milesey I will allow you to have the last word as I said a few moments ago Im not arguing all day just remember but you have hardly been a saint 100% of the time in your spell on the site anyway good luck with your bets today and to everyone else may it be a profitable weekend

    • Danny 9 years ago

      thats right hector I still use MSN in 2013 you will find 5% of talk is non football related what do you talk about with your flock of sheep on the site utter shite fella so dont have a go at me nah pal I found the site because am from Scotland you know Daily Record Mr Fixits section in it DOH BALL

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Milesey, I gave Danny a rollicking for what he put up and if it happens again he’s out. So let’s leave it there and not kick it off with Chris Guy today. I don’t have the time because I’ve got a Record column to finish. Please.

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      It was out of order his outburst at BP, who has been fantastic the past days, and your mate…………. well, saying who can bet and who shouldn’t, UP HIS ARSE !


    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Milesey, both were out of order but I can’t be hassled with the fighting. We’ve said our bits so let’s move on.

    • Danny 9 years ago

      nothing wrong with being pissed on the weekend why not a work a hard job I deserve it all right for some sitting on a computer all day rattling up tip after tip and if you ever have the pleasure in life of having a gold card in a casino you too would put away all the complimentary swally you could handle believe me

    • Milesey 9 years ago

      get pissed, but no need to come on this site with your crap, this site must be that great for you that when your pissed you have to log on and rant away at people !


  87. Patrick 9 years ago

    Betting on the Broadbeach United game looks like another mistake…

  88. Sly 9 years ago

    Mount Gravatt´s reserve game was a letdown but the main match going smoothly with 4-0 so far first half

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Yep, just need 1 more goal. Shame that Broadbeach look like upsetting the apple cart and the reserve mess from earlier but if we can get another goal here, losses will not be so bad considering.

    • Sly 9 years ago

      Indeed. It´s 1-4 now. I did combine Mount Gravatt´s game with the womens Box Hill vs Preston Lions match for overs. It was nice but Broadbeach prevented it from being excelent. Now the markets are kinda dead.

    • Paul 9 years ago

      Sly, same here. Did that treble and the Broadbeach game. :(

  89. Patrick 9 years ago

    Lost count of the number of times a team I have bet on misses a penalty.

  90. Patrick 9 years ago

    Lost 6 out of 8 bets on Aussie football, continuing to be the bookmakers’ best friend.

  91. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    That’s unlucky Patrick

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      I don’t know Chris, it seems to be typical as opposed to unlucky. It would seem that I’m not very good at this gambling lark! I mentioned above that one game I looked at but ended up staying away from had 11 goals, again this is typical rather than unusual.

  92. Sly 9 years ago

    7-1 Box Hill and 6-2 Mount Gravatt. Decent profit. If Broadbeach didn´t screw up it would have been great.

  93. Sly 9 years ago

    7-2 Mount Gravatt

  94. Mr Fixit 9 years ago

    Chris, just leave it out. Please.

  95. Craig alves 9 years ago

    Crikey haha see wit happens when the football season ends :)

  96. Tony 9 years ago

    Danny brother. You must be going soft in your old age letting some1 have the last word. Def sounds like some one different. Anyhow away out to get skelped talk soon mucker. A would usually add that bit no need or point end up snapping the mobile in half ha ha

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18+, UK only. Deposit and place a £10 cash bet at single or accumulated odds of 1/1 or greater and we will give you £20 in free bets. Applies to first cash bet only. Free bets credited as 4 x £5 bets to use on 3x Any sport& 1x Virtuals. Cashed out, Void or ‘Draw No Bet’ wagers do not qualify for this promotion. Free bets are credited upon qualifying first bet settlement. 7-day free bet expiry. Available once per customer. Full T&Cs apply.


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All betting odds are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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