SEEKING value shouldn't just be restricted to the “mainstream” leagues if you want to beat the traders and find the winners. Bounty Punter aims to bring you some insight and tips to some of the leagues you might never think of having a punt on- but where there's regularly value to be found.

Over the coming weeks some of our favourite leagues are making a comeback with the Aussie lower leagues, Nordic, Scandinavian and youth leagues about to get going and we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for some slip-ups by the bookies and point you in the right direction.

We'll also be providing useful links to sites where you can find the stats needed to research these leagues for yourself. Something you can bookmark and before you know it you may well find yourself thinking Iceland Under-19s ahead of the Premiership big boys.

Our main focus will be looking for games with goals in them and playing the Overs, First Half Goals, Team Goals and Corners markets. We may also spot an in-play bet that carries value and lob that in to the mix so keep your eyes peeled for the Bounty Punter logo and hopefully we'll bring something new to MrFixitsTips site.

If anyone already plays the more obscure leagues feel free to comment and let us know where your expertise lies. The more eyes the merrier is the way we've been taking on the bookies over the last few years and it's been paying off, so every little helps.

Bounty Punter

  1. Danny 11 years ago

    This will be good few people don’t like teams theve never herd of so they are missing out on value leagues I like Finland Denmark Sweden Norway they are cracking for the big guns of there leagues to win and also for the btts and over 2.5 goals market should be a good addition to the site. are u insane Aussie lower leagues many of afternoon I have literally fallin asleep watching the top flight never mind lower leagues

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, I thought you might like this. The guy knows his stuff and he’ll be posting tips about some weird and wonderful teams. Does loads of research and should put up some decent winners.

    • Danny 11 years ago

      aye Paul I think it will be great and with him knowing his stuff and doing plenty of research it will encourage punters to come out there comfort zone and have a bet/win on something more out there QUALITY

    • FATHEAD 11 years ago


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Fathead, nah I don’t remember them.

  2. John 11 years ago

    I used to have a few bets on the Norwegian league and Danish leagues, not so sure about the youth leagues as i got stung by the bookie for having those games on my bets as they are more likely to score goals than senior leagues

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, a lot of the tips will involve goals and only certain firms will take them but it should be a good addition to the site.

  3. Kennydufc 11 years ago

    Brilliant love a wee punt on these leagues.

  4. Danny 11 years ago

    Finland Liiga Cup 6/3/13

    Treble – JJK – MYPA – Rovaniemi

    pays 50.00 to a 10er stake Ladbrokes

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Danny, good luck with those. Bounty Punter will look at these type of leagues but mainly special markets and not win-draw-win bets. I’ve put up my Champions League tips and hopefully do something on Dundee v St Mirren and the likes of Bristol Rovers v Exeter in the afternoon. Got a meeting in Edinburgh in the morning so depends when I get back.

  5. John 11 years ago

    We don’t need this guy, we already have danny…lol

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, you’ll not be saying that in a few weeks. Guaranteed.

  6. Danny 11 years ago

    LOL naw you don’t John the punters want reasoning behind tips and it takes a while to get going in these leagues some of last seasons stuff is still in my head but not enough to pluck up long winded articles about all the fixtures some on the site may recall a used to put up reasoning for them and the top leagues then a didn’t bother because my thinking was most people know the script with there own betting styles and patterns

  7. John 11 years ago

    I thought you said there’s no such thing as a guarantee…lol

  8. Willie McGuire 11 years ago

    great addition to the site.

    The last half a dozen decent returns Ive had are on lines that inc lower league teams such as Eintracht Braunschweig, Sassuolo, Real Madrid Castilla, Elche, Benfica B, to name but a few…..

    At the end of the day, does it matter where you get your selections from? As long as it lines our sky rockets, everyones happy!!

    • FATHEAD 11 years ago


  9. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    Fantastic :)

    I know just as much about Seria B, Segeunda, French 2, French Nacional and Dutch 2 as I do the British leagues!

    Always open to more leagues!

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting Inviolved in the Copa Libertadores ( South American champions league) Had a great night last night, all 5 games were 2.5 and BTTS!

    It’s worth a look :)

    • FATHEAD 11 years ago

      Ive been doing the copa as well Greg. usually do a lucky 15 on the 4 games .Had it up last week and 3 out of 4 last night . The 1 that let me down were leading 2-0 before I went to bed. Will put tonights bet up later. Good luck

  10. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    Apologies If you already know this but it’s for anyone interested in the more obscure leagues:

    It all begins on a Friday night: and usually consists of the following

    5pm – 2 bundasliga II matches
    7pm – full French Ligue 2 card
    7pm – 6 French Nacional matches
    7pm – 7/8 Dutch Eerste divise matches

    And there’s usually at least one top flight game in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal


    12.30pm 2 Bundasliga II matches
    2pm – full Seria B card
    2.30pm – 7/8 Bundasliga matches
    5pm – 5/6 Spanish Segenuda matches
    7pm 6/7 Belguim Pro legaue matches

    And usually French, Spanish and portugese top flight games!


    A combination of matches from all over Europe, starting at 11am with Top flight Spanish and Italian games!

    Bet365 usual have around 50 bets avail for all these matches!

    Hope this helps :)

  11. Danny 11 years ago

    info spot on Greg Ive also just noticed the Irish games am starting back up them combined with the dutch 2nd tier and they is a right good chance on a Friday night blockbuster btts and over 2.5 and everyone on the site should hammer the 2 leagues

    The Irish football is back and we all know what that means GOALS GOALS GOALS

    starting of with a 5 fold around 10/1 before the usual suspects get cut to your 1-4s and so on

    Most on the site wont even consider 5 fold teams to win so look at the over 2.5 goals market for a bit of interest on Friday night
    all 7 games in Ireland to go over 2.5 goals has great potential at the massive price of 118/1


  12. Arnie 11 years ago

    Looking forward to this

  13. john 11 years ago

    Danny the Irish football is not all that great for goals, it’s nearly all defensive with the odd goal thrown in to keep fans awake…lol

    • Danny 11 years ago

      John mate I respect what you say about the league even though I disagree with you I know the leagues poor but it produced goals and bags off them for the past few seasons I have followed it and got btts up more often than not simply an opinion of mine mate hopefully Im correct and people can make a bit from it

  14. Garry 11 years ago

    Have had good returns from the nordic, new zealand % aussie
    leagues, generally over 3.5 or -2 goals market.

    The ladies leagues are always worth a look at aswell (naturally) especially Israel (uni tel aviv)

    Probably won most money on the Chile top division….likes of Union Espanola…Universidad Catolica & my main men Univeridad de Chile, current Copa de Libertadores holders
    (South American equivalent of our Champions league).

    Point to note they are notorious for comebacks and scoring late winners….play a very pacy & stylish counter attacking style which makes it easy on the eye as you count the money (hopefully).

    Keep up the good work Mr F…….as I said to you a good while back I’ve been watching your tips since the ‘Porto to win CL at 1/4 final stage’. lucky or what !!

    I only bet online and constantly monitor all the in-play snips, finally, always cover your bets to put you in the can’t lose position when the circumstances to to so arises
    even if it detracts from your winnings.


  15. Flyboivince 11 years ago

    Am all in

  16. The Dane 11 years ago

    I might be able to help you out on the Danish games and why not start tonight not only with a tip but also stake. My bankroll for this series will be €500.00.

    Aab Aalborg – OB Odense (Danish Superliga)
    Over 2.5 goals
    Odds: 1,80
    Stake: €28.00

    Last 4 meetings between the 2 sides have gone over 2.5 and 7 out of the home sides last 10 have also gone over. The stats for the away side are even better for this bet with 8 of the last 10 over. Both teams last game went over 4.5(!) goals.

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      TheDane, wherr have you been?. miss your stsking plans on the singles. you say series. so whats the time scale for the series?????

      bear in mind 500 whether it be euros or pounds is not within every persons means

      not being critical only observational

    • The Dane 11 years ago

      Robert Miller, I’ve been busy making money :-)

      Understand your point re the bankroll so will be posting in percentage as well so if you wanna join you just calculate from your own bankroll.

      Time scale will be the rest of the Danish season which is 12 rounds and I expect to be posting between 30-45 games.

      Todays stake are 5.6% of your fixed bankroll for this series of games. By ‘fixed’ it means that you allways calculate from the same number (me: €500.00).

      (€500 X 5.6% = €28.00 )

      The Dane.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      The Dane, good to see you back. I think I’ll have a punt on that saying you had a few goes at my tips.

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      well explained , thanks for that.

      same as PAul, i.m temted to come on board and stick to the plan

    • The Dane 11 years ago

      This is a low risk series so I recommend you to do so. Average odds will be around 1,75 and it would be a first for me if a negative result over that many games … ;-)

      The Dane.

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      impressive start mate, home and hosed before half time. means i can head out to circuits class shortly without checking it when i get back

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Robert, well done The Dane. I was on over 2.5 and took over 3.5 at 11-5.

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      good luck with that one Paul. its shapin up very well

      must dash!!!!!!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Robert, came up over 3.5 with last kick of the ball.

    • MUZZA 11 years ago

      The Dane – only just seen your tip and the bet is up before half time – well done!! Wish I had seen it earlier. Sorry to be a pain but Would you mind posting the kick off times in future please?


    • The Dane 11 years ago

      MUZZA, sure will. Next bet on this series will be posted Friday way before start.

      Warning! Do not expect huge profit if using my tips at level stakes. My succes are because of my staking plan.

      The Dane.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      The Dane, good tip tonight. I took it because nothing much stood out for me elsewhere.

    • The Dane 11 years ago

      You’re welcome – I only owe you about 341 now :-)

  17. Flyboivince 11 years ago

    My tip for the day obscure

    Nepal vs Palestine away team wins
    Hansa Rostock vs wackier burghausen btts NO

    Have a great punting lads

  18. bounty punter 11 years ago

    Nice to see you lads are keen on having a go at something that strays away from the norm. Bookies would love it if we all stuck to the ‘mainstream’ leagues as this is where they make most their dough but with a bit of good research serious flaws can be found and nothing beats getting one over on the traders.

    Good to see we have some expertise here on some of the lower leagues and hopefully working together we can have the camelcoats running for cover..

  19. Flyboivince 11 years ago

    The bounty punter will be looking forward to working with u all d way

  20. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    That was a bad one, great away record although to be fair, most of their wins are close!

  21. FATHEAD 11 years ago

    My COPA lucky 15 tonight
    TIGRE DRAW 9/4


  22. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    Yeah Olimpia were 2-0 up and ended up drawing 2-2 with Lara! :( I watched 10 mins of it – the games are played a quite a decent pace! Great, look forward to seeing them :)

  23. sm 11 years ago

    get on the dutch jupiler league for over 2.5s and btts.
    mental league with lots of goals in.

  24. Mikey 11 years ago

    This sounds good to me, looking forward to the first tips!

  25. NBAgambler 11 years ago

    ok, so nothing’s guaranteed in life except for taxes and death, right? Keep reading cos we could all make some big money from what i’m about to suggest! How about over 1.5 goals in the Juventus vs. Celtic match tonight? Pretty guaranteed i would say at odds of 2/9. Sure, the return for £10 is only £12.22 so for risk vs. reward a poor bet. BUT, and this is the money spinner my friends! A 4-fold accumulator of odds of 2/9 on each leg pays £22.32, or a little overs evens! Now, 7 bets of even money, starting with a £10 stake and then staking your original £10 plus all your winnings amounts to £1280!!! Suddenly odds of 2/9 seem a bit more attractive. Ok, so to get to even money it takes 4 bets in the accumulator but 4 bets of over 1.5 goals in the Juventus vs. Celtic match!!! GUARANTEED!!! I’m quite sure that anyone on here can find a guaranteed bet around those sort of odds. So come on guys, get your guaranteed tips on the forum and lets make some MONEY!!! Especially you Mr F and Milesey!!!

    • Guido 11 years ago

      NBSA, unfortunately nothing is guiaranteed, certainly not when 4 matches are taken to be over 1.5 goal at EVS then x 7 to make 1280 quid. Be better concentrating a one match per bet c EVS and building over a period of time…then u only need 7 results (difficult) to be in your favoutr as opposed to 28! Whatcying to be over 1.5?..maybe u should do it for a while and watch the results before lumping on?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      NBAgambler, it sounds easy but one daft result can let you down. As long as you are prepared to lose your stake then this is fine but a bet is never guaranteed. And when do you lose your bottle as you try to keep doubling up? That’s the big question.

  26. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Haha knew Danny would be in amongst this! :)
    Many a morning ive looked in here and seen him tipping auchtenbrunkenwhistle united in the Albanian third division!
    Looking forward to this, a lot of value to be found in these leagues if u do your research.

  27. Danny 11 years ago

    too right am in aboot it Knottsy a enjoy a few tips on the weird and wonderful teams on the planet lol sadly auchtenbrunkenwhistle got relegated from the top flight last season the Albanian superliga this season is between the 3 Tirana big guns in KF DINAMO AND PARTAZANI

  28. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    I do a lot of in play betting, espeially on there being a goal scored in the last 30-20 minutes of matches!

    Good example last night was Forest v Ipswich

    Ipswich had 2 players sent off, it was 8/15 for over 0.5 goals! Forest scored with 6 mins remaining! Another game i did last night was over 0.5 goals in the Bolton game with 25 mins to go at 4/6

    More often than not, games that are 0-0 with 30 mins to go don’t finish 0-0, you don’t have to bet massive amounts but it does help if you have a nice pot to play with! Even just £20 on and your getting £30+ back! If you wait until the last 15 mins of games for a goal to be score you’ll get 4/5 and upwards – that’s where the match stats are handy, shots, corners etc and it’s alway worthwhile looking to see if a team has man sent off!

    Real Madrid C were down to 9 men on Sunday against getafe B, 8/13 for another goal with 20 mins to go! It was 1-1 at the time, finished 3-1!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Greg, they’re definitely good ones to keep an eye. As you say a small percentage of games finish 0-0 and even fewer at weekends.

  29. al 11 years ago

    Check Saudi premier league full of goals next games are on 7 march and 8 march
    Do over and btts

  30. john 11 years ago

    I’ve missed out on loads of big money in play opportunities, for example Inter 2-0 down were 200/1 to come back and win on Sunday…not one for big stakes but worth a small stake

  31. Stevie H 11 years ago

    Ive been doing random games for a while, Bet 365 has tonnes of crazy games…..especially through the night (as I work nightshift).

    games like the japanese under 17’s etc….how do they even find the stats/scores for these bizarre games?!? lol.

    My bet usually is wait till about 15/20mims with the score still at 0-0 and put on ‘1st half goals over 0.5…usually pays around 5/6. I start with a fiver amd by the end of my shift ive sometimes made £40/50. Makes my shift more exciting haha.

    Look forward to folks input :-)

  32. Dan 11 years ago

    I had over in the algarve cup USA game and Finland Liiga Cup Inter Turku game today £25 double = winner!! Been doing these sort of games for weeks, always goals, do some good research can get lots of winners! I’ve been doing doubles and trebles mainly

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Dan, you’re welcome to contribute your tips. Bounty Punter will get started soon and those are the kind of bets he’ll be doing but only singles I’d imagine.

  33. Dan 11 years ago

    Thanks Mr F! Definitely I’ll post my tips on the threads – best get researching now ;)

  34. Striker 11 years ago

    I like betting on the Bolivian Premier League, very good for BTTS and overs too.

    It’s also great for in-play high odds comebacks from the favourites when they go 1 goal down and are like 4/1 odds, then you check 20 mins later and they’re 2 goals up!

    Oriente Petrolero, Bolivar, Jorge Wilstermann are some of the ones that go on a rampage after conceding.

  35. Dan 11 years ago

    so many red cards in that league aswell! Always a good bet – OVER in Wolfsburger AC vs FC Salzburg (Austria) & Sportfreunde Siegen vs FC Koln (Germany) Double pays 2-1 at Bet365

  36. Pat 11 years ago

    It took all of 38 minutes for the overs bet to come in for Aalborg and Odense. Nicely tipped Milesy and Dane.

  37. Greg Browning 11 years ago

    Aalborg up already 2-1 :)

  38. Striker 11 years ago

    @Pat I see that Dane tipped this only

  39. Striker 11 years ago

    Ok never mind! Just saw the other thread where he tipped this as well :)

  40. Stevie H 11 years ago

    I like the idea of starting off small stake (say a fiver) and betting singles only, with the money you win use that only for the next single bet. The more you win and stake the more the returns start building. And if you loose a bet you still have your original stake

  41. FATHEAD 11 years ago

    JUVE 2-0

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      No Worries ;) ;)


  42. Dan 11 years ago

    5 out of the last 6 home games for Fluminense and away games for Huach have been over 2.5, this is my lump tonight…

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