WEDNESDAY is usually a day that brings a bit of something different and this week is no exception. There's a decent card today with Australian, Icelandic and Norwegian action to whet the appetite.

The day gets started with a bit of Australian midweek cup action and we reckon we've found something that could get us off to a flyer if the lines are right.

Rockdale City Suns v Granville Range, 10.30am, Bet365 in-play

Rockdale currently sit third in the top tier of NSW football. They brought in a new manager during the close season who has managed to lure some quality players to the mainly Croat outfit, including a former Socceroo. In the last round of the NSW Cup, Rockdale destroyed non-league side Parklea 7-0, scoring four of the goals in the last fifteen minutes of the match.

Granville play two tiers below Rockdale and are the lowest ranked side left in this cup tournament. They struggled to get past non-league opposition in the last round, eventually winning 2-1 in extra-time. Granville currently sit just below mid-table in their division.

Rockdale showed in the last round that they'll play to the finish and from reading match reports the scoreline could have been a lot greater against Parklea. With this game being on Rockdale's home patch and an evening kick off there should be no worries over players not being able to make the game as regularly happens in Oz so a strong side is expected here.

Parklea, the side Rockdale destroyed, had previously knocked out a team who sit above Granville in the league and who Granville drew 0-0 with on the opening day of the season.

No prices available yet but looking at Rockdale asian handicaps & HT goal line here.

Orkla v Rosenborg 3, 6pm, Bet365 in-play

You don't see many 4th tier Norwegian games due to be in-play so when you check the diary and they are there it's always worth a quick look over the stats. First glance at this one has you wondering why the traders are bringing it in but it certainly looks worth a go.

Orkla are unbeaten in the league having won all six games so far scoring 26 goals and conceding only 3. In amongst that was a 10-0 away victory to one of the league's poorer sides Charlottenlund. Orkla have scored 11 in their 3 home matches so far whilst not conceding any.

Rosenborg 3 is a team made up of mainly U19s and younger and has been struggling against stronger, older teams in this league. They have lost their last five matches conceding 18 in the process whilst scoring 8. On the road they have shipped 3,4,5,5 & 3 in their last five away games.

Orkla are at full strength for this match and should be bagging at the very least four goals here. We'll try and get some Rosenborg team news tomorrow and will add to the comments section if we can find any.

Over 2ht goal line
Over 4.5 full time goals
Orkla Over 3.5 & 4.5 team goals


  1. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Bounty punter can’t believe they pulled the plug on all markets at a minute before kick off. Markets were available 5 mins before kick off but disappeared. Luckily I managed to get ¬£200 of bets on

  2. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Got £110 on over 3.5 goals @ 8/11 and £80 on over 4.5 goals @ 13/8. Also got £110 on over 1.5 ht goals @ 5/6. £300 on so fingers crossed.

  3. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Always helps when the sh@te away team score first :) 0-1 8 mins

  4. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Greg that’s what I was going to say, that’s prob the best thing that could have happened mate. ¬£300 riding on the game, madness lol. Need one more goal before ht

  5. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Mmmm Rockdale have been rocked by a shitty team. 1/10 to win now out to 4/6

  6. Patrick 9 years ago

    Really can’t afford another loss like this. This shitty run is never-ending it seems!

  7. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Shocking from Rockdale, looks like a £300 loss on the cards.

  8. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Match fixing springs to mind. Playing at home against a shirt team two divisions below. Something bit right here. They better get their finger out.

  9. Carl G 9 years ago

    Hat to disappoint you guys but rockdale rested a lot of 1st team for this cup game so you are in for a sweat on this 1

  10. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Carl G – So we’ve basically lost then!

    Moral of story – Don’t bet on cup games! Last couple of weeks have been chronic, last 2 days especially.

  11. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    There goes one bet

  12. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Need a huge 2nd half to claw anything back here. Shocker this,sorry lads

  13. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Waiting for over 3.5 and over 4.5 goals. Not holding my breath. Even with resting some players you they should be able to best a team two divisions lower than them. If I’d know the team was going to be weakened I would have never had thrown on ¬£300. Lets hope something good happens in the second half although im afraid to say that Granville looked more likely to score a second. I don’t care who wins give me goals.

  14. Carl G 9 years ago

    One rule if you see the word CUP then avoid it.

  15. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Bounty Punter how confident are you on the Norwegian game?

  16. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Carl – You know it!

    @ Chris -I need 3.5 and 4.5 goals too along with 4 Rockdale goals and a Rockdale -1 handicap. Better chance of winning the lottery this week :D

  17. Horsing around 9 years ago

    Carl G, not saying I don’t believe you but where have you seen that Rockdale have rested players? Are their main players on the bench to maybe come on and create and score a hatful of chances?

  18. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-1 now. I would be happy with another goal at least I’d get something back but hopefully 2 although seems a bit far fetched

  19. Carl G 9 years ago

    2-1, may have a chance now guys for handicap and overs

  20. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    3-1.. Sickener this game. At least some of you got something back

  21. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Bounty could have lost £300 but luck to have gotten £190 back mate. Cheers for the info anyway. Do you really fancy the Norwegian game? Will be investing the £190 on it. When is best to bet, just before kick off or just after?

  22. Patrick 9 years ago

    That late goal got a decent chunk back and if we can win on the Norwegian game, this day could still end up in profit! :D

  23. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yep Patrick. Not sure but from the write up it appears that BP seems very confident about tonight’s game so fingers crossed.

  24. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Think the stats speak for themselves in Norway. Orkla decent side and Rosenborg3 poor on the road. Likely looking at full markets from 365 on this one.

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Hey BP, daft question but just to clarify, the Norway tip is 1.5 goals for HT right?

  25. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Bounty Punter how would you spread the £190 mate? Would be quite happy just to get my £300 back. What time will betting be available and am I best to wait until kick off before betting or just before?

  26. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Think it’s over 2.5

  27. Scouseorca 9 years ago

    @Carl defo agree in Spain avoid the Copa Del Ray. It’s so frustrating as we all know one of the big two will win the league, so it’s one of the few opportunities to get into Europe, but no they rest a lot of the first team players so it’s a lottery.

  28. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    I’ve posted recommended bets at the end of Norway write up. It’s really up to you how you stake any bets Chris.

  29. Scott 9 years ago

    Found a good one. ASTERAS TRIPOLIS v PAOK over 2.5 is 7/4 at William Hill. Got 50on it at 6.30. Last 4games over 2.5 and this last match at paoks ground was 2-1. Also btts looks good at 6/5 last ten results at least bin btts x good luck I got a good feeling x

  30. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Unbelievable!!!!! Trying to put my bets, on 1-0 after 10 secs!!! Grrrrrrr

  31. Kim Jong S 9 years ago

    I thought I was the only one, missed the first goal.

    2-0 NOW

  32. Eclezias 9 years ago

    How come that 13mins and already 3-0 Orkla. Impressed!!!

  33. Patrick 9 years ago

    I wish I lumped as much on this as I did with the ill-fated game I did yesterday! Talk about your dream starts!

  34. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    I’m not going to lie, I’m raging, was going over first half goals total goals and teams goals! 3-0 already!

    Managed to get a good amount on over 2.5 first half goals at 4/6 when it was 1-0 so all is not lost! Disappointing though

  35. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Shit!!!!!!!! I thought it was a 6:45pm Kiick off. What a bloody idiot

  36. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    4-0, all winnings from over 2.5 first half goals put on over 3.5 first half goals! Slowly edging towards what I should have won had I got my beta on in time!

    BP, did you have a look at the Valernga 2 game? ;)

  37. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    5-0 half time

    Great call today PB

    Full house by half time, new record! :)

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Greg, BP’s done well there, nice to see.

  38. Patrick 9 years ago

    What a great first half (understatement). All that’s left for me is the -4 handicap I had on at 2-0!

  39. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    Afrika v Alftanes, Iceland 4 Deild, 9pm

    Afrika are very poor and shipped 23 in 5 games during the League Cup including 7-3 and 6-1 defeats. Their group also had some of the poorer 5th tier sides involved.

    Alftanes held their own in their group scoring 3,4,4 & 3 in 4 of their five matches.

    This game will have goals and Alftanes should bag at least 3 here.

    Due in-play at 365 and Sportingbet where full markets should be available.

    Recommend Bets
    1.5, 2.5 ht
    Alftanes 2.5, 3.5 team goals

  40. Kim Jong S 9 years ago

    Thanks BP,looking forward to Afrika v Alftanes :)

  41. Gordon Parker 9 years ago

    Trying to get in on iceland game wot site best?

  42. Patrick 9 years ago

    Alftanes missed a penalty after 3 minutes!

  43. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I missed the winning sexton game due to a mix up and now I have £340 riding
    On this game including £200 for over 1.5 goals in first half

    • Patrick 9 years ago

      Nick of time :D And then they go get another!

  44. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    1-0 Alfantes

  45. Becks 9 years ago

    No messing around with you eh Chris…I’ve also got a stake on this where near as much as you lol!!

  46. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    2-0 Alftanes

  47. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    There you go Chris…

  48. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Chris, 2-0 mate :)

    5/6 over 1.5 first half goals

  49. Bounty Punter 9 years ago


  50. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Becks I know mate, a bit mental. That’s the first bet up so well done BP. Becks I was just annoyed as I missed the 6pm game. Also tried to claw back my loss from this morning.

  51. Becks 9 years ago

    Nicely done BP!! Cracking shout!!

  52. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    Well done BP :)

    One more goals to top off a fantastic day!

  53. Peapod 9 years ago

    Which is the best site to follow Afrika v Alftanes?

  54. Patrick 9 years ago

    Also did 1.5 HT goals with Throttur V but no dice. 17th minute goal and domination but not to be.

  55. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Good crack. Well done BP. Hey BP it’s nothing to do with you why I was annoyed mate, it was my own stupidity with the kick off. I couldn’t get team goals though all I got was over 1.5 goals first half @ 8/11 and I stuck ¬£200 on it then ¬£140 on over 3.5 goals @ 4/6

  56. Patrick 9 years ago

    With lack of full markets for Alftanes, I did 3.5 goals at 5/6, -2 Handicap at 8/5 and the HT 1.5 goal bet. Did the same bets with smaller stakes for Throttur.

  57. Peapod 9 years ago

    Patrick . How did u know there was a pen missed after 3 mins ?

  58. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Any more games tonight Or tomorrow BP?

  59. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Betting was suspended on 3rd min so it was a pen

  60. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    I for one will be bowing out after the Icelandic game! I know there’s games on later in South America but given the number of good tips given on here today, the majority of people should be in profit, have an early night and keep your money for tomorrow! :)

  61. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Greg even if they score again I’m
    Still down £100 lol. Lost money on fenerbahce game and goals treble.

  62. Patrick 9 years ago

    @ Peapod – I was on Bet365 and as Chris said, betting got suspended. I clicked on the match and it said penalty but the keeper must have saved it because the next action was a corner.

  63. Patrick 9 years ago

    Ah, Alftanes strike again. Over 3.5 goals up and -2 handicap should be settled.

  64. Greg Browning 9 years ago

    You were unlucky with the early Oz game Chris :(

    Cheers to PB, some great tips today, Milesey for Servette and Mr F for Fenerbache + my Hungarian games from this morning, a good day at the office!

  65. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Thanks BP. Any more games to come?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, give us a break, he’ll be charging overtime.

  66. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    No more from me today. Will be using rest of tonight to dig in to tomorrow’s action, hopefully after a few more from Alftanes!

  67. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Paul don’t be cheap, pay him some overtime

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, don’t be giving him ideas.

  68. Chris Guy 9 years ago

    5-0 now

  69. Bounty Punter 9 years ago

    5-0, 93mins and it’s thank you and good night from BP Towers..

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      BP, well done but you’re one minute over your time!

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