IT was interesting when I put up my 10-team Saturday Super Single shortlist this week that one of the first comments was “I wonder what the tenfold pays?”

Turns out it was about 900-1 but I can pretty much guarantee it won't come up. A couple of people have risked £1 and there's nothing wrong with that but all those bets were advised as potential singles.

Each of the 10 picks has roughly a 50-50 chance of coming up and individually I'm confident about them all but when you take a tenfold you have to accept it's money down the drain in almost all cases.

However, do people want to risk £1 on a 900-1 shot or back an even-money single which needs decent staking power to make it worthwhile?

And therein lies some of the difficulties I have tipping on this site – it's impossible to please everyone.

I've tried educate punters to take singles, doubles and trebles because it gives you a better chance of beating the bookies.

That may sound obvious but there are plenty of people who want to go for big wins and prefer “low stakes, big returns”.

Throughout the week I rarely put up much more than doubles or trebles but at weekends I'll posts a couple of long shots and when I don't put them up I get emails asking why.

“Where are your four draws?” is a common complaint. That's despite the chances of landing all four being about 125-1 so using the maths I should land one every two years. It's one reason why I perm them and advise trebles and sometimes even doubles.

Having said that a few years back I did pick four out of four draws on back to back Saturdays just before Christmas – and the response was overwhelming.

Someone emails me regularly moaning about my accumulator odds. He doesn't bet on any line under 25-1 (at a tenner a time) so wants more longs shots.

Others only want singles and then of course there is the argument about whether to do WDW bets or goals bets. I like both to be honest and most punters take great delight in picking results.

But there's no doubt goals bets where you can have both teams working for you should provide a better return in the long run.

You can do both to score, one team to score, over or under team goals, match goals, etc. And of course for a real long shot what about a match result and both to score treble at 100-1.

As we prepare to launch the new site I'll continue to put up a variety of bets at a variety of prices.

If you don't like them don't back them and if you want singles the guy to follow is Greg Browning whose hit rate is second to none.

The likes of Jordan, thechief, Ad and Ryan are others you could follow and remember the site isn't just about me. I got things started but more than 1.3million people have used the site this years and thousands have commented.

Johnb is a brilliant racing tipster and Ace Venturer's golf tips are incredibly consistent. More tipsters will be joining us – including Bounty Punter whose obscure goals tips proved popular when he was with us in the past – as we move forward and it will be a place to visit for football and all other sports.

We've built up a cracking community and hopefully the additions will be well received.

In the meantime tell me what your favourite bet is and why and whether you prefer backing short odds or going for a big long odds win.

And finally the best advice anyone can give you: Only bet with what you can afford to lose. And don't bet if you “need to win”.

If that's the case seek help and follow the links on the site.

  1. gordon 7 years ago

    i like trebles on overs/unders
    and i do a 5 timer every saturday on the same teams every week..

  2. Carl D 7 years ago

    Fave type of bet (at the moment)

    Backing 3 or 4 teams to score over 0.5 goals when the coupon is full. The 3 or 4 fold has to come in at around evens (preferably above).

    Iv’e been winning around 85% of these types of bets and I usually use it as a way to turn a profit and cover any other outlay.



    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Carl D, don’t tell me the stake but what sort of points do you do on that. Is it simply a bank builder to use for other bets?

    • Carl D 7 years ago

      Hi mrf

      The idea is that my over 0.5 team goal bet covers my more adventurous picks. As an example if I were to bet 10 pts on a saturday then 5pts would be placed on that treble or 4-fold (I usually try for a solid treble) to return around 10pts. This makes me level for the day with 5 pts on slightly higher odds picks. These more adventurous bets are not outlandish (although I may use a very small stake on a Hollywood pick if the feeling takes me) but solid looking teams to win, (odds are usually 1/2, 4/6 but never above 4/5 unless it looks like value) occasionally il have a bad day but usually I’m up, on a good day 15-20 pts in profit. Obviously my main bet is my focus but the other 5 pts would be considered and planned out. Hope this clears it u mrf, I would post more but for work and family commitments. ( first born due sunday!!) always look in though.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Carl D, cheers and good luck with the new arrival.

    • Carl D 7 years ago

      Thanks mrf, hopefully my strategy pays for a fair few nappies!

  3. mgoo 7 years ago

    Recently i have been backing over ‘x’ corners in play. with 20 minutes to play you will usually find to be another 5 corners at around 6/4 or higher. if the match is evenly balanced and one side needs the win this normally lands as that team go gung-ho

    what i have also noticed is corners can often come in a flurry

  4. Richardo 7 years ago

    Mr. F I like super singles with 2+ pts, overs and BTTS are all my favorite betting options, not forgetting normal wins with medium odds, Mr. Fixit i pray we continue robbing the bookies of their massive wealth that they should offer to the poor like me!

  5. Willie McGuire 7 years ago

    As well as my usual 4 – 6 team accer type £5 bets…..every week I also look at 1 big accy – 13 or 14 Home selections for small stakes (between £2 and £5) and they usually come from odds on Favs from any league in the world. Last season I managed to get 2 up in the space of a couple of weeks and around £1k in winnings. I have also hit the bar a few times with 1 or 2 teams beating me, but thats gambling I suppose.

    I study H2H, last 5 homes, league placings etc so the teams are not picked strictly because of the price.

    I always look at cash out and covering should I get down to the last games and definitely covering if the last game – Like Liverpool v Newcastle game when I was waiting on Liverpool for £600. Covered the Draw and Away win as separate bets and guaranteed £480 profit.

    This weeks 13 fold for a £5er pays £308….That is my idea of fun betting.

  6. John James 7 years ago

    My favourite bet would be a double or treble with preferably an even money return
    Of those bets I prefer over 1.5 match goals (so you have both teams working for you) and also I like the double chance bet which is giving you a 66% chance of success
    I then aim to have one big bet per day at £100 to even money
    My ideal return is too net one winning bet per week (ie 4 winners and 3 losers = plus one)
    I find that having one bet per day helps me too remain disciplined and avoids chasing losses
    And because most of the bets are odds on shots with a high percentage of winners I avoid becoming demoralised which suits my personality

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      John, that’s one thing I forget to mention – personalities are important when betting.
      Patient is good, impulsive is bad.

  7. simon 7 years ago

    I’d like more to win and both to score bets if possible. Doubles and trebles, i can never quite get the buggers up myself.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      simon, I’ve been putting up trebles or fourfolds on Saturdays – have had 2 trebles up but not all four although was just one goal short a fortnight ago.

  8. Sean Ireland 7 years ago

    I used to do 5/6 fold bets with small stakes for a decent return but found this very seldom returned anything,my prefered method these days for decent returns is doubles/trebles/trixie on the Win/over 1.5 markets as removing the 1-0 possibility for form teams gives a very nice price boost and will pay about the same as a 5 fold accumulator but will come in a lot more often.

  9. Davie-S 7 years ago

    The short odds, big stake v long odds, small stake is an interesting question, i suppose it depends on an individuals outlook. The most important thing i have learned from this site is not the tips, but the fact you need to do your research & have patience & discipline to successfully & consistently beat the bookie. Things like having a spread sheet showing your bets, stakes & returns at a glance is a great way of keeping track & highlighting which type of bets are profitable & which type of bets are letting you down.

  10. nathan ufton 7 years ago

    My favourite bet is to find a typical home banker ie: Chelsea vs blackpool, wait 10 -15 mins of blackpool parking the bus, then dropping my whole bank – always starting from £10 on to over 0.5 tmg’s. typical starting odds are usually around the 1/33 – 1/25 area but over 10-15 mins climb to around 1/12.
    I only ever do singles or doubles and always put my whole bank on it.
    I never go for leagues which are typically expected to be corrupt but have amazing strike rate with the mls, anything in south America and anything in Scandinavia.
    I also avoid cup games unless its past the 5th round and the clear home favourite ( the tottenhams, chelseas’s and Liverpool ) are out of the running for any other silverware in that season. I count on the home team delivering a goal but an unexpected away goal never upsets the bet. Leagues typically deliver over +90% over 0.5 tmg’s over a season and those leagues I mentioned above are very favourable delivering over 95% chance of a goal.
    I have learned the hard way by not jumping on a quick few percent bank gain by lumping on a team that’s 2 nil up with 20 mins to play – because subs on the other team often spoil it for me.
    If you can pick off 4 or 5 per day, its an amazing way to grind out a bank-build and after 7-10 days , if you stick with the rules you set yourself regardless of the temptation to cashout after a goaless 80 minutes, have faith, theres always a late penalty that will probably save you. How many times have we seen an injury time winner by the underdog???
    The furthest I’ve got was £4100 but @ around £3000 I did take out £1000 to treat myself. I then took the £2000 up to £4100 and breaking my own rules by going off script killed my own bet.

    It is serious fun, hurts a bit when you take it that far, but I have now learned that the further on you go, the more research you need to do on each selection.

    I liken it to a snow covered football pitch, divided up in to 1m2 chunks. somewhere on that pitch is a dog turd. It becomes less about finding a clear patch and more about avoiding the ” banana skin “.

  11. Jordan 7 years ago

    Great read there Mr F.

  12. mark 7 years ago

    i love a long shot to watch with jeff and the lads on saturdays mainly BTTS and BTTSW also have a couple pound on the english prem every game that day but my main bet is a nice high stake treble this week hearts (fri)gillingham (sat) dunfirmlin(sat) 30 pd stake reuturns 182.77 @skybet just over 5/1 i always seem to do well on the low odds more money side like you say less to go wrong :)

  13. JimmyR 7 years ago

    Have tried all the different types

  14. JimmyR 7 years ago

    I got lucky once although I had a system and won a ten team accumalator. Big money but your lucky to win 1 a year.
    Have tried goal bets and have been close but no cigar on 6 team accs.
    For me best success rate is goal bets match to match throughout a day.

  15. biscuits 7 years ago

    One bet I have enjoyed lately is an anytime scorer treble. Usually stake 1-2pts on this and especially the MLS it has come in so many times. Giovinco, villa, Keane, Kaka (all pen takers also) come in very often. Ronaldo and messi also worth betting on when away from home usually as around evens or sometimes more. Found double at a bigger points stake good bet also treble on with the 1-2 pts stake aswel pays off.

  16. leecunliffe 7 years ago

    I prefer a mixture a couple of decent trebles on a weekend around evens to make up 5/1 trebles then a couple of long shot 5 fold or 6 fold accas for less stakes then a 6 or 7 fold bts for even smaller stakes, one win from the 5 accas will give profit but more than that it’s the enjoyment of ticking off the various bets as the scores come in. My stakes will depend on what’s on this week for example there is no golf which frees up funds but nfl season starts so my stakes are split according through week win and can splash out a bit, losing run reduces stakes till get back in form

  17. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Backing a team to win has a 33% chance of success and 66% chance of failure mathematically due to 3 possible outcomes. On a tenfold the true odds are 59,048/1 which is 3 to the power of 10 so give me a nice evens or 5/4 shot anytime!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      raaljaca, if in doubt just do the maths.

  18. Jon 7 years ago

    Really good post Mr F, bookies must love the thousands of punters every week betting on anything over a treble, it’s why some offer stake back as a free bet for a five fold if one leg loses, highly likely of course and a free lesson for those who can see it. For me it’s higher stakes on a researched single,double or treble. Cheers to everyone who takes the time to post their tips on this site,greatly appreciated

  19. Alves 7 years ago

    I prefer corner bets or MOTM bets when watching live games but you have to follow sky sports website every week and mark down stand out players and then see how many gls, assists and motm awards they’ve had. that’s my plan for the next month or so as corners been poor lately ad when I miss games it ends up 11-6 etc(huachipato) so MOTM on the 2 live Sunday games on SS. gonna try doubling them up and pick 3 players form each game with all the winnings going on the 2nd games 3 players. MOTM tipster on twitter mad plenty folk a few yrs ago but he was going for 3 games 27 bets on lower league games aswell. Iceland only getting 2 corners killed me and the lot was going on Germany Poland BTTS which came in, 1 corner that I thought was given at the death was given as a throw in right at the corner and if that had bn given I’d be off to Prague tomorrow, now I’m gonna be stuck here skint :(

  20. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Great read Mr F

    It’s a tough gig for you as there are so many different. Types of punter

    As you know I often do full leagues over 2.5 goals for £1 and apart down some small stakes accumulaters the majoriry of my betting pot goes on singles

    Some people are happy put their small stakes on Hollywood lines that never come in

    Others bet on too many matches and ultimately dwindle any winnings straight back to the bookies

    only those who back singles have a chance of actually profiting in the long term – nothing wrong with small stake speculative accumulators but singles and goals is the best way forward in my humble opinion

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Greg, the key is to do those daft bets for low stakes and expect them to lose.
      Remember the sections lists everyone used to do – at college I won about £1500 for a 50p 14fold.
      That was a lot of money in those days but I’d never advise anyone to do a sections bet.

  21. ifeanolaba 7 years ago

    I like the overs 1.5 or 2.5 match goals because the chances are better. Here the two teams are working for you. When I pick these I prefer to go for short odds and high the stake a bit. Overall chances are higher.

  22. punterpounder 7 years ago

    I like to do win trebles in the football and maybe a to win 4 fold in the tennis and sometimes try to jump on in play if I can see good odds but I need more discipline in my betting to be more successful instead of betting daily to cash out at the end of the week I should do it weekly and withdraw at the end of the month

  23. SteveM 7 years ago

    Both teams to score and correct result Yankee and straight forward. 25p Yankee and £ 4 fold mid week and 50p Yankee and £5 4 fold at weekends. I have hit two of these in the last month. One paid over £6k (weekender)and the other over £1k mid week. Wide coupon, I don’t limit myself to British teams, go for value, teams in form against teams out of form at odds 7/2 or better.

  24. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Ah the good old sections list, 2 or 3 from each section

    £1500 was a significant amount of money in the 50’s Mr F haha ;)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Greg, and in the 80s.

  25. Daniel connor 7 years ago

    Always check with this site 1st great advice some times I win some I lose of ur tips but it’s a gamble after all. Plz let me no were I can find ur new site. Keep it up lads love this site

  26. jamie 7 years ago

    Any winners will do me mr f.
    Its all about taking money from the bookie

  27. Frastar 7 years ago

    I like to do a trixie or patent or L.15 on btts and win. Have had a few land but it is difficult. However returns are huge and I have won 50 60 pounds for 2 or 3 quid.

    Also like to do mad bets on three golf events and do doubles trebles trixies etc on 3 players. Won over 200 quid for 50p.

  28. malcolm caithness 7 years ago

    Was it not a tanner or shilling bets then Paul and 1p pickle onion out of chippy

  29. FriedGold 7 years ago

    For years, long accys were my thing but never winning more than £100-200 (low stakes), after a while I added up how often I was putting £10 in my betting account and the whole thing was costing me a bloody fortune.

    Since then I’ve preferred to use low odds to build the bank but to be honest, I’m hopeless at betting on singles. I find it very hard to narrow down the options, especially on a huge weekend card. For every ~evens shot I win, I lose the next one and never turn a consistent profit. This doesn’t stop me trying like!

    I’ve found the sweet spot for me is doubles/trebles priced at around 3 or 4/1, usually on goals but I’ll go with wins, cards, corners if I think the value is there. That strategy seems to give me the best chance of at least breaking even in the long term.

    Like many others, discipline is my Achilles heel and there has been many Sunday nights where I’ve gone searching for goals in Europe to chase the weekend’s losses, only to double them because I’m not doing proper research.

    Fortunately I’m someone who can get that gambling rush from winning £12.39 on a BTTS treble so I don’t usually feel the need to bet substantial stakes. I will when I think the value is there but experience tells me this is usually when I fall on my face!

  30. John 7 years ago

    The 5 BTTS matches from England and Scotland that used to be on here, i guess there’s lots of selections tipped up on here but it’s one of the parts of the site i used to look forward to….i’m still trying to find my favourite type of bet :-)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      John, still do the btts but it’s trebles. Scott Allott is also going to do a weekend btts treble so you can pick 5 out of 6.

  31. Frastar 7 years ago

    Have started to take Gregs advice – now do mostly over 2.5 goals. Did a double on usa and Argentina matches last night. Came in no bother. Small stakes until I get more confident.

  32. Wigan John 7 years ago

    Great Site!
    I tend to do BTTS Doubles based purely on statistics and last 8 games. Reasonable success 60% bup they are short odds

  33. Wigan John 7 years ago

    Pressed publish too quick!!
    Great feeling when you get that 90th minute goal on Soccer Saturday. Used to do doubles on TV games, over 2 Goals and over 10 corners, but I’m finding corner counts are getting ever lower.

  34. Pydar 7 years ago

    One bookmaker has a coupon which involves picking btts in either the first half or second half. 20/1 for a first half double and 100/ 1 for a treble. Their odds for a 90mins treble is 9/2.
    I only saw this last week and Leyton Orient let me down for the treble. I have a feeling that this is going to be a frustrating bet, but is fun for small stakes.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Pydar, that’s another key point – betting should always be fun.
      Everyone likes match result and btts because of the odds and it’s worth a try for small stakes.

  35. Joet1987 7 years ago

    Personally I’m somewhere in the middle. I tend to go for 4 folds and cover the draw no bet usually, or add over 2.0 goal lines instead of taking the over 2.5 options. I aim for odds of about 3/1 to about 7/1 and always use a straight tenner. I’d say I win one out of 3 or 4 on average, often with a couple of voids. I religiously read through this page after selecting my own bets and see if any match up with mine. If not, then I’ll select a couple that I like the look of, go back to the drawing board and compare them to my own stats. I also don’t look at odds until I’ve shortlisted them all, then weigh up the value

  36. Pydar 7 years ago

    Mr. Fixit, the 100/ 1 is only for a treble of btts in the first half. Don’t have to pick the match winner.

  37. Tayo 7 years ago

    If bets are dat easy to win, every1 wuld b a gambler. If u fink u can quickly make quick cash frm gambling without doing a thorough home work you are just wasting your time n money.

    Do u actually do a SINCERE thorough research on d teams u r betting on and dier opponents? Most of us hv eyes bt we cannot see, d clues are dere bt yet we still missed dem. Some even study for hours yet still missed d most glaring of things.

    If i giv u a straw to study; few will write a paper full while most will just describe it as a normal straw. All tnx to sherlock holmes 4 dat : only a blind man knows d full potentials of his two ears. I can kip writing and explainin y d goddess of luck wont shine on your games bt time wont allow mé.

    In a nutshell i only bet on bookmakers mistake. And i hv bin punishin dem since 2 of d 3 months i started sport betting. Truth is i didnt make a fortune frm dis, bt i got d needed cash for my start up business idea.

    Wish u best of luck.

    Tayo from Africa

  38. Eddie 7 years ago

    I often used to bet on big acca`s but never really won much,
    Now prefer singles and doubles never betting more than £10 on each bet,
    Winning far more now using this strategy but its all about being Disciplined once you start “Chasing” your losses that’s when it goes wrong
    Some great tipsters on here, I personally have made a few quid just by following them.
    keep up the good work

  39. Maobi 7 years ago

    It all depends on the quality of the betting tip. My strategy is a mixture of level and variable stakes as it offers flexibility on the amount to stake and the profit to be made.
    I’ve made alot using this technique as I bet on singles (4/5-1/1) and team to score trebles!!..
    All thanks to Mr.F, Raal and Greg

  40. TheBoss 7 years ago

    It was all about the long 10+ accu’s and winning big from like £5 to win £2500 but Did I win any of them?? Did I f..k!! Also depositing £20 everyweek hoping to hit that big winner.

    I’ve always thought of the WDW market and since being on this site my eyes have opened up too goals and other markets.

    Also I like the handicap markets -1 on a top leauge team playing a lower team and maybe double them or treble them up.

    But recently I’ve just bet on one or two a day I use to have 10 bets a day but I’d win some and lose the rest which makes me even or down after the days done all which is pretty much pointless.

  41. Steve 7 years ago

    into Canadian bets at the moment
    Like Sunday cards to Saturday as too many matches

  42. CatNapper 7 years ago

    I guess it’s all about what you are trying to achieve really. A sensible person trying to simply make a profit would stick to singles, doubles and trebles and have the attitude that when you invest money in anything you shouldn’t expect 1000% profits over night (which is what we tend to look for with our tenfold acas, I guess).

    On the other hand the acas are great fun and in theory when you have matches from around the world it should be feasible to put together a winning combination.

    A perfect website would have experts from different countries with an insight into some of the leagues which we do not know as much about.

    Theoretically there is probably an obvious result and both teams to score in most leagues, most weeks, so more sets of eyes in different countries communicating together would be the way forward in my opinion.

    At the end of the day, I no longer buy a lottery ticket, but I do make sure to have at least one huge accumulator, that if it wins will win over 100k. It probably won’t happen but, the chances are still far greater than that of winning Euro Millions. I call it a lottery bet.

  43. craigyboy 7 years ago

    I started gambling by putting £2-£3 on accumulators with four or five teams which would normally give me a return of £20-£30.
    I used to love the Premiership as home advantage was massive about ten years ago. I seem to recall picking quite evenly matched teams such as Everton v Villa. Everton being the home side at prices around 5/6. I seem to recall winning quite frequently back in the day. I think it’s fair to say the Premiership is less predictable these days and wins are very hard to come by on the traditional 5 or 6 team accumulators.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      craigboy, crazy amount of away wins this season.
      Right, calling it a night. Early start tomorrow – college run, dug walk and then golf.
      Goodnight all.

  44. mr. boofle 7 years ago

    Do a super single if price is decent. On a saturday and sunday i do a treble. Treble on score and win and usually 5 game btts.

  45. 02ba 7 years ago

    My weekend starts of with picking 3 away sides who are in form and are 4/1+ win btts I put £9 on the singles and £3 on the treble. 1 win makes small profit and gets ur money back. the trebble is aaround £500+. And I also pick out a super single or double. Trying to claw back £50. Out of the last 6 weeks iv banked about £500. Iv got a pot I put my winnings in and start all over again the next week. It’s a fun way of saving

  46. John 7 years ago

    I like to take advantage of the titanbet Acca insurance on four folds, I stick to small stakes of a fiver or less, I try to pick out a couple of draws & a couple I fancy to win at reasonable odds. I like one of my selections to kick off later than the rest so that I’m in a position to cover to ensure I take something rather than nothing. It’s been working ok so far, just a pity their odds aren’t the best!

  47. Clarkez 7 years ago

    I think I’ve tried my hand at everything at one point or another. Had a go at the martingale system earlier this season, started on £10 bets, quickly won over £200 and then lost six games on a trot and was wiped out. A couple of seasons ago I had three long shots land in one month – made £12k. Since learning a hard lesson this season I’ve been left with my ante post accas and they excite me. I’ve picked one or two teams from selected leagues and added a couple of other entries from tennis and other sports for big money. This year I got on your Dunfermline tip, along with Abeedeen, Forrest Green, Sheff Utd, Man City, Serena Williams (US Open), Team GB (Davis Cup) a selection of golfers (inc Jason Day) and some CL picks. These types of bets are lots of fun and can give you something to cheer on throughout the season. But then again, I’ll probably be trying something else next week!

  48. Redofheaven 7 years ago

    I go through the card and generally end up with 10-11 selections between 3/5 and evens on a full card. Mainly double chance and DNB but also unders,overs and straight wins. I then do them all as doubles. Been successful last season and through the summer, made a loss last week for first time since March. Only small stakes for me and not really worth the time it takes to study but good fun.

  49. old Al 7 years ago

    Three teams above evens, bet three singles and a treble so if (when!) one dips you make a small profit, two dip you get half your steak back. Slow but managed to build a bank over a couple of months so I’ve stuck with this method. Again, discipline is a problem when I’ve won a bit and feel invincible – many lessons learnt over the years

  50. EDGAR 7 years ago


    Used to be a sucker for long shots and acca then i came across this wonderful website….started using point system and never go above trebles. ..gotta say HONESTLY my betting bank has grown sooo big coz I win regularly. I know this has already been said BUT patience, due diligence abt teams u betting on,never betting what you cannot afford to lose& definitely LUCK will take anyone tothe heavens.

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