THE biggest prize in European club football is up for grabs on Saturday night and bet365 are celebrating the occasion by rolling out their popular £50 risk-free in-play bet offer.

The Champions League Final in Berlin is a match not be missed as superpowers Barcelona and Juventus both bid to complete the treble.

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet of up to £50 before kick-off. Then once the game starts place another bet – of the same stake – on any in-play market. If your FIRST in-play bet loses Bet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk pre-match bet and take a chance on the in-play – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals at odds of around 1-20. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of around £4.50 at 11-1 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer' market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a maximum total spend of around £2 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 inplay bet to try to win big, eg on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found at bet365 by simply clicking the banner at the top of this page.

This bet365 offer is available to all customers with the exception of the following:

Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Australia, Italy and Romania.

  1. Alves 4 years ago

    Over 0.5 gls prematch

    DRAW inplay


  2. Sean567 4 years ago

    Team up with a mate. 1 of you do 12 on the dbl chance prematch and X with your in play bet the other do over 0.5 goals prematch and the no scorer with another bookie. This leaves you the £50 in play to try and win a right few quid while guaranteeing some sort of return as all outcomes are covered, and ensures you will not be down a penny

  3. Raymiem 4 years ago

    Prematch dc 1,2
    Inplay x ….. Works for me. Guarenteed win

  4. Coley 4 years ago

    Suarez or messi first goal for me

  5. Neil 4 years ago

    Barca pre match 3/5 Juventus double chance 11/8 in play

  6. Champy R 4 years ago

    £50 pre match barca, £50 in play draw.
    £20 pre match Juve with Paddy. Put the £10 free in play on Barca.
    Add another £22 on Barca elsewhere at about 8/13.
    Should return about £28 for Barca or Juve and £58 the draw.

  7. Lon_don 4 years ago

    £50 on barca prematch=80.76+ £50= profit of £30.76
    £50 inplay on juve or draw=£115+ profit of £15
    i fancy barca to win so hopefully that will come through

  8. OriaZ 4 years ago


    Jordan tells me your the man for this:

    I’ve got 2 offers available for the Champions League final and I’m trying to make the most profit out of it.

    Offer 1 is:

    If I place a pre-match bet of 30£ on the Champions League Final between Juve/Barca I get a money-back in-play bet of the same amount (so I’m betting 2x 30£). If my in-play bet loses I get my money back.

    Important : odds needs to be of 1.4 (2/5) or above.

    Offer 2 is:

    10£ risk-free bet pre-match. If it loses I get the money back.

    Any thoughts?

  9. winging 4 years ago

    messi to score first. everyones thoughts?

  10. paul 4 years ago

    Im doin either the

    .5 goals n draw n play

    Or barca 3/5 juve dc in play.

    Good ideas.

    PAddy power are doing their free 10er in play offer so u cud put the 20 on over 0.5 n then the 10er on huge odds like juve defender fgs at 50/1

  11. paul 4 years ago

    But cover this with over 0.5 n draw on bet365 or you cud be broke

  12. BelfastBeaver 4 years ago

    Can’t c past Barca so 50 start of game and free 50 cover on the draw can’t be bad.

  13. Gonzo 4 years ago

    Could not see my previous post so trying again. Sorry if this appears twice.

    I found this in the T&Cs of the bet365 promotion. Maybe some of the suggested bets will not be allowed.

    Where any term of the offer or promotion is breached or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to a deposit bonus, enhanced payments, free bets, risk free bets or any other promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, bet365 reserves the right to reclaim the bonus element of such offers and in their absolute discretion either settle bets at the correct odds, void the free and risk free bets or void any bet funded by the deposit bonus. In addition bet365 reserve the right to levy an administration charge on the customer up to the value of the deposit bonus, free bet, risk free bet or additional payment to cover administrative costs.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Gonzo, we know. As I’ve said every time they do this they tend to turn a blind eye to breaches but it’s worth pointing out.

  14. Gonzo 4 years ago

    Sorry Mr F. Kind of new to the site so did not know that. Anyways thanks for taking the time to reply.

  15. Gunner 4 years ago

    Chiellini has just been ruled out of the final due to injury so that could affect the odds!

    Gonna go big and back Barca to score over 1.5 goals pre-kick off at 1.72 and then possibly in-play on cards. Bound to be cards in the final and currently its odds of 2 for over 4.5 cards. Risky but could be profitable for sure

  16. Azza 4 years ago

    I am so tempted to put my £50 pre match on Messi MOTM at 15/8. Usually I do ones to guarantee profit, but the pundits and commentators will do everything they can to give Messi MOTM even if he doesn’t deserve it

  17. Michael Cutler 4 years ago

    I’ve got £50 on Barcelona and then £13.50 on Juve with Skybet. I’ll put £50 inplay on the draw as soon as the match kicks off.
    If Barca win then I’ll get my inplay back, so stake is £63.50 and return is £80.76. If Juve win then stake is the same and return is £81 so either way it’s just over £17 profit. If it ends in a draw then total stake is £113.50 but return will be about £200 depending on odds at kickoff so profit around £84.

  18. Redofheaven 4 years ago

    Coral offering Juv to win @10-1 so use this as well.
    £50 pre on barca with bet365
    £20 pre on draw with paddy
    £10 pre on juv with coral

    £50 in play on barca with bet365
    £10 in play on draw with paddy

    Depending on in play odds will be about £30 profit give or take whatever the result if my maths are correct.

  19. Redofheaven 4 years ago

    Forget above the 10-1 with coral is to win to nil, thought it was too good to be true.

  20. paul 4 years ago

    Was going to do juve cheeky bet but if cheillini is out barca will be nearly 1/2 or 4/9 by final so if doing barca pre match do it now! I think. Also thanks scotty just seen paddy t and c

  21. Alves 4 years ago

    What bookie is tge 1st one wi Oriaz?? And tge second as markets are different at some bookies, I’d probably try asian lines but with the 2/5 min odds you can’t do the over 0.5/draw inplay.

  22. Alves 4 years ago

    Azza that’s a shocking price for MOTM, lowest I’ve seen was 4/1

  23. bobn 4 years ago

    Probably do over 0.5 pre-game and wait for first goal. No idea what to do in-play but fancy Barca.

    Seriously looking at the Man Of The Match market. Messi is about 2.25 but everybody else is 7+

    Wonder how the first goal will effect it in-play.

  24. Alves 4 years ago

    Morata MOTM is 33/1, great price considering he bagged the 2 gls that dumped Real and he’s only 14/1 @Skybet

  25. Joet1987 4 years ago

    Hi folks,

    Wondering if any of you genius chaps can help?

    I’m trying to get my girlfriend to sign up to 365 in order to do this.

    So a few questions if you can help. I have read the terms and conditions thoroughly but can’t find the answers in there.

    1- will she be able to use the 100% sign up offer as well as the in play offer?

    2- with the 100% sign up offer, can you take your initial stake back out?

    Any help would be appreciated.



    • Jim 4 years ago

      You will be ok to sign your girlfriend up to bet365. As long as you use a different email address and credit card it will work. The bigger bookies are not so tight on it. The smaller ones plus sky, coral and bet fair are strict on the one per ISp address.

      The 200 pound offer is good if you stay for the course. Just gamble away with your initial 200 deposit and forget about the bonus. Eventually if you keep winning now and again it will become available. If you loose All your deposit then think of it as another chance to play. toptip don’t loose your first 200. That is bad.

  26. rensen 4 years ago

    If you do not live together she will be able to do it.Most bookies say 1 offer per household.

  27. Alves 4 years ago

    Joe she can do both offers wi 365

  28. Azza 4 years ago


    Yeah it’s a low price, but look who it is, he almost always gets it even if he hasn’t done anything

  29. Dreamkiller 4 years ago

    Joel1987 …. The 365 bonus must be turned over 6 times … 3 times deposit and 3 times bonus before you achieve a withdrawable bonus. You can do it if you lay off on Betfair each time … otherwise you may have to redeposit numerous times but to achieve the bonus … not worth it IMHO … unless you lay off for small loss each time the former way. The initial stake is not withdrawable as you will see it turns to bonus eventually … hence they have you by those parts you don’t want gripped !!

    To bet with your bonus, enter your Offer Code, then turn over the amount of your qualifying deposit (capped at £200*) once on the sports and markets of your choice (subject to conditions 12 and 13 below).
    You must have settled bets to the value of three times your qualifying deposit (capped at £200*) and bonus before making a withdrawal (subject to conditions 12 to 15 below).
    If the turnover requirements for this offer have not been met within 90 days of you entering your Offer Code any funds held in your bonus balance will be forfeited.

  30. Joet1987 4 years ago

    Many thanks for the responses chaps, it’s much appreciated. On paper we are able to do it then it seems! Will have a think about the best way to make the most of it as I’m not a fan of the fixtures that are floating about at the moment and wouldn’t want to risk it and then get it in the neck! Haha!

    Once again, thank you for the advice. I’ll sleep on it and work out a plan of attack tomorrow.

    Cheers again


  31. Joet1987 4 years ago

    P.s – I’m feeling that Xavi may be in with man of the match shout tomorrow if he starts and plays a decent chunk. Like someone said earlier, the commentators love to ramp up the excitement and passion. Considering it’s his last game and is a bit of a legend in all fairness, they might just overlook the obvious choices.

  32. bobn 4 years ago

    888sport offering double odds in-play (max £5) and triple odds for new customers (£5-£10)

    Can any of you guys work out a juicy arb with that + bet365s offer?

    At the moment looking to do over 0.5 on bet365 plus goalscorer bet in play and keep the 888sport ready in case I need to back the 0-0 (double odds means I can stall longer)

  33. irishinatlanta 4 years ago

    Over 0.5 pregame
    Hopefully early doors goal and wait until second half to put 50 on anytime goalscorer on team chasing game
    If barca score first 50 on pirlo at hopefully 10/12-1
    If juve score first 50 on pique at hopefully 18/20-1
    Massive boom!!
    Had 50 on Ramos at 16-1 last year, can I strike it lucky again???

  34. bobn 4 years ago

    Irishinatlanta, do all anytime goalscorer odds gradually lengthen as the game goes on? Like Neymar but 2.60 is boring.

  35. bobn 4 years ago

    Good shout on ags Pique btw, that may just be my new favourite bet. 6 goals this season…

  36. Wattie 4 years ago

    I’m sticken with my usual bet when 365 do this offer over 0.5 match goals @1/20 cover no goal scorer then favourites (barca) to win 2-1 done this 3 times now n got it up once (city v barca) worth stickin with for £350 ish profit good luck guys

  37. Keith 4 years ago

    CL Final

    On B365, bet £50 on Under 2.5 goals @ 1.95 – Returns £97.50

    On PP, bet £25 on Over 3.5 goals @ 3.00 – Returns £75.00
    Use the 2 x PP in play bets on over 3.5 goals again which should return another £20 minimum. Total returns £95.

    On B365, bet £50 risk free on exactly 3 goals @ 4.00 – Returns £200

    Under 2.5 goals – Profit £22.50
    Over 3.5 goals – Profit £25.00
    Exactly 3 goals – Profit £125

  38. Big davy 4 years ago

    Can someone help…. If a place a £ 50 bet over 0.5 goals returns 51 and place 50 on the draw and say barca win 1- 0 l will be 50 bucks down????

  39. Michael Cutler 4 years ago

    Big Davy you will be £2.50 up. 1st bet wins so returns £52.50, 2nd bet loses so is refunded / void. Only slight problem with this is that it guarantees profit so is technically against the t&c BUT as MrF says, they turn a blind eye to this particular t&c so you should be fine.

  40. Tony87 4 years ago

    Hi do I have to stake £50 then another £50 or will a free £50 bet be credited inplay thanks

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Tony, you have to stake £50 pre-match then another £50 in-play and if the in-play bet loses it’s refunded as real cash

  41. Tony87 4 years ago

    Thanks Scott

  42. king razvan 4 years ago

    here’s what ill be doing tonight.

    Place £50 Draw PRE MATCH = 210 – 50 – 160 = (£15 PROFIT) **
    Place £50 Juve IN PLAY = 300 – 160 – 50 – 50 = (£40 PROFIT)
    Place £160 on Barca WIN at Paddy Power = 258.46 – 160 – 50 (£48 PROFIT)

    ** Place the two £5 free paddy bets on draw to cover a small win incase and a FGS bet such as suarez/neymar.

  43. ash 4 years ago

    the 888 sport offer double the odds on inplay bet, will help this alot,

    so im going to place pre match bet365 £50 on barcelona returns £30

    inplay bet on the draw most likley £50 returns £105 profit, deduct 5 from 888 sports and £50 from pre match bet365

    if juventus wins get my money back, 5/1 double odds will be 10/1 £5 stake £50 returns maybe £45 return stil no much loss,

    888 sports £5 inplay juventus double odds 5/1 to 10/1 when settled

  44. king razvan 4 years ago

    nice spot ash.. do you think i should place the £160 bet with 888sports with barca then?

  45. ash 4 years ago

    well minimum stake is £5 for double the odds, for me worse case sceneraio no loss is juventus to win, ill should get £50 and pre match bet returns for the draw £100 back , £50 from bet365 £50 profit from 888 but no actually profit, cause loss for pre match bet365 on barca, best for me be the draw £105 profit, bare in mind max stake £5 888 double the odds,

    i think u should play what you feel comfortable with kingrazvan, if you want profit, hope for draw, or small profit of barca win, if u doing the inplay offer, but if i had a lot of money on me which i can afford to loose, ill back barca to win

  46. BelfastBeaver 4 years ago

    Me and girlfriend do it the offer that is lol. 2×50 barca =61 profit 50 draw inplay =60 and 50 on juve in play =£250 all profit

  47. BelfastBeaver 4 years ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner

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