IT'S back! Bet365 are doing their popular in-play bet offer for Tuesday night's Champions League match between Man City and Barcelona.

If you place a pre-match bet on the game – up to £50 – which kicks off at 7.45pm then Bet365 will give you a risk-free in-play bet to the same stake.

To qualify for your risk-free in-play Bet365 bet, simply place a bet before kick-off, then once the game starts place another bet on any in-play market. If your FIRST in-play bet losesBet365 will refund this stake up to the same value as your largest pre-match bet (max £50).

You can try to do a low-risk first bet and take a chance on the second – or do bets that guarantee profit. It’s up to you – but make sure you check the rules before having a bet.

My preference is to place a £50 pre-match bet on over 0.5 match goals at odds of 1-20. I also cover the 0-0 draw with a bet of £4 at another bookie. When doing this, bet on the ‘no scorer' market rather than a 0-0 draw so you get paid if the only goal is an OG.

So for a total spend of £2 you are then covered to use your risk-free £50 inplay bet to try to win big, eg on a first or anytime scorer or correct score.

There are lots of other strategies so share yours here and full T & C’s can be found at

  1. Harpreet 4 years ago

    ••• Man City v Barcelona – Bet365 £50.00 in-play offer •••

    This is the method I will be using to GURANTEE myself a nice profit. I do this every single time and it works a treat. Using this method also means you are not betting outside the terms and conditions which have been set by Bet365. In other words your doing nothing wrong at all :-)

    ••• Bet 1 & 2 need to be placed before the match starts. I will be placing my bets today. Bet 2 you must use another bookie. Paddy Power is the bookie with the offer at present •••

    Bet: 1 – Pre-match bet: Stake £50.00 on Barcelona to WIN @ 23/20

    Bet: 2 Pre-match bet: Stake £30.00 on Man City to WIN @ 5/2 (Paddy Power) You can use any bookie however Paddy Power have a offer on at present. Please refer to the Paddy Power website for this.

    Bet: 3 In-Play bet: Stake £50.00 on match to end as a DRAW @ 23/20



    Bet: 1 – Returns = £107.50 – £50 (Pre-match stake) – £30.00 (Bet placed on a Man City win) Your in-play £50 bet with Bet365 is refunded meaning = £27.50 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Bet: 2 – Returns = £105.00 – £50.00 (Pre-match stake with Bet365) – £30.00 (Bet Placed on Man City to win) Your in-play £50 bet with Bet365 is refunded meaning = £25.00 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Bet: 3 – Returns = £180.00 – £50.00 (Pre-match stake with Bet365) – £50.00 (In-play bet placed with Bet365) – £30.00 (Bet placed on Man City to win) = £30.00 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Using my method you are guranteed between £25.00 – £27.50 or £30.00 PROFIT :-)

    Also on top of this if you use Paddy Power and the match ends as a draw your Bet: 2 stake is not quite lost. You will in return receive a free £30.00 bet :-) Happy days hey ??

    I hope this helps and good luck with your bets. I will without a doubt be using this method.

  2. Graftman247 4 years ago

    So if you place yourself a £50 bet on over 0.5 goals in the game and then a goal is scored
    (Meaning you win your bet) do you not get the £50 in play offer bet?
    Or do you still get to play the £50 with a chance of winning?

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Graftman247, that’s right – you still get it.

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Graftman, if you put £50 on over 0.5 goals and a goal is scored you get £52 back from your pre-match £50.
      You then still get the inplay bet offer, ie bet £50 inplay and if it loses your stake is refunded.

  3. Alves 4 years ago

    £50 prematch on over 0.5 gls 1/25

    £50 in-play DRAW 13/5 just now so probably 5/2 just after KO


    £127 profit for score draw
    £75 profit for 0-0
    £2 profit City/Barca wins

    Should be a close game wi goals but I’ll be working, struggling to get away early on Thursday for the Celtic game, so will be keeping an eye on it on phone

    • Alan 4 years ago

      I’ll be on exactly the same. I think there is every chance that this will be a score draw.

  4. jbthatsme 4 years ago

    What about £20 on city win. Then inplay free bet £20 on Barca double chance?? Will that work?

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Jb, that wouldn’t work as Barca double chance is only 1/3 so if your inplay bet wins you’ll only get £26 back and you’ll have staked £40 in total. Remember your inplay bet is only refunded if it loses.

  5. Harpreet 4 years ago


    ••• Man City v Barcelona – Bet365 £50.00 in-play offer •••

    Made a silly error on the returns of the match ends in a draw. You will make: £50.00 profit not £30.00.



    Bet: 1 – Returns = £107.50 – £50 (Pre-match stake) – £30.00 (Bet placed on a Man City win) Your in-play £50 bet with Bet365 is refunded meaning = £27.50 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Bet: 2 – Returns = £105.00 – £50.00 (Pre-match stake with Bet365) – £30.00 (Bet Placed on Man City to win) Your in-play £50 bet with Bet365 is refunded meaning = £25.00 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Bet: 3 – Returns = £180.00 – £50.00 (Pre-match stake with Bet365) – £50.00 (In-play bet placed with Bet365) – £30.00 (Bet placed on Man City to win) = £50.00 PROFIT MADE :-)

    Using my method you are guranteed between £25.00 – £27.50 or £50.00 PROFIT :-)

    Also on top of this if you use Paddy Power and the match ends as a draw your Bet: 2 stake is not quite lost. You will in return receive a free £30.00 bet :-) Happy days hey ??

    I hope this helps and good luck with your bets. I will without a doubt be using this method.

  6. Willie McGuire 4 years ago


    No as you are guaranteeing yourself profit with bet365….

    Mrfixits way is the way I do it but understand Harpreets logic also.

  7. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Willie – Thanks mate and yes I personally feel the match will be a draw tommorow so £50 profit will do me. If not then £25 or even £27.50 is fine :-) happy days pays for the Chinese lol

    • Lon_don 4 years ago

      Harpreet if you fancy a draw as i do, then would it not make more sense to bet on a draw pre-match and place an inplay bet on barcelona in which case if it was a draw then you would get the inplay stake back as well as the win from the pre-match bet or am i missing something.

  8. paul 4 years ago

    I seriously think man city are going to win this game possibly 3-1 or 3-2.

    Going to put 50 euro in match on city 5/2

    Then in play 3-2 man city correct score havent checked odds but prob 33/1

    Who cares if it loses. Might also do another bookie, paddy on barcalona

  9. paul 4 years ago

    Sorry 50 pre match on city.

  10. Mark 4 years ago

    £50 on City win pre-match
    £50 on City 1-0 in play
    Pays for a years worth of Chinese.
    Play it safe or take a chance?
    Your call

  11. paul 4 years ago

    Thanks willie. Ill go 2-2 in play so

  12. Willie McGuire 4 years ago

    No Yaya No Party (hes suspended).

    I think Man C will struggle without him.

    Over 3.5 goals is an inplay bet i’ll consider.

  13. Mr Fishman 4 years ago

    thanks willie i was considering betting on city but that consideration has no gone out the window

  14. sfcmatty 4 years ago

    Harpreet just out of interest, not having a go, just checking I haven’t missed something, in your explanation have you typed wrong odds for draw, because 50 on a 23/20 doesn’t = 180?

  15. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Sfcmatty – Indeed mate your spot on. My typo. The draw is 13/5 so returns £180.00. Well spotted mate. You going to be on my method ??

  16. RedofHeaven 4 years ago

    Pre Match Barca Double Chance 3/10 = £15 profit
    In Play Man City 5/2 = £75 profit

    Decent strategy if you fancy City with a little bonus if they don’t.

  17. Lon_don 4 years ago

    if you put £50 before the match do you automatically get a free £50 for inplay or do you need to have £100 and they refund the inplay bet if it loses?. Also is yaya toure out, if he is, then harpreets bets seems a good idea with a £25 bet on city although it would only give a £5 profit i cant see city winning without yaya.

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      london, you need to bet £100 in total and the £50 inplay will be refunded if it loses

      • Lon_don 4 years ago

        does that mean if your prematch bet wins and your inplay bet loses, then your get your profit from the 1st bet and £50 refunded from your inplay bet as well?

  18. Sean567 4 years ago

    Am I right in thinking u must place a in play bet that loses before they will match your pre match bet??

  19. paul 4 years ago

    Now yayas out I fear city may not win. Think theyl do a lot better than last year. Maybe btts as in play bet but may just do the boring method of harpreet and the 30 bet will be refunded as a free bet with paddy power if theres a draw plus winnings on bet 365

    Yeah thats how ill go.

    Might put a euro on 3-3 for a laugh

  20. paul 4 years ago

    Harpreet im on your bet just need to do in play draw.

    If theres a goal after 20 seconds before we do the in play draw what do we do then?

  21. Jbthatsme 4 years ago

    If I bet on barca/city win pre game £20 returns £25 then bet draw £20 on the draw in play returns £72. So I lose my £20 pre bet but win £72, so £32 profit. Is that right?

    • Author
      Scott Allot 4 years ago

      Jbthatsme, yeah that’s right. If you did that and it was a draw you’d be £32 up, if either side won you’d be a fiver up

  22. RPC 4 years ago

    Someone give these guys a calculator haha

  23. jbthatsme 4 years ago

    Ooo RPC keyboard warrior

  24. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Paul – Indeed mate. If there is a goal I the first 20 seconds then I will still do in play draw mate but I doubt that will happen. I have my finger at the ready as soon as the game kicks off so you dont miss out.

    Lon_don – You can place the draw or the vide versa either way whatever takes your fancy mate. I will be placing the draw in play only

  25. Paul 4 years ago

    yup harpreet im on it man

  26. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Paul – Also mate just like me have you placed your £30 bet on a Man City win with Paddy Power ? I hope so as if it ends in a draw we not only get £50.00 profit but also a £30 free bet :-) good luck mate

  27. Jay 4 years ago

    Does anyone think a draw is a good possibility????? (£130 profit)

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Jay, definitely can’t write off a draw – it’s what I fancied until I saw Toure was out.

  28. Paul 4 years ago

    jay i think 2-2 has a good chance. there are goals in these teams and they are even enough. think city will go 2-1 up but messi will get late goal

  29. Rayy 4 years ago

    I’m so on that Harpreet. Good explanation there! I really hope it’s a draw as that’s the biggest profit haha

  30. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Paul & Rayyy – Nice one guys !!

    My bets are all done also :-) Just waiting for the game to kick off now and away we go. Once the game kicks off if anything the odds may change for the draw straight away to something like 5/2. If they do then that’s fine as profit will still be £45.00 or something. Happy days.

  31. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Rayy – Ha ha nice one!!! Why the alarm mate you should be ready sat in from of the television about to watch the game ? Lol

  32. Alves 4 years ago

    Surely with all you’re multiple accounts you’d want to take a risk and get a big wi

  33. Rayy 4 years ago

    I’ve already set a reminder on my phone to place in play bet for the game haha

  34. Rayy 4 years ago

    Just in case I forget and doing other things haha setting reminders keeps me right ha
    Can’t wait to make some money. Either way there will be a profit. Oh happy days :D haha

    You got anymore tips for today? Double, treble?

  35. Rayy 4 years ago

    That was to Harpreet btw :D

  36. Ad 4 years ago

    Tempted by £50 in play on Dani Alves anytime @ 17/2. Scored in both games against City last year….go big or go home as they say.

    • PA 4 years ago

      Ad decent price but will lightening continue to strike? These bets are what we need to look for and i go big or go home

  37. Jman 4 years ago

    I think Barca’s poor result at the weekend was the worst thing to happen for Man City, expect another Barca win but I’ll be on the over 1.5

  38. irishinatlanta 4 years ago

    I will be on my usual betting method of 50 on over.5 goals pregame hope for an early goal and then waiting until second half for 50 in play anytime goal on a defender on the team chasing a goal
    If its City ill go for Zabaleta at about 30/1 and if Barca then Pique at about 25/1
    If its looking like a 0-0 game i will abort around 65/70 mins and hope to get 5/2 on no goalscorer and pray for an og 1-0 win ;)
    I love to take the risk on a big boom on these bets
    If the anytime goalscorer bet doesnt boom then i take the 2 euro profit on the first bet and do an acca next day #FreeAcca

  39. jbthatsme 4 years ago

    Thanks Scott.

  40. Latics Adam 4 years ago

    How likely is a 0-0?
    Odd is 13/1
    Might be worth betting over 0.5 pre bet. Waiting in play to see how both teams do.
    Never know. Could be a bore draw like the Liverpool Everton Derby

  41. Liam 4 years ago

    on yours harpreet, chinese time tonight……

  42. Marty2k365 4 years ago

    Will Harpreets method still work or have the odds changed?
    Definitely looking to get on this

  43. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Liam – Exactly mate and yes Chinese tonight :-)

  44. Alex 4 years ago

    Sod the chinese guys, KFC are doing 8 pieces of recipe chicken for £5.99 you know you wanna, you know your gonna.

  45. realwalker 4 years ago

    Im pretty sure once the game starts that bet365 dont offer goalscorers inplay, can anybody confirm this?

  46. Ibleedblue 4 years ago

    Everyone, are you aware that the in play bet isn’t a free bet credit, you have to deposit £100 to be able to bet 50 pre match and 50 in play. The in play bet is just refunded if it’s a lower.
    Most people probably aware but everyone this offer comes around people think it’ll appear in their account

  47. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Marty – Odds on the draw are still 13/5 so if you have already placed the pre match bets as stated the answer is YES :-) if your going to do it get on it asap mate

  48. Harpreet 4 years ago

    What were hoping for is a DRAW guys with my method :-) Not only do we make about £50.00 profit but on top of this you also get £30.00 free bet from Paddy Power :-) !!!!

  49. Marty2k365 4 years ago

    Fingers crossed for a draw! I’ve just placed my bets, you’re the man Harpeeet :D

  50. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Marty – No worries man !!! Let’s hope for a booom :-) If not PROFIT £22 if Man City win – £27.50 if Barca win & £50.00 profit if draw along with a free bet from Paddy Power for £30.00 :-)

    What else can we ask for ?? :-)

  51. Marty2k365 4 years ago

    Gotta love a bit of easy money, just need to make sure I place that in play bet now hehe.
    Do you know how many times the Paddy Power free bet would need to be wagered before withdrawal ( if it’s a draw)

  52. Willie McGuire 4 years ago

    Its worth having a read at the T&Cs for this.

    You cannot guarantee yourself a return – thats why backing no goalscorer or the draw with another bookie is what you need to do.

    The comment above backing barca on the double chance post match then man city in play wont work. Bet365 wont refund the inplay £50!!

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Willie, actually they probably will do the refund as I’ve said many times before. Despite the terms and conditions they normally turn a blind eye because they know it will be wagered again anyway and not lifted. Of course it’s safer doing with another bookie but I wouldn’t worry too much.

  53. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Marty – There is no roll over required with the £30 Paddy Power free bet. Just that the free bet stake will not be returned but you can easily make money on it so happy days.

    Willie – Correct mate. Although Bet365 seem to turn a blind eye to people doing this and have paid out previously I can imagine it’s only a matter of time Until they don’t. My method is where you will not be bending any rules at all and you simply can’t lose :-)

  54. Sean567 4 years ago

    Thanks ibleedblue I was just about to ask this. So your better off betting on something that has a reasonable chance of coming up in play so that you are actually winning, as if it is a loser, it’s just your OWN money you are getting back?

  55. Gaz H 4 years ago

    Have any of you guys had to email documents to bet365 when opening an account? Wanted to open another account in my in-laws name but I’m a bit worried they might ask for documents to verify its him. Don’t recall having to fo it myself.

  56. Chris Monty 4 years ago

    I’m on it harpreet thanks for the tip.

  57. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Gaz – Yes sometimes you have to. It depends on the search they system does electronically. One of my mates works for an online bookie and he said they only as for documents if they can’t verify age and address. This also happens with certain banks. If you have a “Think Banking” RBS account for example. As a credit search was not required to open this bank account it will not verify correctly so bookies will ask for documents.

    It is always best to ask the person who you will be opening an account for all there documents at ready and verification as it is sometimes needed. Hope this clears everything up for you mate.

  58. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Chris Monty – My pleasure mate :-) Place your bets now

  59. Gaz H 4 years ago

    Harpreet, they’re happy for me to open the account,its just that I wouldn’t be able to get hold of there documents for a couple of week as they live too far away. Do u know if they would suspend the account or would they just stop me making a withdrawal? Cheers

  60. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    I follow Mr Fix it quite often but rarely comment as time restraints

    Think i need to start putting a bit more back in

    Why does everyone make this offer so complicated for small profit

    Some people process is so long for such small profit

    Do the following

    Prematch bet: Back over 0.5 match goals prematch
    Inplay bet: Back the draw.

    This way you have 0-0 covered if your prematch bet loses then you hope for a score draw to land both bets.

    Easy, no need to go to the other bookies trying to ven it up

  61. James 4 years ago

    I always think with these offers, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the bookie. Ask yourself some questions:

    – why are they making this offer on this particular match?

    – how do they want the customer to bet?

    It’s obviously a very difficult match to call, picking a first goalscorer from all of the talent on show is difficult and it could quite easily be a nil-nil bore fest.

    To my mind, it’s worth maybe lowering your stakes to perhaps £20 and backing over 0.5 goals (taking a chance that it won’t finish 0-0) and have £20 on Aguero to score first and Barca to 2-1, for example, at massive odds. Or pick one of the defenders to score the first goal. Have some real fun with it, slightly lower stakes, but find an angle for a bigger return.

  62. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Gaz – They would suspend any withdrawals mate. So really U need your documents to hand.

    Bet 4 fun – I disagree as using my method guranteed profit. The more people you know the more money you make ;-)

  63. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Bet 4 fun – Ofcourse as an individual though if you want to go for it and risk for massive returns you may be correct. However I’m happy with my method and will stick with it.

  64. paul 4 years ago

    If the game is won bet4fun you will only get a coupla quid.

    I prefer harpreet s way

  65. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    I like irishinatlsnta betting methods for this

    Try to go big as its free

    But I find from previous bets like this you spend more time which bet to go far and the enjoyment of the games goes

    Harpeet, you method is good cos you seem to have friends with accounts who want to share the profits you make

    Surely with friends who have accounts you can all take a free bet at first goal scorer and one of you will come through and make more money between you

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Bet 4 Fun, that’s the tactic I use – basically the opposite of Harpreet. But each to their own own. I’d rather win enough for a trip to China than buy a Chinese.

  66. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Mr fix it – I can probably travel around the world never mind China the way I do it beleive you me

  67. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Paul – Exactly trust me mate it’s the best way. The thing is we get greedy and never want to settle for less. Put it this way mate – If bet365 didn’t give out this offer then we would have £0.00!!

    So why don’t we just be happy with £25 – £50 profit ?

    Exactly :-)

    Each to there own

  68. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Bet4fun – I assure u I do. My write up is for many who want to make a nice profit and are happy with what they make mate.

    Also with my method – You are guranteed a profit and on top of that if that game ends in a draw you also get a £30.00 free bet from Paddy Power. People can go large on a first GOALSCORER bet with that free bet if they like the risk. I look at making money first myself :-)

  69. Irishinatlanta 4 years ago

    Agree with harpreet, his method of guaranteeing profit is a smart move, then reinvesting those profits on another bet could reap the rewards for you. I like the big gamble part of my method, there is no way I would ever be lashing 50 quid on a 20/1 to 30/1 shot in a normal day, so being able to do it on the bookies risk is a buzz in itself
    Plus, I can tell you that the roar I made when Ramos scored in injury time for Real in champs league final and when Skrytl scored in injury time for pool v arsenal still makes me smile to this day…and of course there is the not so small matter of 800 and 900 quid winnings ;)
    I am in it for the buzz, I hope to be on the edge of my seat for 30 mins urging Zabaleta forward lol, and if it doesn’t happen then I will have a free 2 euro acca on Mr Fixits Wednesday pics #LovingIt

  70. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    Lets hope everyone make a few quid on the offer today whichever they choose

    If I was able to go any where in the world I for sure wouldn’t be spending my time talking about a free bet all day

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Bet 4 Fun, Harpreet’s happy with how he does it and that’s all that matters – let’s not turn into a fight. I do it my way and he does it his way.

      • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

        Heading out for a bit – won’t be back till after 8pm. Good luck to everyone with all their bets.

  71. Scottyboy1989 4 years ago

    What I’ve done for tonight as I’m really hoping for a draw out of tonights game is:

    Paddy power £50 on Barcelona 21/20 returns £102.50
    (Money back if draw)

    Bet365 £50 on man city/draw double chance @1.83 returns £91.66.

    Bet365 in play £50 draw @ 3.75 returns – £187.50

    Man City win = £141.66 – loss of £8.34
    Barcelona win =£152.50 – win of £2.50
    Draw = £279.16 win of £129.16 + £50 free bet

  72. HansaImperator 4 years ago

    Any alternative to the over 0.5 goals pre and draw live? I need at least a 3/50 but over 0.5 goals stands currently at 1/25.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  73. HansaImperator 4 years ago

    By alternative I mean a solution only concerning bet365. What about the asian goals over 1,25? This game looks promising for at least two goals in my eyes.

  74. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Mr fix it – Exactly. Good luck all

  75. Bet 4 Fun 4 years ago

    Are goal methods available in play for this offer anyone please

    Tempted to do this

    Harpeet – no offence intended!!! Good Luck

  76. PC 4 years ago

    Hi, My brother also has a Bet365 account and was also wanting to make use of the offer. I know the terms and conditions say only one per household, but he was able to get their signup offer as well as me.
    Is it likely that they might not refund if he loses?

  77. durike 4 years ago

    What about £50 over 0.5 goal first half for 3/10 and 0:0 in play first half for around 12/5? Min profit £15…

  78. Harpreet 4 years ago

    PC – that I don’t know as I stay well within the rules myself when it comes to terms and conditions. I have a feeling they will still pay out as though. Why wouldn’t they when they turn a blind eye to people who gurantee profit straight up using themselves with the INPLAY. Hope this helps mate

  79. ash 4 years ago

    i gone for this first half both teams to score 2/9 £ 50

    inplay first half both teams to score 3/1 £50 hoping both teams to score first half lands for good profit if not get few quid and settle with that and £50 back later

  80. Bullseye 4 years ago

    I’m taking over 9.5 asian corners at 1.900, £50 returns £45 and then in-play see how the game progresses and put the free bet on an odds against selection, possibly thinking Barcelona win or Messi anytime but we’ll see how it goes.

    You’d have to imagine that with the prgression in Europe at stake both teams are gonna be going for it. Barcelona will want to grab an away goal(s) to take to the Nou Camp so will be going at it full pelt with Messi, Suarez and Neymar. Can see Man City on the back foot for large periods and corners should result. Both teams have previously demonstrated ability to aquire corners domestically in Europe and Domestially.

    I’m thinking it could well be alot more than 10 corners but with the over 9.5 Asian corners you’ll at least get the stake back if it does end with 9 and you would’ve still been able to use the free in-play bet.

  81. ash 4 years ago

    first half both teams to score 2/9 £ 50

    inplay first half both teams to score 3/1 £50

    what do you guys think

  82. Darren Winch 4 years ago

    Ok Let me get this right……

    Way im going to do it

    Place pre match bet on Man City £50
    Inplay bet £50 place on Barcalona

    Betfair are offering me £25 free bet If I place £25 on any market so If I place this on the draw at Betfair.

    1st Bet £50 on Man city 3/1 Returns £200

    2nd Bet Betfair £25 on the draw 11/4 Returns £93.75

    3rd Bet inplay £50 on Barca 1/1 Returns £100

    This correct?

  83. ash 4 years ago

    im sticking with both team score first half 2/9 no pre match

    inlay both teams to score first half yes 3/1 inplay

  84. paul 4 years ago

    Done 10er on man city 4-2 barcelona as I think city will win. Odds 50/1

  85. Sean567 4 years ago

    Surely the way to do it is bet over 0.5 goals pre game then in play bet on a 0-0? If there’s a goal u get your pre match bet up and ure in play bet back and if it’s 0-0 u have £50
    On about a 10/1 shot?? Win win

  86. Rayy 4 years ago

    £50 in play bet is on – draw!
    Come on haha

  87. Harpreet 4 years ago

    PC – No worries matey :-)

    Rayy – Ha ha nice one mate

  88. Dave 4 years ago

    I’ve gone for initial bet of over 0.5 goals, and then a draw result in play.

    If somebody wins I get all my money back. If nobody scores, I win my draw bet

  89. Les R 4 years ago

    I’ve followed Harpreets instructions to a tee & am now praying for a draw

  90. Stevie H 4 years ago

    In play bet £50 on Suarez 1st goal…£325 back. Cheers b36. :-)

  91. Harpreet 4 years ago

    ••• Update on Bet365 offer •••

    We will be making = £27.50 PROFIT – For all those who followed my method should BARCELONA go on to win the game :-)

  92. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Stevie H – Nice 1 mate

  93. Stevie H 4 years ago

    Why do they offer such madness “risk free” bets? Surley loads of folk tonight making profit atleast

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Stevie H, it’s not madness – if I didn’t work for them in the long run they wouldn’t do it.

  94. Bullseye 4 years ago

    Won the £50 pre match over over 9.5 Asian corners bet now just need Messi anytime at 7/5 for the free in-play.

  95. Ad 4 years ago

    Unbelievable. Jumped on one more goal to be scored and that happens. Terrible penalty, even worse header. Shocking

  96. glasgowtips 4 years ago

    How long for the in play to be refunded??

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      glasgowtips, depends how many they have to process – usually put on within 10-12 hours.

  97. Jez 4 years ago

    @ glasgowtips

    Usually within 2 hours after the match has finished according to their T&Cs.

    • Mr Fixit 4 years ago

      Jez, sorry I thought it was longer – but usually sleeping when it’s credited.

  98. paul 4 years ago

    At least 2 hours

    ALthOugh sometimes they have technical difficulties and you need to contact them onchat to get it back

    Thats why I was praying for a draw.

    StupId gael clichy ruined my 4-2 correct score lol

  99. glasgowtips 4 years ago

    Cheers guys

  100. Jez 4 years ago

    Bet365 T&Cs for this promotion can be found here :-

  101. Marjinbuu 4 years ago

    Thanks I signed up and put £50 on barca 2-1 £425 return!
    Top man

  102. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Within 2 hours of the game finishing as per terms and conditions

  103. Jez 4 years ago

    I`ve just been refunded by Bet365 at 22:46pm.


  104. Rayy 4 years ago

    What about paddy power? The free bet

  105. Jez 4 years ago

    The Paddy Power offer was IF the match ended in a draw then the bet would be refunded, but obviously it finished 1-2, so no refund on that one.

    Read Harpreet’s opening post and you will see he mentioned this way in advance of the match starting.

    Hope that helps.

  106. Harpreet 4 years ago

    Rayyy – As Jez has stated the refund is only if match ends in a draw. £27.50 profit is what you should of made :-)

  107. paul 4 years ago

    No refund in my account.

    Youve got 25 minutes left 365

  108. Liam 4 years ago

    cheers for the strategy harpreet. well done anyone that landed a bigger punt.

  109. paul 4 years ago

    Ah there it is. Haha harpreet. We did. We beat the bookies for once.

    My betting days are over until nextinplay.

    Ive got so unlucky at it

    AFteR 78 profitable days in a row lost on 20 of next 24.

    Even level stakes would have been worse as 2were loss chasers.

    So 365 you may have my 1000s but I have your 27.50.

  110. Rayy 4 years ago

    Harpreet – ahh yeah I see now. Forgot haha my bad. Profit overall :D thanks for the strategy. Make sure you most more in the future haha

  111. Les R 4 years ago

    I followed Harpreets method but only made £20 profit as Barca were Evens when I put the bet on, still £20 better than nowt

  112. irishinatlanta 4 years ago

    Clichy scuppered any hope of my Zabaleta in play bet winning, was looking forward to waves of city attacks for last 20 mins and had 50 on at 28/1 as well grrrrrr…still though have 2 euro profit on the game which i will be thowing on a tasty acca today #profit lol well done to all that were able to make a profit yesterday

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