THE race for play-off places gathers pace on Thursday as the Premier League Darts hits Aberdeen for a night of drama.

Phil Taylor is doing a St Helens double shift – he faces second-placed Dave Chisnall then Stephen Bunting – and needs to recapture top form to boost his hopes of a seventh title.

Taylor crashed 7-4 to Chisnall a fortnight ago and is 11-10 at Skybet to avenge that with a victory tonight against Chizzy who is 7-4 at bet365. Over 6.5 180s looks good at evens with Skybet and Chizzy is 4-5 for over 3.5 maximums.

It's pretty much do or die for Bunting's play-off hopes tonight and he's 9-4 to beat Adrian Lewis at bet365 and 3-1 at Skybet for victory over Taylor in the night's final match.

The other games see Flying Scotsman Gary Anderson hoping to delight his home crowd by beating James Wade and an all-Dutch battle between Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld.

There's plenty of big guns in action at the Monte Carlo Masters tennis with the likes of Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, Rafa Nadal and Tomas Berdych all playing third-round matches.

There's also day three of the first cricket Test between West Indies and England in Antigua where the tourists are in a commanding position.

Good luck with your bets and post your sporting tips and chat here.


  1. Jordan 3 years ago

    SS as posted this morning is Spurs -5 but best -5.5 now. **LOSE** Not a big deal.

    Nets -1.5
    Raptors -2.5
    Rockets -3.5

    11/10 @ 365 (£50) **WIN**

    Add Spurs +2.5 @ 17/10 (Four fold) (£25) **LOSE**

    Add Thunder -5.5 @ 24/10 (Five fold) (£25) **LOSE**

    Smaller Bets

    Grizzlies +1.5 @ 10/11 @ PP (£11) **PENDING UP 13 in the 2nd**

    Grizzles +1.5/Spurs -5.5/Bucks -3 @ 6/1 @ PP (£5) **LOSE**

    Nets -1.5 WON
    Raptors -2.5 WON
    Rockets -3.5 WON
    Spurs +2.5 LOST
    Thunder -5.5 WON
    Bulls ML WON
    Grizzlies +9 PRNDING

    @ 46/10 @ 365 (£10) **LOSE**

    In play win on the Rockets 3rd quarter @ 20/21 (posted) got stakes back so not great but better than an abysmal loss. If Spurs covered the +2.5 it could have been a slight bash, shame I had more faith in them over OKC (no idea why, I’m a doofus).

    Huggy didn’t even know the Nets covered until about 15 minutes after the game finished so cheers. I owe you a face lick.

  2. Jordan 3 years ago

    Warriors/Nuggets Over 106.5 2nd Half Total Points @ 5/6 @ 365

  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    Memphis +1.5 @ 10/11 **WIN**

    Said the ML @ 11/10 was a decent bet but a win is a win.

  4. Attila 3 years ago


    02:05 Multibet (8 folds) 16/04/15 184.67 $4.00 $738.70
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Charlotte Hornets At Toronto Raptors
    Handicap Betting.
    Charlotte Hornets (+10.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 09:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Oklahoma City Thunder At Minnesota Timberwolves
    Handicap Betting.
    Oklahoma City Thunder (-13.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 10:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Orlando Magic At Brooklyn Nets
    Handicap Betting.
    Brooklyn Nets (-7.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 10:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Atlanta Hawks At Chicago Bulls
    Handicap Betting.
    Atlanta Hawks (+6.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 10:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Miami Heat At Philadelphia 76ers
    Handicap Betting.
    Miami Heat (+2.0)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 10:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Portland Trail Blazers At Dallas Mavericks
    Handicap Betting.
    Dallas Mavericks (-7.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 10:10
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Indiana Pacers At Memphis Grizzlies
    Handicap Betting.
    Memphis Grizzlies (+1.0)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 11:40
    Full Results >
    Basketball – US – NBA Matches
    Denver Nuggets At Golden State Warriors
    Handicap Betting.
    Denver Nuggets (+11.5)
    @ $1.92 (Win)
    Date: 16/04/2015 12:40
    Full Results >
    ID: O/1599640/0002648/D
    Bet Type: Multibet
    Price: $184.67
    Stake per lines: $4.00
    Number of lines: 1
    Total Stake: $4.00
    Bonus Bet Redeemed: $0.00
    Returns: $738.70
    Placed On: 16/04/15 02:05
    Channel: SB Mobile

  5. Attila 3 years ago


    ***WON*** – Nuggets +12 vs GSW ($1.92)
    ***WON*** – Hornets +11 vs Raptors ($1.92)

    ***WON*** – Nuggets +12 & Hornets +11 @ $3.69

    ML 8-FOLD:
    ***LOST*** – OKC, Rockets, Spurs, Nets, Raptors, Bulls, Cavs, GSW @ $6.41 (7 legs won, let down by spurs)

    ***VOID*** – Grizzlies +2.5, Nuggets +11.5, Lakers -3.0 @ ~$5.00 (2 legs won, let down by lakers – money back)


  6. huggybear 3 years ago



    WINNER !!!



    *LOST 1/2 A POINT

    HUGGY`S MAIN BET #3 ( well it is the last night )

    ptb ova 201 ,thunder highest scoring 1/4 , rockets highest scoring 1/4 , nuggets +16 , hornets und 203 , pays 3.62/1

    WINNER !!!!





  7. Attila 3 years ago

    Awesome Huggy, well done mate. Have to say though, one mans loss is another mans gain – that half a point got my big Acca over the line. Feel bad for ya, but stoked i got the win by the 1/2 point for once (normally goes the other way!)

  8. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Good Luck all in the final round of NBA regular games.

    Bulls -5
    Raptors Ml

    11/10 Bet365…..9 Points….won

  9. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    NBA Lettuce Long Shot

    Thunder -7
    Knicks +14
    76Ers +6.5
    Rockets -7
    Wizards +12.5
    Pacers +5
    Kings +8
    Spurs +2.5

    15/1 Bet365…lost

  10. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Sod it seen as its my 1st final regular season on NBA…im having another blast on this…nothings a banker but this looks close (famous last words lol)

    Bulls ml
    Bucks ml
    Thunder ml
    Nets ml
    Rockets ml
    Warriors ml

    2.2/1 Bet365…..lost…bucks again ha

  11. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Well done lads with all your winners ..great stuff.

  12. thereddevils 3 years ago

    –> Raonic to win @1.48

    Not sure about the -1,5 set @2.25 because he can always lose a tiebreak.

  13. Juan 3 years ago

    Having a go at Berdych Federer Puig Shvedova today, good luck all

  14. Attila 3 years ago

    @ thereddevils – I like Raonic for the straight win as well. Would it be stupid to double him with Wawrinka at a bit above Evens? Will Wawrinka beat Dimitrov? I’m not so sure… Might just stick with Raonic but go double stakes on the $1.46

  15. Ad 3 years ago

    Atilla i literally just placed a Wawrinka/ Raonic douboe before coming on here. Wasmt going to tip it, but good were on the same page! I’m also on a fed/tsonga double playig slightly less.

    I was just popping on to say I think Stan @ 19/1 to defend his title is a good price, now we know he is at least theoretically here to play following a good win over a form Monaco.

  16. Attila 3 years ago

    You are right AD. I watched him yesterday and was not messing about. Only reason I was cautious is because he has had a couple of bad losses recently. But think you’re right, he’s here to win.

    Im going to take the Double as well, its fairly solid:

    – Raonic WIN
    – Wawrinka WIN

    DOUBLE pays odds of $2.01

  17. Attila 3 years ago

    AD – just placed your Federer & Tsonga Double as well. Pays $1.76, looks very very solid.
    Good to see ya man, im always looking for you on here when a big Tennis event kicks off.

  18. Punterpoundr 3 years ago

    played it safe with a big name 4fold



    – van gerwin-


    £5 returns £14.78 @b365

  19. Attila 3 years ago

    Also AD, i’m only getting $11.00 for Wawrinka to win Monte Carlo outright, with $3.63 for runner up on the Each Way bet.
    Would it still be worth taking him at that price do you think?

  20. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Attila just seen your 185/1 …brilliant.

    Spanking the bookies bottoms …i love it.

    Well done.

  21. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Im on the Raonic Wawrinka Federer treble.see how that goes before i look at Tsonga…he has lost me a few accas..on paper looks solid though.

  22. OriaZ 3 years ago

    Great stuff everyone last night! Nice to see all the winners and congrats Attila on your 185/1! Wish you had posted it tho so I could have followed :D

    It would have been a perfect night if the Spurs did what they were supposed to but a nice night overall :D

  23. Attila 3 years ago

    Christ Wawrinka, should have followed my gut and left you out! Beaten 1-6 in the 1st set. Think I might cash out and get half my stake back if he doesn’t go a break up early in the 2nd.

  24. re-invented 3 years ago

    Think wawrinka is done, he looks terrible today

  25. Capone31 3 years ago

    Stan is a fat mess, glad I stayed away

  26. Attila 3 years ago

    I’ll blame AD for that one ;-) I wasn’t sure of him. No drama’s though AD, you’ve won me plenty on other occasions!

  27. re-invented 3 years ago

    Jordan what’s your thoughts on rockhold v machida? I like the look of machida to take this one

  28. Attila 3 years ago

    Attrocious display from Wawrinka. Think he forgot to have his weetbix this morning! Now need the Federer/Tsonga double to get my money back.

  29. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    I know i shouldnt but Im going bigger on Fed and Tsonga to TRY get back loss on Fat Stan.

    Cant blame him for losing..he now has week in sun with casinos..fine wine..wine restauraunts..finecm ladies.

    Who wouldnt with his cash? I would..maybe lol

  30. Juan 3 years ago

    Id be slightly wary of Tsonga as he has only played a few matches since injury, tho the same can be said of Cilic, Tsonga doesnt have the best H2H record against him either winning only once

  31. Attila 3 years ago

    Oriaz, sorry I didn’t post it mate. But I put 5 different longshots on all with a $4 stake…didn’t expect 1 of them would actually win! lol.

  32. thereddevils 3 years ago

    Congrats Attila, that’s some nice money!

    –> Raonic to win @1.48

    Not sure about the -1,5 set @2.25 because he can always lose a tiebreak.


    He needed 3 sets, good that I went for the safe option.

  33. Jordan 3 years ago

    Warriors/Nuggets Over 106.5 2nd Half Total Points @ 5/6 @ 365 **WIN** 121

    Couldn’t resist. Massive first scoring half. Denver 2nd half team total Over 50.5 looks a good bet too at the same price. (Would have on at 59).

    Alty I saw your message so you must have wrote it after I posted so hope you took notice.

  34. Attila 3 years ago

    Good stuff reddevils, kicking myself for adding Wawrinka…he is an enigma, dont know which stan is going to show up each day.

  35. Attila 3 years ago

    Now Federer’s going to do us in…goes a break down in the 1st. Christ.

  36. Jordan 3 years ago

    Re-invented without delving too far into it just yet I’d say Rockhold for sure.

    Ovince St Preux is another fighter who I don’t think should be an underdog,

    Corey Anderson should win but not brilliant value.

    Used to love Diego Brandao but his career hasn’t really taken off since TUF.

    Cub Swanson I’m tempted on but I like Max Holloway as a fighter. Bit of a style clash.

    Jim Miller price intrigues me but I don’t know much about his opponent.

    The fight I’m looking forward to the most will be Felice Herrig vs Paige VanZant. Man that’s going to be one sexy brawl! (Neutrals Google names and you’ll see why :D )

  37. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Phillies @ Mets
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.47
    D’backs @ Padres
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.55

    Double @ 2.29 *lost*

    Marines @ Dodgers
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.37
    Rockies @ Giants
    Over 5.5 runs @ 1.46

    Double @ 2.01 *won*

    So overall a nothing night really. D’backs @ Padres needed one more run but it finished 2-3.

  38. Capone31 3 years ago

    Fed what are you playing at?

  39. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    Monfils another one who can beat the best then get beat off rubbish.

    Tennis unpredictible as French and Italian footy.

    Oh well only 2 more sleeps till NBA playoffs.

  40. re-invented 3 years ago

    Divided opinion on Rockhold machida, I don’t think rockhold will ever have come across someone as elusive as machida and as soon as that becomes a factor in his strikes not landing he will take chances and that’s when machida could land another highlight real ko. But even the bookies are only just slightly leaning towards rockhold hard one to call. Completely agree with ovince st preux the bookies always underestimate him, and to be honest even I have before haha. I can see max Holloway taking cub Swanson out but once again it’s quite close. Paige vanzant is an absolute stunner! Some people think she’s the underdog except the bookies 7/10 die a win Looks good to me

  41. Ad 3 years ago

    Oh Dear Wawrinka. I thought 19/1 was a steal, how wrong I was! Hpefully Fed can turn this round or the Swiss big cheeses will have poked some holes in us.

  42. Capone31 3 years ago

    I hate Monfils , he won’t ly down lol

  43. Capone31 3 years ago

    Rafa 2-0 @1/3 lump on, big Isner won’t move around the clay too well

  44. Attila 3 years ago

    Monfils & Dimitrov normally so unreliable… Not going to chase my losses on the next Tennis matches, think its upset city today!

  45. baldy45 3 years ago

    1/3 is a shocking price !! You can get 8/15 on 2-0 Rafa on b.et.fa.ir. Isner relies on getting to TBs but I don’t see it here, and even if he does, he always bottles it against the top players (Djokovic and Murray recent exasmples). Add in the clay factor which blunts his big serve and the fact that his results are much worse outside the US, and its hard to see anything but an easy victory for Nadal.
    Nadal 2-0 at 8/15. I’m all over that.

  46. Jordan 3 years ago

    NBA Playoff First Round Schedule.



    Washington Wizards @ Toronto Raptors


    New Orleans Pelicans @ GS Warriors


    Milwaukee Bucks @ Chicago Bulls



    Dallas Mavericks @ Houston Rockets


    Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers


    Brooklyn Nets @ Atlanta Hawks



    Portland Trail Blazers @ Memphis Grizzlies


    San Antonio Spurs @ LA Clippers

  47. Bingo 3 years ago

    Chizzy -1.5 180’s
    Anderson – 1.5 180’s

    3.94 @ Betfair

    Get the house, wife and kids on it…

  48. Juan 3 years ago

    That does look pretty good Bingo – i was thinking of MVG for the 180s as well.

    Any thoughts on which Taylor will turn up tonight? 12/5 to win both his games – id of bit your hand off for that a month ago!

    • Alva glen 3 years ago

      Taylor could quite easily lose both games tonight but then again ?

  49. Bingo 3 years ago

    That’s minus 1.5 180’s handicap…

  50. Jordan 3 years ago

    PP already have spreads out if you want any early ideas.

    Raptors -5
    Warriors -10
    Bulls -8
    Rockets -5.5
    Cavaliers -11
    Hawks -9
    Grizzlies -4.5
    Clippers -1.5

  51. paul 3 years ago

    Not a great night on nba last night however made 16 quid profit on spurs plus 8.5 just as well I fell asleep

  52. Ellis 3 years ago


    Considering a lump on Tsonga. Has anybody seen him or cilic play this week

  53. paul 3 years ago

    Phil taylor to win 11/10 for me

    He will go all out tonight n reckon 180s will flow too

  54. Bingo 3 years ago

    If Taylor plays like he did last week I can see him losing both games (particularly against Chizzy). Chisnall has been playing tremendous darts the last few weeks. As we all know Taylor is the best player ever but he’s going through a sticky patch just now and is really struggling. I’ve went for the 180’s bet though as a safer option but the 7/4 available on Chizzy to win the match is very tempting…

  55. Attila 3 years ago

    Ellis – DO NOT lump on a bet that you know nothing about or havn’t researched. Made that mistake a few times myself in the past.

  56. Ellis 3 years ago

    Attila, thing is I follow tennis heavily but missed the first round as work is hectic at the minute so wanted some advice

  57. Ellis 3 years ago

    I haven’t seen cilic much since his maiden grand slam win where he was outstanding

  58. Attila 3 years ago

    Oh right, fair enough then mate! I havnt watched them play this week, but Cilic does hold the edge in the H2H record between the two of them.
    Im running scared from Tennis at the moment after 2 heavy losses from Stan & Fed so im steering clear.

  59. Jordan 3 years ago

    Paul should have stayed up and won it all back and then some.

  60. the wet lettuce 3 years ago

    If Cilic beats Tsongo..which is on the cards…the Dimitriov, Monfils, Cilic treble would of being 27ish/1…who would of thought that.

  61. Attila 3 years ago

    Screw it, here goes:

    – Ferrer (tennis)
    – Shvyedova (tennis)
    – Puig (tennis)
    – Chisnall (darts)
    – Van Gerwen (darts)

    5-FOLD pays odds of $8.08 (2.5 points on to return 20 points)

  62. trevor 3 years ago

    Darts tonight

    Chisnall to beat Taylor 15/8

    Lewis to beat Bunting 10/11

    Anderson to beat Wade 4/6

    Treble pays over 15/2

  63. Dazzler 3 years ago

    Brewers @ Cardinals
    Cardinals over 3.5 runs @ 1.74

    Marlins @ Mets
    Marlins over 7.5 @ 1.8

    Gonna do a small double on the two as well @ 3.08

    Click my name for reasoning.

    Good luck everyone!

  64. Bullseye 3 years ago

    Premier Lwague Darts week 11

    Taylor is without doubt GOAT but unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and I think the time is nearing. He doesn’t do the tours and seems to pick his events and exhibitions nowadays. It was clear for the last two weeks that he had not been putting in as much practice that perhaps he could’ve done. So many darts were drifting into the 5’s For that reason I’m going in-play on his two matches tonight.


    Bunting vs Lewis, Bunting win 9/4
    Bunting vs Lewis, most 180’s Bunting 13/8 (NAP)
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, most 180’s Van Gerwin 4/6


    Bunting vs Lewis, draw no bet Bunting
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, most 180’s Van Gerwin


    GL if you follow

  65. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    Dazzler nice write.. Short and precise

  66. anasewhiz 3 years ago

    @bulleye what time do both match-up start pls.. Thanks

    • Bullseye 3 years ago

      Anasewhiz, Bunting vs Lewis will starting approx 8:00pm and Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld approx 9:30pm. Good luck mate.

  67. Andy 3 years ago

    Dazzler I’m on your 2 games but over 5.5 runs in each double

  68. Juan 3 years ago

    Bullseye – Why so keen on Bunting? Lewis finally starting to play well in the Premier League and won 2 of the 3 tour events last week, and got to the final of the other losing only to MVG. Bunting lost in early rounds to Brown and Beaton and didnt handle the pressure in Scotland too well the last time

    • Bullseye 3 years ago

      Juan, I just feel Bunting really has settled into the style of the Premier League now and is used to the big crowds etc. I’m coming from the angle that Bunting has already defeated Lewis once in this years Premier League and it is well documented how Lewis’s form can be on and off so frequently. Also the prices were too big to ignore.

  69. kimmbo 3 years ago

    most 180s the night.
    phil taylor
    hes playing two matches tonight

  70. thereddevils 3 years ago

    What a second set between Ferrer and Simon. I have some money on Ferrer, 5-5 now!

  71. Weebanger 3 years ago

    Darts Tips

    Chisnall draw no bet – 13/10 (NAP)

    Bunting +2.5 legs (Taylor) 4/6

    Just over 3/1 double

  72. thereddevils 3 years ago

    Oh come on, Simon was just brilliant in that tiebreak. There goes my money…Let’s win it back.

  73. Ket 3 years ago


    Lewis win 4/5
    Anderson -1 180 10/11
    Van gerwen over 3.5 180s 10/11

    Anderson most 180s
    Van gerwen most 180s

    Hopefully a good night.

  74. Alves 3 years ago

    Taylor on form tonight, there goes ma acca :(

    Had Chizzy 7-5 win in L15 tae :(

  75. pspud 3 years ago

    Anyone know how got most 180s in Lewis game

  76. Alves 3 years ago

    That crowd made the hairs on ma bawsack stand on end

  77. Alves 3 years ago

    Lewis won 2-1 Pspud, @betvictor usually post stats after each game

  78. pspud 3 years ago

    Cheers Alves had Taylor 11/4 Anderson 4/11 Lewis 5/6 and mvg 4/6 most 180s

  79. Alves 3 years ago

    You just on mvg now ?? How much yi getting back?? This is the best night of the league yet, hope barney smokes him

  80. realwalker 3 years ago

    What is it with bet365 livescore on the darts, it always mucks up,
    Waiting on MVG most 180s and hes 1 down now

  81. realwalker 3 years ago

    Hes not doing it now, lazy disinterested and only plays when he wants to.

  82. candyman 3 years ago

    Hi Is anybody betting on nhl today?

  83. Ket 3 years ago

    Lewis win 4/5 **WIN**
    Anderson -1 180s 10/11 **WIN**
    Van gerwen over 3.5 180s 10/11 **LOSE**

    Anderson most 180s
    Van gerwen most 180s
    1.33/1 **LOST**

    Minor loss tonight thanks to van gerwen hitting a classy 0 180s and recieving his first loss in the PL this year.

  84. paul 3 years ago

    Where do you find the number of 180s in a match

  85. Ellis 3 years ago

    Any thoughts on the outcome of the cricket, I’ve backed England but the wicket is dead so surely 3/1 draw represents value

  86. Bertie 3 years ago

    Phil taylor just cannot hit the doubles as he once did terrible tonight in the last game against bunting lost count how many darts he threw for the match

  87. Bullseye 3 years ago


    Bunting vs Lewis, Bunting win 9/4 **LOST*
    Bunting vs Lewis, most 180′s Bunting 13/8 (NAP) **LOST*
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, most 180′s Van Gerwin 4/6 **LOST*


    Bunting vs Lewis, draw no bet Bunting
    Van Gerwin vs Van Barneveld, most 180′s Van Gerwin

    10/3 **LOST*

    Bunting saved his best performance for later. He missed too many doubles against Lewis. Managed to claw a bit back through Taylor 180 markets in-play but overall quite a poop evening of betting.

  88. paul 3 years ago

    How many 180s had phil taylor in his match

  89. Picksix 3 years ago

    Last nights post

    Soooooooo close San Antonio Spurs u bunch of as*sholes lol only needed to do ure job just one more game

    Grizzlies + 7 (WON)
    Spurs + 2.5 (LOSE)
    Rockets – 3 (WON)

    Treble @ 10/11. **LOSE**

    San Antonio Spurs ht/ft @ 20/21 **LOSE**

    Rockets ht/ft
    Raptors ht/ft
    Double @ 6/5 **WON**
    Add Spurs ht/ft @ around 7/2 **LOSE**

    And a longshot bet mix of everyone’s picks tonight
    Nets – 8 (WON)
    Grizzlies ML (WON)
    Spurs – 5 (LOSE)
    bulls -6 (VOID)

    @ 12/1 **LOSE**

    Smaller bets

    Ht Indiana ft grizzlies @ 9/2 **LOSE**

    Ny knicks ML ; ) @ 7/2. **LOSE**

    Inplay bets posted

    Spurs + 9.5 @ 5/6 **WON**

    Nets + 2.5 @ 4/5 **WON**

  90. Jordan 3 years ago

    Tell me about it Picksix haha, wasn’t fussed as both in plays won me more than I would have profited if the Spurs had prevailed anyway.

    About to get some playoff bets up. Watch this space.

  91. paul 3 years ago

    Its ok

    Had the courage to look n 176 quid in my account

    PHew phil taylor you legend.

    ALmost down 124 but phil saved me…

    PHew bring back nba I know f all bout footie darts other basketball.

  92. Picksix 3 years ago

    Ye same mate the inplay bets made up for it really so can’t complain to much

  93. Picksix 3 years ago

    Already got a playoff bet myself

    Teams to win series

    Houston Rockets
    San Antonio Spurs

    Double @ 11/10

  94. Jordan 3 years ago

    NBA Playoff Bets

    Main Bets

    GSW -3.5
    Hawks -2
    Rockets +2.5

    EVS @ 365 (Bet stretches from Saturday 8:35PM to when the Hawks game ends Sunday night, probably shortly after midnight.)

    Warriors Over 103.5
    Houston Rockets ML
    Hawks -2.5

    6/4 @ Skybet

    Smaller Bets.

    Add Cavaliers -3 @ 6/4 @ 365 (Four fold)

    Houston Rockets win first game & the series @ EVS @ PP

    Warriors Over 103.5
    Houston Rockets ML
    Hawks -2.5

    6/4 @ Skybet

  95. Jordan 3 years ago

    Ohhh my bad got the Skybet treble in twice but it’s a main bet just moved it as I was dodging and weaving.

  96. Jordan 3 years ago

    Hold on let me redo that to cause less confusion.

    NBA Playoff Bets

    Main Bets

    GSW -3.5
    Hawks -2
    Rockets +2.5

    EVS @ 365 (Bet stretches from Saturday 8:35PM to when the Hawks game ends Sunday night, probably shortly after midnight.)

    Warriors Over 103.5
    Houston Rockets ML
    Hawks -2.5

    6/4 @ Skybet

    Smaller Bets

    Add Cavaliers -3 @ 6/4 @ 365 (Four fold)

    Add Cavaliers -4.5 @ 21/10 @ Skybet (Four fold)

    Houston Rockets win first game & the series @ EVS @ PP

    £20 Fun Bet

    Wizards +12.5
    Warriors -3.5
    Bucks +15.5
    Rockets +2.5
    Cavaliers -3
    Hawks -2
    Grizzlies +4
    Spurs +9

    @ 52/10 @ 365

    Playoff time boys. Lets do this.

  97. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jordan that rockets to win first game and the series sounds a steal at EVS

    Just put an outsider bet on

    Toronto Raptors outright @ 40/1

    Who knows looking like anyone can beat anyone in the east atm

  98. Jordan 3 years ago

    Re-invented. Paige VanZant just tweeted this. She could put me in a triangle anytime she wants. https://instagram.com/p/1jcWtYQIM0/

  99. Jordan 3 years ago

    Picksix, I don’t know how it’s not odds on to be honest but I’ll take it.

  100. Picksix 3 years ago

    Jumped on that

    Rockets to win first game an series @ EVS

  101. huggybear 3 years ago


  102. Jordan 3 years ago

    Grizzlies first game & win the series @ 7/5 possible but not as confident as the Rockets one. I’m really worried about the Spurs playing LA. So tough to call! At least if the Clippers knock out the Spurs it should be a clear path for GSW.

  103. Jordan 3 years ago

    What you liking at the moment Huggy? All spreads out mate.

  104. huggybear 3 years ago

    First early thiughts are probably gonna side with home sides

    bulls on the spread
    cavs the same
    gsw either the spread or total.

    watch the classy spurs put LA away..

    props as long as they let us play the main men.

    cant wait…

  105. huggybear 3 years ago

    im on that houston bet for sure

  106. Jordan 3 years ago

    Haha good stuff mate! I think it should be at least 10/11 or 5/6 but I’ll take EVS :)

    Do you think the Spurs are going to win the first game in LA though? Spurs to win the first game and the series is 2/1 @ PP

    I was surprised with a few totals to be honest. Think Cavs might go over 203, Warriors over 203.5, Houston over 210 is high but I’m actually favouring it over the three. Dallas’s games have been stupid high recently. We’ll get an idea of the totals after the first games though. Gonna be awesome. Got the night off from the Mrs on Saturday too. Beers in! Catch up later on mate.

  107. huggybear 3 years ago

    wizards spread…

    look closer fri afternoon

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