AFTER cashing out just short at his first attempt and failing early with his second Al is having another go over the weekend.

You can follow his progress here and feel free to put up your own picks for a £10 to £1000 challenge.

This has proved a popular feature and so it's something we'll look to do in the future with fabulous prices.

  1. craig alves 7 years ago

    Just short?? Half way there you mean :) I’ll be starting one this week to but fiver to a ton for me as I know I’d bottle it and cash out if a got to £200+, good luck tho Al

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      craig, Al got to £700+ then took £500 cash – I’d say that was more like three-quarters the way there.

  2. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Didn’t he get like £750 or something? It takes a sizeable pair of gonads to pull off the last few bets:-D

  3. craig alves 7 years ago

    Think he banked £510, £10 for next challenge, and put £250 on a losing single the day site was down but can’t remember what it was. Defo, gotta bet big to win big tho

  4. Simon Says 7 years ago

    He lost to a double:/ I was planning to start my own challenge. Perfect timing Mr.F :D

  5. Ryzo 7 years ago

    I believe this can be achieved in 5-8 bets beginning with a 25 pound stake and I am hoping to prove this in a fairly short time frame after completing similar objectives in the past.

    Bet 1

    Sunderland -1 (asian handicap) v Kidderminster

    Celtic -1 (asian handicap) v Hibernian

    This double pays €56 to a £25 stake.

    Sunderland will give benchwarmers a run out for this one against conference opposition, but should still win with 2 or 3 to spare and continue their fine run of positive results. Watch Altidore helping himself to a goal or 2 as well.

    Celtic are in blistering form and while butcher has came in and improved a woeful hibs side that lost its soul under fenlon, they still lack quality and conceding 3 to an out of sorts st.mirren team proves this. Celtic aren’t conceding goals at one end and banging them in at the other, though I suspect they may finally concede an overdue goal at Easter road on Sunday. commons is in ruthless form and I fancy Celtic to win this one by a couple.

    The beauty of the asian handicap returns our stake if Sunderland and Celtic fail to win by more than a single goal.

  6. MiniDuffman 7 years ago

    Best of luck with this. If I was to do one I’d probably have to do in-play bets, terrible at picking these 0.5fhg.

  7. MaccLad2011 7 years ago

    Start with £1 on Mr Fixits’ evens Super Single pick on the Monday, a bet every day same odds, doubles thru to £64 by the Sunday night. The magic of multiplication, evens is a “fabulous price” (and seven winning super singles in a row would be magic, too!)

  8. Blair R 7 years ago

    Craig was it yourself who was doing the weekly challenge bets before. I will be following you this time a £5 to a ton would be lovely.

  9. Telmo 7 years ago

    MaccLad can’t see 7 winning singles in a row tbh.

  10. Johnny J 7 years ago

    It could be done in 1 also if you lumped 750 on… Started my own 10 challenge took raj btts yesterday and over 1.5 goaks in fiorintina game. look forward to tips today.

  11. reidyq 7 years ago

    I’ve done a few of these in the past sticking to odds of around 1/10 and it always goes wrong. The temptation is to start betting on anything and everything you can find that is inplay. I ended up doing quite a few each day and inevitably one of them messes up.

    This time I’ve been more strict and have stuck to 1 bet a day that is researched in the morning and thats it. Started on 1st Jan and I’m now up to just over £100 after 23 winning bets.

    Baisically what I’m trying to say is to be patient and disciplined and not go crazy picking numerous bets each day to try reach the target quickly.

  12. craig alves 7 years ago

    Blair aye done a few before xmas when was working and done no too bad, just put double on celta and forest both on the double chance in early hours. 2/7 a day will get you roughly 10/1 at end of week placing 1 bet a day which is what I’ll be aiming for

  13. craig alves 7 years ago

    Reidyq, exactly what you say, knew the temptation to back anything in play was too much for me so when I started them I was doing it in Ladbrokes on way up rd so I couldn’t bet anything else that night

  14. craig alves 7 years ago

    I know Paul but banked £500 so that’s half when you said he cashed out just short of £1000. Anyway, hopefully he does it this time round and gets the grand but when they stakes are involved you’re having 2nd thoughts on every bet

  15. Graeme 7 years ago

    Johnny J

    It can defo be done in one yeah, bigger risk and bigger loses if it lost! Example this morning….took Brisbane Roar when losing 1-0 as they are too good at home, £300 to win £1050, not bad for a mornings work!

  16. Belfast Beaver 7 years ago

    Living the dream

  17. Mat 7 years ago

    Thought I’d share and hopefully get some nice advice on tonight’s potential bets

    21 Jan
    Congo v Libya – btts @ 5/2 (bought in game at 0-0)
    £10 returned £35

    22 Jan
    Burundi v Congo – btts @ 9/4 (bought in game at 0-0)
    £35 returned £113.75

    PSG v Montpellier – over 2.5 match goals (bought at half-time 1-1)
    Ajax v Feyenoord – over 2.5 match goals (bought in 2nd half at 1-1)
    £113.75 returned £175

    23 Jan
    Korea Republic u22 v Iraq u22 – over 0.5 match goals live @ 3/10
    Jordan u22 v Saudi Arabia u22 – over 1.5 match goals live @ 4/6
    £175 returned £379.17

    Auxerre v Dijon – over 0.5 match goals live @ 1/6
    £379.17 returned 442.37

    Auxerre v Dijon – over 1.5 match goals live @ 4/11
    £442.37 returned £603.23

    Fiorentina v Siena – over 0.5 match goals live @ 1/20
    Madrid v Bilbao – over 0.5 match goals live @ 1/12
    £603.23 returned £686.17

    Bets that I’m looking at tonight (haven’t decided yet):
    Arsenal to win
    Eindhoven v Helmond over 2.5 match goals
    Creteil v Caen over 2.5 match goals
    Bayern v Gladbach over 1.5 match goals
    Lille v Rennes over 1.5 match goals
    Le Havre v Niort over 1.5 match goals

  18. golden 7 years ago

    Good luck to al and all

    I’m enthusiastic for each of our success.

    I try the long game. Like to not sweat on any option I take so I play advantages and in a wise caution way . I only expecting good things with this approach as every bet is important.

    I look at over 0.5 goals
    Taking in play no later than 20 minutes

    Entertainment markets

    Winner markets in other sports like boxing tennis basketball rugby union

    Started out with will hill and

    Bet 1 national television awards coronation street best serial drama 2/7

    Bet 2 £ 10.68
    Over 0.5 goals Jordan Saudi u22 football match 1/9

    Bet 3 £ 11.87
    Was an in play bet @ 1-0 fiorentina
    Over 1.5 match goals

    Bet 4 £13.06
    Nadal to win a set (semi) 1/14

    Bet 5 £13.99
    After 1st set in play 1-0 up
    Nadal win match 1/5

    Total so far £ 16.79

  19. brian c 7 years ago

    coronation street – lol fantastic bet lol

  20. AL 7 years ago

    Ok guy’s here’s the 1st bet on the new £10 to £1000 challenge!

    This time round I’m taking no chances with the early bets. If we have a bet at these odds every day it’ll take 14 days to hit the £1000 if we stake everything on every bet.

    1900 Eindhoven v Helmond – OVER 0.5 FHG @ 1/5
    1945 Arsenal v Coventry – OVER 0.5 FHG @ 2/11

    £10 Returns £14.18

    Some stats/info

    Eindhoven v Helmond

    Eindhoven sit 3rd with 43 points from 23 games, 4 points behind top of the table Dordrecht, with goal record of 52:36 – 9 of their last 10 games have gone over 2.5 goals, 7 of those over 3.5. They have scored 2 or more goals in their last 9 games. The last 24 games have seen FHG, they only game failing to produce a FHG was on the opening day of the season!

    Helmond sit 9th, 10 points behind Eindhoven, with 33 points from 23 games, and a goal record of 46:49. Their last 10 games have all went over 2.5 goals, 8 of those over 3.5. 12 out of 13 away games this season have produced a FHG

    Last time these two met here it finished 3-4, with 5 goals coming in the first half!

    Arsenal v Coventry

    Stating the obvious but there’s a big gulf in class here.

    Arsenal should win by a few here. Wenger has promised to put out a side similar in strength to the side that defeated Spurs in the previous round. Last season Arsenal we’re knocked out of the cup by Blackburn at the Emirates, and with that result in mind Wenger will ensure his troops don’t underestimate Coventry.

    Injury list – Ramsey, Arteta, Vermaelen, Sanogo, Walcott & Diaby

    Coventry have been leaking goals in League One (55:45 in 26 games, averaging just under 4 goals per game), they’ve also been scoring plenty and find themselves in 11th place with 34 points. They were hit with a 10 point penalty for going into administration, and without that they’d be level on points with Rotherham, who are in the playoff places.

    Injury list – Wilson

  21. golden 7 years ago

    Bet 6

    Taken in play at 21 mins over 0.5 goals 1/7

    al nasr v al tadaron kuwait league notorious for goals

    Sits 0 – 0 ht .

  22. jj66 7 years ago

    With you on this one AL.

    AS I started with £6 I have added Brentford to your double which will return £12 just to catch up a little.

    Excellent tips on this site, keep up the good work

    Good luck to all

  23. Max 7 years ago

    Al, I hope you take into account that Eindhoven Helmond is a real derby. They are neighbouring towns!

  24. nudger 7 years ago

    @ Al. Am with you on this one.

  25. Ellis 7 years ago

    On round 7, currently sitting on £170

    Going with Al’s double tonight’s, was always looking at these two

  26. matt p 7 years ago

    Al.I’m on that what bookies your odds with?

    • AL 7 years ago

      Odds are with bet365 Matt.

      Unlucky golden!

      Ellis J – Good shout taking something out every now & then. I might consider taking 10% every £100 hit, would give a small bank of cash to use to start up new challenges.

  27. golden 7 years ago

    Well bet 6 finishes 0 – 0
    So it’s over …

    I start my next effort for next month with

    Best movie @ baftas

    12 years a slave 1/8

    Taken now and will start me off in feb

    Good luck everyone
    See you next month

  28. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Stuck £30 on JB’s nap Roy’s Legacy so I’m up to £192

    Round 8 will probably be PSV v Helmond and Arsenal v Coventry both games over 0.5 goals

    Will confirm when bet is placed later on

    • AL 7 years ago

      Its not PSV Ellis, Eindhoven are a different team

  29. Evo21up 7 years ago

    I started one yesterday at £2.50 to see how I could do myself:
    £2.50 Wawrinka @ 8/11 won
    £4.32 on Athletico v Bilbao, Fiorentina v Siena & Auxerre v Dijon all 2.5 @ 4/11 is today’s bet.

  30. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Right round 8 has changed

    Going back to what served me well last night and that’s in play goals

    Kiev v Badu over 0.5 goals £186 @2/9 pays £220

    *decided to save my original starting stake for every bet now so I can go again if it goes tits up

  31. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Hitting some luck at the minute, bet wins within 5 minutes of placing!!

    Last night I hit a winner as my bet was processed!!

  32. MrT 7 years ago

    My attempt at variation of AL’s challenge. I’m starting with £25 and aim is a grand by midnight Sunday.

    Today’s bets as follows;

    Arsenal -1.5 AH – 1.325
    Nottm Forest 0,0 AH – 1.22
    FC Eindhoven +1.5 tean goals – 1.50
    Linfield +1.5 team goals – 1.18

    £25 4-fold to return £71.64

    • AL 7 years ago

      Good luck MrT

  33. Ellis 7 years ago

    Yeah realised that when i posted mate

    • AL 7 years ago

      No worries

  34. rhemite 7 years ago

    Nice work AL and others. The challenge is really a fun way to make money . SLOW, STEADY and CONSISTENTLY. AL I HOPE ALL YOUR GAMES WILL BE OFF PLAY , AND DO YOU HAVE A SET TIME EACH DAY FOR ONE TO CHECK IN TO SEE THE GAME. Please do reply, cos i would LOVE to follow you to the promise Land.

    • AL 7 years ago

      No there’s not a set time but I’m usually on here a few times a day so just keep an eye on the thread

  35. Ad 7 years ago

    My £10 -£1000 challenge starts like this :

    MAN CITY v watford @ 1/12
    SUNDARLAND v kidderminster @ 1/6
    vallecano v ATHLETICO MADRID @ 3/10
    FIORENTINA v genoa @ 4/11
    NAPOLI v chievo @ 2/9
    Arsenal v Coventry over 2.5 goals @ 1/3

    £10 returns £36.51
    Placed in store at Ladbrokes

    Good luck to everyone else having a bash. May fortune favour us all ( unless you’re betting against any of my selections!)

  36. Bondy 7 years ago

    @AL Good luck!! This is my first post but I’ve been a reasonably long term follower of the site. I’m in with you but started with £3. I’ve put Brentford in and the Munich game O1.5 I’m looking to catch up to your amount over the next couple days by adding a couple of mine/Mr F’s… Anyway onwards and upwards!!

  37. Stealth 7 years ago

    Good luck AL, I’m sure a lot of people will be on your challenge with you, we’d be stupid not to after your success last time. GOOD LUCK to everyone taking part :-)

  38. Bet Your Bottom Dollar 7 years ago

    I’m in too but starting at £20 so needs less bets in theory.

    Helmond game +0.5FHG (Al’s pick)
    Arsenal game +0.5FHG (Al’s pick)
    Munich game +0.5FHG (Surely one of these will score)

    £20 returns £36.46
    Target ideally is 7 bets at 1.75

  39. Blue Mooner 7 years ago

    I’m on this AL, gd luck!!

  40. Davie-S 7 years ago

    May as well jump on the bandwagon tonight…

    My £10 till i bottle it challenge… 1st bet

    All over 0.5 FH Match Goals


    £10 Returns £31.60

    Good luck to everyone who is trying the challenge..

  41. Chef N 7 years ago

    Dont know if I would have the balls to bet £500+ but will start a £5 – £500 with
    Arsenal v Cov over 2.5 goals 2/7
    Brentford win 2/5
    £5 double for £9 return
    Good luck AL and everyone else on their challenge

  42. PA 7 years ago

    On this with you too AL. £10, 1/4 and 1/7. Pennies difference in the return. Good luck pal.

    • AL 7 years ago

      Very nearly never had the 1st bet on, was just looking at my other bet I had on to check how it was doing & noticed it was the only outstanding bet

      Got 2/11 & 2/9 so returns a slightly higher £14.44!

  43. Liam l 7 years ago

    Isn’t the bet busy already?

    • AL 7 years ago

      Yeah it’s bust already, no FHG in the Dutch game. Unbelievable given the stats

      Eindhovens last 24 games had a FHG
      Helmond’s last 10 went over 3.5, 8 of them over 3.5!!

  44. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Decided to withdraw £150 and go again with £70

    New baby just arrived so need to keep it in perspective!!

    • AL 7 years ago

      Lucky escape then Ellis. Can’t believe that one never produced a FHG

  45. Davie-S 7 years ago

    Well so much for that challenge down 1st game 1st half at 1/5….

  46. xA 7 years ago

    Unlucky AL Eindhoven game ended half time 0-0

    I’m gonna try this £1000 challenge, almost hit it the other day, got to £850 but unfortunately Atletico and Barca let me down

    Anyways I started with:

    Brentford vs Gillingham – Brentford win @ 1.4
    Arsenal vs Coventry – FHS over 0.5 @ 1.15

    Double returns £16.15

  47. Bondy 7 years ago

    Never mind AL let’s try again tomorrow :)

  48. Stealth 7 years ago

    Unlucky AL, still 0-0 at full time. Tomorrow’s another day

  49. AH 7 years ago

    Hard luck al

  50. AH 7 years ago

    My bet 1 was
    Arsenal v Coventry over 0.5 fhg 2/11
    Eindhoven or draw 2/7

    £10 returned £14.66

    Looking forward for my second bet tomorrow

  51. AH 7 years ago

    My bet 1 was
    Arsenal v Coventry over 0.5 fhg 2/11
    Eindhoven or draw 2/7

    £10 returned £14.66

    Looking forward for my second bet tomorrow

  52. AH 7 years ago

    Bet 2 for tomorrow

    Bournemouth v Liverpool over 0.5 fhg 2/9
    Huddersfield or draw 1/5
    Southampton 1/4
    Bolton v Cardiff under 1.5 fhg 4/11

    £14.66 returns 36.65

  53. simple simon 7 years ago

    not good do far few mins left otherwise the bad run continues – theres always tomorrow – :-((

  54. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Poor night tbh

    Glad I withdrew some otherwise it could have Ben curtains!!

    Left with £35 to start again!

  55. xA 7 years ago

    First bet came through

    Second bet for tomorrow

    Bournemouth vs Liverpool – FHG over 0.5
    Real Madrid vs Granada – FHG over 0.5
    Leicester vs Middlesborough – Leicester

    £16 returns 41.12

  56. Chef N 7 years ago

    My double came up this evening
    Arsenal v Cov C game over 2.5 goals
    Brentford win
    £5 brought in £9

    Tomorrow going on another double
    Man C -2 win 3/4
    Everton win 3/10
    £9 to bring in £20.48 @ ladbrookes

  57. craig alves 7 years ago

    Bank builder bet 2

    Swansea NO clean sheet 1/2
    Rotherham double chance 1/4

    Swansea not kept clean sheet in 10 games and Birmingham beat Swansea at home earlier on this season 3-1 in the league cup, 1/2 for them just to score is a great price. A repeat 3-1 Brum win is a massive 33/1 @bet365

    Rotherham have won there last 2 games scoring 7 goals and Crawleys last 5 games have seen 1 win, good win at Orient, 1 loss and 3 draws. Can’t see Rotherham losing this one but can see a draw. Rotherham also won 2-1 at Crawley earlier this season.

    £7.16 double returns £14.41

  58. seanh 7 years ago

    hi just wondering how u join to follow als challenge.?? being following this site for a while love to get involved

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      seanh, just comment on the latest thread.

  59. Mat 7 years ago

    Was supposed to hit my £1000 with the following double
    Arsenal to win
    Eindhoven v Helmond over 2.5goals

    I was to be denied by a goalless Dutch game and have this crashed. Disappointed but life goes on. Back to £10 tomorrow. All the best to whoever’s still going strong!

  60. seanh 7 years ago

    what u starting with 2moro mat?

    was thinking liverpool, over 2.5 city vs watford, southampton , sunderland -1,

    10 gives u around 78

  61. Mat 7 years ago

    Haven’t had a look yet at tomorrow’s games so I haven’t decided anything yet as of now

  62. Mat 7 years ago

    Seanh, personally, I’d go for a single or a double for my first one or two bets to build up the pot. A 4 or 5 game acca will get you huge returns but there’s always that risk of one game failing you. The most ideal for me would be a single that’s over evens but not always easy to get one. Could try following the daily super singles here. But then again, this is just my personal opinion that I thought I’d share

  63. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Have £37 remaining from last nights bloodbath

    Gone with a 4-fold


    Pays £158 to get us rolling again!!

  64. David Creaner 7 years ago

    Right here goes
    Elgin both to score 8/15
    Stevenage v Everton No BTS @4/5
    Bournemouth v Liverpool No BTS @10/11

  65. AL 7 years ago

    HAMILTON @ 2/5
    PETERHEAD @ 1/3

    £10 Returns £25.67

    • AL 7 years ago

      What are Hamilton playing at? 2-0 down after 9 mins!!

      That’s what I get for being greedy & adding them to the double I’d picked out

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      AL, looked as close to a banker as you could get so hopefully they’ll turn it around.

  66. Davie-S 7 years ago

    My 2nd attempt fell at 1st hurdle yesterday..

    Man City to win both halves… 4/6
    R Mandrid to win both halves.. 8/13
    PSG to win……………….. 4/11
    Benfica to win……………. 2/9

    £10 returns £49.52

    Good luck to you’s just starting, and to you’s further down the road…

  67. Stealth 7 years ago

    Good luck AL

    I’m on it with you, fingers crossed

    Got on it in play and due to Hamilton going 1 down

    £10.00 returns £74.75

  68. EllisJ 7 years ago

    4-fold up so £158 rolls on!!

  69. Mat 7 years ago

    Attempt 2 failed due to a lack of one goal

    25 Jan
    Tours v Chateauroux – over 1.5 goals live @ 6/10
    £10 returned £16

    Freiburg v Bayer Leverkusen – over 1.5 fhg live @ 19/20
    £16 returned £31.20

    Man City v Watford – over 0.5 fhg live @ 1/3
    Wolves v Bristol City- over 1.5fhg live @ 6/10
    £31.20 returned £66.56

    Nigeria A v Morocco A – btts live @ 8/13
    Man City v Watford – over 3.5 goals live @ 2/9
    Rotherham v Crawley – over 2.5 goals live @ 2/13
    £66.56 returned £151.63

    Stevenage v Everton – over 1.5 fhg live @ 1/3
    £151.63 returned £202.17

    ADO Den Haag v Feyenoord – over 2.5 goals live @ 1/8
    Stevenage v Everton – over 3.5 goals live @ 4/11
    Mali A v Zimbabwe A – over 1.5 goals live @ 2/9
    £202.17 returned £379.07

    And then the one that failed me
    Lazio v Juventus – over 0.5 fhg live @ 8/15
    Valencia v Espanyol – over 4.5 goals live @ 2/9
    £379.07 was to return £700+ (I can’t remember lol)

    Ohwell… back to square 1

  70. AL 7 years ago

    Checks this bonkers bet I put on on Friday. Had the Real Madrid game produced a FHG I’d have been waiting on a FHG in the Barcelona game tomorrow for a £178

    No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 Over 0.5 Arsenal v Coventry
    (First Half Goals) 24/01/2014 None 1/6 Won
    2 Over 0.5 Bournemouth v Liverpool
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 2/9 Won
    3 Over 0.5 Man City v Watford
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 2/11 Won
    4 Over 0.5 Borussia M’gladbach v Bayern Munich
    (First Half Goals) 24/01/2014 None 3/10 Won
    5 Over 0.5 Brentford v Gillingham
    (First Half Goals) 24/01/2014 None 3/10 Won
    6 Over 0.5 Linfield v Ards FC
    (First Half Goals) 24/01/2014 None 2/11 Won
    7 Over 0.5 Ross County v Hearts
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 4/11 Won
    8 Over 0.5 Brechin v Dunfermline
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 2/9 Won
    9 Over 0.5 Peterhead v Queen’s Park
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 1/4 Won
    10 Over 0.5 Real Madrid v Granada
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 1/7 Lost
    11 Over 0.5 Borussia Dortmund v Augsburg
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 1/4 Won
    12 Over 0.5 ADO Den Haag v Feyenoord
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 1/4 Won
    13 Over 0.5 Barcelona v Malaga
    (First Half Goals) 26/01/2014 None 1/7 To Run
    14 Over 0.5 Sunderland v Kidderminster
    (First Half Goals) 25/01/2014 None 1/4 Won
    Bet Type No of Bets Unit Stake Stake To Return Returns
    14 Folds 1 10.00 10.00 178.88

  71. EllisJ 7 years ago

    Lack of discipline has cost me!

    Sevilla and there shock loss means i am now back at square one!

    Few days off to clear the head then back on it Tuesday/Wednesday

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