Apr 19: Johnb’s Racing Tips & Chat


JOHNB had a rare day off on Monday but the thread carried on in his absence with plenty of tips posted.

Our man’t wasn’t feeling too well but is back raring to go today and his tips have now been added.

Johnb’s Tuesday Tips

Brighton 5.20
Dandys Perier 12-1 NB racebets

Ice Slice 6-1 NAP racebets

Dandys Perier & Ice Slice 90-1 racebets


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  1. Profile photo of jimron12
    jimron12 1 year ago

    Fast pick 3.20 nap 2/1
    Inexes 4.55 NB 3/1
    Port melon 4.00 ew 13/2

    Good luck all

  2. Profile photo of craig2t
    craig2t 1 year ago

    Soon as it’s possible haggis 44. Not all plain sailing.🦂🦂🦂

  3. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 1 year ago

    Tuesday’s Tips

    Dandys Perier 12/1 NB racebets

    Ice Slice 6/1 NAP racebets

    Dandys Perier & Ice Slice 90/1 racebets

  4. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    CAPTAIN DEVIOUS 5:25 wolverhampton 50-1

  5. Profile photo of downtoon
    downtoon 1 year ago

    NAP 7:50 Brighton – Noverre To Go – 6/1 Bet365
    NB 5:50 Brighton – Cordite – 12/1 Bet365

    GL all

  6. Profile photo of davyb
    davyb 1 year ago

    singular quest 2.20 wol
    frivolous prince 2.50 wol
    heart locket 3.20 wol
    artifice sivola 2.00 kem

  7. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    small stakes e/w lucky15

    COTTONWOOLBABY 3:30 kempton 66-1
    MISS SERIOUS 3:40 ludlow 28-1
    SNAPPING TURTLE 5:35 sedgefield 9-1
    ANOTHER JOURNEY 2:40 ludlow

  8. Profile photo of mitchwilkins
    mitchwilkins 1 year ago

    Nap – Mor Brook 7/1 3.00K
    Nb – Kilbree Kid 8/1 3.10L
    Iwac – Dolores Delightful 12/1 3.40L

  9. Profile photo of jpq
    jpq 1 year ago

    I’m in petty much the same boat as you twm. Would be a real shame to let the odd Moron ruin it all. I don’t tip as I’m rubbish, but enjoy people’s insights and obviously backing winnners, which I seldom do on my own. Hopefully this can all be resolved in way which works to the advantage of the vast majority of decent people on the forum. Good.luck today everyone. Am on Johnb’s and also stacked all De Niro’s Cousin’s tips for a cool 500,000 payout hahaha You gotta dream!

    • Profile photo of
      1 year ago

      hahahaha exactly mate u have to dream! best of luck today! everyone else to

  10. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    guys thanks for the emails But dont take it in i know nothing about any new thread

    just another childish wind up

    what dosent add up is why hes allowed to remain here ??

    and im sorry but this isnt for me while this continues

    gl all

    • Profile photo of bazz4nik
      bazz4nik 1 year ago

      Hey busstop , nice to see your still in the wings , you have the majority of the threads backing , just wish these childish & negative comments would stop as its affecting what was a really good thread ! I don’t normally comment but hate seeing a great tipster leave as a majority of people look out for your input most days , let’s hope Mrf , johnb & admin sort it out , it seems easy enough if we all work together .

      • Profile photo of
        1 year ago

        bazz cheers got some emails telling me about this guy using my name in his wind up which is well wrong so came on

        these playground comments have been happening for months yet its allowed at the expense of the thread thats what i dont unserstand why is nothing done


        • Profile photo of bazz4nik
          bazz4nik 1 year ago

          Yeah bus , I seen this a while ago with him calling him bozstop & saying crap about the pub with boz , it’s all real playground stuff & annoying to you as it seems he’s targeting yourself with no reason , I don’t usaully comment but I go on the thread daily & you seem to know who’s real & who’s at the wind up , really hope there can be a resolve regarding this as its turning into a pantomime , but keep your head up & don’t give these trolls the satisfaction of letting them get to you . It’s probably the same sad individual with a few diffirent accounts who is plain & simply just jeolous

        • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
          Mr Fixit 1 year ago

          busstop, everyone who should be banned has been banned.
          As has been said before you have to be a bit thicker skinned (like me) – no comment that shouldn’t be there is left up.
          Some comments are missed at the time because we don’t have anyone sitting on the site 24/7 and some people who are banned return with different IDs.
          All you are doing is letting one or two idiots – and there’s no more than that out of thousands who read the thread every day – beat you.

          • Profile photo of biggee
            biggee 1 year ago

            You’ve overlooked one person that’s still allowed to post sly personal comments mrf and I’m sure he’ll continue to do so. I reckon it should be three strikes and you’re out!

            • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
              Mr Fixit 1 year ago

              biggee, there will be zero tolerance. Any more comments like that from anyone and they’re gone.

  11. Profile photo of bazz4nik
    bazz4nik 1 year ago

    I agree with all of the above guys regarding the leaving of the group , hence my rant !!
    Would Mrf & johnb not be able via admin a way you pay a fee/deposit to be part of the forum and contribute , because nobody’s going to be stupid enough to pay a deposit leave there personal details & then slag fellow members off . This means we would all be able to weed out these idiots who slag off our fellow tipsters who play an important part of this great group

  12. Profile photo of jimron12
    jimron12 1 year ago

    It’s a wind up!!!

  13. Profile photo of craigy51
    craigy51 1 year ago

    7.20 fitzwilliam 5/1

  14. Profile photo of double carpet
    double carpet 1 year ago

    NAP FOR SHIA AND LULA 12/1 EW 4.55 wolves.
    Won race last year off 9lbs higher mark. Fran Berry onboard must have every chance

    Back over hurdles off 14lb lower than his chase mark.

    Best of luck to all

  15. Profile photo of leonbrown90
    leonbrown90 1 year ago

    Good to see you back John B, hope all is well.
    Hope the issue with the thread can be resolved and all the top guys on here stay, there would be a lot of people disappointed otherwise and the trolls with nothing else better to do will be sat back laughing.

  16. Profile photo of alanm
    alanm 1 year ago

    NAP Diatomic 100/30 7.50 Brighton
    NB Dukes Den 4/1 2.20 Wolverhampton GL

    • Profile photo of alanm
      alanm 1 year ago

      DOUGIE’S BACK so Gold Star pick Athenian Garden 28/1 EW 6.50 Brighton :)

  17. Profile photo of sheldy365
    sheldy365 1 year ago

    You can’t all blame mr F and admin for the fact that some people can’t take abit of criticism. End of the day if you post tips and they arnt very good, you have to expect some people to give you criticism. Nobody is threatening you or anything and grown men should be able to ignore a snide comment from a muppet. Mr fixit and the team have done an awesome job providing this to people free of charge and half of you ruin it for yourselves. If I was Mr F I would just shut it down if your all going to moan and bitch like girls all the time. Obvs I know this doesn’t apply to all of you but why should people have to waste their time babysitting ! Well done to me f and admin for all the work you put in.

    • Profile photo of bazz4nik
      bazz4nik 1 year ago

      Nobody’s blaming Mrf , johnb or admin sheldy , just hoped there could be a solution to the person who constantly winds the same guys up with no reason , as everybody says it’s a great thread & it’s a pity there’s someone wanting to ruin it . It’s best we all stick together instead of nicpicking

  18. Profile photo of gianni
    gianni 1 year ago

    Ludlow 17:10
    TUGBOAT 10/11

    Sedgefield 18:05
    GENEROUS PET 10/11

    Double Pays 3.65

  19. Profile photo of dynamo needarest
    dynamo needarest 1 year ago

    14:30 Kempton – Imperial Presence @ 2/1 (nb)
    14:50 W’hampton – Dark Illustrator @ 5/1
    15:20 W’hampton – Indira @ 4/1 (Nap)

    Singles and a 0.5pt e/w treble

    On Johnb’s as usual too.

  20. Profile photo of -wato-
    -wato- 1 year ago

    Totally agree there are more important things to worry about it like than someone you have never met and will never do so. Why is it so hard to ignore any comments and just post your tips (which by the way are generally excellent on a daily basis). Also it has been said before but people do get banned etc but there are ways of getting round it that means they can still post somehow so it’s not all admin’s fault. I only really follow johnbs tips but just think of the countless guys that will follow you guys and a lot probably don’t even post on here just view each day and back accordingly. Think about them more than any idiot posting nonsense which will always get deleted eventually and we all just decide to not reply trust me they will soon get bored

  21. Profile photo of rookie
    rookie 1 year ago

    14 hours ago
    18.50 Bri Honey badger 7/1
    16.55 Wol For shia and lula 10/1
    14.50 Wol Dar illustrator 6/1
    15.40 Lud Foundry square 20/1
    All prices big enough to take e/w.

    rookie 12 hours ago
    Also i like
    18.20 Bri Bloodsweatandtears 14/1

  22. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    off down to sedgefield later if any one has any tips they would be greatfully received!!

  23. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    Been following now for two years!! Just wana say thanks to alanm busstop deniro johnb double carpet jimeron12! Follow u guys all the time!! I dont tip cz havnt a clue.😃dont let the plonkers get u down!! Keep the faith

  24. Profile photo of theplug
    theplug 1 year ago

    double carpet glad to see you put up shia and lula as i posted the same last night fran berry on board surley must have a great ew chance, could even win it, won the same race last year

  25. Profile photo of ramey07
    ramey07 1 year ago

    To stop the trolling simply make people sign up and either pay £1 and refund it or just pay £1 or whatever and donate it to charity ie Injured jockey fund? Can then block trolls cards? Sounds easy don’t know if it’s that simple mrf or johnb?

  26. Profile photo of ramey07
    ramey07 1 year ago

    8.31sheffield trap 2 worsboro spectre 4/1

    814 Sheffield trap 6
    Mac foiche 5/2

    758 Sheffield trap 5
    Bramble Bruno 7/2

    £5 doubles and a treble ✌️

  27. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    how strong do u fancy ur nap!!!
    Uv been a little unlucky lately thats all.

    • Profile photo of alanm
      alanm 1 year ago

      dellboy it’s as strong as always April always seems to be my worst month but onwards and upwards as they say.

      • Profile photo of de niro
        de niro 1 year ago

        alanm your worst month would be most others best :-) keep churning them out as without doubt your system is well proven over and over – constant winners at fabulous odds !!!

        Good luck all

        • Profile photo of alanm
          alanm 1 year ago

          Cheers De niro thank’s for that support great tipping from yourself as always. :)

      • Profile photo of
        1 year ago

        Thanks alanm.
        De niro no doubt hes a top tipster like urself.
        Next year we will b millionairs😉😉

  28. Profile photo of jamiea1991
    jamiea1991 1 year ago

    Why on earth was my comment deleted lol

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      jamiea1991, this thread is about tips – it’s time for people to move on.
      Everything’s been dealt with by admin in the right way.

  29. Profile photo of de niro
    de niro 1 year ago

    Kemton 14-00
    Smart Catch 9/1 e/way betway nb
    Ludlow 14-40
    Kitegan 11/2 stan james Nap
    Wolverhampton 14-50
    Schoolboy Error 11/4 888 sport

  30. Profile photo of the notorious
    the notorious 1 year ago

    Mr F, why was my comment removed from the thread?? there was no malice in it whatsoever

    • Profile photo of Mr Fixit
      Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      the notorious, lots of comments have been removed.
      Fed-up reading about it – I’ve said where myself and admin stand and trolls will be eliminated.

  31. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    Artifice Sivola…2.00
    Singular Quest…2.20
    Swansea mile…2.30
    Laser Hawk…2.40

    Backed last night with Rookies Ew picks,now D.Cs too 👍

    Had a bit written there about the horse $h!te being talked about with new thread and top tipsters etc but I’m on my phone and its gone.
    Sorry to here you getting all that crap @bus

  32. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    Dam phone.
    As for top tipsters,I am not but sure a few folk would tell you I’m more than capable of putting up winners but although I look everyday I hardly post as lads on here like bus stop have it covered.

    An Q my 4 donkeys today for sure now 😌 😉

  33. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    GL guys and lets get on with it! Today and this evening as I fancy the later tips and races would be a great day to smash it. 🍀

  34. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Place pot for Kempton
    2.20 3,5
    2.30 1
    3.00 2,9
    3.30 2
    4.00 1,2
    4.30 5,14
    16 lines at whatever
    Trixie Express Du Berlin 3.10 Ludlow
    Present View 4.00 Kempton
    Ballroom Angel 5.25 Wolverhampton.
    Gl everyone.

  35. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Been trying to find Mr fs tip zero tolerance,must be a non runner!

  36. Profile photo of unicorn
    unicorn 1 year ago

    HI All

    1st time poster…..

    Nap – TUGBOAT / 5.10 LUDLOW
    Nnb – NORTH HILL / 4.10 LUDLOW

    Just a TRIXIE bet for me. But that is the order of my confidence.

    Good luck on the courses today Guys & Gals!!!

    • Profile photo of sheldy365
      sheldy365 1 year ago

      Unicorn Always nice to see new tipsters. Loving the confidence I’ve had a cheeky small stake trixie on them just in case. I know what it’s like when a new person puts up tips GL to all

  37. Profile photo of chrisja
    chrisja 1 year ago

    Here’s a Patent:

    Granita at 13.00 in the 14:50 at Wolverhampton
    Buche De Noel at 8.50 in the 15:30 at Kempton
    Minnie Milan at 26.00 in the 15:40 at Ludlow

    Good luck!

  38. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Star box filled up again Alanm,but slightly radioactive at present,!!! Gold tricast,Ice Slice,Giodivanni De Bicci and Eastern Dragon.6.20 Brighton!!
    Gl be happy

  39. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Giovanni NR so just f/cast in the 6.20 then

  40. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    davyb off and running with 5/1 winner PPstill alive!! Silver star already !

  41. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    Laser Hawk…2.40 3/1 NAP.

    GL if ye bother as its wide open imo and there’s a few selections for it.

  42. Profile photo of alanm
    alanm 1 year ago

    Great start recoba 5/1 DOUGIE your needed silver star required :)

  43. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Sorry missed recoba who also put up Artifice Sivola in the 2.00.

  44. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    1 NR in the 2.20 means Singular Quest isn’t placed at 9/2 😪
    Rollicks to that and LASER HAWK pulls up… Yikes!!!


    • Profile photo of recoba
      recoba 1 year ago

      Cheers Alan and Dougie. Pittens on the single 2.00 but its profit… god knows what happened to Laser Hawk for a double? 😌

  45. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Mmmmm stone last Express PU and PP fails at the third!! Now depending on the regulars to pullme out a hole!!

  46. Profile photo of recoba
    recoba 1 year ago

    Still got Rookies(And D.Cs) Ew picks to go but am off till 5pm probably so not even see them! Maybe 4.55. Anyway here’s my site inspired Ew Yankee for this evening…

    Dandys Perrier…5.20. 10/1
    Ice slice…6.20 4/1
    Nidnod…7.20 11/2(mine 😌)
    Diatomic…7.50. 4/1

    GL rest of the day. Off for some sunshiiiiine!

  47. Profile photo of jimron12
    jimron12 1 year ago

    Lovely a nap win!! Last few days been a long time!!!

  48. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Jimron12 have a bronze star,a winners a winner!Melon advised ew so well done,Take it your hair has grown back in for you to pull at!

  49. Profile photo of kev
    kev 1 year ago

    Nice f/c papa!! And nice NB john

  50. Profile photo of -wato-
    -wato- 1 year ago

    Yes thanks Johnb flew home there! That’s what this thread is all about!

  51. Profile photo of thebz
    thebz 1 year ago

    Get in there Johnb! Class! Well done Dougie. Who needs the rest when we have the best!

  52. Profile photo of alanm
    alanm 1 year ago

    Dougie big well done great F/C also great Nap Jimron and well done all other winners.

  53. Profile photo of belter
    belter 1 year ago

    I don’t know why people get wound but by an idiot or twos stupidity. They’re putting these comments up to get a bite and by reacting like this is giving them what they want

  54. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Great stuff lads Johnb great nap and thanks rookie and DC, got 20/1 Shia and Lula back in the black,pity PPOT paid 276,never mind.This is what’s needed positive posts

  55. Profile photo of Johnb
    Johnb 1 year ago

    Winning Nap today and after a 10p rule 4 it was a 3.4 point profit today
    April 9.4 points down

    Wednesday’s Tip

    So Mi Dar 10/3 NAP/NB racebets (double stake)

    Antepost Tip
    Epsom Oaks
    So Mi Dar 16/1 racebets

  56. Profile photo of word2mother
    word2mother 1 year ago

    Not gonna lie I wasnt sure.if it would come but cracking result JohnB, 50 on at 9/2, 10 on at 5s, went for it, alans domiteix thing come.in then my 2 buck treble pyts over 100 too, good days need chirping about. Positivity!
    Thanks lads.

  57. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Might as well throw a few bob on f/cast selections from the thread
    7.20 Brighton
    Fitzwilliam,Free to Roam,Nidnod and I’ll add Angels Above,none better than Egan round here and Bath

  58. Profile photo of double carpet
    double carpet 1 year ago

    Well done today guys. Johnb dougie jimron and any other winners.
    Claudio short price for the Derby trial tomorrow but surely head and shoulders above that field ?

  59. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    double carpet head and shoulders? What’s that in hands? Still 11/8 and 7/2 John’s filly in amongst the boys so as you say 2 and 9 s/fcast methinks.!
    On we go

  60. Profile photo of theplug
    theplug 1 year ago

    shia and lula 14/1 3rd get in there

  61. Profile photo of dougiec
    dougiec 1 year ago

    Unicorn all welcome here,feel Free to Roam and start your collection with a bronze star! Well done
    Keep putting them up

  62. Profile photo of
    1 year ago

    looks like a good day for everyone! excellent stuff lads!! 🤗

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