BY popular demand I'm putting up this post so anyone wanting to tip up football during the close season can do so.

The site is basically in holiday mode but I'll be doing bits and pieces on golf etc and having a quick look at the football to see if anything catches my eye.

There are a stack of Europa League qualifiers on Thursday and with my game of golf washed out today I'll do some homework and try to pick out some value bets.

One that stands out right away are Poles Lech Poznan who have reached the last 32 in two of the last four seasons. They take a 2-0 lead to Kazakhstan strugglers Zheytsu, second bottom of the league, and should add to their tally. I'll look at prices later.

Elsewhere it's a minefield with sides such as Nomme Kalju, Jagodina, Renova, Shirak and Eschen/Mauren in action. It's tough pinpointing where these guys play, never mind what the result will be, but I'm up for a go.

  1. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Had a look at europa league for 2morrow and av came up with 3 teams from countdown! All won there away leg 1 nil. And are 11to10 to win at home at william hills. The teams are SHIRAK. ORDABASSY. AND FC DAUGAVA. Good luck lads if you back them!

    • Guy Walker 12 years ago

      I’ll give it a go Alex for a wee treble..not a lot out there worth backing…lots of daft prices 1/12, 1/20 etc see what ya mean…dunna if you’d get many nine letter words outa that lot eh?? ;-)

  2. bill tully 12 years ago

    i havnt seen the handicap prices yet for the spl. prob due to waiting too find out who team 12 are but i have a real fancy for st.mirren to have a decent season. they are on par with most bteams in the bottom six and were prob a bit dissapointed themselves not to make the top 6 last season. handisap usually is around 7/1 or 8/1 for all teams and if st mirren get around 42 points i will be on them

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Bill, you’re right in assuming the prices will be out pretty soon after Club 12 is decided on Friday. I’m not with you on St Mirren. They had an OK season but not a great second half and still lack goals for me. They should stay up but I don’t see them being a top-six side.

  3. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Just done the bet at ladbrokes. 185pound back for a 20 pound bet! Think it has a chance as all won the first leg away from home 1 nil. Good luck guy if you do the bet!

    • Guy Walker 12 years ago

      Done it Alex..decent return/good a chance as anything else Good luck as well ;-)

  4. craig alves 12 years ago

    debrecen and valerengaa double chance bn busy all day to get chance to look but evs for safeness

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Craig, been trying to keep kids amused (and dryish) all day so been tough. Having a look at the card now for tomorrow and as well as Lech Poznan I like the look of Differdange. So one more for the treble and that will do me I think.

  5. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Think al have a wee stab at that treble alex. Any u guys got any views on the boxing? Haye will have too much for chisora. Hes too fast and has the power to drop him but dunno whether to go around rounds 3-6 or a wee bit later maybe 6-9. Maybe just take haye @ evens to stop him. Thinking about khan by decision around 6/4 but gonna check some stats on garcia first.

  6. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Ive got willhill on my facebook. Offering 9/4 for andy carroll not to be at scousers on 1st day of season. Seems a good price as dont think he fits into brendan rodgers style.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Joe, depends if someone is willing to pay big bucks because they won’t let him go cheaply. Also as Alex says check about loan deals and remember he might be away but after the season starts with the window staying open until the end of August.

  7. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Joe hope he stays. Am a liverpool fan and dont want him to go. But if the new gaffer doesnt want him then 9to4 is a very good bet!

  8. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Alex do u think u still get paid if he goes on loan as technically hes still liverpool player? Are u happy with joe cole being back? Think if carroll goes rodgers will want a big name to replace him. I see PSG sniffing about ibrahimovic but maybe liverpool could sway him?

  9. Alex walker 12 years ago

    Alex do u think u still get paid if he goes on loan as technically hes still liverpool player? Are u happy with joe cole being back? Think if carroll goes rodgers will want a big name to replace him. I see PSG sniffing about ibrahimovic but maybe liverpool could sway him?

  10. craig alves 12 years ago

    aye paul ano, just had him picked up, got it on earlier and got it uo up 6/5 for double chance so cant complain only 4 on but the ev ch bak up, day by by day this time. get him and his bro wen she goes to pick bridesmaid dress wi pals the mora so they better not b late haha. drinkin again so hope there no pests !! gd addition cos u know we cld all bet on who wld next post if we cld :)

  11. Danny 12 years ago

    wits happnin troops a skimmed the paragraph Paul if you cast your mind back ordabasy shocked a bit of life intae me jagodina should have saw them of but they didny kinda like mountblow n dalmuir boxin air a bit a broon be AWARE always a skunner of a result in these pratice fur the real thing comps as far as tips go stay well clear of the days games an keep the big stakes tull eh weekend danish ukraine serbian sweedish norway finland usa brazil good accumulators tae be hud

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Danny, I’m always wary of these Europa League qualifiers although for plenty teams involved it’s during their season and games are not played like warm-ups. I reckon small accumulators is the way to go and don’t go too big on the stakes.

  12. Danny 12 years ago

    aye Paul after a wee bit a info hunting theres a few teams who should have won first leg at home so will need to play a bit in away league with reasonable odds for an accumulator

  13. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    Does any1 follow Irish football on here? Looking at Shamrock Rovers -1 at 6/5. Seems a bit short for a handicap tho

  14. Danny 12 years ago

    Jonathan I have been following the irish football for betting purposes for the last 3 years in the last 2 its been very prdictable not so this season in my opinion I would not touch shamrock -1 simply because there away record this season is not title winning material however may i suggest all 3 games in the top division to be a btts and athlone-finnharps in 2nd tear 4fold paying 9/1 william hill very good odds for a league full of goals

    on saturday its the russian super cup and zenit st petersburg are a steal at evens to beat kazan

  15. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    Think i’ll hold off for the Zenit game then Danny. Thanks for the tip. Had a look there,Rubin Kazan’s squad isn’t wot I thought it would b

  16. Danny 12 years ago

    nae bother m8 hope it comes up had £6 n change in my account so stuck it on just looked at kazan team myself some talented players bit warey myself now

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Danny, like u I’ve been staying clear of the Irish football this season but will have a wee look at Zenit tomorrow. How do you fancy a double on Celtic and Rangers for the SPL and First Division titles. Both are 1-50.

  17. Danny 12 years ago

    Paul a wouldnt entertain rangers at 1-50 because the players are gone and its not a full blown conclusion we will win the league and i would never bet celtic to win anything born an bred a ger plus if all goes to plan 2nd week in august am offski so wouldnt want open bets 12,000 miles away

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Danny, I wouldn’t be on anything at 1-50. Where are you off to? Oz is it?

    • Danny 12 years ago

      Awright Paul just in from a rather lively evening in east
      kilbride but the snobs couldny hack an aw nighter lol ko Joe off to north perth rental property in beechboro and in 10 months my familys house built from scratch will be ready 10 mins up the road next to a wildlife park need aye say more a shall become the snake whisperer…ave submitted an application fur yer job time fur some younger blood 9-1 for a bet that should have been no more than 15/4

  18. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Double for tomorrow. Zenit @ evens and haye to win by ko, tko or disqualification @ evens. £30 returns £120.

  19. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    Just checked the scores from the Irish football yesterday……..quality shout with avoiding Shamrock Rovers and even better shout on 4 btts Danny. Unfortunately I didn’t take it but I at least avoided Shamrock Rovers. Here’s hoping for Zenit 2day

  20. craig alves 12 years ago

    ive went for £6.95 into new coral acc for matchin bet, went for helsingbourg, ROPS(finland 2nd div, top v bottom) and goteburg v gelf OVER 2.5 gls. £23 suhin bak.

    £3 4fold horse acca over ton bk
    2.15 ch boom and bloom
    3.25 ch our jonathan
    5.20 yrk royal rascal
    2.10 nwm olympic glory

    also 20p lucky on 2.10 olympic glory, 3.20 society rock, 2.00 shrewd and 3.50 body and soul

  21. craig alves 12 years ago

    2 up on lucky and 2 up on 4fold, c’mon gies a decent winner fir once!!!

  22. craig alves 12 years ago

    3 out 4 in lucky for a £1 lucky the mora but our jonathan never came out stalls til late, ran on for 3rd plus 1-1 in gotebourg game, a gi up lke haha

  23. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Took haye rounds 1-5 @ 3/1. Haye done it with seconds to spare!! Also done double of haye and khan inside distance both 6/5.

  24. craig alves 12 years ago

    lucky 15 for today and im goin wi getyourtipsout naps at all 4 meetings, plus all on attheraces which is a bonus

    F/H – 5.35 hay point
    SLIGO- 5.50 take out the pin
    S/W – 4.40 spate river
    S/F – 2.20 traditional bob

  25. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Treble for today – copenhagen, bohemians and young boys. Just over 6/1.

  26. Aaron mccormack 12 years ago

    You going to do a open competition and a post for league winners??

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Aaron, don’t think there will be an Open contest unfortunately due to holidays but anyone is welcome to put up their thoughts. Site will be back to normal service on July 24.

  27. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Paddy power paying top seven places ew. Gotta be worth a few wee ew punts. I like a bet on the golf but not my strongest sport for winners. Any tips from big golf fans would be appreciated.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Joe, was down at Lytham today and if the wind blows the same way a lot of it will be down to who goes out in calmer conditions. I’m going to put up some prices etc but I’m not going to do much until the cut is made. At least on Saturday and Sunday the leaders will face the same conditions.

  28. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    I think it’s so difficult to pick a winner here so i’ve got 5 e/w picks. For anyone who doesnt know, Paddy Power is paying out on top 7……

    J.Rose @ 28/1
    M.Kaymer @ 40/1
    E.Els @ 40/1
    J.Furyk @ 50/1
    T.Bjorn @ 90/1

    And a bet that i think is quite good value is Steven O’Hara to finish in the top20 at 20/1. I think this week is going to be a week where hitting fairways and greens is rewarded. O’Hara has possibly the best, most accurate long game on the whole of the European Tour but his putting lets him down. If he putts anything like decent then I think this is a good bet. Also, he played lots of links golf as an amateur and I believe he won the St.Andrews Links Trophy

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Jonathan, been down Lytham and Blackpool way for a few days and the guy they’re all talking about is the Birkdale touring pro Matthew Baldwin. He’s a bit of an unknown but finished fifth in the Scottish Open last week. He’s also 20-1 for top 20 and might be worth a shout as someone who is on form and knows the course so well. Also seen some people tipping him for top Englishman at 50s.

  29. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Thanx for that jonathon. I took ur bjorn and kaymer tips and added my own colsaerts. Just few quid each way for added interest and will keep an on in play bets.

  30. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    No problem Joe,good luck. Really looking forward 2 it

  31. Alex walker 12 years ago

    just lookin at william hills prices for btts in the german div 3 which starts on sunday. Lots of good prices in a div that always has loads of goals. Worth a wee look lads!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Alex, that could be a good shout. I’ll have a look. It’s Dumbarton v Clydebank for me on Saturday so looking forward to seeing a game again and counting down the days to the start of the season. Bankies have lost their star man but I wish Darian MacKinnon all the best at Hamilton Accies. It’s a step down for him and I’m sure he’ll bang in the goals given a chance!

  32. Jonathan Grieve 12 years ago

    Early days yet Paul but ur man Baldwin has made a great start

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Jonathan, Baldwin looks decent, very composed and could be one for the future. Obviously knows his way round a links course too.

  33. Joe knotts 12 years ago

    Osters and Landskrona double today.

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