THIS is the latest thread from Simon Wright and GillsRob whose strategy on betting on corners has proved popular.

If you have any queries about what they are doing post them as a comment at the end of this article – and watch out for their daily tips on here or the main Mr Fixit thread.

Wednesday's Tips

FC SEOUL, KOREA (11.30am)




Firstly, it’s important to point out we are not professional gamblers following our tips won't guarantee a profit. We are regular punters who share a passion to try to build a system that delivers a high win ratio to bets within a strategy to maximise profits and reduce risks.

We have spent the last year trialling many systems and markets from over 2.5 goals to both teams to score to team goals. However, we were unable to forge a system that produced a win rate over 60%.

After a few months we realised one of the trials we were running was doing particularly well and decided to focus on that.

This was Asian Total Corners. Using corner, formation and some pitch data we were able to produce a decent system. We spent the next few months refining the system and changing the weightings we placed on certain stats to increase the number of winners we had to achieve our target of 70%.

In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

I hope that clarifies what our tips are and why. However, and we feel this is really important. Our 70% success rate is calculated over a calendar month, therefore there are individual days and weeks which are loss making.


Aside from the betting lines the most important area of our strategy is the stake structure. We advise you to divide your bank by 12. This would then be your initial stake (which will allow you to make 12 bets).

The reason we suggest 12 is twofold. Firstly, as I said we do have losses. So if your first three bets are losers you need to have enough bank left to recover from this. The way we advise you count is simply starting from 0. If your first bet wins you move to +1 and if it loses then you move to -1.

Also you need to consider how many bets you place at once and have to have the bank to cover this. On a Saturday at 3pm with a full card we sometimes can have up to eight bets. The figure 12 comes from our maximum number of bets at any one time being 8 and also our maximum minus position is -3.

The risk you need to be aware of is if you are on -3 and you place 8 bets at the same time your bank effectively is more or less 0. So, back to your stake and I asked you to split your bank by 12, so assuming you have a bank of £120 your bet would be £10 per tip.

You are going to count the winners as +1 and the losers as -1 and keep doing that over and over and over again. With a win ratio of 70% you will slowly see it go up. Your aim is to get to about +12. Now I say this is your aim as if our tips were all evens, this would mean at +12 you bank is doubled. In reality the odds on our tips range from 1.7-2.0.

Therefore you actual aim is not +12 but just when you bank is doubled. In the example we are using, from an initial £120 bank and £10 stake, you are looking to reach £240. When this happens you can double your stake and your bank divided by 12 would be £20.

You can carry on doing this over and over or you can raise your stake by £10 every time you achieve the correct bank to do so, so for instance when you reach £360 move to £30 stake, when you reach £480 move to £40 stake and when you reach £600 move to £50 stake.

It is at this point when the strategy becomes most profitable and you then will want to plan when to begin to draw profits (after all that's the whole point) but always reverting back to the £600 baseline and repeating the process.


The other way you can stake, which is a lot easier to manage, is every Monday take your bank and divide it by 12 and that’s your stake for the week. This will deliver faster growth but has greater risk if our tips provide a losing week.

Anything more regular may make it difficult to track the strategy then possibly have an adverse effect on the overall performance.


We only post our selections on Mr Fixit's main forum. Due to busy work and family lives we share the workload equally. Look out for either of us, Simon Wright or GillsRob, usually about 10.30pm for the following day (and including any overnight). This ensures we all get the best odds and also allows plenty of time before the game.

Occasionally we may add one or two in the morning, usually before 10am. Additionally, we do endeavour to have at least one of us available on the site during the day, especially when bets are running.

Finally, there are days when nothing meets criteria, so it is a no bet day. We have no plans to make ad hoc bets in these situations.

I hope that provides the clarification you are all looking for. This system is not thrill betting. It is methodical and at times you will go a whole week and only end up at +1) which is just like winning one evens bet. It's not really for the gung-ho gambler out for fun.

However, if your motivation is purely financial and you have the patience and discipline we believe our picks and staking plan could suit you. For others who do not wish to deposit funds anymore this also could be a good system.

All the best,
Simon & Rob

  1. DrWooll 3 years ago

    Not corners…but i’m liking us open golf odds for Horschel, Leismann and Willett top 20 @ 2.87, 4.00 and 5.00

  2. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    12 mins for 4 more please

  3. TheBoss 3 years ago

    3 more at least please!!

  4. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    2 more for a void, come on 5 mins.

  5. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Should be 7 mins injury time

  6. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Won on the cover as it was to hard to turn down at over 7 with about 5 mins left in the 1st half and on 2 corners. We got to 3 in the 1st half but needed 4 or 5 to have a chance.

    The 1st half cost this bet by 2 corners.

    Statistically we are due some outright winners.

  7. Tunnell 3 years ago

    @The boss. Lmao at your comment haha,

    So that puts us on minus 3 for the week. With 5 games already on the list, let’s hope the wins start from the night game.

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Tunnell, the comment’s gone – I think we’ve had enough sexist comments for one women’s football tournament even if a couple of them last week bordered on being funny. The old “swap shirts” routine’s a bit old hat now.

  8. Author
    Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    TheBoss, it wasn’t funny – that’s the main reason. And as I said we’ve had enough of the sexist comments now. Funny ones might stay though.

  9. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Well Tunnell laughed good enough for me!!

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      TheBoss, there’s always one – I look forward to seeing you both at the Edinburgh Festival. No bet on the Argentina game and not staying up for it – goodnight all.

  10. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Regarding my response Mrf I found it comical due the fact I haven’t seen any other sexist comments. I tend to flick through the threads rather then fully read them so i have been unaware if you’ve warned individuals up to now.

    On the upside I did find it funny but if Mrf wants rid of it on the site then I for one like to keep people happy and abide by rules.

    Fingers crossed for the up and coming bets the Kings. Thanks again for the hard work put in.

  11. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Fair enough Mr F.

    Should I stay up or not! Can’t decide! Although Jackie Brown just started decisions decisions!

    Dave where you at man

  12. l3st3r 3 years ago

    I think it is better to play no bet a day and keep your money than play 3 and lose it.I think the internationals should be dump for good.

  13. Daniel 3 years ago

    Simon & Rob

    Was a Little surprised You went for the Sweden game last night.

    It was strongly predeicted to ga a tight game and low scoring due to the situiation both teams was in.

    Do you Only go by Stats or do you also take into the equation things like predicted tactics (going for a win or happy to settle for a draw etc) for current game, one or both teams needing the win to qualify etc?

  14. Champy R 3 years ago

    Well that was a stroke of luck, I missed the overnight game.

    Agree Daniel, the games need to be considered in context not just stats.

  15. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Every system which follows trends or looks for patterns will hit a period in which that pattern is broken. The key is to back that pattern over a long enough period to enjoy the times when it delivers.

    Some systems look for a break in the pattern and back the opposite. This does get better odds but imo does not deliver the consistency.

    -4 on site is not ideal but its also not the end. I have been -4 before and am still here, it will recover.

    Today would be good to achieve 3-1 whilst a void and plus 1 would also be taken.

    Good luck today, 1st one at 11:30

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      @Dave W – First one at 11am mate – check last night’s post (I cant access at the moment as on the mobile). Will post when I get in in 20 mins though if not in already

  16. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    The boss – I crashed it bud, did attempt to stay up but becoming a lightweight :-)

  17. TheBoss 3 years ago

    I stayed up until half time it was 4 corners! But checked the balence this morning and no movement :(

    I’m hoping for some winners today becuse im on 70 bank! level 2 has drifted away from me this week.

  18. Alex MS 3 years ago

    australia sweden game, on goal stats it says australia were playing 4-3-3 which meant they were playing quite narrow, and possibly why they only produced 1 corner and let us down on that one..

    fingers crossed and good luck for the upcoming games. is there meant to be 2 games from korea league still?

  19. Tunnell 3 years ago

    SOUTH KOREA – 11.00AM


    OVER 9 @1.800

    UNDER 9 @1.825

    UNDER 9.5 @1.900

    UNDER 9.5 @1.925


  20. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Thanks @Tunnel. On them all.

  21. GillsRob 3 years ago

    There are two games at 11am from Korea (check the older thread)

    In regards to context then absolutely we consider motivation and context before tipping our bets.

  22. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Yep on those 4 forgot about the 11am.

    Lets get a winner :-)

  23. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Very disappointing -2 last night and -3 overall for the week.

    Agree with dropping internationals which is a shame because we had 3 winners in the morning but the bottom line is they just can’t be consistent.

    International and women’s football dropped.

    Thankfully the games today for our picks are men’s and league football so with a fair wind we could get back to 0 by the end of the day.

    We may have 1 more for the 11am games. It’s current 0.03% short of our benchmark so we are 50/50… Will update very soon once Rob does the final check on it (and my maths)

  24. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Rob one is at 11 and one at 11.30.

  25. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Correction, sorry put -4

    -3 on site is not ideal but its also not the end. It will recover.

  26. Gary May 3 years ago

    Are we not -4 for the week with 1 winner and 5 losers since Monday?
    Chile won but Sandringham Women, Jaro, Atletico Tucuman, Japan Women and Sweden Women all lost.

  27. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I’m at -4 too mate.

  28. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Gary – I have lost track this week as placed a couple other researched corner tips and 1 cover bet so cant tell from my figures.

  29. Danneeeeeeee 3 years ago

    What is the best bookies for Asian handicap corner bets?

  30. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Personally I am -1 but I think we need to recover on mrf at -4 position.

    I am all 4 today and good luck all.

  31. Phillis 3 years ago

    so is it 4 games in total today guys, I’m getting a little confused here with the different times and last nights thread

  32. GillsRob 3 years ago

    -4 is correct sorry guys

    Haven’t got time to repost the tips due to being at work but there are two in Korea shortly, one in Finland this afternoon and a Spanish game this evening

    The other korean tip missing from this page is ar the foot of the old thread

  33. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Phillis – Tunnells post a little above has all 4 all

  34. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Thanks Tunnell

  35. Tunnell 3 years ago

    SOUTH KOREA – 11.00AM


    OVER 9 @1.800

    UNDER 9 @1.825

    UNDER 9.5 @1.900

    UNDER 9.5 @1.925

    Just in case again for anyone

  36. Champy R 3 years ago

    Him no live coverage and no C/O option for the 11 am game.

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      @Champy R

      I noticed …. annoying not knowing what’s happening if you want to check in.

      It’s 1-0 at the moment so the game’s being played and someone knows what’s happening!

  37. Harry 3 years ago

    Is under 9.5 Asian the same as under 10 handicap?

  38. Harry 3 years ago

    I dont get why Asian under 9 corners is at 1.825 and corners overall for under 9 is at 2.0? What’s the difference

  39. TheBoss 3 years ago

    So we don’t know what’s going on in the 11am game

    Least it stops us from cashout out!

  40. sfcmatty 3 years ago

    harry if it finishes on 9 in Asian it’s void

  41. Danny T 3 years ago

    1 corner 25 mins played if anyone is following

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      have they Danny? I cant see it :o(

      Must be my old age ….

  42. Michael C 3 years ago

    Where are you getting stats Danny?

  43. Danny T 3 years ago

    William hill have it in play mate

  44. Champy R 3 years ago

    Got the right game Danny?

  45. Danny T 3 years ago

    No apologies wrong game sorry guys

  46. Danny T 3 years ago

    I can’t find it anywhere

  47. TheBoss 3 years ago

    So 365 could be lying about it if it wins if we can’t find out.

  48. Danny T 3 years ago

    It’s 1-1 in goals according to flash scores but corner stats are unavailable on there maybe at half time we can see

  49. JamieW 3 years ago

    This is weird. Anyone feel like we’re getting duped by the bookies?

    • PeteT 3 years ago


      I dont think ‘duped’ is the right phrase. It’s nice to be able to follow a bet but anyone on the ‘overs’ would be in the dark too!

      I know some people just like to be able to follow a bet….

  50. JamieW 3 years ago

    @ Pete

    It just seems odd that none of the bookies with entertain this match in play. What are they expecting? Makes me nervous haha

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      @Jamie W

      I guess they get data all from the same source. If that data link is down for some reason it could, conceivably, affect them all.

      The scoreline is probably quite easy to relay via people like livescores but stats (and that’s what it’s all about these days) is cards, corners, free kicks, number of times a player falls over …. much harder to report.

      Probably someone at the match who’s meant to be collecting this data has nodded off or cant get wifi! ;o)

      It’s more annoying than conspiracy I guess.

  51. Champy R 3 years ago

    Man in the stand has gone to sleep lol, maybe his car broke down and he couldn’t get to the game.
    The 11:30 is looking OK.

  52. Danny T 3 years ago

    Pete yes mate I agree we will be able to find out I don’t see a reason for a bookie to lie as they would have been taking bets on overs as well as unders so it’s in there interests to get it right . I agree I think it’s a data issue

  53. Danny H 3 years ago

    half time 3-0 corners

  54. Buckiejag 3 years ago

    Ther score after 63 mins
    Jeonnam 2-1 Seongnam

    No corner count available

  55. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Found the game on here for those who can click the link. Currently no corners.

    Checked it against the Seoul game which 365 have as 3 and it’s correct

    • PeteT 3 years ago


      That looks a little like the screen Bet365 give you when they dont have data.

      The fact there’s no data (cards either) makes me think 0 corners might be ambitious

      I know when B365 do this it’ll say no shots on targets yet 3 goals (go figure!)

      Still, we have hope I guess :o)

  56. Danny T 3 years ago

    Tunnell I am not sure about its accuracy as there have been no yellow cards either or anything so we may still have hope

  57. Neil H 3 years ago

    Tunnell I am almost certain that is wrong. That website also says the same stats of 0 corners and cards for the other 11 oclock Ko and that hads definately had corners so for some reason they are not keeping track of the stats for the 11 kick offs. They are likely to have the same source for info as the bookies so if they dont have it likely that wincomparator wont either.

  58. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Sorry lads just compared with another game and it looks corrupt too. Sorry thought I was onto something then.

  59. Michael C 3 years ago

    We’ll find out in about 10 mins when we refresh our balances!

  60. Danny T 3 years ago

    The 11:30 game is 5 corners with 35 left in the clock so let’s hope that keeps low

  61. Danny T 3 years ago

    No more corners or one for the void. I have to say I am beginning to get a little nervous

  62. Daniel 3 years ago

    Seoul game is crashing…

  63. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Seoul game is poo!

  64. Gunner 3 years ago

    Yeh looks like another loss unfortunately. We need some winners boys

  65. Harry 3 years ago

    how much do you guys put on one of these corner singles or do you do them a x3 accums?

    therefore what’s your plan for today with the other two games :)

  66. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Possible cashout in the game now soon as it goes over 10

  67. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Singles Harry

  68. TheBoss 3 years ago

    We back for at least a void hold on!

  69. Sean567 3 years ago

    No luck with the refresh balance for the dragons game. Just coming up in unsettled bets

  70. Neil H 3 years ago

    Come on Just a few more minutes to hold on. We deserve a bit of luck !!

  71. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Do we finally have a winner with Seoul?

  72. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Damn :(

  73. Neil H 3 years ago

    Not the worst result in the end and would have taken a void after 67 minutes. That final 6 minutes felt like an eternity, thought he was never going to blow the final whistle

  74. Tunnell 3 years ago

    A voids better then a loss.

  75. Danny T 3 years ago

    Void we could really do with a winner in the 11 o’clock game

  76. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Void – unlucky with 93rd min corner

  77. Tunnell 3 years ago

    What’s the crack with the first game lads. Not got time to look as I’m at work.

  78. Danny T 3 years ago

    Rob I was cursing the ref 96 mins he played :-)

  79. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Knowing our current run at the moment the 11 probably lost.

  80. BRIAN 3 years ago

    Void with Seoul – corner in the 93rd minute killed the win. I watched the end actually quite lucky to get the void. Was end to end attacks with both teams playing for the win.

    As for the Dragons ???
    Anyone have a clue whats happening there, its just sitting in my bets. Not resulted, not anything and i cant get the corners result anywhrere

  81. GillsRob 3 years ago

    I was watching the last few mins over the photocopier lol

    Hopefully with 3 goals in the other game might mean 10 corners, clutching at straws I know

  82. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Just tweeted bet365. They’re still awaiting confirmation of stays from the game

  83. Ben 3 years ago

    Hi all. Just phoned 365 as the game wasnt offered in play, they are trying to get the stats confirmed. They. Advised they are on the case

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      Hi all. Just phoned 365 as the game wasnt offered in play, they are trying to get the stats confirmed. They. Advised they are on the case

  84. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Guys I may have good news.

    I think the number of corners was between 12-14. If you look at the “results” section on 365 and bring up the match. You then scroll to the bottom and can see that between 12-14 corners is counted as a winner at odds of 5.00

  85. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Rob your a Medway lad too! Same as me haha poor us

  86. Jaseos 3 years ago

    scratch that, it took me to the wrong match… sorry!

  87. Gio79 3 years ago

    lost :( frustrating clicking refresh over n over

  88. Neil H 3 years ago

    Bad news guys just checked Bet365 and they now have the results up for the match and it shows the winner of corners being 6-8 !!

  89. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Yup showing as lost now :(

  90. Danny T 3 years ago

    -5 is this now at the lowest point the system has ever been at? We could really use these two tonight then guys or we could be in a little trouble

  91. JamieW 3 years ago

    It’s all about faith now. A win in Finland and we will turn it around :)

  92. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Yep a lost has been registered, nothing to check against though.

    Puts me at -210 for the week pending these next 2 bets.

    We have 4 days left after today for this week and need a 1/1 worst case scenario from the next 2

    Roll on the winners, a few due now.

  93. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Dont panic the comeback will be fun lol

  94. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Painful few days but it is what it is. Hopefully a nice tun of wins coming up to get us back outback.

  95. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    *on track, stoopid autocorrect :-)

  96. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Straight away 2 corners gone! 12 mins in

  97. Harry 3 years ago

    Can see this one being tight

  98. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Half time 3 corners not bad. Cashout at 14.78

  99. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Cover available 9/2 over 9 corners
    not doing it myself but if your nervy after the past two days there it is.

  100. jjone 3 years ago

    anyone on the jeonoman dragons over corner bet from this morning check with b365 as an error has been made . I watched in running and before it cut out overs was a winner.i have contacted them and they are looking at all bets

  101. Wato 3 years ago

    Just wanted to check guys I don’t personally cover these bets but I know some might do I was just thinking if they might not like that. I know when I do cover my other main football bets I always use a different bookie than the one I origionally placed the bet with but I know this isn’t possible in this case as we are all using the same bookie. Just wondered what you thought in case they decide they no longer want your business. Would hate for it to come to that for anyone following this

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Wato, they’ll be more concerned at you doing the corner bets if that’s all you do. They’re quite happy for you to cover with them as it guarantees a smaller payout.

  102. Danny T 3 years ago

    Out of interest what is the best site for finding out corner results?

  103. TheBoss 3 years ago

    jjone where did you watch the game??

  104. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jjone – Can you keep us updated on the outcome bud

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      That almost sounds too good to be true – would be amazing if that is correct though!

  105. Wato 3 years ago

    Cheers Mr F never thought of it that way shouldn’t be a problem then with doing Johnb’s horses sometimes using them and other football bets.

  106. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I had to cash that one out, for 106.58 v 114.00.
    I dont like to do it but im happy to leave 7.42 behind with sill 30 mins left to run plus injury time. Its been a hard few picks in last day or 2. I just want to chalk down a win and try and get back on the upswing.

  107. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    4 corners on the bounce, seriously are you sure

  108. Clouduk 3 years ago

    Ouch 4 corners in 2 minutes

  109. Danny T 3 years ago

    Wow that is a massive blow 4 corners is seconds

  110. Gunner 3 years ago

    Ugh here we go again and yet another non-winner coming up. System is struggling lads

  111. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    1 to play with, sucking it up.

  112. Danny T 3 years ago

    I don’t believe this gents this is one corner from down :-(

  113. Harry 3 years ago

    I could of cashed out for £50.38 and the returns were £51.50, I’m so stupid

  114. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Going down with 1 more, ffs

  115. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Am I seeing things people?! It said 4!? Check 3 mins later it’s 9?!

  116. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Cash out was 30p short and thought sod it leave it!! BS!

  117. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Ffs. Have we broken a mirror?

  118. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Well done for cashing out Brian!

  119. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lol whos to blame for this bad luck, i thought surely co not required as 6 short with 15 mins left mmmmm

  120. Harry 3 years ago

    Anyone cashing out for half there stake or letting it run?

  121. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Putting us through the ringer on this one

  122. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Roll the dice get your subs on and pray lol

  123. Harry 3 years ago

    Jeez this is nerve-wracking haha

  124. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Not watching lol

  125. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Come on blow the whistle! Give us some luck today!

  126. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Just tell me its a winner

  127. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    I cashed out a while ago after the bad run we’ve had, didn’t to take any chances. Glad I did by the sound of it

  128. Juangoal 3 years ago


  129. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Goal should slow It down now blow ref!

  130. Harry 3 years ago

    Oh my days

  131. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Unbelievable. Last kick (head) of the ball. That’s a tough one to take :@(

  132. TheBoss 3 years ago

    I cannot believe what I have just witnessed!

  133. Danny T 3 years ago

    That’s me done with corners this run is going to wipe out the amount set aside for this venture. Best of luck to Simon and rob and all the guys who continue . I wish you every success in the venture it’s too unpredictable for my liking take care chaps I hope you pull it all back

  134. GillsRob 3 years ago

    There are no words……

    I literally worked for about 10 minutes and then saw 5 corners in 7 minutes.

    Really sorry guys, we’re not taking this bad run lightly and are working to resolve what the issues are

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      Tough times – I didnt watch the match but I can see when the corners were awarded. Looks like a flurry of 4 quick corners did us in.

      I take comfort (I dont know if that’s the right word?) knowing that Simon and GillsRob are sharing in our success and feel our pain when bets lose. It’s because of this, and the track record, I’m sticking with the system because I know a good system doesn’t turn bad overnight.

      Thanks for your efforts Simon and GillsRob – I know you’re not taking this lightly and I know every point we lose, you lose too.

  135. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    That was just stupid and well done to those who cashed out.

  136. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Not your fault Rob, I think we are on a seriously bad bad run!

    Bank now:80
    -40 (starting 120)

    Shall we just call the last one a loss too now lol.

  137. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Did they actually take the last corner

  138. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Today has been ridiculous – injury time cost us twice

    Simon and I will put our heads together

  139. BRIAN 3 years ago

    Well that as brutal to say the least

    Emailed 364, the previous corners bet was beat.

    Luke B I understand. I am struggling to locate the information to get a definite answer which is why I am onto the Traders.

    Luke B Want to give you a clear answer.

    BRIAN Thats fine, take your time

    Luke B OK they have spoken to the K-League who confirmed there were only 6 corners in the match.

    BRIAN Really, ok. Can you just email me a link for refrencing the result please

    Luke B It has been found from the official K-League website. The link for this is

    Any glimmer of hope for that one is gone im afraid

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Although i find nothing on that site to say how many corners there were in the match ????
      So i still dont know where the they are getting their information from

  140. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Pete T – thank you. I can assure you all that the Newcastle like run will end

  141. GillsRob 3 years ago

    TheBoss – don’t worry I wondered that myself lol

    Onto Spain. ….

  142. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Not surprised Brian the our luck has been that way all day

    Simon Rob, you sure the UNDERS and Overs info is the wrong way round? Only joking lads.

    I’m sticking with it! Gotta turn around and I have 8 bets left to play with.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Although i find nothing on that site to say how many corners there were in the match ????
      So i still dont know where the they are getting their information from

  143. Tunnell 3 years ago

    What a crazy day of results. Lack of info for the first game then two last ditch corners to ruin the day even further

    I’m riding this money train until my banks empty. Hoping it won’t but will have to revaluate if it does. I’ve never been given 7 winning tips in a row before so I know there’s promise in this system. Just a bad bad patch i think.

  144. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Maybe take a few days off and have a betting break to re-group?

    Come on Spain game help us out.

  145. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Onwards we go

    I started with 360

    I have 360 with a bet placed

    Did reach 920 and thats when this run started

    Just as easily go on a run back up and i play on.

    Thats what the 12 slices are for, some fat basteward keeps eating mine but i will get it back.

  146. Harry 3 years ago

    Colombia women to win and German u21’s would win is a good shout at 7.50/1

    I got them slight higher because the odds for both teams have just dropped :)

  147. Gary May 3 years ago

    Onto Spain it is. Any news in possible games tomorrow guys?

  148. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    There was a game effsburg played and every site said 1 more corner than 365. They still stuck to the decision it was a void. Even the ifficiak swedish website saud 1 less. I guess they will just stuck to the decision made.

  149. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Ifficiak lol i am even talking swedish now.

    This 7 o cocker needs to deliver

  150. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Simon and I are currently reviewing lines (something usually at the end of the month)

    As stated, this is the same system that won 7 on the bounce just last week

  151. jjone 3 years ago

    just had call back from b365 they said korean game was settled incorrectly as both unders/overs had both been treated as losses and although results site said 6-8 corners she could not confirm final amount, i was certain b365 had at least 9 on their in play before this game went off their system

  152. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    7 o clock lol this phone is doing my head in, must check whats written

  153. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Keep playing the lines gentlemen it will even out.

  154. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Gary – given the current run, we are holding an emergency review before any further data checks

  155. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Wtf in Spain? 365 say 0 corners after 8 mins, flashscores says 3.

  156. Juangoal 3 years ago

    It’ll be 3 of course given the current luck

  157. sibo 3 years ago

    it is 4 after 10 mins

  158. Danny T 3 years ago

    It’s 4 bet 365 have got it wrong William hill have 4

  159. BRIAN 3 years ago

    Its a 4 in 10 minutes – dont know what 365 are at

  160. Harry 3 years ago

    I was wanting to put the Spain one on, glad I lost track of time

  161. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lets hope this one settles down, need a sit down.

  162. Gunner 3 years ago

    Yeh already 4 corners and Zaragoza have gone down a goal so theyll be attacking hard. Aint looking good either lads

  163. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Flash show 5

    365 show 4


  164. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Its settled on 5 now

  165. Gary May 3 years ago

    This one is gonna be down by halftime

  166. Gunner 3 years ago

    And theres corner 6 in 30 min. Back to the drawing board. Betting on cards might be a better ‘bet’ perhaps?

  167. PeteT 3 years ago


    Whilst it’s been a tough (was that an understatement?) few days it’s really good to see there’s still support for Simon and Rob and that frustrations haven’t turned into insults and bitching (like happens on other threads sometimes)

    I dont mean to sound patronising saying this – it’s just good to see.

    Rob / Simon. Good luck with the review. I have faith that a system that has faired well will return to production. If it means taking a couple of days of no bets (or longer) then so be it.

  168. Gary May 3 years ago

    8 corners!

  169. Gio79 3 years ago

    feeling a little frustrated..but Simon and Rob are putting in a lot of work and don’t owe us anything, they are sharing this information with us because they want to. Besides.. it is gambling.. its calculated gambling but gambling nevertheless. Nothing is guaranteed. I want to thank them both for the information and work and I trust things will get back on track soon. hey… shit happens right? :)

  170. Danny T 3 years ago

    Pete t . Agreed insults are not necessary . The guys had the very best of intentions and spent a great deal of their own time to construct the system and to post it for us to see and use. Like I say (forgot we still had las palmas to go) that’s me not using the system anymore purely as I can still salvage some of the balance on one or two other things . I don’t blame anyone and for the guys who stick with it I throughly hope they get their rewards and the system is back on track as quick as possible for you. It’s a great thread with some really genuine decent guys on and hopefully normal service will resume . Maybe I was the Jonah as this is my 3rd week on a system that lasted a year maybe I am cursed lol .

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      DannyT – no way are you a Jonah! I think the thing is this is a system which is still evolving. What I like about Simon and Rob’s system is that they keep monitoring, reviewing and adjusting it as they learn about new factors that affect their dataset. The fact they’re in it for the long term is a big + point to me too.

      Completely understand why you’re out. This system isn’t for everyone (personal tastes) and you’re doing really well on your goal bets at the moment (nice work recently!)

      As you say though insults dont help. I remember some of the ugly comments towards JohnB, MrF (do you remember someone said he should be fired even though it’s his name above the door – so to speak!), Raal and other contributors.

      Anything take your fancy over the next day or so Danny?

      • Danny T 3 years ago

        Pete T cheers mate . I haven’t had much time to research as thoroughly as I would like. I am on btts in France v Mexico ladies . But that’s about it at the moment I am monitoring the under 21 euros also to see if any value can be found . Other than that I need to get my hard I. The books so to speak lol. I genuinely hope that rob and Simon turn it around and I will pop in and see how your all getting on . How’s things with your mum mate?

        • Danny T 3 years ago

          Head in the books that is meant to read I have no idea how it autocorrected to that haha

  171. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cant get any fing cover in as susp for most of the match. 365 says 8 flash says 10

    Taking a loss on the chin here and i return to my starting bank and a -6 position.

    Operation get the slices back starts with the next bets

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      No cover dave as the bet was beat at 44 mins

  172. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    100 % behind it and need a nice few kind days to regroup and recoup.

  173. Gunner 3 years ago

    Agreed Pete. Mr F and Raal have both been struggling too. Its the end of the season so best to stay away from large bets as there’ve been more losers than winners and this should probably be emphasized on the site.

    Wait till August and then start hitting it hard!

  174. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Cheers PeteT

    Making an omlette, the eggs are getting it lol

  175. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot guys. For what’s it worth the support is fantastic.

    Despite the horror run, we have drawn further conclusions and learns from it. We have added 5 or 6 further rules which would have excluded at least four defeats from the run.

    However, anybody who is truly disheartened and doesn’t wish to follow then please don’t hesitate. Afterall betting isn’t supposed to be torturous. Take a break and observe us until you’re happy to return if you so choose to do so.

    Whatever your decisions, thank you for all your support and those who provide invaluable constructive criticism please keep doing so.

  176. murmagic 3 years ago

    Damn, 10 corners in first half I think

  177. JamieW 3 years ago

    I would just like to say I’m still committed to this and I thank Rob and Simon for all the work they put in.

    If I lose my bank, I lose my bank. I’d rather lose my bank using a system which takes work than just having wild stabs like I used to. At least this way I know the bets are well researched and they’re only losing because of some awful luck.

    Thanks again, guys.

  178. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jamie – Exactly my thoughts bud. I started 5 weeks ago and have left what i started with.

    I enjoy following these win or lose thats gambling.

    I still beleive over the long run this delivers.

  179. Jaseos 3 years ago

    I am afraid it’s me gents, I appear cursed. Well I am pulling myself out of this. I started 6 days ago after a simon/rob had a bad day of 1 win from 4 – thinking it’s a good time to start… 4 wins and 11 losses later I am £77 down.

    Don’t worry, you’ll start winning again now, the ju-ju has been lifted!

    In all seriousness though Simon/Rob, I asked a week or so ago about how you gather obscure data and the ingenious answer was Football Manager… BUT… This game is almost a year old now and the team/players/managers/pitches, etc could all have changed in that time. Is this something that can be considered?

  180. TheBoss 3 years ago

    To be honest I’m only down £40 after what 2-3 weeks? If I were betting the normal way I would have before I’d be down much much more!!!

    On we go! :)

  181. Michael C 3 years ago

    I’m still in. I started with £60 on the basis that if it all went I could go again. Even after today it hasn’t all gone, only just over half of it has, so although a bleak run, I’m still very much in the game. Not pricing up holidays to disneyland anymore mind, but shouldn’t have got over excited after 7 in a row last week! Cheers Simon and Rob. Appreciate your effort and I guess it must be harder now you have us all following. As a Bradford fan we have a saying “IPWT” – In Parky We Trust – so I say IS&RWT and on to tomorrow

  182. trevor 3 years ago


    Ignore all the negative comments

    Every system has losing runs and winning runs (have we forgot the 7 out of 7 a few weeks ago) It all evens up in the end.

    I believe like you guys that over the piece winners will return

    Learn from tthe loser regroup and come back stronger

    Mr F, Raal and Johnb have all had bad patches but continue doing what you believe in and Keep the Faith

    I dont blame anyone for not wishing to continue that is their choice


  183. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Im 60 quid down which is a bad run, but this time last week I was 60 quid up. Still think this is a great system and will continue to follow.

  184. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    I started with £60 just over 2 weeks ago, doubled it and now back to about £50. As others have said, I’d have blown way more than that with my normal haphazard betting!

    I’m still in and still appreciate the hard work that Simon and Rob are putting in.

  185. David Boyd 3 years ago


    Great structure and system, keep up the good work and results will turn around. The principles of this system are top notch and could be applied to any number of markets. Each day is a learning curve. Really opened my eyes to the Asian lines of which there seems to be good value when coupled to a structured staking plan. Personally starting a dry run on asian handicaps at similar odds (first bet Germany u21 -1ah @1.9) with a view to bank building. Look forward to the corner tips and hoping for some winners tomorrow. All the best

  186. GillsRob 3 years ago

    David – thank you and glad to hear that you’re putting the staking plan into practice elsewhere. I certainly will do so in the future with other markets

    No further tips tonight which is probably a good thing. We’ve taken a deep breath and just ironing out a few kinks ready to go again tomorrow.

    Im off work tomorrow so after returning from the school run, should be able to lay some things out

  187. Redofheaven 3 years ago

    Simon / Rob, you don’t force anyone to place a bet, everyone is responsible for themselves. You are doing a great job and providing options for people. Well done and good luck going forward. I place small amounts on your suggestions and am enjoying the ride!

  188. Clarks76 3 years ago

    Long game! Have to keep reminding ourselves of the good runs we’ve had to date! Following the system we are all or should be still in the fight instead of the bank being burst altogether fighting the urge to chase losses. Mighty close to 2 wins a void and a loss from the last 4 instead of 3 losses and a void. Still with you guys thanks for all the effort and honesty.

  189. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Morning men. Those who are still on the money train, hopefully rob and si have a few picks for us today. I decided to take my bank and divide it by 12 again to give me another 12 bets as I were down to the last five with my current stake. Maybe this could be an option to some if they are worried about running low on funds.

    Have a good day all

  190. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Same here Tunnell. Think it’s a smart move. Can’t continue with the stakes I was using, not until we get a few wins.

  191. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Same here juan, good luck pal.

  192. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Makes sense guys, completely understand that move to stabilise things for the moment.

    Nothing for today yet but data check to be run later this morning.

    Simon and I reviewed the last few days at great length last night and have drawn a few conclusions. Consequently we have made adjustments and will discuss them with everybody soon.

  193. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    5 weeks betting and level for me at the moment. I have no doubt this works in the long run and have said many times my original bank is the only risk.

    I am weighing up carrying on with 6 slices at current stake or create a new cake with 12 slices.

    Decisions decisions

  194. Sean567 3 years ago

    This is still the system for me regardless of wether it’s a bad run. I know a lot of time and effort goes into it and it’s not the haphazard headless betting that I usually employ. I know you will turn it round guys

  195. Champy R 3 years ago

    I’m dividing by 12 again, makes sense for now.

  196. Buckiejag 3 years ago

    Simon & Rob.
    Keep up the work, as you said at the start it is a slow building procedure, Also the start of the new home football season Is not far away.

  197. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Anymore news on that overs game yesterday which was put as a loser.

  198. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Clutching at straws Dave lol.

  199. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Currently no bets for today, small card so not a surprise. If it changes we will give 2hrs notice at least.

    Good news, football weekend starts tomorrow

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      As you say Rob, no surprise there

      How’s the break down of the last couple of days going? Hopefully it’s giving you some useful insight?

  200. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Lmfao. That’s tickled me.

    What I think I have learnt regarding this bad run is that come Monday’s I’m not going to split my bank, I shall wait till I’m double bubble and go from there as altho growth to the bank looks good when your winning, you take a right hit when you have a losing run.

  201. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Same here Tunnell staying at 10 per bet till I at least hit the level 2 mark.

  202. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Pete T – definitely. We’ve added a few more exclusions and rules which we’ve analysed so should tighten things up.

  203. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I’ve think it’s the sensible non greedy approach, I’d rather have small profit then no bank :)

  204. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Small card today rob. I don’t expect you’ll have any tips will you. Sat looks a decent day. Over 200 games I believe.

  205. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Weekends seem to be a good! :)

  206. GillsRob 3 years ago

    No bets today, tomorrow equally lean but who knows. Saturday does indeed have a splurge of games available so should have a few then. I’ll take advantage of the lull by doing further analysis to see if any further tweaks needed

  207. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Don’t stress yourself out mate, spend time with the family and let the system run its course. I’m sure we’ll have some winners sat with the Tweeks you’ve already made. if not we carry on. :)

  208. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Ready to get back on the horse Saturdaym

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