Leagues Tipped:

FIRST football, then racing and now pubs and bookies.

I had my last pint for what will be some time on Wednesday night in the Burnbrae in Milngavie. It seemed safer than Tesco with about a dozen people in and well distanced. I'll remember it for a while but my last tipple was Punk IPA from Brewdog and no one tried to grab my glass. What was your last pint – in fact what was your last bet?

On Friday I was on Scott McDonald to score for Brisbane and I wish I'd doubled him with Jamie Maclaren for Melbourne. Both are well-known to Scots footie fans.

Well done to Sean and Alex for their tips and winners and check out Sean's excellent write-up on today's Sydney derby.

Apart from the Aussie game at 8.30am there are matches in Belarus but it would take a brave man to back anything there. Week one of the league has seen four games and no favourites winning.

So today I've invested a few quid in the pools for the first time in about 30 years. Check out my draws picks here.

March Super Single Stats: +0.9pts

March Advised Acca Stats: -9.4pts

  1. kyle b 6 months ago

    Be no more scrapping for bog rolls and cleaning products as of tomorrow morning after today’s announcements, it will be every man for himself filling up trollies full of booze. If only we could truly hibernate for a few months until this is all over with….

  2. kyle b 6 months ago

    WSW vs Sydney
    Daniel Georgevski Carded @ 15/8

    Isloch vs Neman Grodno
    Isloch 30+ Booking Points @ 7/5 *NAP*

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Aussie bet LOST but only a small stake

  3. andymac1980 6 months ago

    WSW v Sydney:
    Sydney win & under 2.5gls @ 9/2 with Bet365

    • andymac1980 6 months ago

      Frustrating one this morning and such a poor goal to lose for Sydney. Lost ❌

  4. dc john boy 6 months ago

    Posted last night

    WSW v Sydney

    Btts & overs evens
    Duke ags 15/8
    Cox to be carded 5/2

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 6 months ago


  5. Deano86 6 months ago

    Ws wanderers vs Sydney fc

    Patrick ziegler to be booked 3/1


  6. kf 6 months ago

    Easter Suburbs won but Melbourne ladies just fell short on previous two bets. So going for a speculative Bet Builder on WSW v Sydney game

    8.30 WSW v Sydney : Sydney win / 7Corners / >1WSW Card


    GL with whatever you bet on today

    • kf 6 months ago


  7. kf 6 months ago

    That should read >7Corners*

  8. maccathered 6 months ago

    Morning lads hope everyone is well,going to have a tickle on the Belarus League
    Neman Grodno +1 asian handicap
    FK Gorodaya +1 asian handicap
    double at 0.8/1
    Also going to have a small stake bet in the Bhutan Super League
    Paro United double chance at 9/2
    Paro United to win at 10/1
    Paro were 25/1 to win this game earlier this morning and i can’t grasp why they are such big outsiders,they beat the home side 4-1 home and away last season by what i can gather so either bookies know something or they have priced the game wrong anyway going to take a chance on it,worth a few quid during the Apocalypse.
    Best of luck

    • nutbutt 6 months ago

      Macca there are 2 teams in that league called Paro.
      Paro won the league with ease but Paro Utd finished 2 bottom conceding 127 goals along the way.
      High Quality Utd have put 5/6/6 and 7 past Paro Utd in their last 4 h2h

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Cheers nutbutt i will cashout now thankyou for telling me much appreciated.

    • nutbutt 6 months ago

      No problem. That’s what this community is for 👍

  9. El Gooner 6 months ago

    Amateur hour in the A league. Again.
    Honestly prefer watching the Singapore league.

  10. maccathered 6 months ago

    Not a bad night on Sunday as the Honduras League is on,there are 5 games will have some tips up later on tonight for that.

  11. sean567 6 months ago

    A league
    After a bit of digging thru hills sections I’ve managed to find a couple of bets I think are worthy of NAP/NB stakes or status. Apologies for the NAP being a short price but if it lands you won’t hear me complaining.
    Sydney dc
    Each team 3+ corners
    Wsw over 0.5 cards
    7/10 NAP
    WINNER ✅✅✅

    Each team over 1 card
    23/20 NB
    LOST ❌

    Big write up last night on how I thought wsw would dominate the corner count, pleased to say it landed with ease 7-3
    11/8 WON✅

    No joy with the cards finished 1 apiece, no crowd definitely affects this market imo
    Wsw most cards 23/20
    LOST ❌

    Be nice to get a clean sweep, it’s not been far away the past few mornings, hopefully it’s coming but 2/4 returns profit. Nothing from me til Monday, good luck with your bets over the rest of the weekend.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Nice winners there Sean, should have gone with corners myself in retrospect. Cox made up for his blunder the other week with a cracking strike / assist lol

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Cheers Kyle 👍🏻

  12. kyle b 6 months ago

    Prices have drifted a fair bit on the Isloch card markets and it is a big enough margin to make me back it again and take the bait. We will see if the bookies got this right.

    Isloch vs Neman Grodno
    Isloch 20+ Booking Points @ 4/5 *Main Bet*
    Isloch 30+ Booking Points @ 7/5 & @ 5/2

    • aarron19888 6 months ago

      hey kyle, looks god, will 0 fans make a difference? thanks, 7/1 for 40 plus looks well tempting, only worry is 0 fans, think this will matter?

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Don’t think it will make a difference in this game pal.

    • kf 6 months ago

      Hi Kyle, is this with skybet?

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Sorry KF just seen this, 20+ Booking Points now @ 1/2 & 30+ Booking Points @ 11/8. Prices with Sky and been hammered.

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      30+ Booking Points Best price 6/4 @ Paddy’s now KF 👍

    • kf 6 months ago

      Cheers Kyle…Couldn’t get on in the end, as got tied up doing other stuff

    • aarron19888 6 months ago

      hoping to god grodno score now so that isloch get spicey after the grodno red haha

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      What did you back in the end Aaron? Hope you got a winner outta that game

    • aarron19888 6 months ago

      thank god kyle! I am working from home and assumed it had lost! hahaha

      thank christ, had £72 exactly on 30 plus at 11/4 – was gonna do £100 but £72 was max, thanks a lot man

  13. cockerspaniel 6 months ago

    I see Kenny Rogers broke even last night . RIP

  14. craneguy 6 months ago

    first go on the pools since was a teenager………….

    2,5,8,11,14,17,22,23,26,31,35 pick 11 £2.75
    3,8,13,19,22,27,36,37,40,44,49 pick 11 £2.75
    15,17,23,28,31,33,34,39,43,46 pick 10 £1
    1,11,14,19,22,32,36,39,41,49 pick 10 £1
    9,11,13,16,17,19,21,23,30,34 pick 10 £1
    2,5,10,11,15,18,23,36,37,49 pick 10 £1

    just £9.50 staked to see how it goes………………..

  15. nate pesh 6 months ago

    Isloch vs Neman Grodno 🇧🇾

    Over 2.5 MGS 8/5

    Last 2 meetings were 1-1 and 1-0 but 3 before that were 4-0, 6-0 and 2-1 so worth a punt

  16. zoobsk 6 months ago

    FK Gorodeya in play DC 6/4

  17. sean567 6 months ago

    Good wee piece in today’s record about the A league mr fixit 👍🏻

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Cheers, you know much more about it than me of course.
      I’ll edit that article and post the tip tomorrow.
      And well done with the corners tip.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Goals for me in that Perth match on Monday. Should see btts/o2.5

  18. frastar 6 months ago

    Don’t comment often.
    On Bet 365 you can bet on various lottos.
    My favourite is the French one. It is 1400 to 1 for three numbers and 100 to 1 for 2.
    I do about a fiver of small stakes for a bit if fun. Have won £600 in lat 2 months as 15p gets you over £200 quid.
    Just saying since mr fixit is on the pools. This is another option if anyone wants to try it. Big returns for small stakes.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      All these bets are fine for small stakes. I don’t expect to win the pools but it’s a small interest.

  19. frastar 6 months ago

    P.s. its on sat.mon and wed and only one draw.Thats 15p on 3numbers wins 210.

  20. cockerspaniel 6 months ago

    I do the Irish frastar, 47 numbers as opposed to 49 on the French . Odds are lower but you have a better chance of winning. I`ve had a few good lifts out of it , as you say well worth a punt .

  21. The Antepost King 6 months ago

    Burundi Premier League

    Rukinzo VS Les Lierres 2pm

    Rukinzo win & o1.5 goals 20/23 coral 10/10 bet
    Rukinzo win & o2.5 goals 7/5 coral
    Rukinzo ht/ft 6/4 bet365

  22. SlimJim 6 months ago

    Olympic Star over 2.5mgls⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  23. kyle b 6 months ago

    Isloch vs Neman Grodno
    Isloch 20+ Booking Points @ 4/5 *Main Bet*
    Isloch 30+ Booking Points @ 7/5 & @ 5/2

    All **WON** – Injury time 3rd yellow seals all bets 😅

    • martin17 6 months ago

      well done kyle

  24. martin17 6 months ago

    been looking into the saint kitts and nevis game tonight never thought that would happen!! and the 2nd game is bottom v top.

    Trafalgar Southstars are 5/6 to score a goal skybet btts 8/11!!!!! anyway they tend to score a goal more often then not and are playing at home will put them in double with btts and over 3.5 goals int the Hong Kong cup game tomorrow morning. double pays a tad over 13/5 skybet.

    good luck everyone

  25. GregBrowning 6 months ago

    Afternoon gents

    Hope you’re well

    Going to look at Monday’s two Oz games and will post later if I see anything that stands out

    If you are looking to pass half and hour give this weeks Gambla Betting Podcast a miss – or if you are struggling to sleep stick it on and let my soothing tones relax you 🕺🏽😂 – Both Scott McDonald and Adam Le Fondre were discussed and both scored.


    A really good opportunity for people to make changed in their life / take up new hobbies.

    I intend to get fitter and in the absence of 7’s aside and go out running 3-4 times a week

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      How can you make changes in your life when your not supposed to be outside.Take up hobbies/what knitting lol

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      I’ll be hitting the golf course and walking the dug – no pint after a game of course, no high fiving, no touching each other’s balls.

    • GregBrowning 6 months ago

      Nothing to do with being outside, people are encouraged to go outside, just not in crowds.

      Plenty changes you can make – eat better. Drink less, go for walks, runs, out on your bike, take up a musical instrument, learn a language 🕺🏽

    • old al 6 months ago

      Fishing’s ok if you keep you distance and don’t fiddle with the other guys rods.

    • maccathered 6 months ago


  26. maccathered 6 months ago

    Would love to know who unleashed this Virus.

  27. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    China’s response to the USA trade war maybe.
    There are theories which have been dismissed that the virus was genetically created.
    Seems odd that this broke out after all that Huawei business.
    China were first to get the virus, and will be first to recover by the looks of it and while the USA economy is in tatters China will be investing worldwide at rock bottom trade/share prices and the USA will be begging for their investment then.

    Love a good conspiracy theory myself 😨

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Certainly an attack of some kind,148 countries have it and Trump said himself unbelievable that it can just spread this far.

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Its either the Americans or the Chinese.
      No surprises there.

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      America just as likely as China imo.
      Though it seems a bit of a stretch that the Americans would do it just to initiate an anti China agenda. We will most likely never know

  28. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    St Kitts and Nevis super League.
    Ko 8pm.

    Security forces United v st Paul’s United.

    Btts 4-5 (hills)

    This is the BIG ONE.
    It’s security forces chance to get out of the relegation zone by avoiding defeat, this is unlikely though as they are shite.

    They face mid table st Paul’s who haven’t conceded many but tend to concede one or two on their travels, they have conceded in 21 of their last 25 aways indeed.

    The security boys concede an average of over 4 goals a game but score an average of 1.5 goals a game themselves.
    They have scored in 7 of 10 aways and their only 2 home games have seen btts and overs.

    Even if world football was still on this is the only game that matters, come 8pm tonight the world will stop spinning on its axis and divert it’s attention to the west indies for this titanic clash.

    Security 1 st Paul’s 3

    • HullShaker 6 months ago

      In years to come, this will be the game that folk still talk about – don’t think many can even comprehend how big this one is.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Having a dabble on this too, just to break up the monotony of 48 simpsons episodes, over 4 asian goals 4/5. Adding over 4.5/5 in the 10pm game and over 3 in the Hong Kong game in the morning for a treble. Seriously reduced stakes tho, don’t go mad. (1/3 of a NAP stake for me for the treble, 1/2 stake for the single)

      Security v St. Paul’s over 4 agl

      Security o4 agl
      Trafalgar o4.5/5 agl
      Woofoo o3 agl

      All priced bet 365

  29. HullShaker 6 months ago

    Totally agree Greg – only last night Craneguy was talking about increasing his ‘activites’ outdoor. Ever since he had his tag temoved and the skin has grown back on the palm of his hands, he’s had a new lease of life.

    No idea what happened to last night’s pick but looks like cancelled!

    Probably not the only one looking at the St Kitts & Nevis games and maybe a little bit of value at lowered stakes…


    OVER 4.5 GOALS
    (6/5, bet365) ⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

  30. kf 6 months ago

    06.30 (Sun) Tai Po v R&F (Hong Kong FA Cup)

    • Last 6 h2h (in all competitions) have all been >2.5mgs (four of the six >3.5mgs)
    • Over the six games averaging 4.5 goals per game
    • Both teams have scored in all six meetings

    Based purely on this, I am going for:

    • BTTS + >3.5mgs (Nap) @ 1/1 (Skybet)
    • BTTS + >4.5mgs (NB) @ 2/1 (Skybet)

    GL whatever you’re having a bet on…

  31. kf 6 months ago

    Nicaraguan Primera Division

    01:00 Diriangen v Deportivo Ocotal

    Top of the league Diriangen (W6 D2 L1 GD+7) plays
    Deportivo Ocotal (W2 D3 L4 GD-5). Based on these
    Stats, will have a small play on a

    Diriangen win @1.45 (Bet365)

  32. tonys 6 months ago

    Can’t find the SECURITY FORCES UNITED VS. ST. PAULS UNITED game anywhere. Wasn’t it supposed to ko at 20.00 pm ?

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Looks to have been pulled

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      I have been refunded with skybet

  33. tonys 6 months ago

    Does that mean match cancelled or just not being covered on the web ?

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      The league has been suspended I think

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Don’t know, anywhere I’ve looked on internet is saying only the final score will be posted, and you can still bet on the 2nd match no problem

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Skybet refunded me on both games.

  34. tonys 6 months ago

    That’s a shame – thought it was looking quite promising….

  35. maccathered 6 months ago

    The two Nicaraguan youth games at 10.30 both games over 1.5 first half goals.

  36. tonys 6 months ago

    There is still currently the Nicaraguan leagues – 2 youth league games at 22.30 and 3 Clausura games at 01.00

  37. tonys 6 months ago

    Diriangen and Real Esteli at home at 01.00 might work too….

  38. jay085 6 months ago

    hi has anyone any idea where to follow the SECURITY FORCES UNITED v ST PAULS UNITED game ??

    • elvis parsley 6 months ago

      It was postponed, also their game next Saturday is off too.
      Another country bites the dust.
      Looks like Haiti, Nicaragua, Belarus,australia, Singapore, Honduras left and that’s about it.

      How come there are loads of friendlies in Sweden ??.
      Haven’t they had the virus.
      Come to think about it there has been nothing on the news about the virus from the Scandinavian nations.
      Must be their Viking DNA.

  39. craneguy 6 months ago


    managua win, las sabanas btts 5/2

    oz in morning

    penalty 7/4

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