ANYTHING Celtic can do Rangers can do just as well.

After Celtic were installed as 1-50 for the SPL title, Rangers are also 1-50 with for championship glory – in the Scottish Third Division.

The newco look set to start life against the likes of Peterhead, Annan and East Stirling next season and are unbackable at prices such as 1-50 even though no one yet knows what kind of squad will be available to Ally McCoist.

William Hill have priced up a number of Rangers specials and make them just 7-2 to win Div 3, Div 2 and Div 1 in consecutive seasons but of course this bet could be voided by league reconstruction.

Rangers are 12-1 with Hills to win Div 3 with a 100 per cent record 10-1 to be unbeaten in the SFL until the end of 2014-15.

McCoist's side are 16-1 to land a quadruple next season – Div 3, Scottish Cup, League Cup … and Ramsdens Cup.

Rangers and Celtic are 5-6 to meet in the Scottish Cup or League Cup next season and 7-1 to beat them in either tournament over 90 minutes.

Following the latest development William Hill make Celtic 4-1 to win nine SPL titles in a row.

  1. Andy 9 years ago

    Let’s all laugh at rangers ha ha haha

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Andy, cannae have comments like that. We’re all Clydebank fans on this site remember.

    • Ally 9 years ago

      Jog on Andy son.

  2. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    Hey Andy its no gonny be so funny when the spl is the equivalent of the irish or welsh league. Morally its the right punishment for rangers but the current financial state of scottish footy is already so bad that this could tip it over the edge. Canny see sky pumpin too much money in with no old firm games and no gonny be too many new sponsors either.

  3. Alex walker 9 years ago

    Andy this is not a website to slag each other of about celtic and rangers. If you want slag rangers of go do it somewhere else!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Alex, you’re spot on. It’s not a site for Celtic/Rangers slagging. There are plenty out there where you can do that. So all comments like the ones from Andy and Danny will be trashed.

  4. Gary 9 years ago

    Mr F, I’m sure I speak for most when I say…. Keep the Old Firm chat away from this site.

    Some really good patter goes on and the last thing we want is it being ruined by OF fans polluting it.

  5. craig alves 9 years ago

    im a celtic fan but gonna miss the auld firms, only decent games in spl but div 3 was the only place where gers would end up and it shouldnt even have went for a vote for sfl clubs, a just hope for at least 1 cup game nxt season

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Craig, we’ll see what happens over the next few days but I’d still be surprised if Rangers are in Division 3 next season.

  6. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    Andy if u had half a brain u would realise that this effects ur team too. Celtic r gonna walk the league for the next 4 or 5 years. U think izaguirre, kayal, forrest, hooper are gonna stick around for that? Good players need some kind of challenge. U think Dermot Desmond is gonna spend millions replacing them when he can still win league? This will have a knock on effect on euro qualification which means less money again. Other spl clubs moan about old firm buying all their best players but could they survive without this money? The way its goin hibs and hearts could end up losing their best players to clubs like grimsby and swindon. The thing is will this be a huge punishment to rangers? They will massively reduce their wage bill and will be cutting their own tv deals for next few years. If rangers average 20,000 plus fans they will do well. If they get 200,000 to subscribe to rangers tv for a tenner a month thats 24 million a year. Euro money doesnt matter as 3 year suspension anyway. Rangers need to be punished somehow but this way seems to be punishing everyone in scottish football!!!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Joe, you’re right to say Rangers had to be punished and that all clubs will now suffer. That’s the reality because since the SPL formed everything’s been weighted in favour of the Old Firm. So take one away and you have problems. Clubs had a basic decison to make: Sporting integrity or money. They chose the former but that’s not the end of it. Sky and others will start to reduce their investment and clubs will either have to get Rangers back to the SPL quickly or make savage cuts.

  7. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    Gary and Alex i know what your saying the last thing i want is for this to be a place where old firm bigots spew their bile. Im trying to have a reasonable debate on a major issue in scottish football. Craig im gonna miss old firms too i get butterflies as soon as i wake up on old firm day!!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Joe, your comments are fair enough. It’s the guys who turn into a hatefest that we don’t want here.

  8. Alex walker 9 years ago

    The way that its going is that its not just rangers who getting punished its every other club! So what is the answer! Me personally thinks that there are far to many clubs in scotland and definately to many running the show at hampden park. Why do we need spl sfl and sfa to run football in scotland! It seems that its a job for the boys down there. Thats why this thing with rangers has taken so long!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Alex, I’m sure there will be change now but try telling fans of clubs like East Stirling and Albion Rovers that there are too many teams. I don’t support amalagamation or teams going to the wall but there has to be reconstruction and a pyramid system would be fantastic.

  9. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    W.A.T.P = We Avoid Tax Payments

    W.A.T.P = We’re Off To Peterhead

    Sky Sports have apologised to all customers for advertising to watch Rangers in 3D, they meant D3.

    Ok couldn’t resist some good old banter there. One thing I would say is that the media tried to convince everyone that Rangers going down would have a massive impact. There is no evidence to suggest this will happen. Celtic ticket sales only account for about 2% of their turnover for the year.

    Secondly it is true that other clubs may feel the financial pinch with Rangers not in the SPL but again this is greatly exaggerated. The other clubs would just have to cut their cloth accordingly. If your team is regulated from the spl to the first division then the relegated team would have no games against Celtic or Rangers nor would they receive their share of sky tv rights. Name me any club who have been relegated and went to the wall? Nobody. This is fact and further supports that this argument is exaggerated.

    Also there was no argument from the media or Rangers fans when they were considering abandoning the SPL for a place in England. Nobody was concerned at the impact that would have.

    Celtic have made it clear that they will continue to build their team for European success and they are a good team and may get some good results in Europe.

    Rangers being placed in the third division was def the right decision as far as sporting integrity goes. I
    Ageing Rangers got parachuted straight back into the SPL? It would be even more of a laughing stock than what it is now.

    The thing that annoys me about the whole situation is that Rangers continue to portray themselves as the victims in all this. Think they were a bit cocky and expected to get a slap on the wrist but luckily they got the punishment they deserved.

    As a Celtic fan I will miss the old firm games but rangers will be up in a few years. I don’t believe that rangers will win 3rd, 2nd and 1st division consecutively. I could see them struggle for a few years.

    I do feel sorry for some of the fans as after all they have done nothing wrong but unfortunately if you follow a club then you have to take the good with the bad.

    • Ally 9 years ago

      We’re off to Peterhead? Chris Guy, hope you read it back. If you’re gonny take the mickey, at least get it right. walloper.

  10. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Plus what happened when Celtic were literally minutes away from going to the wall. All you got from the media were pictures of coffins at the back of the papers with the big RIP

  11. Alex walker 9 years ago

    Agree paul. But wouldnt it be better to have a say a 16 team league and let the rest play in another league! Scotland have left to rot behind lots of other countrys for yrs now! We hand out far to much money to the smaller clubs. Do you perfer watchin clydebank now in a league where they are at a level of theres or would you rather see them again in the div 3 2 or 1?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Alex, I enjoyed watching Clydebank as a senior team when we had our ground. The minute we moved then sold the club to people who had no interest in the team but to make money it was all over. Watching Clydebank progress from bottom rung of juniors to top has been great fun and last season was brilliant. I’d be happy for them to stay as a junior side but if we get our own ground I know the aim will be to return to the seniors. At the end of the day just having a team to support is the main thing and Clydebank and Rangers could both have been lost.

  12. Alex walker 9 years ago

    Chris guy. Celtic will struggle in europe big time! They will not be up to speed with other european teams as they wont have that class of team to play every other wk in the spl. Joe is spot when he says that players want to better themselves and they wont come to scotland if there are no oldfirm games!

  13. Joe Knotts 9 years ago

    Chris i dont understand the comment about ticket sales being only 2% of celtics turnover. Are u talking about season tickets?
    You say clubs including celtic wont really be affected by this but TV companies and sponsors arent going to keep pumping money into a non competetive league. Your best players wont want to play in a non competetive league. Good players wont want to come and play in a non competetive league. Celtic will find it harder in Europe because of this. How is european success gonna be affected when the league is over quickly and players are harder to motivate week in week out.
    Furthermore i dont think Rangers are victims in this but i dont know if the right people are being punished. Rangers is a club, it cant make decisions on tax payments. This is done by individuals like David Murray and co. Why are they not being held to account? If you own a company and fiddle tax you are responsible not the guy you sell it to or the company itself.
    I do agree Rangers getting a parachute into SPL would be a joke. The clubs have voted and thats it u cant just change the rules as u go.
    Either way this should have been sorted out before now.

  14. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Celtic gave a very good team at the moment who could compete in Europe. None of the players are leaving ie hopper new contract Forster new contract. Celtic still looking got sign new games.

    Yeah it was individuals but rangers as an entity, as an organisation has to be held responsible. That would be a cop out for every organisation whether in football or not. They could just blame anyonecwho left the company,

    To be honest I thought that Rangers would have started in the first division but then why should they?

    If Scottish football goes to hell then we will have only rangers to blame. FACT.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, if Scottish football goes to hell don’t blame Rangers, blame the game’s rulers. They haven’t handled this at all well. Instead of passing on the problem to the SFL, the SPL could have sorted it out by handing Rangers points deductions that were heavy enough to stop them winning the league for a few years plus other penalties. But they passed the buck and now don’t like the decision of the SFL. And no matter what you say every club will lose a fortune without Rangers because no TV companies or sponsors will pay out the same amount of cash as before.

  15. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    What would you do if you had £50k of savings on the bank of Scotland and some employee stole your money. The guy get sacked for what he done but with regards to you getting your money back your into plums as the individual responsible just blew your £50k at a casino. Would you accept this or would you be demanding that the bank as an organisation give you the money back?

  16. Joe Knotts 9 years ago

    Chris you talk about Rangers as if its a person. How can Rangers be blamed for fiddling tax? People made these decisions. It doesnt really sound like u know what youre talking about. When you pay to offshore accounts, dont pay VAT or dont pay employees tax there is a paper trail back to the PERSON/PEOPLE responsible – u cant just blame someone who left the company. They seem to be walking away scot free which shouldnt happen. Rangers is an entity but not one capable of making decisions on tax.
    If u think a team the size of Rangers or Celtic dropping into the third division is gonna have little or no effect on Scottish football then your heads in the clouds. FACT ;)

  17. Joe Knotts 9 years ago

    And the 50k comment is so far from the point its ridiculous. FACT

  18. Alex walker 9 years ago

    How can you blame rangers for scottish football going to hell? Scottish football has been going down hill for yrs! Chris tell me the last great scottish player to make it anywhere in england or europe! The english league used to be a wash with scots. Not anymore! And you cant blame rangers for that!

  19. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Alex I agree the state of scottish football ain’t that good but it won’t make any difference with Tangers not being there.

  20. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Joe don’t be tying yourself in Knotts. It appears that you don’t know what your talking about. Rangers would be held responsible as the company avoided tax payments. If that was the case then companies could employ people looking after the accounts, not pay tax then leave the company.

    Paul the SPL were too scared due to threats etc. passed the buck so to speak.

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, my last comment before hitting the pub for a few holiday beers. Everyone’s got an opinion on this and they all differ but I can’t see how Rangers’ going into Div 3 will not adversely effect Scottish football. Millions of pounds will be lost to the game. Fact. So the quality of the product will reduce and if people are happy to watch less quality and maybe more entertainment then fair enough.

  21. Joe Knotts 9 years ago

    Chris companies DO employ people to look after accounts. Theyre called accountants. Again your talking about Rangers making decisions as if its a person. The decisions about these tax payments were made by Murray (the main shareholder) or board of directors. I do know what im talking about to an extent as i have an insight into tax and VAT payments and employee tax. Will u get the point im making that people make decisions. Clubs are owned by a director or board of directors i dont know why u cant comprehend this.

  22. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I know Joe but in the law of the land Rangers can and will be held responsible. As unfair as it may seem, these individuals were acting on behalf of the organisation. If you’re right and I’m wrong then why are the inland revenue not going after the individuals. I know these people are responsible for not paying the taxes but Rangers can and will be punished and you will see this after the big tax case.

  23. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    I was kind of hoping Rangers had gone into the 1st division instead of the 3rd division as I’ll miss the old firm games.

  24. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    Rangers are rightly being punished because they benefited from these decisions made on tax. Chris this debate came about because u said rangers would be to blame if scottish football went down the pan. Im saying rangers dont make decisions people do. It doesnt matter if u call then a club, entity or organisation it cant make decisions. Im not goin round in circles with u any more chris. Ive answered almost every point u made even the ones i agree with. I ask u questions u dont (or cant) answer. U go off on a different tangent and say nonsensical comments u either forget or cant back up. I thot i would be able to have a reasonably intelligent sensible debate with u but u proved me wrong.

  25. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Deary me Joe, you’ve let yourself down my friend. It doesn’t matter if it were individuals. At the time in question these individuals were responsible and acting on behalf of the organisation therefore the organisation gets punished.

    Anyway rangers cheated through the years as they were signing players they couldn’t afford and using dual contracts. Many titles tainted and I won’t be surprised if they are stripped from previous titles.

    At the end of the day David Murray was the owner of Rangers FC. If there had been no Murray then there would have been
    No Rangers. I just really hope the get a good old spanking after the big tax case cos they deserve it. The people I feel sorry for are the small businesses that Rangers ripped off, right down to the corner shop. Rangers have not even had the decency to apologise for the atrocities they have caused. If they were apologetic in the slightest then perhaps people would have been more sympathetic towards them.

    I’m a happy Celtic fan and I guarantee you if it was the other way about then Rangers fans would be just as happy.

    If I had my way I would have put Rangers straight into the SPL with -30 points for 3 years. This would ensure they didn’t get second place. Instead of the transferring embargo I would have said no more signings until all your debts to other clubs including Celtic are repaid and only then can they sign a player with full payment upfront. You’re talking about a club here that buys a player and sells the player without even paying the club the full money and even after the sale they still don’t have the decency to pay the club (jelavic).

    Rangers FC regardless of the individual’s involved have brought great shame onto our country end made us an absolute laughing stock.

    Hey maybe you guys will be lucky as I hear Gazza is considering playing for Rangers. Perhaps he could pair up with McCoist. Rangers fans are just annoyed because they are embarrassed about the Shane they have brought to the game.

    Come on Celtic, let’s go for 10 in a row.

  26. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    No hard feelings Joe my friend

  27. Andy 9 years ago

    Well said Chris,I totally agree with you mate

  28. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Im just stating facts and the rangers fans get so defensive. Deary me. Rangers should take the punishment and shut up. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    For every £5 Celtic spends we will spend ten. You remember that? Those who laugh last, laugh the longest and by god are we Celtic fans laughing now.

  29. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Craig Whyte was the best signing Celtic have made in years.

  30. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    As i said i wanted an intelligent sensible debate…….
    I hope when u read ur comments again u realise how petty and immature they are. U even have andy (whose comments were so bad they had to be removed) agreeing with u.
    Hopefully anyone with a brain will read my comments and realise what i was saying. Im not some bigotted arrogant bluenose. Wuda liked a celtic fan with a bit of a brain and was a bit reasonable to have come in and spoke but chris wad only one that came in……..

  31. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Yeah Joe blah blah blah. Your right and everyone else is wrong. Basically what you’re saying is if I don’t agree with you them I’m immature? At what point have I been immature? The truth hurts its as simple as that. Nothing I’ve said is wrong, including the gazza story!! you’re fighting a losing battle I’m afraid.

  32. Joe Knotts 9 years ago

    I dont for a minute think im right and everyone else is wrong. A debate is about opinions but there are also facts. If someone can prove me wrong i’ll hold my hands up and say im wrong. The reason im calling u immatue chris is cos i cant have an adult conversation with u. I dont have the time or will to go over this full thread and highlight everything but i will make my point with the first comment u made.
    U spoke about Rangers going down not having a big impact , I said TV and sponsor money would be affected as did Paul at one point.
    U spoke about Celtic ticket sales being 2% of turnover, i asked what u meant, u never answered.
    U spoke about Rangers leaving spl for england but celtic were involved in that too. I never answered that at the time so im sorry.
    U spoke about Celtic being a good team and still building for euro success i said good players will leave and players wont want to play in non competetive league.
    U spoke about Rangers being victims i disagreed and said people should be held accountable. This is the only point u picked up on which led to u saying Rangers are to blame if scottish footy goes down the tubes.
    In between all this there were random comments and then wee remarks about craig whyte.
    If u wanna debate then back up what ur saying dont just make big noises then leave it alone.
    And chris u know ur fighting a losing battle and being immature when u have to put the words “blah blah blah” in the arguement ;)

  33. Christopher Daw 9 years ago

    I’m from south of the border so won’t get involved but can we get back to Bashing the Bookies and not each other!! seeing that you Chris and Joe are two of the best tipsters on the site. It’s been a great summer so far. Got a feeling that there’s still another twist to come in Rangers saga before start of season…

  34. Jonathan Grieve 9 years ago

    Agreed Christopher,this isn’t wot I come on this site for.

  35. craig alves 9 years ago

    paddy power on undercover boss tonight ch4 at 9 for those interested or wi problems before, get a wee insight ae some of their ‘custoner service’ haha

    • Guy Walker 9 years ago

      Cheers Craig. Will tune into that

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Craig, was away so missed the Paddy Power programme. Any good?

  36. Joe knotts 9 years ago

    U guys are right its not an old firm site. Sorry about that and i apologise to chris for getting a bit snippy. Sick of talking and hearing about it anyway!!

  37. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Definition of blah

    Used to refer to something that is boring or without meaningful content.

    What is immature about that?

  38. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Joe apology accepted. Please accept my apology also.

  39. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    We’re Away to Peterhead. You know what I meant super Sally.

  40. Andy 9 years ago

    To joe knotted my comment which got removed were after “danny” started throwing insults and I replied back. Do you not remember coz he a born and bred blue nose lol.

  41. Danny 9 years ago

    Your after me lol too right a commented on your lets laugh at rangers comment brought up watching rangers so course all defend them fair doos the comment was more buckfast inspired than common sense for that i shall apologize

  42. Aaron mccormack 9 years ago

    Enjoyed reading that wee debate there ! Yous can argue this case for however long yous like im a neutral fan end of the day rangers as a business done the wrong and are paying for it no answers needed just give me some tips for the british open and i will be happy lads ? A winner preferably!! Having won 2 big tournamets recently (bubba watson 40/1 masters) (Matt kuchar 40/1 the players) i cant give tips on this it seems an almost impossible task ! LETS WIN MONEY!!!

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Aaron, I’m away for a few days just now but see the Old Firm debate goes on. As far as the golf goes I reckon the weather and the draw will play a huge role this year so maybe the best advice would be too save your bets until after the cut.

  43. craig alves 9 years ago


  44. craig alves 9 years ago

    watched it this mornin, wisny what i thought but there was few funny bits where folk phonin in complain and just takin all £ out account plus customer service abusing customers as soon as off phone and on live-chat. worth a watch tho, was half expectin chris guy to be on it haha, just stuck devrecen on at 17/5 and other team scored 2mins later haha. off to spain early doors for couple wk but will find wi fi pub to catch up on champs league qualifliers on fri and hopefully we get easy draw but cant see it

  45. craig alves 9 years ago

    seen harrington and furyk tipped tod by paddy power as there steady consistent players with conditons but this cld be a decoy :)

  46. Mr Chris Guy 9 years ago

    Craig enjoy your holiday mate. Just watching the paddy power show the now. I could be on it!

    Paul you can watch it on 4od

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Chris, still on holiday but back home at least and looking forward to seeing some of the golf. Will catch up with the Paddy Power show just for interest.

  47. Danny 9 years ago

    I would like to ask the ? if am banned from the site Paul a have said sorry earlier too my vulger comments and apoligized ae andy comon play the game a dont gee a france aboot eh fitbaw 2nd week in august am aff tae OZ so why wid get intae a slaggin match dae any ae us get payed aff gers/celtic fur boxin an dusgutin comments naw wee dont…ps git done the night debrcen franced me 14/1 shit

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Danny, you’re not banned from the site but some of your comments have in the past been deleted.

  48. Aaron mccormack 9 years ago

    I sppose but william hill mobile are giving money back for a bet after the cut if your player misses the cut so!

  49. Tommo 9 years ago

    Not into friendlies that much but i think Wrexham 9/5 at home to beat Kilmarnock is one not to ignore!

  50. Bertie Bassett 9 years ago

    Mr F, putting anything up for tonights Europa League Qualifiers?

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Bertie, sorry been away all day. As I’ve said on holiday just now but trying to get some Open bits and pieces up. Back to normal next Tuesday.

  51. craig alves 9 years ago

    cheers chris, havin a ball. made pub for draw an lunch, gotta take adv of free wifi :) helsinki an ok draw but 7-0 up from 1st leg a worry wen we cant svore against 3rd division germans, hopefully lenny gets it right this time and friendly with real madrid doesnt come bavk to bite us on the erse

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Craig, back from another mad day out. When do the schools go back? Only one bet for me today and that’s Brazil to beat GB in the Olympics warm-up. Just going to watch the rest of the game now.

  52. craig alves 9 years ago

    cannae believe that blind c*nt scored against celtic

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Craig, haha. Bit of a doing for Celtic though and maybe their SPL price will come in to 1-20 now.

  53. craig alves 9 years ago

    think its 20th aug thro bathgate way and edin but dont know bout glasgow paul, still ages haha

    • Mr Fixit 9 years ago

      Craig, it’s ages still. I’m back to work on Tuesday for a wee rest.

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