LAST weekend we had to apologise to site regulars for problems accessing tips due to unprecedented levels of traffic.

This Saturday there should be no repeat with the server being upgraded during the week.

We can't really complain about the continued rise in visitor numbers – and by the end of August we'll have notched up around one million page views for this month only.

No one can complain about too much traffic but we realise the excessive number of comments makes it difficult sometimes for punters to find the best tips. As most of you know we're making big site changes as soon as possible and these will make it easier to follow contributors such as Sly, The UHT, The Dane, Greg Browning, Mr T etc, etc.

Meanwhile, if I get a chance I'll put up some profit and loss figures on the top tips this month. I know I'm in profit despite claims from trolls such as Lee.

So far today my Top Treble lost thanks to Spartak Moscow but my Super Single is a winner with Forest Green at 11-10.

There will always be winners on the site – and losers – and the majority accept. Bit if you're serious about making a long-term profits back my single and treble and cherry-pick tips from some of the best contributors on the internet and you'll do well.

Most comments about the site are positive and it's encouraging to see many people tag it the best tipping site on the internet – and it will only get better.

And remember – this is a free site. You'll pay a lot more out there and get much less.

  1. Dee 7 years ago

    Paul, Congratulations in advance. I’m sure site will get 1 million views. Cheers :D

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Dee, it will be close and if it doesn’t happen this month it will next month. Right, off to take the boy to football training, back in time for Man Utd v Chelsea. Going to put a few quid on 2-2 and maybe RVP and Lampard for first goals. A 2-2 would be a good game.

  2. macca the red 7 years ago

    by far the best on the internet keep it up mr i made a tidy profit on the super single.

  3. Eclezias 7 years ago

    Sly- Any comment on the DENMARK Superliga game between Aalborg v Midtjylland?

    • Sly 7 years ago

      Eclezias mate. Not really my cup of tea. I´m more of an overs/Portuguese football kind of guy. But there are other´s like The Dane that have good knowledge on Danish football

  4. remco-AFCA 7 years ago

    I realy like this site. People complaining about losing because of your tips should stay away from this site. The way i see it is you pick the best bets in your opinion
    ( Mostly good bets ) and it’s up to the people here if they want to follow you. They don’t have bet exactly the same as you it’s just the bets you are placing. So it’s realy stupid from people when they get mad at you because they lost. I think you are doing a great job Mr Fixit just ignore the haters and keep it going the most people here are very happy with you and so am i !

  5. Craig Kavanagh 7 years ago

    Yeah congratulations Paul, a reward for a lot of effort, saw some of the comments that guy was putting on and just cant understand that, your like a modern day robin hood robbing from the bookies to help us poor souls! Looking forward to seeing the changes to the site

  6. lars 7 years ago

    Paul, there’s no both teams to score tip today, but if there would be one, would you tip Hyde – Grimsby as one? just curious.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      lars, there were both teams to score selections on the end of the top tips. And funnily enough Hyde-Grimsby was in the treble. We both fancied it from the stats but it’s ended a 1-0 Grimsby as you’ll know.

  7. Eddie 7 years ago

    Great site
    You win some you lose some
    Paul and others do plenty of reasearch into games so people dont have to
    How many people knew of pauls reasoning for the
    Forest green game today

  8. Sly 7 years ago

    Congrats on the site Paul. Can safely say that have won alot more than lost with you. The confed cup tipping was one of the best i´ve seen. Here´s hoping the sites changes come soon. I´m sure 90% of the site visitors appreciate your contribution.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Sly, did well on Confed and Gold Cup. For English and Scottish leagues the start of the season can always be tough.

  9. Bugsey 7 years ago

    Top man mr fixit spot on with your cments every one can make there own desicions
    How about doing a correct score treble combination bet 3 scores per game what you think?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Bugsey, I used to do that and quite liked it, especially with fairly short favourites, maybe doing 2-0 3-0 4-0. It’s 27 bets though and if you don’t hit you are looking at 27 losing lines.

  10. Hank 7 years ago

    Well done Mr.F and my condolences to Lee who obviously backed Chester today.

  11. Gary f 7 years ago

    Well done
    Great site a must for football tipsters
    Keep up the good work

  12. Alex Walker 7 years ago

    Great site mrF. Was thinking 2-2 myself but at only 10to1 going to give it a miss. Good luck if you do it.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Alex, stuck it on at 12-1 with Coral while walking the dog.

  13. Chris Guy 7 years ago

    Ahem don’t be forgetting about Mr Guy Paul lol. If also like to show others profit made over the season purely by backing goalscorers

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Chris, you were one of the etc, etcs.

  14. Brian 7 years ago

    Keep up the good work paul

  15. Brian 7 years ago

    @ Alex
    12/1 on sky bet
    If ur not registered with them then do it as u get free 10 bet

  16. Droo 7 years ago

    I’m only a new contributor, but I’d just like to thank all the regulars for making me some £££!


  17. paddy Toal 7 years ago

    Congrats on the big number of hits, well deserved.

  18. SilentJoe5 7 years ago

    Ive been on this site from the early days and watched it go from strength to strength and with tipsters such as sly, THE UHT, greg browning, the dane etc..and of course mrf this site will just get even better.
    Paul it would be interesting to see the stats of last season’s run of ‘super singles’, an incredible run of winning tips surpassed by no one!! which we all profited from. Last season’s ‘Tipster comp’ great fun.
    Looking forward to the new format, keep on doing what you do best MrF..

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      SilentJoe5, the Super Single last season – and every season – was in profit but I don’t want to go too far back. The tipster contest was good but a lot of work. Might revive it in some shape when the site changes kick in.

  19. woringman28 7 years ago

    great numbers Paul,site is great for info and tips best I have seen

  20. John 7 years ago

    Always good coming on here to get the tips and reasoning, long may it continue…. :-)

  21. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    I no longer frequent Facebook or a twitter because if this site, haha! Keep up the good work Mr F and the rest of the followers! It’s going to be a good season! :)

  22. John Bryan 7 years ago

    I was the millionth visitor.

    What’s my prize?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      John, you get a season ticket for Clydebank. Second prize is £5k.

    • John Bryan 7 years ago


    • 1plus2 7 years ago

      A Mr Fixit MUG !!! ;-)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      1plus2, I’ve got one of them. My brother found it on sale in a shop in Sydney.

  23. Tam TT 7 years ago

    Keep up the good work Mr F, look forward to the improvements, I couldn’t access the site on Saturday morning before I went out so hopefully it will be all systems go as of midweek, cheers.

  24. Bugsey 7 years ago

    Thanks mrf I know its a fun bet but ok with small stakes for a good profit

  25. nickybhoy 7 years ago

    Your tips are excellent Mr. Fixit!

    Keep up the good/hard work and stay lucky B-)

  26. Carl D 7 years ago

    MrF, yep great site and amazing characters on here bar the odd few trolls.

    Will be awaiting the changes with anticipation and look forward to further winning tips from yourself and the many others which make this site a daily frequented one and, agreeing with everyone else, the best on the tinternet.

    Hope to get more involved myself and working on a system of staking akin to The Danes, one of the best and consistant around, although I appreciate the level of commitment as it is difficult not to put a few quid on silly 10-folds for the chance of a big win!!!

    Keep up the great work all!

  27. wayne 7 years ago

    Can’t let this escape me to say a huge kudos to you Mr F, to me i have more winnings than loss from tips you dole out. Thank you!

  28. Buckie 7 years ago

    Well done been following you since you started in the record, never mind about all the 1s that moan about you picking a loser if you always picked winners you would be lying on a beach & the owner of your own football team (Clydebank) did you ever go into the club at the auld stadium.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Buckie, if you’re talking about Kilbowie then yes. Watched Clydebank all my life apart from my days as young football writer when I covered St Mirren for a year and Ayr for six months. When I worked in Paisley Saints won the Scottish Cup then the following season were drawn at home to Bankies in the first (third) round. We won 3-0 and it was a great day although not for the paper.

  29. Bookemdano 7 years ago

    To mr fixit and all good contributors thankyou and good work . I think I speak for everyone who uses the site brilliant work lads

  30. MrT 7 years ago

    Top site Mr F! Together we make it the best!

  31. Craig alves 7 years ago

    about time tae :) I used to send the 1st scorer comp from the wknd before via saughton about 10 years ago haha what’s happened to that this year?? only the betrescue comp this season and looks like there’s already a couple wi 1000+ already. tried to do ‘safe’ 6folds and not got one yet

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Craig, hopefully be back soon with the first-scorer contest. Just waiting for Paddy Power to give it the nod. Guy who won the bestrescue contest last Saturday actually picked 7 instead of 6 teams so his 7th pick, a winning draw, was voided. Otherwise his line would have paid over £4k to a £10 stake.

  32. Craig alves 7 years ago

    good stuff, was wondered where it went. aye I seen that haha he would’ve been gutted if he got 6/7 tho. I take it that was the best priced on that got scratched, think he had 2 draws aswell so hope he had cheeky quid on it at they odds

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Craig, all 7 teams were winners so they scratched the 7th pick.

  33. The UHT 7 years ago

    Paul – on this occasion! – you provide endless good sense and advice in picking winners across the board and I really appreciate the forum you provide to me and a range of genuinely quality guys to offer whatever opinions we have too. Contracts on the success of the site. Andy

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      The UHT, the community aspect of it is important to and yourself and others have built up good followings. One of you will be rewarded royally when the changes are put in place.

  34. The UHT 7 years ago


  35. The UHT 7 years ago

    As long as it doesn’t set us against each other – I really like the way we all genuinely support each other through thick and thin!

    • coldasice 7 years ago

      The UHT, anything on Quilmes v San Lorenzo tonight?

      I know you love your late night picks and this one looks tricky so right up your street. Lorenzo have had the better start in the league and won the corresponding fixture last season, Quilmes have won their only home game so far and are unbeaten at Estadio Centenario in their last six, with their last defeat coming at the hands of San Lorenzo earlier this year. The away at 5/4 looks tempting but it could be one to leave? I only ask as I’m waiting on Lorenzo to bring in a sixfold… (lazy last pick!)

      Any thoughts?


      By the way Mr F, ignore the haters, you run a top site here and give out free tips after all. You’re strike rate long term is second to none.

      ‘Don’t blame the player, blame the game’!

  36. The UHT 7 years ago

    Coldasice – looks good to me because of the history – and on last season’s second phase, SL were top away side W5 D4 L0 F14 A4. Good luck – odds against and a nice shout!

  37. coldasice 7 years ago

    Cheers UHT, confidence a bit better now but waiting for good return after earlier results, so a medium cover in play might be required.

  38. The UHT 7 years ago

    I just went to put it on! No markets, then Quilmes goal… Doh! Think I’m still going for SL, though!

  39. coldasice 7 years ago

    Yeah, same here just went on in time to hear the b365 crowd celebrating for the wrong team! Keeping the faith with SL though but switching to goal markets now….

  40. The UHT 7 years ago

    Couldn’t leave it there , so, I’m on for the fightback!

    • coldasice 7 years ago

      Well 3-2 to Quilmes and they played well. Fancied SL at 2-2 but you got to credit the home team for always having the answer, made a bit on the overs (2.5 & 3.5) but didn’t see 4.5 coming in!

      Cheers for your input UHT, you’re Brazilian tips are spot on and SL weren’t too far off tonight.

      Good luck for tomorrow.

  41. Danny 7 years ago

    1,000,000 Visitors says it all really for this fantastic Football betting site amongst other sports full of great contributors long may the winning tips continue

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