THERE'S more been said about Hearts recently on this site than War and Peace – and we know who's to blame for that.

Still, you can't deny raaljaca's beloved Jambos have won punters plenty of money this season and that trend should continue when they take on Hibs in the Edinburgh on Sunday (12.15pm).

I expect Hearts to win but they certainly shouldn't lose and looking at the other big game on Sunday – Man Utd v Chelsea – a bet I like that was mentioned by raaljaca on Friday is a double on Hearts draw no bet and Chelsea draw no bet.

Let's hope the game will be as incident packed as the first meeting of the season. I don’t remember much silky soccer but there was plenty of thud and plunder with two red cards, two penalties (one missed) and three second-half goals.

More of the same is expected and I can see a similar result to that 2-1 Hearts’ success. The Jambos are a biggest 5-4 at bet365 and Paddy Power to lift the points and can maintain their domination of the fixture.

Hibs are 2-1 at William Hill and Ladbrokes while the draw pays 5-2 at bet365. Hearts have scored exactly two goals in the last three derbies and are 23-10 at William Hill to do so again. Both sides netted late on at Easter Road in August and a goal after the 81st minute is 6-5 (Hills).

Callum Paterson was on target in the 5-1 thumping of Dumbarton last week and hit a double on his previous visit to Easter Road. He is 33-1 with Hills to net two or more.

Liam Craig is the last Hibs player to score a winner in the derby and is 5-1 at Hills to repeat the feat.

Amazingly Hibs have not scored in the first half of a derby in their last 10 attempts. A good bet looks to be Hibs’ highest-scoring half to be the second at 29-20 with Hills.

After receiving numerous requests Scottish bookies McBookie.com are offering 12-1 Hearts will go through the entire Championship season unbeaten. It is 2-1 they will at least able to stay undefeated at Tynecastle.

The Jam Tarts remain the only unbeaten side in Scotland and McBookie.com spokesman Paul Petrie said: “The confidence behind Hearts at the moment is unbelievable and the talk seems to be whether they can go through the whole season unbeaten. It is still a massive ask and they face a huge task on Sunday. However, bar the games against Hibs and Rangers it does look pretty straightforward.”

Recommended Bets

(5-4, bet365)

Red card
(21-10, William Hill)

Hearts draw no bet
Chelsea draw no bet
(2-1, Ladbrokes)

  1. Mark 6 years ago

    Hearts to win 2-1 paterson 1st goal @ 100/1 and chelsea to win 3-1

  2. craneguy 6 years ago

    Hearts win 50%
    Hearts -1 35%
    Hearts -2 15%

    in addition will be having a very small amount on killie to beat selik, my kills mates convinced me now :)

  3. rick 6 years ago

    I need help with an over 2.5 treble for tomorrow. So far I’ve got everton

  4. Leeb 6 years ago

    What does draw no bet mean mr f

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Leeb, it means you’re stake is returned if it’s a draw.

  5. rick 6 years ago

    Opinion on everton, mainz and Vallacano?

  6. craneguy 6 years ago


    Hearts win 50% 11/10
    Hearts -1 35% 11/4
    Hearts -2 15% 13/2

    killie win 12/1

  7. Mark Stephenson 6 years ago

    On over 2.5 goals everton spurs man utd
    Wins for chelsea hearts and celtic -2
    Chelsea to strong for average man utd
    Hearts on fire hibs been poor all season
    Killie no chance against a team who if they show up could be 5-1 to the champions killie got no chance of win all tips will win

  8. rick 6 years ago

    Mr f could I have your input please.thanks mark.not that sure about spurs and utd tbh

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      rick, my tips will be up later.

  9. Clarky 6 years ago

    Don’t be going gun ho into hearts,hearts couldn’t beat dumbarton at dumbarton yet the Rangers beat them 3 nil but hibs beat rangers so to me it’s got to be a draw.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Clarky, and Hearts beat Rangers and so and so on. You can’t pick winners that way.

    • GRUMPY AULD FIFER 6 years ago

      picked winner this time

  10. jamie paterson 6 years ago

    Craneguy if calsberg did sundays.
    good luck

  11. Greg Browning 6 years ago

    Usual Hearts / Hibs match bets for me

    Over 5.5 cards 1/1
    Over 5 First Half Corners 11/10
    Over 10 match corners 4/5
    Goal after 75 mins 5/6

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Greg, should be fiery as usual. How was your game? I assume the weather was horrendous although for us it was worse at the start and yours wouldn’t have kicked off. I left a few minutes early for the first time in years and missed a goal – Bankies’ seventh

  12. Mark 6 years ago

    Spurs got goals in them and Newcastle need to score I think 2-1 spurs and 3-1 chelsea man utd very leaky chelsea on fire but utd got a goal in them

  13. Tony 6 years ago

    Hibs v hearts draw hibs been on a decent run an hearts bubble is going to burst at some point an tomorrow could be the time

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Tony, bubble to burst? there is no bubble mate, we dropped points away to Dumbarton but beat everyone else. We will lose at some stage I have no doubts but you have already been done over by us and Hibs. Rangers next reasoning is injuries and suspensions for us! We have had both since the start of the season but have won 9 from 10 by being the best side in the league by a mile. Tomorrow is a big game for us like every other match but in 2 weeks we have The Rangers at Tynecastle and when we win that one then you will all realise why we will be champions ;)

  14. Simon 6 years ago

    Quick question mr fixit.. Had a free 50 pound bet put s double on of real Madrid draw no bet(against Liverpool) and hearts draw no bet just waiting on them tomorrow for 100 pound minus the free bet so Obvisouly 50 pound profit.. Should a cover with hearts and best way to do this? Much appreciated.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Simon, the cover is Hibs to win but I’d leave it.

  15. Greg Browning 6 years ago

    Didn’t mange to make our game! Was on daddy day care duties! My old man said it was an even match and a draw a fair result! Just glad we didn’t lose again! All set for ibrox on Tuesday now :)

    Some score for the Bankies Mr F – I’m guessing celebrating 6 goals is tiring work hence why you left a few mins early, haha! :)

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Greg, at least you missed nothing. Finished 7-0 but I won’t judge Bankies on that against a side that tried hard but lacked quality. Next week at Troon is what counts – second bottom v bottom. Hoped that game would have been in the spring and could have played golf first but never mind.

  16. Simon 6 years ago

    You sound quite confident thanks for the advice and keep up the good work.

  17. Greg Browning 6 years ago

    Awaiting my white and maroon scarf in the post Raal :)

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Will be there soon Greg ;)

  18. Tony 6 years ago

    Ral u are getting more deluded by the day mate keep telling yourself all this we will catch yous an we will beat yous at tynecastle

  19. craneguy 6 years ago

    I feel this will be the last chance tomorrow to get better than even for a hearts game other than the rangers games, don’t usually like betting on a derby but feel hearts just too strong atm although tbf hibs on not a bad wee run either just feel theres more mistakes in the hibs team which swayed me to put my full days pot on hearts

    it will be loose change on killie and will be looking out to cash out if they go into the lead

    how was the northern soul film raal? I’m an old soulie myself and forgot the film was out till I seen your post earlier today

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      craneguy, film is brilliant mate, soundtrack is unbelievable. Far better film than Soul Boy and really recreated Wigan Casino etc perfectly. Worth actually having just to watch time and time again. Keep The Faith.

    • craneguy 6 years ago

      magic raal glad you enjoyed it, hope you had the 18″ flares and the brouges on ;) where did they recreate the wigan casio? there was talk of filming it in the kings halls in stoke at one point


      sorry all for going off track a bit here

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      craneguy, not sure where it was filmed mate but looked like a slightly smaller version of Wigan Casino. Storyline was decent as all revolved around Wigan, Stoke and Blackpool. Soundtrack is out now as well and a must have!! Greatest sounds that I have ever known and greatest nights/weekends of my life were all via Edinburgh Soul Clubs and Wigan etc KTF

  20. Tony 6 years ago

    Curious as well are u going to tell people to back hearts -1 -2 an all the rest when the game comes up in november

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      I will tell anybody who listens just to back Hearts to beat Rangers Tony not on the handicap just a simple win like the one we had at Ibrox.

  21. Liamaldinho 6 years ago

    Hope hibs win tomorrow and the jambos come crashing back down to earth, don’t like this big team arrogance they seem to be carrying ATM, they certainly aren’t unbeatable, my only concern is hibs having Injurys at the back, and el alagui still being out hasn’t helped matters..Ex Jambo jason Cummings to score the winner and open up a tin of beans!

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Arrogance? Not once this season have Hearts showed any arrogance all the ‘we are the big team’ has come from Ibrox and The Rangers.

  22. Tony 6 years ago

    Liam doesn’t matter even if hearts win tomorrow they still wont win the leagie . rangers will get stronger an stronger as the season goes on wait till the business end of the season an their will be no arrogance it will be good effort unlucky close bit not close enough

  23. raaljaca 6 years ago



    HEARTS TO WIN (-1) 7/2

    Sundays derby sees top of the league and free scoring Hearts off to Easter Road to play a side with a defensive crisis and only Cummings and Malonga capable of possibly grabbing a goal for the home team. Hearts defensively are good with Paterson and Eckersley almost reaching peak fitness and have Buaben and Gomis dictating the midfield. Going forward Hearts have Nicholson, King and Walker to choose 2 from to feed Sow, El Hass and of fit Keatings. Hearts can score goals from anywhere on the park as Paterson and Eckersley, the full backs , have demonstrated. I can honestly see Hearts young wingers destroying this Hibs defence as they have pace, ability and the hunger to win games. I think Stubbs team will sit back and try to absorb what Hearts throw at the Hibs defence and try to hit us on the break but it will backfire massively as Hearts will create chance after chance and the sheer determination of this young squad should see a comfortable Hearts win. Any talk of pressure etc is way off the mark we have no pressure as Hearts new regime targeted a return to the Premiership in 2 seasons but 1 is looked on as a massive bonus which will be achieved.

  24. craneguy 6 years ago

    Jamie p lol one day you never know ;)

    tony was your question -1 -2 to me? ta

  25. Simon petty 6 years ago

    Blah blah blah blah. Yip we’ll c in few hours when THE MIGHTY UNBEATABLE
    JAM TARTS come to leith. Game won already . ha ha

  26. Tony 6 years ago

    No ral an he answed it

  27. Tony 6 years ago

    Your right ral we knew it would be a hard challenge against yous as is proving atm but we will get the job done like we always did ask Celtic they will tell u to. Not rangers of old but it is still rangers with a bigger more experience squad that is why a firmly believe we will winthe league

  28. Tony 6 years ago

    Greg u will enjoy your trip am sure of that lol not the result though 3-1 rangers

  29. craneguy 6 years ago

    chill tony the mans tryin to get you to take the bait and workin every time lol relax what will be will be ;)

  30. Tony 6 years ago

    Craneguy it works both ways its the banter mate me an ral will be like this all season till the end. You are totaly right what will be will be an me an ral can’t influence that but I have a bit of a wait to tell him a told you so but he isn’t having that haha but it will happen he knows it deep down obv he won’t admit it but in his head he knows its the likely case

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      Me and Tony have a love hate relationship this season :) I love him but hate Rangers ;)

  31. craneguy 6 years ago

    lol tony as long as its just friendly banter ;)

    ps I fancy your scoreline for tues btw

    and cant wait for the hearts gers game in a couple of weeks time just wish it was next weekend as I’m in Edinburgh to watch some amateur boxin

  32. Ciaran1988 6 years ago

    William Hill having a laugh went to back Hearts -1 and they will only let me stake 14.55 on it lol

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Ciaran1988, blame raaljaca and his crew for that.

  33. craneguy 6 years ago

    take cash to a bookies

  34. craneguy 6 years ago

    or a few bookies I noticed a sign in our local coral last week there max bet was £25 on hearts -2

  35. Paul 6 years ago

    Raal this is such a sure thing we can take it as money in the bank

    or is it

    I see a similar game to todays super single

    hearts go 2-0 up then hibs go 2-1 and in injury time its 2-2

    sorry so draw no bet might be safer n cash out IF hibs fluke goals

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Paul, I think Hearts will win but of course it’s not a sure thing. Anything can happen in a game, especially a derby, and people should stop taking about sure things.

  36. zam 6 years ago

    Everton -1
    Hearts -1
    Double 11-1

  37. Paul 6 years ago

    Yeah I think ill do draw no bet thanks mr fixit

  38. Smackeroonies 6 years ago

    Everton -1
    Chelsea -1
    Hearts -1

    Treble returns 49-1

    Worth £2

    • geesaclue 6 years ago

      also on that smackeroonies 51/1 @ hills
      straight win treble 9/1
      hearts & Chelsea -1 15/1

  39. geesaclue 6 years ago

    just noticed mr f has Bayern -1 in his top treble that’s my handicap yankee sorted the fourfold pays about 120/1
    fancy all of them so worth a wee dabble

  40. bamberino 6 years ago

    Good luck hearts today my adopted Scottish team.Went to the Falkirk game earlier in the season with John Bryan and had an excellent day visiting many hospitable public house’s which ended with a Damn fine indian at the Mumbai mansion.A fantastic young side who play really good football with a decent centre forward (sow) and terrific wingers. Nicholson on that game ran the Falkirk defence ragged.Come on you jambos !!!!

  41. Jay 6 years ago

    Hibs and man utd double for me.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Jay, sorry but hope that flops for you. I’m off out so won’t be back until 2.30pm-3pm. Good luck to everyone with all their bets today.

  42. Jay 6 years ago

    Mrfixit just think hearts are overhyped this year and in a derby anything can happen. United too big a price to ignore.

  43. Stephen 6 years ago

    Yassss c’mon the hibees

  44. paul m 6 years ago

    Go on the cabbage and ribs

  45. Duncan Poundcake 6 years ago

    Thanks for the Molonga heads up raal ,lol

  46. Clarky 6 years ago

    Well I hope every one read my comments and backed the draw,raaljaca has let his heart rule his head

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Clarky, raaljaca is a Hearts fan and will always be biased but people know that. As far as I was concerned draw no bet was the best way to go but Hearts didn’t play well today. Discerning punters also know form goes out the window in derbies and there’s a good chance of a red card.

  47. Jay 6 years ago

    Hearts were really poor the day, although what an equaliser. Good start to the season and as usual the jambos are getting carried away with themselves.

  48. Clarky 6 years ago

    Paul raaljaca knows I’m pulling his leg,I’ve been doing it for months,telling him the the young boys don’t like playing on school nights,it was a joke,he knows I’m a blue nose,no malice just a laugh between 2 football fans,I even offered to get him tickets for the dumbarton game.

  49. mexicomarti 6 years ago

    As usual on here again…no credit to Hibs whatsoever by the Yam love in, just everyone’s beloved yams were bad, never played well, were awful today blah balh blah…haha. Not an ounce of credit given to Hibs who i though played really well and thoroughly deserved a win never mind a point.

    I said on the main thread too that Hibs are getting better and better and unbeaten in 5 going into this but all i could see was Hearts minus 1,2 or whatever. :-)

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