I AM delighted to announce a new feature on the site – raaljaca's goals tips.

The man himself needs no introduction to regulars who know his record is second to none – and later we'll have a message from raaljaca about this new venture.

Raaljaca loves a goals bet as opposed to WDW and will focus on both teams to score, total team goals, match goals and even scorers in a bid to beat the bookies. He will post when he feels confident about a selection – so not necessarily every day.

The well-known Hearts fan preaches long-term gain as opposed to short-term profit and as such his tips won't be at prices that suit all punters. Some will be evens or above but most will be shorter – but even if you are only playing with small stakes you can try to build a betting bank and slowly increase wagers.

I wish him all the best in this new partnership and feel sure he will be a popular addition to the site.

Again regulars will be aware raaljaca has had some tough personal issues to deal with this year and we're supporting him in his bid to raise money for two causes close to his heart.

So anyone who profits from his tips can consider making a small donation to the brain cancer unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee or to McMillan Cancer Supprt Scotland who are real angels when it comes to looking after sufferers.

In the Daily Record each season I raise thousands of pounds for various charities and I'm happy to promote these two. We will make a donation on behalf of the site before we introduce major changes in August or September.

  1. Harpreet 7 years ago

    Welcome Raal – Nice one mate :-)

  2. Dwoodz123 7 years ago

    Great idea :)

  3. Joseph 7 years ago

    Congrads Raal on your new appointment. Hope everything goes well for you. I for one will be glued to your tips.

  4. JonnyUTD 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal, regularly follow your tips on Twitter. Great addition to the site, as an actual forum.

  5. Recoba 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal, regularly follow your tips on Twitter. Great addition to the site, as an actual forum.

  6. robroy85 7 years ago

    great news!

  7. GOALSGOALSGOALS 7 years ago

    Nice one!

  8. Tommo 7 years ago

    Fantastic news

  9. Super Wall 7 years ago

    That will do nicely.

  10. robert miller 7 years ago

    totally agree on the McMillan theme…second time i did London i could not get a club, ballot or GFA place.. so i obtained one from them on the strength i raised £1850…good luck Raal……..

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      robert, many thanks mate, appreciated as are all the posts, means a lot guys, thank you.

    • ticketyboo 7 years ago

      Hya raalj
      welcome aboard again hope all is getting better look forward to your tips mate.

  11. Ian Lindsay 7 years ago

    Great news on this new feature thanks Mr.F & Raal

  12. Tryer 7 years ago

    Best of luck deserve to have your name up in lights!

  13. Ramey 7 years ago

    Best of luck deserve to have your name up in lights!

  14. Duke 7 years ago

    Really looking forward to this section of the site. Big thanks to mr f for promoting the charities and for all your fund raising with the Record.

  15. GOALSGOALSGOALS 7 years ago

    Ok Raal were waiting on your first post lol

  16. tam 7 years ago

    Good call Mr F, looking forward to finding your tips easier now Raal

  17. Daz 7 years ago

    Good news ,site gets better & better ,looking forward to raals views ,& tips ,good luck & hope all goes well ,,,

  18. darran 7 years ago

    Ralljaca good luck mate PS will save me having to scroll around looking for your tips haha

  19. dougiec 7 years ago

    Great news raal Can only say what I say myself ONWARDS.
    All the very best mate.

  20. The UHT 7 years ago

    Seems like it’s non-stop promotion for those blasted jambos everywhere you look! Great stuff, and well-deserved, of course! Let’s hope you’re right about cabbage goals tonight, Raal!

  21. da-tha-man 7 years ago

    Glad to see something on here with Raal,as don’t do Twitter or Facebook …
    Good luck with the venture with Mr Fixer…

  22. Cam 7 years ago

    Well done raal, all the best.

  23. Wato 7 years ago

    Great new feature Raal has been on here since I joined and always provided good tips, knowledge, advice and also banter. I’m sure that will continue on here now good luck mate.

  24. ray 7 years ago

    Well done Raal. I have personal experience with how much of a difference the Macmillan Support services make. All the best and I look forward to the new thread. I’ll be donating. And winning!

  25. Marky 7 years ago

    All the best Raaljaca

  26. jim burnside 7 years ago

    All the best raal.2 great charities

  27. Wyorkie11 7 years ago

    All the best raal.2 great charities

  28. Kendog 7 years ago

    Nice one Raal
    And great charities as well. Lets make some cash and donate some winnings then!

  29. sebastien 7 years ago

    Was wondering when this would happen and glad it has, will raal be keeping record of his results like mr f ?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      sebastien, that will be his choice – just let him get on with it.

  30. Bobbythelion 7 years ago

    Good luck raaljaca

  31. Tony 7 years ago

    Nice ral top man all the best jambo

  32. GMan 7 years ago

    Not been here long but you realise pretty quickly the tippers to pay attention to and none more so than this guy. Great appointment and hope we all make some money!

  33. aonmess 7 years ago

    Looking forward to you sir. I salute you Raal

  34. o Ado 7 years ago

    Let’s start with a boom
    Congrats raal

  35. terry eire 7 years ago

    Best of luck raal from your irish supporters club.
    Lets bash the bookies.

  36. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Great news Raal and for two great causes – good to see you and Mr F team up!

    Win win for all concerned :)

  37. Gigetip 7 years ago

    Pick: New England Revolution (+0.25)
    League: MLS
    Country: USA
    Odds: 1.94
    Bookmaker: Pinnacle

    Description:Sporting Kansas City welcome New England Revolution to Sporting Park on Wednesday night. The hosts have endured an inconsistent start to the 2015 campaign with a record of three wins, five draws and two defeats from their opening ten games. The Revolution haven’t lost since the beginning of the season when they opened with two road defeats and trail D.C. United and FC Dallas by two points for the most in the league. Sporting KC will be without Graham Zusi (concussion), Seth Sinovic (concussion), Marcel de Jong (left hip muscle strain), Chance Myers and Ike Opara (left achilles) on Wednesday. I think visitors have better chances today and I take their handicap.

  38. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Great addition to an already great site – well done Mr F, well done Raal and well done to all on the site.

    Two charities close too my heart and certainly puts things in context.

    Good luck moving forward boys.

  39. craneguy 7 years ago

    great stuff, excellent addition GL all involved will be following with interest…………..

  40. Brooky56 7 years ago

    Good luck raal always followed your tips

  41. jimba 7 years ago

    Raal/ mr f great idea, good luck to u both

  42. Chip 7 years ago

    Very happy to see this. All the best, Raal. A big fan of those charities and I am happy to support them both.

  43. stephen caveney 7 years ago

    Made my day this . All the best

  44. Bartley 7 years ago

    nice one Raal, Mrfixit and admin team
    probably got the bookies running scared already:D

  45. GD173 7 years ago

    Nae pressure Raal! Lol

  46. GD173 7 years ago

    Seriously tho, best of luck matey

  47. Alex 7 years ago

    Not been on for a few days and so I came to this thread. What does Raal know about betting, he puts up loser after loser? Follow to your detriment you muppets! Only kidding big man good luck :D

  48. PaulG 7 years ago

    Best wishes, let’s hope the punters and causes both win big from this.

  49. Richard 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal – can’t wait for first tips cos I’m on a dreadful run

  50. Alves 7 years ago

    Time of 1st gl before 80 mins at Arsenal 5/6

  51. double carpet 7 years ago

    The very best of luck

  52. Johnny J 7 years ago

    Great stuff KING RAAL could not wish this to happen to a nicer tipster.

    Best signing all season Mr f well done

    Namaste ;)

  53. pete k 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal been mainly betting on horses of late but will deffo be giving your column a look

  54. mr. boofle 7 years ago

    Well done raal. Macmillan have been great support for my family. Wish you all the best . Keep up the good work with your tips.

  55. Kev 7 years ago

    All hail ;) king raal

  56. Big Bopper 7 years ago

    Well done on your appointment to be a professional bookie basher, Raal!! I for one will follow you closely.Good luck and May The Force Be With You.

  57. John Boy 7 years ago

    As all have said, congratulations Raal. It’ll be very interesting and as usual,give us food for thought on different betting angles.

  58. Mani81 7 years ago

    In goals we trust Raal. Cannot remember the last time I put a WDW bet on.

  59. Haggis 7 years ago

    Great news real good luck I will be following pal,onwards and upwards

  60. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Seriously humbling reading all these posts guys so thank you again. I will find winners I guarantee you as these charities deserve absolutely anything and everything we can send them.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      raaljaca, the comments are great but even I could have tipped that! Let’s hope we make them a bundle of cash.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Rangers are now odds on to be playing Premiership football next season following their 2-0 win over Hibs.
      The Ibrox side went into Wednesday night’s game as 2-1 second favourites to win the play-offs behind Premiership side Motherwell.
      But following tonight’s win Rangers are in to 1011 to return to the Premiership, with Motherwell 1-1 to retain their Premiership status. Hibs are out to 12-1 to be promoted.
      McBookie spokesman Paul Petrie said: “Rangers have take a huge step towards the Premiership and we would make them odds on in a Play-Off final with Motherwell and that looks like where they are headed.”

      To Qualify for Play-Off final: 1/12 Rangers 6/1 Hibs

      To Win the Play-Offs: 10/11 Rangers, Evens Motherwell, 12/1 Hibs

  61. Jonnyric 7 years ago

    Hiiigh Fiiiive … All the best Raal and both these charities … Well done Mr F

  62. mint 7 years ago


    All the best,transfer window ain’t officially open but boy this is the summer coup!

  63. Jeanmax36 7 years ago

    Hi raal long term follower of you and a few others on here having spoken a couple of times with your good self!! I’m delighted there’s a page for the goals only!! There’s really no one else that could have been picked and to help with a cause close to many people including myself goes to show what a fantastic site Mr F as created. I hope all is as good as can be with yourself and here’s to a prosperous second half of the year giving those bookies the bashing for causes of actually need!Top Men and unite

  64. Smiler 7 years ago

    All the best raal, look forward to your tips, well done also for highlighting the two charities , me and my mates in Arbroath raised £16,000 last weekend doing a Ryder cup style golf weekend for Arbroath relay for life, great laugh and good cause , all the best again buddy.

  65. Centrecircle 7 years ago

    RAAL great stuff… What a wonderful site

  66. plums 7 years ago

    Good stuff. Excellent tips and advice on email, here and twitter. Good luck!

  67. TheBoss 7 years ago

    Finally the give you your own page :) nice one Raal

  68. mitchell 7 years ago

    Best of luck raal and Mr fixit and administration team great time and effort,,,, all the best x

  69. Tempest 7 years ago

    Good stuff!! All the best Raaljaca!!!

  70. JimmyR 7 years ago

    Love this site first,i dont often follow Mrfs tips but his trebles are amazing and i do take the odd pick from that.
    Raal is a pioneer and showed that goals tips are often the ones to follow, that said i have took an odd one and they have sunk but he probably wins most times as i only follow everynow + then.
    Mr F is a gentleman and he puts his record up for all to see,any big wins i would be sure to donate.

  71. Mr jack 7 years ago

    Great site. Good luck.

  72. Gary 7 years ago

    Well done RAAL give us Jambos some winners

  73. Bluemooner1894 7 years ago

    1 word … gentleman!

  74. Dg 7 years ago

    Best of luck Raal. Top man

  75. ricky 7 years ago

    Gona stary following your tips.start off small stakes.try and get 10 consecutive winners.can anyone suggest best online bookmakers for new customers and goals bets etc as I dont hsve an online account.used to have a few but lost thousands few years bck doing large singles on football teams to win, usually evens or above.fell outta love with betting for a while afterwards.only ever used bet on teams to win but its time I opened my eyes to the goals markets so gna open up a new account.just start off small doing consecutive bets.any excuse not to go into the highstreet bookies as I end up losing everything on roullette.time I started smashing the bookies instead of filling there pockets week in week out

  76. jimmybeee 7 years ago

    Mrf .johnb .and raalj.
    Seriously guys the best treble ever.
    Good luck raalj well deserved m8.

  77. wtf 7 years ago

    Hi Raaljaca

    Well done mate nice to see you having your own thread. Cancer is a horrendous disease and I know this from personal experience as it has had its devastating affect on my family.

    On a lighter note below is from yesterdays thread did I have a premonition

    Raaljaca king of goals

    Me thinks with the way Massimo Cellino is running the show we could have a couple of managers in and out before a ball is kicked next season.


    • Duke 7 years ago

      I don’t know about you but i am gutted Redfearn has gone the confidance he had with the youngsters was looking good for Leeds. You could see what he was doing and i believe he would have built a decent team for years to come.

  78. Champy R 7 years ago

    I will be following Raal and contributing also, best of luck to you.

  79. Alanm 7 years ago

    Raal really chuffed for you mate and I Know you will make lots of people money your knowledge second to none.
    Good luck.

  80. ranford72 7 years ago

    cant wait to start backing raals tips and donating to the two causes

  81. Tattoogaz 7 years ago

    Great site, great appointment, great charity’s, ..cheers mrF & good luck raal.

  82. Paul 7 years ago

    Good luck and all the best

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