THERE are some great contributors to the site and one of the longest-serving has been Chris Guy.

We know he's a Celtic fan who likes to target big first-scorer prices but on Sunday he turned his attention to rivals Rangers and tipped centre-half Nikola Katic to score first at 33-1.

And it wasn't just a wild guess – Chris put up reasoning to justify his selection and I thank him for it. I like a small wager on defenders to score first in live TV games and took his advice.

I remember Chris' first-scorer tips back to the time when Virgil van Dijk arrived at Celtic as an unknown Dutch defender. In his early games at Parkhead you got 40-1 or 50-1 on the now Liverpool star breaking the deadlock but that didn't last long and I'm sure odds tumbled to around 12-1 or 16-1 pretty quickly.

Anyway well done Chris and we look forward to your next first-scorer shout.

There were plenty of winners yesterday including Scott with a nice members bet double at 8-5, HullShaker and maccathered with his tips on Arsenal v Man City.

Arsenal not scoring beat me for a 3-1 both to score treble while Man United failing to win downed the Top Treble early. I've got some work to do to finish December in profit but that's the aim.

On Monday it's Crystal Palace v Brighton in the Premier League and that looks a tight call.

Boston face Rochdale in the FA Cup and in Italy it's high-flying Lazio at Cagliari while Porto and Sporting are also in action in Portugal.

I might put up a double in the morning before heading off for my fourth and final Xmas do. I'm running out of steam now but luckily it's a curry today and who can resist a great Glasgow ruby washed down with a few beers.

Mr Fixit's December Advised Total: -8.6pts

Mr Fixit's December Advised Accas Total: -12.9pts

December's going to be a month packed with football, so there's no better time to grab yourself a bookie bonus.

  1. mr h 9 months ago

    Italy and Germany treble

    Cagliari v Lazio BTTS & O2.5gls
    Reggio Audace v Padova BTTS
    Ingolstadt v 1860 Munich BTTS


    • mr h 9 months ago

      5/1 not 6/1

  2. sean567 9 months ago

    Monday night moneyback acca
    Cagliari v lazio o2.5mgs
    Porto win
    Copenhagen win
    Trabzonspor win
    Basaksehir win
    5/1 ladbrokes (1pt)

    Goals tips
    Over 1.5tgs double
    11/10 hills NAP

  3. SlimJim 9 months ago

    Basaksehir 1.5tgl
    Copenhagen GIBH
    📈Little over 6/4

  4. jimba 9 months ago

    Chris guy cracking tip👌 yesterday. Well done👍

  5. maccathered 9 months ago

    Palace v Brighton
    Red card ar 10/3 (NAP)
    Best of luck

  6. mr h 9 months ago

    Big draw this morning and hopefully it’s kind to both Scottish representatives.

    Potential opponents for each…

    Celtic v ….

    Eintracht Frankfurt
    Shakhtar Donetsk
    Sporting Lisbon

    Rangers v ….

    Inter Milan
    Istanbul Basaksehir
    LASK Linz
    Man Utd

    Some tough ties in there along with some easier ones. As a Celtic fan I’m looking to draw Ludogorets,APOEL or Copenhagen but I don’t fear any of the German sides or Wolves and already beaten Roma’s city rivals Lazio home and away. For Rangers I’d be looking at Basel,Gent or Malmö. These are the ties that could get both in the last 16 of a European competition for many a year. Fingers crossed

    • mr h 9 months ago

      First time in many a year***

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Tell you what mate if you draw Wolves your out simple as.

    • mr h 9 months ago

      English teams record in Scotland is horrible given the financial difference. Remember City were coming up north to give us a tanking…I’m sure we were the first side that city failed to beat that season,infact they failed to win either game home or away. I hear this year in and year out when the draws come around about how we will be walked over from our English neighbours but over the years in my lifetime we’ve fared rather well from our tinpot league. Time will tell but it won’t be as simple as that,I’ll guarantee you that Macca. Side bet they don’t win both legs if that’s the draw 👍

    • 10duff10 9 months ago

      Totally agree with Macca. No way do you get past Wolves.

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Did I say we’d get past them? Merely stated I don’t fear them. Obviously Wolves would be favourite but it wouldn’t be as straightforward as most south of the border would believe

    • sean567 9 months ago

      itd be tough but I bet folk would have said we wouldn’t beat Lazio home and away either. wolves came second in bragas group and they are hardly pulling up trees in Portugal. Look at what rangers did do porto and their miles in front of braga just now. Mr H is right, there would be absolutely nowt to fear from facing wolves. For all the talk of EPL this and EPL that, Celtic currently have a winning h2h record in games against teams from the English top flight.

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Just wait and see lads . I dont fear any of them .

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Hope you get Wolves,different breed to what you have faced they are a team that work very hard,if i were Celtic it would be a fixture i would want to avoid,Rangers best opponents would be Arsenal as anyone can beat them.

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Wolves drew in Braga and lost at home while in comparison Rangers were unbeaten against a Porto side that are 14 points Infront of Braga in their domestic league….they beat Slovan Bratislava by a single goal in both matches and beat Besiktas twice which is nothing too shout about. Bring on the Wolves Macca

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      You can’t go on them results lol that has no bearing whatsoever in a knockout tie.

    • mr h 9 months ago

      I can’t go on them results which leads to form guide but you can go on wolves being a hard working team 😂😂😂 oh my days

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Calm down mr h,anyone would think Celtic were going to dominate Europe lol

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Now you’re putting words in my mouth Macca. At any point did I indicate Celtic were going to dominate Europe or even come close to it? The way you go on about Liverpool you’d think they’d won 10 of the last 12 EPL titles but in reality it’s 0 of 29

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Blah Blah Blah

    • 9 months ago

      Mr H you are a vile creature taking the pish out of a wee disabled blind boy yesterday. Anyone said that aboot my wee boy you wouldnt want to know what i would do

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      macca remember Porto beat Celtic in the Euro final , i met a few scousers at that final who had booked accomodation in Seville when they drew Celtic in the earlier round . You know what happened then amigo .

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Dougie you’re the only one that’s mentioned disabilities ya clown,I was referring to Morales looking like Harvey nothing to do with blindness or disabilities. Don’t be an internet tough guy its embarrassing but anytime ye feel like it sweetheart 😘

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Please don’t use this comparison for Morelos – you might think it’s OK but it’s not.

    • 9 months ago

      Knew you wouldnt have the minerals to say owt son. You keeping wasting your life away on here your a laughing stock you dont even gamble and your on here every 15 minutes of the day pmsl

    • 9 months ago

      Bryan H.

  7. Typeo1313 9 months ago

    I agree Mr H..


  8. harleec7 9 months ago

    Following up on the Patriots -9 tip I gave earlier in the week.

    Tonights NFL game between the Saints vs Colts should in Theory be a routine Saints sweep up. Saints can put the pressure on to try and get the 1 or 2 seeds tonight granted they need either the Seahawks or Packers to drop a game.

    Colts are barely in the hunt from the AFC perspective, three wins behind the Texans who are 9-5 and two wins behind the Titans.

    I expect the homefield advantage for the Saints to be far too much and the defense to smother the Colts.

    Saints -9 BET365 10/11.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      seen the NFL results didn’t go nathans way last night. hope hes ok this morning.

    • harleec7 9 months ago

      I’m sure Nathan will be fine, he’s been pretty consistent. NFL tends to be like that at times I’d say there is a nice 3/4 week golden patch of betting and then 1-3 weeks purple patches. Which switch in and out during the course of the season.

    • Nathan 9 months ago

      Agree fully with that -9 harleec, was looking at total points for the saints only but it’s set at 28.5, don’t think the colts will put up 20+ so took that -9 myself, BOL mate👍

  9. mr h 9 months ago

    Goals acca from Asia and middle East…

    Mohun Bagan v Gokulam FC BTTS
    PS Tira v Persela Lamongan o2.5mgls
    Persib Bandung o1.5tgls
    Al Kuwait win & BTTS


  10. 9 months ago

    Great story-

    Were out for a christening yesterday and 15 of us chipped in £20 each we came on here too look for a big priced acca but my mate whos doo it was said lets foollow chrisguy tip most of us kicked off lol but we put it on at 28/s and we were in the club and tables went up in the air we had to pay for broken glasses out of our winning s lol cheers chris guy some shout

    • pablopower 9 months ago

      Love that

  11. tonys 9 months ago


    Re. NFL tips last night, looked like 1 winner and 1 loser. The Bills (+1.5) won – I had a tenner on it.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      it was 2 singles and a double he had tony, for big stakes. on top of his football bets yesterday it was a sore yin.

    • michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

      I did a flat bet on both singles, so that’s lucky 😀

      Might give the padded rugby a miss for a while.

  12. michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

    I’ve woken up today seemingly having been chewing barbed wire whilst drinking Tennant’s Super. My throat is on fire, like St Johnstone.

    So… If anyone has any good Netflix recommendations or any good Monday bets please post…

    NB agree with Mr H on the Celtic v Wolves front. Would be a good contest but no-one wanders in and out of parkheed without a hard contest

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Ye seen Gomorrah? Naples mafia series 👌

    • michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

      Nope. Not heard of that. I’m guessing you rate it?

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Excellent if you can handle subtitles. I’ve read the book and seen the movie too

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      Michu Breaking Bad on Netflix…you wont find many better in a compulsive viewing series

  13. buzzer 9 months ago

    Champions League last-16 draw
    Real Madrid vs MAN CITY;

    Atletico vs LIVERPOOL

    CHELSEA vs Bayern;

    SPURS vs RB Leipzig

    Napoli vs Barca,

    Dortmund vs PSG

    Atalanta vs Valencia,

    Lyon vs Juve

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Great draw for both Madrid sides

    • michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

      Correct. Two easy wins 🤣😂🤣

  14. 9 months ago

    Nathan said yesterday he would update his points. Nothing i can see?

  15. maccathered 9 months ago

    Cracking draw Atletico Madrid,nice easy tie.

    • yulasinio 9 months ago

      Would be as easy as Napoli this year

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      I don’t think we should have any problems with facing them,at home for the second leg that will do us.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Good job we finished first Yulasinio,otherwise it would of been Barca.

  16. Johan14 9 months ago

    Chelsea Vs Lewandowski

  17. tonys 9 months ago

    Fairly honking weekend bets wise – down about £80 i think. I also had £5 on Nathan’s losing NFL single as well as £10 on the winning one. I did get on the Katic bets though – good call.

    I am trying to claw it back (ie low stakes £3-5 on doubles and trebles of >0.5 mg etc.), but may take a while…:)

    Could do with a couple of cocker’s ‘magic corner’ bets !:)

    • harleec7 9 months ago

      I tend to find the magic happens when you understand when to bet big and when to bet low stakes.

      Imagine if you would’ve stuck 60 on the Bills bet.

  18. heisenberg 9 months ago

    A few good looking ties for goals in the CL draw and hopefully a few good yins in the EL draw anyone tip what’s best to view live as I am at work?
    Seen the debate on here above and it got a bit silly.
    Celtic are doing very well won there group with two games to spare after beating Lazio home and away no mean feat there doing well domestically and would beat Wolves in my opinion anyway also need to add Rangers exceeded expectations and with some luck and hard work good make it through regardless of who they draw.

  19. lester1728 9 months ago

    Any thoughts on the Scott’s reserve game Greg?

    • GregBrowning 9 months ago

      A sorry mate just seen this

      Nothing for me on Scottish games today – possible tomorrows games

  20. sasaharv62 9 months ago

    Copenhagen v celtic….next round here we come.

  21. richb20806 9 months ago

    Wolves v Espanyol then in the next round of the Europa. Not too bad really and saying that I don’t really fear anyone in the competition.

    Agree with Macca, we’re a hard team to beat and I dont think Celtic would have really fancied facing us at this stage of the competition. We raise our game against the better teams.

    I do fancy us to do well in this competition and on our day we can beat anyone.

    • heisenberg 9 months ago

      And so can Celtic,
      I hope we meet in the last sixteen good luck.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      You don’t want Wolves heisenberg,i wasn’t knocking Celtic but Wolves would be a difficult prospect,it would be a draw at parkhead and a Wolves win at their place that will be my bet if these two happen to meet.

    • richb20806 9 months ago

      I’d enjoy getting Celtic to be fair. Not a massive journey and should hit a banging atmosphere home and away.

      Semis rather than quarters and then we both progress further.

    • chelseagirl 9 months ago

      Good draws for The Blues Brothers – Bayern & Braga. The next Rd. of the EL is open draw. So nice and spicey.

    • chelseagirl 9 months ago

      Celtic or Rangers aint scared of going south to face any English teams esp the 3 in this tourney.Just hope they are organised for the mass exodus of away fans that would come down.

  22. sasaharv62 9 months ago

    Rangers last out the pot,always picked last like an unwanted football kid haha

    • heisenberg 9 months ago

      Mac it’ll mid late Feb for first leg ties to be played alot can change form injuries new buys perhaps and history also proves Celtic win these ties Blackburn and Liverpool were the last to fall in this tourney and Utd in CL failed to beat us more recent.
      I’ll be licking my lips in anticipation if we end up with another Anglo Saxone tie my friend.

    • chelseagirl 9 months ago

      Could have been worse might have not been in the pot Bro. ha ha.

  23. mr h 9 months ago

    Braga and Copenhagen…both winnable ties and great chances of progression

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Easier tie than Wolves mr h.

    • heisenberg 9 months ago

      Celtic are going far as I predicted a few months ago and with an additional striker and centre half due to come in Jan this will help by far the strongest squad since the great run in 2003 to the final.

  24. heisenberg 9 months ago

    Great draws the Scottish sides should win home and away.

  25. buzzer 9 months ago

    The full draw for the Europa League round of 32

    Wolves v Espanyol

    Sporting Lisbon v Istanbul Basaksehir

    Getafe v Ajax

    Bayer Leverkusen v Porto

    FC Copenhagen v Celtic

    Apoel FC v FC Basel

    FC Cluj v Sevilla

    Olympiakos v Arsenal

    AZ Alkmaar v LASK

    Club Brugge v Manchester United

    Ludogorets v Internazionale

    Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Salzburg

    Shakhtar Donetsk v Benfica

    Wolfsburg v Malmo

    Roma v Gent

    Rangers v Braga

  26. tonys 9 months ago


    Yes I know nothing about NFL, so blindly follow Nathan (but with low / flat stakes), and he generally wins more than he loses, so should end up in profits.

    Never had a loser on cocker’s ‘magic corners’ bets…..

    • sonnyboy 9 months ago

      Nobody saw the Rams defeat coming – not even the commentators. It happens, in all sports. Nathan will do well, I have no doubt.

    • harleec7 9 months ago

      Nathans a bloody good tipper.

  27. acsafc 9 months ago

    Been banging on about the VAR to be used on William Hill and how I was surprised at the odds considering it seems to be used almost every game, well they aren’t offering it on the Palace game tonight seems they have lost too much money on it big shame.

  28. tonys 9 months ago

    As a ‘normal’ punter who stakes £2-5 / bet (often on tens of bets per day), occasionally £10, and sometimes (very occasionally) multiples of £10, how much could i throw at a bet without the betting companies deciding to limit / ban me ?

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      They’re more interested in the types of betd you place and also your profit.

  29. tonys 9 months ago

    Shame about the VAR acsfc (sadly a train i didn’t climb aboard). Is anyone else offering it ?

    • acsafc 9 months ago

      Skybet offer 7/4 on a decision to be overturned by VAR they are worth getting on. Fancy tonight’s game could be feisty

  30. acsafc 9 months ago

    Palace v Brighton btts 20/23 Paddypower
    The last 4 have had btts worth a punt
    7/4 a decision to be overturned by VAR Skybet

  31. tonys 9 months ago

    Thanks acsafc, will take a look

  32. Nathan 9 months ago

    1/2 last night on nfl, rams collapsing against the cowboys, cowboys are firmly in my bad books, when I bet for them they lose, bet against them they win😂
    Adds to the disappointing weekend on all fronts, just gonna day down 2000 points, Sh ite weekend but it happens, the way I bet can see this completely different in a couple of bets

    • harleec7 9 months ago

      Patriots broke Goff and Mcvay in the SuperBowl for sure, they haven’t looked like anything all year.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      can I ask why the bigger bets on the football mate? a couple of weeks ago they were maybe 50-100 pts and you said they were interest bets as the NFL was your main ones. now they are 200+ per game and in yesterdays case of arsenal v city 1000 points.

    • ChrisBax 9 months ago

      Nathan, I’ve noticed some “occassional” posters always seem ready to take a pop at you whenever one of your bets goes down, yet are strangely silent whenever your tips come in.

      They also seem to have difficulty understanding your staking system. As far as I’m concerned, if you say you are putting 200 points on a particular bet, it means you rate that bet higher than one you’d put 100 points on. It’s just a relative scale – you could equally use 2 stars for the first bet and one for the second like Hull does.

      Last night was annoying, but it’s fair to say the Cowboys surprised virtually everyone. You always get a few unexpected outcomes in all sports from time to time – it’s uncertainty which adds to the excitement ;)

      All in all, I followed your tips and ended up down around 1.4 UNITS (which could represent 14p, £1.40, £14, £140, £1,400 or in fact anything). Did I lose any sleep over this? Nope, because I only risked a sensible amount I could easily afford to lose.

      As you say, we’ll probably cover this on the next game anyway – so no worries. And we have the Saints vs Colts game later ;)

    • Haku 9 months ago

      Don’t want to come across as patronising Nathan but perhaps you might want to re-stratagize the staking of your bets. You’re coming off a weekend of a 2000 point loss and the “way you bet” could easily see the value increase. Good luck

    • sean567 9 months ago

      If that’s aimed at my comment chris, first of all im not an “occasional” poster I contribute regularly. secondly Im not having a pop at him im asking a genuine question as someone who follows quite a lot of his bets.

    • Nathan 9 months ago


      My stakes always varied on football, the little bets were the littler games harder to predict and in stranger leagues, I’ve stopped betting on these and sticking to the better quality football. I’ve had bigger bets on the prem and things posted here a couple of weeks/months ago and in the case of arsenal vs City yesterday I had a lot staked yes, but as you could see everyone fancied the same selections regarding corners etc, so just ended up a dud game. Yeah I’ve had a bad weekend but it just happens to be the start of me keeping my full totals so I’ll just continue as normal

    • Nathan 9 months ago

      Don’t worry haku you aren’t patronising me bud, to patronise me I’d have to atleast have a little interest or care about what you say👍

    • ChrisBax 9 months ago

      sean567 – wasn’t aimed at you mate – we both posted at the same time, and your comment unfortunately ended up underneath mine.

      I was commenting on some of those new account names which have just started to appear and generally post nothing of value.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Cheers Nathan. As I said I follow your bets that I like, and was wondering wether the increased stakes were a sign of confidence or to try and claw back some losses as the bets have been getting bigger and bigger.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      no worries Chris. As ive said on numerous occasions im a fan of nathans tips and bets and would never have a pop at someone for their stake size- that’s up to the individual. just noticed this weekend was a rough one, and was wondering wether the football bets were down to increase in confidence or a determination to recoup losses.

  33. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Boston v Rochdale
    Big prices for cards in this game . I know nothing about these two teams, any info on them would be appreciated .

  34. Nathan 9 months ago

    Cagliari vs Lazio
    Both to score + over 2.5 goals
    5/6 sky
    330 points
    Nap x1.5 stake

    Palace vs Brighton
    Both to score + over 2.5 goals
    6/4 sky
    220 points
    Nap stake

    New Orleans Saints -9
    10/11 sky/various
    660 points
    Triple stake*

    50 points treble pays 437.50

    • michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

      Correct. Two easy wins 🤣😂🤣

      Good luck Nathan. That Cagliari bet is a stick on

  35. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    11 matches tonight from the Belgium Reserve league. Most of these games will have goals and i May stick with my go to sides

    Matches at Sint Truiden and Lommel both stand out

    All 11 over 2.5 goals worth a flutter at 22/1

    • dps 9 months ago

      Good luck with the NAPs this week Greg, hopefully we have a better week 👍

    • kf 9 months ago

      Hi Gregg…The St Tuidense an Lommel matches, would the bet be o2.5mgs each game, or o3.5mgs?…Cheers and GL..Pete

  36. andrzejstarba 9 months ago

    Lazio v Caliglari stands out for bookings. Both teams average just under 3 cards per match and score high on bookings table.

    Bookies feel the same with a very high line of over 6.5 cards. This may come in but is a bit too high for me.
    Value for me in bet365 bet builder of Lazio over 0 cards in first half and Caliglari over 0 cards in first half. Evens. Should give you a run for your money.

  37. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    That looks a good shout andrez .

    • andrzejstarba 9 months ago

      I’ve been on a poor run with the bookings recently but it looks solid enough on paper

  38. Haku 9 months ago

    Italy Serie B

    Trapani v Pisa

    Over 2.5 mgs 6/5 Coral (nap)


  39. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Yeah .Good luck .

  40. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Al-Alhi Dubai (UAE)

    Over 2.5mgs Double 6/5
    Over 3.5mgs Double 4/1

    All 10 Belguim U21s games over 2.5mgs 14/1

    Good Luck

  41. GigiKenzo 9 months ago

    Cagliari BTS
    Trabzonspor o2.5mgs

  42. Tom 101 Owl 9 months ago

    Hi I’m looking for advice if possible.
    I’ve received a betway bonus of £10 with a 30x wagering requirement. I’ve placed an accumulator with the £10 that has so far won 5 out of 7 picks, and stands to win £430.
    If wins, does this mean the requirement has been met or will I have to wager £10 of it 29 times more.
    All new to me is this. Will kindly appreciate a response.

    • andrzejstarba 9 months ago

      I think you’ll have to place 30 times your original deposit. So 300 pounds worth of bets before you can withdraw

    • sean567 9 months ago

      It means you have to wager that £10 30x before you can withdraw any of the winnings. I’ve had this before and managed to get round it by playing blackjack and 3 card poker until the wager requirement was fulfilled.

    • johnston17 9 months ago

      If it came in, could you not stick £300 on a team to win if they’re 3-0 at 90mins or is there odd restrictions

  43. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Italy serie c group b.
    Reggio audace v padova.
    Btts 10-11 NAP.

    Not quite the evens or over I look for but near enough.
    Reggio Btts 11 of last 12 home games.
    Padova not so clever away but they sit side by side in the table so should be evenly matched.
    Last 3 head to head here been 1-1 draws so hoping for similar.

  44. bullseye 9 months ago

    Darts season now so good opportunity for some mixed accas:

    England FA Cup 19:30
    Boston Utd vs Rochdale – over 4.5 first half Asian corners

    England Premier League 19:45
    Crystal Palace vs Brighton – over 23.5 multicorners

    Italy Serie A
    Cagliari vs Lazio – over 2.5 MG’s

    Treble 3.63/1 Bet365 **NAP**


    Darts World Championship 19:15
    Steve Lennon vs Callan Rydz – over 3.5 total sets

    4-Fold 5.32/1 Bet365 **NB**

    • bullseye 9 months ago

      Good luck all

  45. tonys 9 months ago

    Andrez, I put on a small stake with your cards + >1.5mg + >4 match corners….with Bet365

  46. flandroy 9 months ago

    basaksehir – konya 1 / 1.5
    trabzon – denizli 1 & u 4.5 / 1.85
    fc copenhagen – odense 1 /. 1.62
    santa clara – sporting 2 / 1.92
    porto – santa clara 1 wtn / 1.75

  47. Nathan 9 months ago

    One betbuilder punt tonight on EPL game. (Palace vs Brighton)

    Both to score, over 2.5 goals, each team over 0 cards, match over 2 cards, match over 6 corners


    50 points

  48. 1terrytips 9 months ago

    Tried to post regarding a £10 to £10k for xmas betting plan I am going to do but for some reason its not posted or been blocked by site.

    In short its ten bets at around evens which if successful will return over £10k within ten bets which I plan to place by xmas.

    My first Bet is:

    Brighton to score 4/11
    A goal in both halves in Cagliari v Lazio 8/15

    £10 double returns £20.90 (prices with sky)


    • xbets 9 months ago

      all the best mate… i wiill follow you..

    • dps 9 months ago

      Nice first bet Terry 👍

    • PaulyMac92 9 months ago

      Terry keep this going 😁

  49. cp007 9 months ago

    Palace v Brighton

    Really liked the look of Brighton when I saw them at Anfield a few weeks back and that form continued against Arsenal in the last away game

    Palace tend to do better when the underdog and feel Hodgson’s one dimensional style will come a cropper against graham potter

    NAP – Brighton or Draw and over 1 goal in match @ Evens

    Also will do
    Brighton win @ 7/4 (w 2 goal early payout)
    Brighton to win and more than 1 goal @ 11/4

    Each for 1/2 NAP stake

    Good Luck

  50. michu in de gea ba 9 months ago

    Steven alzate to get a card. 11/2. B365.

  51. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Double down as somehow finished 1-1 in UAE
    Will go again on the following

    Westerlo u21s
    Stoke u23s
    Derby u23s

    Over 2.5mgs treble 7/5

    Good luck

  52. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Quick post for the Nap and it’s corners in Portugal for me!

    PORTO VS. TONDELA (8.15pm):

    Over 10.5 corners
    (10/11, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    Over 12.5 corners
    (12/5, bet365) NB ⭐

    Best of luck

  53. mr h 9 months ago

    Can Seria A and Italian football stoop any lower…just announced an anti-racism campaign and used 3 monkeys with face painted on the poster 🙈 Oh my days

  54. old al 9 months ago

    The matches at Crystal Palace, Boston and Cagliari all over 1.5 mg @ 11/10

  55. wasclueless 9 months ago

    Montoya (Brighton) Booked 11/4 – quarter stake
    Will be up against Zaha …. also highlighted by WLB

  56. Nathan 9 months ago

    Long shot RAB double….

    Over 2.5 goals, palace 5+ corners, Brighton 3+ corners and 20+ booking points each

    BTTS, over 2.5 goals, 5+ Cagliari corners, 3+ Lazio corners and 20+ booking points each

    43/1 double skybet

    20 points

  57. tonys 9 months ago

    old al that looks a wise choice…

  58. andymac1980 9 months ago

    Fancy goals like many in the 2 main games tonight:
    Btts & over 2.5gls double
    Crystal Palace v Brighton
    Cagliari v Lazio
    @ 3.27/1 with Bet365

    Also fancy penalties and cards in Italy:
    Penalty bets with Bet365
    Red card @ 9/4 (boosted)
    Both teams red card @ 28/1 (boosted)

    Punt – red card in both games double @ 13.02/1 with WH

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Italy red cards with Paddy Power

  59. goalden oldie 9 months ago

    crystal palace v brighton
    brighton win + both teams to score
    William hill 9/2

    Cagliari v Lazio
    Cagliari win + both teams to score
    William hill 6/1

    reggiana v padova
    reggiana win + both teams to score
    William hill 24/5

    treble on above
    William hill 305/1

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Poor night again after it looked promising. Italian ref was yellow happy but no reds and what a comeback from Lazio. Well done all winners!

  60. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Another 2 goals needed in the final 20minutes of the standard liege U21s to land the full house in Belgium 🙏

  61. andrzejstarba 9 months ago

    Lazio v Caliglari stands out for bookings. Both teams average just under 3 cards per match and score high on bookings table.

    Bookies feel the same with a very high line of over 6.5 cards. This may come in but is a bit too high for me.
    Value for me in bet365 bet builder of Lazio over 0 cards in first half and Caliglari over 0 cards in first half. Evens. Should give you a run for your money

    Paid off. 1-1 on yellows within 25 minutes so a nice winner.

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Well done andrez . Great spot.

    • andrzejstarba 9 months ago


    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Spot on Andrze 👍👍

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Was a shoe in. Well done!

  62. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Will go again on the following

    Westerlo u21s
    Stoke u23s
    Derby u23s

    Over 2.5mgs treble 7/5**WON**

    1 goal short in Belgium for the full house although reduced as 1 game was abandoned so close, always next week

    • alex_mufc83 9 months ago

      Well done dc

  63. 9 months ago

    Tom 101 Owl

    Hi, matched betting will help you with your situation mate

  64. Haku 9 months ago

    Italy Serie B

    Trapani v Pisa

    Over 2.5 mgs 6/5 Coral (nap) ✅ Winner

    In before half time happy days!

  65. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Nice one .

  66. sean567 9 months ago

    Monday night moneyback acca
    Cagliari v lazio o2.5mgs
    Porto win
    Copenhagen win
    Trabzonspor win
    Basaksehir win
    5/1 ladbrokes (1pt)
    LOST ❌

    Goals tips
    Over 1.5tgs double
    11/10 hills NAP✅✅

    No joy with the small stakes acca tonight. NAP lands again tho, can’t complain. Well done the winners

    • GigiKenzo 9 months ago

      Nice winner

  67. GigiKenzo 9 months ago

    Cagliari BTS✔
    Trabzonspor o2.5mgs✔
    7/5 WON

    There are late goals and then there are late goals. Lazio rescues punters tonight. Well done winners

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Nice double Gigi 😀

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Same to you mate. Mr consistent recently 👍🏻

    • GigiKenzo 9 months ago

      Cheers shaker and sean 😀

  68. sean567 9 months ago

    Unbelievable end to the game in Italy for those on btts/o2.5 👍🏻👍🏻

    • aceofspades 9 months ago

      Same with the Copenhagen game. What a night.

  69. Nathan 9 months ago

    Cagliari vs Lazio
    Both to score + over 2.5 goals
    5/6 sky
    330 points
    Nap x1.5 stake
    Returns 605 points

    Palace vs Brighton
    Both to score + over 2.5 goals
    6/4 sky
    220 points
    Nap stake
    ❌ 1-1 final score

    New Orleans Saints -9
    10/11 sky/various
    660 points
    Triple stake*

    50 points treble pays 437.50

    50 point betbuilder and 20 point long shot loser too

    Lose of 65 points, staked so that one win covered the other on main bet, wanted more funds to use on the saints hence betting like that but added long shots a loser, taking the 65 points back out the returned 605 for 550 points (what I was willing to risk ontop of triple staked New Orleans tip) and add it to it to have 1210 points on the saints -9…. no way they don’t cover this spread tonight, 5x nap stake. If two early footy bets came in these returns would have equalled the returns from the treble with less stake risk obviously. Didn’t go to plan tho so bigger stake it is

  70. hairyheid 9 months ago

    No Idea how the members bet landed tonight. Checked and it was 1-0 at 89 minutes, 2 injury time goals later and it lands… thanks Scott. Well done all winners 👍

  71. grantheaney 9 months ago

    Two out of three tips landed in my Palace vs Brighton preview on site – well done all winners today 👍

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Nice one.

  72. bullseye 9 months ago

    England FA Cup 19:30
    Boston Utd vs Rochdale – over 4.5 first half Asian corners ❌

    England Premier League 19:45
    Crystal Palace vs Brighton – over 23.5 multicorners ❌

    Italy Serie A
    Cagliari vs Lazio – over 2.5 MG’s ✅

    Treble 3.63/1 Bet365 **NAP** LOST


    Darts World Championship 19:15
    Steve Lennon vs Callan Rydz – over 3.5 total sets ✅

    4-Fold 5.32/1 Bet365 **NB** LOST

    Nothing doing on the corners but interesting to see Brighton got 7 today following on from the 9 they picked up at Arsenal, one for the notebook. Well done all winners

  73. tonys 9 months ago

    Can we have a load of corners in the last half hour of the Sporting game please ?

    Good / wise call on the >1.5 mgs treble oldal……

    Close but no cigar on the >2.5 mgs on Belgian reserves….hard lines Greg

    A better day than weekend, hoping the NFL -9 comes in later….thanks harleec and Nathan

    I like bet365 betbuilder. Managed a return on the Cagliari / Lazio game and also had small stake on Rochdale to win / >1.5 mgs / >1 card and >5 corners (5 units returned 18 units).

  74. HullShaker 9 months ago

    No joy on the corners in Portugal – final count 8-0 and a shame not a single one from Tondela!

    Well done all winners.

  75. ChrisBax 9 months ago

    On Nathan’s Saints NFL tip. I’ve also spotted this one which isn’t too wildly optimistic and should have a reasonable chance:

    Drew Brees 250+ Passing Yards & 3+ Passing TDs -> 2/1 (#WhatOddsPaddy – Featured)

    (NB It’s only 1.38/1 at Skybet)

    Good luck!

  76. SiSenor 9 months ago

    Colts @ Saints

    Can’t Guard Mike. Michael Thomas O8.5 Receptions – 17/20 (NAP) – Betway

    Arguably the best WR in the league, Thomas is well on his way to eclipse the record for number of receptions in a season. He has achieved 9+ in all 7 of the Saints home games (10,9,11,11,13,10,11).

    • 10duff10 9 months ago

      Thanks for this SiSenor. Brief but compelling write up so I waded in. 👍🏻

  77. richtea 9 months ago

    New Orleans Saints game 1:15am:-

    Same game multibet (Betfair) :
    Any Time Touchdown Scorer – Jacoby Brissett
    Total Points – Over (+49.5)
    Drew Brees – Passing Yds – Over (+304.5)
    Handicap Betting – New Orleans Saints (-8.5)
    Any Time Touchdown Scorer – Michael Thomas
    Combined odds:

    Not a sport I’m an expert on by any means but looking at recent stats and the tips by Nathan and others, some of the above outcomes look possible, whether all 5 can happen is the reason it’s a 50/1 shot though, but worth chancing a few quid on?!😉

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