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THAT'S the end of the Euro 2020 qualifiers with Wales snatching the final automatic place.

Their 2-0 win against Hungary helped land my 22-5 Top Treble alongside Scotland and Slovakia.

Scotland came from behind to beat Kazahkstan 3-1 and clinch third spot in their group as they look ahead to the play-offs.

The matches seem to have gone on forever but it's only been eight months with some nations playing 10 ties.

There are still four more finals places up for grabs with Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland also involved. If Scotland qualify we'll face England at Wembley – maybe that's one reason not to make it!

So attention turns back to domestic football although tonight all there are just four FA Cup replays including Wycombe v Tranmere – two sides who met in League One on Sunday with leaders Wycombe winning 2-0 at Prenton Park. However, Wycombe could make changes so check line-ups before investing.

My FA Cup btts treble was a 1pt loser last night and there weren't too many goals and that worries me tonight so I'm leaving them alone.

That couldn't be said for the Euro qualifiers and there were winners all over the place so well done to everyone.

My Super Single in the Daily Record won again with Scotland btts at 17-5 but for the second day running I tipped but didn't post as a main tip.

Don't forget to welovebetting for their tips and video chat.

Mr Fixit's November Super Singles Total: +2.4pts

Mr Fixit's November Advised Accas Total: +9.2pts

  1. mr h 8 months ago

    31 mins ago
    unlucky again mr h a see ye were wan fae 6 on sunday nae post yesterday fae ye an jist a wee 9/2 redeemer thenite…………… nae wunner yer doon a hole an aff the gamblin……. yer picks are poor at best but you seem to have your followers though and hopefully all works out in the……………. GL and GALLUS

    Sad bitter wee man Crane….. Yer sitting there having a dig at my picks when all you ever contribute is a wee 3/4 lines of pidgin English with a ‘GL & gallus’ chucked in for good measure. Ye offer absolutely no insight into what yer putting up so in effect you’re a noncontributory part of the page outwith brief posts about yer wee lines that come out of what Mrs Crane allows ye when she loosens the leash….but you feel the need too comment regularly on my input regardless of its success or failure. I don’t claim to be good and I’m certainly no professional….I’m no here for pat’s on the back either so what really is your problem with me? Cause I’m Celtic? Cause I’m outspoken? Cause I’ve no problems with anybody else on here,few disagreements with Greg but that man can forget and move on unlike yersel. Infact save yer breath for somebody that’s interested in what your simple mind has to offer

    Btw ye failed to include the 11/1 handicap treble and Switzerland u21 single in yer thorough analysis of what I posted but not too worry no monopoly money won or lost so that hole I was in didn’t get any bigger

    For anyone interested there’s 2 games on Romania II that look good for goals at either end and returns 23/10 on the BTTS double

    • chelseagirl 8 months ago

      Mr.H. Stuff them all you do what you want pal.The only thing i will say and its a LOL did you enjoy eating your hat a few weeks back when you tipped on the Tic game corners ? What i have noticed on this site people dont stick to tips and start getting involved in other S8it. Lots of things i would like to comment on but this aint the place.

    • mr h 8 months ago

      I actually ate my hat and wig between that Celtic effort and France abysmal effort against Moldova last week. I let most get on with it but it’s just the one voice piping up constantly. Sad wee man seems as if he enjoyed my bets being losers,those kinda folks are the worst breed on here…taking pleasure from others losing is no the attitude but hey ho each to their own

    • elvis parsley 8 months ago

      Mr H.
      If those comments are designed to antagonise and get a bite off you, they have achieved that.
      Don’t be angry with people you cannot see or hear, they are mere words mate.
      Let it go and most here will see through it and they will be treated accordingly by the regulars and ignored if deemed inappropriate.

      In life certain people bounce off each other and sounds like you 2 are in that category.
      Ignore and scroll by Mr H, yourself and crane are valued members here from where I sit and would be a shame if any of you were driven away by this spat.
      Live long and prosper bud 🖖

    • jim burnside 8 months ago

      Your brave enough to put fancys up Mr H so fair play and your probably as good as most regulars on here..with the xception of guys like Greg n hullshaker.. knowledge goes a long way but u need that bit of luck 2.i would definitely say keep doing what u do.theres no geniuses at gambling on football..the browning chaps better than most tho lol.

  2. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    A bit of interest for the late owls…

    Costa Rican Primera… in play and its Ht..

    Its top of league v seventh and its 1-1 but home team have great form and away the opposite. Its only 1-1 as ADR Jicaral got a pen just before half time. All the stats in the game point to a home win for Alajuelense and at 4/5 it seems decent. It was 10/11 but just dropped at time of writing.

    Best of luck

    • 1terrytips 8 months ago

      Finished 3-1 for home win :-)

    • 8 months ago

      Lovely jubbly

  3. 8 months ago

    Mexico r2 9corners@10/11
    Currently on 6&game nicely poised@1-1,they will need to push on to win and attack,still odds on to win the game btw

  4. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    in play mexico v bermuda… 75 gone n its 11/8 draw

    mexico have just had their first shot (off target) of second half as top of group so nowt to play for.

    Hopefully finish a draw

    best of luck

    • 1terrytips 8 months ago

      *first shot on target…

  5. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    Sorry Tommy I hadn’t refreshed the page so didn’t see your comment on the game until after I posted.

    Best of luck whatever your on bud.

  6. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    Dam they scored with only their second shot on target in the 93min to sneak the 2-1 win.

  7. Yaap88 8 months ago

    Just for a bit of interest tonight and looking at past matches I’m going for

    Puerto Rico over 3.5 match goals
    Criciuma over 1.5 match goals
    USA over 1.5 first half match goals

    Pays 2.6/1 on sky bet but Puerto Rico will have just KO’d this minute


    One goal shy in Puerto Rico despite a red card and 12 shots on target

  8. mr h 8 months ago

    Mourinho at Spurs already,if that wasn’t agreed prior to Poch leaving I’ll give up fitba

    • chelseagirl 8 months ago

      Farce.Spurs will always be looking at 3 or 4 above them.Mourinho could not turn Man. U. around with a free check book. Watch Kane moving on next .

    • mr h 8 months ago

      In my opinion Kane should leave Spurs at some point unless he’s happy being at his own club and playing out his career. Guys like that should be winning trophies and featuring in finals on a yearly basis. Not a lack of ambition I don’t think,more that he’s happy where he is and what he’s doing. Seen the same with Celtic players and Paul McStay was a prime example,oozed class and could have played anywhere in the world and not looked put of place. Callum MacGregor is the same and will never leave despite having the talent to also play in any league in the world with ease. Can trophies and money replace a happy and content environment

    • chelseagirl 8 months ago

      McStay was a class act but i dont think MacGregor is in his league.

    • mr h 8 months ago

      MacGregor is Scotland’s best midfield player bar none….I’ll argue that point with anyone who sees fit!!! He’s better than Darren Fletcher ever was,more technical than John McGinn who is exceptional in his own right and first pick in my opinion without the green specs

  9. chelseagirl 8 months ago

    Mr.F. followed your treb and added Belguim -3 and Gillingham DC. for a nice 8/1.acca. Never posted i know it was a last minute with ma free £5 bet @ Bway.

  10. Smorti 8 months ago

    Hopefully found a bit of value tonight
    San Marino’s last 5 games have seen a total corner count of 9-19-17-16-13
    B365 alternative corners at over 11 is 8/11
    Same bet on skybet is 2/5
    Over 11 total corners – 8/11 NAP

    Won with 13 corners

  11. Nathan 8 months ago

    USA returned only 9 points from 20 staked, one more goal from them would have given big returns, 2nd half a letdown

    • Nathan 8 months ago

      And the mourinho appointment is diabolical, how does he fit? Spurs going from good football to crap and he certainly won’t have the money he wants. Spurs lucky to get europa league, Kane got to be off now😂

    • Nathan 8 months ago

      Julian nagelsman was the man they needed, young coach, good football, doesn’t need any budget to work off he’s proved that, he will be a top manager one day

    • kyle b 8 months ago

      He will be a top manager one day, only joined Leipzig last summer and has a project on his hands for next few years. Only around 40 years of age, time well on his side yet expect him to see him in the prem in next 5 years

    • Nathan 8 months ago

      Was manager of hoffenheim before Kyle. We played them in the 3rd round playoffs before the groups when we got to the final and he tried to attack us, was a very ballsy move but didn’t quite payoff but could tell he was insistent on not changing his mentality no matter who he plays, only actually 32 so he’s got so long in the game if he wants to be

  12. maccathered 8 months ago

    Spurs to win a trophy,Champions league at 33/1,F.A cup 10/1,going to back them both.It wouldn’t surprise me if they win either one because Mourihno knows he has a good squad.Harry Kane Drogba esq to Mourihno.No matter how you look at it Poch isn’t as tactically aware as Spurs new manager.

    • Deano86 8 months ago

      He’s not the same manager he was 5 years ago mate, loom at the job he did at united. The football was diabolical

    • Nathan 8 months ago

      Yes of course he is better tactically he’s proved that over the years, 15 years ago you’d have never seen him as potential Tottenham manager and the Chelsea squad he built he got money thrown at him when players were bought for 20 mil a piece, now it’s 50-60 mil for a decent player so he can’t exactly revamp. Tottenham have a good side and only really need 2/3 players to properly be in with a chance of a trophy, he needs to revert to a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 however you see it, son on the left, Kane down the middle and Lucas on the right. He needs a solid midfielder they just look lacking there and definitely a right back. Don’t get me wrong he could turn round to be excellent but I just don’t feel he fits, could literally go either way but he’s obviously on a hefty salary which isn’t exactly Daniel levy esque

    • maccathered 8 months ago

      He still won a waffa cup in his first season.

  13. Deano86 8 months ago

    Mourinho to tottenham is a very strange fit

  14. Nathan 8 months ago

    Gareth bale to Tottenham

    • maccathered 8 months ago

      Looks a good shout

    • kyle b 8 months ago

      Mourinho must have money to spend if he’s taken on the Spurs job, always demanded financial backing wherever he has gone. Can see Madrid wanting time get him off the wage books again in the summer, if he was to come back to PL would have to accept a major pay cut but defo a deal that has potential to happen. Can’t see him at any other top club in prem

  15. CristianZ 8 months ago

    Romanian League 2

    Rapid – UTA 1x&2+
    Turnu Magurele – Petrolul GG

  16. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    whit yae haverin oan aboot… ;-)

  17. Nathan 8 months ago

    PSS Sleman vs pusamania Borneo

    Over 2.5 match goals 10/11 5 points
    Both to score and over 2.5 match goals 5/4 4 points
    Over 3.5 match goals 9/4 2 points
    Borneo 2+ 21/10 3 points
    Borneo 3+ 17/2 1 point
    Goal in both halves 4/5 5 points

    • ak92 8 months ago

      Go on then I’ll have o2.5 evens bet365

    • Nathan 8 months ago

      Yeah it is evens on 365, I only quoted skybet by accident, all others only available at sky that’s why

    • ak92 8 months ago

      Disallowed goal may shaft us on this one. Not to worry. On to the next

  18. cockerspaniel 8 months ago

    30 + Booking points each team in each game in the 4 English cup ties tonight 4/1 Skybet special . Surely all will have a go seeing they are cup ties .

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      You would need a few reds. On bookings alone that’s a minimum of eight and I’d want 400-1 for that instead of 4-1.

    • cockerspaniel 8 months ago

      Sorry guys — and mr f. It`s 30 + booking points in the match. Not each team .

    • Mr Fixit 8 months ago

      Yeah it didn’t look right. I still think 4-1 is a bit short.

  19. flandroy 8 months ago

    basket live – russian u21 vtb
    avtodor – khimki (38-37 in th 17th min)
    khimki (+5.5)

  20. 1terrytips 8 months ago

    GERMANY: Oberliga Niedersachsen – Spelle-Venhaus v Hagen/Uthlede (6:30pm)

    Spelle are joint top scorers in the league and playing relegation battlers Hagen with the joint worst defence in the league. Previous games against the other three relegation sides this season have seen scores of 5-0, 6-0 and a 3-4 defeat so more of the same wouldn’t be a surprize given Hagens leaky defence.

    This league is littered with goals so hard to find value but I think the best way to go is on bet 365 bet builder.

    Spelle ht/ft and Over 4.5 goals at 11/5

    Best of luck!

    • dolky123 8 months ago

      Just looked at this game got 9/4 for by ft and 5 goals.I think got good
      Chance it’s a lot to ask 5 goals.

    • dolky123 8 months ago

      Well done in by h/t had £5 on .thsnks.😁

    • dolky123 8 months ago


    • 1terrytips 8 months ago

      A very comfortable 10-0 home win (5-0 h/t).

      11/5 Winner.

      Nice one Dolky 👍

  21. jos 8 months ago

    I know Daniel Levy plays hardball as an acute business man and football chairman but Moarinho!? The man’s an out and out bluff merchant that’s been very lucky. Don’t care what “he’s” won. Pfft! Levy another one willing to pay this carpetbagger millions. Beggars belief!

  22. TomashYNWA 8 months ago

    Morning gents and ladies of course,
    Can’t seem to find 30 + booking points on bet365, is it on bet builder?

  23. Alves 8 months ago

    Skybet specials

    A goal & 3+ corners each half in the 3 FA Cup games leaving out Wycombe 14/1. Less than 8/1 wi 365 for the treble so looks well overpriced. 40/1 adding a corner for 4 corners each half but no gonna get too greedy

    • Andya36 8 months ago

      Alves I’m looking on sky bet specials but can’t see this offer am I being daft

    • Alves 8 months ago

      Skybet FA Cup Requestabets Andy

    • Alves 8 months ago

      16/1 now & 50/1 for 4+ corners

    • Andya36 8 months ago

      If I could find it I would bet on it lol

    • Andya36 8 months ago

      Ha ha I found it lol

  24. flandroy 8 months ago

    basket live – russian u21 vtb
    avtodor – khimki (38-37 in th 17th min)
    khimki (+5.5)
    90-93 ft, win
    w8, l6

  25. GregBrowning 8 months ago

    Afternoon gents – this weekends Gambla Podcast is available to listen to 🎧⚽️

    Aberdeen play St Johnstone on Sunday in Perth

    The dons should not be odds against

    Aberdeen over 1.5 goals 27/20 – a have a listen

    • Tosh Bennett 8 months ago

      Sint Truidense +3.5 in play at evens just prior to half time…..Boom.

  26. cockerspaniel 8 months ago

    Agree with you there Greg . I will be on them for sure .

  27. Deano86 8 months ago

    Newport vs grimsby btts 21/20

    All 4 FA cup games over 2.5 goals just under 15/1


  28. wasclueless 8 months ago

    Saturday lunchtime
    West Ham v Spurs – Spurs Win 4/5
    Will be having a dabble on that … hopefully new manager bounce – and West Ham are now exactly in great form LLDLLD …

  29. Smorti 8 months ago

    Lincoln vs Ipswich
    Newport vs Grimsby
    Both games over 1.5 goals
    4/5 NAP

  30. danger ranger 8 months ago

    Lincoln vs Ipswich over 2.5 goals

    Wycombe vs tranmere over 2.5 goals

    Darlington vs walsall over 2.5 goals

    Calico catania vs sicula leonzia over 2.5 goals

    St truidense vs standard Liege U21 over 3.5 goals

    Manta vs independiente juniors over 2.5 goals


    • cockney villain 8 months ago

      Good luck Danger ranger always look out for your posts always very close for high odds. Cheers👍

  31. deanoshat 8 months ago

    Fancy Cliftonville at 5/6 to beat Glentoran in the Co Antrim shield.They are riding high at the top of the league and will want another final to get to.Good value for me.

  32. HullShaker 8 months ago

    Not back from work again til late o clock so quick post and off to Venezuela!

    No joy with the 10/1 yesterday.


    Over 3.5 goals
    (11/8, bet365) ⭐⭐

    Best of luck!

    • sonnyboy 8 months ago

      OMG OMG WOW!! Goalless until 84th minute – then 4 !! That’s entertainment!! Well done the shaker!!

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Madness Sonnyboy 😂⚽️😀

  33. bullseye 8 months ago

    Colombia Primera A 22:00
    Deportes Tolima vs Cucuta Deportivo – over 4.5 first half Asian corners 1/1 Bet365 **NAP**
    Peru Segunda 18:00
    Atletico Grau vs Comerciantes Unidos – under 4.5 first half Asian corners

    England FA Cup 19:45
    Darlington vs Walsall – over 24.5 multicorners

    Double 2.57/1 Bet365 **NB**

    Cucuta Deportivo I’ve found are one of the most reliable teams for first half corner overs and they’re usually good to double up with goals as well. Sixteen of their last twenty matches (80%) have seen five or more corners at the interval. The two sides played just over a week ago at Cucuta’s gaff and there were six corners by half time and last month, in a repeat of today’s fixture with Tolima playing at their home ground, there were nine corners by half time.

    Good luck all

    • kf 8 months ago

      When u say ‘double up with goals’ Bully for Cucuta, do you mean o2.5mgs?…cheers mate and good luck

    • bullseye 8 months ago

      Usually I go with 1.5 MG’s to be on the safe side and that in the double pays 6/4 however five from eight of Cucuta’s previous matches have gone over 2.5 MG’s. The reason I’ve left out goals today is becuse the two sides played out a nil nil recently but with Tolima at home I imagine there should be goals in this. Good luck.

    • kf 8 months ago

      Cheers Bully…

  34. mr h 8 months ago

    Greg’s strong point and hopefully he’s around to add an opinion but one of his favourite places is the Belgian u21 and it’s cup action tonight. I believe St Truiden are one of his favourite teams for goalsand they face Standard Liege. St Truiden have lost 8/10 games this season but found the net in 7 of those defeats. Standard Liege have won the 2 H2H meetings 5-1 & 3-2 in September

    Standard Liege u21 win & BTTS 10/11

    Longshot ACCA…..

    AFC Turris-Oltul v FC Petrolul Ploiesti BTTS
    Standard Liege u21 win & BTTS
    Buckley Town v Gresford It’s o3.5mgls
    Wycombe o1.5tgls
    Monagas v Zamora BTTS


    • GregBrowning 8 months ago

      Mr H, I’ve only ever placed a bet on a Belgium Reserve game on a Monday night, not sure how I feel about these Wednesday night games – well out of my comfort zone, haha

      The stats all add up and as you say Sint Truiden are my favourite side to back for goals here ( I actually tipped both of those games you mentioned) my only concern is Standard are likely to have players away on international duty (u21, u19 etc) that’s the only thing that would put me off

  35. elvis parsley 8 months ago

    Ecuador b league.
    8-30 ko.
    Play off 1st leg
    Manta v Independiente juniors.
    Btts 6-5 (hills) NAP.

  36. GregBrowning 8 months ago

    Evening gents

    I’ve given in – total goals worth a punt I feel

  37. alex_mufc83 8 months ago

    One the following double, and a treble, think these games will produce a few goals;

    Darlington v Walsall – O2.5 MGls
    Lincoln v Ipswich – O1.5 MGls

    2 POINTS

    Add in the following Luxembourg game for a treble;
    Una Strassen v Jeaunesse Esch – O2.5 MGls

    1 POINT

    Best of luck

    • alex_mufc83 8 months ago


  38. kyle b 8 months ago

    Can someone tell me who the referee is in the Lincoln vs Ipswich game tonight? For the life of me, I can’t find who it is 🤯

    • crofty 8 months ago

      Ref is Andy Haines (Tyne &I Wear) mate

  39. crofty 8 months ago

    For anyone thinking of backing Ipswich we are playing a second string side with very few of the usual starting line up from league one.
    Our defence should help towards Gregs goals total but with Will Keane upfront on his own can’t see us helping much at the other end.

  40. dc john boy 8 months ago

    Sint truidense u21s
    Coventry women

    Over 3.5mgs double 17/10
    Over 4.5mgs double 5/1

    Good luck

  41. kyle b 8 months ago

    Thanks Crofty!

    Gonna try something a bit different this evening

    Lincoln vs Ipswich
    Ipswich Most Booking Points
    11/10 @ Sky
    *Small Stake*

  42. mr h 8 months ago

    Apologies GRM….3/4 scored

  43. maccathered 8 months ago

    Lincoln City v Ipswich
    Draw at 9/4 (NAP)
    game decided after penalties at 9/2

    All four f.a.cup games under 2.5 goals at 10/1 longshot
    Best of luck

    • pablopower 8 months ago

      Nice shout

  44. oneoff 8 months ago

    Fancy Wycombe to win against Tranmere.
    Wycombe playing strong team only made 4 changes and playing more attacking line up.
    Tranmere made 6 changes
    1.80 b365

  45. GregBrowning 8 months ago

    Remind me to never bet on the FA cup again 🙈

    Without doubt the worst bet I’ve done all season. Possibly ever

    • kyle b 8 months ago

      Someone needs to lock all the goalkeepers in there respective dressing rooms!

    • Tosh Bennett 8 months ago

      Only need ten in the second half….it’s coming home.

    • pablopower 8 months ago

      Thought last night was dry … oofffttt

    • maccathered 8 months ago

      To be fair they were never going to be goal laden,having said that they ain’t finished yet,but teams do take this comp seriously especially the minnows as it’s where the money is,looks like the Wycombe game will let me down for my longshot.

  46. goalden oldie 8 months ago

    san carlos win + both teams to score
    bet365 13/5

  47. dc john boy 8 months ago

    Sint truidense u21s
    Coventry women

    Over 3.5mgs double 17/10**WON**
    Over 4.5mgs double 5/1**LOST**

    Happy with a 17/10 on a quiet night

    Well done all winners

  48. jim burnside 8 months ago

    F.A. …f off cup more like bookys have cleaned up tonight goals are absolutely crap.

  49. cockerspaniel 8 months ago

    No joy on my bookings LOSER. Well done macca on his 10/1 shot . Brilliant .

  50. kyle b 8 months ago

    Gonna try something a bit different this evening

    Lincoln vs Ipswich
    Ipswich Most Booking Points
    11/10 @ Sky
    *Small Stake*

    **WON** – WD to Macca and DC on there winners!

    • dc john boy 8 months ago


  51. oneoff 8 months ago

    Wycombe 1-0 up and a man up draw 1-1
    Bet lost
    Wycombe to win in extra time 1.90

  52. gazh 8 months ago

    Vila Nova vs Oeste (Brazil Serie B) 10pm
    Over 10.5 Asian corners 4/5.
    Vila Nova have got 10 corners on their own in last 2 home games and has a decent chance of landing.

  53. HullShaker 8 months ago

    There’s late goals then there’s LATE goals – 0-0 with 6 minutes to play…f*ck knows how that one landed ⚽️😀⚽️😀⚽️😀⚽️😀


    Over 3.5 goals
    (11/8, bet365) ⭐⭐ ✅


    • weeguy 8 months ago

      Superb Hull, nothing beats a late goal fest👍

    • GregBrowning 8 months ago

      Nice one Hull 👍🏼

    • bullseye 8 months ago

      Well done Hull

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Lady Luck on side tonight lads – I’ll have to buy her a few extra Babysham’s more often 🙈

  54. oneoff 8 months ago

    F..koff Wycombe haha
    Wycombe to win in extra time lost
    2 out of 2

  55. bullseye 8 months ago

    Colombia Primera A 22:00
    Deportes Tolima vs Cucuta Deportivo – over 4.5 first half Asian corners 1/1 Bet365 **NAP** ✅ WON
    Peru Segunda 18:00
    Atletico Grau vs Comerciantes Unidos – under 4.5 first half Asian corners ✅

    England FA Cup 19:45
    Darlington vs Walsall – over 24.5 multicorners ❌

    Double 2.57/1 Bet365 **NB** LOST

    NAP wrapped up within 22 mins 🍺 Well done all winners

    • williegee 8 months ago

      Well done bully with NAP, and unlucky with NB, as only 1 second half corner short,
      and they had 20 mins to get 1.

    • bullseye 8 months ago

      Cheers lads

  56. elvis parsley 8 months ago

    Ecuador b league.
    8-30 ko.
    Play off 1st leg
    Manta v Independiente juniors.
    Btts 6-5 (hills) NAP.


    ⚽⚽Well done macca and shaker⚽⚽

    • HullShaker 8 months ago

      Nice work Elvis/Bully 👍👍

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