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IT wasn't quite the pre-Christmas cracker I hoped for but it least it was a profitable Saturday thanks to goals at Man City v Leicester.

Man City's equaliser brought up my 4-1 both to score treble with 2pts on and put the advised accas back in the black. That was a relief after I was a Partick Thistle goal short on the Top Treble and Airdrie brought down the Super Single. I need Spurs and Sheffield Wednesday wins on Sunday for take back on the fivefold.

Well done to all the winners including Desmond with his over 2.5 goals treble, Scott with his both to score treble and HullShaker with his both to score in first half Nap at Man City.

And finally as Greg predicted there were a ton of goals in Ligue 1 and while his total goals bet cruised in he was unlucky with his two longer shots.

On Sunday there are two Premiership games with Man United at Watford and Jose Mourinho's Spurs at home to Frank Lampard's Chelsea. I think Spurs and United will win but not sure if I want to take the Reds odds on away from home. I already need Spurs and Wednesday who are at home to Bristol City.

On the Continent there are five Spanish league games including Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao and four matches in Serie A.

There are some other games to look at and I've picked out a goals treble. First up at 11.30am it's Atalanta v AC Milan which has brought up both to score in the last six meetings (update – should have been an overs bet with Atalanta winning 5-0).

Add Fortuna Dusseldorf v Union Berlin which has been over 2.5 goals in the last three meetings while four of Fortuna's last five have gone over and Unions have netted in all of their recent games on the six-match form guide.

Complete the treble with over 2.5 goals at Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao. This has gone over in five out of six meetings at the Bernabeu.

My last tip before Christmas is a treble starting with Parma to beat Brescia. Parma have climbed to seventh on the back of four wins a row and can add another against a side in the drop zone and with five defeats in seven.

Add Real Betis +1 at home to Atletico Madrid. This was on my goals shortlist with Betis netting nine in four but Atletico are on a run of three clean sheets. Betis though are strong at home and won this fixture 1-0 last season. I'm backing them to avoid defeat.

While I'm on a Spurs win, Spurs not to lose is decent value at 2-5 on an acca so that completes the treble.

2pts Top Treble

  • Parma (2pm)
  • Real Betis +1 (3pm)
  • Spurs draw no bet (4.30pm)
  • (9-2, Marathonbet)

2pts Goals Treble

  • Atalanta v AC Milan btts (11.30am) – lose
  • Fortuna v Union Berlin btts (2.30pm)
  • Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao over 2.5 goals (8pm)
  • (37-10, bet365)

*2pts Moneyback Fivefold (pending)

  • Spurs
  • Sheff Wed
  • Dundee Utd – win
  • Raith – lose
  • Edinburgh – win
  • (19-1, Betfred)

*Stake back as free bet for 1 wrong

Mr Fixit's December Advised Super Single Total: -5.6pts

Mr Fixit's December Advised Accas Total: +1.3pts

December's going to be a month packed with football, so there's no better time to grab yourself a bookie bonus.

  1. Burton111 1 year ago

    Breaking even over time when you gamble is OK with me,as I reckon 90% of punters lose in the long run.

  2. rickyolivia 1 year ago

    Wo won the 200 free bet.thought the draw was 2day?

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Admin in charge of that. Deadline was today – maybe he’ll pick the winner on Sunday.

  3. johnston17 1 year ago

    Fallon Sherrock WOW

  4. cp007 1 year ago

    Sunday’s Selections

    Milan to score at Atalanta

    This has happened on the last 11 visits to Atalanta and 7/2 for Milan to win looks a big price as well

    Cambuur to score 2 at Excelsior

    Cambuur in great scoring form notching 14 in last 4 away games
    Excelsior games are goals at each end at present in big numbers

    Double @ 5/4 is NAP

    Also like Athletic Bilbao to score @ 8/11

    Add that in for a 29/10 treble

    Good Luck

    • cp007 1 year ago

      Just watched most of second half in Milan game and how the mighty have fallen
      Definitely a team to oppose going forwards – wish I’d watched them before today now!

  5. hairyheid 1 year ago

    Given its the season of good will…there seems to be alot of sniping and criticism on the thread over the past couple of days…Might be an idea to reflect on the comment prior to posting to see if it will have a positive effect on the forum…
    I don’t post a great deal as tend to have more losing tips than winning ones but got a lift yesterday from a wee treble that included Nice (who I would never have looked at if Scott hadn’t pointed them out, the benefits of the forum.)
    So I’ll try a bet builder on Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao 8pm La Liga:
    Real Madrid to win
    Real Madrid to have over 3 corners
    Over 1.5mgls
    4-5 with bet365.
    I’ll probably double with the members bet if one is posted.
    To all the positive contributors, keep up the good work with your winning tips and thanks to all the team that put in the hard work to maintain the site, it’s much appreciated 👍

    • cp007 1 year ago

      Excellent post – couldn’t agree more

    • hairyheid 1 year ago

      Got the corners.. no bloody goals though 🙈

  6. recoba 1 year ago

    Taking Spurs at 13/10 for sure but Spurs – 1 5 at 4.150 Bet365 looks big odds to me for a wee bet.
    GL all

  7. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    2 bets i fancy for today from 6 teams that should contribute to the goals total.

    Over 2.5mgs treble
    BTTS treble

    Might put up a longshot in the morning if fancy anything else.

  8. Alves 1 year ago

    No joy yday but small stakes as stated last week. Got couple free fivers to use wi Skybet and on a gl and 4 corners each half at Watford 2/1

  9. johnston17 1 year ago

    Russel Westbrook to score over 24.5 points 17/20 🏀

  10. sean567 1 year ago

    Not a personal attack on anyone before folk start getting their panties in a twist (as they do) It’s just an observation of mine that I’ve advocated before and I’m wondering what the folk who actually have them would reply to this, but one of our contributors yesterday ran up what looks like a 3995 point loss with a possible further liability of 440 points (or 3595 loss if it goes well) with using a betting bank. Now I know folk will say “ I’ve accumulated this and it’s all profit blah blah blah I can afford to lose it (highly doubtful imo- footballers on 300k a week wouldn’t want lose that) but I’m just wondering how many folk still see them as a good idea? I’ve said before on here I don’t agree with them as I think it just provides you with extra funds to be more reckless with but I’d be interested to hear what the folk who actually have them say.
    For the folk who haven’t seen me mention this before- I don’t have one. I get a weekly wage, pay everything that has to be paid, keep money aside for any unexpected eventualities and then can spend the rest how I see fit. I’d be interested to hear folks opinions on them ( without causing carnage on the site- I’m neither saying they are good or bad, it’s just not the method for me)

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Betting banks for me are the perfect way to manage funds.
      What nathan’s doing is not normal and an average betting bank is 100 points.
      To be honest I suspect he’s not placing these stakes and has just got a bit excited.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      I suspect thru time and also the running of this site, you’ve managed discipline tho mr fixit. I imagine that’s the major factor in running a betting bank?

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Discipline is key but also you need to know what you can afford to lose.
      Someone once told me treat every bet you place as a loser because right away you have handed that money over.
      You only get it back later if it wins – and wins should be treated as bonuses.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Anyway looks like I should have gone overs instead of btts at Atalanta.
      If anyone isn’t yet on the treble add either the games at Lecce or Levante to the later games.

    • rog 1 year ago

      Having a designated bank is the only way to go if you are anything close to a serious punter. It gives you an accurate indication whether your winning or not . You throw a tenner or twenty quid at bets every week maybe it’s just for fun but just for a month log every bet you have you may shock yourself.

    • hairyheid 1 year ago

      I’m similar to Sean except I do it on a monthly basis. Deposit X into a bookies account that I’m happy to lose for that month and then play with that. At the end of the month I withdraw the difference if I’m up or top up if I’m down. Find its easiest way to keep track of wins and losses. Main negative is don’t always get best value as only using one bookie (although I have accounts with a number and will make the odd rare exception) and miss out on promotions across the other accounts (but found I wasn’t winning with those at any rate). Discipline is the hardest part as too easy to fire on inplays that take your fancy as opposed to putting in the research. Also trying not to lose the pot after 1st wkend requires same discipline…but as rog says, saves blindly throwing 10s and 20s at bets throughout the week and not knowing where you are. It’s working for me at the minute, in the black for the season so far… interested in how others approach. Good luck today 👍

    • cp007 1 year ago

      I’ve been doing a bank for a few months now having previously followed a similar approach to you Sean.

      Personally I find a bank better and have a stake plan which is set in advance for a weekend – that doesn’t mean I cannot do an in play for instance but means I have thought in advance to put something aside for that rather than impulse betting

      usually amounts which mean I still watch the games and enjoy them as opposed to being focused on whether my bet is winning or not.

      Personally I’ve chased a loss in the past but found using this method I do not do that at all as my stakes are at a level that don’t make me feel the need to do that and genuinely keep the bets at a fun level as opposed to anything serious

      Each to his own though and whatever keeps things at a level which don’t affect other more important parts of life – as well as the money there is also the time you can spend keeping an eye on games in play in what I would class as ridiculous leagues you can just stumble across in play

    • sean567 1 year ago

      I get what your saying rog but you can be just as serious about it without having the bank. The aim after all is to beat the bookies and make money. With banking apps these days it’s pretty easy to track how much you are up or down over any given period. For me personally I don’t have one because there’s every chance you could have a day like yesterday and wether it’s came from a bank that’s been built thru gambling or funded some other way it would still be a serious hit to take. By not having one, that wouldn’t happen. Maybe that’s just down to me in that I couldn’t trust myself to have that size of bank. I find by not having one I focus more on my bets instead of being drawn into the “anything and everything that’s starting soon” mentality.
      To the folk saying that’s Nathan ruined Christmas- he hasn’t. It’s come from a specifically set aside betting bank. That’s why I’m curious if folk find them a good idea. Yesterday was a big hit- but if it’s from said betting bank, then does it matter that much?

  11. 1 year ago


  12. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    He won’t be throwing those points up unless he is a millionaire and if that’s the case then he wouldn’t need to be keeping tabs on points won or lose. At first glance it looked like he was putting those points up for attention and I think he got his fair share of it. Any normal punter will know when to pull the plug for the day after suffering such heavy losses rather than diving deeper for redemption.

    • vanya88888888 1 year ago

      I think Nathan is clearly using the Martingale system, after each loss he increases the stake for the next bet to recover the loss. It could work with lower odds, if he had picked Liverpool double chance instead of -1 yes, lower odds but he’d have won.

  13. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Weird game in Bolivia and a final score of 4-2…a San Jose goal short 🙈


    Bolivian bound for the evening and fancy a solid result for the travelling side!

    (6/4, williamhill) ⭐⭐ 👎

    Well done all winners

  14. anasewhiz 1 year ago


    Ccm vs Adelaide / 8am GMT+1

    Adelaide win @2.05 (5pts) nap

    form and H2H in Adelaide’s favour

  15. michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

    Dougie, dribbles.

    Scroll up and read hairyheid’s advice. Then heed it. Or go somewhere else.

    • 1 year ago

      Guessing you were one of the naive hangers on? I was young once it is easy to be tricked if you arent switched on

    • michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

      No. I just respect other people.

  16. echo42 1 year ago

    I backed his 49ers bet and set my alarm for now so I could check the progress. Guess I’ll just go back to my kip then

    • 1 year ago


  17. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Wellington v Adelaide

    12+ match corners evens
    6 corners each team 7/2

    Something slightly different from me

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Dog it’s not Wellington, no idea where they cane from. It’s too early 💤 😑

      CCM v Adelaide

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Finished 2-9 on corners so 11 corners to down both bets

  18. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Spurs > 1.5 TGS 5/6 – Man Bet
    Leece, Sassuolo BTTS 6/5 – quarter stake
    Dele ATGS 13/5 – small stake
    Reckon Spurs will have too much up front for Chelsea whose form seems to have dropped off a little of late. The Italian games look decent for BTTS with Leece and Bologna scoring an conceding for fun and a great H2H with Sassuolo and Napoli. A dabble on Dele who has 5 in 4 against Chelski. GL all!

  19. Yaap88 1 year ago

    Skybet are offering you a free £5 bet on the spurs game when you stake £10 on the United game (pre match, odds of at least 1/2)

    I’ve looked and if you cover the 2.5 goals market or a goal in both halves then….

    £5 on over 2.5 goals @ 8/11 = £8.63
    £5 on under 2.5 goals @ evens = £10
    Worst case lose £1.37 best case break even and either way get a free £5 bet


    £5 on goal in both halves YES @ 4/6 = £8.33
    £5 on goal in both halves NO @ 11/10 = £10.50
    Worst case lose £1.67 best case win 50p and free £5 bet either way

    It’s probably not a lot for most people on here but I feel like these are the kind of things you need to look out for with a bookie, you never know where that free bet might get you

    • minion_daft 1 year ago

      Good spot, free bet can be used on a nice little acca today!

    • djfenom 1 year ago

      Or back Jose Holebas to score when it’s been confirmed he’s out injured and get a free £5 bet anyway 👍

    • Yaap88 1 year ago

      Even better 👌👌

    • cp007 1 year ago

      Yaap its a good idea but I would ensure you place the cover bet with another bookie – your post makes it sound as though you are doing both bets with skybet

      They have something in the rules to prevent that sort of thing being done for most of these offers

      The cover for the whole £10 becomes a bit more expensive if you do it that way and probably not cost effective unless you can find a market on the exchanges with a small discrepancy

      Good luck if it comes off

    • Yaap88 1 year ago

      Yeah I’ve placed them both with sky and both accepted with the free £5 already credited, like someone’s said though the better way to do it is back a goal scorer who is out injured (I.e Holebas)

  20. wasclueless 1 year ago

    No joy in Aus with Adelaide losing to CCM

  21. wireflyer 1 year ago

    NO – 1/10

    10,000,000 points 😉

  22. ochroes 1 year ago

    Enough with the Nathan chat… everyone has had a bad betting day before…

    • 10duff10 1 year ago

      So a bloke has (another) bad day betting which doesn’t affect anybody other than the person who places the bets or those that choose to follow said bets.
      I pity the the sad individuals that get kicks from laughing at this. What are you achieving?

    • 1 year ago

      🤷🏼‍♂️ 😆😆

    • oxbally 1 year ago

      Well said Hunter and 10duff,no man should get enjoyment out of another man losing money to the bookies

    • hunter 1 year ago

      Surely the whole reason we’re all here is to beat the bookies! I can understand a bit of constructive criticism or concern but idiots coming on here to revel in another’s misfortune is just sad.

  23. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Yeah mate . It`s getting a bit boring now .

  24. dolky123 1 year ago

    Morning lads merry Xmas to all u lovely people.😁

  25. sonnyboy 1 year ago

    My thanks to Nathan for his NFL heads-up last night. I played it safe and took the money line, singles and double , woke up to a nice surplus in my account balance. Hope you’re OK Nathan.

  26. dc john boy 1 year ago


    Over 2.5mgs double 7/5

    Bayern Munich II

    German over 2.5mgs 5 fold 7/1

    Good luck

  27. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Morning gents,

    Two games that catch my eye today:


    Best of luck with all bets ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  28. acsafc 1 year ago

    Sandhausen v Holstein Kiel
    Btts has come in the last 6 h2h, the last 6 Sandhausen games and 8/9 for Holstein Kiel
    Btts 4/7
    Btts & +2.5 goals Evens

  29. sean567 1 year ago

    Sunday’s goalstips
    Olympiakos to score in bh
    1/1 bet 365 NAP

    Return of the QSL today, 2 games look good for goals
    Al rayyan o1.5tgs
    Qatar v al arabi btts
    1/1 hills

    Spurs v Chelsea
    Over 1.5mgs/ over 8.5 corners/over 25bp
    10/11 skybet NB

  30. grantheaney 1 year ago

    Morning folks,

    A really profitable day in the end for me yesterday after a rotten start at Goodison Park. All six tips across my Man City vs Leicester & Euro Asian Handicap columns generated a return. My thoughts on Spurs vs Chelsea can be found below ✍👇


    Good luck with all bets today. Hopefully we can all add to the Christmas coffers 🎅👍

    • wasclueless 1 year ago

      appreciate your great write ups!

    • grantheaney 1 year ago

      Cheers mate 👍

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Well done.

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Nice one Grant 👍

  31. nb89 1 year ago

    Steven Fletcher to score a header 7/1
    Harry Kane to score a header 7/1

    Two singles and a double at 63/1

    All 888sport

  32. SlimJim 1 year ago


  33. harleec7 1 year ago

    Well two legs of the bets I advised earlier in the week didn’t go to plan.

    I predicted a breakout or a tight game against the Bills and to be fair if Edelman Hadn’t got called on the OPI I think we would’ve blown that game wide open. Ultimately lost by half a point.

    The Bucs game went for 34 points in the first half, which in theory should’ve made the 50 an easy target I was somewhat disappointed there wasn’t more points on the board by half time with all the turnovers how both teams only managed 9 out of the 17 required in the next two quarters puzzled me.

    Hadn’t a chance to see if anyone tipped anything yesterday on the NFL but well done if you picked any winners.

    I’m going for the Steelers -3 at 10/11 as a win all but guarantees them a spot in the playoffs as well as the Titans/Saints to go under 50 points also at 10/11.

    Two singles and then I’m going to put that into one treble of Steelers -3, Titans under 50 & man united win vs Watford

    Odds are 5.04/1 on 365

  34. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Hi lads . I done the tenner on Watford v Man Unt . I got the free fiver and it says no expiry on it , i contacted Sky who said i can use it on any market . I thought it was just for the Spurs game ?

    • Yaap88 1 year ago

      They seem to do that a lot, they have a similar NFL request a bet offer that states it’s to use on the same game but never is, in the T&Cs of this offer is does state that the free bet can be used on any market

    • ChrisBax 1 year ago

      Cocker, all Skybet free bets have no expiry (well, it’s actually 365 days) so you can use it on anything. HTH ;)

    • minion_daft 1 year ago

      I’ve stuck in on win BTTS spurs, juve and Atalanta so definitely works on all markets.

    • cockerspaniel 1 year ago

      Aye Chris. But the promotion said the free fiver was to be used on the Spurs game . Still i aint complaining .

  35. Yaap88 1 year ago

    Bali vs Madura at 12pm

    Can sometimes be a ropey league but the form guide reeks of both teams to score and goals

    Going with BTTS and over 2.5 goals @ evens

    Good luck if anyone follows

    • newts68 1 year ago

      What leagues this ??

    • newts68 1 year ago

      It’s ok found it. It’s 12:30 kick off. Not 12👍

  36. andrzejstarba 1 year ago

    Back onto bookings today and some good looking bets.
    Fortuna dusseldorf 20 or more booking points 1.80 skybet.
    Lecce v bologna over 5.5 cards bet365 1.70 Asian line.

  37. cp007 1 year ago

    Going for a speculative small stakes Acca on goals today – trickier card though with some of the usual suspects in Switzerland and Austria not playing

    All both to score and no draw – games at


    Pays minimum 53/1 for a 5 fold and 135/1 for the 6 fold

  38. minion_daft 1 year ago

    Over 1.5 team goals bet taking my fancy:

    Real Madrid

    Pays 1.42/1 at bet365

  39. tonys 1 year ago

    Morning all. Hi cocker just wondered what you put your £10 on the Watford game. Thanks in advance.

  40. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    Tonys . I just spread it over a few booking bets mate — the main one was 50 + bp in the match . 6/4

  41. tonys 1 year ago

    Cheers just wanted to choose a bet to get my ‘free’ £5 bet.

  42. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    spurs v chelsea over 3.5 goals

  43. tonys 1 year ago

    £10 on Holebas anytime did the trick but remember to opt in first….

  44. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been cursed by one short.

    Saturday was really disappointing, woodwork was hit 4 times at Firhill, Brechin scored but only after 70 mins and Airdrie couldnt manage a second with 50 minutes to go.

    To add insult to injury it was 8 out of 10 first half goals in France for 38/1 and 9 out of 10 over 1.5 goals at 16/1 – the only winner on a poor day was 27+ goals in France

    Hoping for a change of fortune today

    ⚽️Sunday Total goals ⚽️

    🇮🇹 Juventus v Lazio
    🇮🇹 Parma vs Brescia
    🇩🇪 Paderborn vs Frankfurt
    🇪🇸 Real Betis vs Atletico Madrid
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tottenham vs Chelsea
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Watford vs Man United

    Skybet being generous I feel

    🔹18+ goals to be scored 1/1 (NAP)
    🔹All matches over 1.5 goals 11/4

    • echo42 1 year ago

      Don’t be too hard on yourself Greg, I have a rolling bet and after listening to the podcast realised Beechin to score a goal anytime at 1/2 was ideal. Wouldn’t have picked up on it otherwise. Still made me wait though lol

    • GregBrowning 1 year ago

      Nice one mate – yeah 1/2 was definitely worth backing, no team really should be 1/2 to score in that league

  45. michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

    India line set too high as always. If Cottrell fires, he takes wickets.

    India under 44.5 runs 5/6. 3.6 punkte
    Under 20 15/8 0.8 points

    • michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

      He didn’t fire. Useless. I don’t know why I bother with that shower 😞🧐😪

  46. michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

    Just heard my first rubbish Christmas Joke but it made me laugh!!

    What do you call a camel with no humps…

    • newts68 1 year ago

      Go Michu give us the punch line. I’m guessing a virgin

    • SlimJim 1 year ago

      Hopefully you know what camels use to hide themselves?
      Ingolstadt BTTS&OVER

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      One of the oldest in the book as is what’s the difference between a snowman and snowwoman.

    • michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

      A Virgin???

      No. Its Humphrey 😂🤣

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      A classic Christmas cracker joke.

    • michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

      I don’t slimjim…

  47. maccathered 1 year ago

    Watford v Man Utd
    Man Utd to win -1 asian handicap at 2.300
    I think the prices are pretty generous for this game and even on the normal wdw market you can get the away side at 4/5,i’m willing to take Man Utd on the handicap simply because Watford aren’t clinical enough in front of goal,don’t get me wrong United will have to work hard to win this game but should win by at least a two goal margin.

    Spurs v Chelsea
    Draw at 27/10****
    Red card in the game at 4/1
    best of luck

  48. johnston17 1 year ago

    Russel Westbrook to score over 24.5 points 17/20 🏀

    Winner at the start of the 4th✅

  49. alex_mufc83 1 year ago

    Three games today that I really like the look of for goals and are my main pick for today;

    Lecce v Bologna
    Sint Truidense v Antwerp
    Levante v Celta Vigo

    All 3 games Over 2.5 MGls
    3.47/1 (Bet365)
    2 POINTS

    Lecce v Bologna
    Sint Truidense v Antwerp
    Levante v Celta Vigo
    Spurs v Chelsea

    All 4 games Over 1.5 MGls
    EVENS (BetVictor)
    4 POINTS

  50. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    BTTS 4fold

  51. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Rashford ATGS 6/5 – quarter stake
    7 in 10 in the EPL …..

    • wasclueless 1 year ago


  52. sean567 1 year ago

    Bookies go on about “responsible gambling” yet 3 days before Xmas one are saying they will give you £100 for spurs v Chelsea if you bet £200 with them on the Man U game. Disgusting.

    • oneoff 1 year ago

      Who’s that with aean might give it ago

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      It’s not great timing but punters need to have the discipline and sense to say no if they can’t afford it.
      If you can’t do that you will run into trouble at some time in the year.
      Big expose in today’s Sunday Mail about shops not enforcing the self-exclude system. That’s something they have to get right and while I’ve seen signs of more regulation online it seems to have bypassed most shops where you can be anonymous.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Why is it disgusting sean,it’s a great offer imo.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      It is a good offer but that’s not what he’s saying. It can tempt someone who can’t afford it at this time of year.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Fair point sean but they are doing bet 10 get 5 free so horse for courses

    • sean567 1 year ago

      True mr fixit. It was the article in the paper that made me comment. I read The quote from the therapist about compulsive gamblers and then saw that offer and thought wow.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      To be fair if you’re a compulsive gambler you need to seek help and stop. That’s the only way.

  53. oneoff 1 year ago

    Sean sorry

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Skybet oneoff

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Skybet one-off.
      Because it’s encouraging folk to possibly gamble with money they were going to use for Xmas or other things macca. Yes it’s down to the individual and no ones forcing them to do it, but they are affording them the opportunity. Bet 200 to get 100 could tip folk over the edge at this time of the year and certainly doesn’t promote responsible gambling. Why not make it 20 to get 10.

    • oneoff 1 year ago

      I missed it anyway in hospital had me appendix out yesterday.had keyhole f..k didn’t think i would be in as much pain der gos me big chrimbo dinner haha

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Hope you recover quickly.

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Get well soon Oneoff – a strict liquid diet sounds OK 🍺🙈

  54. Alves 1 year ago

    Goal both halves 4fold – 4.22/1

    Spurs v Chelsea
    Vitesse v VVV
    Sassuolo v Napoli
    Real Madrid v Bilbao

  55. johnston17 1 year ago

    Watford over 3.5 corners
    Man Utd over 4.5 corners 11/8

    Kiko Femenia to be carded
    Man Utd over 4.5 corners 11/2 Hills bet builder

    Been booked 4 times this season and one more means he’d have Boxing Day off… as if he’d know that tho?
    Up against James who’s quick.. decent price!

    • Alves 1 year ago

      I’ve got a fiver on BTTS, Rashford anytime, Shaw/Feminia cards at 66/1

  56. acsafc 1 year ago

    Sandhausen v Holstein Kiel
    Btts has come in the last 6 h2h, the last 6 Sandhausen games and 8/9 for Holstein Kiel
    Btts 4/7
    Btts & +2.5 goals Evens

    Won 2-1 after 54 mins

  57. cockerspaniel 1 year ago

    The truth of the matter is that all betting or tipping sites encourage people to gamble — that is why bookies give away free bets on them . I am not knocking it , but it`s the nature of the beast .

  58. hudson 1 year ago

    Sunday Treble

    Man U
    Real Madrid

    O2.5MG 77/20 @ Bet 365

  59. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Kane to score & Jorginho to be carded 5/15/1

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Oops Jorginho not playing

  60. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Alli ags 11/4

    Dier to be carded 15/8

    Double 10/1

  61. maccathered 1 year ago

    Stuff man utd only backing against them in these type of games from now on

    • alex_mufc83 1 year ago

      was always going to be tough, they’e awful against these sorts of teams as you have pointed out before macca. another abysmal away performance but i’m used to it now. only able to play against teams they can counter attack.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      I should of known better i usually go against them in these games but i just had a nagging feeling they would edge it today.

  62. michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

    Amazed you backed them away from home macca. Like arsenal they are impossible to back away. No value whatsoever

  63. michu in de gea ba 1 year ago

    Can someone tell me what solksjaers blueprint is. Pass the ball slowly then get it to rashford and martial?

    They are inept if a team sits deep. They can’t break teams down where they can’t play on the counter.

    I’d get poch in before the new year much as the fella is a United legend. One is big enough for a top club, the other didn’t do well at Cardiff

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Solksjaer will be gone by the end of the season

    • newts68 1 year ago

      It’s true United can’t break teams down if they sit deep and are organised. But to that you need the players to break them down and we simply haven’t got them.
      Ole may or not be gone by the end of the season. We shall see. I’ve said all along he needs a couple of transfer windows before you can really judge him. The three he’s brought in have been good signings and gooefully a few more in January.

    • jimba 1 year ago

      United have to get Poch NOW or they will bitterly regret it, look at Liverpool they moved like lightening to get Klopp when he was available, best bit of business they did since signing Kenny Dalglish!!

    • newts68 1 year ago

      Why get Poch he was sacked by Spurs. To sack Solskjaer now would be silly.
      He’s inherited a team that Mourinho couldn’t get a time out of.
      He has to at least be given to the end of the season.

  64. andrzejstarba 1 year ago

    Back onto bookings today and some good looking bets.
    Fortuna dusseldorf 20 or more booking points 1.80 skybet. ✔️
    Lecce v bologna over 5.5 cards bet365 1.70 Asian line.✔️

  65. cp007 1 year ago

    Hitting the bar today

    1 goal off – thought the mancs would at least notch towards the end there – had enough chances


    Going for a speculative small stakes Acca on goals today – trickier card though with some of the usual suspects in Switzerland and Austria not playing

    All both to score and no draw – games at

    Utrecht ✅
    Watford❌ 2-0
    Gent❌ 1-1

    Pays minimum 53/1 for a 5 fold and 135/1 for the 6 fold

  66. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Juventus BTTS&OVER

  67. RedJohn 1 year ago

    Juventus v Lazio

    Correct Score = 2-1 @ 8/1
    1 or 2 points

  68. bradgate3516 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas and happy new year and wishing every punter a prosperous 2020 and bookies a bad year next year goodluck everyone for your tips this year and next year

  69. Pennytiger 1 year ago

    All 3 selections on that treble absolutely no where lol thoughts on tonight’s games guys ?

  70. Donnyboi 1 year ago

    My boys travel to ewood park tomorrow and 10/11 blackburn to score 2+ is a steal.
    They are in good form at home and we are in freefall and how paul cook is still in a job is a joke..Bradley dack is back for rovers and he always has a blinder against us…think this will come in easy and probably by halftime if I’m honest..

  71. oneoff 1 year ago

    Cheers mr f and hull antibiotic going to scupper the liquid lunch ☹

  72. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Boooo – finished 2-1 in Grimsby and a 73rd minute penalty save downs the Nap 😔

    Onto Bolivia and good luck anyone on a later bet.

  73. bradgate3516 1 year ago

    With red mist descending on spurs players could be secord red coming soon

  74. nutbutt 1 year ago

    Hull do you reckon top 3 in Bolivia will all win tonight? Treble pays just over Evens

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Sorry mate – only just seen your post – good luck if on 🤞

  75. dc john boy 1 year ago


    Over 2.5mgs double 7/5**LOST** just the 2 goals in spurs game

    Bayern Munich II

    German over 2.5mgs 5 fold 7/1**LOST** 1-1 in Munich

    So close to a good day

    Well done all winners

  76. sean567 1 year ago

    No joy today, absolutely no luck at all
    Sunday’s goalstips
    Olympiakos to score in bh- scored in bh, both disallowed
    1/1 bet 365 NAP❌

    Return of the QSL today, 2 games look good for goals
    Al rayyan o1.5tgs❌
    Qatar v al arabi btts✅
    1/1 hills
    Al rayyan scored 3, 2 disallowed including 1 in injury time🤬

    Spurs v Chelsea
    Over 1.5mgs/ over 8.5 corners/over 25bp
    10/11 skybet NB❌

    Ended up just 1 corner short. Wd all the winners

  77. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Man bet down the pan … Spuds were out played completely … stick the Gazzaniga and Son in a Bruce Lee film instead … Maureen will not be happy

  78. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    No 3rd goal at Spurs sees both trebles down but the 4 fold sails in to make up for the day

    BTTS 4fold
    21/4 WON

    Happy with that and well done winners!

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Well in gigi

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Superb Gigi

    • wasclueless 1 year ago

      nice one Gigi!!

    • alex_mufc83 1 year ago

      well done Gigi

    • GigiKenzo 1 year ago

      Ta lads👍

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Spot on sir!

  79. alex_mufc83 1 year ago

    First two bets are in play still, fancy one other in Bolivia;

    Oriente Petrolero/Real Potosi/Bolivar/Jorge Wilsterman games
    All 4 games O2.5 MGls
    2/1 (just over)
    1 POINT

  80. alex_mufc83 1 year ago

    Was close to 2 of 2 but the Belgians left it late to start netting, happy with the overall profit though;

    3 hours ago
    Three games today that I really like the look of for goals and are my main pick for today;

    Lecce v Bologna (2-3) ✅
    Sint Truidense v Antwerp (1-1) ❌
    Levante v Celta Vigo (2-1 in play) ✅

    All 3 games Over 2.5 MGls
    3.47/1 (Bet365)
    2 POINTS

    Lecce v Bologna (2-3) ✅
    Sint Truidense v Antwerp (1-1) ✅
    Levante v Celta Vigo (2-1 in play) ✅
    Spurs v Chelsea (0-2) ✅

    All 4 games Over 1.5 MGls
    EVENS (BetVictor)
    4 POINTS

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Nice workAlex 👍

  81. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Chaves BTTS&OVER

    • Emmytex 1 year ago

      Been filled with bitter since, I always see your tips late and you now have 3 in 3 wins all in even price. This would have set my Xmas season in motion. Weldone

  82. maccathered 1 year ago

    Spurs v Chelsea
    Draw at 27/10 lost
    Red card at 4/1 WON
    Red lands i knew one wouldn’t be far away.
    Well done all winners

    • HullShaker 1 year ago

      Nice price on the red Macca!

  83. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Real Madrid over 1.5tgs
    Sassuolo btts

    Double 6/5

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Cmon Madrid

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Lost poor from Madrid

  84. Love 1 year ago

    Been a funny day with results today made a profit with lazio as spurs was terrible.
    On that thought I am going to side with a 1- 1-draw 9/1 bet 365..

  85. newts68 1 year ago

    In play darts
    Wade v Beaton
    Over 10,5 180s
    Beaton currently 2-0 up in sets and Wade will win at least two sets which will mean a minimum of another 5 sets
    Currently 5 180s so over 10.5 should land easily at 4/5 👍👍👍

  86. newts68 1 year ago

    In play darts
    Wade v Beaton
    Over 10,5 180s
    Beaton currently 2-0 up in sets and Wade will win at least two sets which will mean a minimum of another 5 sets
    Currently 5 180s so over 10.5 should land easily at 4/5 👍👍👍
    Beaton winning 4-2 wasn’t in the script thought there’d have been at least another two sets played. Sorry if you followed

  87. Love 1 year ago

    Sorry lmao real madrid game

  88. Kev_Trfc 1 year ago

    Bookies having a great 2 Weekends in a row on the footy! Stung most of us 👎

  89. wasclueless 1 year ago

    Leece, Sassuolo BTTS 6/5 – quarter stake WON :) :)
    A bit of redemption for earlier efforts!

    • GigiKenzo 1 year ago

      Nice one. A spurs goal would have landed both my trebles

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Well done WC

  90. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Poor day From me

    Well done all winners this weekend

  91. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Bolivar win 2-1…another game a goal short!

    Well done all winners and hoping this one doesn’t repeat the pattern:


    Bullets look the better option for goals but every chance that both sides concede – not a bad price but nothing to go mad on.

    Over 3.5 goals
    (6/5, bet365) ⭐⭐

    Good luck.

  92. jim burnside 1 year ago

    Real Madrid have done nobody any Xmas favours for sure last 2 games not 1 goal from either team .in fact there’s only been 2 goals in total both teams in last 3 games pathetic for the money they spend on players.

  93. alex_mufc83 1 year ago

    There’s the third goal from Wilsterman to land the acca

    3 hours ago
    First two bets are in play still, fancy one other in Bolivia;

    Oriente Petrolero/Real Potosi/Bolivar/Jorge Wilsterman games ✅✅✅✅
    All 4 games O2.5 MGls
    2/1 (just over)
    1 POINT


    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      Superb Alex was on cheers

  94. Hitman9999 1 year ago

    Anything on tmrw guys

  95. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Blooming to score 3+goals

  96. HullShaker 1 year ago

    No joy at all today – well done all winners!

  97. hudson 1 year ago

    Sunday Treble

    Man U ❌
    Spurs ❌
    Real Madrid ❌

    O2.5MG 77/20 @ Bet 365

    Not my best work 🙈💸💸💸

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