FOR weeks I've been saying Liverpool have won the title and it looks like Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah finally agree.

While Man City and Leicester dropped points the Reds machine beat Man United to move 16 points clear with a game in hand. Now all we need is maccathered to accept his club will end a 30-year wait to be crowned champions – but that's not happening.

Klopp told fans they had every right to start to party and Salah's goal celebration was a title-winning one.

Liverpool were on my Top Treble that was beaten by Leicester who saw a rare missed penalty from Jamie Vardy – and to complete a miserable day my goals treble was downed early by Inter.

For the second day running my Super Single was void thanks to Dundee United drawing with Hibs in the Scottish Cup so I haven't been able to reduce those losses over the weekend.

There were plenty of winners yesterday, including SlipTips who is in good form on his match previews, so well done to everyone.

Monday's a fairly quiet night with West Brom v Stoke in the Championship and Atalanta v SPAL in Serie A. Monaco visit minnows  St-Pryve St-Hilaire in the French Cup and there are Eerste League games.

The table-topping Baggies should beat a side whose only goals in the last four matches were in a 5-2 win at Huddersfield. Only thing that concerns me here is Michael O'Neill returning to one of his old sides and the fact as Northern Ireland boss he gets the best from his team when they are the underdogs.

On a treble I'm happy to take West Brom draw no bet and add one of the most popular bets of the night which will be goals at Atalanta. The home team average three a game at home and should see off basement boys SPAL with something to spare.

Monaco are expected to win well against fourth-tier opponents but St-Pryve St-Hilaire did beat Ligue 1 Toulouse 1-0 at home in the previous round. However, this match has been moved to Orleans as the minnows' stadium is too small for the visit of the superstars from the Principality.

Switching the game will play into Monaco's hands and new boss Roberto Moreno is tipped to field a strong side in the hunt for a trophy. Monaco have just come off back-to-back games against PSG – a 3-3 draw in Paris and 4-1 home defeat – so will welcome an easier-looking contest.

This should go over 2.5 and if you disagree look at the Dutch games with Jong Ajax v Dordrecht slightly favoured for goals ahead of Jong Utrecht v Roda.

3pts Top Treble

  • West Brom draw no bet (8pm)
  • Atalanta v SPAL over 2.5 match goals (7.45pm)
  • St-Pryve St-Hilaire v Monaco over 2.5 match goals (7.55pm)
  • (19-10, Marathonbet)

January Super Single Stats: -13pts

January Advised Acca Stats: +3.2pts

  1. sean ireland 1 year ago

    A little football education or Macca the scouse after reading his claim that Liverpool were the most successful club in English football heres the truth
    1st. Manchester United – 66 trophies
    Leagues: 20, Cups: 18, Shields & Super Cups: 23

    Roll Call
    First Division/Premier League: 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965, 1967, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013

    FA Cup: 1909, 1948, 1963, 1977, 1983, 1985, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004, 2016

    League Cup: 1992, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2017

    Community Shield: 1908, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1965, 1967, 1977, 1983, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016

    European Cup/Champions League: 1968, 1999, 2008

    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1990

    Europa League: 2017

    European Super Cup: 1991

    Club World Cup: 2008

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Lucky he didn’t say British!

    • kirantotti365 1 year ago

      which is most successful club in UK ? sean ?

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Community shields don’t count as major honours lol

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Liverpool are the most decorated club mate (major trophies)

    • Ricomc77 1 year ago

      I hope you just missed out on a few trophies Sean because the United trophy totalonly add up to 61 there😟

    • sean ireland 1 year ago

      Correct Rico its Shields & Super Cups: 28 not 23 as you can see from the list.Bit of a wake up call for Macca,there will be a period of mourning on Merseyside when the real truth gets out that United are the most decorated team in England

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Community shields lol since when have they been major trophies,you don’t hear teams or manager saying we want to win a community shield this year do you lol,they don’t count mate sorry.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Sean Ireland clutching at straws

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Man U 42 major honours Liverpool 43 Major honours

    • jstuhhs 1 year ago

      History is fine but it will be a long time before Man Utd add to there total ………….judging on this seasons performance whereas Liverpool will continue to ad to their total

      How can tou claim to be most succesful when you are currently SECOND in Manchester.

    • Jamieinga 1 year ago

      For me it’s who’s been the best of there era, if Liverpool can keep winning for the next few years(premier league that is you can say they were the best of that era, what happened 100 years ago isn’t really important cus nobody can remember that or even know who was playing, think ryan giggs is the most decorated player in premier league history, but I don’t think he’s the best player that ever played in the premier league

    • evens knievens 1 year ago

      I thought it was only Jose that counted the Charity Shield as a trophy.

      If I recall correctly, even the United fans laughed at him when he kept putting 3 fingers up in photos and referred to it (ironically enough) as a scouse treble. Several years later and they’re counting everything. Any Makita tournaments to add to that perhaps?

      It’s all got a bit petty. As a supporter of neither you just have to face it, that football goes in cycles and just as we all had to tolerate United’s dominant patch, unfortunately for the non LFC supporting people it’s now theirs and City’s time (at least until Pep and Jurgen depart).

    • newts68 1 year ago

      Sean Liverpool don’t count Community Shields anymore.They used to in the 70s and 80s but coz theyv’e not won a title for 30 years they don’t count.
      The World club cup never used to count until this year

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Newts the charity shield is not a major honour is it??come on mate i know your a manc and a bit wooden but you can’t class a shield as a major trophy.By the way the world club cup United won is counted in their major honours.

  2. sean ireland 1 year ago

    2nd. Liverpool – 64 trophies
    Leagues: 18, Cups: 26, Shields & Super Cups: 20

    Roll Call
    First Division: 1901, 1906, 1922, 1923, 1947, 1964, 1966, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 196, 1988, 1990

    FA Cup: 1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2006

    League Cup: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001, 2003, 2012

    Football League Super Cup: 1986

    Community Shield: 1964, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2001, 2006

    European Cup/Champions League: 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005, 2019

    Europa League: 1973, 1976, 2001

    UEFA Super Cup: 1977, 2001, 2005, 2019

    Club World Cup: 2019

  3. sean ireland 1 year ago

    3rd. Arsenal – 46 trophies
    Leagues: 13, Cups: 18, Shields & Super Cups: 15

    Roll Call
    First Division/Premier League: 1931, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938, 1948, 1953, 1971, 1989, 1991, 1998, 2002, 2004

    League Cup: 1987, 1993

    FA Cup: 1930, 1936, 1950, 1971, 1979, 1993, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2014, 2015, 2017

    Community Shield: 1930, 1931, 1933, 1934, 1938, 1948, 1953, 1991, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2014, 2015, 2017

    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1994

    Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: 1970
    Sorry to burst your bubble Macca but you are playing catch up im affraid

    • jim d 1 year ago

      I’m sure if you asked anybody who was neutral or honest, they would all say the biggest and most decorated clubs in the top flight of English football would be:
      1. Man Utd
      2. Liverpool
      3. Arsenal
      in that order, and I definitely am not a Man Utd fan

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      How can Man Utd be the most decorated club,facts don’t lie jim d,there are no opinion because it’s 42 Major honours for Man Utd and 43 for Liverpool,imo that makes Liverpool the most decorated club,Charity shields don’t count as they are not trophies.It’ doesn’t matter who you support you can’t argue with fact so your comment is pretty much stupid.

  4. 1 year ago

    I’d really like to hear from sean ireland. I REALLY hope they add something to this thread.

  5. xbets 1 year ago

    Adelaide strikers over 160 runs @ 11/10 sky bet cricket WON

    Spurs +6.5 (inplay)
    Indiana +2.5
    2.1/1 betviktor WON

    Pacers +5 NBA
    Ireland under 190 runs cricket
    1.02/1 skybet WON

    • 1terrytips 1 year ago

      Top tipping buddy 👍

    • xbets 1 year ago

      cheers mate

  6. SlimJim 1 year ago

    Over 2.5mgl double
    Odds 1/1
    Atalanta and Monaco should cover this goal line on their own but gone for goals so don’t mind who scores them

    • Deano86 1 year ago

      Looks a solid double to be fair

  7. maccathered 1 year ago

    Mr f Klopp hasn’t said we have won the title and neither has Salah.

    • 1terrytips 1 year ago

      Do you ?

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      All but. Klopp on fans singing about winning the league: “They are allowed to dream and sing what the want. Everyone should celebrate the situation but we will not be part of the party yet.”
      You didn’t need words from Salah – his goal celebration said it all.
      Anyway there’s more chance of you buying a half and half Liverpool/United scarf than throwing it away now.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Klopp and Salah never said what you have stated,journalism at worst mr f.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      It’s not journalism – it’s my interpretation on a betting site of what they believe after yesterday’s result.
      Are you seriously telling me the title’s not won – and by the way I agree Community/Charity Shields are not major honours.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      It’s not yet mr f,still a long way to go it’s not done until it’s done.Community Shields are just friendlies so they aren’t major honours,but we will let Sean Ireland have his moment if he want’s to count them as major honours lol

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      It is over – there’s more chance of me walking on the moon tomorrow than Liverpool not winning the title.
      Anyway I’ve dumbed down the article because clearly you are worried for some reason.
      You need to lose at least seven games – and you haven’t lost any yet.

    • Ad 1 year ago

      As long as they lose 1 game, us Arsenal fans will at least have something to celebrate this season 😄
      (I would argue that us remaining the only unbeaten champions is more of a trophy than the community shield! 😉 )

  8. sean567 1 year ago

    Monday’s goals tips
    Atalanta v spal
    Atalanta to win
    Atalanta o2.5tgs
    Atalanta to score bh
    1/1 bet 365 (betbuilder) NAP

    Over 1.5tgs double
    Monaco/al hilal
    11/10 bet 365 NB

  9. radu 1 year ago

    Atalanta – SPAL
    ⚫ goal in both halves – yes & Atalnta -1.5 AH @ 1.87 ⭐⭐⭐
    ⚫ Andrea Petagna (SPAL) to score @ 5.10 ⭐
    WBA – Stoke
    ⚫ goal in both halves – yes @ 1.71 ⭐⭐
    H. Kfar Saba – Bnei Yehuda
    ⚫ btts – no @ 1.68 ⭐⭐
    Jong Ajax – Dordrecht
    ⚫ 1st Half over 0.5 goals & 2nd Half over 1.5 goals & Ajax over 2.5 goals @ 1.70 ⭐⭐
    Jong Utrecht – Roda
    ⚫ Utrecht over 1.5 goals @ 1.82 ⭐
    Rizespor – Genclerbirligi
    ⚫ goal in both halves – yes @ 1.68 ⭐⭐
    Kabylie – Oran
    ⚫ over 2 (AT) goals @ 1.98 ⭐⭐
    Al Faysaly – Al Hilal
    ⚫ btts @ 1.90 ⭐⭐

  10. Tuko50 1 year ago

    Hi Greg any thoughts on the 3 Scottish reserve league games? Any help from all will be well appreciated. Cheers

  11. Ad 1 year ago

    A question for the tennis fans. Has there ever been a worse player than Australia’s Sam Stosur when it comes to performing in front of your own fans?

    • Johan14 1 year ago

      Probably doesn’t like working from home

  12. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Morning Gents

    It’s a reserve super Monday today

    A full card in the Belgium Reserve League

    6 games from the Scottish Reserve League

    9 games from the English Development league

    goals goals goals

    Juts having a look through them now

    Will likely be on Lommel and having a read this morning, Kilmarnock are supposedly playing a young side with QoS playing a number of first team players

    QoS gave their first team a few days off last week as they weren’t involved in the Scottish cup so every chance today they will field an experienced side

    They are 11/4 to win and 11/8 double chance

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Only game Queens had was a bounce one against a Rangers side including the likes of McGregor and Morelos. They lost 4-1.

  13. xbets 1 year ago

    Melburne Stars to in @ 11/10 skybet cricket

  14. swedes n tertas 1 year ago

    Mornin all
    Don’t usually back me own team but tonight Slav bilic will play his strongest squad against stoke to put some daylight between Leeds and the chasing pack,
    Diangana is fit and so is young Ferguson so they should start also a fully fit squad bar Gibbs ,with the weekend results favoriting the Baggies and the need to open a gap I think
    Baggies win
    I might go for cards on both sides as Livermore and sawyers are card happy and with McLean returning he is always on the wind up
    Atb to all with your bets

  15. maccathered 1 year ago

    Back to Morocco for me today
    OC Safi v WAC Casablanca
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 3/1
    Btts and over 2.5 goals at 9/4
    Best of luck

    • kf 1 year ago

      Hi Mac, which of your two bets would be the strongest fancy?….Cheers mate

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Hi kf i’m a big fan of the first half goals market in this league so i would say that is my strongest fancy for this game.I mentioned the other day about first half goals being overpriced and they do land quite a lot,i landed two 7/1s yesterday one in Tunisia League 1 and one in this League.My advice is to keep stakes sensible.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Also even if there are 20 mins gone in the first half it’s still always worth taking the over 1.5 fhg for big odds as when one team scores the opposition have a knack of replying quickly.

    • kf 1 year ago

      Great, cheers Mac. GL today mate…

    • aarron19888 1 year ago

      cheers macca took 5/4 0.5 1st half at 22 mins in

  16. Ad 1 year ago

    Sloane Stephens starts her Aussie open run in 10 minutes, and it’s expected to be a short one. Despite having all the tools in the box, she continues to disappoint and head in the wrong direction. It seems inevitable that her abundance of talent can’t make up for mental shortcomings.

    I will back Zhang to beat her in combination with Moutet to upset the struggling former US Open winner Marin Cilic tomorrow for a 3.4/1 double, and throw home boy Popyrin to beat Tsonga and Brady to be Halep for a 9/1 treble and a 30/1 fourfold.

  17. Ad 1 year ago

    Aussie open longnshot

    Zhang d Stephens
    Moutet d Cilic
    Popyrin d Tsonga
    Jabeur d Konta
    Brady d Halep
    Herbert d Norrie
    Hurkacz d Novak
    Basilashvili d Soon Woo


  18. Nathan 1 year ago

    Nfl yesterday…

    Kansas vs Tennessee
    Over 52.5 points
    35-24 final
    Great game too

    4/1 longshot 6 mahomes yards short and Kansas D did well to restrict Henry to just 69 yards… or did he mean to do it???!

    • Nathan 1 year ago

      Fancied overs in Green Bay but no time to post.
      We did well this year don’t know how we managed to get this far?
      Super Bowl should be a cracker!

      Kansas City chiefs vs San Francisco 49’ers

  19. wanwirsiy 1 year ago

    Mr F, you’ll never walk on the moon.
    Liverpool won the title long ago

  20. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Morning gents

    Reserve league update – QoS into 11/5 from 11/4 and whisperings of Morton fielding a strong side

    • wasclueless 1 year ago

      QoS game now seems to have done a vanishing act from 365!

    • fresh prince 1 year ago

      Queen of the South Reserves: Leighfield, Douglas, Vezza, Luissant, Gourlay, Gordon, Paton, Kidd, Hamilton, Oliver, Irving.

      Subs: Potts, Trialist, Goss, Newbould, Young, Burns

      Unsure whether this is strong or not, I know Oliver Paton and Irving are first team.

  21. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    If you’re not fast, you’re last

    QoS price cut to 21/20 Fromm 11/4 and was offered 20% profit on the Cashout

    The game was removed – it’s now back
    QoS 21/20

  22. Nathan 1 year ago

    5 pm turkey

    Rizespor vs Genclerbirligi

    Both to score and over 2.5 match goals

    6/5 skybet

  23. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Burnely u23 vs Middlesbrough u23 (KO 1pm)

    Looks a strong shout for goals

    Middlesbrough’s last 8 matches ( 5-1 2-3 3-4 3-5 5-1 3-1 4-1 1-4 ) sadly just two wins (17 F 27 A)

    Burnley very strong at home – goal line a lot lower than I thought they would be

    Worth backing over 1.5 first half goals and over 3.5 match goals

  24. tonys 1 year ago


    What is the thinking on the QoS game at 14.00 please ?

    QoS to win is 2/1; QoS DC is 8/11

    Any further advice appreciated,

    Best Tony

    • GregBrowning 1 year ago

      QoS really strong

      KIdd, Hamilton. Oliver and Paton all starting

      Worth backing them although they are now more into 13/20 from 11/4

      My Cashout nearly 100% profit of my stake

  25. jim burnside 1 year ago

    FS QoS Res just went from 11/5 to 23/20 in a split second there.

  26. jim burnside 1 year ago

    Now 10/11 b365 before KO. The money is certainly ON QOS reserves.

  27. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Money certainly in for Queens – fingers crossed

  28. bullseye 1 year ago

    England Championship 20:00
    West Brom vs Stoke – over 2 West Brom first half team corners

    Italy Serie B 20:00
    Cosenza vs Crotone – Crotone to win either half

    Double 9/4 Bet365 **NAP**

    Add Italy 19:45
    Atalanta vs Spal – Spal team performances 5-15 points

    Treble 13.04/1 Bet365 **NB**

    Good Luck all

  29. andyhibs 1 year ago

    Over 2.5 double Monaco and Atlanta just under evens.

  30. El Gooner 1 year ago

    Bosh. Just like that my weekend profit back to the bookies. Not even 5pm

  31. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Kilamrock 4-3 QoS

    Disappointing from QoS, backed right in and justifiably based on their starting 11, not to be though

    These sorts of team news bets in this league land more often than not

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      My fault I suppose Greg, pretty much every time I bet on your tips it loses. I usually stay away for the good of everyone else. Sorry everyone

  32. GigiKenzo 1 year ago

    Atalanta o2.5mgs
    Monaco o2.5mgs
    West Brom o1.5mgs
    Treble 153/100

    • aarron19888 1 year ago

      on this

  33. lester1728 1 year ago

    Not to worry Greg can’t b right all the time will b on lommel later

  34. aarron19888 1 year ago

    acca, around 34/1

    atalanta 3.5 tgls
    west brom 1.5 tgls
    rizespor game 2.5
    jong ajax game 3.5
    monaco game 2.5
    roda game 2.5

  35. iceman 1 year ago

    Hi Sean, do you have any tips or goal bets for the Asia champions league games tom? I know you said before that the home advantage is key in these games but wondering if anything stood out for you?

    • sean567 1 year ago

      The first 3 matches on paper should see 3 home wins iceman. All 3 are champions league regulars over the past few years and it would be a shock if they went out to the sides they are playing. Port v Ceres should see btts. Matches 5/6 I’m not gonna lie- I know absolutely nothing about them. The last game should see Esteghlal triumph with home advantage but I reckon it will be tight.

  36. craigyboy 1 year ago

    To be fair nobody can blame any Liverpool fans for saying things like its not won after what happened to them under Rodgers, it is however going to take a major collapse from Liverpool to even give City a sniff.
    I’m finding it difficult to see where Liverpool lose a game this year, I just have an inkling that our boys might be the team to do it on Thursday. We have been the bogey team to the big boys and the one team we have failed to beat in the league is Liverpool.
    I’m sure Klopp will be wary of us on Thursday especially with us having an extra days rest. It will be interesting to see how Liverpool fans see the game going on Thursday.

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Liverpool are as good away as they are at home,i doubt Wolves will lay a glove on us tbh.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      I think they’ll lose one after the title’s maccathered – I mean mathematically – clinched.
      Klopp’s bound to rest players after that and focus on Champions League and maybe even the FA Cup.

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Yeah I think they will drop points when CL starts up again. they’ve been building and building this massive lead just now which means they can rest players in league games when it does start up. Looks to me as if that’s been the plan recently. Get so far in front which means dropping points won’t be an issue. A lot was made of the workload over Xmas- technically they didn’t actually play any extra games. If they weren’t involved in WCC then they could’ve played first team v villa and league game v West Ham, so players will need a rest at some point. Would make sense to do it with a 20pts lead

  37. Samax 1 year ago

    Sean man,,,nice one again,,Hilal just came tru

  38. mboza richie 1 year ago

    Super Single, 2 Points, West Brom, 1.89

    I’m in a high after 4 up on a Lucky 15 Nags bet!

  39. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Poor looking card today, not any evens or over I like.

    Serie b
    Cosenza v Crotone
    Btts 10-11.
    Cosenza scored in 14 of last 15 homes.
    Crotone scored in 8 of last 10 aways, the 2 they failed to score were v the top 2 sides, pordenone and Benevento.

  40. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Afternoon gents,

    Icelandic Youth League looks a possible route for goals this evening and with the away team probably dominating play but equally as likely to concede, it’s maybe worth a go!

    HAUKAR / KÁ U19 VS. FH U19 (7.45pm)

    Over 4.5 goals
    (1/1, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    Best of luck

    • craneguy 1 year ago

      evening hull, i will be keeping an eye out in play on this one cheers…………………

  41. craneguy 1 year ago


    atalanta -1, wba o1.5mgs evens

    atalanta o2.5tgs, wba btts 12/5

  42. Zerocool 1 year ago


    Crotone draw / X
    WBA HT/FT X/1
    Atalanta HT/FT 1/1

    Stake: 1pt

    May this week be profitable and very successful to all ⚽️💰
    Good luck with your bets

  43. anasewhiz 1 year ago

    new week new challenge

    race to $100 is on…

    after barca n psg win @1.42

    today we are on..

    west brom DC
    Atlanta over 2.5mgs


    $5.80 — $9.67

    gl if you followed, fingers crossed

  44. mr h 1 year ago

    Piacenza are generous at 5/4 too net 2+ against a Triestina side they beat 3-1 away

    Piacenza o1.5tgls 5/4
    O2.5tgls 4/1

  45. mr h 1 year ago

    On the topic of Liverpool winning the league,not even Kevin Keegan could throw that lead away

    • sean567 1 year ago

      Nope. They’re too good. If it was a shock team up there like Leicester in 2015 you’d think they’ll stumble at some point, but not this Liverpool side. Plus every team below them keeps throwing points away too. Neither Leicester or city are capable of winning every game from now to the end of the season on current form.

    • mr h 1 year ago

      Best compliment I can give them is they’re the best club side I’ve seen alongside the Barca side with Xavi,Iniesta,Messi,Ronaldinho,Puyol,Etoo etc. Although that would be a helluva spectacle across the generations of club sides. Only thing I would say is they’ve got too rack up the trophies to give the generation that special aura. Like the 80’s vintage that are now a lingering memory. Best club side on the planet bar none

  46. jim burnside 1 year ago

    It’s could be darts lommel play 2 goals first few some team to follow

  47. Burton111 1 year ago

    Stoke look to have set up quite an attacking side,I reckon plenty of goals and corners this evening.

  48. jim burnside 1 year ago

    Now 4 goals after 20 mins UNBELIEVABLE.

  49. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    Roeselare 2-2 Lommel 22 mins

    The goal kings strike again, 4 goals in the opening 22 mins 😂🕺🏽⚽️

    91 goals in 15 and a quarter games 🇧🇪

    • kf 1 year ago

      Wow 7 gls in first half. Will the 2nd be the same?

    • oxbally 1 year ago

      Cheers Greg was on 6.5 fhg 🤣,cheers for the heads up on 1.5

    • El Gooner 1 year ago

      Left this alone as promised. Any credit Greg gets send my way please. Any cash donations welcome also

    • Yaap88 1 year ago

      Long may it continue! Some team!!

  50. dc john boy 1 year ago

    West Brom over 2.5mgs 11/10
    Add Atalanta over 2.5tgs double 5/2

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 1 year ago


  51. tonys 1 year ago

    Any thoughts on Scottish reserves games about to KO ?

    • Burton111 1 year ago

      I’d go for a over 3.5 goals treble

  52. dc john boy 1 year ago

    In play Belgium reserves


    Over 4.5mgs double 2/1

    • dc john boy 1 year ago


  53. philip o leary 1 year ago

    lommel gone crazy got 11/2 for them to score 4 goals or more ,in before half time ☺

    • maccathered 1 year ago

      Well in Greg 6/4 for over 4.

  54. GregBrowning 1 year ago

    3-4 HT

    Bookies were offering 4/5 over 1.5 first half goals 🤣

    • flandroy 1 year ago

      great pick greg

  55. philip o leary 1 year ago

    Well done Greg 👍

  56. maccathered 1 year ago

    OC Safi v WAC Casablanca
    Over 1.5 first half goals at 3/1 lost,just the one goal in the first half but did take a goal to be scored in the first half at 2/1
    Btts and over 2.5 goals at 9/4 WON
    Well done all winners

  57. andymac1980 1 year ago

    Late on so taking an in-play bet in Italy:
    Atalanta HT/FT & btts no @ 8/5

    2 bets in England:
    West Brom win @ evens
    Punt – red card/penalty double @ 21.5/1

    All with Bet365

    • andymac1980 1 year ago

      Disaster of a night that and reckon no-one saw 2 away wins!

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      Agreed. West Brom were really poor and I thought I’d taken the safe option with draw no bet.

    • andymac1980 1 year ago

      I watched that game and they wouldn’t have scored of the game had gone on until tomorrow night! Really thought they’d take advantage of Leeds and Brentford slipping up over the weekend

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      You’re right – at no point did they look like scoring.

  58. xbets 1 year ago

    Houston rockets to win both halfs
    Celtics +5.57
    brooklyn nets +2.5 (strting soon)
    3.76/1 bet vikctor

  59. dc john boy 1 year ago

    Risky in play

    Huddersfield u23s over 1.5tgs 5/2

    • dc john boy 1 year ago


  60. sean567 1 year ago

    Anyone watching Atalanta v spal?
    4 yellows in fh, wondering if a red is likely. 5/1 @skybet

  61. kf 1 year ago

    Anyone know what the Haukar/KA U19 v FH Hafnarfjordur U19 match score is?…cant find anywhere that’s showing it…Cheers

    • sean567 1 year ago

      1-2 mate. Bet 365

    • dc john boy 1 year ago

      1-2 half time per bet365

    • hurricane 1 year ago

      Haukur U19 losing 2-1 @ HT

    • kf 1 year ago

      Cheers fellas…

  62. williegee 1 year ago

    2-1 F H at half time according to bet365

  63. alex_mufc83 1 year ago

    Been keeping an eye on the forum today, some great winner well done. one from me today and it’s an in play bet

    As soon as West Brom double chance hits EVENS shall be on with 2 POINTS

    • alex_mufc83 1 year ago

      Placed at 21/20 with BetVictor

    • a3780cd 1 year ago

      On this also

    • alex_mufc83 1 year ago

      No joy poor from West Brom 👎

  64. SwagBag 1 year ago

    Atalanta 🙄

  65. HullShaker 1 year ago

    Boooo – missed penalty downs the bet in Iceland – final score 1-3 🙈

    Well done all winners!

  66. sean567 1 year ago

    Monday’s goals tips
    Atalanta v spal
    Atalanta to win
    Atalanta o2.5tgs
    Atalanta to score bh
    1/1 bet 365 (betbuilder) NAP❌

    Over 1.5tgs double
    Monaco/al hilal✅✅
    11/10 bet 365 NB

    No joy with the NAP tonight shock defeat for Atalanta. NB lands tho. Wd all the winners.

  67. micky belfast 1 year ago

    ALEX + DC + SEAN or any1 else intersted in giving ther thoughts how do yous boys go about betting. Do you build your accounts up in each bookmaker or do u deposit each time u pick your bet out then withdraw if u win? Just a question lads

    • alex_mufc83 1 year ago

      Personally I try to build to 5 x my original stake (generally with 2 POINTS per bet) then withdraw the profit, and keep betting with the original stake.

      Main thing is if your bets lose for the day don’t keep betting, wait until next time.

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      I’d advise deposits because it’s too easy throw money away that’s sitting in an account.
      It often doesn’t seem like real money.

    • micky belfast 1 year ago

      Yea mr f. Thats why ive asked it had 500 in bet365 n 500 in ladbrokes Accounts an jus betting for sake of it . Didnt enjoy it was jus betting out of boredom untill the two accounts went dry fs. But think your 100% right

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      If you lift most of it then you can always put something back in.

  68. bullseye 1 year ago

    England Championship 20:00
    West Brom vs Stoke – over 2 West Brom first half team corners ❌

    Italy Serie B 20:00
    Cosenza vs Crotone – Crotone to win either half ✅

    Double 9/4 Bet365 **NAP** LOST


    Italy Serie A 19:45
    Atalanta vs Spal – Spal team performances 5-15 points (27 points) ❌

    Treble 13.04/1 Bet365 **NB** LOST

    One WBA first half corner short on the NAP. Expected a bit of a reaction after they fell behind but it didn’t come. Well done all winners

  69. dc john boy 1 year ago

    One for tomorrow in AFC champions league

    Port FC

    Over 2.5mgs double evens
    Over 3.5mgs double 27/10

    Good luck

  70. alex. walker 1 year ago

    Mr h i can see liverpool winning the league by 25points or more.
    The teams below them keep losing or drawing and the reds dont look like they want to give in to anyone. I cant see mancity winning every game from now to april. But i can see liverpool winning there games. So the league will be won before they meet at the etihad stadium.

  71. xbets 1 year ago

    Since the acca lost i am on
    Houston -6.5 @6/5 Skybet Main bet (nplay)

  72. a3780cd 1 year ago

    Anyone who bets on NBA bet365 now do betbuilder for it.

  73. craneguy 1 year ago

    well that that was pile of utter shite thenite in atalanta and at wba…………………

    WD all with a win………………

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