MONDAY'S card looked difficult and Tuesday's isn't any easier with the EFL Cup dominating.

Most sides will rest players so team news is vital before getting involved and I'll be keeping stakes low.

There are also three Champions League play-offs with AEK Athens facing Vidi, Dinamo Zagreb welcoming Young Boys and Ajax travelling to Dynamo Kiev. Both scored in all three first legs and there's a decent chance of goals again.

In the EFL Cup teams I'd consider are Bournemouth at home to MK Dons, Leeds at home to Preston and Leicester at home to Fleetwood.

Without seeing line-ups it's tough to pick winners here so for now my only bet is a goals treble. Start with over 2.5 at Bournemouth with Eddie Howe set to start £25million record Jefferson as well Lewis Cook, Jordan Ibe and Jermain Defoe. Howe puts the Premier League first and usually makes many changes for cup ties but has some decent talent in reserve.

I'm adding both to score in Kiev and Zagreb. Ajax are 3-1 up and likely to net again as they can't rely on a shut-out. Zagreb are a decent outfit but they've conceded in their last two home games in the league while Young Boys have netted 18 in six and will go the attack.

Elsewhere there are French League Cup games that Greg might look at but not much else.

On Monday I took a chance on non-league games and was unlucky with Adam Rooney to score first for Salford. I quoted the evens to net at any time and he netted second instead of first. My treble wasn't as close.

Well done to all the winners last night including maccathered who was most confident about Spurs winning at Man United.

Jordan, Greg and UHT also backed winners and well done to the guys who put anyone off backing Roma with their previews on the Atalanta game that finished 3-3. Anyone on Atalanta would have surely covered or cashed out when they led 3-1.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to roshi's comment – and the good news is I will be taking a week off in October so let's hope it all runs smoothly.

Remember to check out welovebetting for their latest tips and video chat.

2pts Goals Treble

  • Dynamo Kiev v Ajax btts (8pm)
  • Dinamo Zagreb v Young Boys btts (8pm)
  • Bournemouth v MK Dons over 2.5 goals (7.45pm)
  • (33-10, Marathonbet)

August Advised Super Singles: -4.7pts

August Advised Accas: -28.2pts

  1. nathanufton 9 months ago

    For those that like a penalty or red card bet, might be worth considering the EFL Cup is trialling 4 matches over the 28th and 29th with our friend – VAR

    hope @admin don’t mind me posting this link :

  2. 008 9 months ago

    @maccathered well done tipping the united game. I hope all delusional united fans will understand the point of your bets now and respect them in future. We are all here to make some money. Supporting blindly and arguing for the teams we like will not bring quality tips to the table. Fact is that united is nowhere close to the team they were under SAF. Right now betting on their win is risk of money.

    • 9 months ago

      Burner account?

    • acsafc 9 months ago

      Burner account?

    • 008 9 months ago

      Nope, just a happy Spurs fan and a Mourinho despiser :)

  3. evens knievens 9 months ago

    Have to laugh at the United result after all the flack MAC the Red took this morning.

    The only thing he got wrong was not taking the Spurs -2 handicap.

    Well done mate.

  4. hopper 9 months ago

    I’m a United fan but Maccathered got it spot on, got to give credit where it’s due

    • yidder 9 months ago

      Spurs fan here. even i didn’t have confidence for -1.5 just took Spurs win . Well in @maccathered

    • 9 months ago


    • acsafc 9 months ago

      To be fair Macca Tips Liverpool to win every game and Man U to lose every game so he’s going to get some right. Far from a Man U fan but at least they entertained last night Liverpool have been a snore fest this season.

    • maccathered 9 months ago


    • paddy gooner 9 months ago

      Good tip yesterday macca, I hereby apologise for giving you ‘flack’ about it. I did back United and lost money myself :-(

  5. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Just about to kick off but worth a look for any Night Owls…


    BTTS…EVENS (1 minute in)


    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Final score 1-3 ??

  6. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Great shout with Spurs @maccathered ??

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Cheers Greg

  7. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Man U fans wanting selfies with Tottenham players at full time – turns my stomach. Feel for the teal fans of EPL teams who are emotionally involved and feel hurt and upset when their team loses – not the day trippers with their popcorn and cameras

    As for Mourinho, he is a disgrace. Living on past glories with this respect nonsense

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      I hope he goes i have him first manager sacked advised at 10/1 lol

    • micky lfc 9 months ago

      Completely agree Greg

    • ausie11 9 months ago

      Imagine that happened after a game up here Greg ? you’d get done in.

      Had a busy weekend and wasn’t on here much after I asked your opinion on St Johnstone at the weekend but I did end up backing them to win ?? shame Wigan let me down.

    • oz777 9 months ago

      I have to disagree with you Greg.
      Having seen the pictures, there’s every possibility that some, if not all of those fans could have been Brazilian visitors.
      And anyway, selfies are the modern day autograph book, and as a kid, I was always getting autographs from opposition players.
      Finally, I’m pretty sure I heard fans applauding a guy who decided to turn up for work at Parkhead on Sunday ?

    • mr h 9 months ago

      Boyata got the reception his actions deserved. He let down his team mates, the fans, his employers in a Champions League qualifier personally I’d have preferred if he hadn’t played at all. He crossed the line and there’s no coming back. Quicker that half heated man leaves Glasgow the better. He ain’t even that good tbh

    • alva glen 9 months ago

      Agree with you Greg however a lot of Man.U. fans are still living in the SAF past.In my view Man.u. still have a lot of good players but the need to sort out their central defence has been evident for a few seasons now.

    • 9 months ago

      Alva glen.
      United fans not living in the past . 3 games into the new season and we have to listen to all that shit from abu ,s, just to remind you the last time united lost two game in a row at the start of the season they went on to win the premiership

  8. roshii 9 months ago

    Mr fix it dont you think you took a week off?? Your tips are the worst ive seen and before you say i dont post my tips as i dont classify myself as a “tipster” and certainly wouldnt have my own page with stats like that

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      It’s my site so if I take a week off there won’t be any tips from anyone.
      My stats are disappointing this month but if I’d included the 40-1 and 28-1 aways wins my stats would be great.
      At least I’m brave enough and honest enough to put up points and I’m only a couple of goals away from being in profit.
      All tipsters have good spells and bad spells – that’s life.

    • robnraine 9 months ago

      Exactly Mr f ….we all have the choice , read the advice and make up our own minds

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      What utter bollocks.

      Might be worth taking a look at the bigger picture; without Mr F putting the site together, there wouldn’t be the community and collective of knowledge that is here for everyone to draw from.

      I know I won’t be the only one who has been able to refine their betting style and approach to certain leagues and markets as a direct result of the hub that Mr F and the team have put together.

      Regarding recent stats, it’s a tough old game tipping winners and don’t ever forget it – if you are following Mr F’s picks blind without any of your own hard work then I’d assume you backed his 40/1 and 28/1 winners 2 days ago so you’ll be quids in.

      Why don’t you either f*** off or put your own research and selections up?

    • wanwirsiy 9 months ago

      Roshii, why don’t u put up better tips. Its gambling. If u have hot nothing positive to say better be quiet. I am no expert tipster but have been following this site for more than two years and have made lots of money from other peoples expertise. Give us a break and appreciate the benefits u get from this site

    • sean ireland 9 months ago

      Roshii your comment is an absolute disgrace, why can’t you give the man some credit for running an open betting forum for experts like yourself to post in. Been using this site for quite a few years and I don’t ever remember Mr F once claiming to be a tipster as far as I can make out he is a sports journalist with the daily record and posts only his thoughts on upcoming match results not promises.How’s about you post your betting thoughts so we can also judge your expertise.As Del boy would say ”What a plonker”

    • 9 months ago

      @seanireland I’m not going to start digging MrF out, but the state that he doesn’t claim to be a tipster is cobblers when the website is called ‘MrFixItsTips’ and he posts, erm, tips and points to go along with them

      Call the original poster out by all means, but you’re actually just making stuff up with statements like that

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      I’m a tipster but I’m not a full-time or pro tipster so there is a difference.
      My main job is sports journalist at the Daily Record and I do the football tips for them.
      The website is a spin-off from the column.

    • 9 months ago

      It just weakens your own argument

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      @youthcrew88 – was wondering what motivation you had to get involved so just clicked on your name and read through your contributions to the forum – not one post that isn’t just slagging someone or something off after the event – coincidence, I think not ?

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      You’re half right in the sense I’m not a full-time tipster and that’s been made clear dozens of times.
      I do put up tips though not just thoughts on games.

    • agd 9 months ago

      Is this guy related to the billericay owner lose once and your out
      Anyone who knows anything about betting will know that losing is part of the game
      If every bet won who would you Bet with

  9. oz777 9 months ago

    I’ve been following Paul’s tips long before the t’interweb was invented.
    I have mates who have followed him for the same length of time.
    I have stood on the terraces with guys who have followed him for years.
    I have sat on supporters’ buses with guys who have followed his tips for years.
    I have been in dressing rooms with teammates who have backed his tips for years.
    I have been in dressing rooms of teams I have managed, and listened to my players talk about his tips, and producing their bookie lines.
    In all of those years I have never once heard anyone bad mouth him.

    Form is temporary, class is permanent…

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Yeah just like the Bankies. Cheers.

  10. kelly.d 9 months ago

    its always the same nonsense when you tip, your expected to make people millions and get every tip right.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Can’t be done. Everyone has winners and losers and good and bad spells.
      On Saturday I had a great day – on Monday my first scorer tip scored second and my treble was low stakes on non-league football which was a bet that came with a warning.
      I’ll keep doing what I do – putting up winners and losers.

    • nathanufton 9 months ago

      If every tipster had a 100% strike rate, bookies would go bust inside a week. That’s why its called gambling. Murphys law: If something can go wrong, then it probably will. I’ve remembered weeks where you’ve nailed tip after tip, I’ve seen days when you’ve posted a full house and we’ve also all seen and experienced the ” banker ” that lets us down. I shall be back tonight with my match write-up. Think William Shakespeare : Double, ” Double “, toil and trouble. I’ll be up a worthwhile slow burner that to me has 7.1/1 written all over it. But around 13/1 if you add an extra component. I’ve not had a minutes sleep, been catching up with my buddy across the pond but I should start posting something that should open up a little debate around 5pm. Should leave around 2hrs to take in the regulars feedback. Sleep. Goodnight guys.
      For those members that wish to turn on the guy that created this font of knowledge, the strength of this site are the insights and alternative perspectives from both sets of fans, guys that know different sports and leagues better than anyone else. MrF always gets a bad rep after a few bad results and near misses, but how many guys have sat back, held onto their cash, seen a tip, ignored it and then said to themselves ” I wish I had a piece of that “. I’m sure we all felt that with JohnB’ s treble just a few weeks back. A tenner would of seen all of us walk away with a new BMW, if only we paid attention. I love this site, you can ask members that are facing your own team to see if there’s something that contradicts or counteracts your thoughts, but at the end of the day, it is knowledge. And knowledge is power.

    • kirantotti365 9 months ago

      @nathanufton your bank building article is worth millions. THANKS FOR that.

      @roshii this site has unbelievable tipster mr f, @gregbrowning @jordan , @hullshakeraker, @nathanuftonn, @kelly-d @baggio, @hunter, @maccathered, @dc-john-boy, @sean-ireland @wasclueless @craneguy if you don’t t like thia site you can stay away from it

    • evens knievens 9 months ago

      Hi Nathan. Is it possible to have a read of your bank building article. My bank building skills have been somewhat non existent in recent times so it would be good to get some help on how to put it right.

  11. 9 months ago

    MrFixit is pretty reliable at certain teams or certain matches [mostly from Scotland], and gathering more information about them before placing his money on them.

    roshii, it would give you an idea if you read his Scottish team/game reviews before placing bets with your eyes closed, so at first look and advice how the hell Clyde , Ayr etc are doing [detailed information about the matches,the lineup of the teams, their current forms, and statistics of those teams…] , what he is and local majority on the site r recommending then select and focus on your own targeted match results/markets regarding to what you learned from all these.

    also you should do your homework first and find the right strategies before you can count on luck or judge other predictions.

  12. oz777 9 months ago

    The day that football, or any sport, becomes an exact science, will be the same day that bookies close their doors for the last time.
    Can’t see that happening anytime soon though ?

    • 9 months ago

      always in search something like sports Almanac book from ”Back to the future” movie ??☺️

    • boabee8867 9 months ago

      FWIW…..remove all criticism and self praise postings ….it makes for tiring reading…i see things from both perspectives…..

  13. maccathered 9 months ago

    Morning lads
    Just been looking through the EFL card and one game particular game has caught my eye.
    Cardiff City v Norwich
    Under 2.5 goals at 17/20
    Norwich City to win at 16/5
    Now i’m no expert on this cup and certainly have no clue about team news.what does interest me here though is the fact that Cardiff are struggling to score goals,they have played three Premier League games and haven’t notched a single goal. Norwich are a division below but these two teams aren’t realistically a division apart and if you bring in to the equasion that Cardiff host Arsenal Sunday dinnertime then surely the hosts won’t play their full team whilst the visitors will be looking for a cup run.I am only having a dabble on this for interest but i think there is value on the away side.
    Best of luck

    • fr4nky280682 9 months ago

      Hi – is this the same stats as the u21 game that’s on now or have you made a mistake with the stats? Thanks mate just double checking before betting In play

    • fr4nky280682 9 months ago

      Hi please ignore this it refers to the post below on the Shrewsbury and city U21 game posted by Nate pesh

  14. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Fancy both teams to score in the three C.L. qualifiers tonight, should all be hard fought games. 9/2 Skybet.

  15. nate pesh 9 months ago

    Not much on today but have picked out some games I fancy goals in

    Shrewsbury vs Man City u23 (7pm)

    Over 2.5 MGS 7/10
    Over 3.5 MGS 13/8

    This is based on Man City u23 results! Last 5 results 1-1, 4-6, 6-5, 4-3 & 5-0
    Although these results are against other u23 teams and a friendly against Breda I still fancy goals here and Shrewsbury are coming off the back of a 3-2 defeat

    Rapid Vienna II vs Parndorf
    Sigma Olomouc u21 vs Zlin u21
    Burnley u23 vs Crystal Palace u23

    Over 2.5 MGS Treble


    • fr4nky280682 9 months ago

      Hi – is this the same stats as the u21 game that’s on now or have you made a mistake with the stats? Thanks mate just double checking before betting In play

  16. udoyecc 9 months ago

    Thank you all for understanding and motivation.

    We mustn’t win every tip,but pray to win more than loosing.

  17. udoyecc 9 months ago

    More so,who know a better site for soccer prediction?

    Recommend for our mutual benefit

  18. wasclueless 9 months ago

    Kiev v Ajax BTTS / > 7 Corners, AEK Athens to Score 6/5
    GL all!

  19. 9 months ago

    Wimbledon v West Ham

    calling this as confidence booster game after three defeat in the league. Pellegrini seems happy and optimistic about recent team form and probably would like to spell it on tonight’s result before Wolves fixture.

    West Ham to score over 1.5 team goals
    West Ham win


    Fulham vs Exeter

    The key name Dean Moxey in Exeter’s defense will not play, while new hungry names like Mawson stage up with this match.

    Fulham -1 handicap
    Fulham win & over 2.5 match goals

  20. Jordan 9 months ago

    Dodging that rock pool fish cup and heading to Sweden where I was in two minds but with not much else on the card I’ll wet the whistle.

    GAIS travel to Orgryte in the Superettan where I’m hoping for goals. The home side have seen some decent scorelines in recent weeks with 8 of their last 10 seeing both score in the league. Six of those saw over 2.5 goals. GAIS have seen both score in ten of their last eleven with over 2.5 landing in 6. The most recent fixture saw a 4-4 thriller, but more interestingly, the last six of these h2hs have ended in a draw, three of those being score draws.

    GAIS rarely fail to score away from home in the league and their goal time looks decent against a home side that have lost three of their last four at home but scoring in the process.

    GAIS Goal Before 54:00 @ 5/6 @ 365 – 3 points

    Bet to consider

    BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals @ 21/20 @ 365


    GAIS & BTTS @ 5.5 @ 365

    • Jordan 9 months ago

      Turns out a Carabao is a water buffalo btw. Cheers Google.

    • foundmyfunk 9 months ago

      Also an incredibly popular Thai Rock Band who dominate Thai country and rock scene
      (modeled on Santana and maybe Def Leopard!!) ) The lead singer has his hands in quite a few pies. His face is every where Including his own energy drink, like Red Bull. They sponsor the old Rumbelows/Littlewoods/Coca Cola and Milk Cup because the country is football/betting OBSESSED. Liverpool are massive here b.t.w, after Man U. Mainly from the originaloster boys- late 90’s Owen and Beckham legacy.

    • alva glen 9 months ago

      Will be on Leeds tonight if they put out the same side that has been doing well 19/20. Like the look of Cardiff u 2.5 mgls.

    • alva glen 9 months ago

      Santana /Def Leopard strange combo . 2 totally different bands !

  21. mr h 9 months ago

    No much day time games but Kashima Antlers should win their AFC Champions League home game against Tianjin Quanjian. Kashima knocked out Chinese league leaders Shanghai SIPG in the last round, beating them 3-1 at home before losing too a late Hulk penalty in a 2-1 defeat in China. Hoping the Chinese contribute in a high scoring home win

    Kashima Antlers WIN & BTTS 9/5

    And I’ve a cupla quid on Kashima too win from behind at 8/1

    • mr h 9 months ago

      That Tianjin team reads like Chinese morse code ? 3 Wangs, 2 Zhangs, a Yang and a Zheng

  22. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Kashima antlers

    Over 1.5tgs & over 4.5team corners 11/8

    Also fancy kashima over 2.5tgs 11/8

    Couple of low stake punts for some interest

    Good luck

  23. the stamp collector 9 months ago

    4 Scottish Reserve league matches that I can see for now; KO’s from 1:30
    Dundee Utd v Killie
    Dunfermline v M’well
    St John v Queen of South
    Hearts v Dundee
    > 2.5 mgls…

    Adding English u23 game
    Burnley v C Palcace @ cautious > 1.5 mgls

    5 team accumulator @ 4/1

    Early days in these leagues but as Greg has highlighted a number of times matches can be goalfests ; no time at mo to look at stats but changing squads/new teams, etc may have no bearing on previous records.
    Hearts game down for later KO so will look at team news specifically and advise on a single for this one later

    Good luck if you follow ? and to all bets today

  24. tennisace 9 months ago

    Took a break guys. Although I know July wasn’t going to be sustainable figures this month wasn’t good enough.

    July total: +142.1 units
    August total: -8.8 units.

    let’s get it.

    US Open:

    De Minaur to beat Daniel, Kviotva to beat Wickmayer, Kerber to beat Gasparyan @ 1.9- 8 units

    Struff to beat Smyczek, Ostapenko to beat Petkovic @ 2.02- 5 units

    Wozniacki vs Stosur over 19.5 games @ 1.95- 5 units

    Stosur to beat Wozniacki @ 5.00- 1.5 units

    • hairyheid 9 months ago

      Good to see you back for the US open @tennisace ?

    • tennisace 9 months ago

      Thanks mate, hope you’ve been well.

      To answer your question I believe most places pay out after the first set. Betfair definitely pay out after the first set, the good thing is if your player retires though it’s void.

      If you have a 2-0 though I believe all bookies void that.

    • hairyheid 9 months ago

      Cheers mate, good luck with your picks ?

    • mmac 9 months ago

      Thank you for great tips. Any bets for today please?

    • tennisace 9 months ago

      Up on the new top tips page now @mmac

  25. kydavies 9 months ago

    Keep the tips coming in boys,it’s up to the person placing the bet weather to follow your tip or not,take Prince Naseem he wants Chris Eubanks Jr to retire after his performance,not that he had money on him ?.

    I don’t normally leave tips but here is one I’m placing,it’s not a bank buster but hopefully goes towards a progressive bank builder
    Pays 1-2

    Pays 2-9

    DOUBLE PAYS 1.81

    GL Tonight boys.

  26. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    I think the three C.L. Qualifier will be feisty affairs — so i am going for a couple of risky bets.
    Penalty trixie .. All three up pays 110/1 . Williamhill .
    Red card trixie. All three up pays 70/1 Skybet.

  27. radu 9 months ago

    ? Vuelta ?
    Stage 4
    ⚫ Dylan Teuns @ 19.00 ⭐
    ⚫ De Marchi @ 21.00 ⭐
    Top 3
    ⚫ Kelderman @ 12.00 ⭐

    ? ??????? ?
    Blackburn – Lincoln
    ⚫ Lincoln to score @ 1.68 ⭐⭐⭐
    Doncaster – Blackpool
    ⚫ X2 @ 1.70 ⭐⭐
    Leeds – Preston
    ⚫ Leeds over 1.5 goals @ 1.95 ⭐
    Hull – Derby
    ⚫ goal in both halves @ 1.72 ⭐
    ⚽ ?? ⚽
    Riga – Liepaja
    ⚫ btts @ 2.10 ⭐⭐
    ⚽ ?? ⚽
    Kauno – Atlantas
    ⚫ X2 @ 2.43 ⭐

  28. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Kashima antlers

    Over 1.5tgs & over 4.5team corners 11/8 **WON**

    Also fancy kashima over 2.5tgs 11/8 **LOST**

    Dominant display from home side but couldn’t manage a 3rd goal……just the 15 corners to the home side as well

    • micky belfast 9 months ago

      Good shout on the antlers game dc

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Cheers Micky

  29. radu 9 months ago

    ? ?? ?
    Combo @ 24.04 ⭐
    ⚫ Berankis – Chung – Berankis +8.5 games @ 1.65
    ⚫ Schwartzman – Del Bonis – Schwartzman -5.5 games @ 1.55
    ⚫ Bhambri – Herbert – Herbert to win @ 1.47
    ⚫ Cecchinato – Benneteau – Benneteau +4.5 games @ 1.50
    ⚫ Djere – Mayer – over 33.5 games @ 1.65
    ⚫ Travaglia – Hurkacz – over 3.5 set @ 1.45
    ⚫ Gasparyan – Kerber – Gasparyan +7.5 games @ 1.32
    ⚫ Bertens – Pliskova – 1st Set Bertens to win & to win the match @ 1.35

  30. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Morning gents,

    Not usually too bothered about the EFL Cup but one game draws my eye for both sides finding the net at decent prices…


    No questions around the stature and quality of each side but I reckon Joey Barton’s boys might just put up a decent fight here; they’ve looked pretty good so far and 8 points from 5 games shows their potential as does the 0-5 away thumping of Scnthorpe.

    Leicester will no doubt make a few changes but, again, there’s plenty of firepower to cause the League One side a fair bit of mischief and it could be worth a look at Okazaki for a goal if he is brought in.


    BTTS 1ST HALF…9/2

    Best of luck today ?

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Looks good Hull,Leicester have a meeting with Liverpool on Saturday dinnertime,so i can’t see all the big players playing.

    • elvis parsley 9 months ago

      Fleetwood to score 6-5 and btts 6-4 on hills betting terminal shaker .
      Are Fleetwood fielding a weak team ??

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Most teams will play weakened sides but 6-5 isn’t a bad price.

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Will see when teams are announced but looks like Barton will put out a decent side and no key players injured…saw the 6/4 on WH terminal in town earlier but money already down…good luck

      (PS – you disappeared for a few weeks Elvis…you been at Rhyl Sun Centre or just bound over in the Maes-G cells again ?)

    • alva glen 9 months ago

      These 2 clashed last season in the FA CUP 0-0,2-0 .Leicester . The 1st game was shocking and don’t think Leicester had a shot on goal.

  31. radu 9 months ago

    ⚽ CHL ⚽
    Dinamo Zagreb – Young Boys
    ⚫ over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 ⭐⭐
    ⚫ btts & over 2.5 goals @ 2.10 ⭐⭐
    ⚫ YB over 1.5 goals @ 2.65 ⭐
    ⚫ Hoarau to score @ 2.30 ⭐
    Dinamo K – Ajax Amsterdam
    ⚫ Ajax over 1.5 goals @ 2.23 ⭐⭐

  32. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Malaysian cup action at 2pm

    Felda v PKNS

    Over 3.5mgs 5/4
    Over 4.5mgs 3/1

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Looking like chose wrong cup game, just the 1 goal so far after 65mins…..

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      **LOST** apologies was poor. Looked good for goals but wasn’t to be

  33. bullseye 9 months ago

    England EFL Trophy 19:00
    Shrewsbury vs Man City U21 – over 2.5 goal line

    Argentina Primera B Metropolitana 19:30
    Deportivo Riestra vs Tristan Suarez – over 4.5 first half Asian corners

    UEFA Champions League Qualifying 20:00
    Dynamo Kiev vs Ajax – over 23.5 multicorners

    Treble 4.72/1 Bet365 **NAP**

    Good luck all

  34. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Afternoon gents

    Find it strange people criticise the most comprehensive and informative betting community there is. Wouldn’t be a site with the amount of fantastic contributors if it wasn’t for Mr F and admin.

    Tight for time today as down south morning then off to Cardiff tonight – all get today’s games posted for around 6pm

    • old al 9 months ago

      There’s always a knob kicking around – the guys on here are above all that, just ignore.

  35. lifebhoy 9 months ago

    To all those who are giving Mr Fixit a hard time with their criticisms, just remember this: no one is twisting your arm to make you bet on his tips.At the end of the day you make your own decisions!

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      You will find most that give the tipsters a hard time cannot find a good bet to save their lives,hence they rely on other people,when things are good they are ok,but post a bad un and it’s the end of the world.Like i always say use your own brain when betting.Mr f doesn’t deserve any flak,like any tipster on here he has had some crackers,take the rough with the smooth,if they can;t then betting really isn’t for them.

  36. buzzer 9 months ago

    all teams to qualify

    Aston Villa





    West Brom

    West Ham

    15/4 @sportnation

  37. leroy 9 months ago

    Welsh League Cup action tonight and there are a couple of Premier sides whose ties might see a few goals. One game in the Northern Ireland Reserve League looks good for goals, too. Gonna roll them together for a little interest and perhaps getting involved in some stuff in-play later on.

    Third Stake:

    Haverfordwest v Llanelli
    Druids v Airbus
    Glentoran Reserves v Dungannon Reserves

    O2.5 Match Goals Treble @ 19/10 (Bet365)

    Good luck with whatever you’re on.

  38. the stamp collector 9 months ago

    Hearts reserves v Dundee reserves

    From a Hearts perspective, inexperienced defence but experienced midfield, ( Djoum, Cochrane )plus young lads up front with first team experience .

    Points to a BTTS, but going to do Hearts double chance and BTTS 23/20
    Hearts to win and >2.5 mgls 9/4

    Early reserve matches fell short on 2 x 1-1 draws, but a 3-0 and 2-1 Burnley up. Apologies if anyone followed

    • the stamp collector 9 months ago

      Hearts v Dundee had the goals in 2-3, but my later bets somewhat scuppered when Hearts went down to 10 men at 1-1, after being apparently dominant…one of these days…1 goal short in 2 of the 5

  39. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Dynamo Kiev btts & overs evens


    Over 2.5mgs treble 4/1

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Treble is 3/1

  40. bully 2 9 months ago

    Been doing £10 to £1000 challenge at my own pace which sometimes means days without betting I am up to £300 and want to do a bet this Saturday at this moment I am stuck between doing straight Chelsea win at 2/7 or Motherwell double chance at 4/9! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ☺️☺️

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Motherwell double chance looks decent although I haven’t yet looked at the card – will do so tonight.
      I’d also consider a Hearts win at home to St Mirren. Hearts are top and will want to do it for boss Levein who is in hospital.
      I was talking to a St Mirren fan who was at the home defeat to Livingston on Saturday and he said it was one of the worst performances he had seen.

    • mr h 9 months ago

      St Mirren are in trouble if they don’t get new faces in that’ll improve them. Slack at the back & toothless in attack…. My tip to go down

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      I wouldn’t touch Chelsea with a bargepole against Bournemouth

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Chelsea extremely short at 2-7.

  41. bully 2 9 months ago

    Thank you mr fix it I didn’t even think about hearts this is why this is a wonderful site everyone is up to helping each other out

  42. mr h 9 months ago

    Bournemouth – 1
    Fulham – 1
    Zagreb BTTS
    AEK Athens

    9/1 acca insurance Paddy Power inshop terminal

  43. clg 9 months ago

    Gone for a 4 fold tonight

    West ham (I’m a hammer and even I’m confident about this as we are due to put out a relatively strong team, due jokes to point out we don’t have one!)

    Pays around 6.2/1

  44. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Evening gents

    Just a goals 4-fold from me tonight – not had a chance to post earlier but these are the games i’ll be on for goals

    Bournemouth v MK Dons
    QPR v Bristol Rovers
    Fulham v Exter
    Cardiff v Norwich

    Over 2.5 goals pays 13/2 (MarathonBet)

    Good luck with your bets tonight

  45. leroy 9 months ago

    Austrian Cup game about to kick off that I fancy for goals.

    Half Stake:

    SAK 1914 v Seekirchen

    O3.0, 3.5 Asian Goal Line @ 5/6 (Bet365)

  46. gg1a 9 months ago

    its easy to criticise after the event , if you dont fancy mr f s tips, then post reason why, no one is gonna jump on yer back for offering your opinion before the event, !! mr fs reasoning behind his tips cant be faulted, been here over 8 years now and having a membership sorted out the critics, therefore why pay if you have no faith in the site ??

  47. aarron19888 9 months ago

    euro 4 fold just over 12/1 WH

    AEK Athens
    young boys 2.5 goals
    PSV -2
    POAK game 1.5

    lumping on PSV -1 at evens as well.

  48. leroy 9 months ago

    One for the weekend, too. Despite Rafa’s tactics on the weekend, these two games really do stand out.

    Chelsea v Bournemouth
    Man City v Newcastle

    O2.5 Match Goals Double @ 21/20 (Betfair)

  49. garry 9 months ago

    Considering these bets but will wait for Team News
    Brighton Draw No Bet @5/6
    Fleetwood Goal Before 79:00 @13/8
    Wolves Win @17/20
    Walsall Over 1.5 Team Goals @8/11
    Aston Villa Win @3/4

  50. nathanufton 9 months ago

    Hull/Derby preview sent in to @admin , apologies in advance, I’ve left out a treble price which is now 12.22/1 and I’ve spotted 1 spelling mistake.

    • elvis parsley 9 months ago

      A spelling mistake.
      Collect your jacket and never darken our doors again and I pray that the lord will forgive you for such an atrocity.

  51. micky belfast 9 months ago

    ROLLER BET 2 + £20 returns £45 + CLIFTONVILLE -1 + COLERAINE WIN + KIEV OO.5TG + ZAGREB OO.5TG . Ladbrokes

  52. bully 2 9 months ago

    Maccathered I know where your coming from that’s why I asked for an opinion I might be wrong but I can see both sides scoring and a few goals in that match I am glad I have asked the question now because I have had a replay from two great tipsters thanks maccathered

    • elvis parsley 9 months ago

      African champs league
      Al ahly v Kampala.
      It’s a dead rubber as al have qualified and Kampala haven’t.
      Al don’t concede generally but might they be a bit slack as it’s a dead rubber ?
      They somehow lost 2-0 in Kampala so I’m really reeled in by the price more than anything i guess.

      Fleetwood to score 6-5
      Wycombe v forest green btts evens
      And added Kampala to score at 5-2 for a cheeky treble

    • elvis parsley 9 months ago

      Kampala scored for a nice single.
      The double and treble looking grim ?

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      I will be on the usual goals totals for the Chelsea match,as for the win draw win market Bournemout have had a great start and are more than capable of pulling any deficit back,the 2/7 on offer wouldn’t tempt me whatsoever.

  53. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Doing a skyspecial on one corner each team each half in the 9 featured games. 70/1.
    Was very close last night for 120/1 shot.

    • boabee8867 9 months ago

      a market i follow closely…i tend to watch their 3 corners in each half specials … landed on Monday afternoon ..22/1 …11 games in the English conference division……tonight they offer 11/1 on 9 matches selected from the cup games………hard bet to get up tho…odds reflective…..

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Yeah boabee, i was one corner short last night mate — it`s a tough market but it only has two come up a couple of times to put you in profit. G.L.

    • nathanufton 9 months ago

      Looks like you may be onto something, this could be a slow grind pot builder for you, hope it goes well

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago


    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Not you nathan — my bet. lol

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Was you on penalties cocker.

  54. wasclueless 9 months ago

    Defoe, Iheanacho, Sessegnon ATGS 6.5/1 – small stake
    All start …

  55. dc john boy 9 months ago

    1 more for tonight

    Brighton btts & overs 6/4

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Tell a lie one more

      Livaja (aek)

      Ags double over 7/1

      Small stake

    • aarron19888 9 months ago

      good shot with the goalscorers, @dc-john-boy good luck man, i’m on it as well

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Pity tadic just missed a penalty

  56. leroy 9 months ago

    Half Stake:

    SAK 1914 v Seekirchen

    O3.0, 3.5 Asian Goal Line @ 5/6 (Bet365) ///WIN///


  57. Jordan 9 months ago

    GAIS Goal Before 54:00 @ 5/6 @ 365 – 3 points ??

    Well done any other winners ??

    • craneguy 9 months ago

      well in jordan……………….

  58. craneguy 9 months ago


    dundalk o1.5tgs 4/5
    add leeds & aek same just over 5/1


  59. ianlinds03 9 months ago

    I see Willie Collum is the ref for the old firm match on Sunday.
    Going to be a few cards in that one lol

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      I think the Old Firm game will be pretty juicy on Sunday.
      Even without Collum in charge I expected cards but line will be set high.

  60. Jordan 9 months ago

    2-0 Gais. Getting offered a decent cash out on the GAIS & BTTS. Let it roll for the Orgryte goal ?

  61. bodger 9 months ago

    Evening all! Virtually every team is making complete wholesale changes tonight I The EFL Cup. Obviously expected from the top leagues though this is more and more filtering down to all leagues as managers are seemingly now just focusing on League status rather than a cup run, shame!

    Any way onto betting, Fulham have rung 11 changes but a few new signing start and players from last year, including Sessegnon who is still finding is form this season. I fancy Fulham -2 handicap 11/8 as league 2 Exeter make 8 changes! Good luck all, best with low stakes tonight

  62. Jordan 9 months ago

    As poor as West Ham have been they look a strong side at Wimbledon. Two international heroes in there in Chicharito and Yarmolenko. ‘Should’ win here. Bit short so see what they’re like in play.

    • aarron19888 9 months ago

      yarmalenko will score 10000% – surely haha @jordan

    • Jordan 9 months ago

      13/8 if you’re that confident bud ?

  63. Jordan 9 months ago

    Thar she blows ?

    BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals @ 21/20 @ 365 ??

    GAIS & BTTS @ 5.5 @ 365 ??

    • craneguy 9 months ago


    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Great stuff, all West Ham since the goal and now against 10 men so should make it pay.

    • Jordan 9 months ago

      Looks to be a matter of time Mr F.

    • nate pesh 9 months ago

      Nice one!! Gotta love a late goal

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Lovely stuff Jordan ?

  64. Jordan 9 months ago

    Now see how West Ham are in play ?

  65. spdsaint 9 months ago

    Saints got strong line up tonight Hughes going for it as needs a win

    Saints despite losing played well on Saturday.

    Don’t normally tip own team. But Saints to win tonight. 11/8

    • nate pesh 9 months ago

      Well in on a difficult night for wdw saint ?

    • spdsaint 9 months ago


  66. tennisace 9 months ago

    New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners @ 2.55- 6 units
    Boston Red Sox, L.A. Dodgers @ 2.00- 5 units

  67. nathanufton 9 months ago

    Anyone looking for an in-play corners bet, Hull v Derby, 20 mins in, 1-4 to Derby due to Derby pressing, can easily see over 10 corners @4/7 and over 11 @ Evens with bet365

    • nathanufton 9 months ago

      sorry, its 1-3 in corners on 20 mins, my bad

  68. nathanufton 9 months ago

    0-1 to derby, Waghorn, we’re moving the ball with more purpose hence the 60% possession.

  69. wyorkie11 9 months ago

    Leeds to win inplay. 19/10

  70. nathanufton 9 months ago

    0-2 to Derby, Jozefzoon on 40 mins.

  71. nathanufton 9 months ago

    Derby all over Hull. Derby are chashing everything. its is 2-5 to Derby on corners.

    Posted this earlier but twice its been awaiting moderation, apologies.

    Sorry guys, posted this earlier – 3hrs and my ” choice of words ” created an awaiting moderator tag to the thread.
    Morning guys and gals, my brain is still stuck in Texas/USA time ( no travel involved but had a mega catch up with my buddy out there and it was 6am by the time I thought ” shoot, I need sleep, I have to post my tip tonight “.
    So here goes:
    League cup tonight: Hull V Derby – Derby win @ around 8/5
    Saturday championship fixture : Hull V Derby – Derby win @ around 8/5
    the double pays around 7/1 with most firms although a few bookies like marathonbet are paying a smidge over.
    It ties up your stake hopefully for 5 days but I’ll give a basic insight shortly and my match preview will add further reasoning to it.
    An extra boost @ around 10/11 is for Leeds to beat Preston tonight in the league cup. This third component has every chance of pushing that to around 13/1.
    Too much information to put in here and then repeat in my thread which will be up in a few minutes, but in the meantime, I’d greatly appreciate any input/thoughts particularly from ( in no particular order ) – ( had a list of people on here linked to get input) . Apologies if I’ve missed any of the usual suspects but you guys seem to be a bit more on point.
    Just editing my preview, I’ll send it in to @admin inside maybe 10 minutes + follow up with team news an hour before kick off.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Your preview was posted in plenty of time – didn’t see this comment earlier.

  72. nathanufton 9 months ago

    *** still get 8/5 for a Derby win with bet365 on the re-run of this game at the weekend, Derby currently cruising 2 nil at Hull and this isn’t our best squad. If this Derby win lands, that 8/5 will disappear.

  73. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Not had chance to get on since earlier and this one kicks off not far from now hence the brief post…expect goals!


    Grotta Youth are flying high and sit atop the Group C table after 12 games – the last 4 of which have seen back to back wins of 4-2,
    0-5, 0-4 and 4-0.

    Briedablik haven’t quite seen as much luck with more goals going against rather than for – their own last 5 have seen 5-3-6-3-5 match goals.

    The best news comes in the shape of the multiple recent H2H’s; the last 7 of which have taken place in the last 24 months and have seen a pretty impressive 5-6-4-4-7-7-6 MGS.

    Goal lines are set high here so smaller stakes advised but can see a goal-fest on the cards:

    OVER 5.5 MGS…31/20

    OVER 6.5 MGS…3/1

    Best of luck ?

  74. nathanufton 9 months ago

    0-3 Derby, its been coming. Hull don’t seem to have very much up front. This looks like its heading for the 4th straight game against derby where Hull have not scored.
    If that price is still up for grabs for Derby to win on Saturday, it won’t be there long. Bookies will be changing it soon.

  75. nathanufton 9 months ago

    Derby still pushing for more goals.

  76. Alves 9 months ago

    Zagreb RT7 corners 11/8 RT9 9/1

    West Hame win 13/5

  77. nathanufton 9 months ago

    0-4 Derby, Mason Mount

  78. leroy 9 months ago

    Third Stake:

    Haverfordwest v Llanelli
    Druids v Airbus
    Glentoran Reserves v Dungannon Reserves

    O2.5 Match Goals Treble @ 19/10 (Bet365)

    CASH OUT TAKEN @ 13/10 ///WIN///

    Both Welsh League Cup games land. I made an error with the Northern Ireland game actually taking place tomorrow night. It’s the shortest priced selection in the treble and I’m happy taking the win at 13/10 after a nice winner earlier, too.

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Good call Leroy ?

  79. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Looking like all bets down tonight unless goals start to fly in Ukraine

    Well done all winners tonight

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      No joy with a Fleetwood goal for me either DC…onwards!

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      No joy with a Fleetwood goal for me either DC…onwards!

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      If there’s anywhere your’re gonna get ’em it’s here – the game just finished saw 4 from ’82 on…82, 89, 91 and 92 ?

    • foundmyfunk 9 months ago

      Chr ice st

  80. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Pen trixie in C.L. Qualifiers 109/1 WINNER.
    Could do with a couple reds now.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Well in cocker absolute beauty.

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Cheers macca

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Absolute cracker Cocker sir…well done pal ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    • dc john boy 9 months ago

      Belter cocker

    • nate pesh 9 months ago

      Haha stonker well done cocker

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Cheers lads. My other bets all lost but i am well happy. Well done all winners.

    • kydavies 9 months ago

      Hats off to you mate,UNBELIEVEABLE JEFF……

    • leroy 9 months ago

      Fantastic stuff!

    • ged72 9 months ago

      109/1. BOOM. Outstanding lad , well done.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Great shout with the pens – just realised Ajax missed one.

  81. nathanufton 9 months ago

    12 corners up. just leeds busting my treble, but the double is still on.

  82. maccathered 9 months ago

    Cardiff City v Norwich
    Under 2.5 goals at 17/20 lost
    Norwich City to win at 16/5 WON
    Well done all winners

  83. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Night Owl…


    Big prices for goals in this one and that tells you the bookies are giving it a resounding ‘no’ for action – they may well be right but I reckon there’s a slim chance they may have made an oversight…

    Both sides recent matches have seen a fair few goals with Criciuma seeing 3-4-4-2 in their last 4 and Guarani seeing 0-2-2-5-3-3-1-5-3 in their last 9…what is perhaps even telling is the fact that the hosts haven’t failed to score in their last 8 matches at home with Guarini scoring 10 goals in their last 5 on the road!

    Althought the most recent two H2H’s were turgid affairs, the 3rd last (just over a year ago) at Criciuma’s place saw them running out 3-2 winners – this was the 7th successive match-up at tye time that saw both sides scoring with the 5 previous fixtures all getting the green light for btts and overs.

    Two selections to consider:.


    BTTS & OVERS…15/8


  84. nate pesh 9 months ago

    Poor day for myself with the treble losing by one goal and the Shrewsbury vs Man City u21 game coming up with only 2 goals too

    Was already eyeing up the same bet as Hull in the Brazil game tonight (BTTS) so will be on that

    Well done all winners

  85. kydavies 9 months ago

    Well my AEK TO WIN and YOUNG BOYS NO CLEANSHEETS Didnt come in the dead cert did but red card nulified any chance of a win,back to the drawing bored for me,see you soon,well done to all the winners,especially @cockerspaniel what a shout. il be back once I’m confident of not getting shitty results.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      AEK reds are to one to watch in the group stage.

  86. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Jeez…will write the Icelandic g1ame off now – goal after 30 seconds then just 1 more and a boatlia1d of corners…smallish stakes advised but apologies anyone on ?

  87. nathanufton 9 months ago

    Aside from Leeds not winning and the ” open still to play ” 2nd component of my Hull double, I drooped in-play on overs 10 and 11 corners, that came in, also noted the high pressing more urgency and hinted Derby were cruising at 2 nil and chasing more. They got a 3rd and a 4th.
    Can’t grumble.

  88. nathanufton 9 months ago

    I liked your Cricium write-up @hullshaker, i’m flying in your hands, trusting in your btts I got at 11/10 so a fresh £10 on it.

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Not looking good with 5 to go Nathan – sorry pal…caps off a poor day ?

  89. fraser51 9 months ago

    Never had time to look at anything today but that was an interesting read.

    Well done winners, especially @cockerspaniel

  90. radu 9 months ago

    ? Vuelta ?
    Stage 4
    ⚫ Dylan Teuns @ 19.00 ⭐ ❌
    ⚫ De Marchi @ 21.00 ⭐ ❌
    Top 3
    ⚫ Kelderman @ 12.00 ⭐ ❌

    ? ??????? ?
    Blackburn – Lincoln
    ⚫ Lincoln to score @ 1.68 ⭐⭐⭐ ✅??
    Doncaster – Blackpool
    ⚫ X2 @ 1.70 ⭐⭐ ✅?
    Leeds – Preston
    ⚫ Leeds over 1.5 goals @ 1.95 ⭐ ❌
    Hull – Derby
    ⚫ goal in both halves @ 1.72 ⭐ ✅
    ⚽ ?? ⚽
    Riga – Liepaja
    ⚫ btts @ 2.10 ⭐⭐ ❌
    ⚽ ?? ⚽
    Kauno – Atlantas
    ⚫ X2 @ 2.43 ⭐ ❌

    ⚽ CHL ⚽
    Dinamo Zagreb – Young Boys
    ⚫ over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 ⭐⭐ ✅?
    ⚫ btts & over 2.5 goals @ 2.10 ⭐⭐ ✅?
    ⚫ YB over 1.5 goals @ 2.65 ⭐ ✅
    ⚫ Hoarau to score @ 2.30 ⭐ ✅
    Dinamo K – Ajax Amsterdam
    ⚫ Ajax over 1.5 goals @ 2.23 ⭐⭐ ❌
    ? ?? ?
    Combo @ 24.04 ⭐ (14.57) ???
    ⚫ Berankis – Chung – Berankis +8.5 games @ 1.65 ➖
    ⚫ Schwartzman – Del Bonis – Schwartzman -5.5 games @ 1.55 ✅
    ⚫ Bhambri – Herbert – Herbert to win @ 1.47 ✅
    ⚫ Cecchinato – Benneteau – Benneteau +4.5 games @ 1.50 ✅
    ⚫ Djere – Mayer – over 33.5 games @ 1.65 ✅
    ⚫ Travaglia – Hurkacz – over 3.5 set @ 1.45 ✅
    ⚫ Gasparyan – Kerber – Gasparyan +7.5 games @ 1.32 ✅
    ⚫ Bertens – Pliskova – 1st Set Bertens to win & to win the match @ 1.35 ✅

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