Leagues Tipped:

IT was a night for the big guns but as usual one was a letdown.

While Liverpool, Celtic and Rangers eased to comfortable league wins not many expected Man United to get a result at Man City after losing the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final 3-1.

But United gave it a go and recovered a bit of pride as City squeaked through 3-2 on aggregate after a 1-0 defeat.

I left Rangers, who were too short, off my moneyback fivefold but that was beaten by Lille early and then City.

Alfredo Morelos to score first was the Super Single but the Colombian wasn't risked by Steven Gerrard as he had a slight niggle so the bet is void. That means the Bonkers Bet was a losing single.

Well done to any winners including Scott with his Liverpool -1 VIP members bet – and that's six winners out of seven. Greg, HullShaker and SlipsTips also had good nights so well done lads.

It's all about cup games on Thursday with Barcelona v Leganes and Mirandes v Sevilla as well as Nice v Lyon. Not much else to look with a treble on Barca, Sevilla and Lyon paying 7-2 at Coral.

It was going to be a no-bet day for me but I've got two days of the month remaining to try to clear losses so I'm having a small bet on goals. Difficult to research goals for cup games but all look possible as does the Bundesliga 2 game between Hamburg v Nurnberg.

My fourfold has to be for low stakes and is a mixture between over 1.5 and over 2.5 goals.

2pts Goals Bet

  • Barcelona v Leganes over 2.5 goals (6pm)
  • Hamburg v Nurnberg over 2.5 goals (7.30pm)
  • Nice v Lyon over 1.5 goals (7.55pm)
  • Mirandes v Sevilla over 1.5 goals (8pm)
  • (3-1, bet365)

Man January Super Single Stats: -17pts

January Advised Acca Stats: -16.3pts

  1. 9 months ago

    Hard lines Mr F. If u had kept inter like u originally said instead of lille u would have 4pt as a free bet stake returned. Never change your mind

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Cheers, its usually fine margins.

  2. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Bet Builder (NAP) 6/5 ✅

    Ali McCann Booking 14/5 ✅

    St Johnstone not humiliated ✅

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Nice one – looked another 7-0 at one stage.

    • GregBrowning 9 months ago

      Cheers – really did fear the worst at 0-3 after 30 mins.

      Credit to them for keeping the score respectable.

    • Sammyt1000 9 months ago

      Wel played Greg excellent tips.. Yet again

  3. JustBleed 9 months ago

    Had rangers – 1, celtic – 1, Liverpool – 1 and united/City btts, close but no cigar!

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Easy cover there though but might have been risky.

  4. xbets 9 months ago

    Houston rockets ML
    OKC +3.5
    @29/20 Ladbrokes 3pts staked main bet

    • a3780cd 9 months ago

      With you on this xbet

  5. a3780cd 9 months ago

    Posted earlier

    2215 ko’s

    The strongest – over 2 goals
    Guarani Asuncion – over 2 goals

    Odds 1.19/1


  6. a3780cd 9 months ago

    Bolivia Ko 0030

    Blooming vs always ready

    Over 3.0 goals 11/10

  7. xbets 9 months ago

    Houston rockets ML
    OKC +3.5
    @29/20 Ladbrokes 3pts staked main bet
    declare this as a loser right away as 20 pts behind no way houston rockets can overcome that… terrible

  8. dudush 9 months ago

    Sevilla win
    Hamburg win
    Bengaluru win
    slightly above evens

  9. maccathered 9 months ago

    Poor showing from Man City lets me down big time,a poor quality football match from both sides,i must not forget City are not what they were and you can see with the Premier League Title more or less gone they are not 100%.
    Well done all winners

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Some of the chances they missed were unreal but as you say not the team they were and maybe it’s because they know this season the title race is over.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      They did have some good chances mr f,i think Man Utd had one shot on target and unfortunately that was the Matic goal.Thats the way it goes sometimes.Nothing pointed to an away win unless your a statwhore

  10. Sammyt1000 9 months ago


    Another NAP in very early in Bolivia to keep 100% on my Bolivian Naps 4 in a row now, The Strongest game had 5 goals in the end finishing 3-2. The NB was let down by a stuttering Bolivar yet again at Royal Pari. I think in the future I will just avoid Bolivar all together against Pari must be something they put in the water there.


    BOLIVAR OVER 1.5 TEAM GOALS 4/7 DOUBLE 7/5 (NB) ****☢️

    Other Favourable picks tonight..

    THE STRONGEST -2 5/6 ****☢️
    BOLIVAR WIN 10/11 **☢️

  11. Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

    I have now lost my last 23 bets. This is what I went for yesterday:
    Real Madrid to win
    Real Social Dads aka Real Sociedad to win
    Liverpool over 1.5 team goals
    Celtic over 1.5 team goals
    Man City over 1.5 team goals

    Why does it always rain on me?

    • dps 9 months ago

      Pretty much everyone here is tipping singles and you are backing 5 leg accas, is it raining on you or are you just pi$$ing into the wind?

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Unlucky but You need to simplify your bets. I know it’s easy to say after the event but Man City were a poor choice last night. (It’s why I wasn’t on them and went for 2 away teams to score 2+ Instead for the NAP and that’s relatively unheard of) Teams that don’t have to win, invariably don’t. Even the stats pointed to an away win. Before last nights match the recent h2h saw the away side win the last 5 from 6.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      I used to back 10+ leg accas regularly, now it is always less than 7, but I’m even losing on my doubles and trebles.
      I won my very first football bet which was a 15 fold accumulator placed in a William Hill shop coupon.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Can we blame macca because his post convinced me that Man City will steamroll Utd?

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      You can only blame the Man City players/

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Cheers for the feedback Sean. I was looking at your tips for yesterday and could not trust Lille as they don’t do well away from home and Inter let me down at home to Cagliari on Sunday. The odds for PSG were beyond a joke. Same for Rangers at home(I know you didn’t tip them)

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      Time to give it up for a while is my thoughts If your on a losing streak.
      Or maybe cuf it down to dbls or tbls.

    • newts68 9 months ago

      Is it because you lied when you were 17 🤣🤣

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Your talking b*llocks sean.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      How many have been lost by teams playing in cups?

    • sean567 9 months ago

      enlighten me macca.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      You talk like your an expert sean,that’s why i left them alone,stats mean feck all and City were the better side all in all and had the better chances,United had one shot on target.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      They also had two goals dissallowed and rightly so,you must understand a good bet can lose and a bad bet can win.

    • GigiKenzo 9 months ago

      Didn’t see anyone backing United last night even on dc and that says it all.

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      Like i said yesterday gigi i backed United earlier in the season and Napped them at 9/1 against City but the circumstances were different,last night nothing pointed to a United win.They sat deep and were hoping to counter which they couldn’t and scored from a loose ball.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      I understand that perfectly. just last night for ME they weren’t a good bet, as ive said above about teams that don’t need to win. you don’t need to take the hump because you backed them. you thought they were a good bet and backed them accordingly and theres nothing wrong with that. we all back winners and we all back losers.

    • Fkb56 9 months ago

      I think you should single bet on confident games so that there’s money coming in most of the time. We have parlays here but up to a max of 4 games. Winning 4-fold is tough.

  12. Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

    Unfortunately I don’t have the money I would normally stake to place a bet today. My instincts are telling me the following:

    Barcelona over 1.5 first half goals @ 2.75
    Lyon over 0.5 first half goals @ 2.00
    Sevilla over 1.5 goals @ 1.61
    Treble @ 8.88 William Hill

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Theres no harm in having some time off it. Use it to rethink your strategies, then go again once you feel confident about backing winners. remember the more selections you have the more chances the bet will lose. My mate is an “odds chaser” – constantly looking for bets that only pay over £100 for a £10- £15 stake. Great when he gets them up but he can lose 8,9,10 in a row that leaves him wanting to chuck it. those wins are great when they happen but they are too infrequent. Personally I prefer to win smaller and win often.

    • GigiKenzo 9 months ago

      Like Sean says you need to think about having a strategy like betting on team goals,match goals or the wdw. And try to keep it to doubles or trebles. If you can win small but frequent is better than chasing big winners from 6fold accas.

    • interyernan 9 months ago

      Ffs man. Quit your moaning and stop trying to blame others for your losses. Betting clearly isnt for you. Tips are just that tips.. not certs. You have been advised to to singles/doubles.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Really appreciate your thoughts and advice guys, you are all right, even you interyernan, maybe betting isn’t for me? Btw, I was not trying to blame others for my misfortune, it was meant to be a little joke. I know that nothing is guaranteed in life apart from death. I could never blame macca for his tip, his reasoning made perfect sense to me which gave me confidence to go with my pick. I really believe that I am suffering from bad luck, as if someone has cursed me. How would you feel if you always chose the same numbers in the lottery every week for god knows how long and then during that 1 week where you choose not to place your bet or are unable to IT GOES ONTO WIN? Something similar to the above happened to me last month. Do I not have the right to moan?

    • dps 9 months ago

      The sad reality is that no one is interested in the bad beat stories of others Jabba. I don’t think you are cursed, I think that you don’t really understand odds or standard deviation. You can bet singles as you have been advised or you can stick to your method and continue down the same path. Either way no one has to enjoy listening to you moan. Good luck 👍

  13. Magnus 9 months ago

    De Gea too good a keeper yesterday for my bet to stand a chance.

    I’m in Greece tonight. Asteras may have lost both matches against Athens but by only 1 goal. They’ve lost only 3 out of 21 in the league by more than 1 and Athens have won 5 out of 21 by more than 1. My money are on Asteras to win, draw or lose by no more than 1 goal.

    MY BET:

    ODDS: 1,73
    (STAKE: 15.00 UNITS)
    (BET: 2/100)

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      I would follow if I had money. 🙄
      Looks good to me, good luck and will most likely come in as I won’t be on it.

  14. paultheball 9 months ago

    Try doing a slow burner Jabba. Pick one game a day and start with a £1 and accumulate the win each day. Good fun and you will be surprised how much it adds up to as the week goes by. I usually do double chance or both teams to score. Plenty of tipsters on here to help as well. Some weeks good run,some weeks rubbish but that’s betting. Keep it fun and enjoy!

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thanks Paul, that is some really good advice. But I’m not going to hide anything as I will confess that I am a problem gambler. FOBT’s have literally ruined my life. I am in debt due to my gambling and that is why I am never satisfied with small wins. I keep hoping for that 1 big win.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Your only answer then is to stop.

  15. Fkb56 9 months ago

    For A league game tomorrow, I am going with Brisbane AH. Riskier punters may go for Roar win but I would not bet big as A league is unpredictable.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      interested to hear your reasoning behind that selection fkb56.

    • old al 9 months ago

      The A league is a bit unpredictable hence I tend to go with ‘ non committed ‘ punts like match goals, btts, corners and cards.

  16. Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

    Here is an example of bad luck:

    I had been following Greg Brownings French goals tips for a number of weeks losing every time. On December 3 2019, I decided to follow it again. I came home from the usual night shift, changed and took a shower as normal. I started entering each individual selection for the bet which was over 0.5 first half goals in every French Ligue 2 match and over 1.5 total goals in every match. I FELL ASLEEP whilst entering my selections. I then woke up after all the games had kicked off. I was running late for work so had no time for anything else. Was on the way to work in a Uber and decided to check the half time scores. THEY ALL LANDED! Desperate not to miss out, I went in play and chose all games that were not already over 1.5 to have over 1.5 goals. It didn’t land as 2 of the matches failed to go over 1.5.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      You told us that one already.

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      You need to man up or f*ck off.
      All this negativity is giving me anguish & nausea.
      We all have bad luck stories but we move on & deal with it.
      Ive had more losses than wins just like everyone else,but i can laugh about it,it doesnt take over my life.
      I happened to look at my balances one day,and over the past 5 years,ive deposited £12,000 and my settlements are £11,250…so im DOWN £750 over 5 years,so not too bad,but not good…But i still go on.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Fair enough and good luck with what you decide but I stand by my advice that you quit.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thank you Mr F. You are also 100% right when you say I should stop. But you are also right when you say that it is up to me. I am an Adult end of the day and I am responsible for my own actions. I will approach my gambling differently from now with the help of others on this site. Thank you to everyone who has been kind to me and given me their advice.

  17. Fkb56 9 months ago

    Sean, basically both teams are on a good run and that’s why I shall try small stake on Roar. What do you think? I took St Etienne AH few days back for the cup game and it won. Of course St Etienne AH was +0.75 whereas Roar is +1.

    • sean567 9 months ago

      its not what im on but good luck with your bet.

  18. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    jabba . I think you are a teller of tall tales amigo . Stick on some country and western music if you want cheering up .

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Why do you think that?

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago


  19. paultheball 9 months ago

    Jabba build your bets slowly with single and doubles. The bookies love gamblers doing accas as they make so much money from them. In an Acca there is always one that lets you down and when you win you think you are going to win all the time! Don’t play their game play yours and you will win gradually.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thank you for the support Paul. It’s nice to see people offering advice rather than telling me to f**k off. I agree with you 100%.

  20. dudush 9 months ago

    jabba,life ain’t a smooth ride. but it doesn’t mean that you should forever have yours on a bumpy ride.. someone once told me that a no bet is always a winning bet.. knowledge via negativa..i always consider more than 4 accas 99%losing bets so i keep my stakes low..as for members’ contributions on this site,the likes of macca,greg,sean,cocker,gigikenzo, mr.F,and others i take their views just to inform my selections.. otherwise good luck

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thank you dudush, you are also right with everything you said above. I also look at the others such as Greg and Sean for information and then do my own weighing up before placing a bet. I only blindly follow Greg’s goals tips as it has succeeded before and it is mainly for the excitement.

  21. maccathered 9 months ago

    My thoughts exactly,ever been had lol

  22. kf 9 months ago

    Jabba, although I sympathise with your position, MrF is correct, you need to stop gambling and seek help. The last thing you need is to be on here (at all), trying to chase your losses/debt. Take responsibility for your situation and make the decision today to stop gambling. Full stop.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thank you for the advice kf. I cannot say you are wrong either. I have tried stopping a few times before only to relapse. It’s too hard to completely stop. I really enjoy gambling on football and I will continue but with a devised plan, sensible staking and budgeting. That is where I have been going wrong.

    • Lee77 9 months ago

      100% agreed on this, you’ve said your in debt from gambling, don’t have funds to follow a bet above, are aware you have a problem and acknowledge good advice but say you won’t follow it. If all that is true there’s only one answer and that’s to seek help to stop

  23. GigiKenzo 9 months ago

    Poor card. Nothing looks solid so just a wee punt on this
    Hamburg o2.5mgs
    KR Reykjavik o1.5tgs
    Valur o2.5mgs
    Treble 9/4

  24. Deano86 9 months ago

    Barca over 1.5 team goals
    Sevilla over 1.5 team goal
    Nice/lyon over 1.5 match goals

    Treble 1.5/1

    Goodluck everyone

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Best of luck Deano, looks like a winner. I won’t be touching it so there’s more chance of it landing.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      We don’t want to see your screenshots – you’ve been given plenty of advice and had your say so let’s leave it there.

  25. Mr Fixit 9 months ago

    No idea – you need to ask admin.
    They have the right to delete what they want – maybe there’s been too many.

  26. oneoff 9 months ago

    Just called into the local coral to deposit money for a bet i like and they don’t have the games that b365 have on tonight, like the Belgium res
    school boy error 🤔

  27. oneoff 9 months ago

    Nice v Lyon goal in both halves 1.70
    Club Aurora v Club Jorge Wilstermann goal in both halves 1.70
    Hamberg v Nuremburg 0.1.5 match goals 1.20
    Barcelona v Leganes 0.1.5 match goals 1.15
    4 fourfold 4.00 coral

  28. kf 9 months ago

    Hey, Greg, Hull and Sean…(Respectively) any thoughts on the Belgian reserve, Bolivian, Icelandic and Qatari games today…will be a welcome relief from the ‘agony aunt’ drawl, that the thread has deteriorated into today…Cheers in advance for your thoughts 👍👍

    • sean567 9 months ago

      Sorry Pete- wasn’t about earlier to post anything. Nothing took my fancy anyway today. Tomorrow- can’t see past an al wahkra win in the first match and btts in the 2nd.

  29. Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

    I was looking for some advice and feedback, I’ve gotten plenty of that so thank you to everyone for responding.

  30. darran2015 9 months ago

    Jabba I would be backing
    Liverpool to beat Shrewsbury
    13-10 fa cup replay
    Get on now before price drops

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      I’d want macca’s advice on that since Liverpool’s team will be as weak as it can.

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      Yeah jabba back liverpool every game

    • maccathered 9 months ago

      No reason why Liverpool can’t beat Shrewsbury they beat Everton,it’s at Anfield so good value imo as the u23s have some good players.

    • chelseagirl 9 months ago

      Aye too right they were very good v Everton . At that price I will be on them like treacle sticking to a scone .

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      Haha i knew you would bite macca just hope his losing streak continues with liverpool lol

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      Am only joking jabba about your losing streak or maybe one more on the fa cup haha

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Ok. I guess I have to back Shrewsbury then. Liverpool winning will mean more to me than winning a bet or ending a losing streak.

  31. micky lfc 9 months ago

    Jabba this will win
    straight sets win-NO

    • Deano86 9 months ago

      I think the lads looking for a 10 fold certain acca micky if you’ve got one of them for him 🤣

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Thanks Micky but I don’t bet on tennis, I haven’t got a clue.

    • sasaharv62 9 months ago

      By the sound of it,you havent got a clue about football either lol

  32. Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

    I have backed my team all season long in the league and we’ve only dropped points once. Macca is right, the under 23’s are not bad and should take care of Shrewsbury at Anfield.

    • chelseagirl 9 months ago

      Just single them every week then.

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      Liverpool and under 4.5 goals would have been a great bet this season, it only has gone over twice.

  33. Deano86 9 months ago

    Only joking jabba

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago

      No worries mate. 😃

  34. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Going for the same teams as mr f . I am taking the safer option tho. All 4 games over 1.05 goals 11/10 SkySpecial featured bets .

  35. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    Nice v Lyon .The last few French cup ties have been well contested . Hoping for the same tonight
    Red card 7/2
    Both teams to see a red 33/1
    I`m on small stakes as It`s a bit of a long shot

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Joining you on this Cocker 👍🏻

  36. boomshackle 9 months ago

    Lionel Messi to outscore opposition 11/10
    Barca over 3.5 TGs 9/4

    Good luck

  37. bullseye 9 months ago

    Spain Copa del Rey 20:00
    Mirandes vs Sevilla – over 1.5 MG’s

    Iceland Pre-Season Cup 21:00
    Valur Reykjavik vs Fjolnir – over 4.5 first half Asian corners

    Double 5/4 Bet365 **NAP**

    Good luck all

  38. Sammyt1000 9 months ago


    Another two games on from bolivia tonight, both hold reasonable interest tonight. 1st off the reigning clausara champions Jorge Wilstermann are away to an in form Aurora I can see both getting on the scoresheet here, with Wilstermann producing very favourable results against Aurora winning 6 of the last 7 against them home or away, I can see them nicking a close match. 2nd up is Guabira at home Oriente Petrolero.. Guabira with there recent upturn in form will be hard to beat at home but Orienete Petrolero tend to have some of there better results against Guabira winning there last 4 on the road against them which is quite a run, again I can see both on the score sheet here leaning towards Oriente due to there recent run away against Guabira



  39. a3780cd 9 months ago

    Iceland first game ko 1900

    Kr Reykjavik game under 3.5 goal line

    Valur Reykjavik game over 2.5 mgls

    Odds 1.62/1

  40. dc john boy 9 months ago

    Colchester u23

    Over 2.5mgs double 20/23

    Good luck

    • dc john boy 9 months ago


  41. JOE BM 9 months ago


    • JOE BM 9 months ago


  42. a3780cd 9 months ago


    Lyon to win and btts


    Sevilla -1 h

    Odds 8/1

    Small stakes

    • a3780cd 9 months ago

      Sevilla should of been the other way around venue believe that

  43. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Portugal division 2
    Academica coimbra v academica viseu
    Academica viseu to score 6-10.

    Jamaican league
    Uwi v Arnett gardens
    Arnett gardens to score 2-7.
    Both 8pm ko

    Double pays 21-20 NAP

  44. boomshackle 9 months ago

    Lionel Messi to outscore opposition 11/10
    Barca over 3.5 TGs 9/4

    Both winners, nice to see the tide turning 😁

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Nice winners

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Lovely stuff Boom!

  45. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    4-fold looking good Mr F 👍🏼

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Yeah fingers crossed.

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Fourfold can be covered at evens by backing unders at Nice v Lyon. I’m leaving it for now.

    • williegee 9 months ago

      Under 1.5 goals is 10/3 with skybet.

  46. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Evening gents,

    Not had s second and just in so apologies for late post – Icelandic corner kings Valur in action!

    VALUR VS. FJOLNIR (9.00pm)

    (6/5, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐

    (15/2, bet365) LONGSHOT ⭐

    Best of luck!

  47. hairyheid 9 months ago

    Six Nations this weekend… couple of the guys on here (andymac and Gibby?),nailed it during the worldcup. Interested in any thoughts…👍

    • andymac1980 9 months ago

      Six Nations this weekend… couple of the guys on here (andymac and Gibby?),nailed it during the worldcup. Interested in any thoughts…👍

  48. bullseye 9 months ago

    Spain Copa del Rey 20:00
    Mirandes vs Sevilla – over 1.5 MG’s ✅

    Iceland Pre-Season Cup 21:00
    Valur Reykjavik vs Fjolnir – over 4.5 first half Asian corners ✅

    Double 5/4 Bet365 **NAP** WON

    Well done all winners

    • kf 9 months ago

      Nice one Bully mate…

    • bullseye 9 months ago

      Cheers KF

    • HullShaker 9 months ago

      Great stuff again Bully 👍

    • cockerspaniel 9 months ago

      Well done bully

  49. smoothsailor 9 months ago

    Jabba, look no further than backing auchinleck Talbot every week!!! Even Liverpool are now known as the Merseyside Talbot!!!

    • Jabba_juice89 9 months ago


  50. GregBrowning 9 months ago

    Well in Mr F 👏🏽

    Just landed back in Glasgow – The 4 games you picked were the 4 featured games on Skybet – 12+ goals was 4/5 ( 17 scored)

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Nice one Lyon.

  51. Zuggi 9 months ago

    Thanks for the tips Mr. F, was late so I only got on like 15 mins ago and Lyon was 1 up and Sevilla two down…took the double over 1.5 goals (Lyon match) & 0ver 2.5 goals (Sevilla match) – got 11/2 (Bet365) and got the LOT!!! Ta. should have taken the double for more goals as two more goals were scored in both matches at the death. What a lovely game football can be.

  52. cockerspaniel 9 months ago

    No joy with my red cards LOSERS
    Got my featured games at sky up 11/10
    Well done all winners

  53. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Nice shout Mr F 👏👏

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      Cheers, to be honest I didn’t put too much thought into it but all looked OK for goals.

  54. vishal29 9 months ago

    Nice one Mr Fixit 👏👏

  55. jakey23 9 months ago

    Nice one Mr F – I was on this four fold tonight!

  56. HullShaker 9 months ago

    Ended with 13 corners in Iceland – none in the last 10 minutes+ which might’ve brought in the 15/2 😀

    Icelandic corner kings Valur in action!

    VALUR VS. FJOLNIR (9.00pm)

    (6/5, bet365) NAP ⭐⭐⭐ ✅

    (15/2, bet365) LONGSHOT ⭐ 👎


    Well done all winners and looking forward to a solid looking Night Owl tomorrow – will write up during the day tomorrow.

    • oneoff 9 months ago

      Nice one hull was on the nap cheers

  57. Hitman9999 9 months ago

    Any bets for tmrw guys

    • Mr Fixit 9 months ago

      There will be plenty of bets put tomorrow for Friday night games.

  58. Alves 9 months ago

    No joy wi corners last night at Ceara, 3 inside 10 mins and wish a cashed out but only 1 in last 35 mins. Going for a wee treble tonight after missing KO in Bragantino game, 4-6 on corners after 65 mins. Adding over 0 gls adds a wee price boost somehow.

    Avai v Brusque 00.30
    Gremio v Sao Jose
    Velez v Aldosivi 00.10

    Over 8 corners
    Over 1 gls
    Over 0 gls

    Treble pays 13/2+

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