EARLIER in the week we announced new feature on the site – raaljaca's goals tips – and the response was incredible.

Hundreds of people put up comments welcoming him on board and there were message of support and appreciation of his charity fundraising ventures.

Raaljaca loves a goals bet as opposed to WDW and will focus on both teams to score, total team goals, match goals and even scorers in a bid to beat the bookies. He will post when he feels confident about a selection – so not necessarily every day.

The well-known Hearts fan preaches long-term gain as opposed to short-term profit and as such his tips won't be at prices that suit all punters. Some will be evens or above but most will be shorter – but even if you are only playing with small stakes you can try to build a betting bank and slowly increase wagers.

Regulars will be aware raaljaca has had some tough personal issues to deal with this year and we're supporting him in his bid to raise money for two causes close to his heart. Check out the personal message from him posted on Wdnesday.

So anyone who profits from his tips can consider making a small donation to the brain cancer unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee or to McMillan Cancer Supprt Scotland who are real angels when it comes to looking after sufferers. The links are at the bottom of the article.

Raaljaca's tips will be commented on this article as Johnb does with his racing tips and will be added to the thread when possible.

His Australian tip was put late last night and that's worth remembering for the Aussie games – and here's a suggestion for later and a Saturday tip


HEIDELBERG 1-1 (Betway)

SOUTH MELBOURNE 3-4 (William Hill)

1st tip wins
OVER 2.5 MATCH GOALS 4-5 (Bet365)

Saturday Tip



OVER 2.5 MATCH GOALS DOUBLE 10-11 (Bet365)



  1. jamie 7 years ago

    Looking forward to them

  2. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Hoping all goals based tips can be on here guys so we know where to look and makes it easier to find for whoever is looking for a wee bit guidance.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”
      ― Bob Marley

  3. marcovannero 7 years ago

    Can’t wait bring it on

  4. Centrecircle 7 years ago

    Cheers raal

  5. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    I’m sure I can aid in the goal department Raal sir :)

  6. Jordan 7 years ago

    Just a suggestion. Perhaps a better display picture than a loanee at Real Madrid from my team hahaha, maybe a nice view of Tynecastle seeing as it’s Raals thread? http://i4.dailyrecord.co.uk/incoming/article2472703.ece/alternates/s2197/Hearts-Tynecastle-stadium.jpg

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Amazing photo Jordan mate and caught me lining the pitch!!

  7. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Greg it is as much yours as anybodys as you were the man who pioneered goals goals goals :)

  8. top trumps 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal here’s to plenty of winners and some good charitable donations. Good luck

  9. hiphopkins15 7 years ago

    Top man! The work you put in is legendary, thanks in advance.

  10. De Niro 7 years ago

    I dont come on football site hardly ever – didn’t even know harps a month or two back – but I do now;
    just wanted to add my good wishes;
    your a class act – if your tips are anywhere near your humor, intelligence and good grace then bookies beware.

    Charity angle is great too
    All the best for the new thread.

  11. Banksie 7 years ago


    Your own feature is a well deserved honour for a man who only wants guys he truly would like to help financially with well researched information. I for one will donate 25% of any profit I make with your tips on a quarterly basis. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to stake properly as I seem to fail on when to cash out, cover etc… Let’s all get behind this charity work, as these human beings that work on a daily basis with this horrible disease are the true angels on this planet. Stay strong Raal, you’re a genuine guy who only wants the best for anyone. Is it possible to have a link Mr F like you’re buy a beer option as we have a great opportunity to show our warmth on this fantastic website.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Banksie the simple way is the same stake on every bet irrespective of price mate. Aim to increase it by maybe 50% if and when you see weekly profit happening regularly.

  12. Greg Browning 7 years ago

    Jordan I agree mate!

    I played a small part – great to see a goals thread, two years in the making, haha! :)

  13. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Genuinely overwhelmed by the response guys and thank you each and every one of you, love you all and lets get down to tipping! Awaiting odds for some Australian games on Saturday and will post the minute I get them. Well worth checking which bookies price up the Aussie Leagues so you know where to go, Hills, Ladbrokes, 365, PP do most weeks but anyone who can add anything else to the list would be a massive help.

  14. Crofty 7 years ago

    Good luck Raal I look forward to following you on what is a well deserved feature!

    This website really is great, people we don’t know helping all of us bash the bookies.

    Thumps up for this Mr F.

  15. Daniel 7 years ago

    Very Nice to see your World Class tips getting a good forum Raaljaca!

    My best regards and Good Luck!

  16. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Best of luck Raal…for what its worth, I’ll be continuing my Over 3.5 goals project – winner tonight and a few off the bar this week!

    Beauty of the Over 3.5 project is that it is based around odds v stakes that:

    a. Don’t cripple you

    b. mean you do not have to win every bet to be in profit

    c. allows the factor that you want an open and neutral game of football up to and after 90 minutes.

    Won’t make folk millions but a great aside to everyone’s main bets and keeps that football interest open.

    Good luck all

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Hullshaker, it is a very good bet mate and can win you money a lot of the time without actually going over 3.5 as an early goal can offer decent cover bets for profit and 2 in the first 30-40 minutes has you in excellent shape.

  17. paul 7 years ago

    Dont worry raal. Ya cant do as bad as mays ss anyhow

    SOrry mr f. Trebles done well though

  18. aj 7 years ago

    Glad to see this has happened!

    It will certainly beat having to check your twitter page everyday Raal.

    It’s always awful to hear about anyone suffering from illnesses, so lets hope there are plenty of donations to be made.

    Best of luck to you!

  19. Dave Wiseman 7 years ago

    Good luck raal and all users, may the betting gods be with you.

  20. killian 7 years ago

    raal, heard so much about u, lookin forward to work with u to beat d bookies….thanks mate.

  21. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Have you right on that Raal…should have added a ‘d’:

    d. for those that can follow the games in-play – you can very often give yourself a concrete ‘bargaining arm’ against our bookie friends…ie cover is much more in control.

  22. Tempest 7 years ago

    Harpreet and Greg I look forward to seeing your tips on here too just as much as Raal’s Jordan’s, Damo’s etc. All the best!

  23. The Duke 7 years ago

    Good luck raaljaca and well done mr f for making the site even better. Spoilt with your good self, Johnb and raaljaca official links as well as the likes of Greg et al contributing in the posts. BTB

  24. The Duke 7 years ago

    …and Ace

  25. Sfcmatty 7 years ago

    Ternana under 3.5mg
    Bologna under 3.5mg
    (both Italian B games)

    Double pays just over 4/5 at skybet (double Stakes)

  26. Harry 7 years ago


    Cracovia Krakow over 1.5tgs

    22/23 888Sport


    2PT Treble

    Cracovia Krakow over 1.5tgs
    Servette over 1.5tgs
    Hartberg over 0.5tgs

    13/5 888Sport, Bet365

  27. raaljaca 7 years ago


    Tomorrow morning at 08.30 in Fiji this game takes place. I know hee haw about Fijian footy but the home side are 8/11 and away team 5/2 with over 2.5 match goals at 4/5 all with 365. I think the odds are slightly out as the away team, Lautoka, seem to be in better form. They played over 2 weeks ago and BA won 3-2 but Lautoka are in much better form at present.

  28. pauldc 7 years ago

    hi raal great that your on this site , don’t worry though if your first bet fails etc , the sensible people on this site always look long term.

  29. raaljaca 7 years ago

    pauldc, cheers mate but not as confident now after your post!!!! :)

  30. pauldc 7 years ago

    ha ha I thought you were asleep…. god I was trying to take the pressure off you.

  31. BigD 7 years ago

    It’s brilliant Raaljaca to see you with your own section on here, one of best tipsters, genuine guys online. You’re someone who wants to help us all, top guy!

  32. john 7 years ago

    hi raal where can I find that match

  33. bill 7 years ago

    Took the over 2.5 goals BA and also like LA Galaxy BTTS as a separate single. Worth a small punt….

  34. TheBoss 7 years ago

    So your tipping the 2.5 goals Raal? Not a win

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Boss I like the over 2.5 mate but also think the away team are overpriced. Have a look and see what you think, this is just a match that looks good as main tips will be up Friday PM

  35. bill 7 years ago

    under Australia

  36. Paul 7 years ago

    Hi Raaljaca
    Can you clarify the bet, is it over 2.5 goals?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Paul, yes mate I will go for that

  37. john 7 years ago

    cheers bill

  38. craneguy 7 years ago

    ave tain a small dabble on away team win at 5/2

  39. craneguy 7 years ago

    cant see past this tomorrow as my main bet

    st pats v Dundalk btts and overs 17/10 hills

    ps cheers mr f for the goals thread much appreciated by most if not all………….

  40. raaljaca 7 years ago

    FIJI 08.30 FRIDAY


    OVER 2.5 MATCH GOALS 4/5 (BET365)

  41. Paul 7 years ago

    I am on both
    2.5 goals and away win
    Good luck

  42. craneguy 7 years ago

    ff sakes, ave bet on many a countries fitba never thought ad ever be in Fiji though at 8.30 am lol…………

  43. Dave Wiseman 7 years ago

    Raal – I would join you bud but under a strict new betting plan and sticking to it.

    Best of luck though and those on it.

  44. Hardeep 7 years ago

    Hi Raal will you stating amount of points to put on bets and keeping a running record like Mr Fixit? thanks

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Hardeep, yes mate first bet was 1,000,000 points advised!

  45. Wato 7 years ago

    Over 1.5 Match Goals Treble

    Denmark 5.30pm
    Avarta vs Nordvest

    France 7.00pm
    Strasbourg vs Colomiers

    Ireland 7.15pm
    Shelbourne vs Waterford Utd

    EVENS (Betway)

  46. Jordan 7 years ago

    Going for an Irish treble today

    Finn Harps

    All to score @ just over 6/5 @ WillHill (1.22/1) – 4 points

    Have an overnight punt on Pachuca/Queretaro BTTS @ 5/6 @ Ladbrokes with 2.5 points, now best @ 4/5 @ Bet-way, think Over 2.5 goals has a chance but can’t find the double with BTTS. Over 2.5 Goals available @ EVS @ Ladbrokes/PP

    Weekly points total, staked 24.9, returned 34.15

  47. craneguy 7 years ago

    wont be around fri as out on the lager tops with a few lightweights from work so fridays bets up now

    nite owl

    Pachuca btts 7/10 Jordan

    river plate o1.5mgs
    Pachuca btts
    santos laguna o1.5mgs

    8.30 am
    lautoka win 5/2

    fri nite

    st. pats btts&o2.5mgs 17/10

    small dabbles

    porto btts 9/4

    bohemiams o3.5mgs 11/4

    GL all with a bet on……………….

  48. James Slater 7 years ago


  49. hampy 7 years ago

    Santos laguna have really picked up this 2nd half. 20mins left could be a goal coming. Safest option over 0.5 goals at 1.90 or laguna to score is 2.50

  50. hampy 7 years ago

    Annnnd nothing happened.
    santos laguna over 0.5 goals lost.

  51. Trimnell 7 years ago

    Jaaca’s back for gud. oh! Im sooo loving this site..

  52. Master 7 years ago

    Fiji game that raal as already mentioned looks good for the over 2.5mg ! I will be on and i will also put 1 point on lautoka who like raal says are in the better form ! Scoring 17 goals in there last 6 games all away from home aswell ! They also beat nadi 2-3 who sit top of the league 2 weeks ago so at 13/5 i will have 1 point on them too ! Bet365

  53. Goke 7 years ago

    Welcome Raal, I just can’t wait for your tips

  54. Ramey 7 years ago

    Raal mate is there anychance you could post your usual bets and also do a £10-£1000 challenge bet? Would be appreciated and if you hit the magic G i would donate 10% everytime ;)

  55. hampy 7 years ago

    Good luck with your first bet raaljaca am on it.

  56. bill 7 years ago

    And we are off and running with the first game just started. All the best for today Raal and for your new thread

  57. hampy 7 years ago

    Few games looking at for goals but goal lines not up yet
    salpa v aifk
    jammerbugt v braband
    anything else i like the look of been mentioned.
    could be goals in munich 2 game also against nurnberg 2 as both sides im good scoring form

  58. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Cheers bill

  59. jonboyrotten 7 years ago

    On at 4/5 inplay
    Come on king raal

  60. vannerz 7 years ago

    started lively… home team started well..

  61. miish3aaal 7 years ago

    raal all the best for you..hope we get a good start today

  62. One team in Ulster 7 years ago

    morning uncle raal, all the best with your goal tips thread :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Ulster, thank you mate and well done all who followed our Fijian friends :)

  63. george 7 years ago

    cheers raal, got on at 5/4 hoping for an early goal for a nice cover

  64. PQ 7 years ago

    Firstly best of luck Raal on your new venture, iv had a wee bit success lately on this market myself so only fair to hopefully share my thoughts.

    Over 2.5 and btts

    Mjondalen v Molde 20/21

  65. PQ 7 years ago

    0 mins ago
    Firstly best of luck Raal on your new venture, iv had a wee bit success lately on this market myself so only fair to hopefully share my thoughts.

    Over 2.5 and btts

    Mjondalen v Molde 20/21
    FC Emmen v Roda JC 4/6
    FC Volendam v FC Eidenhoven 4/5 all Bet365

    Apologies for the unfinished thread above as phone went during typing.

  66. dodgydecky 7 years ago

    First bet up, good man, first of many I hope

  67. John 7 years ago

    First goals bet is a winner, well done Raal :-)

  68. JP 7 years ago

    Nice one raal – 2-1 quickly in the second half….on at 6/5….good start!

  69. raaljaca 7 years ago

    FIJI 08.30 FRIDAY


    OVER 2.5 MATCH GOALS 4/5 (Bet365)

    * WON * :) *

  70. edgeman 7 years ago

    Bet is up raal. Nice start my man!!

  71. WasClueless 7 years ago

    55 mins wowww!! Well done on the Fiji match Raal!!

  72. Mattyp 7 years ago

    First bet and first winner for you Raal, well done mate, first of many I’m sure

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Morning Matty mate ;)

  73. archie in ulster 7 years ago

    Raal your showin off now before your page starts lol well done m8

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      archie, if it wasn’t for the charities sake I would quit while I was ahead!!

  74. hampy 7 years ago

    Wow where did those 2 goals come from? I only went for a slash and its in.
    i got on over 1.5 goals at 1.80 before ht also. Cheers Raaljaca excellent start as expected

  75. Mversed 7 years ago

    BA 2 vs 1 LAUTOKA
    Cheers Raal

  76. Recoba 7 years ago

    An the first leg! ;)
    Nice one!

    Up and running Raalj sir.
    On at EVS :)

  77. miish3aaal 7 years ago

    raaal nice tip.. thanks mate

    metalurg donetsk u19 will have alot of goals right now

  78. George 7 years ago

    Cheers raal! Plenty of time to spare too

  79. jimmybeee 7 years ago

    Do not Doubt the raalj man.
    Great start m8 too early for me though lol the fingers only starting to work now.

  80. TheBoss 7 years ago

    I went 2.5 goals well done Raal :) also went 2.5, 3.0 for some reason must have been a late nigbt lol.

  81. dodgydecky 7 years ago

    You goin to keep posting tips under this thread or start a new thread every day?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      dodgy, Mr F will put up new threads when needed mate

  82. Centrecircle 7 years ago

    Missed it ….fk sake :(

  83. Jeanmax36 7 years ago

    Top man raal! Jumped on over 0.5 fhg aswell great start to the weekend! I’ll be keeping a level stake £1 bet on all the posts I get on of yours with a £10 starting pot and I’ll donate 25% to your causes.

  84. James Slater 7 years ago

    This Fiji game is booting off!

    had 3-2 for the home side at 7/1 when they were 2-1 up it’s now 2-2

    goal explosion

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      James nice one mate so cash out or cover with over 5.5 goals now

  85. bill 7 years ago

    Never in doubt Raal – cheers

    Short list for today
    Flora over 1.5 TG
    Levsky Sofia over 2.5 MG
    Debrecen BTTS or over 1.5 TG?
    Gaz M M under 2.5MG

    Had a good look but sometimes you can outthink yourself so leaving it for now and revisit this afternoon.
    Draw yankee picked out and win double but again will have a second look later to reduce picks

    Any comments on the above welcome or alternative ideas. If the above helps you discard and focus on a few of your own then it is also worthwhile posting – if you get the thinking? The idea is to share…..

  86. Recoba 7 years ago

    Stuck a small bit of profit on the over 4.0/4.5 on offer.


    Lautoka 15/4 to go on to win.

  87. Mversed 7 years ago

    3 vs 2 now

  88. TheBoss 7 years ago

    Come on Lautoka! Win for Raal and me :P

  89. Luke 7 years ago

    Wow raal r u a magician ? Lol

  90. aj 7 years ago

    Over 2.5 Won, well done!

    Can’t believe you didn’t tip over 4.5 goals Raal, I’m disappointed!!!

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      aj my over 5.5 tip and the 3-3 correct score one are in moderation still mate ;)

  91. Recoba 7 years ago

    Ah well skip Lautoka the over 4.5 just hit :)

  92. miish3aaal 7 years ago

    metalurg donetsk u19 the show started goal in the first 2 mins

  93. James Slater 7 years ago

    Will do Raal smart thinking mate

  94. miish3aaal 7 years ago

    metalurg donetsk u19 2 goals in 7 mins

  95. trevor 7 years ago


    first of many my good friend

    keep them coming



  96. Psyafe 7 years ago

    Nice one Raal!

  97. James Slater 7 years ago

    Glad i cashed out now, 3-3!

    What a game you’ve picked here Raal

  98. Recoba 7 years ago

    Great first pick Raalj!
    Wee £2 on Lauktoka 6th goal there at 15/4.
    An that’ll do it i think :)

  99. miish3aaal 7 years ago

    metalurg donetsk u19 4 goals in 22 mins

    had fhg over 1.5 2.5 3.5 all at 8/11

    WON 4 bets in 22 mins

  100. raaljaca 7 years ago

    pennstate, same tips will appear here and there mate

    • bad jaspers phone 7 years ago

      Loose change correct score x doubles.
      Molde win 3-0 4-0
      Dundalk win 1-0 2-0

    • bad jasper 7 years ago

      Loose change correct score x doubles.
      Molde win 3-0 4-0
      Dundalk win 1-0 2-0

      Got more loose change now

  101. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Morning gents,

    Over in Ireland this evening and 3 games look in shape for goals:

    Bohemians v Bray – Home side well capable of scoring but it is the away sides defence that will be the key here – Bray concede…especially away. OVER 3.5 GOALS is priced at 12/5.

    St. Pats v Dundalk – St. Pats are no mugs and certainly have a goal or two in them but are up against a Dundalk team who are in fine form and we know they can find the net! OVER 3.5 GOALS is on at 3/1…a tight affair tonight possibly but a big price.

    Drogheda v Galway – both teams have been involved in some relatively high scoring affairs so far and it is not beyond reasoning that we could see over 3.5 tonight.
    OVER 3.5 GOALS at 14/5 is, again, a big price.

    Each is well backable as a single or choose any perm of the three: patent/trixie/doubles etc.

    The treble pays in the region of 50/1…I will be backing the singles and a small stake on the treble – at those odds it only takes a few to fly in and you can be in a very strong position to cash-out or cover in-play.

    Good luck if you have a go…looking forward to 3
    0 – 0’s now…

  102. Ricky 7 years ago

    Thanks Raal was on your tips this morning, nice one mate!

    Was having a wee look around at tonight’s games and was thinking of BTTS & O2.5 goals in the Mjondalen v Molde game in Norway, just under evens at Bet 365, anyone else on this?

  103. Paul 7 years ago

    Thanks Raal
    Had the 2.5 goals, was greedy and also backed the away team, still made a few quid though.
    Keep em coming

  104. raaljaca 7 years ago





    These are NOT tips but both look worth following as they have seen a lot of money and are shorter elsewhere. Both these prices are best available.

  105. Recoba 7 years ago

    Cheers Raalj

    10pts turned into £46 n change..sorry points. ;)
    Nice start to the morning and may it continue. Winning and helping charities!
    “Give a me warm feeling inside”

  106. Myself 7 years ago


    Under 2.5 looks good for Hume city’s game

    Got on it at 2.1 now at 1.96

  107. Erik 7 years ago

    NETHERLANDS: Eerste Divisie – Promotion

    All 4 games tonight look good for BTTS and / or Over 2.5 match goals.

  108. wakeygills 7 years ago

    Any idea why the tip didn’t get put into the main thread as it does with JohnB’s horse tips? Think less people would have missed it if it had been.

    Keep up the good work. Will keep my eyes peeled for the next one!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      wakeygills, Scott’s on holiday so he’s not about much this week or next and I’ve been out – that’s why.

  109. George 7 years ago

    Think that’s 2 great prices for them two teams raal, both should win! I’ll be having them singles and a small change double so hears hoping

  110. George 7 years ago

    Here’s* .. My bad

  111. wakeygills 7 years ago

    Cheers Mr Fix It. Wasn’t a complaint, just wondering!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      wakeygills, to be fair his tip was commented at 11.30 last night and there were conversations about it on the site.

  112. Jorge1877 7 years ago

    Welcome Raal. Great to see you with your new tips thread, I’ve been following your tips on twitter lately. Look forward to winning plenty of cash under your guidance!

  113. wakeygills 7 years ago

    Yeah, hadn’t realised it was put on at that time. Painkillers I’m on knock me out, so I slept from 10pm to 10am, so would have missed it even if it had been on the main thread.

  114. dn 7 years ago

    Tnx,raal for over2.5 Fiji.
    I’m on South Melbourne and Mitchelton double@2,0

  115. Bullseye 7 years ago



    AS KHROUB U21 TO SCORE 11/10

  116. Harry 7 years ago

    Well done raal good start mate. Wasn’t on it myself as I couldn’t be bothered getting up that early and didn’t want to miss a cover/cash out opportunity!

  117. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    Adopting Hull shakers approach and going over 3.5 in oakleigh cannons v South Melbourne Raal, only 0.7point at 7/5 betfair. Would appreciate advice regarding cover/cash out inplay if you have the time as it’s a skill I would love to learn. Thank you :)

  118. El Toado 7 years ago

    Wanted to get on both your Oz tips. Miss kick off by 2 mins and one’s already in front and value gone lol :(

  119. Jon 7 years ago

    I am sorry to say I missed the first one Raal and in a rush put on the other Australian games you mentioned, they are doing well. Ill try and not to miss future ones :D

  120. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Sean…not on myself but will try and follow in play. Basically, you need 1 or 2 goals to come before you have any sway… the earlier they come the better.

    Good luck pal

  121. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    Cheers Hull Shaker, I can 100% see the appeal in this approach, would have come up in quite a few of the matches I’ve picked recently, however would love to learn how to cash out or cover for profit and see the match finish under 3.5 :)

  122. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    There’s a home goal, brilliant!! Let’s do this ;) :D

  123. HullShaker 7 years ago

    OK Sean…1 in after 20 is good…even better is that the strong favourites are one down…theoretically it is likely they will score and now need at least 2 for a win…all knowledge gleaned with an hour to go so you have bookies on back foot with an over 3.5 bet.

  124. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    Nice one hull shaker, another one before ht and I should have good options?

  125. HullShaker 7 years ago

    1 would give you a bit of sway especially if home team scores…2 would put you in driving seat for an under 3.5 cover that would pay more than your 7/5

  126. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    Looks like 1-0 ht, just have to bide my time I reckon?

  127. Tobuy 7 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    Never posted on here before but thought I’d throw some selections out there after following the site for a while

    UNDER 2.5 Double:
    – Dijon v Nancy
    – Clermont Foot v Brest
    Odds = 2.78

    BTTS Double:
    – Cracovia Krakow v Korona Kielce
    – Genclerbirligi v Mersin Idmanyurdu
    Odds = 2.83

    OVER 2.5 Double:
    – JK Tammeka Tartu v Paide Linnameeskond
    – Parnu Linnameeskond v FC Flora Talinn
    Odds = 2.20

  128. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Sean…you are now as you were at the start really…nothing gained advantage wise.

    Unrelated to your bet…Melbourne are now available at nearly 3/1…under evens before the game and only 1 down…that may be the bet to be on now?

  129. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    0.5 point on it hull shaker, they are top of the league after all ;)

  130. Gaz H 7 years ago

    Dutch Juliper league-Volendem vs Eindhoven BTTS+o 2.5@10/11bet365. Last 4 h2h have finished 3-1,2-3,3-3,1-3. I also like the look of Eindhoven to win and O2.5@21/10bet365- Eindhoven have won 3 out the previous 4 h2h and come into this game with 4 wins on the bounce,Volendem are without a win in there previous 5.

  131. Horsing Around 7 years ago

    Anyone ever seen a game finish with 0 corners – South Melbourne? Worth lumping on over 2 corners?

  132. Bullseye 7 years ago




  133. davyflora 7 years ago

    one daily tip post . pescara v livorno btts 4/5 betway. ps hope n wish raaj and others good luck and this site becomes known for good honest views n advice and that all benefit from its tips .

  134. raaljaca 7 years ago




    OVER 2.5 MATCH GOALS DOUBLE 10/11 (BET365)

  135. Scott 7 years ago

    Are these games priced up on 365 yet raal? I can’t see them

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      They are mate go to AUSTRALIA LIST

  136. Jamie Joseph 7 years ago

    Raal, What You Think On Ligue 2, Jupiler Play Offs And Serie B games For Goals?>

    Im Thinkin theres going to be a lot of goals scored in these leagues and most of them btts im just stuck on trying to pick a promising treble or two, any ideas?

  137. Jordan 7 years ago

    Raal top stuff mate! Couldn’t even find the result but saw the account topped up so I knew the goals had won haha

    Unfortunately a loss on the BTTS last night with a red card in the first half for the away side.

    Pachuca/Queretaro BTTS @ 5/6 @ Ladrokes – 2.5 points **LOSE**

  138. John smith 7 years ago

    I’m beginning to prefer this goals betting to regular 1×2. Great idea this thread and if i make a profit i’ll certainly make a donation to this good cause.

  139. Mysho 7 years ago

    Thank you

  140. Jordan 7 years ago

    Has anybody looked at the Polish relegation group games today? Twiddling my fingers at Cracovia Over 1.5 Team Goals.

  141. Davalarr1 7 years ago

    Raal are the Aussie tips your main ones for today/Tomorrow???

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Yes mate

  142. Ricky 7 years ago

    Anyone know when the Australia tips will be available on William hill? They’ve only got the WDW markets up just now

  143. WasClueless 7 years ago

    Jordan -I think its in Harry’s NAP and Treble … I have looked and it makes sense (not that I know much!)

    • Jordan 7 years ago

      So it is! Cheers WC!

  144. hampy 7 years ago

    Jammerbugt v braband over 3,3.5 goal line

    Salpa v aifk btts @ over 1.66

    Vinbjart over 3.5 match goals 1.66

    Few picks that look decent for goals.

  145. KJ 7 years ago

    Raal, are your tips (singles) btts? Over 2.5 goals? Same with your Saturday bets?? Cheers

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      kj all tips are singles unless stated mate. Saturdays is a double

  146. Ipswichsean 7 years ago

    Inter Baku v Quarabag (Azerbaijan) under 3.5 goals

    Slavia Sofia No Clean Sheet

    Double, odds 1.76, Betfair
    3 Points

  147. Centrecircle 7 years ago

    ANGERS O 1.5 mgls

    PORTO O 2.5 mgls

    GAZ METAN U 3.5 mgls (romania)
    PAMU. O 2.5 mgls

    VALENCIENNES (france 2)
    CA BASTIA. (France nat)
    All profits to raals charities (fingers x)

  148. Fitba Tips 7 years ago


    We can all quit and just follow Raal’s tips now. :D

    Dundalk, Galway, Cork +0.5 Team Goals treble @ 2.42 with Boyles

  149. Harry 7 years ago

    Jordan what are your thoughts on them? Looked decent value to me, their last 5 games they’ve scored 3 3 1 3 3 and the aways teams last 5 games they’ve conceded 3 3 2 2 2. Cracovia have also won the last two h2h 2-1

    • Jordan 7 years ago

      I’m going to get on Over 1.5 in play Harry as the price has dropped from your post yesterday. Looks decent to me mate. They still more games to play in the relegation playoffs so will want every point.

  150. hampy 7 years ago

    Going to go for abit more value on the vindbjart game at 5pm
    over 1.5 fhgls @ 1.77
    over 4 goal line evens

  151. Luke 7 years ago






  152. Harry 7 years ago

    Yeah they’ve hit form for these playoffs it seems. Just noticed the price is down to 4/5 now. Anyone that wants to get the price up a little bit can add Servette to score, looks very safe

  153. Jordan 7 years ago

    1:00AM MLS

    Columbus Crew Over 1.5 Team Goals @ 3/4 @ WillHill – 6 points

  154. Marky mark 7 years ago

    Emmen to score 2+ has drifted from 7/10 this morning to 19/20 now. They have covered this market in 16 of their 17 home league games this season.

    Was about to snap it up, but then noticed the big drift.

    Any news?

  155. jim burnside 7 years ago

    A hate to start with a moan as I know this is gonna b a top site fr goals but a doooo wish that the top guys wld put ko times up nxt to ther matches.it wld make it a lot easier than havn to search all the time.BEST O LUK RAAL URA TOP MAN.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Some possible bets for later but not tips. Best odds in brackets;

      18.00 LEVSKI SOFIA OVER 1.5 TEAM GOALS (4/7)

      18.00 MJONDALEN V MOLDE BTTS AND OVER 2.5 (20/21)

      18.45 FC LE MONT LS V LAUSANNE BTTS AND OVER 2.5 (20/21)


  156. jim burnside 7 years ago

    Lol cheers raal

  157. hampy 7 years ago

    Salpa v hifk btts and overs won before ht

    Vinbjart over 1.5 fhgls won
    over 3.5 match goals won
    both before half time

    am also on over 4 goal line for that

    Next jammerbugt over 3,3.5atch goals

  158. George 7 years ago

    Levski o1.5 can be got at 4/6 with PP

  159. Luke 7 years ago

    U feeling strong with those aussie tips raal?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Luke, I do mate

  160. Harpreet 7 years ago


    Ternana v Varese – Italian Serie B. Kick off: 7.30pm

    BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE – 1/1 EVENS !!!! @ Sky Bet

    Let’s double our ££££££ & get this weekend party started !!!!!!! Let’s continue this amazing run and get yet another winner. I am VERY CONFIDENT THIS WILL LAND :-)

    Good luck if you follow :-)

  161. KJ 7 years ago

    Cheers raal

  162. George 7 years ago

    Shelbourne v Waterford
    BTTS @11/10

  163. ricky 7 years ago

    Need some advice guys.got a frre 20 bet ftom coral.whats best bet to use it on,6/4 or better.gna give the goals bet a try.wat u think raal?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      ricky, tips for tomorrow morning are up but I will find something else as well for tomorrow during the day as just going to start studying now.

  164. ray 7 years ago

    Mr f’s single of bohemians v bray btts Currently evens on b365
    Paired with St Patricks v Dundalk ov 0.5 fhg @ a good looking 1/2

    2/1 double

  165. ray 7 years ago

    That wasn’t advice Ricky. Just a coincidence on post time.

  166. Luke 7 years ago


    OVER 1.5 MG


  167. Stephen Head 7 years ago

    Raal- having been on this site a couple of years, You know your stuff, and wish you all the best.

  168. Luke 7 years ago


    OVER 1.5 MG




  169. hampy 7 years ago

    Jammerbugt over 3,3.5 match goals
    half void half lost finished 3-0

    Cheers for c krakow team goal tip had a fair wedge on that. Calling it quits while im ahead today

  170. Master 7 years ago

    Why have we been paid out on cracovia when the score is 1-1 at half time just checked my app i use and soccerway ! Confused

  171. Luke 7 years ago

    Master came up as 2-2 on 365. Flashscore says 1-1. Withdraw and run lol

  172. hampy 7 years ago

    haha not sure what happened with polish game. Said theyd scored 2nd and bet was won. Money appeared in my account then went out again. 365 what you playin at

  173. Master 7 years ago

    Haha luke im trying to run with it, banked it straight away will they just cancell the transaction ?

  174. hampy 7 years ago

    Afrika game iceland 4 delid about to kick off should be a tonne of goals
    on over 2.5 fhgls myself to begin with at 1.80

  175. Luke 7 years ago

    Master more than likely mate…Worth a try though. Then argue it…say it’s ur fault. If I’d known I would have cashed out or covered and at least get free bet or stake bak if doesn’t land

  176. Luke 7 years ago

    Ok thanks raal!!

  177. Master 7 years ago

    Pro vercelli to score next goal just got 1 back to make it 2-1 ! Check out the match stats unbelievable how they are losing !

    Pro vercelli next goal 13/10 bet364

  178. Luke 7 years ago

    Heads up to anyone getting on raals aussie double. Better be on all ready or be quick. The odds r dropping. 0.81/1 now

  179. Luke 7 years ago

    Master prob 10 man defence to hold on mate

  180. AndyC 7 years ago

    I’m really starting to go off BTTS bets Recently.
    Mr f seems to be picking them with greater regularity, with very mixed results. I too, when decide to choose btts often call it wrong. Seems like a bet people may pick just if they’re not sure how the games going to go, results wise.

    I think it is a risky bet regardless of the game as it requires both teams to play well enough to score but also bad enough to both concede.
    And I also feel that a goal can massively effect how a game is played, so once a goal goes in who can honestly say they know:
    1. How the goal will effect the team who scored it (will they defend more?)
    2. How the opposition respond. (could knock the stuffing out of them etc, may not be good enough to break down a team holding onto a lead)

    Any thoughts guys?

  181. Jordan 7 years ago

    Going for an Irish treble today

    Finn Harps

    All to score @ just over 6/5 @ WillHill (1.22/1) – 4 points


  182. WasClueless 7 years ago

    hampy ive gone under 8.5 hoping they run outa steam …

  183. Luke 7 years ago

    Nice one Jordan! !

  184. Luke 7 years ago

    Andy c…never have liked that market…hit and miss if u ask me. Only person I’ve known with a decent strike rate is raal. But he doesn’t tip it often as overs so that says it all

  185. Shaun 7 years ago

    What happens to the bet now then Jordan? Was on the Irish treble.

  186. Phillis 7 years ago

    Who ever it was said Dundulk win and a minus 1 your a star, thank you, well done all winners tonight

  187. hampy 7 years ago

    Afrika over 2.5 fhgs won
    good luck wasclueless i wouldnt want to put a number on this game howany theyl be

  188. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Complete non-event in the Irish games re goals…only takes a single to cover all bets but nowt this evening.

    Late one but kicks off soon:


    Gimnasia Y Esgrima Vs Quilmes Ac…an outside chance so low stakes but could see a few goals in this one.

    Over 3.5 goals is a huge 19/5 at SJ.

    Good luck

  189. Sfcmatty 7 years ago

    Ternana under 3.5mg
    Bologna under 3.5mg
    (both Italian B games)

    Double pays just over 4/5 at Skybet (double Stakes)*win*

  190. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Argentinian game looking better than my Irish fails…

    Stands at 2 – 0 and a red card chucked in after 10.

    Sean if you are on…you have a good hand now bud.

  191. HullShaker 7 years ago

    Coming into half time at 2 – 1 and away team down to 10.

    This is where the Over 3.5 works…it gives you options:

    1. Odds were huge at nearly 4/1 so stick.

    2. Cover under 3.5 at pretty much 4/1.

    3. Go for more goals given the context of first 45 and red…11/10 is available for Over 4.5.

    Good luck if on and choose well.

  192. Jorge1877 7 years ago

    Agree with some of what your saying AndyC. Sometimes they are good but I prefer backing single teams to score 1 or 2 goals or unders/overs. I’ve struggled with bets this week and some of these have been BTTS. Abandoned it tonight for 1 and 2 goals and won so I know what your saying.

  193. HullShaker 7 years ago


    Gimnasia Y Esgrima Vs Quilmes Ac…an outside chance so low stakes but could see a few goals in this one.

    Over 3.5 goals is a huge 19/5 at SJ.

    WON and at good odds.

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