GLASGOW is the setting for the latest round of the Coral Premier League darts and it promises to be another thrilling night of action.

Home heroes Gary Anderson and Robert Thornton will as usual receive massive backing on Thursday night but the tartan hordes will also respect the likes of Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor.

Here are Milesey's thoughts on the five ties.

Adrian Lewis v Andy Hamilton

Jackpot was written off by many and was looking an odds-on shot to be eliminated/relegated from the Premier League after nine weeks but he's come back fighting just like an ex-world champion should. He's unbeaten in three weeks and with five points he's now confident, that'll do for me. Lewis is one of those players who, when playing well, wins.

Hamilton is a tough cookie, we know that, but Adrian has the bit between his teeth and a win would put him within a few points of the play-offs positions.

Recommended Bet: Back Lewis to win @ 2.2

Simon Whitlock v Robert Thornton

This will be a tough game, both playing very steadily. If it comes down to going up a gear then Whitlock's your man. Robert has been a revelation but sometimes seems a bit one-paced. He had a 109 average against Gary Anderson to buck that trend and if he produces that again he wins but I don't think he will.

Recommended Bet: Back Whitlock to win 7-5 @ 8.5

Phil Taylor v Raymond van Barneveld

Premier League history says Phil wins this and I'm not going to disagree. The Power hasn't been playing at his best over the last few weeks, due to a darts change, but you just know the dip won't last and there were signs last week he is starting to find his range again.

This match is all about Barney taking the chances that are presented to him. He's more than capable but he sometimes lets Phil bully him. I think Taylor will dominate from the off, new darts or not.

Recommended Bet: Back Taylor to win 7-3 @ 7.5

Gary Anderson v West Newton

The home crowd will get on Wesley's back, that's a certainty. He sometimes gets a bit up tight when things are not going his way and this will be a massive test of character for him.

Gary is starting to play well and his double hitting is getting better week on week. I see this going one way and that's Gary jumping on the fact Newton will be outside his comfort zone.

Recommended Bets: Back Anderson to win 7-4 @ 5.5, back Anderson most 180s @ 2.0

Michael van Gerwen v James Wade

This will be a cracker. Wade is impressing again. He's back to the form we have not seen for a year or so and he's now a dangerous man to bet against, especially as you just know he'll relish the challenge of playing the game's most in-form player.

Van Gerwen can beat anyone on his day and his days are very often at the moment. I don't often think MVG won't win but Wade is a street fighter of a player who loves a tussle. Backing him with a 1.5 leg start seems reasonable.

Recommended Bet: Back Wade +1.5 legs @ 2.2

MIlesey (Betfair)

  1. Milesey 11 years ago

    Premier League Darts

    Week 8 from Glasgow
    7pm, Thu, Sky Sports 2 HD


    Newton was beaten by Phil Taylor’s B-Game (which is still a 98 or 100 average) and Wes didn’t look quite right. He looked beaten before he walked on stage and I think his fate will effectively be sealed if he fails to win against Anderson in Glasgow.

    Michael van Gerwen played extremely well to thrash Anderson 7-1 last week and it’s clear he loves the game right now. He wants to play darts whenever and wherever and his upbeat attitude makes him play better.

    That’s a lesson to other players. Four of them have dropped out of the European Tour event in Germany this weekend claiming to be tired – and I really can’t understand that.

    I can give a case for Phil Taylor because he has done an awful lot for the game and done a lot of promotions, often without being paid. Other players haven’t done that and we need their support to spread the game to other countries, so it’s disappointing.

    I find it hard to understand players who would rather go and do exhibitions than play in tournaments. If I was playing nowadays I’d do what Van Gerwen is doing by focussing on tournaments because that gives you an edge.

    Andy Hamilton has the same attitude and he’s not a young man – and look at how well he’s playing. The proof is in the pudding.

    Players should set their itinerary around tournaments because if you play well then you’ll earn more from them than you will at exhibitions.

    Anyway, back to the Premier League and here are my tips for Glasgow…

    Adrian Lewis v Andy Hamilton

    As I always say, it’s hard to predict what you’re going to get from Adrian Lewis. However, you know what you’re going to get from Andy Hamilton; a guy who doesn’t miss many doubles (especially the double 16) and is always solid. He takes his chances and doesn’t have many dull legs. He had a brilliant result against Simon Whitlock last week and I like the guy because he has a good attitude and goes about his job in the right way. Lewis has got superior scoring power, but he looked so edgy last week and when it came to the match dart it was almost a case of closing his eyes and hoping it went in. I don’t like to sit on the fence, but I can make cases for both players to win this. Lewis needs the win to move away from the relegation places, but he will need his A-Game to beat The Hammer.

    ROD’S CALL: If Lewis turns up on his A-Game he wins, if not it’s Hamilton’s

    Simon Whitlock v Robert Thornton

    Simon Whitlock has been having three or four legs in the middle of a game where he’s been losing his accuracy on the treble 20 – and that’s what cost him against Andy Hamilton last week. He allowed his opponent to get in front of him and it stayed that way. That loss was out of the blue because Whitlock has been playing well and the same can be said for Robert Thornton. He’s having a good season and you never hear him moaning; he just turns up, gets on with his job and plays everywhere. I am struggling to split these two when it comes to form, scoring power and checkouts. They’re level on every stat at the moment and I think it’s got 6-6 written all over it.

    ROD’S CALL: Draw

    Phil Taylor v Raymond van Barneveld

    These two had a spat at the World Championship and that sort of thing happens to a lot of people in sport. I remember falling out with players during my career, for example Peter Manley thought he could intimidate people when he first came on the scene (but when you’ve had to put up with Eric Bristow, as I did in my early days, nobody else can intimidate you). I think the Taylor-Barney issue is long gone, but there’s no doubt Sky Sports will hype it up! Phil will go out, as he always does, with a point to prove – and he especially likes beating Barney. His form has been down lately and he hasn’t been starting games as well as we expect. But the same is true of Barney, who has been struggling on the treble 20 in the middle of matches. He hasn’t got the bite and drive to rediscover his form and I’ve got to go for a Taylor win. I know I always stick with Phil, but I think he has big motivation to beat Barney.

    ROD’S CALL: Taylor win

    Gary Anderson v Wes Newton

    Both of these players are in the bottom two and a draw is no good for anybody here; both of them need a win to have any chance to get out of the relegation zone. Wes has lost a bit of consistency and I wish he would switch when his first dart lands below the treble 20. He needs to practise switching to treble 19 when the 60 is covered because that’s the percentage shot. That may increase his consistency level and turn losses into draws and draws into wins. Anderson got his backside kicked by Van Gerwen last week, which was a surprise when you look at his scoring power. If Anderson is on top of his form then he will out-score Wes and win, but if Newton can put a streak together he has a chance. The form book says this will be a close game.

    ROD’S CALL: Draw or Anderson to nick it

    Michael van Gerwen v James Wade

    James Wade has been playing solid darts and if he plays the dartboard then he has a great chance. Some players are playing Van Gerwen these days, like they used to play Taylor, and are almost getting beat before the game has started. You need to forget your opponent and just try to go out in a minimum of 15 darts on your throw and then try to throw one 12-darter to break your opponent. James has that attitude and could make this a good game. However, I’ve got to go for Van Gerwen with the way he’s playing. You could wake this guy up at 3am at the moment and he’d throw darts for you. He’s a joy to watch and it’ll be tough for Wade against a man on such a confidence high.

    ROD’S CALL: Van Gerwen win

    • Alva 11 years ago

      Barney shows Taylor too much respect with all his back patting etc.The crowd will be on Rvb side but that wont phase Taylor who should win.

    • Alva 11 years ago

      The 4 players not playin in Stuggart are more or less millionaires so maybe that’s why there not goin.Anyway it will give 4 other players a chance.

  2. Darren G 11 years ago

    Cheers for the info milesey

    I’ll be there tonight and though the darts is so difficult to predict winners at, it won’t put me off trying again
    Looking forward to our floor seats this time – meeting at 2 to get in the mood !!

    I’m going for lewis Thornton Anderson, 20 for 210 (hills prices)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Darren G, enjoy the darts. I’ll be in the office waiting for our man Craig Swan’s report to drop while my gaffer uses my VIP tickets. I hope he has a cracking night and sees a couple of wins for Anderson and Thornton – it’s the only Scotland victories he’ll have witnessed this week (apart from Eve Muirhead in the curling).

  3. Darren G 11 years ago

    Cheers Paul
    Don’t think we could have asked for a better set of fixtures
    Lets the scots do the business !!

  4. john 11 years ago

    Gary anderson to win is a cracking bet tonight with the backing of the scots

  5. the chief 11 years ago

    Lewis vs Hamilton

    Hamilton landed my super single last week and mantains is excellent recent form which as seen him beat Taylor twice and Whitlock last week. Lewis continued his battle to avoid relegation with a win over Thornton. Has I said last week hammer is scoring well (9 darter hit recently) and if he continues to do so he can put pressure on Aidy,Its well known there is no love lost between Lewis and the Scottish crowd, and if they start to put him off his doubles, I think hammer could nick it but im going to take the safe option and bet hamilton DNB.


    Whitlock v Thornton

    Thornton continues to be the suprise package of the league but is winless in 3, he did however get a well deserved draw against RVB couple of weeks back and won a floor tournement in Wigan, not so long ago. Whitlock is becoming unpredictable and this match is a tough one to call, with the partizan crowd behind Thornton i can see a real close match and like in the first game im going Thornton DNB. One area I do think Thornton will win is the most 180s and a tasty 5/4.


    Taylor vs Barneveld

    This is the first tv meeeting since they had there spat at world championship semi finals. Taylor as been messing around with his darts as I mentioned last week and although he beat Newton, Wes is struggling at the moment so im not reading to much into that performance last week. RVB as been the star of the league along with MVG and as every chance here, its been a while since RVB beat Taylor but tonight might be is chance and im sure the crowd will be right behind him, Im putting up an RVB win as my bonkers bet, and taking the double chance too

    BET RVB OR DRAW 11/10

    Anderson v Newton

    Local hero Anderson takes on Newton in a big game for both, Wes is struggling at the moment whilst Anderson is coming off a mauling at the hands of Van Gerwen, I dont think anyone could have done anything to stop MVG last week. Newton playing not just Anderson but the large Scottish crowd and I dont think he is playing well enough to cope with that. Anderson will win and two other bets I like is Anderson most 180s and over 3.5 as I think he will put on a show infront of his own fans.


    Van Gerwen vs Wade

    If Barney doesnt turn up tonight then this will be the game of the night, both men playing well, wade is scoring heavilly at the minute which is something he as struggled with in the past. MVG was fantastic last week with heavy scoring and outstanding checkouts. Wad as a good record over MVG and I think he will try to slow the young dutchman down, Its a tough one to call and with a tight match expected im taking Wade + 2.5

    BET WADE + 2.5 LEGS 4/5

    Good luck if your having a bet

  6. the chief 11 years ago


    Anderson @ Thornton to both win their matches




    Barneveld to beat Taylor

  7. Craig 11 years ago

    Dont know why everyone backing thornton… Whitlock will win..

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, you can’t say that. Either player could win, whoever plays best on the night.

  8. Seamus 11 years ago

    Really fancy Barney and Lewis double

    Think Barney will do it just a gut feeling.

    And Ellis come out of hiding and gees a treble

    Good luck gents

  9. Sharon Macdonald 11 years ago

    Went 2 darts at secc last few years and the abuse Adrian Lewis takes is unreal would prob bet against him purely on that, coins and drinks were raining down on the walk on. 1st up 2nite though, people will b less pissed maybe less abuse than if we was on l8r, Taylor, Newton and mvg 2 nite all decent prices. Newton is well overpriced against bottle merchant ando super single if ever I’ve seen 1. Good luck!! 9 darter 2nite hopefully!!

  10. Craig alves 11 years ago

    mvg wade draw
    Thornton whitlock draw

  11. Alva 11 years ago

    Premier league is a great nite oot until all the eejits start singing stupid songs.Thats all venues btw.Think Anderson is great bet at 5/6.

  12. Seamus 11 years ago

    Barney Lewis double £10 pays 74 at paddy power

    £5 wade and Lewis pays 73 at paddypower

    Will have wee flutter in play too

  13. Seamus 11 years ago

    Lewis has been brilliant under they conditions… Great response …

    C’mon Lewis

  14. Seamus 11 years ago

    Well in Lewis … What a performance !! Superb

  15. Seamus 11 years ago

    £20 on Thornton at 8/5 with paddy power

  16. Seamus 11 years ago

    C’mon barney

  17. Cam 11 years ago

    Whitlock . . Let down :/

  18. Seamus 11 years ago

    Cam Thornton was superb though

  19. Seamus 11 years ago

    £20 Anderson most 180s

    £20 Anderson win

  20. Cam 11 years ago

    Ino mate I had a sneaky feeling about him before seamus but with milesey fancying Whitlock I went against him, gutted ha

  21. Seamus 11 years ago

    Only be watching this season mate, and Lewis has been relentless last 4 week boy, Whitlock has struggled.

    I had a really good feeling about Lewis and he duly delivered. Go with what you think in darts anyone’s game in there night.

    Fancy wade draw no bet even though mvg is superb!

    £76 returns £175

    Good luck

  22. Cam 11 years ago

    Ino mate not wrong there. Good luck sea

  23. the chief 11 years ago

    Cracking night of darts and some good tips put up, Thornton was inspired and continued his recent good form, Anderson was big let down especially in front of his own crowd. Wadey continued his good run over Mvg in last game to complete a good nite of betting.

  24. The UHT 11 years ago

    Sitting waiting on PDC site to update match info on Van Gerwin v Wade! Anybody tell me how many 180s each of them got?

  25. Seamus 11 years ago

    The chief Anderson was horrible. Average was decent but if you can’t hit a double dint Play, you cabt win. He was disgusting, any other job on that performance his family wouldn’t be eating this week.

    I predicted Lewis, was an inspired and am full of respect with that victory especially with us Scott’s hounding him

    Thornton was unstoppable, joy to watch

    And wade was nothing but resolute precise and a joy to watch. Won a whack tonight and I have only been watching darts last four week

    Watched football all my days and cant win a thing work that out… Exactly

    Nonetheless the darts was superb!

    Loved it, hope you’s gid

  26. Craig alves 11 years ago

    van gerwin 4-3 uht, a had a single on it at 1/2 and thought it was doomed but wade only managed 3 somehow

  27. the chief 11 years ago

    Seamus, glad you enjoyed a good night on darts, I put up some tips which came in,including the Anderson 180s market, Anderson has always suffered with doubles, it must be a mental thing, but credit to Newton, playing a Scot in Glasgow with a shoulder injury, he did well and means no one is relegated going into week 9. Thornton was brilliant and to get 5/4 most 180s was a steal

    I’m looking at tomorrow rugby odds for some good bets

  28. Seamus 11 years ago

    Loved it mate becoming quite a fan! Don’t think I will miss darts next time round a secc – seems right up my street.

    But tonight Anderson was terrible couldn’t checkout a supermarket with money in his hand.

    Looking forward to week nine but really taken interest to darts lately. Don’t even mind losing a few bob at it too LOL

    Performance of the night was a Toss between Thornton and wade.

    However most respect goes to my man Lewis. He held it and spoke through they darts.

    Great night through money and entertainment lad

  29. gordy 11 years ago

    On way home from darts in play my brother got wade to win 7-4 @ 14/1 scary odds he was 6-3 up at time

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Gordy, that’s great odds. Must be happy with that.

  30. Seamus 11 years ago

    Happy days Gordy hope he had a smashing night looked electric on sky sports lad

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