I'VE got no idea what's happening in the world of basketball and baseball although I didn't notice any NBA games tonight.

Anyway I thought I better put up a new thread before there are complaints. And remember it's not just about hitting bases and throwing hoops, you can put up any sports tips or chat here including boxing – with the big Ricky Burns fight taking place tonight and good luck to the Scots champion.

I noticed there's some NHL action with Toronto facing Montreal. I can't see anything but a win for the Canadians but maybe winter sports expert raaljaca will be more insightful.

  1. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Everything’s happening in the world of Basketball MrF, cheers for the new thread…btw the Scottish Rocks are woeful ;-)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      DeAndre, Scottish Rocks may be rubbish but cheerleaders are great.

  2. Oak 7 years ago

    Where are the tips?

  3. honda 7 years ago

    I hereby christen gbjefr, Jeff :)

  4. DeAndre 7 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Indiana Pacers (10-33)
    Brooklyn Nets (10-29)
    Minnesota Timberwolves (4-7)
    Treble pays 7-4

    Player Performance.
    James Harden(HOU) 25+Points
    Paul George(IND) 24+ Points
    Blake Griffin(LAC) 26+ Points
    LeBron James(MIA) 29+ Points
    Roll-up pays 10.3-1

  5. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Almost forgot about those Oak :-)

    • Oak 7 years ago

      Just a minor part of the thread :)

  6. honda 7 years ago

    Cheers for the new thread Mr F top stuff, and thanks to everyone who makes it what it is :)

  7. Melo 7 years ago

    Thanks De Andre… (=

  8. honda 7 years ago

    Thanks De Andre… (=

  9. raaljaca 7 years ago

    DeAndre, we all love you Mr NBA :)

  10. Yndkra 7 years ago

    DeAndre, you’re the man, keeping me in the black after my awful football bets each day ha.

  11. paul 7 years ago

    Cheers DeAndre

  12. JAY 7 years ago

    Hope everyone’s well on a sat! today’s matches should have provided lots of you with winners:)

    DeAndre – may i know where do you get your player performance bets from? can’t seem to get em on bet365:/

  13. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Paddy Power, you can get them on B365 but not in multiples :-)

  14. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Naturally ;-)

  15. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Indiana (10/33) not great odds but as sure a winner as I can see…no guarantees though bet within your means :-)

  16. hitman 7 years ago

    Hi deAndre which game would u say u most sure about tonight for a winner?

  17. gbjefr 7 years ago

    £££££££ NBA OVERS/ UNDERS £££££££






    INDIANA @ BOSTON OVER 188.5 4/7








  18. gbjefr 7 years ago

    gb or jef fine guys … gbjefr is old work username thats just stuck….. and by the way im not rusty in disguise would like him back thou so could give us a 2nd opinion and maybe some race to 20 tips!!!

    leon i personally was looking for o 201/202 in denver/portland game but 205/206 s/b fine as i see it getting somewhere around 215

    • Leon 7 years ago

      Ok GB. The wine is out feet r up and iPad getting battered. Lets get some cash.

  19. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Should be a good night tonight, a lot of teams that consider themselves contenders this year are playing and I expect them all to put on a show…fingers crossed.

  20. gbjefr 7 years ago


  21. abbas 7 years ago

    Deandre my man how are you? Any chance of giving us a long accum? I wanna have.some fun lol

  22. abbas 7 years ago

    Gbgefr, what would you advice me on your picks, shall I go for the big 1 or small 1

    • markb 7 years ago

      Do both abbas just do the overs retain selections and add the unders on it :)

  23. DeAndre 7 years ago

    The player per. is 10/1 and Jefs overs/unders pays 16/1 surely that’s enough fun? :-)

  24. gbjefr 7 years ago


  25. DeAndre 7 years ago

    That Anthony Joshua looked like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV wow!

  26. gbjefr 7 years ago

    7.5 % SINGLES
    1-2 % 4 TIMERS+


  27. gbjefr 7 years ago


  28. minty 7 years ago

    Steady on oak give Andre some space ,,and there’s as a little word called please !!!!!

    • Oak 7 years ago

      Ha ha relax minty, we were all over the tips in the old thread….so the new thread looked empty…

  29. abbas 7 years ago

    Haha oaks loves it, cheers deandre and gbj, lads I’m hyper tonight, I don’t know.what happening but all I know is that I want some NBA lol, how’s every1 day.been betting wise?

  30. minty 7 years ago

    Good evening everyone I hope you are all in profit from today’s football !!congratulations to Mr F for some fantastic football tips 520profit happy dAYS

  31. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Not the best days punting fir me I was HEAVY on Tiqris…and we all know how that went :-(

  32. Gbjefr 7 years ago

    I had couple of trebles one winner 1 loser. Sheffield we’d/. Hartlepool/ Luton-1. Paid 10s. And Rotherham/Ipswich/Stirling. Stirling sole losers to the worse team in Scotland

  33. Gbjefr 7 years ago

    Had a pony day in regards to horses

  34. abbas 7 years ago

    I was really shocked with that tbh, I never watched it but my friend told me it was dreadful and as for curruthers I won’t even go there, reading let me down for 3.2k today, had Suarez 2+, just was a dreadful day but I guess that’s the gamble,

    If you guys are interested I’m pretty good at finding great valued odds on bets which are great for accum, I can post 1 or 2 a day which I think could be great if you wanted to bump up your accums

    • Leon 7 years ago

      Abbas I won’t say no to that my man. Just shot them out.

  35. Gbjefr 7 years ago

    I can’t see Ricky burns lasting 12 rounds see him taken out with body shot but I my soft spot praying he pulls thru agin

  36. Yndkra 7 years ago

    I’d definitely be interested in you doing that for one, abbas. What sports we talking?

  37. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Anything that leads to more money for us is if course welcome mate…

  38. Gbjefr 7 years ago

    Gut feeling behind it Ricky gonna hold he’s hands high to protect the jaw!!

  39. DeAndre 7 years ago

    I’ve bet him to win by KO/TKO/Stoppage, another bet that reaffirms my allergy to money :-)

  40. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Burns to win that is…

  41. hitman 7 years ago

    What nba games u feels are one winnders tonight peeps

  42. honda 7 years ago

    Think he just means singles?

  43. DeAndre 7 years ago

    One winnders? At the risk of sounding stupid, what do you mean?

  44. abbas 7 years ago

    Undkta, it could be anything, football, horseracing, ufc etc, I study and see what’s great value, eg other day I pisted, real Madrid at 1/2 and chelsea/Galatasary over 4.5 cards @11/10, things like this which are great value, ggs take a lot of time to study and when I get time I do pretty well but with business sometimes very hard to study mate

  45. craigdon 7 years ago

    Now that Baseball’s Spring Training is underway I was having a look and, while I have never bet on ST games a game stuck out to me then realised no bookie or the exchanges even have the market! So I looked at what they do offer on Baseball, just antepost just now. I was astonished at the 25/1 on offer at Bet 365 on the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series. This is a team that are never ever fancied but have won 2 World Series in the last 4 years! They have kept all their star pitchers, Cain, Lincecum etc.. and their main bats, Posey, Panda, Pence and have added another Slugger in Mike Morse who if fit could add the hits the Giants solid defence needed last year (baseball fans will know the Giants have always been a pitching team since Bonds). Anyway just thought of flag it up. The Giants will reach the wildcard game at least so at 25/1 you get some regular season long moneys worth that you could trade with later in the season. Honestly 25/1 for the SF Giants is like 25/1 on Real Madrid to win the Champions League. Yes there are better teams but you can’t ignore the fact they have a chance.

  46. hitman 7 years ago

    Sorry yes as singles appreciate anybody’s help

  47. abbas 7 years ago

    Gbj, what did u get on Luton -1?

  48. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Hitman if you’re looking for a big hitter single like Dermot then I put up Indiana (10-33) as my most confident pick. If a bit more speculative then maybe try the player per. as singles or take the big hitters like Miami and the Clips on the handicap.

  49. hitman 7 years ago

    Miami and Orlando over 2oo? Or under thanks for your time

  50. Oak 7 years ago

    I know everybody is waiting for my nba tips but thet are in the old thread and im now on my tab ans can copy paste them here, sorry :)

  51. Oak 7 years ago

    Heard soneone put 4500 on portland over 213

  52. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Is ask Jef for help in that one…

  53. Oak 7 years ago

    Yeah im not doing anythingwith, just watch and remeber who said it

  54. Oak 7 years ago

    And what i said about my tips is a joke of course ;)

  55. Leon 7 years ago

    Abbas I’m into UFC. Got to say I’m a big silva fan gutted about the leg break. Was really looking forward to the Silva v weidman fight and was gutted when that happened.
    Big fan of bones jones aswell.

  56. DeAndre 7 years ago

    I saw that one Abbas, a horror break

  57. Leon 7 years ago

    Deandre what about John Jones big toe in the Gustafson fight not as bad as the leg break but not a pretty sight.

    • Bet Your Bottom Dollar 7 years ago


  58. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Don’t know why I thought you were Abbas, haha…I need to Kay off the paint thinner! Yeah that was nasty as hell.

  59. Leon 7 years ago

    Haha Abbas Leon looks familiar after a few.
    Must admit I never backed on NBA or even watched it but since I been following your tips I find myself not been able to turn it off.

  60. Mike W 7 years ago

    Picked a 7fold yesterday getting all of tbe nba games in at about 12/1. Lot of short priced favourites today so after yesterdays success having a go at a 9fold accumulator on all the nba games today!

    Heat -7.5
    Wizards -5.5
    Clippers -4
    Cavaliers +14.5

  61. Neil 7 years ago

    On your treble DeAndre!

  62. Alty Adam 7 years ago

    It’s worth a fiver Mike :) Also went big on DeAndre’s player performances

  63. Neil 7 years ago

    Aye Mike why not, cheeky fiver on.

  64. abbas 7 years ago

    Good luck guys.

  65. Leon 7 years ago

    GB which of your pics do you feel are best. Or which do u feel are more risky.

  66. Mike W 7 years ago

    Wow pressure is on! Think I got around 11/1 for it

  67. Leon 7 years ago

    Same to u Deandre do u feel any from your treble could be risky

  68. DeAndre 7 years ago

    No, if I’m honest but the Kings did just screw me so you know irony/karma all that good stuff could do it :-D

  69. Leon 7 years ago

    Ok cheers

  70. Leon 7 years ago

    Would you fancy BKN nets race to 20 1st quarter.

  71. Neil 7 years ago

    Mike, I went for your 9 fold as 7 folds 8 folds and accy. 6/9 are in, other 3 all looking possible…

  72. Mike W 7 years ago

    Fingers crossed hey, looking possible at the moment – got 80 on it so will be stoked if it comes in!

  73. abbas 7 years ago

    Good luck lads

  74. DeAndre 7 years ago

    What a tip Mike W, just back in so wasn’t in it…Cleveland snuck in by 0.5pts…an absolute peach :-D

  75. Mike W 7 years ago

    boom! 7fold @ 12/1 yesterday and a 9fold @ 11/1 today, great weekend with the nba!

  76. paul 7 years ago

    Yeah great tippin mike had a decent win on your multi. Thanks once again to Deandre for the winning treble.great day on the nba.cheers men

  77. Mike W 7 years ago

    That acca when I placed it was 80 on for a return of 909, somehow I ended up getting nearly 1200 back with bet365, any clue why?

    • swany 7 years ago

      lot of bookies givin bonus for acca’s

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Mike, over paid you by accident. Can you send the balance to swany please? he will return it to them :)

  78. Mike W 7 years ago

    trying to get you to throw your money away on big accas to get the bonus then i guess. cheers just couldn’t find any promotion stuff on bet365 site about it.

  79. swany 7 years ago

    DeAndre”””DEMIGOD”””” thanks again

  80. maobi 7 years ago

    Deandre, you’re such a genius

  81. oak 7 years ago

    Thx for the moneyline tip deandre, that mostly covered my own terrible picks :)

  82. tileking 7 years ago

    Top pick yet again tripled my winnings last Night thanks allot guys keep up the amazing tips

  83. Mr. Orange 7 years ago

    Thanks again DeAndre!

    • oak 7 years ago

      Mogge, gisteren kon ik wel een spelers afdeling vinden bij unibet, ergens bovenin, weet niet of dat alleen zaterdags geldt.

    • swany 7 years ago

      Eh ?

    • oak 7 years ago

      hehe morning swany, was talking to my fellow dutchman about the player performance bets at unibet :)

    • swany 7 years ago

      Oh I see,dank je

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Morning swany, all is well in the world today :)

    • swany 7 years ago

      Morning lads howzagoesza

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      I can see a very very profitable day ahead today swany.

    • swany 7 years ago

      Hope so raal,got a good vibe

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Mogge, yesterday I was able to find a player’s department at Unibet, somewhere at the top, do not know if that is true only on Saturdays. ;) hope that is close?

    • oak 7 years ago

      Actually thats pretty damn close…99%, well done and good luck today :)

  84. MrT 7 years ago

    Brilliant treble as usual deandre!

  85. Stueyd 7 years ago

    OMG what a night on the nba!! Had my usual couple of trebles including yours DeAndre and my own and both came in.

    Also did a speculative 9 fold before bed and thought chances were slim so just placed £3 on it. Well that £3 is £1200 this morning :). And with the other trebles it was a total of £1600 from £23 stake.

    I do love the NBA:)

    • ticketyboo 7 years ago

      That was a great win stueyd pity you had not put them up as DeAndre did for you then we might all have had a chance at your winning bet. But good luck to you.

    • Stueyd 7 years ago

      Thanks Tickety will be posting them up in future. Look out for tonight’s

  86. Stueyd 7 years ago

    Forgot to say that 9 fold was all half time full time and have never bet that way before. Will certainly be doing that again :)

  87. oak 7 years ago

    well done stueyd!

  88. Stueyd 7 years ago

    Thanks Oak!

  89. ccvtips 7 years ago

    deandre, thanks for nets + wolves, and the nets and wizards UNDERS. very good job.

  90. ticketyboo 7 years ago

    Good morning DeAndre normal service resumed with a money line treble thanks mate you deserve a MWNBAT(member wining NBA trebles ).

  91. Max 7 years ago

    This is why we love you De Andre we are waking up to profit once again! And unreal stueyd could of put your tips up haha ;) well done mate!!

  92. raaljaca 7 years ago

    let me all hear you say ‘Hallelujah’,come on ‘hallelujah’ praise the good lord for giving us NBA, DeAndre and Stueyd ;)

  93. Mr. Orange 7 years ago

    Thanks Oak. Nice translation raal :). And mogge is morning.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Thanks Mr Orange ;)

  94. oak 7 years ago


  95. Kendog 7 years ago

    Hallelujah for DeAndre and his wonderful picks. :)
    Many thanks

  96. ccvtips 7 years ago


    Newcastle Falcons – Leicester Tigers: AVIVA Premirship

    Guests have won the last 7 h2h matches, with the last win for the Falcons in 2009. With some medical problems and only 3 wins in 15 matches, I do not see how Newcastle could do something today, so go on Leicester for victory.

    Warrington Wolves – Hull FC Super League

    The last three matches between the two teams brought each time a try to Joel Monaghan. Today I see him scoring again, especially if you watch the defense of guests – 68 points received in two matches.

    Leicester Tigers @1.28 –

    Joel Monaghan (Warrington Wolves) to enroll oricand @1.50

    Final odds: 1.92

    • ccvtips 7 years ago

      Leicester Tigers @1.28

      Joel Monaghan (Warrington Wolves) anytime scorer @1.50

      Final odds: 1.92

  97. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Morning all! :c)

    Raal what are you backing on this fine Sinday?

  98. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Or Sunday! Freudulant slips perhaps?! Haha

  99. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Morning Penguins old chap ;) I am studying at present to decide where to invest my shilling wisely. Have you any choices as where to invest Penguins Pot of Gold?

  100. Alty Adam 7 years ago

    Great tipping again DeAndre, unfortunately I was on the wrong one again. Excellent Mike, wish I put more on it now haha oh and Stueyd, you need to start tipping mate :)

  101. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Morning Rusty ;)

  102. Rustychest 7 years ago


    DeAndre, fantastic tips as always mate :)
    Mike W, nice work on those and thank you for sharing it with the community :)

  103. Rustychest 7 years ago

    I see a lot of NBA covering and as my favorite hockey side since the 90s (with a bit of help from Hollywood) are back on the ice, The Ducks have started playing and I’ve started digging in. Not as predictable as the NBA, but NHL is just as fun. I’m currently seeing lots of value in the odds. I think the NHL sides lack of match practice is being blown out of proportion. I’ll have my picks in a bit :)

  104. Rustychest 7 years ago

    * Rating out of 5 on my pick confidence.

    NHL Money Line:
    VAN Canucks (5/7) *****
    ANA Ducks (1/2) *****
    NY Islanders (4/6) ****
    COL Avalanche (4/6) ***

    10 Returns 72

    It’s all a risk, but if you are on Bet365 and you don’t feel like taking the extra risk on my lower rated picks, I believe you can combine NBA and NBL as part of the Parlay Bonus or we can take faith together :)

  105. gbjefr 7 years ago

    brilliant tips yesterday 1a1n on the NHL many thanks!!



    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      Btw gbjefr, noticed your overs/unders tips (all caps and bald, difficult not to :D ) you got 1 out of 2 days but I think you pushed it a bit too far yesterday and that’s what flew you over. For the odds they were at I would have gone for a safe Under 218 4/6 for the Portland game. The Blazers have been keeping teams under 100 like fashion lately.

  106. Rustychest 7 years ago

    gbjefr you scare me :(

  107. Rustychest 7 years ago

    1a1n, what’s your take on my NHL selection? :)

  108. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Thanks Gb!! 2 in 2 days so hopefully we can get this to be a regular occurrence! I hope someone else was on the treble as well? I’ll take a look at tonight’s soon and try get it up!

  109. minty 7 years ago

    Lol I see oak I think our us and other Sports thread needs to have a bit more attention than its getting,considering success rate that were having I would say De Andre alones stats have overtaken John B no disrespect to him !

  110. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Rusty out of your picks id strongly agree with Ducks and probably Avs. But coming out of the break and in fact actually the last 10-15 games the Nucks have stunk! They’ve been awful so I’m not too confident in backing them anytime soon and the islanders/panthers game is a toss up as they’re as bad as each other! And Haominic is suspended so that’s a big loss!

  111. gbjefr 7 years ago


  112. gbjefr 7 years ago


  113. minty 7 years ago

    Just a reminder everyone some early starts in NBA tonight?

  114. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Ok so had a look and come up with another treble :) I’ll keep this post short. So the treble is as followed:

    St. Louis @ 7/10
    Anaheim @ 5/11
    Colorado @ 4/6
    Treble pays 3.12/1

    I like the treble again, Colorado is the riskier one out of the three so if your looking for shorter odds feel free to drop them and make it a double!

    Good luck all

  115. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Usually The Olympic return is similar to the NBA All-Star break return for the NHL. It’s a good opportunity for The Canucks – who are now in full strength with the return of Captain Hank – to show old flair and form on home ice and I just don’t think Senators are good enough to hold them off as aren’t Panters to hold off Islanders with or without youngster Hamonic* ;)

  116. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Is that nhl?

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      Indeed they are Penguin Knight.

      St. Louis = STL Blues
      Anaheim = ANA Ducks
      Colorado = COL Avalanche

      For your bookie :)

  117. Dave67 7 years ago

    Fantastic tipping guys I don’t bet large but am enjoying following your tips long may it continue this site just keeps getting better and better looking forward to todays offerings

  118. Rustychest 7 years ago

    1n1a, at least you fully agree with two picks and have even included them in your own treble :)

  119. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Oops! I’ve bet money line 3 way as opposed to money line!


  120. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Waiting on the NBA tips by our man DeAndre and posse to mesh with my own and then I’m off to bed, I’ve had 4 hours sleep in 72 for anybody wondering where I was haha :)

  121. gbjefr 7 years ago


    SO FAR


    UTAH @ INDIANA OVER 186 2/3


  122. raaljaca 7 years ago

    DeAndre, time to get up ;)

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      raaljaca, do you have another lullaby for me?

      By the way, did you notice johnb join us on here and state “I’m leaving NBA to DeAndre and Raaljaca” did he mix somebody up there or do you tip NBA and I just don’t see them? haha :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Rusty, Johnb meant you. I haven’t a clue about NBA and just follow what you guys post! Had 4/6 trebles up from DeAndre now and I am applying to become his bytch ;)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Lullaby for Rusty :)

      Goodnight my angel, time to close your eyes
      And save these questions for another day
      I think I know what you’ve been asking me
      I think you know what I’ve been trying to say
      I promised I would never leave you
      Then you should always know
      Wherever you may go, no matter where you are
      I never will be far away

      Goodnight my angel, now it’s time to sleep
      And still so many things I want to say
      Remember all the songs you sang for me
      When we went sailing on an emerald bay
      And like a boat out on the ocean
      I’m rocking you to sleep
      The water’s dark and deep, inside this ancient heart
      You’ll always be a part of me

      Goodnight my angel, now it’s time to dream
      And dream how wonderful your life will be
      Someday your child may cry, and if you sing this lullaby
      Then in your heart there will always be a part of me
      Someday we’ll all be gone
      But lullabies go on and on
      They never die
      That’s how you and I will be

  123. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Can’t believe I bet money line 3 way! What a donut! Haha

    • Dancing Brave 7 years ago

      Penguin if its any consolation I backed DeAndre’s treble last night on the money line for two and race to 20 for third by mistake and guess what I lost – I am a bigger donut than you, also was on the shots last night and never made it home and the four tipsters I follow all had winners so that would have been a very nice win yankee payout also missed :(

  124. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Speaking of meshing, I think we have a job trend going on here. DeAndre covering NBA Money Line and Player Per., gbjefr handling NBA Overs/Unders since he is so willing and did well the first day, 1n1a covering NHL and I’ll focus back on Race to 20 Points so then we’ll all have more time on our hands.

    I’m not sure you guys are crazy like I am, but I re-watch the first quarter replays of every listed NBA team on the card then look at past stats further back to check if my thoughts and knowledge correlate etc. and then finally I move to odds to make my picks :)

  125. honda 7 years ago

    I think today I’m gonna be adventurous and mash together the two trebles of DeAndre and 1a1n :)

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      Somebody phone DeAndre up and tell him that I miss him and that I’m waiting for him :)

      I never thought I’d be waiting for DeAndre, usually it’s the other way around :)

  126. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Cheers guys (sorry Adam, wrong one!) I was back playing poker last night so I’m ready for nightshift this week…I’ll put up some tips later, still waiting for odds and the like…RUSTYS BACK! We thought you died a jelly fish related death! :-)

  127. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Hello DeAndre. Jelly fish related death!? Haha. You’re so bad :)

  128. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Heyas deandre

  129. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Do you think it’s worth me contacting bet 365 to see if they’ll cancel my bet? Placed it as a moneyline 3 way instead of just a moneyline

    Or should I just leave it and hope for the best? Haha

    • honda 7 years ago

      If you do want it voided I have done something similar with them

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Ask them to void it Penguins and put on what you intended to do, best way in my opinion. Just mention my name and they will be very helpful :)

    • honda 7 years ago

      Raal, did you at one point sue Bet365 and get paid out? :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Honda, no I just turned up at their door and gave a menacing look at which point they gave me all their cash, car keys, watches and packed lunches :)

    • honda 7 years ago

      Haha, not sure why put when I read packed lunches it made me hungry! Off to make bacon butties :) Who wants one?

  130. gbjefr 7 years ago


  131. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    56 in the queue? Ouch

  132. DeAndre 7 years ago

    I’ll take 4!

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      2 please honda.

  133. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Honda – Sure thing! Why not?!

  134. honda 7 years ago

    With DeAndre’s request of 4 I’m not sure my George Forman grill can handle this :D

  135. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Anyway, here’s my RT20 treble. The first two selections are completely against the odds and in no way a reflection on the end game winners.

    NBA Race to 20 Points treble:
    ATL Hawks 31/20
    TOR Raptors 10/11
    OKC Thunder 5/11

    10 Returns 60

    Good luck :)

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      Oops, I mean 10 Returns 71 ;)

  136. honda 7 years ago

    Ketchup or brown sauce lads? OR salsa!?

  137. Rustychest 7 years ago

    Good morning, good afternoon and good night :)

    DeAndre I may not wake up in time to place your picks and that hurts me, but good luck anyway :)

  138. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Still waiting in live chat!

    Night Rusty!

  139. Rustychest 7 years ago

    PenguinsJames, make sure to write what you’re going to say in notepad while waiting and be punctual. If they refuse to cancel the mistake, I would contact Mr. F under ‘Got A Gripe’ as that is not fair.

    Lastly, if either of my 152/25 NBA Race to 20 Points treble or NHL picks comes through, I want you all to spam my name in caps. Cheers :P

  140. cooldude 7 years ago

    Am I the only one here watching Ding v O’Sullivan in the snooker??

  141. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Will do, Rusty! :c)

    Thank you!

  142. DeAndre 7 years ago

    If you’re using a George Foreman, I’ll just replace the drip tray by sticking my head under…luvvly jubbly!

  143. honda 7 years ago

    DeAndre you madhead :) Ok 4 for Deandre, 2 for Raal, and 2 for penguins as he’s waiting in a queue. 2 for myself and just done them all with brown sauce :D

  144. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Voided :)

    Now what to invest this 7£ on!

    I may wait for deandre nba and combine with yours rusty

  145. marios13 7 years ago

    Guys and De Andre, any tips for today basketball ?

  146. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Aye rusty, it’s only a matter of time before the Nucks are back to old ways! They’re running out of time for a deep playoff push IMO with the likes of Sedins and bobby Lou ageing. They probably are ready to go tonight so fingers crossed mate!

  147. abbas 7 years ago

    Big big thanks deandre and gbj great work guys, just woke up lol great night guys, thanks again

  148. Kobe 7 years ago

    Lol, abbas you’re so full of it. Only DeAndre had a winner last night.

    • Kobe 7 years ago

      raaljaca, come on I was not trying to be mean, why call me names now? :)

      I’m sorry. No harm meant :(

      I’m just an observer who tells it like it is. Thank you DeAndre among others for your continued great tips and thank you to all who put up their thoughts on games.

      also raaljaca, Kobe = Kobe Bryant. What are you doing on this article if you don’t know who that US sporting legend is? :P

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Kobe, you started all this with a dig at abbas which was unnecessary. Your conversation with raaljaca it never happened. OK.

  149. Neo 7 years ago

    Oscars 2014

    The Eight Interesting Categories in Detail.

    I recently read an article that said this year’s Oscars are among the most competitive ever. Obviously not written by a betting man. There are 24 categories and in nine of them the favourite is 1/16 or shorter with several being 1/50. There are a further 7 categories with a favourite that is 1/4 or shorter. Of these 16 categories I can only think that maybe Gravity will get beaten at around 1/4 in the Best Original Score. Alexandre Desplat has been nominated six times before and has lost 5 times in the last seven years. I may have a very small bet on him winning for Philomena at around 16/1. I also note there has been some money for the movie Her in this category at around 5/1. Excluding that one category I think 16 favourites will win including the favourites in almost all of the main categories. I’ll go through the eight interesting categories for you now.

    Costume Design

    The Great Gatsby was a movie people talked about as a potential early Oscar candidate last year. The movie was pushed back and it became an early front-runner for this year’s Oscars. It has a great chance in this category where it is the 1/4 favourite. With 12-Years a Slave at 12/1 and the other two films 100/1 this is essentially a 2-horse race against American Hustle which is 4/1 to win. The latter movie is much loved by all and has 10 nominations. The problem is there don’t seem to be too many categories where the Academy can actually give them an Oscar. If they don’t win for Original Screenplay this is basically their only shout.

    The glitzy disco outfits, the way that The Great Gatsby has struggled to sustain a challenge in the Oscar race, the general love for American Hustle and the fact that it may not win any other awards makes me think many members may slip in a sympathy vote here.

    For in-running Oscar bettors there are related contingency implications here. Some would say if Gatsby wins this they should immediately shorten for Production Design. That would mean American Hustle losing here and you could argue that makes them more likely to win Original Screenplay.

    4/1 American Hustle looks a great bet to me. I would struggle to make it bigger than 9/4.

    Documentary Feature

    Since last year the method of voting for short films has changed. It used to be that a small selection of Academy members would be invited to watch the nominations at a live theatre. Only those people would get to actually vote for those movies.

    Since last year DVDs are posted out to all members and nobody can really tell now if they watch the movies. Despite that they all have a vote. This means that populist, small screen, well publicised, English-language movies do much better than obscure, foreign, better in the cinema movies with tough subjects produced by companies with less budget for promotions.

    Ignoring the two 100/1 chances we have a 3-horse race here. The Square won the Director’s Guild of America and the International Documentary Award. It’s about the situation in Egypt. It’s 8/1 with the bookies. The Act of Killing has won the Gotham Award, the European Film Award and the Bafta Award for best documentary. It’s hard to watch and it’s about death squads in Indonesia. This one is 4/6, although some people are 4/9. It seems a bit short to me.

    20 Feet from Stardom is all about back-up singers. Nice and light and a subject the Academy members can grasp. Even if they can’t be bothered to watch the films they may well of heard about this one which has done well at the box-office and been heavily campaigned for by Harvey Weinstein.

    20 Feet from Stardom has gone from 5/2 into 6/4 in the last 12 hours and while I can see the angle I shall be trying to lay the favourite at around 4/6 and back The Square at around 10/1 on Betfair.


    The winner of this one often gets the Best Film and if Gravity fails to win at 4/7 then it may be in trouble and drift from 9/2 for the Best Picture. This one looks like another 2-horse race and the 2nd runner here is Captain Phillips.

    Christopher Rouse won in 2007 for another Paul Greengrass film The Bourne Identity and he has been well backed here from 5/2 into 13/8. He won the American Cinema Editors awards in the Dramatic Film category which was considered an upset versus Gravity. 9 out of the last 10 ACE winners have gone on to pick up the Oscar.

    You could argue that the style of Captain Phillips really highlights and shows off the editing and the move in the betting here looks pretty sensible, 5/2 was definitely a big price. At 6/4 though I think I’ll leave it alone making it a no-bet category for me.

    Foreign Language

    There are 3 realistic contenders in this category. The Great Beauty is the favourite at around 2/9. It’s an Italian film with a strong Fellini influence that the Academy should go for and it won the Golden Globe. It’s rivals are The Hunt a Danish film which is much smaller and more intimate than the other two. It may benefit therefore from being watched at home after it comes in the post. Again I’m assuming the members make the effort to watch. The Broken Circle Breakdown is around 10/1 and it’s from Belgium. One of these is about child molestation and the other cancer. Maybe they’ll just give it to the favourite which is actually showing in cinemas in the US.

    If I had a bet it might be The Hunt at around 9/2 but probably no bet.

    Live Action Short

    Again here the favourite is going to benefit massively by being populist. Everyone loves Martin Freeman from The Office who stars in The Voorman Problem. It’s an English-Language movie and it’s attracted some box-office attention. All the other movies in this category have subtitles, the last seven winners here have all been in English.

    Despite all that I have found a bet.

    Helium is a lovely little Danish film about a hospital worker and a dying boy. Looking at the way the market has moved over the last few weeks this is really the only danger to the favourite. I’m amazed that the price is as big as 9/2 with William Hill right now, Ladbrokes were 6/1 earlier today but they seem to have suspended the market for some reason…ok, alright it was me.

    I couldn’t make Helium any bigger than 11/4, so I must have a bet at 9/2, but I am going to save my stake by backing the favourite which has drifted to a tasty 11/10 on Betfair.

    Original Screenplay

    Of the more mainstream categories this is the most open. It is effectively a 2-way go between Her and American Hustle. I can see a good case for both and I reckon it is pretty much a coin-flip. The prices are 10/11 and 6/5 which is also quite close to a coin-flip so I won’t be having a bet.

    Production Design

    This is the 2nd chance for The Great Gatsby to win an Oscar. If the movie has already won the statuette for costume design then in-running players may expect to see the film shorten up a lot in the betting here. If the movie loses that one to American Hustle though, (let’s hope it does), then it can still win a consolation here. Gravity may have pretty much swept the board by the time we get to this award and I could see a big shortening from 3/1 that film and a big drift from the favourite. If that was to happen I may back TGG at around evens. For now I’m not having a bet.

    Supporting Actress

    Of all the categories talked about as the”main” Oscars this is the only really interesting betting heats. Lupito Nyongo is a favourite at 4/6 and Jennifer Lawrence is the only other real contender at 5/4.

    The question we have to ask ourselves is whether the Academy will give an award to the 23-year old Lawrence just a year after they already did. She has not been campaogning and she didn’t show up at the BAFTAs which she won.

    Nyongo has shown up to everything, done countless interviews and put in an outstanding performance in 12 Years a Slave.

    I could back Nyongo at evens and would think it’s a decent bet but at 4/6 I’ll just leave it thanks

    • waggy 7 years ago

      NEO – What a write up and thank you

    • Kobe 7 years ago

      Neo, that’s the coolest write up I have ever read. It’s not a sport but interesting to bettors nonetheless so thank you.

  150. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Sorry guys, Paddy don’t have odds yet for a couple of games, Jef, that’s definitely a possibility

  151. abbas 7 years ago

    Kobe I followed both and mixed and matched, 1 coupon deandre treble with Indiana over, cleveland and orlando ( overs) anyway win or lose every1 deserves credit, if gbj never did his overs I wouldnt of picked some of them, so again thanks all and looking forward to tonight, raal my man how are you?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Hey abbas. I am great thank you, busy Saturday night in Chip Land? ;)

  152. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Can’t we all just get along? :-)

  153. DeAndre 7 years ago

    The Black Mamba would never befriend a Hibee!

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Correct DeAndre, you have your principles and we respect you for that, and your trifle eating abilities :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Offensive? Where is the offence in short ar*sed, fatty or twat? You have taken my comments the wrong way I think :)

  154. honda 7 years ago

    Spread the love :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      We could all wrestle? ;)

  155. Jeezy 7 years ago

    DeAndre thank you for last night treble.Nice way to start the day.More money in the account :).

  156. 1a1n 7 years ago

    The more I think about it, there’s another little bet I fancy, it’s in the Phoenix/St Louis game and it’s the home team (Phoenix) to have under 1 goal at 9/1! Ryan Miller is starting for the Blues after being traded yesterday with Steve Ott who is a solid checking forward.

    A similar thing happened last season when Ben Bishop was traded to the lightening and the next day had a shut out!

    Obviously shut outs are pretty rare in ice hockey so it’s a gamble but at small stake I think it could be worth it!

  157. abbas 7 years ago

    Did I hear wrestle lmao

  158. alec 7 years ago

    said yesterday ss real madrid be far to strong may be 3 1 real madrid

  159. Kobe 7 years ago

    I already apologized to abbas and I will say it again. I am sorry abbas, I meant no harm with my initial post. I don’t see where I said anything demeaning to DeAndre though, totally the opposite I respect him. Not sure where that derived from and if by Jambos you’re referring to your team then sure, I’m sorry but it was well found after your unnecessary and offensive name-calling. I’m not here to stir things up. It’s just not cool to be called all these things all because you felt I was being ‘rude’ to your ‘friend’ abbas.

  160. DeAndre 7 years ago

    You’re tearing this family apart !!! Hahahaha…this is fun :-D

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      DeAndre, you are working tonight so please try to compose yourself and stop letting it upset you like that :) :) Still think we should all wrestle then afterwards discuss the days events over a pint of paint thinner :)

  161. dave 7 years ago


    i’m not sure if you have read full thread

    mike put up a winning ninefold last night and the ice hockey guy put up a winning treble

    jeff , de andre and rusty have also had several winning bets recently and if you had followed them you would be well ahead

    john b also put up a great rugby league winning bet on friday night

    • Kobe 7 years ago

      dave, my post was not related to who or how many lost dude, I’m aware of the success here. Lots of great tips, I’m one of the people who has been suggesting a dedicated thread actually :) thank you for approaching it in a friendly manner though.

      I just found it funny how the congratulations were sent the wrong way so I responded with sarcasm as well taking the later opportunity to thank DeAndre for the winner last night.

      However, I find it unbelievable to be called rude yet be on the receiving end of all the offensive slurs. How can you call someone all those names and not expect a rise. Fair? I don’t think so. Anyway, I think this has all gone the wrong with a wee bit of misunderstanding around the place, so I’m going to send out my apologies once again.

    • cooldude 7 years ago

      Kobe, theres no name calling, thats it over. This site has very good record for allowing conversations to flow, however until registration is brought in there will continue to be idiots rubbing people up and shouting from their rooftops.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Kobe, just leave it. It’s clogging up a good thread and no one’s bothered now.

  162. honda 7 years ago

    Kobe for all the love in the world just please go away quietly :)

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Apology accepted and I in return offer my sincere apologies for anything I may have said that you have taken out of context. Not sure I like the ‘friend’ and ‘rude’ bit but hey ho ;)

  163. dave 7 years ago

    any chance you could stick up a new thread paul

    think it could be a busy night with the nba games starting early on a sunday

  164. Kobe 7 years ago

    Well Mr Fixit, I do apologize to you as well for having to deal with this.

    Fresh start.

    Good luck on all the bets tonight :)

  165. DeAndre 7 years ago

    NBA Bets

    Remember folks I’ll pick winners and losers and so will others but the main thing is we keep it civil and supportive and help each other bash the bookies in the wee small hours ;-)

    Chicago Bulls (1-3)
    Oklahoma City Thunder (2-9)
    Golden State Warriors (10/13)
    San Antonio Spurs (4/9)
    Roll-up pays 3.16-1

    Player Performance.
    Jeff Teague(ATL) +20.5 Points (1-1)
    Paul George(IND) +22.5 Points (1-1)
    Kevin Durant(OKC) +32.5 Points (1-1)
    Treble pays 7-1

    Good luck everybody :-)

    • oak 7 years ago

      hmm see no jeff teague, i do see goran dragic @23

  166. abbas 7 years ago

    Lads, I’m taking

    Ronaldo, anytime 5/6
    Benteke, anytime 7/5

    Double pays 3.3/1

  167. dave 7 years ago

    de andre

    thats paddy put up most of the prices

    early thoughts today are
    klay thomson
    and the big fud dragic

    i have to get him right one day

    he has been replaced as fud of the week by griffin anyhow

    12 points in the first quarter then bugger all else

    anthony has gone off the noil a bit

    hayward is another possibility as he did us a turn on friday

    another possibility is thaddeus another who did us a favour last week

    i’ll wait to see your thoughts before getting on

  168. minty 7 years ago

    Hi Oak I hope you got my apology earlier pal

    • oak 7 years ago

      Oh thats ok minty, no worries, i wasn’t offended or something :)

  169. gbjefr 7 years ago






    UTAH @ INDIANA OVER 185.5 2/3



    ££££££££ CITY OOOOOSSSSHHHHH £££££££

    • oak 7 years ago

      I believe in this, thx on it!

  170. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Cheers Jef on them like flies on sh*t :-)

  171. minty 7 years ago

    Cool :-)

  172. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Interested to hear what the best roll up would be?

    Who’s going to be brave and put down a combination?

    • oak 7 years ago

      It’s not my day penguin, plus im a noob :)

  173. gbjefr 7 years ago


    • PenguinsJames 7 years ago

      Who is Iain?

      So what did you put on Jeff? Interested to see! Could you post the 7 fold?

  174. DeAndre 7 years ago

    I like your style Jef :-)

  175. gbjefr 7 years ago


    SAN AN

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      :) I’d like to see Mike W on a mega-fold tip too. If he gets 3/3 that would be interesting. Between all the tips posted and my own NHL + my insanely against-the-odds Race to 20 treble, I’m expecting good returns :D

  176. minty 7 years ago

    Hi does anyone know if deandre has posted nba tips for tonight I know they sometimes get put up on different thread

    • oak 7 years ago

      scroll up minty, they are there ↑

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      minty, they’ll be on this thread if he has as this was put up last night.

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      minty, will you be watching all the games simaltaneously as usual? :) I found a way to watch all the NBA and NHL fixtures spread perfectly across the same screen. Not sure which to pick the audio for though :)

  177. Rustychest 7 years ago

    My NAP today was an actual bedtime nap!! Made it in time for the NBA tips and to watch the second half of the Madrid derby ;)

    Cheers DeAndre,
    gbjefr, nice overs/unders mate, I’ll be on the first three selections definitely but the most I’m worried about is Charlotte @ Oklahoma City. I get the vibe it’ll most likely be 190-200-ish so a bit too close for comfort. Including the ugly 85 to 89 christmas clash, 12/14 of the meeting between these two have gone under 200 on game totals and I was expecting a defensive clash again with Thunder breaking a heavy distance ATS. What do you think of that? Good luck though. I’m on it a bit, so hope they play open and it comes through :)

  178. minty 7 years ago

    Thanks Mr F and Oak

  179. DeAndre 7 years ago

    An early rise Rusty?

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      DeAndre, yeah bud. Needed a nap. My football team is playing and it’s the derby. Can’t miss it :) I’ll be watching the NBA and NHL games as well, but I have a feeling I’ll be falling asleep haha. I rarely ever miss Atletico matches or Champions League but I missed the first half of this one which sucks a bit.

  180. Max 7 years ago

    Who is Jeff and what are his picks???

  181. minty 7 years ago

    Hi rusty watching the early Knicks game on bt sport and yes will have tablet and phone onlol

  182. minty 7 years ago

    Rusty how do you get them all on same screen ? Or is it too long winded

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      minty, I open small window sizes of every single stream, resize them so only the match window is screening then place them each from corner to corner, side to side. Might require a decent connection.

  183. minty 7 years ago

    De Andre couple questions for you ,, what online bookie you use for player performance I have Ladbrokes but they do not do the player performance,, also would uh you say your money line tips are a higher success rate than the players if so by how much roughly ?

  184. Pin High 7 years ago

    GAA result

    Dublin v Cork o32.5 points 4/5 win
    Tyrone win 4/6 win
    Mayo v Kerry o29.5 points 10/11 win

    Nice one if you followed it gbjefr

  185. abbas 7 years ago

    Benteke in, come on ronaldo for another single and the double

  186. Alty Adam 7 years ago

    No massive 9 fold from Mike tonight?

  187. Stueyd 7 years ago

    Let’s see if I can have more success tonight and here are my tips

    6 fold alternative spread
    Bulls -4
    Warriors +1
    Magic +5
    Pacers -6.5
    Thunder -4
    Suns -6

    Pays just over 10/1

    This is my ht ft bet
    Bulls bulls
    Raptors warriors
    Magic magic
    Pacers pacer
    Thunder thunder
    Suns suns

    Pays Just over 80/1

    • Stueyd 7 years ago

      Sorry correction it’s Magic -5

    • Stueyd 7 years ago

      Sorry again!! On the ht ft also add Spurs spurs

  188. minty 7 years ago

    Cool appreciate that rusty

  189. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Paddy minty

  190. minty 7 years ago

    Thanks deandre ,, what do you reckon on stats players and money line where you have more success?

  191. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Probably moneyline not really been keeping track

  192. abbas 7 years ago

    Cam on hope a few looked at it, nice spending money for tonight

  193. Daveybaby 7 years ago

    What bookie takes bets on player performance will hill don’t

  194. abbas 7 years ago

    Another 1

    Vidal, anytime 12/5

    Ibrahimovic, 2+ 5/2

    DoublE pays 11.5/1

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      abbas, if you’re into scorers. thechief nailed some 2/1+ picks today and there’s a pick still To Run with late adopters joining in on the last page of the Top Tips thread. Lots of fun :D

  195. simple simon 7 years ago

    Max Win Double for me Monday

    NBA 12-05am San Antonio Spurs @ 2/5
    with Chesterfield Monday eve @ 4/6 general

    Ladbrokes as good a price as anywhere.

  196. Kasabian 7 years ago

    nascar – kevin harvick 9/1

  197. minty 7 years ago

    Anyone know which bookie does the alternative spread bets ,, Ladbrokes getting worse ,,they only do singles on race to 20 points and do not offer player performance and do not do alternative spread handicap !!!! Time I closed account and move my money I think !!!

    • Alty Adam 7 years ago

      Bet365 does alternative spread counts

    • dave 7 years ago

      bet365 i think

  198. Andy 7 years ago

    2 out of 4 yesterday. My main pick let me down but none the less it’s on to Today.

    Louisiana Tech @ UAB – 9:00pm

    LA Tech have been playing well recently. They’re 23-6 on the Season, playing against 18-10 UAB side who have struggled against inferior teams as of late. When I look at College Games, it’s hard to judge Home Form and Away Form as often, teams have easier schedules than the other. This is why I tend to judge performances on Highlights or Full Games I’ve seen and also Conference Records. LA Tech are 11-3 in Conference Games. UAB are 7-7. Based on recent performances, LA Tech should pick up another win on the Road today.

    The Spread for this one started at -3.5 in favor of LA Tech, but has already been backed and pushed out to -5.5. For this one though, I’m sticking to the Moneyline even though it’s a bit short.

    Louisiana Tech ML @5/12

    To give it some more value, I’m adding in the Golden State Warriors to make it a double. DeAndre already included them in his selections and I like the look of them too. Golden State have been playing well and Toronto is coming off a Triple Overtime loss to Washington. They may be more rested than Golden State but I still think the Warriors can pick up the Win in Toronto.

    Louisiana Tech ML & Golden State Warriors ML
    Double pays just over Evens

  199. Chrlz 7 years ago

    Just noticed im late…
    Ive gotten on the remaining three :)

  200. frago 7 years ago

    What are the nhl tips tonight gentlemen? Struggling to find them in amongst the hundreds of comments as my phone is v poor! Follow this thread religously however don’t comment but thanks deandre rusty and co, if mr f made a donation button for you lot id definitely send a few £ your way too!!

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      frago, the donation button pays for the site costs so it’s for everyone – when changes are made we’ll look to put up several donation buttons and see if we can direct specific donations to specific people.

  201. abbas 7 years ago

    Rust, I love the chief, been a big follower for some time, Chris guy great at finding big bets as well

  202. Eagle1 7 years ago

    Abbas got on ur double but dont think vidal is even on the bench?

  203. DeAndre 7 years ago

    GO JIMMER GO! Haha

  204. minty 7 years ago

    No sweat on the bulls Deandre that’s one in the back of the net!!!

  205. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Hope all the others come in! I’m on one big roll up! NFL and overs and nba

  206. Nicks 7 years ago

    hi all, does any1 kno deandre basetball tips for tonight cant seem to find them

  207. DeAndre 7 years ago

    NHL penguin NFL not until September unfortunately

  208. DeAndre 7 years ago

    They’re on this thread you’re in the right place, you’ve missed the first leg though!

  209. oak 7 years ago

    come on raptors! race to 20!

  210. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Ah yes! :c) here’s hoping! I’ve been brave and just rolled them all into the one bet!

    • oak 7 years ago

      oh penguin…in a system i hope?

  211. oak 7 years ago


  212. oak 7 years ago

    hmm another one in the cordon sanitaire, once you criticise someone [cooldude] about his interactions with trolls and you become a pariah amongst the clan, really nice…

  213. frago 7 years ago

    Okay mr f, look forward to the progression of an already brilliant site. Cheers again.

  214. PenguinsJames 7 years ago

    Oak: Nope! Just in an accumulator!

    • oak 7 years ago

      well, if you also put the race to 20 in them, i’m afraid its done already

  215. honda 7 years ago

    Cmon Warriors!!

  216. FoxInTheBox 7 years ago

    Need the Warriors to turn this around

  217. Striker 7 years ago

    Stueyd, the most dodgiest one in your ht/ft, raptors-warriors, is looking good so far!

  218. Bazil T 7 years ago

    good start to 3rd quarter 59-59 now

  219. Neil 7 years ago

    Very late I know but big thanks to Mike for sharing the 9 fold pick yesterday. A lovely surprise to wake up to today!

  220. newbie 7 years ago

    Guys I missed something can’t find Chicago Bulls on 365 ,?

  221. Bazil T 7 years ago

    newbie it was an early start – that game is over

  222. honda 7 years ago

    Cannot believe what these clowns look like they have done!

  223. frago 7 years ago


  224. gbjefr 7 years ago


  225. Bazil T 7 years ago

    Shame on the Warriors but a good game and the better team won

  226. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Couldn’t watch it but sounded like the ‘Dubs never came to the party tonight…dropped the ball on that one, here’s hoping the player per. can get us back on track.

    Jef 2/4 so far looking good ;-)

    • honda 7 years ago

      I think a bit into the 4th quarter the ball was very much in their court but they threw it away…I think…I don’t now much at all about b-ball :)

  227. barney 7 years ago

    Hello DeAndre. Im new to betting. Where do i go to place a player performance bet on b365? Sorry to be a nuisance. Btw i think what all you guys do on this site is really great :-)

    • honda 7 years ago

      I think its only available on Paddy Power mate :) And the tips on here are second to none :)

  228. barney 7 years ago

    Cheers Honda…that explains why i couldnt find it.

  229. Striker 7 years ago

    Yep, Golden State were leading by as much as 5 points in 4th, but then they started missing long range 3 pointers and turning the ball over as the ball rebounded. Also Stephen curry done a few clangers and had about 3 personal turnovers. It also didn’t help that Raptor’s Derozman suddenly got hot shooting 3 pointers

  230. DeAndre 7 years ago

    And Jefs overs by 1 point….sad face :-(

    Oh well there’s always tomorrow!

  231. frago 7 years ago

    George misses second of 2 freethrows with seconds left on 22 personal pointstp bus the player performance early doors, one of those nights.

  232. frago 7 years ago

    *to bust

  233. luke a 7 years ago

    George on 9/9 free throws, just needs to nail his second one with 13 seconds remaining, misses! Hopefully Durant doesn’t hit enough points, because Teague is well on his way already. Don’t want the treble to be burst by just 1 point. Unlucky DeAndre mate

  234. paul 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tips fellas. Wasnt to be today. No complaints though cantwin em all :-)

  235. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Just found out that one of the Dubs better players during this stretch, Jermaine O’Neal, lost his passport so couldn’t play haha…that’s when you know it’s not meant to be :-)

  236. hitman 7 years ago

    Have a heart fellas

  237. Alty Adam 7 years ago

    I feel so relieved that I changed Jeff’s Pacers bet to over 183. Don’t know what happened in that game as my comp shut down with two mins to go so thought It was lost with the amount of points still needed.

    Unlucky to the usual high-class tippers, no doubt you’ll be back to your winning ways very very soon and please don’t begrudge me for this post as I almost always pick the acc that loses

  238. hitman 7 years ago

    Have a heart guys

  239. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Can’t begrudge bookie bashing, that’s why we’re here ;-)

  240. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Never in doubt 1a1n, much needed win for the thread tonight, cheers :-)

  241. Rustychest 7 years ago

    DeAndre, one of the best 4th quarter teams loses in the 4th quarter to be the let down. No stress.

    Jef, yours was outdone by just a point. Welcome to the club? The 1 point blow was my bane the other day :( Unlucky

    Me, I just simply failed today. I’m so sorry. I think it was due though as I was getting really grand returns from other sports threads including 11/1 picks on football if you noticed.

  242. Rustychest 7 years ago

    1a1n, thanks for saving it with a win tonight :)

  243. paul 7 years ago

    Thanks 1a1n for the nhl treble. Got there in the end :-) . I also did a cheeky 6 way action with 3 nhl teams and the last 3 nba games.cheers again

  244. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Already had a look and Paddy had the games I wanted priced up so I don’t see any point in waiting…

    NBA Bets

    Washington Wizards (1-1)
    Detroit Pistons (1-2)
    Sacramento Kings (8-13)
    Treble pays 4.44-1

    Player Performance. (PaddyPower)
    John Wall(WAS) +20.5 Points (5-6)
    LaMarcus Aldridge(POR) +23.5 Points (5-6)
    DeMarcus Cousins(SAC) +22.5 Points (5-6)
    Treble pays 5.16-1

    Good luck everyone, I’m gonna be asleep all day so if MrF opens a new thread can someone bang these on there? Cheers in advance ;-)

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      DeAndre, new thread will be up soon.

  245. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Money-line treble pays 4.85-1….so tired I can’t even count haha

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      Cheers DeAndre, doesn’t get earlier than that. All the best my man :)

  246. swany 7 years ago

    Had 57p left in acc now 14.30 yippee !

    UCLA @ 1/12
    Manhattan @ 5/12
    Iona @ 1/6
    UTEP @ 10/21
    Louisiana Tech @ 5/12
    UL Lafayette @ 2/9
    ANA Ducks @ 5/11
    COL Avalanche @ 5/8
    STL Blues @ 20/27
    9 Folds, 1 bet * £0.57 02/03/2014 19:52:22 0.57 14.30
    Bet Confirmation – FT0911341527I – Internet Time of bet: 02/03/2014 19:52:22 Print
    No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 UCLA Oregon St @ UCLA
    (Money Line) 03/03/2014 None 1/12 Won
    2 Manhattan Canisius @ Manhattan
    (Money Line) 02/03/2014 None 5/12 Won
    3 Iona Rider @ Iona
    (Money Line) 02/03/2014 None 1/6 Won
    4 UTEP UTEP @ North Texas
    (Money Line) 02/03/2014 None 10/21 Won
    5 Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech @ UAB
    (Money Line) 02/03/2014 None 5/12 Won
    6 UL Lafayette South Alabama @ UL Lafayette
    (Money Line) 02/03/2014 None 2/9 Won
    7 ANA Ducks CAR Hurricanes @ ANA Ducks
    (Money Line) 03/03/2014 None 5/11 Won
    8 COL Avalanche TB Lightning @ COL Avalanche
    (Money Line) 03/03/2014 None 5/8 Won
    9 STL Blues STL Blues @ PHX Coyotes
    (Money Line) 03/03/2014 None 20/27 Won

    • swany 7 years ago

      Thanks again guys for your help,unlucky DeAndre a near miss,you’re still the Demi Moore man!

  247. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Nice one Swany, you can rehire the window cleaners now!

    • swany 7 years ago

      I will give them a call when I wake up again DeAndre,off back to bed,see you later.

  248. DeAndre 7 years ago

    No problem Rusty. All the home teams won today and Durant looks like he’s comfortable with Westbrook again (thank f*ck).

    Wanted to ask you and anyone else with an opinion on the matter…

    Who do you see coming out of the East, West, and who’s going to win the Finals???

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      DeAndre, glad you asked :) I wanted to know your thoughts too, here’s my current list and I’m undecided, but as you see, theres lots of value to be had. Most Likely, Biggest Danger, Fighting Roughie.

      NBA Champion – To Win Outright:

      Likely: MIA Heat (2/1)
      Danger: OKC Thunder (4/1)

      NBA Eastern Conference Champion:

      Likely: MIA Heat (10/11)
      Danger: IND Pacers (21/20)
      Roughie: CHI Bulls (25/1)

      Western Conference Champion:

      Likely: OKC Thunder (7/5)
      Danger: HOU Rockets (8/1)
      Roughie: LA Clippers (11/2)

  249. ccvtips 7 years ago

    great picks 1a1n. thank you

  250. DeAndre 7 years ago

    Spot on but I see the Thunder as the likely winner and the Heat as the danger.

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      DeAndre, definitely. I’m beginning to fear the man in the mask though :) It’s going to be an interesting finals.

    • ticketyboo 7 years ago

      Hi DeAndre no luck this morning I see tonights games on PP but I dont see the money line is it under something else?

  251. 1a1n 7 years ago

    We’re in the money!!! I’m glad the treble managed to hold out for those who were on. That’s 2 in a row so hopefully if my luck isn’t out I’ll go for the hat trick! To all the the tipsters it was an unlucky but together we shall bookie bash again tonight so keep up the hard work!

    Also Unlucky rusty with the islanders and Canucks! I was wary about the picks but watching some of the games I thought you had pulled it off!

    The islanders just suck with out Taveres and I guess you just can’t trust a bad team! And the Nucks have just fallen apart and look like they put 50% effort in every night which won’t win you enough games :( unlucky mate I was fist pumping every time the goals went in for us but wasn’t to be!

    • swany 7 years ago

      Thanks 1a1n put your pics in my acca.

    • Rustychest 7 years ago

      1n1a, I know mate. Really unlucky, but honestly I can’t complain as I had a really profitable and entertaining night around the house with other sports.

      For NHL, Islanders were sitting comfortably at 3 – 1 until the 3rd period blow out.

      I thought Canucks had it but lost their cool after the conceding in the first. That was as good as it gets for Senators.

      For NBA, considering the odds, my Race to 20 treble selections weren’t far off the call. Suns were 19-18 with Hawks ball, their shot was rebounded to Phoenix for a 3 point shot by Frye to take it to 22-18 for the Suns. Almost a 2/1 single there.

      Warriors were 19-17 with Raptors ball, for about half a minute it was shot and miss until Toronto were called for traveling, Curry makes the 3 point shot and that blew out that selection.

      OKC was a much more comfortable selection hitting the Race to 20 Points to 21-14. Thunderous as always :)

  252. Bazil T 7 years ago

    After GS Warriors were defeated, I went with the 2 BB games left to play and the 2 NHL left to play – WIN! Thanks guys amazing tipping…already on DeAndre’s for tonight.

  253. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Bazil I did a similar thing as I wanted to add deandres tips with my own as an extra bet but by time I got around to it the 2 games had already been played so ended up doing the other 2 only :) whoop

  254. 1a1n 7 years ago

    Also deandre, it’s getting to the stage of the season for both NBA and NHL where I like to pick a plucky outsider for the cup! I always try take a look and pick a team that’s going to make the playoffs and could cause a few waves. NHL being my main sport is ok but me not being a huge NBA fan any advice? The bulls were my gut feeling on catching a glimpse of the standing but any advice would be good!

  255. gbjefr 7 years ago

    mng guys 1st thing like to say wel played 1a1n kept our boat afloat last nite brilliant tipping sir/ deandre so close m8 wouldve been beautiful as i stuck ur tips with 1a1ns but hey ho onwards and up wards 3/4 for me losing by 2 sry guys hit the post again!!!!

    • swany 7 years ago

      Not to worry jef,very close mate.

  256. oak 7 years ago

    I know this is gonna sound strange but thanks for the winners jef. Your fourfold was a winner in my book; just checked my slip again and unibet seems to have a somewhat more conservative points system it seems.

    took your numbers and picked the closest to them;

    indiana over 184.5
    okc over 195.5
    raptors over 194.5
    bulls over 182.5

    So i won, thx alot :)

    • swany 7 years ago

      Well done oak,Indiana was 189.5 on mine

    • oak 7 years ago

      Thats a significant gap, in the future i’m gonna make sure to always have a good look and try under the original pick if possible, if odds stay lucrative of course.

    • swany 7 years ago

      Good idea oak,mine was 365,think I checked pp,not sure

    • oak 7 years ago

      Odds on this were x 4.86

  257. oak 7 years ago

    And thx 1a1n for your picks, took a small bite out of that as you said nhl is a bit of a gamble but you made it happen, thx dude!

  258. markb 7 years ago

    well done 1a1n nice picks again and ul the rest of the guys soo close. keep it up :)

  259. Rustychest 7 years ago

    The beauty here is, nobody has been way off. It’s a few point rally on all selections everyday so excellent work by all :)

    • swany 7 years ago

      It is rusty,I was only beaten by 1 selection on 2 other acca’s ,you guys are amazing,thanks again.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Morning swany, morning jef, morning Rusty, morning world :)

    • swany 7 years ago

      Morning raal,great day here,bright and sunny,goin for a run on the beach

  260. gbjefr 7 years ago

    swany, on bet365 there is a alternative point selection you can scroll down to whatever points u prefer, so u dont have to bet on what they initially offering obviously the odds change accordingly

  261. gbjefr 7 years ago

    if u click on ur desired games then click on alternative game points tab ur see it there

    • swany 7 years ago

      Thanks for that jef

  262. gbjefr 7 years ago

    1A1N,RUSTY, sorry to be a pest have u looked at any NHL for later im not around for most of the day just seeing for any early prices… not to worry if not

  263. gbjefr 7 years ago

    ive got 2 overs i like but odds for other games not up yet

    memphis @ washington over 185 5/9

    chicago @ brooklyn over 182 4/7

    ill put another 2 up later unless something special catches the eye and i change a pick

  264. 1a1n 7 years ago

    I haven’t had a good look at the odds but taking a look at the few games we have tonight is suggest going with Minnesota and Dallas! These aren’t finalised as I don’t know odds etc but as a early look for you jef

  265. Max 7 years ago

    Just wanna say thanks to rusty and de Andre I didn’t read till late so missed the early tips and ised de Andre last 2 tips and the ducks from rusty woke up with a nice balance!! Cheers guys

  266. Kendog 7 years ago

    1a1n was on your trebles last 2 nights, super stuff, thank you!

  267. Jamesb 7 years ago

    DeAndre what are your thoughts on Chicago bull away at brooklyn nets?

    Nets are favorite but the bulls have best them the last 3 games (twice away)

    Also bulls are on fire no?


  268. honda 7 years ago

    Super unlucky last night guys! You don’t get any closer than that! Thanks 1a1n for your treble, thanks DeAndre for tonight’s treble and good luck everyone :) Damn Warriors :)

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