THIS is the latest thread from Simon Wright and GillsRob whose strategy on betting on corners has proved popular.

If you have any queries about what they are doing post them as a comment at the end of this article – and watch out for their daily tips on here or the main Mr Fixit thread.

They have put a system out there and no doubt do their research. They can't, however, dictate results. Remember they're doing the groundwork and you're seeing their thoughts free of charge – so take them or leave them. It's your choice.

Saturday tips

Spain Tercera (6pm)
Gernika Under 8.5

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie C (8pm)
20:00 Vila Nova Over 11.5

USA MLS (3am)
Real Salt Lake Over 10.5

Thailand Premier League (2pm)
Osotspa Under 10


Firstly, it’s important to point out we are not professional gamblers following our tips won't guarantee a profit. We are regular punters who share a passion to try to build a system that delivers a high win ratio to bets within a strategy to maximise profits and reduce risks.

We have spent the last year trialling many systems and markets from over 2.5 goals to both teams to score to team goals. However, we were unable to forge a system that produced a win rate over 60%.

After a few months we realised one of the trials we were running was doing particularly well and decided to focus on that.

This was Asian Total Corners. Using corner, formation and some pitch data we were able to produce a decent system. We spent the next few months refining the system and changing the weightings we placed on certain stats to increase the number of winners we had to achieve our target of 70%.

In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

I hope that clarifies what our tips are and why. However, and we feel this is really important. Our 70% success rate is calculated over a calendar month, therefore there are individual days and weeks which are loss making.


Aside from the betting lines the most important area of our strategy is the stake structure. We advise you to divide your bank by 12. This would then be your initial stake (which will allow you to make 12 bets).

The reason we suggest 12 is twofold. Firstly, as I said we do have losses. So if your first three bets are losers you need to have enough bank left to recover from this. The way we advise you count is simply starting from 0. If your first bet wins you move to +1 and if it loses then you move to -1.

Also you need to consider how many bets you place at once and have to have the bank to cover this. On a Saturday at 3pm with a full card we sometimes can have up to eight bets. The figure 12 comes from our maximum number of bets at any one time being 8 and also our maximum minus position is -3.

The risk you need to be aware of is if you are on -3 and you place 8 bets at the same time your bank effectively is more or less 0. So, back to your stake and I asked you to split your bank by 12, so assuming you have a bank of £120 your bet would be £10 per tip.

You are going to count the winners as +1 and the losers as -1 and keep doing that over and over and over again. With a win ratio of 70% you will slowly see it go up. Your aim is to get to about +12. Now I say this is your aim as if our tips were all evens, this would mean at +12 you bank is doubled. In reality the odds on our tips range from 1.7-2.0.

Therefore you actual aim is not +12 but just when you bank is doubled. In the example we are using, from an initial £120 bank and £10 stake, you are looking to reach £240. When this happens you can double your stake and your bank divided by 12 would be £20.

You can carry on doing this over and over or you can raise your stake by £10 every time you achieve the correct bank to do so, so for instance when you reach £360 move to £30 stake, when you reach £480 move to £40 stake and when you reach £600 move to £50 stake.

It is at this point when the strategy becomes most profitable and you then will want to plan when to begin to draw profits (after all that's the whole point) but always reverting back to the £600 baseline and repeating the process.


The other way you can stake, which is a lot easier to manage, is every Monday take your bank and divide it by 12 and that’s your stake for the week. This will deliver faster growth but has greater risk if our tips provide a losing week.

Anything more regular may make it difficult to track the strategy then possibly have an adverse effect on the overall performance.


We only post our selections on Mr Fixit's main forum. Due to busy work and family lives we share the workload equally. Look out for either of us, Simon Wright or GillsRob, usually about 10.30pm for the following day (and including any overnight). This ensures we all get the best odds and also allows plenty of time before the game.

Occasionally we may add one or two in the morning, usually before 10am. Additionally, we do endeavour to have at least one of us available on the site during the day, especially when bets are running.

Finally, there are days when nothing meets criteria, so it is a no bet day. We have no plans to make ad hoc bets in these situations.

I hope that provides the clarification you are all looking for. This system is not thrill betting. It is methodical and at times you will go a whole week and only end up at +1) which is just like winning one evens bet. It's not really for the gung-ho gambler out for fun.

However, if your motivation is purely financial and you have the patience and discipline we believe our picks and staking plan could suit you. For others who do not wish to deposit funds anymore this also could be a good system.

All the best,
Simon & Rob

  1. GillsRob 3 years ago

    The next tip which was posted earlier so isn’t in the header –

    Thailand Premier League
    14:00 Osotspa U10

    Good luck, keep this going

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      GillsRob, added it – off out for a bit to enjoy the sunshine. We don’t see it up here too often.

  2. FF 3 years ago

    The spanish game is a play-off. So the number crunching for this game must be so compelling that it is included i assume.

    Smart work fellas.

  3. GillsRob 3 years ago

    FF – indeed the reverse fixture last week finished under (although didnt make our tips then)

  4. Nzeben 3 years ago

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Thumbs up guys
    Can one bet your tips on marathnbet or is it only on bet365 thanks

  5. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Hopefully some more plus+ games to come.. Bit wary of the Spain play off game so reduced stakes on that one.. Good luck all

  6. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Nzeben – we only use Bet365. Of course you can use others but your odds and line might be different.

  7. Simon wright 3 years ago

    nzeben – we use 365 so all I can guarantee is all our bets are on there.

  8. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Well after a crazy week I’ve finally completed and can be a bit more visible on here. I know Rob has been doing most of the lions share this past week so thank to him.

    Still no wifi for a while and can’t post via 4G but do now have access to wifi here and there.

    Since my last post which was really confirming we were going back to basics we’ve seen the normal win % return.

    I’ve always said to Rob, our aim should be to get to Friday night at 0+ and count any + as a bonus and then get the real + over the weekend.

    This is more of less what has happened this week, although i think we ended Friday about +1 +2 ish.

    The weekend has started well with a winner at the 11am and the 2pm is so far so good. With 3 games left this afternoon / evening.

    Not loving the U8.5 or the O11.5 as markets themself but the stats tell us they should be winners. Also I note the comment about the play off game and again the same rule applies.

    I thought I’d comment on our developmental areas for those that are interested.

    Firstly are main bets, the ones we post on here are now locked down and we’ve decided not to develop them any further other than review the lines we played and didn’t play at the end of every month, for instance we dropped U10.5 and this month we had a lot of winners from it, I’d expect to see that make a come back.

    What this means is lower number of bets and a day or even days with no bets, we accept this and come September it should increase.

    With these main lines we review for the next day in the evening and have them about 10:30pm (this includes and overnights) we then check again in the morning and if we find any to add we do this about 11am. We take turns to who does the first work and who 2nd checks.

    A note on staking – obviously last week was a shocker and made a lot of people nervous or give up. The reason we built the liability of 12 was partly to cope when this happens. For those that held their nerve and kept their stake for this week, should be close to a full recovery now. For those that didn’t and lowered their stake, you will still see recovery but over a longer period of time. At the end of the day they both mean the same thing and for those that want to be successful you shouldn’t be in a rush anyway. Remember – long and boring as promised.

    Recovery is a weird word to use. What if like you all to remember is that we said we make + profit each calendar month , not weekly.

    We will have losing weeks and even after last week, for the month of June we were all still in + territory.

    If you look at it like this, it will help any knee jerk reactions.

    At the end of the day, we are not professionals , we don’t know it all and we are on a journey with this. The reality is that it’s your money and need to make your own independent decision what and howuch to stake. What I do promise is that what we advise on here , we do ourselves and I can honestly say it’s not £1 bets either.

    Finally – development.

    What we learnt is to keep things in development a lot longer than we did and when we are ready to bet on them ourselves we will look to run it separately from these main bets, starting at the normal £120. How we do this on here I don’t know and once we see the Mr F changes in September we will work out the most effective way.

    At present we are in the middle of

    Team corners
    Alternative corner doubles.

    Team corners have been running for a while and we are pleased with its performance which is in + territory. More testing is needed and we also need to add in a safety line so will update further on them

    alternative corners are new and we’ve only had one yesterday which was a winner with another kicking off at the moment. I guess so far so good on them but we will get 20 under our belt before we review further.

    So that’s about it , hope the update was useful and let’s all get behind a strong Saturday and cap it off with a decent Sunday.

    So far so good and as I say Sundays bets will be up about 11pm. Incidentally so will I , painting the damn kitchen….

  9. Danny T 3 years ago

    Could anybody following please give me the prices for today’s bets as I am following on paper still but didn’t get chance to check thanks guys

    • PeteT 3 years ago

      1.8 in Japan and 1.875 in Thailand DannyT

      Happy birthday too!

  10. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Another winner nice one chaps.

  11. Michael C 3 years ago

    2/2 so far today and four in a row. Great stuff! I decided to stick to the £5 stakes this week – as you say, the system is designed to absorb a bad run. Currently on £27 from my starting pot of £60 at the start of the month but good to see the %ages returning. Hope to be back to where I was in a couple of weeks. Highest point was £81 on the 9th, lowest point £10 on Friday. Enjoying the ride. Enjoy your painting Simon – I’m stripping wallpaper and removing tiles…….

  12. Tunnell 3 years ago

    It’s good to see everything’s back on track, of course losers are to be expected but that bad run hit us hard. I’m not one to hide, I reduced my stakes to ensure I could carry on playing. I’m still here and enjoying the money train.

    Cracking write up Simon, it was interesting to read mate. I hope the move went well. I don’t envy you having to paint lol. Let’s hope your winning picks keep you positive with such a mundane job. :)

  13. Simon wright 3 years ago


    Another top tip, Belton house (not only beautiful and has good indoor and outdoor play areas for the kids) also has wifi !!! Hence the post ..

    Next up 6pm

    Ps – Robs on duty tonight, I’m trying out my new cinema (Newark) to watch Jurassic Park

  14. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Spain – wow

    Looks like it could have been 2 doubles

    U12 is there for the brave

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Was trying to cover at U14 @ 1.90 and they just took it down.
      365 annoys me when it does that, and they do this regularly, it’ll come back on in 15 minutes at U11 or the likes.

  15. Tunnell 3 years ago

    We should be so lucky for it to be under on this one lol. Won’t cover shall just take the hit. :)

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      I dont have a choice they pulled the corner betting down !
      I knew it would settle down after that goal so i was happy to re-stake on it again at U14.

  16. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I don’t blame you Brian. Maybe that goal has settled things like you say. Fingers crossed.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Yeah they just came out of the traps at 100 miles an hour looking the first goal, and wernt stopping till they got it.
      Just a pitty it didnt come sooner !
      There was at least one double corner in there to which didnt help.

      Aye id been happy on the U14 @ 1.90,
      As for our U8.5 well stranger things have happened lol !!

  17. Robert miller 3 years ago

    hi guys well done on the early stuff..A question based on curiosity alone..when the British games lace up you think it will be unders /overs Scottish or English games .or do you wait till the pack settle down …or has last season’s stats planted some early seeds

  18. Michael C 3 years ago

    6th corner on 15 mins and then none for the next 45……

  19. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    I began to think that might just sneak home on 8 at 85 mins. Then wham, double corner, lol.

    On to the next!

  20. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Well done @ Brian well covered.

  21. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Bit unlucky on the 8.5 unders as without the lightning start and two doubles would have sailed home.

    Jumped all over under 11.5 (close to that losing) and under 13 before it got pulled down.

    On to the overs which i hate, good luck all.

  22. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – Those bets are stuck in pending on b365, hope there isnt a problem.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Mine didnt get placed, then 365 pulled all corner betting down.
      Raging as that now is a loss that didnt have to be !

      Wont be able to monitor the last one so hope it gets up itself.

  23. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Robert Miller – with all leagues we will wait 6-8 games into a season before using stats to form tips. Last season data isn’t something we use in our calculations

    Disappointed with the Spanish game especially since by the time I was free to cover they had pulled the market. Well done everyone who manaaged to salvage it

  24. Michael C 3 years ago

    come on, lets get a couple of double corners….

  25. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Michael c – Needs a little double

    Bookies still think 10 ish on this game

  26. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – That sucks bud and my under 13 only went on about 5 mins before they pulled it. They have settled now.

    If this vila nova game hits asian line over 8 by 50/55 i am on it

  27. Sean567 3 years ago

    Red card. Hopefully the home team start pounding the away team now and the goalie is a busy boy

  28. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Come on give us 5 in 15 lol

  29. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    The over 8 also has a very good chance with 2 needed in 15

  30. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    9 yellow cards and 3 reds! That must have been some game, haha. I jumped on a very risky under 7.5 that looks like it paid off somehow.

  31. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Nice one on the under Razer

    I jumped on at over 8 and was expecting at least a void when the 7th went in on 70 minutes. Thought it had a strong chance of winning considering the home side chasing and against 10 men.

    Sucking that one up but gained one earlier so that levels out

  32. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Simon – just got a chance to check in with the thread and our bets. Great post earlier mate, gives a good insight of which I’m sure will be a profitable system for us all.

    However, I’m either missing about 8 winning tips or completely getting this wrong because since starting 2 or 3 weeks ago, I am still about £80 down (from £120 start) at the time of writing this. I thought I was being clever too by starting after a -2 day so there could be people nearly wiped out.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the hard work that comes with this, which is why I committed £120 to the system and intend on playing it out no matter what. I’m just wondering if it’s just me, as nobody else seems to have taken issue with what you said about being nearly fully recovered earlier.

    Keep up the good work gents and let’s start this long road to recovery with a good Sunday.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      @ Jaseos

      Yes i am in the exact same boat regarding when we started and the i thought the exact same thing about nearly being even, I couldnt be bothered writing anything as last time i got told by Mr Fixit to go pick my own.

      Look through previous posts every bet is posted with results, so long story short- 1x Winner and 1x Loser = 0 score
      1 bet of 60 wins @ 1.85 = 111 less 60 stake = 51
      1 bet loses -60, so 1 winner and 1 looser is a loss of 9 quid.

      My start bank as of Monday 15th June was 720 @ 60 bets. (i ran the system at 15, 25, 37.50 per bet and had good profit on other bets so decided to go the 720 bank)

      As of this week to today its on a score of 0. (which is actually a loss not a break even)

      12x bets in total = 720
      6x winners of 60 @ 1.85 = 666 (-stake of 360) = +306 profit
      6x losers of 60 per bet = -360

      Thats a total loss of 54 quid for 6 winners x 6 loosers.

      1. Lunjskile O10.5 = +1
      2. Archers Utd U9.5 = 0 (L)
      3. Monjasay U10.5 = -1 (L)
      4. Brann U10.5 = 0
      5. Toronto O10 = -1 (L)
      6. MyPa U10 = 0
      7. Drogheda U10 = +1
      8. Vissel U9.5 = +2
      9. Osotspa U10 = +3
      10. Gemika U8.5 = +2 (L)
      11. Real Salt Lake O10.5 = +1 (L)
      12. Vila Nova O11.5 = 0 (L)
      Its just letting him know why the account is not where he thinks it may be at and clears any discrepancy with the figures.
      All it takes is a good run of +5 and you will be back to level stakes.
      All my bets are on the last thread from start up to yesterday.

      Ive been really testing the system to its limits as my bank was divided by 12 almost 2 weeks ago now, due to the brutal hammering week last week where it hit -9, there was no point re-dividing into 12 again. I said i would run it till i went bust or broke even.
      Im am at -320 quid from 15th June but still in, and have a 400 bankroll = 6.6 bets
      (as i said a good upswing of +5 or +6 will return the bankroll to start level and as youll see from this weeks results we did hit a +4 in a row, and were looking good for it until the last 3 picks)

  33. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Jaseos – I think last week finished -7 on site and this week was running at plus 3 before the last 2 lost which puts the site at plus 1 for this week with one left tonight and Sundays games.

    I think Simon was hoping to get a 2/1 out of the last 3 and go plus 4 for the week with Sundays bet to gain further ground on the -7 from last week

    I also presume Simon meant for the month rather than just the last two weeks.

    Its hard for me to quote exact figures as I have played a few team corners and in plays this week.

  34. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Cheers David – A -7 week sounds about right, that would account for a £80 hole in the account. Was just wondering I guess, how everyone else is going with this and if it’s just me who is this far down??

    • Kev 3 years ago

      Jaseos, I started about 4 weeks ago at £120 and got up to £212 but now at £45 with one bet tonight. Last week was -9 but I am sure the guys will turn it round over the next few weeks.

  35. Michael C 3 years ago

    I’m the same Jaseos – £40 down from a £60 start. Been on every tip from the 4th June – although slight variation in stakes here and there. On £5 stakes now.

  36. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    No worries Jaseos – I started about 6 weeks ago and suffered like everyone else with last weeks damage. I am in for the long run though and have played a few in plays and team corners which have worked out ok this week.

    I started on £360 and sit on £478 (but have 1 bet placed on tonight game) If that wins will be on roughly £540 or stay on £478

    I would have been a lot better but just lost 2 stakes on the last game and should have come out level from it (trying to forget it lol)

  37. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Jaseos – last week was a killer so it has set us back somewhat and there were things that were tried and failed as we have discussed in previous days. We were hopeful that one of this evenings games would have won but not to be. However, getting back to basics this week has steadied the ship and signs of recovery are good. an overnight success would give us good hope going into sunday

    Thanks for all the support and I certainly feel a lot better than last monday.

  38. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Cheers fellas, chins up then and lets make it a killer Sunday. I have confidence you’ll turn it around for us pal, like you said, the signs are there.

  39. jim burnside 3 years ago

    Last week a loved corners this nite not villa nova ovrs done me out 300 ah well ye pay ur money u take ur chance.

  40. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Rob – Most games this week have been quite close and defiantly a better week regardless of the plus/minus as most have had a chance.

    Also pleasing considering we are pre season and obviously reduced cards/selections

    I am looking forward to the team corner development as it must use similar/same maths to your match corner criteria. I have followed a few on site and sit up on those.

    Lets hope for an over night win and at least a plus 1 tom and we could sit on a site plus 3 for the week, which would be welcomed.

  41. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I will back the life out of then lol, keep me interested and motivated to take it seriously.

    It produced unders last night in the Dallas game which i had a bet on from another account.
    1 Under 10.5 FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo
    (Corners 2-Way) 27/06/2015 None 8/11 Won

    I will put it to the test and roll this onto Kansas U9.5 @ 1.95 tonight.

    Under 9.5 Sporting Kansas City v Colorado Rapids
    (Asian Total Corners) 28/06/2015 None 1.950 Won

    I am finding O/10 @ 1.90 in the MLS Portland game tonight, so once again im letting it roll.

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      Please dont follow this is only done out of interest and will continue to roll it till 100 or bust

  42. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Morning all. So the over night game didn’t go to plan. Never mind. Onto a new day. Hopefully we’ll have a pick or two for today.

    Wet and windy here in the Midlands, a big contrast in yesterday’s weather, good old Britain :)

  43. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Good luck Brian,

    Tunnell, frustrating low corner count for the overnight.

    At least the ship has steadied and I am optimistic moving forwards :-)

  44. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Yes David I agree but on we go. At least we’ve had a better week so far. And there’s still money in the pot :)

  45. David Wiseman 3 years ago

    Brian – Just reading up the thread, and it was a shame about the last 3 as a 2/1 or even a 1/2 from them would have put us all in a better position.

    What stats you using for your mls picks?

    Tunnel – It will come good bud and just a matter of staying in the game.

    I have been lucky with some in plays and some team corners this week and hope to be in profit by then end of tonight (will post figures later)

  46. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Shall look forward to seeing them Dave. Best of luck.

  47. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    No probs mrf

  48. Danny T 3 years ago

    Pete T cheers for the info mate and the birthday wishes . Hope all is well with yourself and family

  49. BRIAN 3 years ago

    I will back the life out of then lol, keep me interested and motivated to take it seriously.

    It produced unders last night in the Dallas game which i had a bet on from another account.
    1 Under 10.5 FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo
    (Corners 2-Way) 27/06/2015 None 8/11 Won

    I will put it to the test and roll this onto Kansas U9.5 @ 1.95 tonight.

    Under 9.5 Sporting Kansas City v Colorado Rapids
    (Asian Total Corners) 28/06/2015 None 1.950 Won

    I am finding O/10 @ 1.90 in the MLS Portland game tonight, so once again im letting it roll.

    Over 10.0 Portland Timbers v Seattle Sounders FC
    (Asian Total Corners) 29/06/2015 None 1.900 Won

    Thats 3 from 3

  50. Michael C 3 years ago

    Morning fellas – looks like a cracking one weather wise. Hope to see some balances rise too… Off to work. Will check in later

  51. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lets have a plus 3 or more week, I finished £78.96 up for the week and my stake will £37.98 per bet

    My balance is £455.77 which is £95.76 up since focussing on this way of betting.

    My lifetime bookie balance is -£544.23

  52. Danny T 3 years ago

    Dave great to see it getting back on track for you and the guys mate I am still following on paper . I am right to think that there were no tips on Sunday?

  53. Jaseos 3 years ago

    Danny T – No tips on Sunday that I can see mate.

    Brian – Just read your post from yesterday, thanks for the info, much appreciated.

    I started with £120 on Saturday 13th June and have kept the same £10 stakes. I have just painstakingly gone through all the bets I placed and matched them up to the tips on here and found I didn’t miss a tip. I was fortunate, like I said, that I joined in after a -2 day on Friday 12th.

    My Record:
    week 1 (sat/sun only) – +1
    week 2 – -9
    week 3 – 0

    Total – -8

    My balance reads a shade over £28 but could have been worse so I’m pretty grateful I’m still in the game. If the guys put up more than 2 tips at once, I will have a problem and will either split the £28+ into x-amount, do 1 bet at a time and risk getting rubbish odds, or ask them for the most confident 2 or 3.

    I’m sure it will turn around, as the rot stopped last week… come on fellas, lets have one of those famous 7-in-a-row runs that I have heard about!!!

  54. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Danny – Nothing on Sunday bud.

    Brian – Nice one on the 3 in a row.

    Been a tough couple of weeks but we battle on and I have still enjoyed it.

    Good luck all.

  55. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Why do the comments keep going back to 50?

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      TheBoss, as I’ve said we’re experiencing some technical problems outwith our control. Hopefully be resolved soon.

  56. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Brian – well done that’s really good.

    Sorry been quiet guys, nothing to tip from a small card. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Simon is in a wifi restricted zone and I’ve been busy at work. Don’t worry though tips will be put up here once we have them

  57. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Oh ok thought I was tripping lol.

    Cheers Rob look forward to some corners :)

  58. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Everyone still alive?! :P

  59. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I’m posting from beyond the grave. 35c in my place of work, bloody boiling.

  60. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Yup same here in the office and it’s 32c! No Air con!

  61. Tunnell 3 years ago

    No justice for the workers :)

  62. BRIAN 3 years ago

    It produced unders last night in the Dallas game which i had a bet on from another account.
    1 Under 10.5 FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo
    (Corners 2-Way) 27/06/2015 None 8/11 Won

    I will put it to the test and roll this onto Kansas U9.5 @ 1.95 tonight.

    Under 9.5 Sporting Kansas City v Colorado Rapids
    (Asian Total Corners) 28/06/2015 None 1.950 Won

    I am finding O/10 @ 1.90 in the MLS Portland game tonight, so once again im letting it roll.

    Over 10.0 Portland Timbers v Seattle Sounders FC
    (Asian Total Corners) 29/06/2015 None 1.900 Won

    Thats 3 from 3

    Continuing with the rolling bet
    If this one if wins it will complete my 10 – 100 challange (paying 118.39)

    3rd July 2015
    Seattle Sounders v DC United – U10 asian corners @ 1.85

  63. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lol still here and 1/2 stone lighter from dehydration and sweat and thats just from an office job. I work for the public sector so no air con but a fan provided to move the hot air around :-)

  64. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Good luck Brian

  65. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Lol Dave a fan provided to move the hot air around has made me chuckle :)

  66. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Got like 12 fans in my office it’s no help moving hot air about haha

  67. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Anyone else watching the USA Germany game?

    Makes the men’s games look boring!

  68. Tunnell 3 years ago

    I didn’t watch it mate as I was due up at half five this morning for work. Kinda happy the yanks went through. Germany didn’t deserve to get past France in the last round in all fairness. Shall make the effort to watch the girls tonight tho. Fingers crossed for them.

  69. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Abroad & having issues accessing the site. Correct that there’s been no corners bets for last few days?

  70. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Had over Asian over 12 corners on the USA game it was 12 corners at 65 mins. Went to bed thinking course there will be one more corner!

    Woke up and checked It was VOID! How do you not get one morw corner in 25 mins!

  71. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Sure we had that situation in Sweden (?) couple of wks back TheBoss. Pi55 take :@(

  72. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Yea we did I remember! Should have cashed out but no way did I think there wouldn’t be on more corner! And that was at 0-0 how did USA score with no corners against Germany.

    Least I got my 5 back lol.

    Where is Rob Simon? We’re getting bored I have started betting on my own corners lol

  73. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Glad I’m not missing out. I’m in lanzarote atm & thought accessing bookie sites might have been a problem. Turns out I can access all. Thought though that this site loading issues might have meant I was missing out on a load of winners ;@)

  74. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Just quiet cards at the moment and be nice for normal service to resume in the future.

    Glad the void came in the boss

    Was thinking about a team corner bet tonight but not sure yet.

  75. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    The boss – Was also 1 penalty for each side as well. Even when the game opened for the final 20 it didnt deliver on corners.

  76. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Oopps read that wrong the boss thought you were on unders.

  77. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Been too quiet lads, is it just me checking the posts religiously?

    Thought the lads said there be lots of corner bets today :-(

  78. Michael C 3 years ago

    I keep checking too!

  79. Phillis 3 years ago

    never seen it this quiet! This is the longest I’ve not had a bet in donkeys lol

  80. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Sorry guys for the lack of activity in the past few days. Despite us needing some winners to claw things back, the combination of friendlies and European qualifiers means a much smaller card.

    This system is still truly alive but just suffering from a lack of quality to present any tips.

    Looks like a few more league games around tomorrow so fingers crossed.

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