THIS is the latest thread from Simon Wright and GillsRob whose strategy on betting on corners has proved popular.

If you have any queries about what they are doing post them as a comment at the end of this article – and watch out for their daily tips on here or the main Mr Fixit thread.

There have been some critical comments of the guys and that's not fair. They have put a system out there and no doubt do their research. They can't, however, dictate results.

Remember they're doing the groundwork and you're seeing their thoughts free of charge – so take them or leave them. It's your choice.

The likes of Simon and GillsRob, Raaljaca, Johnb, Ace Venturer and Scott Allott are punters like you and me. They are not pro tipsters so enjoy reading their tips and thoughts and be less critical than you would if you were paying for their services.


Firstly, it’s important to point out we are not professional gamblers following our tips won't guarantee a profit. We are regular punters who share a passion to try to build a system that delivers a high win ratio to bets within a strategy to maximise profits and reduce risks.

We have spent the last year trialling many systems and markets from over 2.5 goals to both teams to score to team goals. However, we were unable to forge a system that produced a win rate over 60%.

After a few months we realised one of the trials we were running was doing particularly well and decided to focus on that.

This was Asian Total Corners. Using corner, formation and some pitch data we were able to produce a decent system. We spent the next few months refining the system and changing the weightings we placed on certain stats to increase the number of winners we had to achieve our target of 70%.

In late 2014 we believed we had a system that worked and started to bet for real on these games. We found our picks were delivering 60%-70% winners consistently and started to show profit.

Our final refinement was in March when we reviewed our results to help narrow down the most successful lines we had used through bet365. Following the test we decided to drop six lines from both the over and under market and only run with the remaining six, which are Over 10.5, 11 and 11.5 and Under 9, 9.5 and 10.

I hope that clarifies what our tips are and why. However, and we feel this is really important. Our 70% success rate is calculated over a calendar month, therefore there are individual days and weeks which are loss making.


Aside from the betting lines the most important area of our strategy is the stake structure. We advise you to divide your bank by 12. This would then be your initial stake (which will allow you to make 12 bets).

The reason we suggest 12 is twofold. Firstly, as I said we do have losses. So if your first three bets are losers you need to have enough bank left to recover from this. The way we advise you count is simply starting from 0. If your first bet wins you move to +1 and if it loses then you move to -1.

Also you need to consider how many bets you place at once and have to have the bank to cover this. On a Saturday at 3pm with a full card we sometimes can have up to eight bets. The figure 12 comes from our maximum number of bets at any one time being 8 and also our maximum minus position is -3.

The risk you need to be aware of is if you are on -3 and you place 8 bets at the same time your bank effectively is more or less 0. So, back to your stake and I asked you to split your bank by 12, so assuming you have a bank of £120 your bet would be £10 per tip.

You are going to count the winners as +1 and the losers as -1 and keep doing that over and over and over again. With a win ratio of 70% you will slowly see it go up. Your aim is to get to about +12. Now I say this is your aim as if our tips were all evens, this would mean at +12 you bank is doubled. In reality the odds on our tips range from 1.7-2.0.

Therefore you actual aim is not +12 but just when you bank is doubled. In the example we are using, from an initial £120 bank and £10 stake, you are looking to reach £240. When this happens you can double your stake and your bank divided by 12 would be £20.

You can carry on doing this over and over or you can raise your stake by £10 every time you achieve the correct bank to do so, so for instance when you reach £360 move to £30 stake, when you reach £480 move to £40 stake and when you reach £600 move to £50 stake.

It is at this point when the strategy becomes most profitable and you then will want to plan when to begin to draw profits (after all that's the whole point) but always reverting back to the £600 baseline and repeating the process.


The other way you can stake, which is a lot easier to manage, is every Monday take your bank and divide it by 12 and that’s your stake for the week. This will deliver faster growth but has greater risk if our tips provide a losing week.

Anything more regular may make it difficult to track the strategy then possibly have an adverse effect on the overall performance.


We only post our selections on Mr Fixit's main forum. Due to busy work and family lives we share the workload equally. Look out for either of us, Simon Wright or GillsRob, usually about 10.30pm for the following day (and including any overnight). This ensures we all get the best odds and also allows plenty of time before the game.

Occasionally we may add one or two in the morning, usually before 10am. Additionally, we do endeavour to have at least one of us available on the site during the day, especially when bets are running.

Finally, there are days when nothing meets criteria, so it is a no bet day. We have no plans to make ad hoc bets in these situations.

I hope that provides the clarification you are all looking for. This system is not thrill betting. It is methodical and at times you will go a whole week and only end up at +1) which is just like winning one evens bet. It's not really for the gung-ho gambler out for fun.

However, if your motivation is purely financial and you have the patience and discipline we believe our picks and staking plan could suit you. For others who do not wish to deposit funds anymore this also could be a good system.

All the best,
Simon & Rob

  1. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Sweden 18:20 Ljungskile
    OVER 10.5

  2. Jon 3 years ago

    Fully agree with the post Mr F, it seems some people on here want money for nothing,we all know it’s not that easy,i doubt they make any on their own…!! None of you tipsters have to share your knowledge but you choose to do so, so from me at least thanks a lot, awesome site and tips

  3. jim burnside 3 years ago

    A feel a lot more at ease when betting overs. Unders is like golf if u hav 10 in the first half ur beat.

  4. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Good luck today and lets enjoy the week, win or lose have some fun with it.

    Jim – lol I used to hate overs and then hated unders and have decided i just like winners lol :-)

    No void today straight win/lose good luck

  5. Sean567 3 years ago

    Hi guys best of luck today. Can I just ask a few questions that are in no way any form of criticism as I’m a big fan of what your doing.
    As youse have said the system was developed over a long period of time and was very successful. How come then that at the first sign of a bad run u say u were tweaking things here and there? Surely these tweaks were not necessary as the system was tried and tested and that’s why it was split into 12, to sustain a bad run? The reason I’m asking is I’m wondering if these tweaks are now interfering with the original and highly successful system and are causing the run of poor results to continue? As I say Im a huge fan and will continue to follow u gents as I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this and this is just me wondering aloud and in no way criticising. I’m keeping the faith gents all the best

  6. Simon wright 3 years ago


    When the major leagues ended we realised we were only buying data from a few leagues which were running through the summer.

    We decided to buy some additional data for other leagues to ensure we had a good number of bets per week.

    The problem was that although the data showed the same info it was in a different format and also didn’t allow us to filter out competition type.

    We used it for a small while in the background and it seemed to produce ok results so went live with it.

    We found using data from all competitions didn’t give us consistency so we attempted to re write our programme to filter out to league games only.

    We managed to do this , but could only really do it using Home stats for home teams and away for away rather than combined which we normally use.

    The results were what you saw last week. I

    It could be our formulas were wrong or just a bad week, we don’t know and have decided not to wait and find out.

    We agreed yesterday to drop all the new data and return soley to the old data we were using previously and the old calculations.

    The means less tips per week for a while but the quality of them should return.

    I don’t think trying to increase the tips in the summer was a bad move at all. But we accept it just didn’t work.

    So the tip today comes from our normal, tested stats as will all tips going forward

    Hope that helps

  7. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Just to echo Simon, we took what we thought we educated risks last week but the results were sadly poor.

    Reverting back to our strongest data is undoubtedly for the best.

    I will continue to soak test the additional data in the background for a while, hopefully to bring it to a level of 65%. Only then will it be considered

  8. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Cheers Simon let’s hope this is the first of many winners and get back into a good run :)

  9. top trumps 3 years ago

    Quality write up Simon. I have been following the progress of this system and an over 60% return will do for me. Good luck and onwards and upwards.

  10. Sean567 3 years ago

    Cheers lads. The response I was hoping NOT hear was “punter pressure”. As to my mind ure system has been successfully trialled and has factored in bad runs so couldn’t see why tweaks were necessary (apart from trying to appease people losing money)

  11. T888 3 years ago

    Thank you Simon and Rob for being so open and honest , very interesting reading what you just said . Quality over quantity every time and please don’t feel pressured . As I said before I’m very much like Dave W , finding discipline , self control and patience whilst still enjoying the thrill of betting . All if which your system has given me . Keep the good work up and thanks again for sharing this with us .

  12. Billy j 3 years ago

    Thanks for your time lads, keep it up, betting is an addiction and most of us all start to full guilty on betting on games that we just don’t know much about. Iv found just keeping it simple 1 small bet a day on btts or just a simple win bet has paid best until we get back to football season. Great watching your progress.

    Keep it up

  13. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Quiet in here today. Bet looking decent at half time.

  14. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Shawcs – nervous tension I guess lol. Three more requireed in 35min

  15. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Probably right mate lol.

  16. Vic 3 years ago

    :-) cheers fellas :-)

  17. Gary May 3 years ago

    Get in!

  18. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Get in!! :)

  19. Daniel 3 years ago

    Like I Said – Overs is the way forward – The WIN is now Guaranteed – No nervous end of the game that could burn it :)

  20. GillsRob 3 years ago

    And breathe………

    Glad to get the first of the week


  21. ross 3 years ago

    Nice one gillsrob/Simon

  22. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Nice one never in doubt!

  23. Razerbwfc 3 years ago

    Well done guys, a good start to the week :)

  24. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Lovely jubbly and one more in the betting bank to keep us going.

  25. Sean567 3 years ago

    Well done fellas. Cheers!

  26. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    The Boss – I will keep going just to see your bank doubled, it might take a little bit longer than we thought but it will be done :-)

  27. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Hope it works out for those of us still following and we can build on some good weeks.

  28. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Cheers Dave!

    Looks like we need a good overs bet to get going!

  29. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Great to be +1 to kick the week off.

    Low card tomorrow but will see if anything pops up .

    Will let you know

  30. Champy R 3 years ago

    Well done Simon and Rob, wasn’t on it but good to see.

  31. GillsRob 3 years ago

    I can see why people prefer overs (once it’s done it’s done) but lest ye forget how successful unders have been. Also if you take a look at any division on a set of fixtures you’ll be amazed at the spread.

    E.g. today Hjk Helsinki won 4-0 today at home, the game produced just seven corners

  32. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Well done rob/si on todays result. Top stuff. It’s pretty quiet up until Saturday. Anything that does crop up will be a bonus, loved the write up earlier. Your honesty is what I really like about this system, it’s so complex and your openness about what went wrong last week is a real eye opener to how meticulous your system is.

  33. Michael C 3 years ago

    Wondering about my staking. Was doing the divide by 12 each week, but this week that leaves me with stakes so small that it will take forever to get back to my starting point. I am on -4 overall, so wondering whether to continue with my original £5 stakes, but as my bank is now down to £20 that leaves me little wriggle room and a minus 4 leaves me bust. However, a plus four week will get me only about a fiver profit on the small stakes… seems a lot of effort. Maybe I should just top up the balance back to £60 and carry on with the £5 stakes…..

  34. Tunnell 3 years ago

    @ Michael c, it’s totally on your shoulders what you do my friend. I think you’ve already answered your own question. You don’t seem to be happy staking little for hardly any gain so you may as well stick the £60 And start a fresh.

  35. David Boyd 3 years ago

    Women’s game playing very wide. Who fancies an inplay asian overs on the corners? Now over 15.5 with England chasing a goal @2.025. I’m on with today’s profit

  36. Tunnell 3 years ago

    What a goal by bronze. Superb, good luck with your bet @ David Boyd.

  37. Simon wright 3 years ago

    At present there are no bets for today. Will update around 11am.

    Unlucky to the guy that went O15.5 – saw that ran close

  38. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Michael C – There is one rule I do stick to lol. I only bet what I can afford to lose, I always think if i lost all my betting bank tom would it cause problems. If the answer is yes then withdraw your money and no point risking it, if you can take the hit then go with it and enjoy the ride.

    It all depends what your comfortable doing

    • Author
      Mr Fixit 3 years ago

      Dave, spot on. A betting bank should spare money – something you’ve saved up for or cash you can do without if you lose. That’s why a betting bank can be any size, small or large, and why level stakes should be used at all times (apart from the one time I added an extra point and almost sent the site into meltdown).

  39. Juangoal 3 years ago

    Lol Mr F

  40. Simon wright 3 years ago

    No bets/tips all.

  41. Alex MS 3 years ago

    Simon/rob. nice pick yesterday, thanks, and glad you are continuing forward with the tried and trusted data..

    I saw on mr fix it thread that someone won on team corners also yesterday – norway ov4.5, and columbia ov2.5 both at evens odds!

    seems like another angle that could be worth considering – team corners?

    wednesday japan v holland WWC ov3.5 holland corners currently at 8/11. may be worth keeping an eye on.

  42. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Cheers si/rob. Have a good day all.

  43. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Enjoy a non betting day lads :)

  44. John smith 3 years ago

    Not too keen on unders but…..Japan v Holland U9.5 crnrs 1.90

  45. Phillis 3 years ago

    for the first time I have gone under my starting stake, I’ve just checked my account and I put fooking under 10.5, what a tit lol

  46. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    John Smith – Good luck on the unders

    Phillis – lol happens to us all at some stage, bloody annoying though :-(

  47. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    John are you placing that under any stat influence or just fancy it bud :-)

    • John smith 3 years ago

      Dave, i checked stats on soccerway and Holland average 3 or 4 last few games while Japan had 5,5 and 6 i think.

    • John smith 3 years ago

      Sorry Japans were 9, 2,5 and 6. Hollands 3,3,4

  48. Phillis 3 years ago

    i know Dave, thing is I knew it was overs and when I clicked on it at odds of 2.0 I thought that was a bit high but still didn’t look if I had the right bet before clicking confirm, so instead of still being in profit I’m down for the first time ha

  49. Phillis 3 years ago

    remember the old saying! Measure twice, cut once!! Betting terms look twice bet once lol

  50. Simon wright 3 years ago

    @ALEX MS

    You must have been reading Rob and my texts all day.

    We have the stats for TCs but it’s a case of what calcs to use.

    We have come up with 2 and decided to run the games tonight through both.

    There were 2 bets which passed both calcs and had a safety barrier or 0.5 corners each.

    These were Holland W O3.5 and Germany U21 O5.5.

    Will be watching both with interest

  51. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Team corners is much like team goals in value it seems so would be nice if can achieve high enough success to be included. Don’t worry though it won’t be showing in our tips anytime soon lol.

    A non bet day is good in the sense it allows us to test a

  52. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Test away gentlemen and be interesting to see what develops.

  53. Alex MS 3 years ago


    haha. That’s good to hear… Thanks for getting back to me guys and good luck with the tests.

  54. Simon wright 3 years ago

    Well 3 winners from 3 for the test today although 2 of them wouldn’t have hit benchmark going forward anyway.

    If i wake up to 4 out of 4 then we will prioritise the testing

  55. Simon wright 3 years ago

    No tips for tomorrow at present

  56. David Boyd 3 years ago

    Most systems through out best selection of the day. Take note if no fixtures meet the parameters set don’t back it. Thanks for the transparancy.100% for the week, let’s only back best of the best.

  57. David Boyd 3 years ago

    For me it’s level stakes per bet per month. If in profit at month end withdraw, if at a loss start again and hoe for a better month next time. Honestly backed most tips blind and showing long term growth. I would be happy to donate to chosen charity if simon/rob have any specifics then please share the link. Many hours of research goes into these tips and on a long enough timeline show that beating the bookie can be done with a structured staking plan and good research. All the best

  58. Danny T 3 years ago

    Watching Japan v Netherlands I am feeling btts yes at 9/4 bet 365 good luck all

  59. Danny T 3 years ago

    Watching Japan v Netherlands I am feeling btts yes at 9/4 Bet365 good luck all

    WIN :-)

  60. Danny T 3 years ago

    Simon your test corner bets came in as well mate

  61. Simon wright 3 years ago

    @David Boyd – great post fella. Having just bought a new house, charity is beginning at home for me. Ie – somehow someone wanted £2k to paint my new house ?!? It’s new and empty..taking the piss springs to mind

  62. Simon wright 3 years ago

    @DANNY T

    4 – 0 on the team corners yesterday was crazy. Question is was it luck? Rob is checking the 3 games today (6 teams) to see if any hit the qualifying period to continue the dry run, he will advise for transpancy on here.

  63. Simon wright 3 years ago

    It’s approaching D Day for me and today it’s solicitor signing day, which means 3 hours on a train to Newark to sign a piece of paper then 3 hours back home.

    Unless Virgin East Coast give me free wifi, I won’t be able to post all day, so look out for Robs posts for any bets today and to view any team corner dry runs he picks.

    thx all

  64. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Danny – Nice btts result at good odds, to early for me :-)

    Also great to see the team corner winners on the dry run, be interesting to see if it can deliver 60% plus to support the match corners.

    Had a little for interest bet on Holland and Germany team corners so thanks for sharing (I added a little liquid to the dry run) :-)

    Simon – Dont forget your pen

  65. GillsRob 3 years ago



    Green Archers utd v Kaya FC


  66. John smith 3 years ago

    Not too keen on unders but…..Japan v Holland U9.5 crnrs 1.90


  67. Danny T 3 years ago

    Simon I wouldn’t have said the Dutch ladies corners were lucky as they probably could have had a few more but the final Dutch corner came in the 91st minute if I remember correctly

  68. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Glad I just checked the thread for a tip lol.

    Am I the only one on it today?

  69. Tunnell 3 years ago

    Me too boss. Cheers si/rob

  70. Danny T 3 years ago

    That green archers early goal will kill this bet in my opinion kaya need to equalise as quick as possible for us to have any hope here

  71. Daniel 3 years ago

    Really no offense – But these Unders show a massive failure since this blog started.

    I have said it before and say it again Over are always a more defit

  72. Daniel 3 years ago

    Overs are always a more Definte – When it’s Done it’s Done – I understand you have this system with a lot of effort behind but how many failed Unders will you take before you at least try and go only for Overs for a while?

  73. David Boyd 3 years ago

    Kaya need to stop chasing the game now!

    • BRIAN 3 years ago

      2-0 down with 55 mins you honestly think they are going to stop chasing the game lol !

  74. David Boyd 3 years ago

    Not likely Brian but we live in hope!

  75. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Oh FFS! 8 at half time.

  76. David Boyd 3 years ago

    Crashed and burned

  77. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Daniel I’ve only seen one overs winner following since the beginning of June what makes you think it’s so much better?

  78. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Maybe we should do opposite as the system says lol it might be a software coding issue Rob :P

  79. Danny T 3 years ago

    Guys the tip itself was a good one stats wise. The goal for green archers just threw an unexpected spanner in the works . The game was being chased and when that happens it appears more corners fly in . I don’t think it’s a case of overs or unders being better I think they are equally problematic for example if you get on overs and there’s only been one at half time . That’s just my opinion

  80. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Hi there

    Just checking, have there been any corner tips since last week as ive seen none on the forum

  81. Shawcs 3 years ago

    Agreed Danny T.

  82. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Gilsbob/simon I see you guys as legends.

    Using my mobile phone the interface is much different, therefore me not being able to easily know Whether you posted tips in the comments.

    Therefore i have been looking religiously maybe 5 to 6 times a day to see if you updated your post.

    Even if you are not able to write a full article, a heads up would be nice :-)

    Once again thanks for your meticulous scrutiny for detail to make this a win for the man and not the darn

  83. Simon wright 3 years ago

    -1 for the day and 0 for the week.

    3 more for today which hopefully will swing us back to + for the week

    Norway Cup 18:00 Mjondalen Norway Cup 19:00 SK Brann Sarpsborg

    USA MLS 00:00 Toronto FC

    Also, regarding the dry testing match corners we will be watching

    Italy o4.5
    Por u6.5
    Uru u4.5

    These pass through both calculations and have a 0.5 buffer so in line with the other match corners from yesterday.

  84. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Marts – our tips are always posted on this page and often included in the header. I use my mobile and have no issue viewing this page/site. Do you have mobile theme switched on?

  85. Danny T 3 years ago

    Just to add Toronto game is 1:00am not 00:00 just incase anyone was struggling to find

  86. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Gillsrob- yeah I do

    Have you got it turned off? Just seems easier to view the posts when mobile theme is on.

    I put a Bet on the other week through Bet365 when it went void, they never explained why.

    I started a few weeks ago being on -2 However i dont think it will be accurate due to me missing quite a few Bet tips.

    I think i have £50 left as instead of £120 i was alittle tight for money so thought id start with £60 instead (as i lost as it -1 a Loss.

    If it is divided by 12 guys then am i placing the maximum of 12 a week. Then if i get to plus 12 which is double, then doubling the stake.

    I apologise as you may have noticed i am relatively new to this site, been on for around 3 or 4 months on and off.

    Are there times that you post comments on tips?

    Thanks ;-)

  87. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Sorry gillsrob I just thought that you guys always posted in the header (just above the charity donations subsection) :-)

  88. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Hi simon wright Sorry for flooding comments section (the hatrick of questions).

    When you put the the football tips for corners what are the over and under ie 9.5?

    Is this part of the weekly divide by 12 strategy for the week?

    Cheers lads

  89. TheBoss 3 years ago

    On the 3 today Simon but unfortunately I’m going to do £5 bets as my bank is on 60 now :( Hopefully increase the bets back up if we have some winners!

  90. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Marts – dividing by 12 a week helps protect against bad runs. However this doesn’t limit you to only 12 bets a week. The division sets your stake per bet for the week.

    As for where the tips are put, we post them here and if Mr F gets time they go in the header

  91. Michael C 3 years ago

    Marts, if you go to Asian Total Corners, it only gives you one option to go over or under. 9.5 is usual, but for the Norway bets today the line is 10.5 and the MLS game is 10.

    Make sure you do the Asian Total Corners line! (not Total Corners)

    Divide your starting bank by 12 and that is your stake. I started with £60 as well, so your bets will be £5. ALternatively you can start again from this week and put £4.16 on (£50 / 12)

  92. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Michael C thanks for your help on clearing that up.

    I were good of you to calculate the figure for me to mate.

    How come simon wright mentioned theee when only 2 been posted. The Toronto game at over 10 and the norway game which is under 10.5

    Thanks again :-)

  93. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Marts – another norwegian game at 7pm. Sk Brann v Sarpsborg U10.5 Asian Corners

  94. John smith 3 years ago

    Another one down. I’ll have to call it quits as the last 8 or 9 days have been horrendous! GL with the system though guys.

  95. GillsRob 3 years ago

    John Smith – No worries, it’s been a rough 10 days. Understand there is a limit for tolerance, but thanks for following. Hopefully we can turn it back around

  96. TheBoss 3 years ago

    What level are you on Rob? What sort of stakes?

  97. Michael C 3 years ago

    this one looking better…… :-)

  98. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Spoke to soon Michael!

  99. Michael C 3 years ago

    I thought I was safe not jinxing at with only 5 after 70 mins! Shoulda cashed out!

  100. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Bet the last one wins as it’s overs lol typical

  101. Champy R 3 years ago

    What happened, still shows as 10 corners, thought it was 11

  102. Gio79 3 years ago

    FF!! i just realized because its the cup theres extra time :(

  103. Michael C 3 years ago

    It was 10 at full time so this should pay out (all bets are 90 mins so shouldn’t be a problem Gio)

  104. Danny T 3 years ago

    It was 11 at 92 mins but seems to have reverted to 10

  105. Gio79 3 years ago

    Thanks for that Michael :) .. let’s hope the final verdict is 10 and it pays out

  106. Shawcs 3 years ago

    I’m sure I saw an 11th corner but then it went full time and stayed on 10.

  107. Champy R 3 years ago

    I’m sure they showed an 11th go in before full time but it didn’t register on the count. Might have been their mistake.

  108. GillsRob 3 years ago

    It was first registered as a corner but commentary changed to off target – goal kick. Either way the corner was never taken

  109. Daniel 3 years ago

    Maybe the 11th wasn’t taken? Maybe the game was called off in the same time.

  110. TheBoss 3 years ago

    I thought it was 11th too!

  111. Champy R 3 years ago

    OK thanks Rob, by the way do your stats show how often the bookies get these right. E.g. when they quote shorter odds one side than the other how often are they correct?

  112. BRIAN 3 years ago

    As its a cup game it wont pay out till after the game has completed extra time and is resulted.
    10 corners so all good !
    Hanging in by the skin of my teeth here, after -9 and a £504 loss last week it was pointless dividing the bankroll by 12 for the new week, so I’m running on from last week, win or bust.
    Even 2 or 3 wins in a row will give some breathing space.

  113. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Champy – unfortunately not but off the cuff doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it. As with other markets I’ve seen 2.00 win.and 1.70 lose feequently.

    The Boss – without going into specifics, over the months I’ve withdrawn a couple of times and also used my bank for various testing so it’s hopped around a fair bet. At the moment im on just £12 stakes.

  114. Michael C 3 years ago

    Me too Brian – I did one stake at the new level and then decided just to up it back to where I was, keeping level stakes from when I started at the start of the month. If the overnight loses I’ve got enough for one more bet – but I did say that if it went bust I’d give it one more go, so even if the next 2 lose I’m going to fill up the bank and go again.

  115. GillsRob 3 years ago

    It’s paid out – phew!

    Onto Toronto to square the day

  116. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Mls game has a great chance and good luck all.

    Very iffy internet connection tonight as wifi is being fixed tom and phone internet has been messing around.

  117. GillsRob 3 years ago

    Dry run results

    Portugal U6.5 – won (6)
    Italy o4.5 – lost (4)
    Uruguay u4.5 – pending

    Current test score – 6 bets, 5w, 1L

  118. TheBoss 3 years ago

    Guess it won haha! Nice one

  119. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    The Boss – Def won bud

  120. Dave Wiseman 3 years ago

    Had a little ht bet under 5 on the first norway game and looked a certainty on 2 at 40 mins. Just about to cash out and g connection on phone couldnt do it. Saw it go to 4 on 44 and thought safe.

    Yep lost on 6 lol with a double on 46 mins (4 in 4 mins)

    Put an extra in play bet on which won to level it out.

    At least the 2nd norway game went our way, safe as houses on 70 mins at 5, de ju vu as when looked again on 10 at 82 mins ish.

    Certainly not booring backing these lol

  121. GillsRob 3 years ago

    I wish it was a little more boring sometimes

    Nothing for tomorrow yet but that doesn’t mean a thing. Hopefully wake to a winner in Toronto.

    Gl everybody

  122. Marts8892 3 years ago

    Hi guys,

    Would somebody be show to check the corners from the Toronto game, as Bet365 have concluded that the over 10 never happened.

    Think the bookies are dodgy with their calculations at time. Just like when you pay cash at the shop….you always check your change ;-)

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