IT was a mixed day for raaljaca with one winner and two losers.

His winner came from the Drammen-Moss game as he spotted a chance to win free money with William Hill going 7-4 Drammen to score and sportingbet offering 31-20 on Drammen under 0.5 goals.

It's the kind of research that makes raaljaca stand out from the tipping crowd.

Surprisingly Lillestrom were held 0-0 by Sandefjord and that beat his first goals bet and even more surprisingly it was scoreless at Molde-Valerenga – and no one woud have predicted that looking at form and stats.

Watch out for any Sunday bets he may post.

Raaljaca loves a goals bet. Forget WDW he will focus on both teams to score, total team goals, match goals and even scorers in a bid to beat the bookies. He will post when he feels confident about a selection – so not necessarily every day.

Anyone who profits from raaljaca's tips can consider making a small donation to the brain cancer unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee or to McMillan Cancer Support Scotland who are real angels when it comes to looking after sufferers. The links are at the bottom of the article.



  1. Yesevil 7 years ago

    Treble for tomorrow:

    England U21 0.5tg
    France/South Korea women O1.5mg
    Italy/Portugal U21’s O1.5mg


  2. darran 7 years ago

    Ralljaca I’m with you long term mate so everything’s cool

  3. darran 7 years ago

    Ralljaca I’m with you long term mate roll on
    Premier acktta

  4. Centrecircle 7 years ago

    BODO GLIMT. U 4.5 MGLS (against stats)

  5. trevor 7 years ago


    Keep the Faith brother

    Good days and bad days we are with you all the way


  6. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Cheers guys :) the way to look at yesterday was 2 losing tips but one winning tip that 100% guaranteed you the equivalent of a better than 1/3 winner every single time you backed it. £20 staked with a £7.50 profit each time.

  7. Daniel 7 years ago

    Raal Mate, the guatanteed Bet was Only avaibale for the few who had a William Hill store nearby?

    Dont find and price for the bet at WH online?

  8. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Thats spot on Daniel so the few who were able to get on all made decent profit. Does a tip on here have to be available to everyone? Will we ask everybody who they hold accounts with before putting up any tips? WH online were 8/15 for them to score but 7/4 in shops which I felt was worth putting up on here and a good few benefited. I have another decent priced one today of the same type but will wait until everyone lists who they bet with so I know if I should post it or not.

  9. AceFace 7 years ago

    Raal as always ready when you are mate and will drop a few bob in the charity tin from it ;)


  10. PeteT 7 years ago

    Another one? Nice :o)

    Had a decent day thanks to you yesterday – that was a top quality spot. We’re lucky to have 5 WH shops in Norwich and I might have visited all 5 to place bets, laying each one as I went along. Easiest hour’s work I’ve ever done – thanks for the cracking spot.

  11. Daniel 7 years ago

    Of course not Raal Mate, just wanted to make sure I didn’t misunderstand and missed a really Great deal yesterday.

    I know you are clever enough not to take any offense from it, it was purely a question so I know in the future if there is any way for me as a Non Uk to get on such trading.

  12. bobo 7 years ago

    OVER 2.5 M GOALS

    Bodo Glint



  13. Adam 7 years ago

    Hello Raal. I bet with 365 and 10bet, but mostly 365 as the other one always has poor odds tbh. However my fear is that 365 have the disclaimer if they had made a mistake with odds then they have the right to revise the payout. They did this yesterday with Chongqing v Guangzhou RF. After the 3rd goal over 3.5 goals was immediately @1.50. At 25 mins when I noticed. Naturally I lumped on hoping for 4th goal. This didn’t win. However 365 later sent an email saying the odds should have been @1.10 I managed to convince them the only reason I went for the bet was because of the unusually high odds otherwise I would not have lumped on. They paid me back my stake thank God. My fear is that this might happen with one of your ‘guaranteed’ bets and if someone lumped on, they stand to lose a chunk of their bank… What’s your thoughts on this?

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Adam, that’s different. Bet365 clearly made a mistake and they’re allowed to make amends. The ones raaljaca points out are not mistakes – they are differences of opinion which allow arbing.

    • robert miller 7 years ago

      talking of mistakes in odds…. i was sifting through the odds for the Ashes series with PP… i looked at the Aussies to be leading at various stages… to be leading

      after the second test 4/6
      after the third test 4/9
      after the fourth test 3/1….

      so i phoned up on the strength of the fourth test betting….. only to be told 2/5….. anything else i can help you with sir…………

  14. Wato 7 years ago

    Testing testing

  15. Charles 7 years ago

    raal who you think will win the spfl championship buddy?

  16. Tony 7 years ago

    Charles he will go for st mirren or hibs

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Tony, I’d rule out St Mirren and can’t see raaljaca going for Hibs. If Rangers sign Eustace, Wilson and few others I’ll be on Rangers to win the league.

  17. raaljaca 7 years ago

    At this present time I honestly cannot separate Rangers and Hibs and also think St Mirren will be close. Without wanting to cause arguments I truly believe the Rangers support have beenb deceived by King as he has no intention of investing big money which makes me think Hibs may well win it if Stubbs keeps the nucleus of last seasons squad and adds wisely to eliminate the ‘bottle’ mentality.

  18. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Tony I would happily see all 3 stay down mate ;)

  19. One team in Ulster 7 years ago

    good afternoon uncle raal, hope all’s well mate

  20. Daniel 7 years ago

    Raal Mate, did you see my message above? Just want to make sure no misunderstanding was made.

    Any recommendations for today?

  21. Tony 7 years ago

    Wilson isn’t a world beater he’s decent,an that other bloke would be a gamble if he is going to be out with injuries. I honestly think after last season it will probably be nip an tuck with rangers and hibs, but st mirren can’t be ruled out either.

  22. Tony 7 years ago

    Ral how can he invest money mate when their is none coming in. An look at the amount of things that need fixed, it’s clearly going to bee free transfers or very little fee’s. Rangers should win it!! a think allan would be a good signing for us along with lewis macleod murdoch dean shiels there’s your midfield rite thier

  23. Tony 7 years ago

    In all honesty ral the premier league fixtures are clearly not as good with no rangers or hibs your not going to tell me u don’t like going to ibrox or easter road revenue is not the same Ross County Partick thistle Kilmarnock dundee, hearts probably won’t be on many televised games unless it’s against celtic

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Tony, Dave King was heralded as the saviour of Rangers and it was pathetic and embarrassing to read. He promised a £40 million war chest and just the other week said they would spend their way to the title. He has not put a penny of his own money in and won’t. This week Rangers need to pay out around £1.5 million in wages etc and that is a good whack of the season ticket money gone. £40 million to spend but a new captain on a free transfer? The amount of gullible people around is astonishing.

  24. Lossie jim 7 years ago

    Charles, just remind us what that quality manager has ever won in football? Brentford told him he was getting punted half way through the season, does that not tell you something. Also the Brentford owner put something around £90 million into the club I believe!! If your happy with the standard of the Kiernan’s well that’s up to you, but a journeyman footballer of many clubs, who has just failed a medical.

    • Mr Fixit 7 years ago

      Lossie Ji, to be fair to Warburton the reason he left Brentford was nothing to do with his ability as a manager. You can’t deny he did a good job there.

  25. Tony 7 years ago

    Are you the doctor did u do the medical, is it not he would rather sign for rangers bigger club than Birmingham.

  26. Tony 7 years ago

    He is going to steady the ship, the figures that get flung about are crazy. A just hope they make rangers better an stop them running at a lose. Am not sure if he will put money in or not.am not impressed with John Eustace either but am happy to c this ww team

  27. Brodie 7 years ago


    I’d just like to correct you on a couple of points you made bud.

    1. Your claimin King said he’ll have a £40m war chest for a team, well thats a false statement, what was said that Rangers will need up to £30-£40m investment as a whole over the next few years, which is correct, and he’ll cover half.

    2. Your stating simply because Eustance is a free transfer, rangers have no money, well how many free transfers happen every window? if a good player is available and free, so what? you dont always need to spend money, and at 35, why would they.

    3. Rangers are losing money every month, yet they are currently concluding deals for players who they will spend a lot of money for, rangers will spend several million this window, watch this space.

    Finally, Rangers have a new board, new MD, new management team, and will have a full new team who havent even been signed, and yet your going off on one already? a balls not even been kicked, and dave kings barely got his feet under the table and youv come to these conclusions already.

    Are you forgetting King and Co spent £8million just on shares to take control of the club? i think theyv put their money where their mouths are already.

    Give them some time before you judge fella.

  28. Harpreet 7 years ago

    Haro Deportivo – IN PLAY BET: 33MINS

    BACK THE DRAW @ 13/10 ;-)

  29. Harpreet 7 years ago

    Deportives Azogues IN PLAY BET: 17MINS

    UNDER 0.5 1ST HALF GOALS @ 10/11 Bet365 ;-)

  30. Brodie 7 years ago

    Well thats kept you quiet for a while Raal lol.

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Kept me quiet? No mate I was out.

  31. PeteT 7 years ago


    I know there’s hardly any time before KO but what do you think Rosenberg for 2+ goals?

    Worth a punt?

    • raaljaca 7 years ago

      Pete, yes mate as they score a decent amount in the second half away from home and Sarpsborg concede more last 45 than first.

  32. Brodie 7 years ago

    So you dont disagree with my points?

  33. Brodie 7 years ago

    Also, your statin Rangers need to pay £1.5m for wages this month, how do you know this? do you work for Rangers?

    Rangers wage bill for players was just £500,000 per month, and 11 have now left, so for you to state we need to pay £1.5m is a wild and untrue accusation from yourself, standard from you though.

  34. raaljaca 7 years ago

    My opinion on your points;

    1. King will not put up £20 million as he will beg steal or borrow to find investment. They are also now paying for a new management team (while still paying McCoist) and a new Chief Executive, while continuing to stump up for the “onerous contracts” like SD’s retail one.

    2 and 3. Eustace is a good player at 35 and a suitable captain? Time will tell but they are announcing Rob Kiernan as well tomorrow? Birmingham, his 11th club, didn’t want him as he failed his medical but another good enough for Rangers? That seems questionable judgement.

    Your last point regarding the £8 million in shares, who did the £8 million go to? It wasn’t Rangers so no benefit there and what about the NOMAD King had lined up to allow the clubs shares to actually become worth something by getting them back on the Stock Market? Another bluff from a man described as a “glib and shameless liar” by the Courts of Law in South Africa. After the farce of seeing Craig Whyte described as the saviour of Rangers it is happening again with King. One last point, King sent a letter to the Rangers shareholders and I quote from it;

    ” Like all of you who read this letter, I have always taken pride in being a Rangers supporter. It is something I inherited from my father who, in turn, inherited it from my grandfather”.

    All fine and well from a True Blue unless you read his interview from March 28th 2014 with Stephen McGowan for the Mail Online where he quotes;

    ” My father was so anti-football he didn’t want me to be a Rangers fan”.

    He is a fraud mate and will be shown to be.

  35. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Read point 1 and open your eyes to what is going on.

  36. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Standard from me? Posted more accurate points on here than you will ever read anywhere else.

  37. raaljaca 7 years ago



  38. Daniel 7 years ago

    Raal Mate, I have Colombia as DC in a Double still open. See you tipping Peru to Score- seems fair indeed, what do you think of the outcome of the game?

  39. raaljaca 7 years ago

    Columbia win or score draw Daniel mate

  40. Lossie jim 7 years ago

    Aye Raal there’s nothing like the ” blind leading the blind”!!

  41. Lossie jim 7 years ago

    The easy answer is don’t come on the site and you won’t have to read it!!”thumbs up”

  42. Jordan 7 years ago

    Sunday – Rosenborg Over 1.5 Team Goals/Stabaek to score 10/11 @ 888 – 5 points (0.92/1 @ 365) **WIN**

  43. Tompa 7 years ago

    Venezuela to score

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