A CRACKING Saturday for raaljaca was followed by a super Sunday as all of his goals tips won.

He backed Madagascar over 0.5 team goals at 1-1 and over 0.5 Benin goals at 8-11 then moved to countries most of us have heard of.

Slovakia scored before the 30th minute at 11-8 and Peru finished the night on a high as they hit the target inside two minutes against Brazil in Copa America.

I'm sure he also tipped Venezuela to net against Colombia (in fact they beat Colombia) but correct me if I'm wrong.

Raaljaca loves a goals bet. Forget WDW he will focus on both teams to score, total team goals, match goals and even scorers in a bid to beat the bookies. He will post when he feels confident about a selection – so not necessarily every day.

Anyone who profits from raaljaca's tips can consider making a small donation to the brain cancer unit at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee or to McMillan Cancer Support Scotland who are real angels when it comes to looking after sufferers. The links are at the bottom of the article.



  1. nalazus 3 years ago

    Top tipping Raaljaca cannot fault your knowledge

  2. Jordan 3 years ago

    Great couple of days Raal will give a donation some point this week.

    Germany Women Over 6.5 Team Goals @ 8/13 @ 888 – 6.5 points

    Over 7.5 Team Goals @ 13/14 @ 888 – 3 points (EVS @ 365)

  3. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wasn’t a tip on Venezuela Mr F but Raal did mention it very early in the game so it would have been rude not to with the day he was having.

  4. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Mr F, it might be worth pointing out that Sunday’s confident boxing tip didn’t come in – don’t wish to sound negative, just wanted to point it out for a more balanced overview.

  5. Recoba 3 years ago

    Button it

  6. Bazza 3 years ago

    What do ppl think of no goal after 86:59 in the Germany women’s match paying a 1.90

    At that stage how hard will the Germans be trying to score . Would only need Thais to keep a clean sheet for 3 mins + stoppage time

  7. Jordan 3 years ago

    I don’t know Bazza, chances are by then they could be losing by double digits so doubt they’ll be fussed on not letting anymore in. The Germans will want the biggest goal difference as possible as Norway are playing Ivory Coast and that could be double digits too. Both tied on points. I think Over 0.5 a goal in the first 10 minutes @ 6/5 @ 365 is worth a look. Posted why on the top tips but yet to place a stake. I don’t like limiting myself to 10 minutes for a bet to win but I’ll see what the consensus is.

    What do you think Raal?

  8. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Horsing around you better shut it and show some respect everyone knows it was a silly boxing tip real was just believing the marketing hype on wilder. Doesn’t matter he made up for it as above

  9. nalazus 3 years ago

    Nothing magic about telling someone to shut it malcolm

  10. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Nalazus do one on your donkey you’re not helping the cause here

  11. Les R 3 years ago

    What sites do you use for team goals?, I mostly use B Victor but I don’t think they have those markets, so I usually end up doing BTTS, had Benin & Peru games BTTS winners yesterday so cheers

  12. WasClueless 3 years ago

    Les R -Just started using BetVictor as well and it isn’t great for team goals apart from in the “big” games. 365 is OK .. but again came be limited for some games (eg Benin no TGS or BTTS).

  13. nalazus 3 years ago

    Malcolm your just a bully behind a keyboard ya muppet.Go back to school & get an education fool.

  14. Yovan 3 years ago

    Woow, there’s some nasty people on this thread. Losing is integral part of betting. That bet lost and it should be mentioned, as I am sure many people went for it. Well done on winners Raal!

  15. Yovan 3 years ago

    And by the way you are not helping by patronizing Raal, saying it was a silly tip and that he believed marketing hype on Wilder. I am sure he had his own valid reason to post that tip.

  16. nalazus 3 years ago

    Horsing is a clueless p*ick and for magic malcolm,well what can you say ,fights behind a keyboard.Come tae Blantyre pal and i will show you how to be a man,ya f*ckin tool

  17. hampy 3 years ago

    To be fair to horsing. Wilder tip was talked about for a good few days but i didnt touch it at them odds. I very rarely stray from football. Some could of gone heavy on it though.
    Raal made up for it yesterday and hel come out and say he wont get them all right. No one does. And level stakes are the best way to go. BUT sometimes its hard not to stray from that when you believe youve found a guarantee.
    Win some lose some. Only way you improve your luck is giving ya head a wobble and moving on.
    Chill the …. Out. Its not easy finding winners at the moment. But most of us are doing ok

  18. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Nalazus you better watch your back after school finishes ill be waiting ya wee turd junkie

  19. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Aye well said hampy. I understand the horse is pissed cause he lost a few grand on rajalca bad advise. Lesson number 1 horse only follow your gut instinct.

  20. hampy 3 years ago

    Horsing was polite the way he put it. And raal will hold his hands up he got it wrong. Doubt horsing had so much on it but most would of had more than a usual stake due to the low odds. Dont think raaljaca would be aggrieved either for it being pointed out. Its not such a big issue its just a lost bet. Move on

  21. iain sutherland 3 years ago

    blantyre lol should that no be blantir |

  22. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Agreed hampy we need to work together and beat the bookies. Together as one we can do this so let’s not argue. Think rajalca is obsessed with wilder so his judgement was clouded but let’s move on.

  23. AceFace 3 years ago

    now now lads this a is a gentleman’s tipping site leave that banter for the boozer/playground…………..raal will be laughing his paps off to this though.

    show respect and move on :)

  24. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Just posted tip on tennis thread if you want to follow and see why they call me the magic man.

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      Your tip is now 7/1 magic, worth lumping on?

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      magic malcolm? is it because you just made your 500 medium stake disappear?

  25. Shashu 3 years ago

    Wilder tip was the beginning of the end for me.

  26. Big C 3 years ago

    Any tips today Raal mate?

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      Big C will look later mate but unlikely as it is poor today.

  27. hampy 3 years ago

    Kr reykjavik over 3 goal line

    Kristianstad over 3 goal line
    both over 1.70 return.
    odds have dropped considerably on these but as an over 2.5 match goal double the returns are evens

  28. raaljaca 3 years ago

    jazza, just another one the bookies love, false claims and fantasy stakes.

  29. David mc 3 years ago

    That’s harsh boys he is magic he made his £500 dissapear ;)

  30. Big C 3 years ago

    Nice on with the golf tip Raal. Everyone seems to be going mad about the boxing and forgetting the Kizzire tip in the middle of it all. Why do people bother spending so much time on here criticising everyone else.

  31. Recoba 3 years ago

    HaHa :) on looking at tips an ye get the above. F’in lots of laughs.

    Mind your tights but ladies as you might get a ladder in them. :D

  32. Horsing Around 3 years ago

    Had no bets on the boxing as I forgot so no money lost from me. Just wanted to say that a round-up of Sunday’s tips were not as accurate as they appeared in the write-up.

    I love you all – including the person who called me a ‘p***k’. Maybe we can go on a date some time.

    Good luck today.

  33. hampy 3 years ago

    Haha horsing. Its fair enough. Only mentioning winners can put a cloud over the whole thing. If someone thinks someone else is constantly winning theyl probably not be bothered researching themselves. Boneidlenessitus.
    Takes 5 mins to check up on someones tip maximum

  34. hampy 3 years ago

    Not sure if todays norweigen games are going to appear yet but viking 2 look decent for goals. For whatever reason theyre not appearing until late in the day or at least some of them

  35. raaljaca 3 years ago

    Buying not bying you illiterate bubble and squeak

  36. Centrecircle 3 years ago

    :) :)

  37. Jordan 3 years ago



    Rosenborg Over 1.5 Team Goals
    Stabaek to score

    9/10 @ Boyles – 5 points

  38. Jordan 3 years ago

    It does if you’re deaf.

  39. jazza bairn 3 years ago

    Poor mr f out on a golf day and he has to come back to read all these trolls on every page today.
    How can grown men not get their head round tips are posted by many very good guys on all mr f site.
    In the end it is entirely up to you if you place a bet and how much you risk.
    I wonder about some people and there state of mind.

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      jazza it always comes from those who crave attention by trying to tip winners but fail time and time again as they no doubt do in all aspects of life.

  40. raaljaca 3 years ago

    5 out of 5 yesterday greasy ;) and bye bye would make it byeing and not bying but then again you are not the brightest bulb in the street :)

  41. raaljaca 3 years ago

    To be fair malcolm you claimed 18 in a row but never actually posted them unlike that other bloke who did actually tip and post 18 winners in a row at an average of 21/20, cant remember the guys name but my god he is good!!!

  42. raaljaca 3 years ago





  43. hampy 3 years ago

    Viking 2 at 5pm
    over 3.5 match goals @ 1.80
    last head to head finished with over 3.5 gls. Home side viking 2 have had over 3.5 match goals in last 6 matches. Only doubt is away side not having as many goals in games. So check up before staking as not my most confident today

  44. Centrecircle 3 years ago

    Ive found it all entertaining :) ;)

  45. Centrecircle 3 years ago


    poor/difficult card today so small stakes advised

  46. Harry 3 years ago

    This is one of the funniest threads I’ve read through in a while. Not wanting to fuel the fire as some people are really deluded but very entertaining if you don’t take any of it seriously!

  47. Jorge1877 3 years ago

    Raal, are Bermuda playing in the African Cup qualifying? Can’t see it on Flash scores.

  48. Jordan 3 years ago

    Jorge its a World Cup Qualifier. Kick off is 11:30PM if that helps.

  49. PeteT 3 years ago


    In my old job I used to have to deal with the wrong ‘uns. When I joined we were told that most of the people that I would deal with were either Mad, Bad or Sad. I soon learned there was a 4th category they didn’t teach us about – DELUDED!

  50. AceFace 3 years ago

    Asia WC Quals Jorge1877

  51. Jorge1877 3 years ago

    Just realised its Central America! Haha I’ve got African football on the brain after the weekend! Great tips with Algeria & Madagascar btw!

  52. Centrecircle 3 years ago

    Harry the funniest bit are the three players in your gravatar….all played upfront for my beloved liverpool…lol oh sorry ive woken from my dream! :)

  53. Harry 3 years ago

    PeteT it’s just a couple of attention seekers looking for a reaction. If you don’t take them seriously and give them much of a reaction they’re pretty harmless! Sounds like a few of these are a combination of all 4 anyway.

  54. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pete, in most cases they are all four :)

  55. Maxwell 1986 3 years ago

    My England Brazil btts +win and double came in nicely. £72 from a fiver. Plus a free 10 pound free bet as Colombia let me down on a 7 fold! I think the Germany and Norway women games are easy money. What do people think of the Copa America game tonight to make a treble ?? Any advice will be grateful :)

  56. derp32 3 years ago

    Jordan most of the time you are on all fours :D waiting for raaljoker to put up a goals related sh*t punt.

  57. Bazza 3 years ago

    Decided to go with no goal after 86:59 in the Germany women’s match @1.90

    Germany already have a +6 advantage over Norway so will top the group
    1.90 is too big odds to pass up for no goal to be scored in 3 mins+ stoppage time

  58. Jordan 3 years ago

    **Posted on Saturday**


    Australia Over 2.5 Team Goals @ 10/11 @ Co-ral – 11 points

    Extremely overpriced in my opinion. Kyrgystan conceded against Bangladesh in their opening game. Conceded 6 in two friendlies against China in December (2-0 and 4-0) and lost 7-1 against Kazakhstan in September in another friendly. Tim Cahill, Mile Jedinak and Wellington Phoenix’ top goalscorer Nathan Burns are all in the squad.

    **Still 10/11 @ Co-ral, but other bookmakers have them priced @ 4/6, 4/5 and 7/10. Make of this what you will**

  59. Jordan 3 years ago

    Bazza, they’ll only top the group if the better Norways goal difference remember who are playing the weaker side. Both teams kick off at the same time so at half time they’ll be seeing what the scores are in each others games, which could decide the second halves. Good luck thought mate. I’ve got 0.5 a point on Over 10.5 match goals in the Norway game and Over 12.5 in the Germany game pays a 314/1 double @ 365. You never know with these ladies.

  60. craneguy 3 years ago

    ha ha ha good laff on here too………… great stuff ;)

  61. hampy 3 years ago

    Skied 2 inplay over 1.5 fhgls @ 1.72

  62. craneguy 3 years ago

    Jordan, just in and looking through the goals in wwc, one a mite have a pop on is

    Norway o7.5, Germany o8.5mgs double 9/1

  63. craneguy 3 years ago

    ps no goals markets on wh and limited on pp for some reason, 365 looks best to me

  64. trevor 3 years ago

    If certain people want to follow someone on this site they should follow and not complain when a tip goes down

    They always complain and make fun of the losses but never give credit when they have a winner

    I follow Raal, Mr F, Johnb and the Corner kings and accept that they will not get it right every time.

    I always back to level stakes and never cover or cash out and can safely say all four have made me a profit over the last few months.

    Raal Excellent tipping yesterday

    Keep the Faith


  65. Harry 3 years ago

    Jordan I think I’ll have a couple of pennies on that too. Will at least make things interesting if we have a goal crazy first half!

  66. Jordan 3 years ago

    Crane I thought about taking the smaller markets for a double similar to that but I thought I might as well make it interesting. Harry, fiver for me mate. Why not. Hopefully Sasic and Mittag are starting for the Germans.

  67. hampy 3 years ago

    Skeid 2 over 1.5 fhgls won @ 1.72

  68. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Ok guys going to bet big to try and win the grand inlost earlier on niculescu. Going for milonic to come back from a set down against ward @21/20. Grand on this!!! GO THE MAGIC MAN

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      Brilliant stuff malcolm £2000 staked today with £50 profit :) now thats magic ;)

  69. craneguy 3 years ago

    kristianstad v lunds 42 goals between them in last 5 games

    0-0 ht ffs :(

  70. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    The magic man coming back guys!!! Raonic breaks about to take 2nd set!! Never doubt the magic!!!

  71. Daniel 3 years ago

    One of the STRANGEST things:

    My Coral account was frozen and I thought it might be because I had entered the wrong password a few times a few days ago.

    So I gave them a call:

    “the account have been closed by the traders, we cannot do anything about it, we will issue a refund”

    For fCK sake?!

    I have only placed small bets (50-100) and also I know I am not even in in any big profit through them last months. They have been one of the bookies I have been less successful with.

    So my time at Coral is over?

    They do offer great prices now and then, like Jordans suggestion for tomorrow.

    • Centrecircle 3 years ago

      DANIEL-try appealing or open ‘ another’ account with them

  72. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Hope you got on everyone!! Profit at the end of the day ensures ill be back with more magic tips tomorrow. Signing off folks and remember if its not magic it aint malcolm! !! Peace and love yall

  73. craneguy 3 years ago

    couple of mad wans

    Norway o7.5, Germany o8.5mgs double 9/1

    Norway o10.5, Germany o12.5mgs double 284/1

    Jordan, could only get 284/1 on 365 on your SS, bookies dream……….. :D

  74. Jack Warner 3 years ago

    Danny Wilson leaving Hearts to spend another season in the Chamionship with Rangers, must be a kick in the teeth for hearts fans.

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      Why would it be a kick in the teeth? His lack of ambition is understandable as he is not good enough for the Premier League and joining a Championship level team makes sense. No loss to us.

  75. Jack Warner 3 years ago

    Daniel – dont worry if they dont want your business theres plenty of other bookmakers, and coral dont offer the best prices usually anyway.

  76. Harry 3 years ago

    Well done magic mushroom but be wary of chasing losses. It screwed me over Saturday

  77. windy 3 years ago

    Montenegro U21 -1 handicap and the first goal just went in.
    There should be a couple more goals yet looking at the stats on bet365

  78. windy 3 years ago

    Montenegro U21 -1 handicap and the first goal just went in.
    There should be a couple more goals yet looking at the stats on Bet365

    LOST 12 Shots off target just 2 on target!!!!

  79. Jack Warner 3 years ago

    A player who captained your team to a canter of a title win?

  80. Jack Warner 3 years ago

    He sees the bigger picture thats all, continue playing for Hearts, who, if he stayed there, would be lucky to win another medal in his career.

    • raaljaca 3 years ago

      Wilson captained us but was probably not in the top 8-10 players who performed consistently over the season and at times was a liability. Cannot see how the hope of a Petrofac medal is seen as ambition at a club where any monthly wage is seen as a bonus ;)

  81. Capone31 3 years ago

    Raal, are you on Gleneagles tomorrow? Ladb’s had it @1/1 earlier

  82. Luke 3 years ago

    Just reading down the posts. Is this malcolm guy for real?? And everyone thought Harpreet was bad lol. Or mabe it’s the venture he’s been working on

  83. magic malcolm 3 years ago

    Thanks raal remember any win is a good win. Ill take 50 quid anyday. Watch and learn tomorrow son and your dodgy boxing tips will be a distant memory. Screw them haters raja well get more winners tomorrow.

  84. Jordan 3 years ago

    Calling it a night at HT. Can only blame myself for trusting women to do a mens jobs. Terrible finishing.

    Germany Women Over 6.5 Team Goals @ 8/13 – 6.5 points **LOSE**

    Over 7.5 **LOSE**

    Over 10.5 & 12.5 Double @ 314/1 – 0.5 a point **LOSE**

  85. raaljaca 3 years ago

    For you providing a tip would be seen as magic :) 3/10 loser then 5 straight winners, now thats magic Championship Boy :)

  86. liam foreman 3 years ago

    Whats gleneagles a horse?

  87. liam foreman 3 years ago

    Wer @ fix it?

  88. liam foreman 3 years ago

    Ascott I see

  89. Author
    Mr Fixit 3 years ago

    calacoe, it doesn’t need to be said that’s why – just adding flames to the fire.

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