Sunday, Glebe Park, 3.05pm, live on BBC ALBA

THE day has finally arrived – as newco Rangers start life among the lower echelons of Scottish football.

SFL membership has brought with it inclusion in the Ramsdens Cup and the tournament will enjoy it's highest-profile game ever with the eyes of the world on little Glebe Park – infamous hedge and all.

Rangers will be short-priced favourites for every Third Division game they play this season and it's the same story for their first outing against a side from a league above them.

Brechin will be no walkovers but it will be interesting how they handle the occasion, a full house, live TV cameras and probably more journalists at one game than they see the whole season.

There will be certainly be circus in Angus and you'd imagine Rangers players will take in their stride. Boss Ally McCoist has lost star players such as Allan McGregor, Steven Davis, Steven Naismith, Sone Aluko and Steven Whittaker but retained the likes of Lee McCulloch, Lee Wallace and Neil Alexander and coukd feature Ian Black and Andrew Little as trialists.

Rangers have retained enough quality to comfortably beat sides like Brechin and I'll be on them to make a winning start. Best price is just 1-3 at Coral so look at -1 at 4-5 with Paddy Power or Rangers/Rangers at 4-5 with the same firm.

I can see Gers making a fast start and Paddy Power go 10-11 for any team to score in the opening 20 minutes and there could plenty of goals. I don't see anything like the 12 at Elgin v Arbroath yesterday but over 3.5 must have a chance at 1-1 with Coral and Paddy Power.

Throughout all the trouble times at Ibrox, McCulloch has remained staunchly loyal to the club and would be fitting if he netted the newco's first goal. I haven't seen too many first-scorer prices but the former Scotand midfielder is 4-1 with William Hill.

Brechin are a biggest 13-2 with Paddy Power but I can't see many takers while the draw pays 5-1 at Skybet.


Rangers -1
(4-5, Paddy Power)

First goal in match before 20 mins
(10-11, Paddy Power)

McCulloch to score first
(4-1, William Hill)

  1. Paddy 12 years ago

    3-1 Brechin to beat Sevco.

  2. Fraser McBirnie 12 years ago

    Now we can get on with things, after all the hassle and drama we just want to play football. We are looking forward to our new journey.
    We haven’t had any ‘official’ pre season games, plus we have lost our best players but the players we have still got should still win. I wonder if edu, boca and goian will play??

    Anyway I’m hopefull and going on -2 at 2-1

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Fraser, not sure about the Americans but even without Rangers should be strong enough.

  3. Steven Duncan 12 years ago

    How I miss the days when we used to bt the ‘Celtic football and athletic club’ hah memories

  4. Steven Duncan 12 years ago

    Paul how about
    Brazil ht/ft 1/2
    Rangers to win by 2 3/1
    Elfsborg 29/20
    Standard liege 4/6

    £20 pays £490

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Steven, individually they all look decent shouts but when you start rolling them up there is the danger of one letting you down. But it’s s good return if it comes in.

  5. jamie smith 12 years ago

    THE rangers 4-1 happy days!

  6. James Coyle 12 years ago

    Ayr United stunned me yesterday after losing to East Stirling. I fancied them strongly and backed them accordingly on the handicaps.

    Luckily I had a bit on Airdrie Draw No Bet at 4/1 so it wasn’t all bad.

    Today I’m on Rangers minus 1 goal (4/5) minus 2 goals (2/1) and minus 3 goals (9/2).

    I reckon Rangers will come out all guns blazing and sweep Brechin to the side. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

    Should they win convincingly at Brechin, I doubt we will see handicap prices like this again in the coming weeks when they face teams in Division 3.

    Good luck to everyone getting involved today.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      James, I agree you with on both counts. Ayr was a shocker but that’s the Ramsdens Cup for you. Rangers should win well and you’re right about the handicaps. If they win their first couple of games easlily they will all but disappear.

  7. Celtic1888 always have been and always will be 12 years ago

    Hi Paul any odds for the European midweek matches available yet?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      I’ve seen some Euro prices and there was talk last week about Celtic v Helsinki. I’ll be putting up some tips on match days.

  8. Guy Walker 12 years ago

    Dya think think Rangers not being able to play any warm up matches be a factor Paul? Im a Rangers fan, but odds a bit skinny. Brechin also beat ICT in a friendly midweek…hmmm..maybe one to observe rather than wading in?

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Guy, I’m sure McCoist will have them well prepared and they’ve been playing behind closed doors. My opinion is Rangers will win by more than one but myabe not by four or five. Don’t read too much into the Inverness result because you can’t do so with friendlies. For a lot of teams it’s about gaining fitnesss and not results and a lot of times the smaller team will raise their game.

  9. Guy Walker 12 years ago

    Was at Hampden in midweek. Japan were pretty impressive against Spain…very fit and despite being a Spain fan..if truth be known Japan shooda won by a few. They are 8/11 to win today against Morocco. Djurgarden in Sweden have drawn 1-1 in 9 outa last 11 matches. think I’ll have wee double on Japs/Djurgarden draw.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Guy, saw some of that and Japan looked decent, especially before Spain went down to 10. Got to agree with you on a Japan win.

  10. andy waite 12 years ago

    Rangers -1 (4/6) and Brazil olympic (1/6) both William Hill.Comes to just shy of evens.£205.14 stake returns £398.88

    Going for 3 even money bets in a row,in my quest to do 6 in a row.

    wish me luck and all the best to everyone.

  11. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Steven you needs to get your facts right my friend. Celtic only changed name due to a legal matter. Nothing similar to Rangers so sorry to disappoint you.

    Celtic changed from being a Private Limited Company to a Public Limited Company.

    By becoming a Public Limited Company, Celtic could issue shares to raise lots of Funds to Rebuild Celtic Park which really shot the club up in the world. Becoming a PLC created 14 million for the club.

    The problem only occurs when a new entity is formed, in other words a brand new club or a Phoenix Club.

    So for all you dillusional Rangers fans, stop clutching at straws please.

  12. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Good luck Andy, good result for Barcelona last night mate. I might start doing that too but think I might be too tempted to collect when it gets to the £1800 mark

  13. andy waite 12 years ago

    Rangers team….

    Rangers: Alexander; Broadfoot, Goian, Bocanegra, Wallace; Black, Hutton, McCulloch, Macleod, Little, McKay
    Subs: Gallacher, Cole, Naismith, Crawford.

    Thats a lot stronger than expected, black and little are classed as trialists due to not being able to get registered till nxt week.

  14. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Andy you say 6 singles but your really doing 12 mate as your picking doubles. I would have just went with the Rangers bet and leave out the 1/6 shots as one if them might kill you. If you win this bet I’d keep the money until the season starts back and avoid putting money on friendlies

  15. andy waite 12 years ago

    chris guy,, I may also be tempted to do the same at the £1600/1800 mark but see how strong i feel about the bet i pick at the time. Will consider splitting it into 2 even money bets instead, one wins one fails i am still at same amount. I really want to win £3500-£4000 if possible this season. See how it goes, its all about having the bottle lol, I may not even bet the £400 lol

  16. Guy Walker 12 years ago

    Great/nice atmosphere at Hampden Paul. Lots of Spanish and Japanese fans, kids, grandparents, really colourful. Nice day out. Downside wiz the “catering” in the concourse…crap I thin is the word. About 6 people in front of me took 25 mins to get a couple of cokes, pies n water. Fella in front of me was 1/2 hour before he got served, he wizna wonder!! If ya didnt like pies chicken curry, bean and cheese and steak you were in trouble..cos there was nuthin else!!

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Guy, going by your catering comment you’ve been spoiled.

  17. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Andy where do you get your team news from?

  18. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Andy go big or go hone is the way to go mate. Think of it as you only losing £50

  19. andy waite 12 years ago

    Chris, Its not singles i am doing, betting around the even money mark is the bet. I want to do it it 6 times, doubling the money each time.I very rarely pick friendlies, but barcalona was easy for me to pick.

  20. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Lee Wallace 25/1 first goal

  21. andy waite 12 years ago

    team news from official rangers site, just announced.

  22. andy waite 12 years ago

    someone asked about european prices

    hills celtic 4/11 helsinki 6/1

    Panathinikos 4/5 v motherwell, impressed with that, thought they would have been shorter.

  23. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul hoping to get a decent price for Charlie Mulgrew on Wed for first goal. Going to back him every week for first goal and anytime scorer. Hope he does well. I’m going to try and keep a record of all my bets for the season to see how much profit/loss over the year.

  24. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Paul another thing I was thinking about doing was picking first goalscorers and doing singles on them to score first goal but doing progressive betting. For talking sake pick a striker say at 4/1 and betting £10, £20, £40, £80, £160 so you need to start with £310 and he needs to score the first goal in 5 games.

    Scores in 1st game = £40 profit
    Scores in 2nd game = £70 profit
    Scores in 3rd game = £120 profit
    Scores in 4th game = £250 profit
    Scores in 5th game = £490 profit

    What you think Paul. You would have to be pretty unlucky to lose 5 in a trot wouldn’t you, especially if it is a prolific striker your backing. £300 not too much to put out either. I personally think you would make a tidy profit consistently over the season.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, if you are doing this take a look at first-scorer stats. For a player who nets 20 a season I think he scores first about five or six times. This is a strategy you’ve worked out and it might be good for you but I tend to take each game as it comes and hope to win on the day.

  25. andy waite 12 years ago

    Chris only drawback is a prolific goalscorer wont be 4-1, 5/2 11/4 is more likely, so changes profits dramaticly.

    i record all my bets, last season profit was £2120.

  26. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Andy ok 4/1 for the likes of a Celtic striker but I’ll stick my neck out the now and say that you will get a minimum of 3/1 for any striker in the world (other than Messi). You would even get 3/1 for Ronaldo

  27. Steven Duncan 12 years ago


    First did you read my comment properly? Did I call celtic a newco? Away and gies peace

  28. andy waite 12 years ago

    Ronaldo was 7/4 for first goalscorer in lots of league games last season,I bet it often enough. Am not condeming ur strategy, really hope it works.

  29. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Steven I’m a little confused. What exactly are you referring to? You know exactly why you said that. You implied that you missed Rangers beating the old Celtic, implying that they are a new Celtic now. Celtic FC always have and always will be since 1888.

    Where are Rangers stars on their shirts? Perhaps tainted titles? What you think my friend.

  30. Steven Duncan 12 years ago

    Chris please don’t call me friend I put it on as a light hearted dig at paddy for his sevco comment. Nothing to do with you at all! This is not the place for that debate I come here for the football tips and some light banter. My world will be a happy place without your comments thanks.

  31. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Steven no bother mate.

  32. andy waite 12 years ago

    Take the old firm banter elsewhere guys, most folk are fed up listening already. This is a tipping page.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Andy, you’re right about the Old Firm comments and there are plenty of places to make them and this is not one.

  33. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Steven your posting it on a public forum and did not direct your comment to Paddy. No need to get upset her all I’m saying is your your saying anything whether it be light hearted or not at least make sure it’s factual otherwise you look, eh, stupid.

    Looks like Paddy’s prediction could be a possibility. Hope you had tons of money in it Paddy (you see I directed that comment to Paddy)

    Chillax my friend (mate)

  34. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    I know Andy I’ll apologise on behalf of Steven. See all the trouble you have caused with those comments Steven. This is not the place for trying to wind people up.

    Let’s bash the bookies.

  35. oldpunter 12 years ago

    Personally, I think first goalscorer is the classic mug’s bet. If you can make that pay, I take my hat off to you but the bookies love those bets – prices are usually shocking value.

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Oldpunter, regulars on this site will know Chris has done well with first scorers but you have to be prepared to win some and lose plenty.

  36. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Oldpunter I disagree. First goal scorer bets in my opinion is great. I make most of my money on these markets. Especially if you bet £50 or £100 on a Goalscorer at a time all you need is one big win to recoup losses.

  37. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    I often put £50 on midfielders at 28/1 etc

  38. andy waite 12 years ago

    Poor poor rangers. Back to Square 1 next week, undettered.

  39. John Henderson 12 years ago

    Rangers found there correct level at last i see.

  40. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    I agree, I don’t think Rangers will fly through the ranks to get back to SPL. There is no way Rangers are going to win 3rd, 2nd and 1st consecutively. Can see one or two tumbling blocks

  41. Mr Chris Guy 12 years ago

    Stumbling blocks that would be

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Chris, some interesting comments from Charles Green in the morning papers and looks like Dean Shiels is signing which should be a good addition. Once their squad is finalised they should be OK. Should have been more cautious with the Brechin but they should have won at a canter after the start they made.

  42. Craig Whyte 12 years ago

    Hi Paul what’s the best price available for my hometown club Motherwell
    and there Greek opponents .


    Has there season began yet?


    Craig Whyte

    • Mr Fixit 12 years ago

      Craig, as has been said Pana’s season hasn’t started, Well are 4-1 at BetVictor and 4-1 with bet365 to qualify.

  43. craig alves 12 years ago

    panathaikos league starts 24/8 but decent enough price at 4/5 for them to win, think they’ll be too strong for m’well but hope im wrong, im thinking -1 at 12/5 but you can get 4/1 well wi betvictor

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