PACERS are still fighting for a better seed in the east and should win in Sacramento tonight.

The Kings' home field advantage is very minor as at the moment, instead of cheering, protesters angry with a police shooting that killed an unarmed Sacramento man have interrupted two of the team’s past three home appearances. Indiana win.

Double that up with an all west showdown with OKC heading to San Antonio. The trouble with such a low spread is getting the alternate spread right, but I like OKC here despite the Spurs playing well. The Thunder have won 2 of 3 against the Spurs, losing in OKC by 3 points, so hopefully the Thunder can cover here.

NBA Double

  • Thunder +6 (1am)
  • Pacers -3 – (3am)
  • (4-5, bet365– 5 points
  1. shauncpfc 4 years ago


    OKC max alternate is +5 now would you still be confident with that?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Think they’ll win so yes mate.

    • shauncpfc 4 years ago

      Glad I did it when I did now the most you can get is +3.5!

    • red_ryan 4 years ago

      I can only get the +3.5, Jordan you think it’s still worth taking that or too risky ?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Yes Ryan mate

  2. dazid316 4 years ago

    MLB Bet For Tonight

    6 Fold @ 19.25/1 (£5)
    NY Mets ML
    Astros ML
    Red Sox ML
    Brewers ML
    LA Dodgers -1.5
    Diamondbacks ML

    #Opening day

  3. radu 4 years ago

    Combo @ 2.02
    – Kings – Pacers – under 209.5 @ 1.44
    – Warriors – Bucks – Warriors +1.5 @ 1.40

  4. Jordan 4 years ago

    Line has moved because of Aldridge a GTD I imagine

  5. mar10bet 4 years ago

    Gave reasoning for Pistons earlier on other thread and adding Pacers & Heat as they chase down playoff position.

    Pistons ML
    Pacers ML
    Heat ML

    6/4 @ bet365 (additional 7.5% bonus) – 2 points

  6. nick 4 years ago

    Blake out tonight for the Pistons

  7. Jordan 4 years ago

    Heat -5.5
    Thunder +4
    Pacers -1.5

    11/10 @ 365 – 2.5 points

    • red_ryan 4 years ago

      Jordan thunder +9 is available now that with a pacer win is 1.53 now

  8. nick 4 years ago

    Anthony Tolliver is expected to start for Blake tonight and should benefit the most in his absence, I’ll be taking him o8.5 points @skybet

    • nick 4 years ago

      Also had 9+ points 6 of his last 7 games. ?

    • nick 4 years ago

      Sky already changed it to o12.5 :(

    • nick 4 years ago

      Tolliver has 10 points with 11 minutes left in the 3rd. ?

  9. shauncpfc 4 years ago

    Why have OKC dropped so much?? Now underdogs when they were favourites!

    • nick 4 years ago

      Lamarcus Aldridge is playing for the Spurs

    • shauncpfc 4 years ago

      Such a heavy change leading to them becoming favourites? Huge movement

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Can’t see how Aldridge is a 5 point swing ?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Somethings not right here?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Players like Harden, Curry etc would only move a line 2 points maximum. Seems weird. OKC still shaded on the +, we’ll see what happens I guess ??

    • shauncpfc 4 years ago

      It does seem pretty weird for such a huge change, are OKC actually In the building ready to play.. ?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Westbrook must have died ?

  10. shauncpfc 4 years ago

    Westbrook, Brewer, Adams, Carmelo, George. Looks strong to me.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Don’t jinx it! Carmelo will destroy us again ?

    • shauncpfc 4 years ago

      Ready to watch it ?? Hoping for good things from the Thunder !

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Same. Should be a playoff atmosphere ??

  11. egzon87 4 years ago

    indiana pacers -7.5
    golden state warriors -4.5

    personally going high stake on this double , good luck

  12. shauncpfc 4 years ago

    Thunder meltdown in the 4th quarter costs them the game but not our handicap. Now it’s the Pacers job ??

  13. nick2 4 years ago

    I’d take the push on the Pacers but Thad Young missed 2 free throws at the 2 minute mark with the pacers leading by 6.. So close

    • shauncpfc 4 years ago

      One of those nights last night, everything was close and could of gone either way so like you say will take the push on the Pacers. At one point they were down hard, same with OKC so to return with anything and be in profit is a decent night ??

    • Jordan 4 years ago


  14. mar10bet 4 years ago

    2 pushes but it’s all profit still with zero loses. Let’s take it to them tonight again.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      The 11/10 landed for me but still sour on that -3 ??

    • radu 4 years ago

      Congrats !!

  15. mar10bet 4 years ago

    Nuggets in 10th are terrible on the road (one of the worst in the league) and have lost 5 of last 7 away with top scorer Gary Harris still out injured. Recent defeats for the Thunder kinda put them in a must win spot here with the Pels coming up next who are 1 place back in standings but also only 2.5 games separate 5th – 10th. Other than the Grizzlies this is their easiest game with 6 to secure their playoff place and this could also knock a team out of contention in that race. Thunder have also won 7 of last 10 times these 2 met. Anyone else think 5/8 is a decent price or any reason to back against?

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Denver don’t defend like the Spurs, but they do throw up the three a bit (which is how the Spurs beat OKC last night). I’d be fearful of that low spread.

      In other news, KD was ejected and Iguodala now injured for the Warriors…

      Rockets still looking the team to beat for me.

  16. nick 4 years ago

    Interesting stats about the 76ers

    76ers net rating this season…
    Both Embiid and Simmons on floor: +15.8
    Simmons on floor without Embiid: -2.5

    • mar10bet 4 years ago

      76ers are now 1/4 on ML. If Schroder sits again though I don’t think it’ll matter that Embiid didn’t travel. Last 3 home games Hawks had they were beat by Bulls (7 points), Thunder (12 points) & Hornets (12 points). I think I’ll take the 76ers to pad out an acca anyway.

    • nick 4 years ago

      I do agree, they have players that don’t get the credit they deserve. Saric has been killing it and Covington is back in decent form yet all people want to talk about is Simmons.

    • mar10bet 4 years ago

      It was you that got me looking at him nick! haha. I missed your player prop last night. Stupid sleep!

    • nick 4 years ago

      I picked him more for the shooters around him than his passing ability. :D
      Tolliver was only available for like 10 minutes before Sky realized that Blake was out. ?
      He did go overs on the adjusted line too, was a pretty good night. I tend to lump on bets like that because they don’t come around too often!

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Fultz in the line-up has made them better too ??

      Do like Philly tonight but will wait for shootarounds as we’ll start seeing the questionables soon. Do you guys use rotoworld?

    • nick 4 years ago

      Yea i’m constantly refreshing Rotoworld, that’s how I got the heads up on Blake last night. Some of the Rotoworld guys twitter accounts are pretty good too as they retweet all the team news just before Rotoworld posts it.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Good stuff fNick. Can’t get much better than Twitter as thats where it goes before rotoworld ??

  17. mar10bet 4 years ago

    I had said previously that after getting embarrassment from Hornets by 61 points there would be no reaction from the Grizzlies as we’d have seen it before that loss. I was wrong! Since then they’ve ran Lakers close and won the last 2 (last game was Blazers who were only missing Lillard from their recent good run). You could see the intention from Bickerstaff the last few games that he’s wanting his team to try. The spread sits @ 15 points and in their last 8 games the Grizzlies haven’t covered that only once and it was the Hornet humiliation that shook them into 2 wins and a close defeat. Jazz are more known for being a top D team and are just wanting the win to then focus on TWolves away Sunday for a playoff position match in the conference. Jazz have only covered 15 point spread once in last 6 games and that was against a G-League type Warriors. They’ve also split there last 6 games and none of them were top form opposition. Anyone else think this line is too high to cover and the handicappers have got it wrong?

  18. mar10bet 4 years ago

    Right I’m feeling lucky so here we go….

    76ers ML
    Rockets ML
    TWolves ML
    Thunder ML
    Nuggets\Thunder under 224.5 (Total)
    Bucks ML
    Bucks\Lakers over 220 (Total)
    Grizzlies\Jazz – Grizzlies +14.5 (Spread)

    40/1 @ bet365 (additional 30% bonus) – 0.5 points

  19. mar10bet 4 years ago

    I think OKC need the win tonight and bring with it playoff intensity as the Nuggets need the win too to aide their own playoff chances but home court advantage and just a better team shades it for Thunder.
    As discussed Embiid is out for 76ers but they still have more motivation for the win and Hawks don’t with draft in mind. Suspect Schroder sits & Bazemore out tonight meaning 76ers have more than enough for the win.
    Rockets @ home to Suns & Jazz @ home to Grizzlies added to gain extra 5% on the bonus.

    Thunder ML
    76ers ML
    Rockets ML
    Jazz ML

    6/5 @ bet365 (additional 10% bonus) – 5 points

  20. Jordan 4 years ago

    Had a look at some of the NFL draft markets today, and there’s only really one pick with ‘value’ Sam Darnold is tipped to go as the first QB, but it could be anyone of five if you ask me (Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Mayfield and Jackson) Taking Jackson number one would be unlikely, but when the great Mike Vick says that Jackson is better than he was coming out of college, you should take notice. Probably won’t be a starter but he should light up the pre-season.

    Anyway, back to the pick in question. Calvin Ridley is dubbed the best WR in the draft, and I’d agree on that statement. He’s not a receiver with size, but in comparisons I’d line him up with Antonio Brown, Golden Tate or a Jarvis Landry type player. Regardless, he has the talent to be the first picked receiver over Courtland Sutton. Just for comparison, the only other market available from what I can see is 2/5 for Ridley.

    Calvin Ridley First WR Drafted @ 4/6 @ 365 – 6 points

  21. Jordan 4 years ago

    Timberwolves should be focused on the playoffs coming off a career high night for Towns. Starting with Dallas, three of Minnesota’s last six games are against teams that have already been eliminated from postseason contention. Minnesota has had its way against the Mavericks, winning the three previous games this season by an average of 14 points.

    Double them up with Lillard returning to Portland after the birth of his son this week (which is why he sat out the Memphis loss). Portland are yet to lock up the 3rd seed with San Antonio only three games back, but the Clippers are on the outside looking in, so they should be competitive. However, this has been the best Portland team since the departure of Aldridge, and the home fans know it. The only trend I don’t like about this pick, is that the home team has lost in each of the three games in the seasons series so far.

    Timberwolves -2 – 1:30AM
    Trail Blazers ML – 3:30AM

    EVS @ 365 – 5 points

    • nick 4 years ago

      Big fan of anything against the Mavs at the moment.
      Lakers/Mavs game was close the other night in the fourth and they brought in Collinsworth, Motley and Kleber all guys that aren’t in the rotation.
      Pretty much just handed us the W.

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Nice tank method there ??

  22. radu 4 years ago

    Combo @ 4.32
    – Griezzlies +20.5 @ 1.35
    – Mavericks +11.5 @ 1.34
    – Cavs/Pelicans – under 236.5 @ 1.35
    – Hawks +14.5 @ 1.32
    – Bulls +11.5 @ 1.44
    Hawks +8.5 @ 1.80
    Mavericks + 7.5 @ 1.75
    Grizzlies +15.5 @ 1.85
    GL Gents

  23. radu 4 years ago

    Gl in the new season Dazid , will join you this season. Later in April will have my bets , till then i want to see how it goes , one question – you bet on Japan League ? Thanks !

  24. nick 4 years ago

    How are the Lakers favorite against the Bucks with Lonzo out?
    I know Hart is back tonight but it seems a bit weird with how many good players the Bucks have..

    • Jordan 4 years ago

      Maybe the b2b road games are too much for Milwaukee ?

    • nick 4 years ago

      Could be right, just seems weird as Luke said at the press conference before the last game that he’s going to stop playing the starters so many minutes and play some of the G league guys more because our season is over.
      Every time I’ve bet against the Lakers they’ve won so I’ll be avoiding that game. :D

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