IN two minds with what to go for after the sad news of Pop’s wife passing.

The Warriors realistically should win this series 4-0 the way they’ve played the first two games but obviously the Spurs will be playing for something a little extra tonight. It's still a low spread considering and should be covered.

Realistically the safe pick should be Klay Thompsons PR&A. Primarily used for scoring over the past two, he’s still topped this total in points alone (ok missed by 0.5 a point in game 1 but still would have covered the PR&A).

He’s been on fire from behind the arc too and has hit his points total in his last four outings.

Jordan's Tip

  • Klay Thompson (Warriors) Over 27.5 PR&A
  •  (8-11, bet365) – 5.5pts
  1. dazzler 3 years ago

    DET Tigers o8.5 hits @ 1.86 *won*

  2. primetime 3 years ago

    NFL Draft props so far:

    Vita Vea to be drafted within picks 1-15 (Was evens, now 4/7)
    Sam Darnold first QB taken (8/11)

    With more markets being offered now that the draft is a week away, Lamar Jackson to be drafted within picks 1-20 priced at 6/5 appeals. The following is also extremely appealing as Jordan had previously mentioned. Calvin Ridley to be the 1st WR drafted is currently 8/11 at Ladbrokes, and with an odds boost, that will take it to 3/4. Which I am all over.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Jumped in that 8/11 cheers @primetime ??

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Can’t wait to see who pulls the trigger on Jackson!!

  3. nick 3 years ago

    On it Jordan and nice one Dazzler!
    Klays FG % has been unreal so far considering I think he’s only had one or two layups.
    Showed he can do a bit of playmaking last game too.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Yeah the boards and assists have been minimal but points alone should be close to this. Offence goes through him and KD so certainly has a chance from a guy who’s had a 38 point quarter ?

  4. dazzler 3 years ago


    MIL Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.83

    Having another go tonight for a bit of interest.

  5. Jordan 3 years ago

    For the record the price was 4/5 but that’s my error ??

  6. juan 3 years ago

    83/100 on Betsson for your pick Jordan ??

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Never heard of it Juan but still decent odds ??

  7. nick 3 years ago

    Can’t decide if I should pull the trigger on Rondo’s assists or not..

    • Jordan 3 years ago


  8. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pop will not be at game 3 yet the spread is going against the Warriors ? Hmm…

    Philly ML
    Pelicans ML
    Warriors ML

    16/5 @ 365 – 1 point

  9. Jordan 3 years ago

    Also Joel isn’t cleared but could still play for Philly hence the line movement. Like Nick said a couple weeks ago it will be interesting to see if he makes them better or not when he returns. 150% profit being offered on my Philly Eastern champs pick ?

  10. nick 3 years ago

    Tempted to take some Whiteside player props now Embiid is starting, he should see a lot more time tonight.

    He’s back. Embiid will reportedly wear a mask and goggles in his return to the lineup after missing 21 days.

    Will be interesting to see how he handles wearing those.

    he attempted more 3-pointers with Whiteside guarding him than any other player in the NBA this season (6-of-11, per
    Pretty interesting.

  11. Jordan 3 years ago

    Pretty remarkable read on the Process here ??

  12. Jordan 3 years ago

    Close but no cigar on Klay, 16/5 treble ever was a breeze for the consolation…

  13. Jordan 3 years ago

    Who thought the Pels would be up 3-0 btw…

    • nick2 3 years ago

      Playoff Rondo getting it done!
      Pulled the trigger on his assists thanks to your gun emoji yesterday and he got his 11th on his last touch of the game. ??

  14. dazzler 3 years ago


    LA Angels o7.5 hits @ 1.80

    MIL Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.83 *won*

  15. Jordan 3 years ago

    No write up tonight just going back to my usual gut after some line movement.

    The Celtics have obviously been the better of the two while their two games at home, and that should continue on the road. Even if they lose here I can’t see it being by double digits so I’m taking a nice alternate and doubling it up with the lower alternative over which has landed over both games. Third times a charm.

    Celtics +10 & Over 197 Points @ 19/20 @ 365 – 4 points

    • nick 3 years ago

      Can’t wait to watch Drew against Terry tonight, someones going to get their feelings hurt!

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Yep taken tomorrow off to watch tonight’s games ??

  16. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Bottled your treble yesterday and split it to a 76ers single & Pel / Warriors double. My confidence has been broken recently ? still a winners a winner. Took a couple of points nibble on celtics @ 11/5 this morning as I just didn’t see much from the Bucks that makes me think they’re unbeatable. Plus Celtics are just way better coached. Anyone touching the Cavs/Pacers game? I’m thinking Pacers as you take away that big start in game 2 and the Pacers have been the better team so home court should tip it their way. ? Also fancy the Raps in Washington. Would be speculative but that’s a 10/1 treble. Going to have a good look and put something up. Be watching the Celtics game with interest anyways so just invested 4 points on yours Jordan. Should be a good game.

  17. Jordan 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t be the worst 10/1 in the world mate ??

  18. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Can’t get away from the Pacers stats in game 2. That would have won most games. Cavs win through LBJ’s massive game and red hot start is masking the fact the rest of the Cavs have been poor. Oladipo’s early foul trouble also hindered the Pacers who still got it to 3 points. Pacers have been the better team, look really focused and have home court advantage.

    Pacers ML

    4/5 @ bet365 – 5 points

  19. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Pacers have thrown the game away and it’s only half time. Just playing bad and down 17. Like nick mentioned the other night I think the new strategy is backing against what I think will happen. Fingers crossed for that Celtics game!

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      They’re winning ???

  20. mar10bet 3 years ago

    WTF is going on? ?

  21. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Cavs are 39-0 leading going into the 4th quarter so just covered @ 5/1 Cavs ? No shame in that is there? ?

  22. Jordan 3 years ago

    Would love the Cavs to get knocked out in the first round. 76ers ??????

  23. Jordan 3 years ago

    LeBron ?

  24. nick 3 years ago

    Need Giannis to get 20+ Points and 8+ Rebounds for a 15/1 Rab ??

    • Jordan 3 years ago


  25. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Good luck @nick. We’ve got plenty to watch out for in the late game. Canny wait.

    • nick 3 years ago

      Good luck @nick. We’ve got plenty to watch out for in the late game. Canny wait.

  26. Jordan 3 years ago

    Nice one Mar ??

    • mar10bet 3 years ago

      19 point swing! 39-1 now Cavs ? 3 points up by covering but plumps are pumping now for the Celtics game.

  27. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Who gets LBJ next season as surely they become favourites straight away! The guy is immense. Is there still talk of George & LBJ to the Lakers?

  28. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Plumbs! ?

  29. nick2 3 years ago

    What are these refs doing?

  30. nick2 3 years ago


  31. Jordan 3 years ago

    I passed out guys. Safe to say the over is the play in game 4.

  32. Jordan 3 years ago

    ?s ML & Over 206.5 @ 49/50 @ 365 – 5 points

  33. dazzler 3 years ago


    ARI Diamondbacks o8.5 hits @ 2.15

    LA Angels o7.5 hits @ 1.80 *lost*

  34. nick 3 years ago

    Imagine if Philly didn’t draft a bust ?

  35. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Blazers swept out the playoffs as I requested after they done us ? come on Rockets. TWolves look up for it but Rockets started sloppy. Hopefully they turn the screw soon.

  36. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Rockets have been so disappointing tonight. TWolves killed it in the 3rd and this game is done unfortunately.

  37. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Early lines are appealing.

    Celtics/Bucks over 204 @ 10/11
    Warriors/Spurs over 203.5 @ 10/11
    Wizards ML @ 11/10
    Pacers ML @ 10/11

    1 point lucky 15 placed

  38. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Wizards are 7 for 7 @ home in the playoffs over the last 2 seasons! They looked great against the Raps last time out.
    Pacers come
    Back from 17 down @ HT in game 3 and have the chance to head back to Cleveland @ 3-1 being the better team in this series.
    I just can’t see any way the Spurs win tonight. They’re just not good enough never mind all the issues around the club with Pop & Kawhi
    Bucks looked really good against the Celtics but I can’t take the win so sticking with the reduced over.

    Wizards ML
    Pacers ML
    Warriors ML
    Celtics/Bucks over 196

    19/3 @ bet365 – 1.5 points

  39. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Pacers ML

    10/11 @ Bet365 – 5.5 points

  40. Jordan 3 years ago


  41. Jordan 3 years ago

    Fair play to the Pelicans for sweeping Portland. Never saw that one coming. Playoff Rondo is a beast, and the scariest thing about this team? Boogie Cousins has been injured half of the season…

    Think we see the second sweep tonight with the Warrior sin San Antonio. Pop will not attend game 4, and that’s already throwing a white flag in my opinion. Guaranteed Klay’s PR&A land tonight, and another player I looked at who’s totals have landed in the last two is Andre Iguodala’s. Over 18.5 is a very nice EVS @ PP

  42. Jordan 3 years ago

    Would help if I posted my tip ?

    Warriors ML & Over 195.5 Total Points @ 5/6 @ 365 – 6 points

  43. nick 3 years ago

    I’m surprised how low the overs are in the Celtics/Warriors games, thought they would’ve been a little higher with them going over in both of the first 3 games.(Except one that was 205 total and the overs were 205.5, but I always take alternate lowest so that wouldn’t have mattered!)

  44. dazzler 3 years ago


    MIL Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.71

    ARI Diamondbacks o8.5 hits @ 2.15 *won*

  45. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Celtics managed to squeeze the over and showed more than enough in the 2nd half to back them in game 5 @ the Garden.

  46. Jordan 3 years ago

    Here comes those NBA gods ?

  47. Jordan 3 years ago

    That wide open three from Green was probably the worst air ball I’ve ever seen ?

    Watch the Spurs get blown out in Oakland game 5 ??

    • nick 3 years ago

      Every time I watch the warriors I wonder how Draymond is an all-star…

  48. dazzler 3 years ago


    MIN Twins o6.5 hits @ 1.74

    MIL Brewers o8.5 hits @ 1.71 *lost*

  49. Jordan 3 years ago

    50 point quarter from Houston last night ???

  50. dazzler 3 years ago


    CHI Cubs o7.5 hits @ 1.74

    MIN Twins o6.5 hits @ 1.74 *lost*

  51. primetime 3 years ago

    NFL Draft props so far:

    Vita Vea to be drafted within picks 1-15 (Was evens, now 8/15)
    Sam Darnold first QB taken (was 8/11, now 1/3)
    Lamar Jackson drafted within picks 1-20 (was 6/5, now 8/11)
    Calvin Ridley first WR drafted (8/11 still with betfair)

    Poor odds but Quinton Nelson over 5.5 looks an absolute banker to me at 1/2. Imagine spending a top 5 pick on a guard when Barkley is still there or when teams are willing to pay a ransom to trade up!

    Denzel Ward under 11.5 at evens also look value as THE number 1 corner in the draft. Bucks, 49ers, Bears, Raiders all need help at DB, just depends on who they go with.

    • primetime 3 years ago

      Ladbroke continue to provide value… another one that I really like:

      DJ Moore to be picked in the first round 6/5

      Serves as a bit of a cover for the Ridley bet as he has been moving up the positional rankings, at the same time, both bets can land which will be the ideal situation here.

  52. Jordan 3 years ago

    Test those waters again.

    Celtics ML
    Heat/76ers Over 207

    EVS @ 365 – 3 points

    • Jordan 3 years ago


  53. Jordan 3 years ago

    Nah. Giving too much off the season profit back now. Next season gents ??

  54. juan 3 years ago

    Next season or next round of playoffs!?

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      We’ll see Juan. I’m going to go with because there were so many options while the reg season was still in-play I had more choice to narrow down my strongest selections. While I still like selections during the playoffs, my options are obviously narrowed down.

    • juan 3 years ago

      Its very tough to predict when its not the usual one off game…

  55. dazzler 3 years ago


    NY Yankees o8.5 hits @ 2.1

    CHI Cubs o7.5 hits @ 1.74 *won*

  56. Jordan 3 years ago

    Only selection sticking out is the Rockets -4 and I don’t trust the Thunder at home. Jazz will want nothing more than to end it in OKC so expect another heated match-up. One to watch most definitely ??

  57. primetime 3 years ago

    Probably sick to death with all the draft props now. Yesterday I mentioned Quinton Nelson Over 5.5 was a good bet that came at a poor price. Well, Skybet is offering Nelson to be selected with picks 6-10 at 5/6.

    Providing Colts and Bears don’t become trade partners, I can’t see Nelson going past the Bears. For this to happen, we only need one of either Giants, Browns or Broncos to trade down, and everything else should fall into place.

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Excited to see what the Packers will do. We have a lot of picks so I’m hoping we trade up in the first round into the top 10 at least. We’ll either go corner or edge rusher. I know you think Darnold will be number one but there has been a lot of talk over the last few days about Mayfield going first. Either way its an exciting draft, clearly QB for the first pick, but then its anybody guess who’s going at 2.

    • primetime 3 years ago

      with about as top heavy a draft as there has been in recent years… teams in the teens should defo consider trading up or down. Vea could be a play for the packs too, or trade down for Landry / Alexander

      I have been a baker fan for a while now, would be happy for him to go number 1. To me, it’s between hi and Darnold. Allen is not worth the first pick if he can’t even throw catchable balls ?

  58. Jordan 3 years ago


  59. dazzler 3 years ago


    NY Yankees o8.5 hits @ 1.95

    NY Yankees o8.5 hits @ 2.1 *won*

  60. nick 3 years ago

    Completely forgot about taking the teams in do or die situations best players PRA, I think they’ve all gone over so far..

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Makes sense in the playoffs. Westbrook game 6 ??

    • nick 3 years ago

      It’s tough between Russ and Playoff P, prior to the last game P was getting more minutes however I feel like Russ will be out there a lot tonight. Hard choice!

  61. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Trend has the Bucks beating the Celtics tonight with the total going over. Over is 8-1 in Celtics last 9 overall. Over is 8-1 in Bucks last 9 home games.
    Over is 5-1 in the last 6 meetings in Milwaukee. Seen enough from the Bucks in game 5 to take them on home court with the Greek Freak going back up to nearer 30 and the total soaring.

    Bucks ML
    Celtics/Bucks over 200

    13/7 @ Bet365 (additional 5% bonus) – 3.5 points

  62. Jordan 3 years ago

    More talk on Matfiekd going number one! Excitement is real!!

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      Damn autocorrect! Mayfield*

  63. Jordan 3 years ago

    The generic Goodell boos. Every year ???

  64. Jordan 3 years ago


  65. dazzler 3 years ago


    TEX Rangers o7.5 hits @ 2.0

    NY Yankees o8.5 hits @ 1.95 *lost*

  66. Jordan 3 years ago

    Well Ridley didn’t come off the board first. Thought he was going to Dallas but wasn’t to be and the Panthers made the bigger bodied receiver DJ Moore their first pick. Packers got their corner and there’s still plenty of talent on the board.

    Small punt on Toronto tonight. They opened up underdogs and have moved out to -2 road favourites.

    Raptors ML @ 4/5 @ Various – 2.5 points

  67. juan 3 years ago


    • Scott Allot 3 years ago

      New one was put up half an hour ago.

    • juan 3 years ago

      Good man Scott ??

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