BACK with another big slate in the NBA and I’m on two west sides to profit.

There are some big games tonight but the biggest perhaps is tomorrow with the Raptors and Celtics fighting for the top seed in the east.

Both sides play tonight in tough games with Toronto in Cleveland and Boston in Milwaukee. However, I’m on two teams still battling for play-off spots.

The Trail Blazers are in Dallas who will be without Noel and play tomorrow in Orlando. They should win here with Lillard and McCollum looking deadly as we come to the post-season.

Double them up with the Thunder to win at home against Golden State. The Warriors started poorly against the Suns the other night but a dominant third quarter effectively ended the game.

OKC are not the Suns, and the Warriors have struggled against OKC this season, and without their bench they are relying heavily on their starters.

Not good heading into the playoffs but they are essentially just coasting as their seed is locked. Crazy to think that even the Spurs in 4th still haven’t locked up a play-off place.

I’m doing something I only normally do with the NFL. But I’m going big guns on another treble. All three teams playing opponents with nothing to play for but a better pick and have key starters out.

LA will be without Ball, Ingram and potentially Brook Lopez so the Jazz should win comfortably. Atlanta have one of the smallest rosters and are thin at the guard position with Schroder shutdown for the season. Expect the Heat to press on with a W and cover the hearty spread.

Jordan's Tips

  • OKC Thunder ML (1am)
  • Trail Blazers -2 (1.30am)
  • (19-20, bet365) – 4pts

I do like Boston tonight even in Milwaukee. They are still two games behind and the Raptors could well slip up in LeBron Town tonight.

  • Add Celtics +10, Spurs +6.5, Knicks +6.5, Heat -4.5
  • (26-5, bet365) – 1pt
  • Heat -4.5
  • Trail Blazers -2
  • Jazz -3
  • (evens, bet365) – 10pts
  1. radu 3 years ago

    Raptors to win @ 1.88
    Bulls +5.5 @ 1.85
    Combo 1 @ 2.51
    – Bulls +10.5 @ 1.40
    – Mavs/Blazers – over 198.5 @ 1.33
    – Suns +8.5 @ 1.35
    Combo 2 @ 6.31
    – Combo 1 @ 2.51
    – Raptors +6.5 @ 1.38
    – Warriors +10.5 @ 1.40
    – Nuggets +5.5 @ 1.30

    • radu 3 years ago

      Raptors to win @ 1.88 Lost
      Bulls +5.5 @ 1.85 Won :)
      Combo 1 @ 2.51 Won :)
      – Bulls +10.5 @ 1.40
      – Mavs/Blazers – over 198.5 @ 1.33
      – Suns +8.5 @ 1.35
      Combo 2 @ 6.31 Won :)
      – Combo 1 @ 2.51
      – Raptors +6.5 @ 1.38
      – Warriors +10.5 @ 1.40
      – Nuggets +5.5 @ 1.30

  2. nick 3 years ago

    Rozier and Larkin out tonight for Boston they now only have their 4th/5th string PG’s available.

  3. mar10bet 3 years ago

    I’m hoping we can both get a win out the Warriors @ Thunder game!

    Spurs are on the road to the Clippers but Spurs away form isn’t good. If this was in San An different story but it’s in LA. Both teams need wins, however Spurs have lost 5 straight road games and only won 1 in their last 10! However, the Spurs seem to be fully engaged now in the playoff hunt and seem to have dialled it up recently on D. They kept the rockets to 83 with some big minutes from their main players & Thunder to 99 who are just as desperate for wins as the Clippers. With that in mind it’s created an enticing price for Spurs to keep the winning trend and Clippers to keep their losing trend and see a playoff chances finally fade tonight, I’m taking the Spurs.
    Warriors visit Thunder tonight and it’s never a nothing game every time Durant heads back to OKC. Thunder have lost and won some tight games recently but beat last twice against at home by Nuggets & Blazers. They’ve also been beat away to Celtics & Spurs with 2 wins away to Pels by 5 & home to Heat by 6. The Warriors fit players are as good as any of these teams current starting lineups and nothing about Thunders form makes them 4.5 points favourites against GSW that have 3/4 superstars back and a firing Cook. Curry, Iguodala, Livingston, Looney & McCaw out does leave depth issues but it’s not as if OKC are stacked. I think Thunder win but I’m taking the points against a Thunder team that we’ve all noted play to the level of the opposition and seem to be in tight games meaning 4.5 is a stretch.

    Spurs ML
    Warriors +4.5 (Spread)

    5/2 @ bet365 (additional 5% bonus) – 2 points

  4. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Last time these 2 met 76ers won by 4 in Philli. 23 in Brooklyn before that. Was tempted with the Nets +8 as they are putting up points but so are the 76ers so I’ll stick with the home court win.
    Hawks off a rare win don’t want to make that a habit with draft picks in mind. If Heat win they’ll clinch the playoffs. High line but achievable with this in mind but being conservative and adding ML to acca
    Blazers have more than enough to see off the Mavs in Dallas and need the win to retain 3rd place in the Western. Ed Davis is out but Mavs may be missing Nowitzki & Powell.
    Jazz should have more than enough to stop the Lakers O and take the win. Jazz are hot on the heels of Thunder & Spurs for 4th but haven’t much room from Clippers in 10th so need these wins.
    Rockets don’t wont to break their home court winning streak and need to keep momentum going after a bad loss to Spurs. Wizards were easily beat by Bulls so Rockets should get this done tonight.

    76ers ML
    Heat ML
    Blazers ML
    Jazz ML
    Rockets ML

    6/4 @ bet365 (additional 15% bonus) – 2 points

  5. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Finally I’m adding them all together and giving the Celtics some more love for the outrageous run they’ve went on considering all the factors…

    all the above
    Celtics ML

    20/1 @ bet365 (additional 30% bonus) – 0.5 points

  6. dazid316 3 years ago

    MLB Bet For Tonight

    5 Fold @ 11.45/1 (£5)
    NY Yankees ML
    Red Sox & Over 5.5 Runs
    Cubs ML
    Astros -1.5
    LA Dodgers ML

    5 Fold @ 15.01/1 (£5) LOST
    Astros ML ✓ win 6-1
    Red Sox ML ✓ win 7-3
    Rangers ML ✗ lost 3-1
    Indians ML ✓ win 6-0
    Rockies ML ✓ win 7-4

    Apr Bets 2 Won 0 -£10

  7. Jordan 3 years ago

    I’m doing something I only normally do with the NFL. But I’m going big guns on this treble. All three teams playing opponents with nothing to play for but a better pick and have key starters out. LA will be without Ball, Ingram and potentially Brook Lopez, so the Jazz should win comfortably. Atlanta have one of the smallest rosters and are very thin at the guard position with Schroder shutdown for the season. Expect the Heat to press on with a W and cover the hearty spread.

    Heat -4.5
    Trail Blazers -2
    Jazz -3

    EVS @ 365 – 10 points

    • shauncpfc 3 years ago

      All in ! Only thing that worries me isn’t till 2am UK time And I’m up early tomorrow ? so it’s eother go to sleep and hope to wake up nice, or stay up, but I know if I stay up for 1 the next will start and wlnt be able to turn off ?

  8. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Heat lines moved to 5 minimum but shouldn’t be a problem. 10’s too rich for me as I’m already in for 8.5 with your main bet and my own but I can’t argue with the logic so stuck 6.5 on with 15 invested for the night. We’re running out of meaningful games anyway so bets are on and I’m staying up! Strong coffee in the morning! hahaha. Lets win some dough.

  9. nick 3 years ago


  10. mar10bet 3 years ago


  11. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Warriors @ Thunder on BT Sport too ?

  12. nick 3 years ago

    The boos for KD ?

  13. Jordan 3 years ago

    Spurs seeing a lot of money with Danilo out. 4/5 on the ML…

  14. mar10bet 3 years ago

    As if the Heat aren’t making this uncomfortable enough the Jazz start 0-9 in the first 2 mins! ?

  15. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Is everyone covering the Heat as the betting keeps getting suspended! ??

  16. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Heat down 6 in the 4th. I cannot believe they’ve allowed this Atlanta team to hang around.

  17. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Make that 9

  18. nick2 3 years ago

    Pray the Hawks hit a 3 to take it to OT then the Heat cover in OT!

  19. nick2 3 years ago

    I feel like Billy Donovan is currently one of the worst coaches in the NBA, iso’s almost every play and nothing special out of time outs. Strange with the talent he has at his hands.

  20. Jordan 3 years ago

    Right gents that’s my cue to take five from the hoops as we clearly can’t trust any team at the moment. Dallas beating Portland was the nail in the coffin and the Heat couldn’t cover the alternative against the Hawks. Seems to always be like this before the playoffs. Keep you money or what you have of it left ??

    • shauncpfc 3 years ago

      Kind of glad you said that ? these results have been shambolic recently and the Blazers just summed it up! Am glad I fell asleep and didn’t have to put myself through that, nothing you can do when performances are that bad! Onto the masters ?

  21. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Here, here. All I did last night was lose money & sleep ? Low stake accas for interest till the playoffs. ?

  22. nick 3 years ago

    I’d say it’s a little safer to bet on player props at the moment, with there being a lot of injuries reported late giving us the upper hand. Had another two winners last night but only placed them just before tip off.

  23. dazid316 3 years ago

    MLB Bet For Tonight

    6 Fold @ 20.65/1 (£5)
    Nationals ML
    NY Yankees ML
    NY Mets ML
    Astros -1.5
    Brewers ML
    Rockies ML

    5 Fold @ 11.45/1 (£5) LOST
    NY Yankees ML ✓ win 11-4
    Red Sox & Over 5.5 Runs ✓ win 4-2
    Cubs ML Postponed = VOID
    Astros -1.5 ✓ win 10-6
    LA Dodgers ML ✗ lost 6-1

    Apr Bets 3 Won 0 -£15

  24. nick 3 years ago

    Yikes, Dallas are going to be without Barnes(16 FGA attempts per game.) DSJ(15 FGA) Dirk(10 FGA) and Powell(5 FGA) tonight against the Magic. With Matthews out for the season too that’s their 4th highest FGA players all out. I’ll be taking JJ Barrea o14.5 and Yogi o9.5 @Skybet as they should both be the Mavs main offense. Bit of risk here though as the Mavs will be trying to get back on losing ways after accidentally beating the Trailblazers last night.

    • nick 3 years ago

      Never seen that big a change before… Yogi is up to o17.5 and JJ o15.5, wouldn’t say they’re worth it anymore.

    • mar10bet 3 years ago

      Do you think this makes the Magic nailed on for the win as they’re currently 10/17. Must surely give them a right good chance at the very least!

    • nick 3 years ago

      I honestly don’t know where the Mavs points are going to come from, they only have 2 guys averaging over 10 points and they’re only 11.7 and 10.5. 59 of their 102 PPG are missing in the guys out on average.

    • mar10bet 3 years ago

      Mavs are coming in! What’s going on ? any player props yet nick?

    • nick 3 years ago

      Ellington/Tyler Johnson look pretty decent but I’ve got 10pts on each Yogi and JJ so I’m trying not to get carried away!
      Vucevic resting for the Magic tonight, Biyambo going to get a lot of minutes.

  25. radu 3 years ago

    Combo @ 3.10
    – Pistons/76’ers – over 206.5 @ 1.33
    – Magic +4.5 @ 1.35
    – Pelicans/Grizzlies – under 225.5 @ 1.30
    – Raptors -1.5 @ 1.33

    • radu 3 years ago

      Combo @ 3.10 Won :)
      – Pistons/76’ers – over 206.5 @ 1.33
      – Magic +4.5 @ 1.35
      – Pelicans/Grizzlies – under 225.5 @ 1.30
      – Raptors -1.5 @ 1.33

  26. mar10bet 3 years ago

    After reading nicks great info I’ve tweaked this now going for Magic to win and dropped the over.
    76ers @ Pistons. Pistons can mathematically but in reality know they can’t make the playoffs. 76ers are on a roll and attempting to chase down the Cavs for 3rd. Both teams are playing well but 76ers have been more impressive against similar opponents. They beat the Nets by an extra 14 & Knicks by 11. This trend continues against similar placed teams so although the Pistons are improved I don’t see them stopping this 76ers team that are playing better all over the court with a more productive bench.
    Celtics @ Raptors with a sniff of taking home court advantage through the playoffs as a major incentive. Raps haven’t covered a 7.5 spread for 11 games and that was the Nets. Since then the Raps have split 10 games but they 5 wins were against Nuggets, Nets, Magic, Mavs & Pacers plus they took an 11 point loss to Celtics. Raps are not clicking and both are on a b2b so even with the injuries I’m taking this Celtics tam to keep it close and taking the points.
    Grizz @ Pels and the home team are big favourites needing wins to hold that last playoff spot or potentially move to as high as 4th. Pels will get this done and pad out the acca.

    Magic ML
    76ers ML
    Celtics +7.5 (Spread)
    Pelicans ML

    9/2 @ bet365 (additional 10% bonus) – 1 point


    If you’re feeling lucky add….

    Magic @ Mavs and we saw a different style of fast breaks with no emphasis on D last night. April games for the Magic the past two seasons have went over 11-2, after a Magic double digit win the over is 6-3 & Magic are 4-1 to the over when they allow 85 points or less in a game. Low line @ 198 so I’m playing the over.

    Magic\Mavs over 198 (Total)

    Spurs must be reeling after a 41 point 4th quarter downing them last night and they really need this away win. Lakers can be explosive but are really not going to be as competitive as the Clippers with noted players out.

    Spurs ML

  27. nick 3 years ago

    Heat are resting Dragic, Wade and James Johnson.
    Tempting to take Ellington/Tyler Johnson but I’m already big on the Dallas guys..

  28. nick 3 years ago

    Mavs have Harrison getting 17 minutes in the first half, he’s shooting 3.8 threes a game at 13% . Already missed 2 tonight, seems like a great pickup..
    He’s 22 FG% on the season too, holy…

  29. nick 3 years ago

    J.J. Barea (left oblique strain) will not return to Wednesday’s game against the Magic.


  30. nick 3 years ago

    Yogi started heating up in the fourth so the Mavs benched him, I take it back.
    Player props are not safe at all. ?

    • mar10bet 3 years ago

      ? unreal ain’t it. So many variables this time of the season. Well done Radu ?? Celtics only scored 78 last night downing my bet ?

    • radu 3 years ago

      Thanks !!
      Combo @ 2.37 ;)
      – Warriors +5.5 @ 1.38
      – Bucks -2.5 @ 1.30
      – Nuggets +3.5 @ 1.32

  31. nick 3 years ago

    In addition to the regular season, Kyrie Irving (knee surgery) will not return at any point during the postseason.


  32. mar10bet 3 years ago

    Losing Hayward & Irving is just too much for the Celtics. It’s a shame too as I think they could have done it even if it was just Irving. So going back a fair few threads now could we see the 76ers taking down the Cavs, Celtics & Raptors in whichever & whatever format they come?

    • nick 3 years ago

      Philly don’t have anybody who can stop Bron, I agree that the Cavs don’t have anyone who can stop Embiid but I’d take LeBron over Embiid.

  33. dazid316 3 years ago

    MLB Bet For Tonight

    4 Fold @ 9.5/1 (£5)
    Tigers ML
    Twins/Mariners Over 6.5 Runs
    NY Yankees & Over 6.5 Runs
    Diamondbacks ML

    6 Fold @ 20.65/1 (£5) LOST
    Nationals ML ✗ lost 7-1
    NY Yankees ML ✓ win 7-2
    NY Mets ML ✓ win 4-2
    Astros -1.5 ✗ win 3-2
    Brewers ML ✗ lost 6-0
    Rockies ML ✓ win 5-2

    Apr Bets 4 Won 0 -£20

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