LAST Saturday's Top Treble won at 11-2 thanks to Man Utd, Luton and Albion Rovers and I was tempted to throw in Luton again.

I expect them to come out on top at Lincoln at just under evens but I wonder how a hectic schedule affects sides such as Luton who struggled to keep Barnet at bay on New Year's Day.

It's FA Cup weekend – and we know what that means. Weakened teams, sides with other priorites and upsets. Big accumulators should be avoided at all costs and remember it's not just sides such as Man City and Chelsea who'll rotate players – most clubs fighting for titles, promotion or beat relegation will do so as well.

One side who I believe will take the contest seriously are Everton whose boss Roberto Martinez won the Cup with Wigan last season.

The Toffees will rest players but visitors QPR, whose boss Harry Redknapp has been complaining about injuries, are likely to be more weakened and less interested with a return to the Premier League their sole concern.

QPR have lost seven cup-ties in a row against a club from a higher division and while Everton are no bigger than 4-11 that's fine on a treble.

I could have done an FA Cup treble but I'm still collating teams news and plan to post what I find later so instead I'm going to League Two and backing a Newport side who are extremely strong at home.

They've won seven out of nine and lost just once so should be too strong for basement boys Northampton who have won just once on the road and have lost their last two without scoring.

Last week I backed Albion Rovers against Queen's Park and taking Clyde to see off the Spiders this weekend. Clyde are closest chasers to leaders Peterhead who are the only side to beat them in the league in recent weeks.

Queen's put up a fight at Cliftonhill but that's six defeats in a row and they are 13 points adrift at the foot of the table.

Remember to comment on the end of this article for a chance to win a £10 free bet with Betway. Win-draw-win bets only (no handicaps, overs, btts, etc) and quote odds please. No non-league except Conference Premier and if you go obscure let me know the results.

Top Treble




Pays enhanced 7-2 at Betway.com

  1. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    Good tip Mr F.

    My treble for Saturday is:


    pays 4.07 @ Bet365

  2. Donald Priest 8 years ago

    Motherwell at 23/20
    Ayr at 23/10
    Annan at 6/5
    All with Betway

  3. Garath 8 years ago


    4967/1000 on betway

  4. billyking 8 years ago

    My treble for tomorrow is, motherwell ,newport and newcastle, it pays 5.73/1 on hills.

  5. SYE H 8 years ago

    Newport ,Doncaster and Southampton.. Loads of mention of Motherwell so will have another look

  6. malcolm caithness 8 years ago

    Aston Villa @ 1.45
    Liverpool @ 1.12
    Newcastle @ 1.65

    Treble pays 2.68

  7. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    From the way I do my research I’d suggest steering well clear of Motherwell

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Deano, you need to expand on that. On current form it has to be Motherwell and form is the first criteria you should look at.

  8. ClaretNBlue 8 years ago

    Looking at Newport & Motherwell as singles for now

  9. Duncan Poundcake 8 years ago

    Everton @ 2/5
    Clyde @ 7/10
    Man City @ 3/10
    all with Betway

  10. Daryl Cruickshank 8 years ago



  11. Mversed 8 years ago

    Try me –

    Ballymena (N/Ireland)
    Dover Athl. (England Conf. South)
    Rhyl (Wales)

    pays $140.4 to a $10 stake on Nairastake.

    Add Hercules and Numancia – Spain Segunda Div., and my Super Single Leyton Orient to the above
    for an 8-fold.

    Pays $1063.7 to a $10 stake on

    Sorry i’m Nigerian, and believe me, even with our greed we always, perhaps most times,
    win. Thank me later. Lol…

    • Endrit 8 years ago

      I think these games are good hope u win

  12. Josh Painter 8 years ago

    Watford to beat Bristol City
    Barnsley to beat Coventry
    Hull to beat Middlesborough
    Treble pays 14.11/1 @ William Hill

  13. David Burza 8 years ago

    Everton, Leeds, Villa 3.62 @ betway

  14. James Broxup 8 years ago

    Chelsea, Bournemouth & Newport.

    Treble pays 3.68/1 at betway.

  15. Keith S 8 years ago

    Betway treble – Forest, Liverpool and Newport – 3.82

  16. David N 8 years ago

    Sheffield United to beat A Villa 11/2
    Bournemouth to beat Burton Albion 1/2
    Everton to beat QPR 2/5.

    Combined odds of 12.65/1 with Bill Hill.

  17. Gary McM 8 years ago

    Bournemouth, Ipswich , Wigan . 4.59 @ betway

  18. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    Glad I cashed out of wolves!

    Mr F I’ll explain the Motherwell decision in another post

  19. Gbjefr 8 years ago

    Super single. Cardiff 9/2 Geordies playing reserves bluebirds wil want to impress the baby faced assassin .
    Super patent Cardiff 5.5. Hull 3.2. Ipswich 1.85. Or ur personal even money pick instead Ipswich treble pays 45/1. Value ……..

    I’ll be mr fix it’s best friend and new super tipsters come sat night …..
    Good luck peeps worth 1pt minimum

  20. misafir 8 years ago

    Mr F, what do you think about

    Manchster City
    Atletico Madrid

    as treble?

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      misafir, first 2 are fine – I haven’t really looked at the foreign games on Saturday, just not had time. I did read a stat last week about Atletico winning I think 2 out of 12 of their first games in the new year so I’d be slightly wary.

  21. Gbjefr 8 years ago

    Sry peeps treb 30/1

  22. Willie McGuire 8 years ago

    Man City 3/10
    West Brom 7/10
    Sunderland 7/20

    2/1 Treble (Betway)

  23. Alex Walker 8 years ago

    Misafir that is a great treble. What does that pay mate?

    • misafir 8 years ago

      Alex that pays 4,23 but as Mr F said I am conderned about Atletico

  24. congregational 8 years ago

    Ipswich, Newcastle, Wigan

    4.05/1 @ betway

  25. Lenners 8 years ago

    Just a word of warning regarding Newport, if the Oxford game wouldnt have been postponed on Wednesday they would have been forced to play defender Andy Sandell in goal as both keepers were injured, first choice keep broke his thumb and second choice was also injured. No guarantee they have a fit keeper for tomorrow.

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Lenners, keep us updated that one. Won’t be backing them without a keeper.

  26. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    Mr F, this week starting on Monday is the first week I’ve really been putting up consistent tips, one everyday that is. On Monday my treble won, on Tuesday my treble won, on Wednesday my 4 fold won, on Thursday Rangers let down my treble by one goal and tonight wolves let my 4 fold down but I’d cashed out early when 3 had came in and I did mention it on here, so I’m still in plenty of profit. The ones I won were at least at odds of 3.00

    The way I’ve been picking these, what I think of as successful tips, is as follows:

    I have 7 criteria and at least 6 MUST be met.

    This example assumes we are backing the home team.

    League position: the home team MUST be higher in the league no matter who the teams are.

    Bet value: not sure how you or other people work this out but I do it by using the percentage of tips on the futbol24 app times by the odds of the team. The outcome MUST be over 1.00.
    I.E. Tip percentage 89% with odds of 1.50 this is 0.89 x 1.50 = 1.34. This would be backable for me.
    I.E. Tip percentage 68% with odds of 1.45 this is 0.68 x 1.45 = 0.99. This would not be backable for me.

    Form last 6 home games for home team, last 6 away games for away team: the home team MUST have a better form at HOME than the away team has AWAY.

    Goal difference last 6 games at home for home team, last 6 away games for away team: home teams goal difference at home MUST be better than the away teams goal difference away in the last 6 games.

    Last 6 head to heads: home team MUST have more wins In the last 6 head to heads than the away team. (If 6 head to heads haven’t taken place I go off however many have been played).

    Futbol24 app tips: mentioned earlier the futbol24 app allows people to select who they think might win the game, I look at this and the home team MUST have been selected AT LEAST 70% of the time to even consider them.

    Soccervista: soccervista rates the outcome from 1-10, the home team MUST have AT LEAST 7 to be considered.

    That’s how I do it and it’s been working for me recently, using this method is why I am saying Motherwell should be avoided. Motherwell don’t meet my soccervista rating target and the head to heads between these teams in the last 6 meetings is 3 wins each. So Motherwell only meet 5 of 7 of my criteria, not the 6 needed. Also one I don’t usually consider but noticed is that on the last 6 home form table Morherwell are 7th and on the last 6 away form table Inverness are 4th.

    And Motherwell will probably go and win now after all this but, I’ll steer clear.

  27. jaemz 8 years ago

    Wow. Thanks Lenners. Was about including them in a treble of Wigan, bolton, and new port. Might go for Huddersfield then.

  28. Lizzie m 8 years ago

    Top treble

    Wigan 7/10

    Wycombe 6/5

    Nuneaton 13/10

    8.60/1 @ betway

  29. jaemz 8 years ago

    DeanoD1989. Since u so profitable, lets see ur top tips for tomorow. U cud help someone cash some.

  30. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    jaemz I’ve already put my tip on here:


    it pays 4.07 @ Bet365

    And has for the newport goal keeper issue this article here says he will play despite a broken thumb:


    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Deano, I was going to check after putting up the FA Cup team news but that’s a relief. Right, going for a beer then will post top tips after midnight.

  31. Jamboandy 8 years ago

    Hi mr fix it u doing a big hitters treble this weekend

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      Jamboandy, haven’t put one in the Record but may think about one.

  32. Sparky 8 years ago

    Everton 7/20
    WBA 7/10
    Dundee Utd 9/10

    At betway

  33. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    jaemz I’ve also took Mr F’s treble off this page, looks decent

  34. Sanj 8 years ago

    Aston Villa
    3.62@ betway

  35. Ian P 8 years ago

    Everton, Stranraer and Clyde
    £44.75 to a £10 stake

  36. jamesyboy 8 years ago

    southampton 1/2
    wigan 17/20
    bolton 21/20

    9/2 treb titanbet

  37. boocurrie 8 years ago


    HIBS 3/1 t beat Dundee UTD

    I have been saying it all week

  38. cheese 8 years ago

    Deano, what if the head to head is historic? Promoted teams or where there has been massive upturn in fortunes through investment or new manager etc? Form over h2h surely.

    I haven’t used the two sites/app you mention, but for me, democracy doesn’t work. I’ll take the considered views of a Scottish based tipster on the Scottish leagues over what Joe blogs thinks will happen in the Scottish championship.

    I see the benefit in doing those sites though, it limits your pool to the more fancied sides.

    Also I think limiting by league position is a bit of a limiting factor. How far into the season do you implement that? A few winning tips here in October backing teams that started poorly but picked up.

    Interesting system though, and keep posting your selections, I’ll have some of your treble for tomorrow and keep a lookout.

  39. cheese 8 years ago

    PS deano- any other teams other than Newport meet the criteria, as they’re already on Mr F’s pick?

  40. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    Cheese, that’s just my system, I’m not knocking Mr F’s tips. This week it’s worked for me.
    As for H2H I only bother with matches where the H2Hs aren’t so ‘historic’.
    And no element of the criteria is taken over another, not H2H over form or anything, it’s just based on meeting 6 out of 7.

    And as for any other teams that meet the criteria I don’t know, I’ve only looked at 8 games for tomorrow and the 3 I’ve put on are the ones that fit

    • Mr Fixit 8 years ago

      DeanoD1989, I think it’s great you have a system and if it works for you even better. I can’t fault it if it’s bringing you results but there will be exceptions to the rule. I look at head to heads but six-game form and team news is more important. On current form Motherwell will blow Inverness away – but when the game starts it’s the team who are right up for it that will win.

  41. Alex Walker 8 years ago

    Atletico are a sure thing. I fancy them to win la liga. They are are a very good team. No worries!!!!

  42. cheese 8 years ago

    Cheers Deano, I’ll be having an eye out for your picks. Congrats on your good week.

  43. Kevin McKenna 8 years ago

    man city

    £10 returns £53.23 @ betway

  44. GeeMan 8 years ago


    treble pays 6.68 at betway

  45. DeanoD1989 8 years ago

    Good points Mr F, with my method and that advice and all your other advice, I’ll be better prepared than ever

  46. weasel 8 years ago

    Ipswich @ 4/5
    West Brom @ 7/10
    Newport @ 3/4

    Pays 5.36 at Betway

  47. jp 8 years ago

    man city
    man utd

  48. Steve the Pirate 8 years ago

    Wigan, Liverpool, Everton, 2.57/1 @Betway

  49. craigdon 8 years ago

    Going with

    Comes in at about 7/1 going to do my usual and perm in trebled for a point each with an extra point on the acca.

    Don’t see too many problems with Everton and Clyde as Mr F has said. I like Wigan, they are on a good run and have been playing nice football by all accounts. They should have too much for MK Dons from the league below. And I reckon Southampton are safe so will be out to win a fairly straightforward FA cup game at home.

  50. Bruce R 8 years ago

    Bolton 11/10
    Wrexham evens
    Vallodolid 13/10

    @ 8.66 Betway

  51. JAYJAY 8 years ago


  52. john cairns 8 years ago


    Pays 5.74/1 at betway

  53. Tony g 8 years ago

    Going to be optimistic today in the FA cup

    Hull City

    Treble returns 42.9/1 @betway

  54. deekyboy67 8 years ago

    everton 7/20
    newport 3/4
    motherwell 23/20 betway

  55. MiniDuff 8 years ago



  56. gilliamshakespear 8 years ago

    St johnstone

    5.33 @bet365

  57. Craig Sneddon 8 years ago


    treble pays 5.23 @ betway

  58. brian thom 8 years ago

    Man City

    odds 2.04 with Betway

  59. jinka 8 years ago

    Everton 37/100
    Peterborough 9/10
    Luton 7/10

  60. Buckie 8 years ago

    Everton @ 37/100
    West brom @ 7/10
    Clyde @ 7/10
    Betway odds

  61. PaulG 8 years ago

    Clyde 7/10
    Luton 3/5
    Huddersfield 3/4

    Treble at 4.76

  62. Gary May 8 years ago


    4.8/1 with Betway

  63. Ian Conway 8 years ago

    My treble is


    Pays 4.07 at BETWAY

  64. Shaun Tanner 8 years ago

    My treble is


    Pays 4.07 at BETWAY

  65. macattack 8 years ago

    Got off to a flyer on new years day with my treble…
    My treble today is…

    Man City (-1)


    Newport County

    6.25 @ Betfair

  66. Hayley Wells 8 years ago


    Treble pays 14.80/1 at Betway

  67. cockerspaniel 8 years ago




    £ 10.00 gets you £ 80. 00 betway

  68. austin hay 8 years ago

    West Brom
    Leeds Utd

    4.88 @ Betway

  69. chico lemu 8 years ago

    liverpool 1.12
    rangers 1.17
    newcastle 1.60
    2.1 @betway

  70. Gary F 8 years ago

    Betway treble

    Newcastle 1.60
    Arsenal 1.95
    Nottm Forrest 2.05

  71. James Hanly 8 years ago

    Everton @ 1/2
    Newcastle @ 1/2
    West Brom @3/5
    betway odds

  72. DJ 8 years ago

    Port Vale
    Man Utd

    3.09 @Betway

  73. Andy W 8 years ago

    Manchester United

  74. GREGGE 8 years ago

    Rio Ave

    @ 5.10

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