CELTIC fans lost the UEFA Cup Final to Porto in Seville – but tonight they can make money on Porto and Sevilla.

Let's look at Porto v Gil Vicente first of all. The home side are no bigger than 1-6 at Stan James to keep pace with Benfica at the top of the table.

That means the majority of us must look elsewhere to back a side that is protecting a 100 per cent home record. Porto have won eight out of eight, scoring 21 and conceding just once.

It's a remarkable record but Porto have scored more than two goals in only one of their last six outings. Also Gil Vicente held them 0-0 away – one of only three occasions when Porto have dropped points this season.

So it's simple for me. Jackson Martinez to score first against Beira Mar was one of my Super Singles last week and I'll be on the the Colombian striker tonight.

Martinez has banged in 12 goals in the league this season and is 3-1 at bet365 to score first but no bigger than 1-2 at bet365 to net at anytime.

Anyone looking at the handicaps should be OK with minus one at 1-2 with bet365 but taking a risk at minus two at 13-10 with sportingbet.

Having conceded just that once at home you have to expect Porto to win to nil and they are 8-11 at Ladbrokes to do so.

There is on guy on this site who often backs teams to be leading after 30 minutes. It's not one of my favourites but you can see Porto being ahead n the half-hour mark and that pays 11-10 at Ladbrokes.

In La Liga it's Sevilla v Granada and although the home side should edge it I reckon best odds 4-9 with the likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill and bet365 are quite skinny.

Sevilla have won just one in six and lost to Granada at home last season. Granada are in relegation trouble but have lost just one of their last five and beat Rayo Vallecano at home last time out.

I'm not sure whether I want to be on Sevilla so short but I'll be looking at under 2.25 goals at 13-10 with bet365.

After the excitement of the weekend's FA Cup ties it's back to the bread and butter of League Two for tonight's live action.

Torquay and Exeter drew 1-1 when they met recently and this time Exeter can the better of their rivals with home advantage. Exeter are a best 1-1 with Coral, William Hill and Stan James.

Former Rangers forward Alan Gow, also the penalty taker, could return to the starting line-up after injury and if he does consider him to score at 2-1 with Stan James. Gow's career has taken some strange paths but on his day he's too good for this division.


Martinez to score first
(3-1, bet365)

Under 2.5 goals
(13-10, bet365)

(1-1, William Hill, Coral, Stan James)

  1. Danny 11 years ago

    Paul Id watch with unders 7 of Sevilla last 10 home have gone over and 7 of Granada last 10 away have done the same

  2. John 11 years ago

    I’m having trouble finding scorers for the Porto game on paddy power site, would like to have a pop at that Martinez tip

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      John, don’t know why they wouldn’t have it priced up. Have told you before best advice is to try to get at least one internet or phone account. Martinez is 3-1 at bet365.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Strange but I was just looking at Paddy Power online & they have not got a goal scorer market for this match

  3. conall 11 years ago

    Aneed a quick tip to make few pounds tonight

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Conall, this is a tipping site and the tips are up. But don’t chase winnings. If you can’t afford to bet then don’t.

  4. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Here are my selections for the Porto game tonight:

    £200 ew Martinez first goal @ 3/1
    £100 Martinez last goal @ 3/1
    £50 Porto to be winning in 15 mins @ 12/5
    £100 Porto to be winning in 30 mins @ 11/10
    £120 Porto to score in both halves @ 4/6
    £50 Porto 2-0 @ 6/1
    £50 Porto 3-0 @ 6/1
    £30 Martinez Hat-Trick @ 14/1

    Bookies money. Hopefully get a decent return.
    Good luck everyone!!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, let’s hope Martinez is on fire for you. And remember it’s not bookies’ money, it’s yours. You don’t have to give it back to them.

  5. Danny 11 years ago

    try alvaro nedgrado to score first for sevilla

  6. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    The only bookies pricing up Martinez are:

    Bet 365 – 3/1
    VC – 14/5
    William Hill – 7/4
    Boylesports – 7/4

    I’m my opinion bet of the day has got to be Martinez for first goal. Dare I say its a risk free bet if you back him each way. Look at it as a type if insurance. Basically if he doesn’t score first you get your full stake back as long as he scores at any other time. Hence the reason I have £200 ew on him. If he scores first I get £1200 back. If he scores at any other time I get my full £400 back.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      And if he gets injured in the first minute or sent off for booting the ball boy you will be crying into your horlicks tonight!

      Be lucky :0)

  7. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Well I’m not Paul, at least not to the same bookie lol.

  8. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Besides if I get lucky this will page a huge wack towards my holiday to Canada!!

  9. Bryan 11 years ago

    Exeter and Dijon double for me tonite I think

  10. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I know Muzza lol

  11. AC 11 years ago

    Chris Guy,

    Surely you would stick half of your winnings towards Canada and then just bet the rest?

  12. madi 11 years ago

    porto to keep a clean sheet- 8/13, same odds as martinez anytime scorer. porto have only conceded 8 goals all season, with only 1 of them being at home

  13. James Coyle 11 years ago

    Hi Paul, did you manage to get the time of the Fulham goal for me?

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      I sent you it yesterday James 19:06:02

  14. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    James the bet was accepted in good faith. If it was placed slightly after the market was suspended and your bet turned out to be a winner would you have argued when you went to collect your winnings. You should have said there and then, not afterwards when your bet loses.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      16 seconds is a kick in the nuts to be fair!

  15. James Coyle 11 years ago

    Thanks for the info Chris. If anything, I thought the bet might have been void. It turns out there was a 16 second gap between the bet being struck and Fulham scoring so it’s a losing bet right enough. Thanks for your help in the matter.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Still worth challenging with the bookie James – they may have a heart!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      James, I’ve glad you got it sorted but shame about the outcome. PA goalflash only gave minutes, not seconds so wasn’t accurate enough for you. Guy from William Hill said he would try to find out for you but doesn’t matter now.

  16. Craig (Ayr) 11 years ago

    What u think about man city the morra and
    man u wed doing the double ain’t a great price but surely a safe bet if there is such a thing

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, you basically get daily tips here so we’ll cover them as the week goes on. However, there’s not much to say about a Man Utd/Man City double really.

  17. Seamus 11 years ago

    Porto minus 1 first half and Exeter double

    Bit of interest for tonight £4 pays £22 @ paddy power! Good luck all

  18. Craig alves 11 years ago

    just a wee dabble in-play ACN – Ghana 3-1 & Mali 2-2 just after Ghana scored their 1st. 2-0 & 1-1 just now

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Ghana looking good. No one can touch them or Ivory Coast.

  19. adi j 11 years ago

    a bit of advice please mr f. i always follow your btts bets and after researching i agree with your advice. it always seems to be one game letting the bet down as an accumulator obviously. do you put them all as singles too and an accumulator??. if only one game didnt come in surely a profit would be made? is that how you do it? whats your strategy please?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Adi j, on the fivefolds I usually advise perming 4 from 5 and all 5. This usually provides a profit but if the odds for the fivefold are under 9-1 then I don’t bother with the perm. I’ve had 4 from 5 a few times recently. I rarely do btts singles because of the prices but do trebles and upwards. What you do depends on the stake and what you want to win.

  20. Craig alves 11 years ago

    ghana looking good in 1st half but niger had a perfect goal disallowed to equalise about 10 mins, av done a mix wi corners race to 7 for ghana and mali too but ghana losing 5-1 & mali up 4-0, decent prices too but that niger gl wouldve helped me out. If a was having an outright bet id go for Ghana at 5/1 over CIV at 11/10

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      who had a perfectly good goal disallowed ? ;) ;)

  21. Craig alves 11 years ago


  22. Milesey 11 years ago

    I’m On Ghana half time / full time ;)

  23. Craig alves 11 years ago

    haha a see, think your £££’s safe now though

  24. Craig alves 11 years ago

    juve stabia dnb
    exeter dnb
    seville win

    2/1 wi paddy power

  25. adi j 11 years ago

    sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean when you say perming 4 from 5?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Adi j, perming four from five means doing five fourfolds and one fivefold. One selection wrong gives you one winning fourfold.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      When not to perm
      • When the scalp is damaged or the skin broken/damaged.
      • When the hair is in poor condition.
      • When the overall porosity of the hair is too high – over-bleached.
      • In the presence of metallic salts, for example, Grecian 2000.
      • When the hair has poor elasticity

      Hope this helps ;)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Types of Perms

      Spiral Perm
      Body Wave Perm
      Spot Perm
      Pin Curl Perm
      Root Perm

      or the Keegan Perm

      What type do you have MR F ? ;)

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      CHRISSY WADDLE BACK PERM – with side partin and streaks if you were really cool!! :0)

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, never had a perm, hair is naturally curly. I remember once when I was a young reporter on a local paper all the staff claiming I had gone for a perm and then phoning every hairdresser in the town to see if I’d been in. Now the joke in the office is that I dye my hair but I’ve never touched the bottle either.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Loving the Grecian Mr F!!

  26. Milesey 11 years ago

    Nice 3 nil for Ghana.

    Tiger about to tee off !


  27. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Perms work best on hair that has not been colored or highlighted. The chemicals are too harsh for double-processed or heavily highlighted hair. According to Kendra Aarhus, the hairstyles guide for About.com, perming hair that’s already damaged from highlights or color can result in major frizz.

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      the man in the know with the Keegan Perm has spoken ;) ;)

  28. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Who’s on Charlie Mulgrew anytime on wed?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Not me, i’m going with PEPE REINA anytime ;)

  29. Milesey 11 years ago

    Try this it may just help you out !

    A bad perm can temporarily ruin your appearance and self esteem. Depending on the damage to your hair, you may be able to fix the perm by using a deep conditioner for several days or by cutting the hair to remove the damaged parts. By fixing the bad perm as soon as possible, you may be able to salvage most of your hair and create a style that makes you comfortable.

  30. adi j 11 years ago

    thanks for all the perm advice guys. i will bear it in mind on my next trip to the barbers! :-)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      No worries mate, but with the Keegan one, the only way is too shave it off and start again.


  31. Peter Fiddler 11 years ago

    Exeter v Torquay
    Both Teams to Score 28/01/2013
    Jackson Martinez FC Porto v Gil Vicente
    First Goalscorer 28/01/2013
    Sevilla v Granada
    Both Teams to Score 28/01/2013

    pays 12/1 – really relies on Martinez 1st goal ….

    fingers crossed !

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Good luck with that Mr Fiddler

      If I were a rich man,
      Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.
      All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.
      If I were a wealthy man.

      No celebrating on your roof if that one comes in ;)

  32. Knottsy 11 years ago

    Chris Guy with all the thousands u musta lost over the past couple a weeks surely the bookie is playin with your money?

  33. Don 11 years ago

    Chelmsford – Exeter – Porto

    £2.48 on! Let’s have it! :D

  34. Milesey 11 years ago

    PORTO score but its not Martinez

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Milesey, yeah saw that. Suppose he can’t score first all the time. Let’s hope Porto go on and win well and to nil.

  35. Don 11 years ago

    And again! Still not Martinez…..

  36. Peter Brown 11 years ago

    Negredo 1st goal 11/4

  37. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    Mr fixit did ya ever toss the caber?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Jock, I’ve never been a tosser.

  38. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    A see ma tip for tha nations coop GHANA won 3-0 tha day SMILEsey,a wuz all o’er em like a rash wen a seen ta 6/1 on offer for em tae lift the cup.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Jock, only Ivory Coast can stop Ghana and I’m on them.

  39. BIG JOCK 11 years ago

    ah ya dinnae know what your missin Mrfixit,theres nae betta sight than a grown man in a field wi his kilt fluterin in the breeze tossin his caber to rapturous applause from a watchin croood.

    • Guido 11 years ago

      BIG Kock..u related to Sid James n Kenneth Williams by any chance?? ;-)

  40. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Bets looking good so far, to be winning in 15 mins and 30 mins both paid out. Just need Martinez to score anytime but preferably last.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Just the £300 down until he does Christopher – come on Martinez!!

  41. Guido 11 years ago

    meant to say BIG JOCK there!! haha

  42. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Chris,ur man Mulgrew looks as tho he’s been dabbling with a perm and gave up halfway thru. His hairdo is almost as bad as that penalty yesterday

  43. Badham 11 years ago

    Watching the Exeter game. Their playing awful! At this rate they’ll be lucky to score.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Gow is shite by the way! No wonder The Gers didn’t want him – too slow even in that divisionH

  44. John Connor 11 years ago

    Just looking at what mr F wrote earlier.

    Sevilla have won just one in six and lost to Granada at home last season. Granada are in relegation trouble but have lost just one of their last five and beat Rayo Vallecano at home last time out.

    11/4 for Granada to score next,

  45. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Martinez for Porto goal left it late lol

  46. madi 11 years ago

    took martinez anytime over porto clean sheet, had given up on it

  47. Muzza 11 years ago

    Last minute again!! CHRIS GUY you are a jammy punter!! 2 in 2 days – you must have been to church this week mate! Lol

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      Knowing my luck if I went to church I would lose even more Muzza haha some people have all the luck

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Could write a song about that Craig – “some GUYS have all the luck……..” Hahahahaha

  48. Seamus 11 years ago

    Take a bow chris guy! Well done

  49. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Yessss get in there!! Cleaning up at the bookies. Another profitable night. Really needed that Martinez goal and I was rewarded with last goal too. So here is final outcome:

    £200 ew Martinez first goal @ 3/1
    Win ew part returning £400 stake

    £100 Martinez last goal @ 3/1
    Win returning £400

    £50 Porto to be winning in 15 mins @ 12/5
    Win returning £170

    £100 Porto to be winning in 30 mins @ 11/10
    Win returning £210

    £120 Porto to score in both halves @ 4/6
    Win returning £200

    £50 Porto 2-0 @ 6/1

    £50 Porto 3-0 @ 6/1

    £30 Martinez Hat-Trick @ 14/1

    Total stake – £900
    Returns – £1380
    Total Profit – £480

    Good day at the office

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      I bet you nearly had the milk on for that Horlicks Chris??

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, everything I said about Porto came up except Martinez to score first. I don’t like last scorer bets to be honest because there is always the chance of your player being subbed. It would have looked bad if Martinez hadn’t scored at all so glad he did in the end. It’s funny because I think it was John who said earlier in the week about not putting on bets you thought about. And when I was looking at prices 7-1 Porto -3 stood out but I never took it because they haven’t scored too many in recent weeks.

  50. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Yeah Muzza lol, jammy I know. Good that he scored but left me sweating a bit. Happy with just under £500 profit on a Monday night.

  51. Muzza 11 years ago

    Good man. I think you ought to reign those bets in though or you might have to target Butlins In Bognor for your big holiday instead of Canada!! Enjoy it while it lasts, and get back to church in the morn!

  52. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Thanks Seamus

  53. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Muzza I wasn’t going for the Horlicks, it was a bottle if jack Daniels from the cupboard

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Lol – self prescribed??

  54. Muzza 11 years ago

    My money is on MILESEY all the way – these bets can not keep coming in for ya!! :0)

  55. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Its ok Muzza for all you know I could get knocked out first round. I think I will edge it though especially as its only football betting. Only time will tell. Milesey is pooping himself with fear ain’t you Milesey? Lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out with the 4 wins the competition. I’m sure Milesey will agree it involves skill and knowledge and to a certain degree a bit of luck. Imagine you had started last week? I’d prob have been wiped out with all those cup results but then again I would have also had Mulgrew……..

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Need a bit of luck though Chris so don’t use it all up before next week! Milesey has the inside info and also the time unlike the rest of us. That’s why I am LUMPING on him big time – is anyone running a book? Lol

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      The time hahaha, yes time when i should be working, i spend looking through markets and watching horse racing hahahaha it’s not my fault, your made to open an account first day you start ! ;)

      I have been betting since 14 years old, and used to leave my blazer and tie outside the front of jennings, waltz in, put a bet on the horses, then run back to school get into the library and get the old teletext on hahaha , then after i got the result, a quick game of bamboozle, before heading back to class ;) ;)

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Superb Milesey a man after my own heart.

      Night all – great site Mr F!! Glad to be involved

    • Danny 11 years ago

      thats a good story Milesey better than sittin in school bored out your face a used to spend my school days with all ma troops getting fuula tonic and having pro evo tournaments was more to be learned whilst drunk and playing playstation games at 10 in the morning like my postie is a hash heed jehovas’s witnesses soon leave you out when you invite them in for a drink a few lines a charlie

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      hahaha, we had FIFA tourneys on the megadrive, all round me mums house at lunch time, all put £10 in to enter and played a knockout cup the winner took the pot :)

  56. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Paul Mulgrew will score again on Wed. Well done with your bets Paul. Pity about the -3 though. Some good value out there Paul ie teams to be winning in 30 mins around the evs mark. I was thinking about backing a treble with all the teams playing at home with a minimum price of 1/3. You are talking about 7/1 a treble. Barcelona and Real Madrid would be my first two.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, you could add Bayern to that list, Porto when they’re at home and Atletico Madrid at home when Falcao is fit.

  57. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    That’s why I never win nout I’m at work all the time I never get time to do any home work and my kids torture me when im home its ok for some Muzza lol

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Lol Craig! Not much time at tea break eh? I know how you feel pal! I have new tactics looking at smaller bets – singles, double & trebles max as lower risk. Obviously lower reward but that is my plan for the next 4 weeks as I have a comp with 3 mates all starting with £200 to see who can make the most. Winner gets £200 of each player so even if you blow the kitty you need to find another £200 to pay the winner! Good fun.

      All profits above stakes go on a good night out & charity donation (if there is any!). Last time we did it one of my pals made 10K in 4 weeks!!

  58. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    I’m just doing a bit of home here though Muzza I’m going to pick some good stuff for tomoro lol

  59. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol Milesey your off it you

  60. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    I have realised while watching use lot on here the only way to win money is to bet on singles doubles or trebles or perm ur bets so if 1 loses maybe you get ur money back never back on more than 4 or 5 teams lol once u start picking more than that ur messing with your chances even if u do 8 teams at 1/4 one will f”ck u up always does lol

  61. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Danny I’m the pro evo king mate lol

  62. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    I have the new pro evo its the best that’s been out for me I have it on the Ps3 but I have not had much practice on it me and my mates used to get wrecked and play on it all night I was allways up there

  63. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Haha I was always an iss pro and pro evo fan Fecking class I’m 32 and still Iove playing on the Ps3

  64. smiler. smokie 11 years ago

    Quality, chris , just a wee bit of luck with the last goal but nothing wrong with a bit of luck we all need it sometimes buddy. Think Vydra [watford] v b.city @ 4/1 1st scorer and watford to be leading after 30mins could be a decent bet. [ladbrokes odds] good luck on tues everybody.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Smiler, they’re two good bets. Have Vydra on my anytime scorer shortlist as I try to repeat Sunday’s treble win.

  65. Danny 11 years ago

    Craig Ive not had pro for a good few years a started playing fifa coz all the dinomite goals you can score but if your saying its good it cant do any harm buying it makes it better when your better than your mates a had a big comfy seat posistioned right infront of the tv and used to just say right whos next for a hammerin of the king of pro

  66. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Here Milesey been doing a bit of home work for the footy tomoro its took me 2 hours to find a couple of decent bets and that’s cos the kids finally went to bed and its took me that long to find these lol Feck me it could be like a full time job this studying carry on……

    Stoke at home 21/20 to beat Wigan cos Wigan have 6 players missing and I fancy stokes chances.
    Watford away to Bristol city even money to win
    Vydra who plays for Watford has scored 6 in his last 3 games 2 a game 15/4 first goal 10/11 anytime .
    Sunderland v Swansea both teams to score both teams been scoring well .
    Also Michu hasn’t scored in 6 league games his last past man utd he’s 9/2 first goal or 11/10 anytime

    Might do some singles and doubles and up the stakes ……

  67. Danny 11 years ago

    christ almighty Craig 2 hours give it a few weeks of studying and remembering bits on peices on different teams and ul be plucking that up in aboot 10 minutes rapid

  68. Muzza 11 years ago

    Nice homework Chris A * for you. Talking more sense than Hank! Just wish I knew which one is gonna let you down as usual…… Lol

    Good luck

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Muzza, I like the Stoke price but they have been conceding a few goals. I’ll be all over on-form Watford and thinking Swansea might edge it at Sunderland.

    • Muzza 11 years ago

      Me too (a classic under 7’s TV show with Granny Murray from north of the border by the way – lol) but my football bets are nothing to write home about at the minute!

      @#Got to get some sleep…..

  69. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Hahaha Danny lad i can’t remember what happened yesterday or even this morning my life is chaos lol

    • Danny 11 years ago

      a went through a spell of that the 1 and only cause was sittin doin rapid buckets everyday turns the mind to mush eventually. a couldnt be doing with the old chaos lifestyle carryoan its 8 am an am watching last nyts eastenders like a big poof al stick a washing on in aboot 20 mins make breakfast get a shower then thatl take me to hof 10 after that be taking in the rays most of the day am a rug on vallium at this moment in time being a man of leisure soon drives you up the wall very soon am gawny doo summit rab c couldy… get a job

  70. smiler. smokie 11 years ago

    Mr fixit, ye watford looking like contenders for play offs at least, there playing with loads of confidence and look like a team enjoyin there style of football, think it helps that theres no prima;donnas in the team.

  71. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol Muzza

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