I'VE touched on Millwall v Aston Villa elsewhere but there are several enticing games across Europe tonight.

Borussia Dortmund look best bets of all at home to Nurnberg but the German champions are no bigger than 2-9 at Stan James so look at some of the specials.

Dortmund have netted five in successive matches against Werder Bremen and Hannover and in their last four have hit 15 goals.

Minus one tonight they are no bigger than 1-2 so take a chance on7-5 at bet365 and look at 11-10 at Ladbrokes to win to nil.

Nurnberg haven't scored on their last five visits to Dortmund but have managed two 0-0 draws.

Lyon are 29-20 at Valenciennes but they let us down at home to Evian last week and I'm leaving them out. Consider Valenciennes not to lose at 8-13 with Coral.


Dortmund -2 (7.30pm)
(7-5, bet365)

  1. ClaretNBlue82 11 years ago

    Not fancying Cheltenham at home to Rochdale mr F?

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      ClaretNBlue, they haven’t one in four so that put me off. On the other hand Rochdale have lost their last three. They’re the kind of stats I hate so I left it alone. Dortmund are my big punt tonight and I might get involved with Villa later.

  2. mike 11 years ago

    Yes think they will win

  3. tony 11 years ago

    5 for the night

  4. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Paul I found a couple of value bets for tonight. Do you fancy any of these?

    Dortmund anytime correct score 2-0 @ 4/6
    Dortmund winning after 15 mins @ 5/2
    Dortmund winning after 30 mins @ 23/20
    Dortmund to score in both halves @ 7/10
    Dortmund to win Lewandowski anytime @ 8/11

    I particularly like the 2-0 anytime scoreline and Dortmund to be winning after 30 mins. Thinkin about lumping on.

  5. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Super single Mario Gotze first Goalscorer 11/2 @ Bwin. Only 7/2 elsewhere so grab the 11/2 whilst you can. Cover the bet with Gotze anytime @ 13/10 with Bwin.

  6. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Dortmund ht/ft @ 8/13 for me. Nurnberg r rotten,worse than their league position suggests,but they can b quite stuffy opponents especially away from home. Not great odds but i’ll take it

  7. The Dane 11 years ago

    This is one of my investments today. It’s a combination of 3 tipsters where Mr. Fixit are one of them. All I need are 2 correct picks for a 12% profit on my €544.00 investment.

    1/4 = -44%
    2/4 = +12%
    3/4 = +68%
    4/4 = +123%

    Dortmund -2
    Odds: 2,08
    Stake: €146.00

    Millwall draw against Villa

    Croatia to beat Denmark in World Cup handball

    Sodertalje to beat Oskarshamn away in hockeyallsvenskan
    (Swedish icehockey)

    The Dane.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      The Dane, the handball one definitely wasn’t mine.

  8. Fernando Cardoso 11 years ago

    Here are my bets for today (for a lucky day)
    Villareal vs Sabadell (Over 1.5 goals @ 1.30)
    Guatemala vs Panama (Panama @ 2.10)
    Academica vs Beira Mar (BTTS @ 1.80)
    Al Elltifaq vs Al Hilal (Al Hilal @ 1.65)
    Karabukspor vs Kasimpasa (Kasimpasa @ 3.35)

    Bet 5.00 Possible 135.81

    Why not?

  9. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    My 3 for tonight sassalo away to crotone ….. sassaulo are top they are 11/10 bargain ………. nimes home to sedan …… sedan are rock bottom Nimes are 5/6 and borussia Dortmund -1 8/15 I’m going for the treble

    Sassaulo 11/10
    Nimes 5/6
    Borussia Dortmand -1 8/15

    40 gets 250 notes back

  10. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    My tips and bets for tonight:

    £80 Mario Gotze first Goalscorer @ 11/2
    £100 Mario Gotze anytime @ 13/10
    £120 Dortmund to win 2-0 anytime @ 4/6
    £50 Dortmund to be winning after 15 min @ 5/2
    £50 Dortmund to be winning after 30 min @ 23/20

    • Guido 11 years ago

      Chris – I like the look of Marco Reus as first scorer

  11. Steven 11 years ago

    Gone for treble

    Dortmund -2

    £5 = 45 return

  12. al 11 years ago

    Easy double today
    Niort v lavel
    Nantes v tours
    Over 3.5 goals

  13. Danny 11 years ago

    thats not an easy double Al its 19/1 because in the 21 games nimes have played this season only 3 have been over 3.5 and 9 out of 21 for niort with laval going over 5 out of 21 it would be some double right enough at that price hope you get it good luck

  14. Danny 11 years ago

    not nimes a mean niort tours go over 2.5 often right enough

  15. Danny 11 years ago

    haha its 3 in the am ZOMBIENATION odds against it but best of luck mate

  16. al 11 years ago

    Thanks danny

    I’ve just got feeling about the double. I know its not easy nothing is.

  17. Darren G 11 years ago

    Ton single Cheltenham, evens with paddy

  18. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Dortmund 1-0 blazaofniwoski never heard of him lol

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      Burkina Faso 4-0 Ethiopia

      hope you didn’t do the under 2.5

    • Willie McGuire 11 years ago

      Hes the captain of the Polish National side Craig, and a right good player at that.

  19. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I was unlucky with that one as goal in 18th min and I needed them to be winning by 18 mins. Anyway got my to be winning in 30 mins and anytime scoreline 2-0 up already

  20. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Sorry needed them to be winning by 15 mins

  21. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    23/20 to be winning by 30 mins was buying money so was 2-0 anytime scoreline

  22. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    I backed out of the under 2.5 goals thanks to use lads on here made me see the light when I thought about it last night Milesey I thought no chance the games will be more open I went for a treble instead

    Dortmund -1 8/15
    Nimes at 5/6 there up 2-0 at haft time
    And Fecking Sassaulo there getting beat always one bastuuuurd team lets me down no matter how many games i pick lol

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      I just took lyon as a single tonight, going well 2-0 up, was a nice price too….. only thing i fancied as a single for abit of value tonight.

  23. Chris Guy 11 years ago


  24. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Craig bet large on singles, its the only way to beat the bookies

  25. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Paul must be business with the Daily Record write up, no sign of him. Either that or he’s fell asleep in the pub lol

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      too scared to come on incase people are bickering again probably, a few drinks first, then he’ll be on later.

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, I’m back. Have you seen the Record – two pages takes a while to do with all the contests etc. Home for 10 minutes then took the boy to football training and the dog walk. Now it’s btts lines and five to follow once I see if there are any more games off.

  26. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Probs. Milesey how did you get on with the racing today?

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      shocking, gave up after i had one that reared up in the stalls, and the starter just let them go instead of waiting for the horse to calm down, so was 10 lengths behind from the start, and that was it for me, weren’t going to chuck no more money on the horses after that today, but looking forward to Cheltenham trials day tomorrow. Stevenage don’t have a game tomorrow anyway, for Brentford there opponents are still in the cup.

      got Lyon win single going at the moment was a nice price @6/4 for the win.


  27. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol Milesey from what I’ve seen on here u cause all the chew HAHAHA

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      You have me mistaken for someone else, surely ;) ;)

  28. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Chris Guy I agree with ya there I need a new betting strategy but like I said lol 1 team always lets me down if I picked 1 team as a single and lumped on it the twats would get beat or draw 0-0 lol

  29. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    I should of just done Dortmund -2 at 7-5 like M F said and hoped for the best lol

  30. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    This week Real Madrid let me down for a 180 on a 5 fold and port vale fecked me up last night for 160 on a 4 fold its always the same 1 team Fecks me up

  31. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol Milesey

  32. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Seen who scored I should of just lumped my mortgage on Shittu to score at any time tonight it reminds me of me at gambling lol

  33. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Can’t believe this I’m looking after my 2 year old little girl cos our lass has gone out with her mates on the town its the first night she has been out for ages and my little girl jumped of the sofa and kicked my can of lager over i had only had a sip out of it, so I ran in the kitchen to get a dish cloth seen one was in the mop bucket grabbed it scrubbed the carpet to bits then all I could smell was bleach the carpets ruined I’m DEAD our lass will kill me carpets ruined

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      ……. and to make the night even worse, you have lost the mortgage money again on a treble ;)

    • Milesey 11 years ago

      so the carpet really isn’t going to matter, when she comes home to find you sitting outside for the house has been taken by the bank ;)

  34. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol I’m not taking the blame for this I will either move the sofa over it and rearrange the furniture and wait till she finds it and play dumb or just blame my little girl say she done it when I went the toilet lol

    • Guido 11 years ago

      nip oot quick n buy a nice rug to cover it Craig :-)

    • robert miller 11 years ago

      Take a bow Craig, funniest post ive read for a while on the site, and so true to life!!!!!!1

  35. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    It’s one or the other lol

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      Lol Guido

  36. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    It all happened to fast I just didn’t think there is a massive white patch on the carpet it seams to be getting bigger it’s like it’s growing

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      I’m going to Chris guy mate that’s all I can do ……. I suppose at the end of the day the little one did kick the can over so it is her falt lol

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, I was painting an upstairs door one day and accidently spilled a pot of paint and it went all down the stairs. I blamed the dog and got away with it.

  37. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    In know mate hard work Paul. You goingbtonpick my 4 draws tomorrow mate.

    Craig just blame the wean that’s best

  38. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    I really hope the game doesn’t finish 2-0. I stuck £120 on 2-0 anytime correct score @ 4/6 and could have got 7/1 for full time correct score

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      Dortmund just missed a really good chance I’m watching it on bet365

  39. Willie McGuire 11 years ago


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Willie, Dortmund win, Dortmund -1 and clean sheet all bets I did but my main bet is Dortmund -2 so and that was you trying to tell me it was 3-0!

  40. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Phew to me and well done to everyone on -2. Its 3-0 now

  41. Jonathan Grieve 11 years ago

    Good man Lewandowski,well done Paul and y’all that had -2

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      OK, just seen the score flash. Magic but again a sweat.

  42. Chris Guy 11 years ago


    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Chris, nice one. Happy with the third goal but there’s always a chance teams don’t bother when they’ve got a decent lead.

  43. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    Lol Mr F our lass just text 10 mins ago aswell saying is everything ok I just ignored the text I daren’t tell her

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, tell her in the morning – after you’ve gone out. Or go and buy a puppy.

  44. Chris Guy 11 years ago

    Juno out and buy a bottle of turps and try wash it out

  45. Craig23_50 11 years ago

    The front room already stinks of bleach my eyes are even watering a bit the last thing I want to do is make it worse cant believe I done it

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      Cos of all the carry on I had apart from my 40 pound treble I put 3 pound on a five fold at 19.59 some of the games were in play I took

      Academica win 1/1
      Villarreal 8/13
      Lewandowski any time 10/11
      Draw millwall v villa 21/10
      Draw Cheltenham v Rochdale 9/4

      3 pound paid back 186.42

      Millwall just scored in the 89th minute WHAT A BAD DAY

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Craig, that’s unlucky but Villa are having a worse week than you if that’s any consolation.

    • Craig23_50 11 years ago

      Lol Mr F not by much haha I might need a room to rent from tomorrow when our lass looks at this carpet

  46. David M 11 years ago

    Nice tip Mr Fixit. Unlucky for me though as ive just came on there and didnt get anything on cause I was busy building a snowman the wane!!!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      David, good on you mate. At least you’ll feel all warm inside and freezing cold outside.

  47. Mike 11 years ago

    Cheers for the -2 tip fixit, just got back from a meal and see the result, good couple of nights betting!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Mike, it wasn’t a bad night although last-minute Millwall winner took a little bit of the shine off.

  48. Mike 11 years ago

    Haha millwall won?!?! Hadnt looked at the score! Surely lamberts time is up? Think villa will go down!

    • Mr Fixit 11 years ago

      Mike, it’s a bad week but the league is what matters most and whether changing will make them any better I don’t know. At the end of the day the players don’t look good enough so he’ll need to improve the side and hope for a turnaround in fortunes.

  49. Gregg 11 years ago

    Excellent shout Mr. Fixit .. I was on and what a 3rd goal it was too .. thanks again pal !!

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