FIRSTLY apologies for not putting up a new thread yesterday – like thousands of others I was too busy beating the bookies.

Every W-D-W bet I put up on the site as well as all of my W-D-W and handicap bets won and it was a repeat of the Boxing Day battering bookies suffered.

Today's back page of the Racing Post is a classic – illustrated by a load of big winning lines – and supported by quotes from greetin-faced firms. Only Man City's defeat at home to Arsenal saved them from total carnage – and in fact I believe one director of a major bookie almost traded in his Bentley for a Porsche.

Days like Boxing Day and Sunday are rare though so let's not feel too sorry for them. It was all the favourites winning that cost them and while I sometimes touch on the big guns my belief is a blind man can win money just by lumping shorties together and for a site like this I don't need to tell you to bet on the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Benfica at 1-4 and 1-5.

In my experience when you put seven, eight or nine favourites all together on a line one team invariably lets you down. However, I'm happy to pick six or seven shorties at the weekend and advise the best price and let's see where we go from there – that won't be reasoned or researched.

As well as hundreds of comments every day on the site we also receive hundreds of emails and a recurring theme is people complaining my Top Trebles are too short. I don't agree because they're one of my main bets and come in regularly. For me profit is profit and I'm trying to give myself the best opportunity.

People need to understand odds reflect the chances of a line coming up and while I could do bigger prices they'll come in less often and you know what will happen then. It takes just one or two wins a year at big prices to turn a profit but plenty of visitors expect me to put up winners every day, hence the prices.

I'm not against putting up a long shot now and again and advising it to be taken for small stakes and I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, this thread is for football chat – not tips. So if you want to talk about Dave King, John McGlynn or Hearts (that's you raaljaca) but not the price of gas (punting for fun) this is the place to come. Keep it clean and don't be bigoted or racist.

There were about 25 comments left on the previous chat thread – and dozens more on the tips thread. This is an experiment to see if this thread is needed – but will be stopped soon if not used.

  1. john 6 years ago

    I agree with you Mr fixit. It’s difficult enough to predict any bet let alone ones at long odds. Like you say profit is profit after all and i think betting is about management and not just looking for the big win. I would love to here from anyone who can give me 5-1 winners everyday!!

  2. Stu24 6 years ago

    I’d rather win a treble at odds of 2/1 than lose one at 10/1 , the odds could be a million to one but it makes no difference if it doesnt win, but to keep everyone happy you could put up your usual treble for the sensible gambler and put a seperate one for people wanting to win big, then no one can complain as they have the option of either one.

  3. mitchymitch 6 years ago

    Algeria have been JK Rowling so far.

  4. I'm a Lucky Punt 6 years ago

    Betting and to be successful at it, is all about beating the psychology of greed.

    Winners are winners and profit is profit, I’d rather win £15 a day than wait six weeks to land a seven-fold that pays out £300.

    Cashing out is a godsend, in the past, we had to wait and pray for all the final whistles, now those 1-0 leads are no longer so fragile, if you’re ahead cash out. It’s better to take it instead of losing what could have been, if it does come in and you’ve already cashed out, learn to live with it.

    Don’t be greedy and you’ll win more.

  5. mitchymitch 6 years ago

    I’m glad the Algerians took the hint.

  6. BelfastBeaver 6 years ago

    Had 20 on baines 1st goal 16/1 gutted miralas took the pen he’s been took off at ht as punishment no use to us punter when he’s driving home in his Rolls tonight. Rant over :-(

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      BelfastBeaver, it’s sore one but that punishment’s out of order. It’s not like Mirallas tried to miss.

  7. Clarkez 6 years ago

    Mrf, followed your super single today but looking at my open bets Algeria are marked as ‘DNS’. I placed my bets last night, any idea why they haven’t settled the bet? Cheers.

  8. Godazi 6 years ago

    Can someone explain the meaning of this please…

    Algeria v South Africa – Match BettingDNS

    Bet not settled yet. Thank you.

  9. Godazi 6 years ago

    Oh we got the same problem @ Clarkez lol…

  10. billmac 6 years ago

    same problem here too MATCH BETTING DNS williamhill

  11. Stevie 6 years ago

    I have to admit that backing thee short price faves are a much better way of making money I often do between 10-15 fold accas involving short price faves and have had so much success doing so.
    I also do your SS but only if I agree with it and as a whole I’ve made more on the accas in the long run.
    For instance this weekend I picked out no less than 35 teams from Friday to Sunday the result were.
    Win – 32
    Draw – 2 ( cliftonville, Aberdeen )
    Lose – 1 ( roda )
    Roda killed some bets on Friday but i had multiple accas which didn’t include roda in all of them.
    I had double chance on Aberdeen and cliftonville so they were winners. I goes without saying a lot of money was made.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Stevie, this weekend was exceptional – Aberdeen and Derby beat me big style but pretty much every other team I backed won.

  12. Daz 6 years ago

    One of those weekends where I wish I’d done accas instead of singles and dbls ,

  13. Anasewhiz 6 years ago

    Ye funny how tins can change so quickly… Predict a match but don’t bet then it wins.. Predict a match and bet then it does not win.. Been there alot.. Feeling worse as its wat happened too me dis Sunday… Real-1, ath mad-1, barca-2, benfica-1, juve, arsenal, west ham…

  14. Sir.Kings 6 years ago

    A lot of people bashed the bookies this weekend and i wished i could rewind the day to pick more teams…Looking at punters inside the shop with their huge winning that was fetched with just a little money and mine a little money fetched with higher money

  15. Jamie 6 years ago

    I almost always do a couple of shop acca’s on the weekend and sometimes a couple days during the week. Just with spare change in my pocket. Keep it seperate from my level stakes online bets.

  16. Aidy 6 years ago

    Mr F thanks for the top tipping been absolutely amazing.I would have missed a treble yesterday and Algeria and Senegal btts unbelievable work thank you.

  17. Stevie 6 years ago

    Your right Mr F this weekend was a cracker a bit like last weeks premier league correct score markets.
    There had only been 4 previous winners on sky sports super 6 in years and last week there were 55 winners in one weekend . Mental

  18. Anasewhiz 6 years ago

    Not wanting too troll of here.. So, CHEERS too every winner here !!!!

  19. stagger 6 years ago

    Oldham v Rochdale – off

    Macclesfield v Telford – off

    Guisley v AFC Flyde – off

    Ballymena v Glentoran – off
    Linfield v Cliftonville – off

    Doncaster v Bristol City – off
    Scunthorpe v Chesterfield – off
    Swindon v Bradford – off
    Telford v Halifax – off
    Aldershot v Dover – off
    Bristol Rovers v Braintree – off
    Dartford v Woking – off
    Easteigh v Wrexham – doubtful
    Macclesfield v Altrincham – off
    Ebbsfleet v Bromley – off
    Staines v Hemel Hempstead – doubtful

    Plus a few casualties in the Highland League on Saturday as well.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      stagger, that’s a help although the Saturday League One matches will be FA Cup related. It’s been below freezing where I am all day so not many games will go ahead apart from pitches with heating.

  20. Sir.Kings 6 years ago

    Kenny McDowall has tendered his resignation as caretaker manager of Rangers for “personal reasons”.
    The club say he will serve a 12-month notice period under the terms of his contract, as his predecessor Ally McCoist intended to.
    And a statement from Ibrox said the 51-year-old will “remain 100% committed to his normal duties”.

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Sir.Kings, how many gardeners can one club have? To be fair it’s no surprise – McDowall hasn’t looked comfortable in the job.

    • Sir.Kings 6 years ago

      Looks like Rangers problem is not near to an end

  21. Potrick 6 years ago

    Happy out, had a great weekend! Tonight led to a good start to the week with a bologna, nancy (DNB) and Algeria treble.. Thanks mr F for Algerian tip, can’t say I would have thought of that one myself!

  22. Sir.Kings 6 years ago

    Todays match was the fifth penalty that Oliver has awarded Everton at Goodison in five matches.
    Baines, Everton’s regular and usually unerring penalty taker, stepped forward but Mirallas took the ball from him, ignored instructions from Lukaku and Naismith to let the left-back take it and made matters worse by dragging his spot-kick wide of the post. Martínez shook his head in disbelief at Baines. Mirallas failed to reappear for the second half

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Sir.Kings, Martinez says he had a tight hamstring – more likely a sore arse!

  23. BelfastBeaver 6 years ago

    Seems he had an injury mrF but don’t buy I’m sure the fans and teammates feel the same . The life of a punter is harsh :-(

  24. Sir.Kings 6 years ago

    Looks a big win tomorrow for Bounemourth against Leeds,leeds owner Cellino lost his appeal against the FA for disqualification of his license to own Leeds fc due to tax fraud….The board in turmoil and it will give Bournemouth the edge tomorrow

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Sir.Kings, the board aren’t playing so it won’t affect the performance. Bournemouth should win but I hate the price.

    • Sir.Kings 6 years ago

      Board unrest can actually affect players morale as the direction the club is going to take will be in question

  25. craneguy 6 years ago

    few big days ahead next week for rangers, 27th Ashley supposed to turn up at sfa for hearing which he wont, 28th payday can they meet payroll I fear not as if the current board hawk ibrox to Ashley for £13m what they received on fri nite will seem like knitting bee, then on the sunday celtic game……………………

  26. craneguy 6 years ago

    weatherspoons have already announced none of their Glasgow pubs will be showing the celtic rangers game for fear of major trouble and are leaving it to local managers to choose wether to open at all…………

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      craneguy, makes sense to me. Alcohol and a Celtic-Rangers game is an explosive mix – emotions will be running off the scale.

  27. Deano 6 years ago

    Still not been paid out on Algeria. Anyone know of any issues

  28. Clarkez 6 years ago

    MrF, myself and quite a few others apparently have yet to be paid for the Algeria Super Single with williamhill. Are you aware of any problems that would affect the bet? Cheers

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      Clarkez, none whatsoever – have you asked them why?

    • Clarkez 6 years ago

      Don’t know what the hold up was but the bet has been settled, thanks.

  29. Hamish75 6 years ago

    Spot on mrf fitba n booze disny go even if ye played the auld firm games oan the moon the martians wud invade the moon rangers r certainly no ready ti play celtic a fear the worst am gonny hibernate ti its aw done ktf

  30. craneguy 6 years ago

    Hamish wont be over the door to watch it either will watch in the hoose emotions running far too high atm in G52 and the selik fans will be giving it dokey to the rangers fans, fear its only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse after Fridays scenes at ibrox

  31. craneguy 6 years ago

    clarkez, 365 have paid me out seen a few comments saying WH coming up as DNS whatever that means………….

  32. craneguy 6 years ago

    DNS is did not start in horse racing but surely not the case in fitba as game started and was won by Algeria donno………..

  33. Flickhead 6 years ago

    Good old F.A,Cellino has still not been found guilty in Italy,where he is still appealing,but the F.A have already decided the outcome of that one.And he,ll be back in March anyway,as under bullshit F.A rules,his conviction will he spent,even though he hasnt been convicted yet,if that makes any sense.

  34. raaljaca 6 years ago

    If Kenny McDowell goes on ‘gardening leave’ will Rangers appoint a Caretaker/Caretaker Manager? Greatest Soap Opera of our time.

  35. Richie 6 years ago

    I had a cheeky 5er on 0-0 so well chuffed baines did not take the pen

  36. TamD 6 years ago

    In the Top tip post, Alex pointed out a case for Everton to be relegated which is available highest at 33/1 now. Though he confessed that it’s a biased opinion, he being a liverpool fan, I really like the reasoning. Does anybody, including Mr. F and Raal, has counter-opinion on the underperforming Everton manager?

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      TamD, I answered Alex last night so have a look back.

    • raaljaca 6 years ago

      TamD I still rate him mate and think he will come good with this team.

  37. redandwhite79 6 years ago

    Mr F there are rumours that Koeman may be interested in bringing John Guidetti too Southampton. Though there has been a £2m fee agreed it doesn’t look like he wants to commit to celtic.
    Do you think he would be good for saints? And also stepping up to the Prem do you think he can score here like he does in Scotland?

    • Mr Fixit 6 years ago

      redandwhite79, the jury has to be out on Guidetti – he’s even been dropped by Celtic after his barren spell.

    • redandwhite79 6 years ago

      All top players can have bad spells Mr F. You only have to look at Eljero Elia’s stats who we bought in from Bremen, Something like four goals in 3/4 years, then he goes and nets two against Newcastle. There’s something about Koeman That seems to give the players at Saints great belief, lets hope if he does make the move south Koeman can work his magic on him to.

  38. stagger 6 years ago

    Southport v Braintree is a goner.

  39. stagger 6 years ago

    All but 2 of the 9 Conference games are now off. Only Aldershot and the SS at Dover remain.
    I fancy Dover in a treble with Preston and Boro but am gonna wait to see if the Dover game survives. It should do, no snow that far south surely.

  40. BelfastBeaver 6 years ago

    Never seen a lazier team in my life than this ivory coast . Its a joke

  41. bixie 6 years ago

    how many times does the early game ruin your day!! i was on IC -1, but they didnt take their opponents seriously enough obviously. i thought they were the better team in the first half despite their lack of interest, gervinho looked really dangerous and toure was pinging passes about
    then that silly moment from the man in the headband and its all over, they had a few chances and did well to get a leveller
    well done to all that went with mr f and welovebetting’s advice to back the btts at 11/8

  42. stagger 6 years ago

    Seems a pity that more people don’t bring their non-tip chat here.
    Even the squabblers could make use of it, and leave the Top Tips page alone. If that’s the price to pay for an argument-free TT thread then so be it.
    Again last night you had to trawl through the bickering to get to the tips. There’s always the same person at the centre of it and I’m at a loss as to how it’s ever gonna stop.
    MrF has given every body this thread to say whatever they want within reason (without tipping) and still some people don’t listen or make use of it for their bickering. Where’s it all gonna end?

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