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Yesterday was a disappointing day, but not one for poor runners. I feel like Raving Bonkers was going to play a big part in his race, as he was slowly creeping through the field and the jockey looked happy on him until he fell. Frau Georgia travelled very well through her race as well, but probably bumped into a well handicapped horse. Also, she was inconvenienced by her noseband which covered her eyes in the final parts of the race, and she somehow managed to jump the final fence with no vision.

For the ones who have twitter, give the link below a click so you can see.

Bangor-on-Dee 1:40

This is a chase race where only a couple should be competing for the win, unless one of the chase debutantes brings a better level of form now they are over fences.

RICHIE VALENTINE still looks feasibly treated off a mark of 85. He beat First Revolution at this track in the middle of August, and I find it extremely difficult to see how the latter horse can reverse the form, as they are both weighted for the same outcome to happen (9lb difference in the weight on both occasions). Richie then went to Uttoxeter, and was definitely travelling very well through the race, where only the eventual winner and himself looked like the only potential winners, as the rest of the field were cooked a long way from home. It was unfortunate that the horse ran out of the track and unshipped the rider. It's hard to say whether he would've won or not, but he definitely had a lot more to give for that race, and for that reason I think he deserves another shot, as I do believe he is still well-handicapped enough to rack up at least another win.

There is some interesting horses in this race, but they are either completely out of form and need to show something different, like Lost In Montmartre, who also carries a heavy weight, or they are making their chase debuts, whilst also carrying heavy weights. Robin Des Theatre, Val Mome & Raven Court fall into the latter category, and will have to be on point to beat a horse who is thriving over fences, looks well handicapped and also runs off 10st 2lbs when you take off Chris Ward's 5lb claim.

Bangor-on-Dee 3:10

ZAFAR received a lot of stick last time on the back of his hard fought win at short odds of 2/5, and had a lot of favourite backers and muggy accas sweating. I agree that it wasn't his best run to date, but to say it was a poor run might be a little harsh. If you've watched this horse before, he takes a while to get into top gear, hence why his record over hurdles for Donald McCain read:

1st – Won by a neck

2nd – Lost by 3/4 Lengths, was running on strongly

1st – Won by 1/2 Length

Also, Abbie McCain went for a teasing run up the rail, but was blocked off, which meant his momentum was drastically reduced and he had to build it up again. Despite being blocked, he picked up again in nice fashion and put the race to bed easier than the final margins would suggest. If he had a clear run, he would've won that by 4-5 lengths, or even maybe more.

Based on his starts for Donald McCain, this step up in trip looks ideal. Like I previously mentioned, he can take a little while to get going over this trip, but he sees it out extremely well. This extra 2f he faces will help him massively as he appears to have the stamina over shorter to run well at this trip.

Donald McCain loves a win at Bangor, with it being his local track. His record at this track is very good, especially with his hurdlers. In the last five years he has had 44 winners from 185 runners, which is a 24% SR and equals a profit of +49.95 to level £1 stakes.

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  1. dazzman1979 11 months ago

    7:30 Kempton – Kenyx 6/1

    • dazzman1979 11 months ago

      8:00 Kempton- Kevin the minion 8/1

  2. Super Wilf 11 months ago

    Hoping Mr After Timing aka Black no Sugar or whatever he decides to call himself today with the massive IQ hasn’t chased away the best thing to happen to this site in a month away with his inflated ego

    Let’s beat the Bookies

    Admins take note

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      True i hope he comes back i was on all his even the loser, why do people complain they done the same to me , but i took it on board now i dont put up all my bets,, between him and rizz last week they hit ten winners , any ways looks a mad one tomorrow but ive got a few ill put up ,waiting on the draw at two meetings,,C-KEANE will get a few tomorrow,,as for the jumps this will be good to watch ,, need to stop all this fighting bullshit and help each other

  3. cairnzy1878 11 months ago

    Good morning,

    Mr Alan returned another NAP winner yesterday. Tipped at 2/1 and the money came for him as he went of just over even money. I thought he was over priced at 2s so if you got on at that price then happy days!

    Before I give my selection, I just noticed petes sly dig at me under yesterday’s forum.

    I’m not the argumentative type but not going to sit and not back myself up. I couldn’t help but notice you post up about 4 or 5 33/1 shots every day Pete. Not hard to spam 33/1 shots 24/7… one will finally land somewhere down the line you complete and utter lizard.

    You’ve about as much racing knowledge as my microwave downstairs. If you don’t like what I post then keep your silly unwanted opinion to yourself.



    Racing tomorrow looks pretty grim again, probably will be like this until the jumps kick into gear.

    Nottingham – 3:30 Wink of an eye 7/4

    Wink of an eye didn’t see out the trip of 1m 4 at York last time out but did manage to finish 6th of 15.

    He drops back to his favoured 1m 2f today. A trip in which he strung 4 consecutive wins together. One of the 4 wins was actually over 1m 3 so we know this horse stays the trip well.

    He’s been of the track for a month and hopefully will go well.

    He’s versatile ground wise with wins coming on both good to soft and good to firm ground. He’s still only a 3yr old and I can’t see any reason on why this one would have stopped progressing..

    Tom Marquand rides tomorrow who has won on him previously which is also a plus.

    Good luck!

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Is it me or does he sometimes lets his wife win , i do laugh watching them two

    • Gateacre Pete 11 months ago

      Wow! What have I done to deserve that personal attack? It was meant as banter but you’ve made it personal now.
      Firstly, I don’t claim to be an expert and wouldn’t dream of begging for money for my services. Secondly. If you read my post from yesterday, it says, these are what I’m doing today, they’re not tips, just my personal preference.
      I don’t read your posts but might flick thru them cos they’re too long. It’s like reading war & peace sometimes. I know you’ve been picking winners, which I great, but don’t keep harping on about it when they win. It’s not a competition on here, it’s about share knowledge and winning. We’re not here to insult each other.
      GL today

    • D1752 11 months ago

      Lol Pete, you know your post yesterday was being shady to Cairnzy. Wasn’t “banter” in the slightest.

      If you want to make bitchy comments, at least own it. Dont play innocent babe.

  4. Thebigflu 11 months ago

    Navorosse 2’35 stormy jenny 15’35,cask mate,all Ireland,,shes so lovely,,richie valentine both Bangor G,L,, sweet cairnzy am on nice one

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Theres a thing going on with spirits today theres 3 out and all look good so might do treble,,

  5. Alves 11 months ago

    14:30 Nottingham – Bonita B

    Favourite pulled out overnight and got 12/1 last night on it, 15/2 now

    • Alves 11 months ago

      Skybet money back if it’s 2nd or 3rd

  6. black no sugar 11 months ago

    if wink of an eye wins ill donate £100 to a charity of deb’s choice

  7. Shiver7 11 months ago

    Nice one cairnzy. Be on that ignore the bitching

  8. azzthewigan 11 months ago

    divine jewel 2.00

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      That looks good

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      It was wining but got blocked off then he did find the gap was to late but was second ill take it nice one

  9. azzthewigan 11 months ago

    obbey the rules 1.40 ew well done all winners yesterday

  10. Sore point 11 months ago

    Bangor 2.40 FOR JIM 13/2 widely available

    Bangor 3.10 HILLVIEW 5/1 bet365 mainly 9/2

    Done each ways again

    Good luck everyone

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Well in nice tip was a good race just held on w d

    • mmac 11 months ago

      Well done Sore point, great tipping

    • Super Wilf 11 months ago

      Brilliant! 👏🏻

      Well done

    • Sore point 11 months ago

      thanks everyone

  11. Rizzel Tips 11 months ago

    There’s a big gamble happening in the 1:40, which is the race of the selection, Richie Valentine.

    Lost In Montmarte has been heavily punted into 6/4F after being available at odds of 13/2 and bigger this morning, and probably a lot larger last night. It’s quite significant the money has come as he was rated a lot higher when trained in France, he’s been quite poor since moving to Alistair Ralph’s yard, but it seems it might’ve been a plot.

    He is still carrying 11st 12lbs, which is a lot of weight to give away to an in form horse like Richie Valentine, so I’m still hopeful we can ruin the gamble.

    • black no sugar 11 months ago

      a trainer to know, was tipping him last season when in very hot form. alex edwards is his main jockey and on board for two today. did especially well with new comers in white silks and a a red chevron and a bit of red on sleeves.

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Thanks rizz won easy

    • Rizzel Tips 11 months ago

      Hope some of you kept the faith :)

    • Sore point 11 months ago

      well done rizzel

  12. Alves 11 months ago

    Oisin Murphy( Kemp) 6 runs
    Hollie Doyle( Nott) 8 runs
    Willam Buick( Kemp) 6 runs
    Colin Keane( Bell) 7 runs

    All 4 to Ride At Least 1 Winner 4/1 – PP

    Should get a run for the money here with Kempton tonight’s meeting, with Buick & Murphy competing against each other in 4 races.

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Thanks i put 2 pound on looks good

  13. cairnzy1878 11 months ago


    If that is your version of banter Pete then there quite concerning as your patter is about as funny as a kick in the balls.

    Also contradicting to come on and slander me saying I said this and I do that but then go on to say you don’t read my posts properly because they are too long… if you did take 30 seconds out of your day to read it properly instead of acting like a child rather than a grown man you would find I’ve never begged for money nor anything else you mentioned.

    In regards to your selections I never once said you are an expert nor have I said I am either. You can’t be an expert in this game as it’s too unpredictable.

    Now I will be posting a donation link from Monday. If it’s allowed I’ll continue to do so if not then I’ll happily remove. If you don’t want to donate then don’t I don’t care. If you don’t want to read my comments then don’t I don’t care. My tips and activity on this platform won’t change regardless of donations or not.

    Now.. what would be considered begging for money is stating that if I didn’t receive any donations that I would pack my bags and leave which I’ve clearly stated would never be the case.

    I hope to never have another argument/debate with yourself again Pete. I’m not an argumentative guy but I’ll not stand and let someone call me out as such regardless if meant as banter or not in front of rest of group.

    Good luck

    • black no sugar 11 months ago

      classic banter is classic banter, it was well played by pete. he is not responsible for how you feel, if his words upset you, that’s your problem.

      stop with those pointless essays, the term it’s better to stay silent and be thought of a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt springs to mind. why not just tip horses and stop trying to turn this place into albert square. you aint phil mitchell, you aint even peggy. no one has a problem with you winning or losing.

    • cairnzy1878 11 months ago


      Hypocritical from you to tell someone to stay silent eh?

      Away create another account to troll on mate. You are a bit boring now 🤐🥱

    • Gateacre Pete 11 months ago

      Sorry for the late reply, some of us have to work for a living.
      Firstly, well done Sore point on your couple of winners today.
      OK Mr Cairnes. If your looking for an apology., you won’t be getting one. I don’t dislike you but I don’t agree with you coming on here and asking for donations for your services. As good as the are. I probably went about it the wrong way, but there was no malice there, and there was no need to resort to personal insults from you.
      For me, the matters finished now as you know my opinion which I’m entitled to have on this thread. So hopefully we can move on. Keep up the good work.
      One last thing.
      Please don’t replicate my posts as did on Sunday. (virtually word for word) it doesn’t look good on here. But it proves 2 things. Firstly, you don’t read my posts, which is fine, and secondly, the horse came stone last, which proves that me and you are not that different.
      Sorry for thr war and peace message.
      Good luck

  14. black no sugar 11 months ago

    none of these strong picks, keeping stakes modest until i click into gear after a decent break.

    140B raven court 11/1 FOUR places
    400N jackamundo 20/1 ew FIVE places
    450C lord torranaga 10/1 ew

  15. Alves 11 months ago

    Donation links should be nowhere near this other than ones for Paul’s charities. 100% sure he would saying the same if he was here

    • cairnzy1878 11 months ago

      Tippers are paid on this website Alves for a start.

      One of the reasons myself and James weren’t brought on board to run a column along side Rizzle was due to their being not enough funding available on to cover another racing column.

      Myself and James approached this site as we felt there was an opportunity to expand the racing side of things. Compared to the football and other sports I’d say the racing is more on the smaller side.

      Don’t try to play the card you are trying to play when you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    • Alves 11 months ago

      Aye folk who’ve been on and made a name for themselves, Greg Hull etc. Maybe if you had a page you could get a ‘buy a coffee’ link at bottom but what you’re suggesting is daft, leaving links in comment section to donate, why no start a gofund me when you’re at it. Folk leaving links even to twitter etc haven’t been allowed previously

    • cairnzy1878 11 months ago


      Boring mate, very boring.

      Good luck

    • Alves 11 months ago

      Hardly boring. Mrfixits betting site and forum for punters to discuss and share their bets, to try and beat the bookies, not for folk getting a few winners then putting up links to donate

    • black no sugar 11 months ago

      “We’re always open to good tipsters contributing to the site and there’s no reason why we need to have just one racing tipster.”

      this is what admin said to me, i guess you were asking for too much money, what a surprise haha.

  16. dazzman1979 11 months ago

    Get in there Rizzel ! Fair play to you ! 👍

  17. Thebigflu 11 months ago

    Have a look at CARACRISTI_2″50@ catterick

  18. Alves 11 months ago

    Bonita B 3rd so no harm done

  19. elvis parsley 11 months ago

    At poets cross 4-10 Bangor 6-4 🏇

  20. elvis parsley 11 months ago

    Well done sore point, credit where it’s due.
    2 nice winners 🏇🏇

    • Sore point 11 months ago

      cheers postman

      good luck

  21. postman 11 months ago

    Two great tips Sore point 👍 Nice one … Im mean two

  22. Sore point 11 months ago

    Thanks Elvis cracking day both tips win 7/1 5/1

    Im not the most liked person on here as i speak my mind but I do put the time in and hope to help others beat the real enemy.

    Good luck

  23. cairnzy1878 11 months ago


    Well done mate. Great shooting!

  24. dazzman1979 11 months ago


    Well done mate. Great shooting!

    • Sore point 11 months ago


  25. black no sugar 11 months ago

    lovely big double from monsieur point. hope you had a decent stake on it.

    LT places so -1.5pts to a level stake. tracking declan carroll and typically he has a sh 2nd at 40s, whilst the one i put up does nothing. some positive signs though with a few i considered going close or winning, shame i ignored IAN WILLIAMS in a staying finale, definitely caught the eye, so positive signs but plenty to improve on.

  26. Horses ass 11 months ago

    1st time I av looked in on this site for a while . Nice to see all the bitching ain’t stopped . It’s like people don’t want tips to win !! Grow up.. 2 for me at kempton 5-30 Moore on a 2/7 shot ? No certainty with him in the saddle for me . but it does open e/w mkt so for me ….Charlie Bennett nag @ 14/1 e/w.

    6-30 pat dobbs mount 6/1 just coz it’s pat

    • Horses ass 11 months ago

      Murder fot I had the place 100 yards out .. feel Charlie wasnae as bothered about a place as I was

  27. elvis parsley 11 months ago

    My one pick won 6-4, nice horse that one, closely related to ‘at fishers cross,’ who jumps fans will remember.
    Henderson going well recently too.

    Some good winners among today’s wreckage of a thread.
    Chill out guys, we have a common goal here, emptying bookies satchels.

    Would hope we are all man enough to move on after arguements or differences of opinion, have your say by all means, then continue the perennial fight against the bookies.

    You are all brothers to me remember that, were all different, it’s what makes us human innit.
    Live long and prosper ‘together stronger’

    • dazzman1979 11 months ago

      Well done with your winner dont have to many winners mind or you will become hated 😂

    • Sore point 11 months ago

      well done elvis nice winner

    • elvis parsley 11 months ago

      Cheers sore.

      Me and the strife are off to Stratford on Avon on Friday for a weeks break.
      Just realised there is a meeting there on Monday 🏇.
      Probably low grade stuff but it’s live racing, can’t beat it, looking at my picks in the parade ring before they lose😃.

      The local footy team have an FA cup game on Saturday v long Eaton town, so it’s lunch in town, give the strife our bank card and off to the game and hope she doesn’t spend my racing pot ☹️.
      Of course I have my own stash for betting which is hush hush, but affordable of course.

    • Thebigflu 11 months ago

      Well said well done had some nice winners today to many people to thank so thanks everyone

  28. azzthewigan 11 months ago

    koeman 6.30

  29. azzthewigan 11 months ago

    Well done all winners today thought I’d come on the boxing thread there for a while

    • elvis parsley 11 months ago


  30. edgeman 11 months ago

    Just came on today after work and had a read through all the comments. Booking tomorrow off with a repetitive stain injury to my thumb. 😆
    Well done all winners today.


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