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The flat racing is where the quality is today, but I'm deciding to stay away, and stick to the jumps at Bangor and the night racing at Uttoxeter.

Bangor 1:40

A record of one win from the last 18 runs wouldn't convince anyone, but there's enough in the recent performances to suggest SPIRIT OF HALE can win a race of this nature.

In February he was behind Furius De Ciergues (current market fav) at Sedgefield, but finished 11 lengths in front of him on revised weights & slightly shorter trip in March. Today he is 3lb better off from the time he finished in front of him, so there's no reason to suggest a turn around this time.

Spirit Of Hale was well backed lto (100/30), when he was disappointing, but I'm prepared to look past that run.

He's on a good mark of 85, with him previously winning over C&D off 89. The forecast rain shouldn't be an issue, as his best runs have come when there's been cut in the ground.

Blinkers replaced visor, which could liven him up a little more.

Bangor 4:35

BUCKSKIN was well backed at Hereford last time, but finished 5th of 9, 10 lengths behind the winner. Though the margin behind the winner might put you off backing him, the winner pulled 8 lengths clear of the field, meaning 2 lengths separated the next four.

Since then, the winner has followed up his win, with another easy 7.5 lengths success. The 2nd & 3rd horses have also won since.

Kilchreest Moon (2nd), re-opposes Buckskin today, but is 6lb worse off at the weights. The difference in odds at the time of writing suggests Buckskin has little chance of reverse the placing (3/1 compared to 14/1), which is strange as only 2.5 lengths separated them last time and he is now better at the weights than with the market favourite.

Money did come for Buckskin last time out; going off at 13/2, which was considerably shorter than the the recent three runs where he had shown nothing (80/1, 66/1 & 250/1), that gives me the impression that they think he's better than a mark of 74.

Advised: Each Way

Uttoxeter 6:50

Though only a five runner contest, this looks to be a cracker, but to see MADERA MIST at odds of 5/1 is a nice surprise.

Tim Vaughan's lightly raced 7yo chaser looks to be on the up. She ran a nice race last time out at Cheltenham, where she bumped into a well-handicapped horse of Win My Wings who bolted up by 10 lengths, and has gone up 10lbs for that performance. That was her first run over 3m 2f, and she travelled extremely well, but her stamina up the hill told as she couldn't go on with the winner. Today she drops back to 3m, and I think that will suit her.

Off 10st 7lb, she could run a big race.

18:30 Kempton - Race: 5
Distance: 1m 2f 219y
Type: Flat
Class: 4
Track: Polytrack

Minister For Magic

Prince Of Harts


Charlie Arthur

19:00 Kempton - Race: 6
Distance: 6f
Type: Flat
Class: 5
Track: Polytrack

Minister For Magic

Prince Of Harts


Charlie Arthur

19:35 Kempton - Race: 7
Distance: 1m 7f 218y
Type: Flat
Class: 6
Track: Polytrack

Frame Rate

The Worthy Brat







Aide Memoire

  1. recoba 9 months ago

    USA been a-ok for $s back and with another (*****) to come here’s hoping it ends up very profitable. Sorry it’s the new thread!
    OMG Jessica’s goes at 10.35pm.

    Tomorrow bet yet it’s on(well who gives a…)

    Trixie for tomorrow and single fish…

    Tactical..1.40(***** liked this horse and didn’t quite fire,fully expect a good seats and should be spot on from last run.
    I’m taking Skybets 2nd place money back as cash as I was backing it anyway so take the offer,not much a differ odds wise elsewhere.
    Al Assy…2.25. EVS.
    Sea Empress …4.10. 6/5.

    GL all

    Oh and…
    Gulfstream -R8..Aldaho…7/2(***)

    🛌 💤 ☺️

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Few typos

      *fully expect a good showing and should be spot on to win from th last run.

      GL all

  2. dazzman1979 9 months ago


    6:50 – Madera mist – 4/1

    8:20 – Kenyan cowboy -6/1

    Best of luck trying to pick a winner out of that lot In the daytime 😂

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago


      7:05 – midrarr 9/2

      8:35 – red derick 6/1

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      5:45 uttoxeter- daranova 17/2

  3. recoba 9 months ago

    OMG TBH i think I’ll stick to my system and stop betting in between!

    Till tomorrow gents! 👉🏽

    • recoba 9 months ago

      *In the USA

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      Keep going till the pot runs dry ! Go out on your shield 😂

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Bets on and money banked Dazzman! 👍
      Skybet still being complete bar stewards but I was able to withdraw some £s last night.
      The pot WILL run dry but it’s what they want .
      Hiding behind COVID and a change of bank card 😡
      I know where there offices are!! 😂😉

  4. Thebigflu 9 months ago

    What shit races to start with so ill do a wee E W , try my luck with , accacia 12.30@ Thirsk._.1.00 call annie@ thirsk,,, 1.10 castel gandolfo @ bangor,,, The gate keeper 1.15 newbury,, not much money on just nice to have an interest._ love Saturdays football,, racing,, and you get to beat jeff on the sky super6 ,, hope i win the 250,000pound ,,, lets hope for a good start and GL all

    • Thebigflu 9 months ago

      The winner was 40.1 befor the race and comes in at 100.30 ?/?

    • Thebigflu 9 months ago

      Lost 10p if them 4 had of won was getting 62pound back ,, now thats gamble,, and if your ganny hady had balls shed be your gannda

  5. edgeman 9 months ago

    Hi recoba, I posted on the old thread as didn’t realise this one was up. Just wanted to thank you for posting the info on OMG Jessica. I’ve had issues with gambling and I’m prone to go on tilt from time to time (and I did today) but it’s people like you with information that I wouldn’t normally be party to, that are helping me make better decisions with my gambling.
    So while I’m on the matter this is also a thanks to the whole thread basically. People like Dazzman, postman, elvis, DC, EW thief, JohnB, tiptop, busstop, etc.
    Apologies to those I’ve not mentioned, trust me it’s not a slur, I’ve just not remembered. There are guys (and gals deb2000), posting that are new to me, like d man, mr humbley, crawmeister, the stig, big flu, headliner rizzle tips and many more that I haven’t started following, but anyone’s opinions and thoughts on the thread are always a help.
    I have my own opinions and research( to a low level) and when someone else concurs or disagrees , it can really help with a decision.
    So the upshot of this overlong post is, well done and huge thanks to Mr fix its legacy and every contributor. 👏👏👏

    • D man 9 months ago

      Well said! I myself had big isues but loosing 40k has put the manners in me! U gota get away from it wen its effecting ur mental health!! I enjoy smaller bets now and tbh have lost the balls I once had! Lifes good now and I certainly will not b going back down that road to nowere. Cz no matter how much I won it was never enough!! Put ur family first. Ur kids ur wife or whoever is important to u but do not let gambling take over u like I did! Enjoy ur bets and set a limit u can afford for each day and stick to it. Tomorow is a new day. Anyway rant over b happy b lucky

  6. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Nice post edgeman and I’m sure I speak for all posters in thanking you for those kind words.

    Like anyone who may have addictive issues the first step to recovery is realising you have a problem and being man enough to reach out and not being afraid of admitting it to others.
    I’m glad to hear you seem to be getting your head around it and taking a concensus of the many posters here and then making your own decisions on what to bet on is a sensible aporoach.

    Following posters blindly is not the way to go as I wager you will not make long term profit by following any one poster as no one here will be in profit over a sustained period.

    If you need money for anything in particular gambling isn’t the answer.

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Yeah cheers Edgeman I appreciate it and sure everyone else does do. Flats are my thing but and it’s been a great few weeks especially in the USA as there flat season really gets going too.
      Be the Breeders Cup and Arc before we know it!!

      GL all today 🍀🐎

  7. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    There is a greed seed implanted in gamblers minds, in that if you lose, you want to win it back which leads to all manner of difficulties.
    If you win, you want to win more and more, and when you get back to square one the greed seed tells you that you have lost when in fact you haven’t.

    How many times do you win £50 then lose the £50 yet in your own mind you chase the £50 you haven’t really lost.
    It’s a strange psyche.

    Personally I have an affordable daily/weekly betting budget and if I’ve got more than my stake at the end of the day/week that money goes on other things and not back into the bookies hands otherwise what’s the point of it all.

    If you bet for any other reason other than a bit of fun and a wee buzz forget it.

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      I think I got the greed seed ! Especially where greggs and hookers are involved 😂

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Ever combine the 2 Dazzman? 😂

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      No I got to see the hookers to work the greggs off ! I need to break this cycle some how . I thought a nice gambling addiction would be better for my health 😂😂

    • New123 9 months ago

      Ever had a hooker neighing and whinnying dazzman 🤣

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      No but I’ve had one HONKING like a goose 😂

    • New123 9 months ago

      Love a bit of role play😀

  8. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    Biggest buzz I get is when someone offers thanks if they followed a pick I’ve put up.
    Makes it all worthwhile then.
    I’ve seen many decent price winners here by many posters that have drifted by without even a mention, even if you weren’t on it, a well done message or a click of those hearts shows that we are all appreciated and goes towards a collective harmony here.

    Trust me when I say, and I’m not naming individuals, the pundits here piss all over most of those slimy creatures that charge for tips, they are parasites as far as I’m concerned, and this thread is my first port of call when formulating a concensus for a horsey punt.

    • double carpet 9 months ago

      Wise words Elvis…well said

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Yes DC

  9. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    The some dance kid 2-15 Bangor.
    3 bets.
    6-1 win.
    7-4 top 2 finish
    EVENS top 3 finish.

    Not greatest race depth wise and with Hughes on board and 2 wins from 2 races here for the horse could have a role to play at the trainer’s local course.

    Be interested in bus stops thoughts on this one…..

    • busstop.2018 9 months ago

      Morning Elvis . Already bet the fav in that race last night and got 5/2 .

      Trouble for you now is the 2 non runners so only 5 horses in the race so your prices now for places will be heavily changed .Think its only 3/1 to win now.

      Some nice racing and good bets at Bangor today I THINK


  10. edgeman 9 months ago

    Top man elvis, great posts. You’re right when you talk about the seed of wanting to try and win back losses . that’s been my biggest issue. Particularly if I feel hard done by. I find I can easy get a red mist descend where I then start to get stupid. I had it tonight to a degree. I thought I had a great bet on the footy with paddy power. Newcastle to score 1 goal or more and have 5 corners or more. At 9/1. Now you might think, they’re playing man City so that’s a bad bet , but I had the opinion that they would have a go tonight. I thought with the advantage of being at home, man City have already won the league etc, all led to NINE to 1 being a great price. So I lumped on. They get the goal early enough, and get to 4 corners around 55 minutes or something. So I need 1 corner to get a 50 quid bet at 9/1 up. I mean I was practically already spending the 450 quid.
    Of course they don’t get the next corner, and I then get this incredible urge to bet on other things to try and make that money. Absolutely mental I know, but tonight I refrained and saved it for Recobas OMG Jessica bet.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know I was still stupid for looking for something to chase but without the info on here I would’ve still bet on something plucked out of thin air.
    Knowing that there is info on here that will lead to betting opportunities day after day ,has genuinely led to me being more circumspect with what I bet.

    • Helmk 9 months ago

      Edgeman thank you for the personal insight, it takes courage to hold your hands up and admit issues like that.

      I just think – what if OMG Jessica had lost? As well it might have. Even if someone has tipped it, you are still gambling with deep rooted addiction issues but just telling yourself it’s okay because someone has done a bit of research. Your rationale and description of your urges is worrying.

      I think you need to get help, step back and not place any bets at all.

      My dad was a bookmaker for 30 years and I worked for him from the age of 8. My brother and son in law have both had serious, life changing gambling addictions.

      I truly hope you can overcome this but this site really is not helping you to do that. All best wishes to you

    • edgeman 9 months ago

      You are 100% right helmk. I stopped all betting for a period of over 12 months due to my issues. But I’ve slipped back into it and I try to keep myself in check these days. Mostly successfully, but I do have slips, and I am thinking about trying to knock it on the head again. I certainly can’t run up the levels of debt I got into years ago with it, so I know it is like playing with fire. Thanks for the words.

  11. dazzman1979 9 months ago

    I think Edinburgh castle at 4/1 might be worth a pop in the first at Bangor prob wrong but I’m gonna roll with my gut haha 😂

    • Thebigflu 9 months ago

      Yes well said all the post about gambling i try to stick to 5 pound a day if i lose it with 5p Yankee here and a 3p Yankee there, thats me to the next day unless i win ill play on ,, but yes dazzman was looking at it in the paper going make a few changes starting with accacia OUT and in is No nay nicki and yours

  12. double carpet 9 months ago

    Hi all
    Hope you’ve been keeping well and bashing those bookies.


    Century Dream 20/1 ew 4 places

    You can get 11/1 6 places with b365 but I’ll be a bit braver and stick to the 4 places with pp.
    Goes well fresh, won over C&D fto last season. Will love the ground, bolted up on heavy at goodwood last Aug and trainer/jockey combo are 3-9 last 14 days so in decent form.

    Other bets

    Eastern Tornado 4/1 4.50 Navan NAP

    Was a big gamble lto in first h’cap start but just failed. Colin Keane booked this time and compo awaits.

    Sounds of Spring 10/3 3.05 navan

    Was hoping the rain would arrive and it has in bucket loads as he needs cut in the ground. Can rare up at the beginning of races so cheekpieces are on and hopefully he can break well and be a bit more prominent from the start. If so should take a lot of beating.


  13. Mickymac 9 months ago

    1.40 ardmayle 5.00 may remain 6.20 canyon city 8.05 triggered. good luck everybody

  14. azzthewigan 9 months ago

    lady bowthorpe 3.35 ew well done all winners yesterday

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      Nice e/w money there mate 👍💰

    • azzthewigan 9 months ago

      cheers dazzman 1979

  15. Newbo 9 months ago

    Hi people

    Doncaster 6.05 Chanteiro 8/1
    Doncaster 7.35 Isla Kai 5/1
    Newmarket 3.15 Smeatons Light 8/1

    Keep on keeping on

  16. azzthewigan 9 months ago

    tafanic 3.15 ew

  17. Gateacre Pete 9 months ago

    Morning all. Well done all the winners recently. Derugoda 2.30 Navan worth an eachway extra @66/1 for 9 place’s
    Dropping back a furlong he could sneak into the places. GL with all your bets today 🍀

  18. New123 9 months ago

    One Journey Nbu 4.10 8/1 e/w

    • New123 9 months ago

      E/W Treble ^^ ^^
      Dubawi Sands 2.00
      Top Rank 3.35

    • New123 9 months ago

      Dubawi Sands 3.00 7/1
      Top Rank 9/1

  19. Mr Humbley 9 months ago

    Tricky today as most Saturdays with many races to nibble on. I have this ambitious but less risky Yankee .

    🇺🇸 Pimlico race 6 – Mean Mary 11/10
    Pimlico race 13 – Midnight Bourbon 11/2
    UFC 262 – ( Oliviera vs Chandler) Oliviera Win 4/5
    FA cup winners – Chelsea 1/2

    Yankee £1 staked e/w returns £7.66

    Buena Suerte 🍀🍀

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Like this Mr Humbley and In early,you need be with the USA I feel and if your horse se drifts so be it.
      Mean Mary only beaten 2l odd by my lovely 14/1 Breeders Cup horse Audarya!
      Obviously a break to overcome but this is a G3 so I’m on it as that was tightly bunched race back then in a very good G1.

      2x singles and a double at 3.8/1 Bet365

  20. recoba 9 months ago

    Not even started yet In the UK but this price won’t last I’d say!

    Pimlico-R9….Chub Wagon(***** put this horse up a few weeks back and Is now on a 6 timer after winning by about 10L last run I’ve wrote(few beers I think 😂) but call it 7/8L watching it back.

    GL all today

    • Mr Humbley 9 months ago

      Yes Recoba Mean Mary was 7/14 in a hotly contested Group 1 Breeders cup. Today Mean Mary has dropped in class to group 3.
      Plimlico race 13 Midnight Bourbon was badly hampered in the Kentucky Derby . He never got close to the pace, his usual style. However he still managed to finish 6/14 after being hampered twice. At 11/2 he would be definitely in the top 3 today

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Cheers Mr Humbley.
      Might go Trixie but I’ll see how UK goes first 👍

  21. thestigno1 9 months ago

    Afternoon chaps

    goi g to have a go on these today
    £10 double
    13.30 before dawn 5/2
    14.05 john leaper

    £2 trixie
    £10 singles
    13.50 creative force 9/4
    15.00 highland rocker 15/2
    16.10 sea empress 6/4

    Good luck all

  22. D man 9 months ago

    1 bet. 1.50 great force

    • D man 9 months ago

      💥💥 sory 4 late post

  23. Gav1985 9 months ago

    1st time post for me thank you to all the tips you guys have been throwing out lately been following page since cheltenham festival wee double for me today gl all Walhaan 3:50 Newmarket, thunderous 2:25 Newbury

  24. Thebigflu 9 months ago

    Bit of a scare there john , leeper

  25. recoba 9 months ago

    Tactical got the tactics wrong but good winner.

    Al Aasay…2.25. EVS still available (*****)

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Impressive Al Aasy 👏👍🐎

      Mae that look ridiculous easy !

  26. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    My Oberon 3-35 Newbury 16-1 ew 4 places

  27. Wildhorse 9 months ago



    R. 5 – Third Kingdom / Donc…



    R. 4 – Tamborrada ..

    R. 7 – Blue Mist

    To be Placed


    R. 5 – Safe Voyage

    G Luck !!

    • dazzman1979 9 months ago

      Good to see you posting again 👍

  28. recoba 9 months ago

    Frickin lovely day with Jumby winning there too.
    Belleso and Bay Bridge …if only I’d picked the correct Acca but that’s just greedy!

    Sea Empress be gravy and looking forward to seeing Palace Pier.

    • recoba 9 months ago

      Cheeky by Dettori there!

      Gulfstream -R1….Bohemian Rhapsody(***) 11/10

      Not a great race but best horse that went close last run and should start us off well going by his ratings.

      GL and well done the winners today there’s been plenty and glad I was 1 of them.
      Dog being unwell and sitting with the feet up turned out to be a great thing (poor 🐕)

  29. Mr Humbley 9 months ago

    Useful Tips
    1. No greed, no greed, no greed
    2. There is no certainty in betting
    3. Any profit is a positive
    4. Avoid multiples unless you have very strong arguments for the winners
    5. Remember, if you lose don’t try to win back that money by placing unplanned bets.Your time will come again.
    6. Do your homework
    7. When you win don’t cry for more
    8. Only lump with your profit because if you lose you haven’t lost your hard earned money
    9. After a long losing spell take a break.
    10. Respect the bookies, they can finish you off in a flash . After a winning streak , don’t get cocky. Keep your head down.

    • Crawmeister 9 months ago

      Keep to regular staking plan that you can afford to lose. Don’t increase stakes because going through lean or good spell.

  30. edgeman 9 months ago

    Hi Admin, probably a bit late in the day but im happy if you want to delete all the massive posts from me earlier, to tidy up the thread a bit? The guys will be constantly scrolling through to find the tips so it might make life easier. 👍

    • Helmk 9 months ago

      Edgeman I think it’s important to draw attention to the potential negatives of regular gambling. So pleased you are at least aware of your challenges and the pitfalls you can face. You’ve highlighted how easy it is to go from placing a few bets to addiction.
      As I realised from my dad -.there is only ever one winner long-term and that’s the bookie.
      Some former gamblers find matched betting to be a way of staying involved as it’s a new skill to learn without the losses. That’s definitely my way. I really wish you luck.

  31. D man 9 months ago

    I was given 1 4 later 6.35 hello zabeel

    • D man 9 months ago

      Let my dbl down wat a donkey

  32. postman 9 months ago

    Afternoon All. Massive Repect to ⭐Edgeman⭐
    Great Post that prompted some very positive replys.

    5:25 Navan – Swelltime *** NAP *** 5/4
    6:20 Uttoxeter – Skandiburg ** NB ** 2/1
    8:05 Doncaster – Roundhay Park * each way punt * 5/1

    BOL 🍀

    Off to watch the football ⚽️ It’s the FA Cup – Anything Could Happen

  33. Crawmeister 9 months ago

    BOOM Hijacked

  34. busstop.2018 9 months ago

    Evening All. Good day with Bangor today so sat in front of tv now so trying a bet at Uttoxeter.


    18.20. .South Terrace. .3/1

    18.50. .Molly Carew. .4/1

    19.50. .Leeswood Lily. .7/1. bet365 only others lower

    20.20. .Shall We Go Now. .6/1

    GL ALL

  35. elvis parsley 9 months ago

    5-45 going mobile 5-1
    6-20 jarveys plate 5-1.
    Ew singles and ew double.
    Bonkers bet for a laugh
    Little muddy 6-35 Doncaster.
    75-1 ew extra 6 places.
    50p ew at 250-1 😁

    Finished 7 lengths behind today’s favourite rogue bear on debut.
    8 pound swing today in theory brings that gap closer.
    Todays odds
    Rogue bear 2-1
    Little muddy 250-1.
    Worth a quid while I’m watching the cup final

  36. recoba 9 months ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody wins well at EVS and @Mr Humpley Mean Mary gets it done,surely come in fit that run!”(6/5)
    Just mines now at Pimilco for the full house!
    Uh oh!!! 😉

    Happy with regardless and might look out a few after Chub Wagon.

  37. spurs55 9 months ago


    next donny

  38. spurs55 9 months ago

    Spanish Angel
    little bit aswell

  39. postman 9 months ago

    Roundhay Park saves the day 😔 Phew!

  40. spurs55 9 months ago


  41. spurs55 9 months ago



  42. spurs55 9 months ago


    14 – Galidermes @ 14/1

    Got one of them
    Scattergun approach

  43. Thebigflu 9 months ago

    K P day 22.18 goldengate well done all winners today

  44. Thebigflu 9 months ago

    Second story of the day with me

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