GRAZEON ROY (7.45) made in-form Gamesters Icon pull out all the stops at Doncaster last Friday and is the one to beat at Southwell this evening.

John Quinn steps him up to 1m 4f but Grazeon Roy was strong at the finish on Town Moor, suggesting stamina should not be an issue. He looks an improving three-year-old and can outgun Haydock scorer George Mallory and Cold Harbour.

ALEX GRACIE (5.15) caught the eye on debut and is fancied to open her account. Scott Dixon’s filly chased home well-regarded Royal Context and Brenner Pass in a 6f Novice Stakes last month and now races against her own sex over course and distance. Dark Regard got stuck in the mud at Leicester when fancied to build on her promising Hamilton debut and may do better on Fibresand.

HEALING POWER (7.45) caused a 25-1 upset on debut at Chelmsford City 12 days ago, bursting clear early in the straight, and Ivan Furtado’s gelding can prove it was no fluke by following up over this extra furlong.

  1. 1 year ago

    write up on yday’s thr
    14:05 Catterick – ZIP 0.5pt win 5/1 0.25pt e/w 3 places
    15:10 Catterick – BROKEN SPEAK 7/1 win 0.25pts, 0.25pts e/w 3 places
    13:45 Chepstow – ANOTHER EMOTION 6/1 0.25pt win, 0.25pts e/w
    13:00 Catterick – ROCKLEY POINT 9/1 e/w 0.25pts 3 places (try to get 4 of 5 places via bet365)

  2. 1 year ago

    3 For me today all Catterick

    1.30 Wheres jeff 7/2
    2.05 Sparklealot 5/1 ew
    3.10 Quick look 6/1 ew

    win 2 ew and a trixie

  3. 1 year ago

    Morning all, how bin ya? Was not going to bother today, was saving my money for WOLVES tomorrow [have heard some rumours] more on that later when I get some prices.

    Looking at cards today, not a bad meeting at Chepstow with some great E/W value and great offers available.

    Small stakes E/W 63 plus singles.

    1.15 Shantung 25/1 PP paying 5

    1.45 La Cavsa Nostra 25/1

    2.20 Firak 14/1

    2.50 Shroughmore Lass 16/1 Most firms paying 4 SKYBET paying 5.

    4.00 Patsio 14/1 PP paying 5

    6.45 S Rose Marmara 15/2 Most firms paying 4 .

    Be Lucky

    • 1 year ago

      BOOM another 25/1 romps home again.

    • 1 year ago

      One to keep an eye on in the future, Firak ran a real nice race finished 4th finishing like train the Skeltons will be pleased.

  4. 1 year ago

    Morning All . Well done yesterdays winners. .Good day myself with 2 winners from 3.


    15.25. .Prime Venture. .3/1. Easier race than earlier runs in my opinion give a good chance

    16.00 . .Guardia Top. .3/1. .Was also entered in the 14.50 but connections opted for this race .

    16.30. .Mr Stan . . 20/1 E/W .Was expected to do better first time out but dissapointed .20/1 still with a few firms but i
    . . reckon money might come and hopefully a good E/W chance.

    GL ALL

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      I’m off to uttoxeter on Friday mate so if you find time can you throw up one from each race and I will formulate my bets from them.
      Can’t pick my nose at the minute t.b.h 😀
      Ta, and good luck today.

    • 1 year ago

      Elvis we were talking of going Uttoxeter ourselves after Bangor being called off today.Will take a look but your own choices are usually good and we all have good and bad patches thats horse racing.


    • Poppa 1 year ago

      How easy was that! Cheers Busstop

    • mmac 1 year ago

      Thank your

    • Bennybear 1 year ago

      Thanks Busstop you’re tips are never far away .

    • 1 year ago

      Cheers guys nice 3/1 winner but Mr stan looked a terrible hard ride pulling from the off crossed that one out.

      Fakenham and Taunton tomorrow .

      GL ALL

  5. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    marina grove 12.30 true love 1.00 evas oskar 1.15 shamilan 1.45 come on teddy 2.20 Well done all winners

  6. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Nifty at fifty 1-15. 8-1 Ew 5 places.
    Shadows girl 2-50 8-1 ew 4 places .
    Finawn brawn 3-25 9-2.

    Couple of 50p Ew donkeys for interest.
    1-45 Blazing Tom 28-1.
    2-20 freedelivery 80-1 and piggy winkle 100-1.
    4-00 hold me tight 50-1.

  7. 1 year ago

    Very early one for tomorrow, 4.50 WOLVES Anfield Girl 12/1 E/W. HILLS first show.

    Thrice-raced maiden, been placed twice on her last 2 starts. Showed early dash at Haydock when placed 3rd. 2/6 in Novice at Chepstow 7f 43 days ago, running on. May have more to come on her handicap debut.

    Worth a punt at 12’s, a good chance of winning will certainly make the frame.

    • 1 year ago

      6.50 WOLVES Billy Roberts 4/1 HILLS

      Takes a big drop in class after a promising 4th at PONTY 41 days ago and might take some pegging back here if allowed an easy lead. The 6-year-old has performed well on Tapeta in the past, he gets to race of a mark of 62 back on this surface surely isn’t beyond him.

  8. theplug 1 year ago

    Rizzardo 16/1 ew chepstow 1-45

  9. thestigno1 1 year ago

    Guys I’m not a ripper in way sort or form
    But there has been. A recent trend from this forum I’m noticing apart from buss stop

    But a lot of regulars are now tipping up or putting up very big priced horses now do you 100% fancy these horses to be winnin races or is it just where your finger landed in the race

    There are plenty good horses to be tipping up the 12.30 race this morning is prime example was short priced and money came from it earlier then drifted back out to 11/10 but it won easily enough and I would have expected the usual roosters to have put it up and got the day off to good start

    The night meeting over recent weeks a lot of the Godolphin horses been put in and winning nicely no one seems to ever tip these horses up?

    But seem to be going for horses where the punter is losing more than winning
    What’s behind this guys and why put up 25/1 horses most days now and most of them the majority getting beat
    What horse you putting on to recoup these losses that your not putting up

    Like I say I’m not a tipster more just pot luck for me hence why I don’t regularly post
    I tend to stick to 1st second even 3 rd fave horses
    Look at the owner the jockey and if money is coming

    Don’t get me wrong so many big priced winners win all the time just not the ones regularly getting tipped up on here just pot luck ones or ones that are staged in my opinion

    Any way this isn’t a dig just a general question

    Why the big brides ew thief has always done it so mate this isn’t aimed at you just some of the other regulars who used to put up the horses I’m talking about but now changed to big outsiders

    • 1 year ago

      Think that comment couldve been worded more positively there Kev. Coop192 has put up some massive winners but odds aside his strike rate is probably below average…

      You can enjoy coop192 without being detrimental to others.

  10. 1 year ago

    thestigno1, I can assure you, yes I do fancy these [pony] shots 100% to win races otherwise I would not of tipped it. 16 runners most firms paying 4 1/4 odds PP 5 places 1/5 odds. Rather back these shots than 11/10 JOLLYS. Get more returns for my money. Most of these do not not get beaten, I reckon 50/50.

    All horse-racing is potluck all gambling is potluck. My horses/tips are based on hours of studying the internet. Prime example ARC W/END VILLA MARINA will run well at a price 22/1 and it romped home, along with 16/1 and 22/1 winnners HAPPY DAYS. Other Saturday horse TIPPED at 40/1 romped home. 25/1 winner in Ireland wins by 5 lengths. All hard work and studying the internet. Only takes 1 double-figure price horse to win, and I can assure you that you win a lot more than backing odds- on or short priced JOLLY.

    35 years of racing, I never back/tip any horse less than 3/1 no VALUE in my opinion, but others will disagree.

    Rest my case, BIG 25/1 TIP wins[16/1] romps home in the end, I can assure you that I am SAT for the day now. Made my money, I can SIT back and watch the rest of the racing grinning like a cheshire cat.

    Happy Days.

    • Poppa 1 year ago

      Well done Coop and good write up

    • Poppa 1 year ago

      Keep um coming!

    • 1 year ago

      Cheers Poppa

    • 1 year ago

      Thx Kev, kind words always try my best look for value as quoted before. Like you say, small £3 see what happens see how much you win.

    • 1 year ago

      Horse Racing is far from pot luck. A fruit machine is luck, if you’re knowledgeable and invest enough time studying form you can win.

      It doesnt studying form to me so perhaps your methods are pot luck…

      When you tip 10 losers and a 20/1 shot rolls in the last race I dont read much into that, keep up the good work every day is a school day hopefully soon you will be able to refine your tipping for everyone to win big.

  11. theplug 1 year ago

    great shout 25/1

    • 1 year ago

      thx theplug

  12. 1 year ago

    4.00 C Jolly won 9/4 easy enough fair play, would you back it at that price in a handicap field of 17 runners? SKYBET PP paying 5 1/5 odds. I quote jockey’s words, If they all win like that it would not be hard work.

    2nd 20/1 pays 4/1 more value more returns for your money.
    3rd 20/1 DITTO DITTO
    4th 16/1 pays 3.2 more value more returns for your money
    5th 25/1 pays 5/1 DITTO

    • 1 year ago

      there are often 20+ races a day… why would you bet anything over than spare change on this type of race?? races like that are for people to ‘gamble’ since you cant account for what all 17 horses are going to do, if you tip in this race it is more in hope..

      anyway, what are you on about Melvyn???

      £100 on a 9/4 winner means you get £225 profit.

      put that £100 on a 20/1 shot (£50 ew) and you only get back £150 profit..

      the only benefit is you get a chance and winning big, and if not, you have a safety net.. of it ‘only’ needing to place..

      as you’ve seen though, coop192 has had baron days, 15 tips no winners, how much can regulars to this site really be putting on each and every tip?? since you need to be on them all just about to hit 1.. that means 15 bets sometimes, will joe public really be spending more than £30 on copp192? £2 a bet, 20/1 winner bags £40… life changing.

  13. 1 year ago

    That’s your opinion database, and your very much entitled to it, be very boring world if we all agreed on the same thing in life. But all horse-racing / gambling is pot luck.

    2 very old saying in life, I live and swear by in this life and they have put me in good stead all of my life.

    a: you never ever see a poor bookie, but you see many a poor punter.

    The old days of horse-racing you always had a small bookie next to your local boozer, saying was take a look at his car then take a look at yours.

    b: a punter will always brag and boast when he wins, but he will never tell you when he loses.

    Two very true saying from the good old days of common sense and non of this old flannel today.

    Going back to the old days of racing, there was always a bookie in your local boozer taking the bets. My local bookie was Jimmy Edge RIP he knew everything about racing, last time horse ran weight who was riding distance/time it won, etc etc it Basically he knew more than you and me and put together. His logic and knowledge of the Industry was massive, we could only put our knowledge on a post stamp compared to his logic. He always said, COOP racing is a mugs game and it is all luck, one day you win next day you lose. You never see a poor bookie, it’s a mugs game and the mugs are us punters. The bookie never loses, he can lay your bets off so he will never lose. Safest option is to keep your money in your pocket.

    Your old-man used to tell you the same story, keep your money in your pocket coz you will never beat them. The bookie has got 10/20 winners against your one in the race, hence why he gives you the odds

    I made more money from doing the book , than I have waging bets up and down the UK money for old rope. Done a book in my local boozer for 5 years made very good money, if the bets got to heavy I made a quick phone-call and laid them off. I still take the bets on the golf, 20 guys from local pubs will place their bets and I lay them off on the internet. I get 8/9/10 places they get 6, I give then say 25/1 28/1 I might pinch a bit of DOUBLE CARPET money for old-rope bookie never loses. I never lose, just playing with their money investing in better odds and maybe dabble a few bob of my own money.

    My old-man told me a very true story once, a guy he used to work with was always bragging about winning I can never lose I always win he quoted. My old-man replied, OK then, if it is that easy why are you still working here? We would all pack up work if it was that easy yes? Just give me 1 horse a week, even- money that’s all I want, and I will never work again. The guy never answered 1 question, had it on his toes with his tail between his legs.

    Bit harsh on the comment made about me not studying and maybe a bit of pot luck……. I think you need to take a hard look on yourself mate 4 tips 1 winner. Mine 6 tips not[10] 1 winner at 25/1 I am quite happy with that made my money for the day. Also made a few others happy no doubt. Judging by others on here today I can any outstanding or anything special. I winner a day at DOUBLE FIGURE PRICE is a nice juicy apple to chuck on my cart. Keeps me happy, keeps my followers happy, keeps my bank manager happy.

    Difference is I will admit, all racing / gambling his luck. All the revision studying following your fave newspaper tipsters / internet tipsters etc etc. If that NAG aye going to run it won’t run, if that NAG has got 2-bob bits it won’t run. You never see a poor bookie, us mug punters are happy when we win, down in the dumps when we lose and won’t admit when we lose. I come from the Old Skool, where you can not kid a kidder.

    Like I have said before, I put up my tips if you follow you follow, if you don’t you don’t simple. I don’t need to refine them, I put them up in good faith.If you ain’t won big off them already you never will. Week in week out I produce the goods, like I have already quoted if you ain’t already on this free apple cart you never will.
    I ain’t got to prove myself to anybody and not really bothered if people on here don’t follow them or hopefully soon they will follow them. Simple you take a look, if you like the look of them you lump on, if you don’t like the of them don’t think they will win you don’t. I can not see the problem myself really, not rocket science is it. No need for criticism or sly digs thou, I thinks that’s bang out of order. If a guy wants to put up a 25/1 28/1 33/1 50/1 or 100/1 that’s his call in my book that’s his opinion. My need for remarks like what’s behind this guys 25/1 and most of them majority get beat. Quick enough to criticize, ain’t so fast coming out of the traps to praise when a 25/1 goes in.

    Had 6 holidays aboard this year another one coming up in December I know I have won big. Like Kev said, only takes 1 winner at 25/1 and your laughing all the way the Leeds. I think i have quite a few happy followers in here, I have made them plenty of money the last 12. months I don’t see them complaining, plenty of PRAISE thou.

    Happy Days.

  14. 1 year ago

    Looks like we back to the old days again bitching again, I lay evens all posts removed within 1 hour.

    • 1 year ago

      i’ll have £50k on that then please coop (admin/mr f can had 10k each) cheers

      aboard what?? a boat?

      anyway enough semantics.

      i skimmed through your wall of text, do not project your own limitations on mine, just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean others can.

      i do not listen to anyone else in regards to racing, i don’t read what professionals say as you keep implying you do.. you are basically a punter whereas I am someone who looks in depth at races and eliminates horses through a series of methods.

      you are in no position to have a dig at me regarding 1 winner, i post with a staking plan which in the long term builds up with VERY limited risk, 0.25pt stakes built up to 40pts in 5-6 weeks, it can’t be criticised because it works.

      glad for your success… all i said was, you post so many tips.. some days 18+.. what level stake do you really think people are having on them and how lucky do you think you need to be to combine them with a select few other winners you may have.

      i just caught the word ”sly digs” lol, you are king of sly digs old man, wish you had 100/1 winners everyday wouldn’t affect me, you keep following and i’ll lead the way son.

    • 1 year ago

      in regards to all racing is luck again..

      no, horse racing is for intelligent people assuming you aren’t an insider.

      look at form, study and pick up on trends, analyse things, realise just because the horse looks like a shoe in, think more in depth, be ultra skeptical and with over 20 races a day, if you know what you are doing, in time you will show a profit, i dont see that as gambling, it is intelligence, logic, reasoning etc. can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

      in regards to stig questioning big prices… who cares, this is a free tip site, shortlist all the tips, and look at them yourself, then bet affordably and bet each tipster seperate and see where you are winning/losing and adjust accordingly.. i can tell you first hand 100%, you will not win betting random tips on this site, you have to question, who is putting in hours of looking before tipping?? next to no one.. maybe spend 30 mins looking at a race and thinking he has a chance thats good enough… i welcome coop, been here over 5 years and he’s worth with weight in gold in regards to his morning campers apple cart talk BOL

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      That’s a loser this time. Can’t be bothered with it – so you lot can sort it out between you.

  15. 1 year ago

    No need MrFixit I have posted my last two tips on here for WOLVES tomorrow, that’s it for me. Can’t not be arsed with the braindead idiots, all the backbiting bitching out-doing each other. My dad is bigger than your dad, all crap to me. Some guys in here need to get a life, and stop acting the hard guy and thinking they run the site I am best tipster on here look at my points I am really doing good can I be in the gang. Who cares, who cares who wins/ loses you post your tips 12/1 16/1 20/1 25/1 100/1 it’s your choice your opinion because that’s all it is an opinion/luck.

    If’s up to people to follow these tips nobody is forcing anyone to follow them. If they lose, they lose. But no need to have sly digs /remarks 25/1 never wins why is this guy backing 25/1 when it never wins. Like I said to many critics in here, jump on the bandwagon when things go wrong[like any circle in life] but when that 25/1 wins they do not give the praise it deserves[like any circle in life]. I’m all right, Jack. Not me officer I am just his mate, I did not see anything, pass the buck. It’s always someone else fault[another circle in life fact]

    Would not last 5 mins in the army. Yomping 3 days 56 mile with full kit fighting a 2 day battle battle. Did we whinge or bitch about it NO had to be done. We wiped our arse blew our nose and got on with it SIMPLE.

    Lost far to many good friends over there, friends in Belfast / The Gulf, to give the time of day or think or care about the arseholes and idiots in here.

    There are some decent guys in here, Kev, POPPA, MB, if I have missed anyone out I am sorry. If you want to get in touch for tips please do via email. Ask MrFixit for details, hopefully he might forward my email addy on.

    Be Lucky.

    • 1 year ago

      you welcher, where is my 50k!!!

      you were in the army fighting but run away at the first sign of trouble here??

      i dont think ive said anything untoward so i guess it must be stuigs fault, damnit, please dont go coop192, you’re gold

    • Mr Fixit 1 year ago

      It’s always been that way – if you don’t have a thick skin then stay away – in fact avoid social media and the internet altogther.
      All the best.

  16. 1 year ago

    Looks like a few ‘old’ page favourites are out with a few runners tomorrow and I have selected a few of interest from a very limited look.

    14:50 Nottingham THEATRO 7/2 0.5pt win

    Graham Lee has probably been my favourite jockey to follow this year and these are the silks he has had decent success in. The form of the horses reads quite well, getting within a neck of a subsequent Class 3 winner. It’s only his 5 hcap start and he’s up in distance which shouldn’t be overly problematic. His sire Camelot was a Champion 3 year old so hopefully he will keep progressing and get his head in front in this competitive little affair.

    16:00 Taunton MINELLA VOUCHER 11/4 win 0.5pts

    An 8l winner two starts back off 10lbs lower, he slipped last time and is out to make amends today carrying a big weight. With nearby Newton Abbott called off due to recent rain, I presume the going will have a bit a give in it and our selection will enjoy any juice having won on heavy.

    I don’t like investing too much on short prices with a bit of risk attached but half a point is more than fine.

    15:30 Taunton SHUFOOG 11/2 0.25 ew top 2

    David Bridgewater has done well for the page and has got himself a couple of winners recently. He used Tom Cannon for those whilst his horse today loses a 5lb claimer and gets the assistance of Tom Scudamore who is seemingly on as a spare ride.

    The trainer’s usual jockey is involved in the race, he will be riding SHUFOOG who is just about value at 5/1. The trainer/jockey won with this horse a year ago, I think the race is far too competitive for a win stake so depsite it being top 2 only, e/w is good enough.

    13:20 N DUBAI ACCLAIM 7/2 0.25pt win

    Sean Davis ensured profit for us yesterday and has just one ride for the same trainer today. The horse won twice in a row before basically finishing dead last LTO.

    It’s a slight step up in class for the horse and as such I will bet small again in what looks a competitive race. Paul Hanagan rides in this race, he’s usually on a Fahey horse, he rode two winners on this card last year.. so perhaps eye over his rides.

    please share your support by liking my facebook page cheers

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