SOCIALLY SHADY (1.10) was no match for a couple of much higher-rated rivals on handicap debut but is dropped into calmer waters on a return trip to Ripon.

Karl Burke's gelding showed promise in a couple of novice events last season before his handicap bow here last month in a race won by the Hugo Palmer-trained Eastern Sheriff. Today's contest is pretty average and with Ben Curtis booked, this is an ideal opportunity for Socially Shady to step up to the plate in first-time cheek-pieces. He should be a shorter price in my book.

FRANKELIO (2.40) missed his engagement at Pontefract yesterday and has been re-directed to Ripon to contest what appears a more difficult handicap.

The Newbury card doesn't really appeal and I'm happy to keep some big betting guns in reserve for Thursday's 10-race York card featuring the Dante Stakes.

  1. Nettles 7 months ago

    Having a go at this but I also look
    Forward to hearing insiders picks he seems to know his stuff

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Don’t think @Insider picked anything yesterday he just went about like that old Harry Enfield character pointing things out and saying “oh you don’t wanna do that wanna do this!”
      But hey he might come up with a Nap today or just a tip or 2.
      GL and Cheers DC with Peregrine Run! 👌

    • insider 7 months ago

      i put up CENTROID who was a NR, and ROUND THE ISLAND 6/1 ew, came close to winning but settled for 2nd.

      i’ll try to be more tactful in my approaches, realise i don’t come across to well, but i have good intentions :D

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Fair enough Insider,no doubting I should have listened yesterday but the bet was on and as I like to say ounce I’ve placed a bet “well it’s done noo!” 🤷🏽‍♂️
      Insider it’s always hard to gauge people’s remarks or tones on social media but as I’ve said in the past you can be sure on here I’m always only having a laugh with any comments that may seem otherwise. Cheers and best of luck 👍

  2. double carpet 7 months ago

    The Broghie Man 4/1 1.00 bel

    Taking a chance in the hope that he’s ready after a break.
    Has improved with each run over hurdles but has found one to good in his 3 runs so far.
    The big thing in his favour though is the weather as its lashed down here all day and night and the more rain the better for this horse who was once rated 106 on the flat and running in group races.
    Not at those heights now but hopefully can give a good account. Trainer is also 2-5 at the track.

    Oroma 13/2 ew 2.30 bel

    Comes here having won 2 h’caps on the flat recently so is obviously in good heart. Trainer has also been bang in form and Rachael Blackmore takes the ride. She was also onboard for the 2 flat wins.


    • double carpet 7 months ago


    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Better luck tomorrow dc. Win some lose some. But past few days seems to be green. Keep it going

  3. recoba 7 months ago

    Nineohtwooneoh back out after a 10l victory Elvis Parsley mate. Very skinny 5/4 but romped it lto and although up 7lb I think he’s going from strength to strength.

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Tougher race but has the fitness but I think best watched or maybe in multiples?

    • elvis parsley 7 months ago

      I agree recoba.
      A repeat of last week should suffice

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Don’t fancy anything today,like Alan says best kept for tomorrow.
      Trixie with 2 from my tracker and guys Nap from ATR at Happy Valley

      We The South…R5.
      Total Power…R6(***)
      Lightning Seed(to place) ..R9.

      Gl all

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Should say fancy anything today in UK but sure use knew that hat I meant even if don’t. 😉

  4. Nettles 7 months ago

    @ insider did do a few picks yesterday one was a non runner and the other was an e/w which was 1st

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      It came in 2nd

  5. Nettles 7 months ago

    @romihensem ur right but he did say ew

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Dont get me wrong, i made a nice profit on his tips for serpentine. But just to correct u that his tip yesterday came in 2nd which u indicate as 1st although its ew

    • insider 7 months ago

      all in it together lads, i’ve been a bit ruthless in some criticism but hopefully can start to help out more, as others do day in day out. i prefer to put winners on this thread over winning money for myself believe it or not. all about the long term, reducing our exposure, dont do crazy singles on bargain basement racing, only a few months of data but i show a profit so stake appropriately and we’ll do ok.

  6. 7 months ago

    Ripn 12.00 Brazen Belle 11/10
    Ripn 12.35 Iva Reflection 8/1 each way
    Ripn 2.10 Nicklaus 10/3
    Ripn 2.40 Global Spirit 8/1 each way
    Ripn 3.40 Nat Love 5/1

    Gone mad today 5 bets and a canadian

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Whats yr nap fried, may i ask?

  7. Yonus 7 months ago

    D.C. Oroma is a N/R.

  8. elvis parsley 7 months ago

    12-15 beau sancy 3-1.

    12-50 longhouse sale (without leapaway and Seddon) 5-2 Nap (bet365 without markets)…

    1-50 enchant me 20-1 Ew extra 6 places 1/5 odds.

    2-20 etc moi alors 12-1 Ew extra 4 places.

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Sweet elvis. Nice nap. Well done and ty for the tip

  9. ew thief 7 months ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    Manolith 12-35r 13-2
    Socially shady 1.10r 15-2
    Mulligatawny 2.10r 11-1
    Garden oasis 2.40r 9-1
    Fraternity 3.40r 12-1
    Ew singles & ew lucky31☘️Gl all

    • spurs55 7 months ago

      some great picks ewt 👍👍👍✔✔✔

    • insider 7 months ago

      excellent, a 50p e/w L31 returned over £900. big win for anyone who followed em all at whatever stake.

    • ew thief 7 months ago

      Cheers lads on we go 👍

    • Shiver7 7 months ago

      Thanks ew thief

    • ew thief 7 months ago

      No worries shiver👍

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Hefty nice tips ewt. Missed out on yrs but congrats and all who followed. 👏👏

  10. romihensem 7 months ago

    R5 – Loudest Whisperer
    Fingers crossed GL

  11. busstop.2018 7 months ago

    Morning All. .. Well done yesterdays winners.

    Picked some in the earlier Stratford Races today but all short priced favs and not worth putting up as every man and his dog will pick them anyway.

    So tried find a bit of value but smaller bets today.


    15.20. .Solstalla. .13/2 . .E/W

    15.50. .Flying Verse. .4/1

    16.20. .Jack Snipe. .6/1. .E/W

    GL ALL

  12. romihensem 7 months ago

    Hope the universe has spoken to you today insider. ;-)

    • insider 7 months ago

      not really mate, they come when they come lol, strike rate is crazy though.

    • insider 7 months ago

      i was listening to a Harry Findlay (pro punter) video last night, he was nicknamed LAZARUS, there’s a famous parable regarding rich and poor with Lazarus and ABRAHAM, from the gospel of Luke (my name)… boom the universe strikes again haha.

  13. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    more than lucky 12.00 justified 1.10 King pelliner 2.00 well done all winners yesterday

  14. busstop.2018 7 months ago

    First fav wins in a canter at Stratford .Done them all in multiples but like i said no point as tips

    GL ALL

  15. insider 7 months ago

    Nothing too solid found, due to time constraints, also MUCH better racing tomorrow so having THROWAWAY STAKES for interest.
    I was looking for a CROMWELL winner but nothing jumped off the page, although typically he’s just won the 1st race and has about 6 others out today and nicer prices.

    1530B: ABRAHAM 10/1 FOUR PLACES ew

    He is on the slide, and got hit with a massive rise in the ratings but absolutely hacked up two starts back, has won from a 5 month break and I will chance.

    1655G: MAUD GONNE SPIRIT 10/3
    Decent 3rd on debut with FOLEY taking over, I’ve placed worse bets but again more in hope than expectation.

    1855G: HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN 12/1 FOUR places ew
    Open looking market beyond the fav, with 4 places, enjoys soft going, was 2nd over 1m at Ayr off 2lbs lower. A concern is AJ Slattery is at the track and not on board, although his replacement is an upgrade.

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      Will try Maud gone spirit. Ty insider. GL

    • Harveydo1 7 months ago

      Abraham nice win 👍

    • insider 7 months ago

      hope you were on cheers (Y)!

      remember a decent winner doesn’t increase the chances of the next selection.

    • insider 7 months ago

      HAND IN MY POCKET set to be put up, skybet codd/elliot to win by 8 length special put me off lol.. oh well, a penny saved! and horse #2 comes in so all gravy!

    • romihensem 7 months ago

      As always, nice insight and tips bro. Only went for yr 2nd tip straight up. Nicely done. Grats

  16. rjb 7 months ago

    Great shout again Alan 👍

  17. jpq 7 months ago

    Thanks Alan

  18. Bennybear 7 months ago

    Thanks Alan . Great tip.

  19. romihensem 7 months ago

    Thom u da man. Sweet slim shady.

  20. plou00 7 months ago

    Thanks Alan, came through wooshh🐴👏🏼👌🏿

  21. Jayell61 7 months ago

    Great start Alan. Unfortunately seen it too late

  22. recoba 7 months ago

    The most expensive yearling of 2018 goes tonight for Gosden in the 7.40. Darain cost 3.5 million Guineas!!!
    11/10 but up against a 2nd fav that was 3rd in a class 2 first time out. Best watched Darain will have to be decent to beat Annie Vega on debut.

    • cairnzy1878 7 months ago

      I’m waiting on it to land a 60p each way lucky 15. If it lands if I had did it straight £18 was paying 2.5k 🤮

      Always the way! Fingers crossed for it anyway. £250 would be a nice return of £18. Guaranteed £80 of the first 3 winners anyhow.

    • ew thief 7 months ago

      Yes recoba looks the dogs & well done cairnzy👍

  23. romihensem 7 months ago

    5 more tickets left for me
    Brazen belle ❎
    Longhouse sale ✅
    The broughie man ❎
    Socially shady ✅
    Loudest Whisper
    Maud gone spirit
    Ty all gurus for the tips.
    Gl fingers crossed

  24. Wildhorse 7 months ago

    Hi All !!


    R. 4 – Tom Collins / Win

    R. 2 – The Circus / EW

    R. 5 – Isomer / To be placed

    Nice Evening & G Luck !!

  25. ew thief 7 months ago

    Looking at paddy power 5.40n paying 4 places
    10 runners sir titan @ 8-1 bet to nothing ☘️Gl all

  26. romihensem 7 months ago

    Brazen belle ❎
    Longhouse sale ✅
    The broughie man ❎
    Socially shady ✅
    Loudest Whisper❎
    Maud gone spirit✅

    Ty guys for yr tips. Hats off.

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Poor by Nineohtwoonoh Romihensem?
      Superb Alan T I wasn’t in but top tip.
      I managed to get lightning Seed place at Happy Valley,20 more yards it would have won,definitely one to keep on tracker as a better run It cruised home it’s some turn of pace!

      Look forward to see Darain in 7.40 at that price it best start repaying ASAP! lol
      Well done rest with winners 👍

  27. Nettles 7 months ago

    Newbury 8.40 race what’s all your picks for it

    • Crawmeister 7 months ago

      Kings Royal Hussar

    • ew thief 7 months ago

      Waterproof for me ew ☘️Bol

  28. Nettles 7 months ago

    Thanks if it’s kings royal I will be happy that’s in my treble that I need

  29. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    chez hands for me 8.40 jump horses seem to do well on the flat well done all winners today

    • spurs55 7 months ago

      Luck of clover ew 🤞

    • spurs55 7 months ago

      Persian Sun ew as well 🤞

  30. recoba 7 months ago

    Very impressive from Gosdens Darian there and went out to 2/1!

  31. ew thief 7 months ago

    13-15-17 ctc 8.40n gl all☘️

  32. spurs55 7 months ago


    looked and looked again

    going to nap this one

    so do not touch it !!!


    • spurs55 7 months ago

      Pp are paying 5 places and skybet 4


  33. Nettles 7 months ago

    @ ew thief done a tricast with your prediction if ur right I will worship the ground u walk on

    • ew thief 7 months ago


    • ew thief 7 months ago

      Hope ya done a combination tricast ☘️

  34. spurs55 7 months ago

    well that went well chaps …not

    on we go


  35. Nettles 7 months ago

    What’s a combination tricast sorry I’m new to this was a straight tricast I done

    • ew thief 7 months ago

      3 in any order 1 ctc would cost ya £6

  36. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    Race 10 Delaware park : glengar 10/3 bet 365

  37. Crawmeister 7 months ago

    Race 8 Keeneland Race Driver 9/2 small stakes

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