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With Rizzel absent for tomorrows racing I’m stepping in to cover.

Not the greatest of quality on offer tomorrow but there is a few races that I’ve decided to get involved in.

As usual, let me know in the comments your fancies for today's racing.

Ndaawi ( Betting Without Favourite) 6/5 – Epsom Downs 2:15

Charlie Applebys Castle Way is very much a worthy favourite but at 4/6 there isn’t much value in that, that being said it’s still a race I want to have a bet in and I think Ndaawi to chase him home is a decent shout and you can get Ndaawi betting without favourite at 6/5 which I think is decent value.

Andrew Baldings 2 year old took a nice step forward from debut at Newmarket to get the job done at Goodwood last month. It was a strange sort of race as after watching the Goodwood run back Ndaawi looked at one stage to be going backwards under William Buick but the penny dropped and he responded well to stride through the gap and win on the line.

With the horse only a 2-year-old and still learning his trade there’s an obvious reason to believe there is more to come with 2 runs under the belt and with tomorrow's race over the slightly extended mile rather than the standard mile he's been contesting in as of late I think that will aid his cause even further. As much as I’d of liked to see Buick in the saddle again, David Probert takes the ride and he’s a smooth operator in his own right.

Dukeman 13/8 – 4:00 Epsom Downs

I was surprised to be getting Dukeman at 13/8 as I expected him to be more around the even money mark so I’m delighted that there’s a bit of extra value there with him if you do decide on having a bet.

Dukeman cost 500,000 guineas as a yearling so there is some expectation on his head. I got a glimpse of his debut run at Thirsk and although he didn’t win the race and finished 3rd I thought there was plenty to like about the effort.

He followed up the debut run to win on the AW at Newcastle at the beginning of the month. I think he’ll be suited by the track at Epsom and taking a step up in distance from 1m to 1m2 should hopefully ease out further improvement in him.

The Balding trained Nobel was an even more expensive buy as a yearling costing 825,000! He’s another who comes into this with massive expectation however he hasn’t been seen since December 2021 and that straight away is a concern for me regardless of him winning nicely on debut. I could be wrong and he could turn up tomorrow and rump home at 9/4 but given Dukeman has progressed on the track and has recent race experience under his belt I feel he’s a more safe bet.

The Roger Varian trained Chantico I thought was very short in the market and I don’t feel his debut run was as eye-catching as the two already mentioned above. Chanticos' price is probably reflective of how well the Varian yard are doing at present so he is still one to have a look at.

It’s a tight little race on paper and should be an interesting spectacle.

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Horse Racing Tips
Epsom - 2:15 pm

13/8 @ William Hill

Epsom - 4:00 pm

6/5 @ William Hill

  1. dazzman1979 2 years ago

    Going for a newbie 4 fold could go one way or the other but it’s called gambling for a reason so here goes !!

    Curragh – 1:55 – cape bridgewater 9/4

    Yarnmouth – 2:24 – knight 5/2

    Yarnmouth- 2:59 – lordship 11/4

    Yarnmouth- 3:34 – modaara 15/8

    Good luck gamblers !

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Ryan Moore won his first one watch him lose on my selection now !! 😂

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Gutted I only get 5/2 on knight as I did it on a bet slip not on line but hopefully others got in on the money !

  2. elvis parsley 2 years ago

    The royals duties carry on regardless.
    Princess Anne having just buried her mother now runs in the 3-33 Fontainebleau on Sunday 👑

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      And not to be left out prince George runs in the 5-50 👑

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Stunning Elvis there’s a horse called King Charles running on Monday too so??
      That information is as much use as t!ts on a fish !? 😂

      Remington have a good meeting an try pull it out the fire with a Trixie

      R2…Shirley’s Temple 6/4
      R3…Templar Ted 3/1
      R9…Callin DIANA. 6/4 😯 👀

      GL all and settle Elvis ,just yanking yer crank theres always time for a bit of weird,wild whacky stuff. 👍

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      It’s called mild humour/irony recoba.
      You need to chill, when racing is as shit as today’s what else is there except beer 🍻. I’ll send you a copy of dazzmans 100 greatest party jokes to lift the cloud hanging around here 😆☹️😆☹️

    • recoba 2 years ago

      I’m cool as a fool in a swimming pool! 👍
      Mild irony/humour because a horse has the the name of a Monarch in its name?
      Your spot on about the mild and the beer bit! 😉
      My humour is so good it usually flys right over peoples heads? 🤷‍♂️
      I’m with you when the racing is poor get the humour out an anyone has anything great,Cainzy has pointed out few races with nice types but bar that it ain’t great
      No cloud at all, bar not many winners especially for me anyway,stinker last night stateside! Only Multiples but ZERO wins bar a single and £5 free bet on Blackbeard I forgot i placed all day.
      Could be worse with my main bet on Scotland, put on in-play at 6/4 with ROI scoring about 30 seconds later! 🤦 – 😃
      Shop had shut so today on this Holiday weekend a few pints of something will be in order.
      Enjoy your day one and all

  3. Gateacre Pete 2 years ago

    Can’t decide on Tapian or Master of reality 4.15 Curragh, both at 50s, so gonna back both for a top 7 finish

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      And 10 pence on the reverse forecast Pete, just in case 🤔

    • Gateacre Pete 2 years ago

      I’m sure that would pay handsomely 👍

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      You ve done it again 👍

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      You ve done it again 👍

    • Gateacre Pete 2 years ago


  4. Woohoo 2 years ago

    Just a heads up there Cairnzy….times a little muddled! ! !

    • cairnzy1878 2 years ago

      Hi mate,

      If you are questioning the time of the races, I’ve double checked and they seem to be the correct times.

      Let me know what you are talking about to see if I can help.

      Good luck!

    • cairnzy1878 2 years ago

      Apologies I see what you mean now,

      It seems the publisher has mistakenly muddled up the times.

      Correct race times, just horses are muddled up.

      Apologies again! Good spot! Especially if you are hungover from last night🤪

      Good luck!

  5. edgeman 2 years ago

    Attys Edge . Looks worth an EW shot at 12/1 . 17.30 Ffos Las. 👍GL .

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      I was going to double the one up with on edge just realised your edgeman so would be a good name sake double for you !

    • edgeman 2 years ago

      Nice one dazz , worth a bash.

  6. recoba 2 years ago

    Wee return there in Hong Kong ,so early in the season it’s best to just “yield to the experts at times so went with Tim of ATRs Nb in the 2nd last which landed then Ew on his last tip at 11/1 was 3rd.
    Actually decent at the Curragh but tough so just a Yankee for the with one from Epson in there,just realised I’m against Cairnzy here that I don’t like to do that but his fault for getting his times mixed up above! ⬆️ 😉

    Dark Side…1.35 9/2
    Carolina Street..3.40 11/10
    Cleveland …4.15. 13/2
    Nobel..4.00 2/1

    All Bet365.

    GL 🍀

  7. recoba 2 years ago

    🇺🇸 Crazy Yanks!


    “A groom was said to have tried to bring in
    the GUN and marijuana, according to the
    TD report. Weapons and drugs are illegal
    to have at Pennsylvania racetracks.
    Only licensed veterinarians may use
    syringes at racetracks. Buzzers are the
    tiny, illegal devices that renegade jockeys
    have used to jolt horses into running
    The names of the suspended connections
    were not revealed by the commission.
    The TDN pointed out that trainer Richard
    Vega was ruled last year to have been in
    possession of needles and syringes, the
    result of a search at Parx in July 2021.
    Vega was suspended for a two-year
    period that was scheduled to end June 28.
    2023. However, he got back to training
    this year and controversially had a horse in a race at Parx on Monday”

    I want my money back!! 😉

  8. elvis parsley 2 years ago

    Destiny’s spirit 1-49 Yarmouth.
    9-4 top 2 finish
    11-10 top 3 finish

    Finished 0.75 lengths behind todays favourite lumacho last time out and gets a 10 pound swing which should give it at least a place chance

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Sassy redhead 👩‍🦰

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      I don’t know why you don’t just go for the straight win sometimes . Nice work though ! Nice to see someone doing well who ever it may be

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      Got 9-4 top 2 finish when it was 11-2 SP.
      finished at 7-2 SP which isn’t a great difference to the 9-4. And the 11-10 cover bet won too.

      I always look for an escape route with this dross level racing hence the extra place effort.

      As it happens this although 2nd favourite did what the handicapper planned with the 10 pound swing in weight.

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Every chance Elvis 👍

      Should took Moore mount in first there!

      Only a wee Yankee but went to 9/4.

  9. dazzman1979 2 years ago

    1:15 Caron – soral de kerzal 8/1

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Disaster !!! 😂

  10. azzthewigan 2 years ago

    gert lush 1.32

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      I’m on this one ! Being from Bristol it’s one of our sayings ! 😂

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      As well as no wineee no likeeee !!! 😂

    • elvis parsley 2 years ago

      You sound like that Josie wotsherface on dayime TV.
      Ooooo aaaarrrrrrr

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      I look like her in the mornings as well 😂

    • recoba 2 years ago

      F#@kin Paddy Mcguiness on that cringe terrible dating show $hit!! 😂

      No lighty no likey!” Oooft

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Recoba you red eyed rabbit 😂

  11. spurs55 2 years ago

    Just had to go on 

    3 – Greavsie @ 12/1 14/1

    Spurs boy and all that

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Don’t keep it to yourself next time 😂

  12. spurs55 2 years ago

    So obvious from my angle dazzman😀

  13. spurs55 2 years ago

    And number 3 so obvious

  14. dazzman1979 2 years ago

    Nice one cairnzy! Good price that as well hopefully you land the double !

    • cairnzy1878 2 years ago

      Cheers Dazz,

      Getting one’s hard enough in this game, never mind on a Sunday 🫣

      Good luck pal for the rest of the day!

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      No worries 👍 yeah it’s a nightmare of a game we all know that ! I I would nt want to be the headline tipper that’s for sure it’s a pretty thankless task people love you one day hate you the next 😂

    • cairnzy1878 2 years ago

      Rizz is the headliner tipper pal,

      I’m the step in tea boy who’s brings round the pop corn 🫣🫡

      Hahaha, nah I do my best when I can. Hope you’ve a good rest of weekend pal.

      All the best.

  15. recoba 2 years ago

    Cairnzy 👌

    Couple of wee singles lads nice going pity missed Spurs55! Trixie and then some that!

  16. azzthewigan 2 years ago

    the whip master 2.50 well done all winners yesterday

  17. postman 2 years ago

    Nice call on Ndaawi Cairnzy 👍 Thanx

  18. dazzman1979 2 years ago

    Nice 13/2 drift on knight ! Bloody Ryan Moore that’s it I’m done with him now 😂😂😂 me and him are through !

    • spurs55 2 years ago

      hollie doyle and colin keane always do me dazzman !!

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      If he would of lost the first he would of won on my selection or vice versa as it panned out in the end my own fault

  19. theplug 2 years ago

    Dower House 11/2 Curragh 3-40
    Curragh 3-05 Art Power 5/4 NAP Small price but can’t see him lose .

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Yip #had 10 on it# with Paddy Power cash back offer but winner ThePlug 👍

  20. recoba 2 years ago

    Ffs… Prices are up and whittled it to these,had a write up but not typing it again


    Belmont At Big A…My Lips Sealed 7/2( single)
    Remington-R1…Unburnt 2/1
    R3…Varnished 2/1
    R11…Stealing Sunshine 13/2. Wee R/Fc Best Actor( 1-4 ) as both in tracker but I’m taking the price horse for the Yankee.

    GL all

    • recoba 2 years ago

      The witching hour!

      Gulfstream -R2..Twelve O’clock EVS bet365

      If doesn’t break its maiden here it’s the glue factory …and he’s NOT invited!!

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Kn@b jockey there

  21. elvis parsley 2 years ago

    one for you in the 2-14 am Remington 🇺🇲
    like spurs55 greavsie an aptly named horse.
    On a more serious note Kimari 22-18 Belmont EVENS at bet365 looks a good thing ??

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Get to da choppa !!!!!!

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Your wife would nt like you trolling the internet for choppers ! 😃

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      I prefer red knobs in that one 😂😂

  22. dazzman1979 2 years ago

    8:00 Newcastle 2 Moro – how bizarre 6/1 you can thank me later or donate your winnings to your favourite charity 😂

  23. recoba 2 years ago

    Belmont-R6…Triple Start. 10:3. Rain ain’t came as predicted so he’s in and 10/3 do me.

    An that’s all she wrote!”

    Well done the winners today,turned.out noice regardless of rest 👍

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Needs to and IF lasts the 1m + after hitting the front it’s a good price. Not last if rain stays away

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Didn’t see it out! 👎

      Woodbine-R6…Halfinthewrapper. NAP 5/2

      Abrieato out and he’s still 5/2!!

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Why do I bet in between races!?

      That doh could went on Unburnt

    • dazzman1979 2 years ago

      Betting on grey hounds between races is the worse thing to do . Especially the Australian dog racing .

  24. elvis parsley 2 years ago

    Kinari now 5-6

  25. elvis parsley 2 years ago

    Kimari duz the biz.
    EVENS not everyone’s cup of tea but a lot better than the 4-7 SP.
    CHEERS bet 365 💰

    • recoba 2 years ago

      Mate I was all over it early bells with a decent amount by my standards and am glad you out it up cause near to a cert as you’ll get. Yes no such thing but mainly it was short and then seen it was GYTO Nap so as I said unless necessary and I really like it I’m not putting there’s up.


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