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LEGALIZED (1.35) was just held by Aurora Thunder at Ayr 19 days ago and looks the one to beat now moving back up to three miles.

Market leader O’hanrahan Bridge snapped a frustrating sequence of five straight second prizes when scoring at Carlisle (heavy) three weeks ago but this is a more difficult task. A lot depends on what horse best handles the gluepot conditions, a remark which applies equally in every contest.

CASTLE RUSHEN (12.30) landed the odds for Nicky Richards on his last visit to Ayr and should be suited by the step up to 2m 3f in the opening novices’ hurdle. Brian Hughes is in the saddle. Fearless was a bit disappointing when fading into fourth at Ascot but this is a tad easier.

Herefordshire trainer Tom Lacey is a fairly regular visitor to Ayr and HIGHSTAKESPLAYER (3.40) sets the bar high in the bumper. His third to the JP McManus/Nicky Henderson winner No Ordinary Joe at Sandown reads well, with a Paul Nicholls horse finishing runner-up. My selection had a previous winner behind in fourth and that appears superior form to market rival Fly By Milan's course second.

At Wolverhampton, ELEGANT LIGHT (6.20) is worth a punt in an interesting fillies' handicap. She had decent form in France and ran well enough for Ralph Beckett when running sixth to Indie Angel in a Listed contest at Lingfield to merit a wager. Likely favourite Moonlight In Paris ran well when fourth to Chamade at Doncaster but an 8lb rise seems harsh.

Horse Racing Tips
Ayr - 1:35 pm

3-1 @ Ladbrokes

Castle Rushen
Ayr - 12:30 pm

11-8 @ Coral

Ayr - 3:40 pm

6-5 @ Bet365

Elegant Light
Wolverhampton - 6:20 pm

4-1 @ Bet365

  1. gaffer123 3 years ago

    Sharla 11/8. Kempton 2.30
    Campeo 7/4 kempton 3.00
    Phoenix star 3/1 kempton 4.35
    Castle rushden 6/4 ayr 12.30
    Fly by Milan 11/8 Ayr 3.40
    Graystown 9/4 Fekenham 1.15

    Lucky 63 @ accum

  2. Mickymac 3 years ago

    12.45 andapa 3.50 solar park 4.50 feldspar 5.05 tip top

  3. uncle pom 3 years ago

    Del mar 00:00am 29th November
    Sharing 4/1 2pt win

  4. uncle pom 3 years ago

    00:30 from the get go 33/1 0.5 ew

  5. Crawmeister 3 years ago

    Even the best have lean spells.
    A possible AT full house by darkness Monday.

  6. Slimster1984 3 years ago

    13:15 Thomas Todd 4/1
    13:35 Bryden Boy 4/1
    14:20 Telson Barley 9/2
    15:10 You Name Him 11/2
    15:30 Lily Beach 19/4 (4 places)
    E/W Lucky 31…

  7. les cooper 1944 3 years ago

    What a load of utter TOSH and rubbish today, average run-off-the-mill Monday racing. Only 5 races worth betting on, or with interest, the only reason I am having a bet because The Governors are paying extra places. Spent last 2 hours studying, rest of the fixtures/races ‘waste of time’ ain’t that hard up or desperate to have a wager on them.

    Small E/W stakes Lucky31 62 SHILLINGS, bit of fun for a Monday.
    Most firms paying 4/5 places on all races.

    Ghepardo 14/1 15.50 W
    Ebqaa 12/1 16.50 W
    Traveller 20/1 17.50 W
    Itmakesyouthink 10/1 15.50 K
    Dusty Damsel 14/1 17.05 K

    • Sore point 3 years ago

      Les your contradicting yourself all the time other day you went on and on about what a waste of time studying is now today you state you spent two hours studying ?? .

      The whole point of betting is what an indviidual thinks is a good bet so what you think is bad value maybe completely different in someone elses view. A 1/2 shot can be as much value as a 10/1 shot if you believe its got a 1/2 chance of winning..Its nothing to do with what price its what chance it has in your own estimation.So a bad race to one person can be a great race to another.

      Today you have had 5 bets on races YOU like. But 5 other races might look like value to someone else.
      Its all about opinions but we shouldnt call anyone elses.

      Good luck

    • les cooper 1944 3 years ago

      sore point, no I am not contradicting myself. I studied had a look for a couple of hours, nothing took no fancy. I will rephrase my above comments to SORRY I spent two hours GORPING at the cards. Have to be SPOT ON from now on, with all the EXPERTS in here who read to much into everything, and they ‘think’ they know everything.

      Glad you mentioned what I did or said the other day, must be a STALKER. I can not remember what I said or done 2 minutes ago, but I SLEEP AT NIGHT do you? Certainly do not come in here to pick fights argue with FOLK or remind folk what they do or say. Or members with 3/4 accounts log in and ANNOY other members. Just go with the FLOW, enjoy the FREE SITE. Leave your tips, leave your negative comments/opinions to yourself.

      The whole point of BETTING [glad you reminded me, I was betting before you was born] is beating the GOVERNORS. Can not comment on 1/2 shot does not make any sense?

      Gambling is all about opinions, luck, 1 big LOTTERY. Yes I have had 5 selections my fancies. Could you please remind me where I have called JOE BLOGGS chances or OPINIONS

      Where are your TIPS/FANCIES.??? Start looking after NO1, leave’ your tips’ not your ANNOYING NEGATIVE COMMENTS. After all, it is a FREE TIPSTERS SITE.

    • Sore point 3 years ago

      ow shouting at me . So if i read your comments and remember them im a stalker ?? why put them up in the first place if were not meant to read them..

      Nothing negative about my comments racing any gambling it all down to individual opinion .And I certainly dont know everything but seems like someone else were the one other day telling people how to bet ,dont bet short prices etc not me.
      my fancies were on here an hour before your comment so you obviousley dont even read the thread .

      no negative comments my end

      wont comment again dont think i will need to

      and Good Luck

    • les cooper 1944 3 years ago

      No I don’t read the thread or Joe BLOGGS tips/comments. Only time I do, is when I am scrolling down and my name is mention. Plus learned a very long time ago, 70 odds years to tell what folk what to do. Because nowt so queer as folk. Senor Les ir con el flujo. Only way to be in the life.

      Plus just shows the mentality of folk on here, bit of banter idle comment made on Monday morning and a full scale war breaks out.

      Life is Life Opus 1985 class tune, listen to the lyrics. Everything what is said is in JEST.

      Disfruta la vida y se feliz.

    • Sore point 3 years ago

      sorry i know i said i wouldnt comment again but confused

      Why come a racing community thread where people share their thoughts and try help each other if you dont read them and only take notice of your own related comments seems pointless to me.

    • insider 3 years ago

      you shouldn’t waste your time sore point… the term drag you down to his level and beat you with experience comes to mind. you can tell by his unprovoked, often vicious outbursts that you’ll get no where, he claims to be in his 70s and still has this attitude. he is best ignored. he didn’t say a single word the first 5 days he returned because 23 of 26 of his bets came dead last.

      anyway melvyn, keep up the good work, final thoughts from me, when you speak utter TOSH, it is only fair for us to call you out on it, else casual readers could be fooled into believing it… waste of time studying, waste of time betting on short prices… you say there is only one winner which suggests you are a loser, and also makes me wonder, why do you even bother if in your eyes you cant win.

      all i’d suggest is, give your opinion like it’s an opinion, plenty of decent people here who can help, i personally believe if i had 1 bet a day to a level stake for the next 10 years, i would show a profit EVERY YEAR, and that is a FACT, the only way to lose at racing is ill-discipline, no patience and not checking form…

  8. sandy0125 3 years ago

    MY LUCKY 31
    DASH OF BLUE 12.45 F
    ZAATEL 3.00K

  9. Gidza32 3 years ago

    Thank you and well spoken Sore Point .I might just have a strong feeling that my 4/5 odds on horse has 95% chance winning then l stake £500 .Better than 2 quid on six horses for me and it works

    • insider 3 years ago

      epatante went off at 8/11, was probably better value the night before, it was a max bet all day long.

      if you start with a tenner and over the space of a month find 10 bets around evens then you can have a field day, 10 winning bets at evens in a row can land you 10 GRAND, 10 8/11 shots can land you £2500… there are endless strategies, besides playing bingo with 33/1 shots, most of em have substance :D

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      Insider there is no point telling everybody Epatante was a “max bet all day long” when that was last Saturday and you never mentioned anything about it before the race 🤦‍♂️

    • les cooper 1944 3 years ago

      Best way to bet Deb2000, talk about things after the event. walk the walk after the event, never talks the talk before the event.

    • insider 3 years ago

      what are you on about ”deb”. you’re not very coherent are you, let me guess, you’re last name is Cooper. anyway, first of all, it was pretty obvious he was a likely type, no need to mention it, not that that was my point. second, the guy i replied to was talking about a 4/.5 shot and betting massive, over dribbling away smaller amounts on more speculative picks, it was in relation to what melvyn has said about not backing short prices and what not.

      i used epatante as an example of exceedingly looking good things at reasonable prices and then explained that if you can wait, then it only takes 10 bets from a £10 stake to reach £10,000…

    • Deb2000 3 years ago

      “No need to mention it” that’s your trait you are the biggest and only expert on this page at telling everybody where they went wrong with there bet and this trainer or this horse was a cert AFTER it happens.
      You keep banging on about Les Coopers 23 losers and yet you tip loser after loser on here then think youv got gods gift to tell everybody else how to bet 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
      You go on about the only way you can win is to have a bank and stick to level stakes bets or place multiple place bets then you come on crying youv just lost 2 £100 single bets.
      You constantly keep contradicting yourself stick to flipping burgers and leave the guys on here to tip and bet whatever way they want 👍
      By the way I have nothing to do with Cooper or any1 else just sick watching a decent free tipping page get trashed by a guy that opens a new account ID more times than hes had winners.

    • insider 3 years ago

      you’ve greatly exaggerated things but there’s nothing wrong with critiquing a pick after it’s raced, it’s good to get different viewpoints. everyone has different goals and each require their own methods, i’ve literally said do what works for you but apparently i dictate the methods to win but mentioning a safe place acca and a tried and tested point system. i simply mentioned those bets in case anyone else was on since both horses lost it at the last when looking CERTS which was quite unfortunate for me given the size of stake, but no tears were shed. mel banged in some big winners and then ironically couldnt help but go on about the way to do it which required me to point out the facts behind his strategy. as for me, i typically have a quick look in the evening and do throwaway stake AW bs, i put 5 up few weeks back 18/1 12/1 win 14/1 place.. havent mentioned them once, was pt tracking, havent posted a total showcasing it.. appreciate the effort but your attack didn’t hold much water

  10. Sore point 3 years ago

    Fakenham 1.15 Thomas Todd 2/1

    Fakenhsm 1.50 Povoisky 5/4

    Fakenham 3.20 Gold Fields 9/4

    Been on here a few weeks now and getting used to regulars and theres some cracking tipping on here .

    Happy Days

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Good luck hope they all come in for you

  11. ew thief 3 years ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    Misu Pete 3.30k 14-1
    Dynamo Walt 3.50w 9-1
    Deconso 4.20w 11-2
    Arietta 4.50w 12-1
    Clay reggazzoni 5.50w 9-1
    Ew singles & ew lucky31☘️☘️Gl all

  12. uncle pom 3 years ago

    Fakenham 12:45
    Dash of blue 2/1 2pt win
    Ayr 12:30
    Fearless 10/3 1pt win

  13. New123 3 years ago

    Itmakesyouthink Kempton 3.30 9/1
    Badessa Wolverhampton 4.50 16/1
    Corrida De Toros Kempton 5.05 6/1
    E/W Treble

  14. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    Pasvolsky 1-40 fakenham 6-4 NAP

    Lochanthem 1-55 kempton 45-1 bet365 ew extra 5 places.

  15. Jayell61 3 years ago

    Had a fiver on Flash of steel on Saturday at 12/1

    It’s now paying for my lucky 15

    1420 Fak. Achill Road Boy @15/2
    1500 Kem Melody of Life @5/1
    1530 Kem. Lily Beach @10/1
    1635 Kem Something Lucky @10/1

    Small bets . Good luck for Today everyone. Good start AT

  16. jimba 3 years ago

    Well done Alan Legalized skips home👍

    • New123 3 years ago

      Well Done AT

  17. marko 3 years ago

    Coops 1992 I think his name was… goes missing off forum

    “Les Cooper” comes back with the same write up style (caps etc) reasoning/ odds posting style
    Also likes to argue with other members
    Anyone see a correlation? Could just be me

  18. les cooper 1944 3 years ago

    was coop192 marko was my son who’s sadly departed, and was banned with database. never argued with people to my knowledge. just put good intelligent point across.

  19. marko 3 years ago

    Coops was your son? I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t know, a good tipster he was, I knew I had seen that writing style / write up reasoning somewhere!

    • insider 3 years ago

      writing styles are hereditary i guess

    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      Yes database 😂😂.

      Why does everyone worry about everyone else here.
      2 names 3 accounts 4 writing styles and a partridge in a pear tree.
      Does it really matter, we are all intelligent enough to recognise the above traits but that’s their personal choice on an open racing forum, no rules, that’s the rules unless it gets abusive or counter productive.

      Maybe the people who worry about the above multi accounters feel threatened by them in some way, don’t know to be honest.

      If someone posts winners then disappeared after a bad run then re-emerges with a new handle, personally it don’t bother me as we are all different aren’t we, some like to shout from the rooftops when we win, some post tips and say nothing, no right way/wrong way of contributing here as long as folk keep posting.

      To be frank I look at every pick here and look into it, don’t care who posts them.

      Anyone got Lee Westwood’s number by the way ?.
      That guy either knows his onions, or someone is sharing their onions with him.
      Seems to win big every so often, clearly a man in the know….

    • insider 3 years ago

      i think westwood owns the horse which is why he was on, then take into account all the people he would be going to the VIP areas on race days, and with his wealth he would be touted, so i guess he has a few contacts.

      i tend to let things slide now but did take exception to mr apples chirping up like he was quoting gospel with no regard to his 23 losers. doesnt matter much too me, i don’t pay attention to multi-account jibes, no doubt some people come back, but to insinuate some people actually talk to themselves, and to say i multi-account just loses them all credibility with me, anyway, focus on the racing i guess, it’d be nice if the amount of words wrote in arguments here came with sharing information people have learnt over the years….

  20. marko 3 years ago

    I didn’t know that before now, sorry to hear that les may he RIP
    You are continuing on his high odds winner streak didn’t you hit a couple double figure winners in same day before this weekend?

  21. les cooper 1944 3 years ago

    yep and cheers marko carry his legacy hitting the bookies hard with two 33/1 shots £50 E/W. hit the bookies hard dad was his motto, just like Lee Westwood did Saturday.

  22. marko 3 years ago

    Good stuff Les keep it lit 👍

    My tip for today

    1750 Wolves
    Mr Coco Bean 5/1 NAP
    I’m backing the Win today.
    Consistent over last 2 runs, much better than the rest of these if running to level of last 2 starts.
    Hollie Doyle booked, rode this horse once before, finished 1/2L second.
    Never run at Wolves before hence in my opinion the big price!

    This horse should not be out of top 3
    5/4 at BFair for top 3
    4/5 for top 4 for the Accra’s

    • marko 3 years ago

      Absolutely muck, couldn’t reproduce last 2 runs

  23. elvis parsley 3 years ago

    Itsajungleoutthere 5-05 kempton 25-1 bet365 ew extra 7 places 1/4 odds.
    And 25p ew at 80-1

    Has form figures of * 666 * is it an OMEN ?.
    Spooky or what 😳

    • insider 3 years ago


    • elvis parsley 3 years ago

      8th 😬.
      Was a good film though for those old enough, especially when the church spire falls off and impales a gentleman of the cloth in the cemetery 👺

  24. nenad86 3 years ago

    19:20 Wolverhampton – Rockesbury 5.00 1pt

    • nenad86 3 years ago

      19:20 Wolverhampton – Rockesbury 5.00 1pt – LOSE

      DAY PROFIT: – 1.00 pt
      ALL PROFIT: + 27.40 pt

  25. les cooper 1944 3 years ago

    Never knew insider was database Senor Elvis. Mind you should of guessed with all the snide comments pointed towards my son. But like, us old timers water off a ducks back. We did have a good drink at the ‘wake’, his name cropped up many times, crying how COOP192 wound him up and he bit every time. feeding a donkey a strawberry is the expression. been banned that many times on here, but always crawls back I see, was he banned twice in one week.

    • insider 3 years ago

      pretending to be your own father and then pretending you died and then joking about the funeral etc. the gift that keeps on giving. i get banned for not being tactful enough in my criticisms, you get banned for comments regarding dead people and personal attacks, post your tips, track your results, have a bit of modesty perhaps, BOL melly the apple man.

  26. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    Mahoning valley 2 – fastest max @ 6/1

  27. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    6:20 Wolverhampton- nirodha 16/1 e/w

  28. les cooper 1944 3 years ago

    3 races left at wolves, going to turn off all my racing info results etc, Wait till tomorrow then tip it. That’s my new system, will work 100% never fail.

  29. dazzman1979 3 years ago

    Race 8 delta downs – tapizars secret 10/3 bet 365

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

      Race 9 – delta downs – tap the cat 18/1 e/w

    • dazzman1979 3 years ago

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