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Cairnzy steps in for us on the racing thread while Rizz takes a well-earned break…

I've gone for 2 selections tomorrow. My NAP which comes from Newcastle and I've also thrown up something a bit different in a double. I'll not bore you all with a write-up on the double as we would be here all night but if you fancy having a small stake punt on it you will find it below my main write-up.

Shadowfax 3/1 – Newcastle 11:50

I wasn't planning on touching anything at Newcastle, especially in class 6's however I couldn't help but stick up Shadowfax who I hope will be bang there at the finish.

Mick Applybys grey has been running in higher grade handicaps than he contests in tomorrow and can run off the same mark tomorrow whilst also taking a significant drop in grade.

Most of the field with the slight exception of smart boyo who went close last time have question marks on their heads whilst Shadowfax is still unexposed and surely open to more improvement of his current mark.

From watching a few of Shadowfax recent runs I think 2miles is his trip although its hard to say for certain as he started off by running over 1m3 and up to most recently 2m2 and did so without winning any races but did run respectably in higher grade handicaps than this.

Horse Racing Double

My last selection is my double, I enjoy taking advantage of some of the extra markets online bookmakers offer on races in particular the betting without market.

Christopher Wood betting without Saint Segal 11/8 – Hereford 2:30

Silverlode betting without pocket the packet 2/1 – Newcastle 2:20

The double pays just over 6/1 with Bet365.

Good luck!

Horse Racing Tips
Newcastle -

3/1 @ Bet365

  1. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    12:20 Newcastle – lady Hamilton 66/1 e/w

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      1:20 Newcastle – endued 17/2 nap

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      15:20 Newcastle – billian 7/2

  2. postman 1 year ago

    Posted a couple of nice priced winners yesterday. I clicked the like on Busstops winner and Sore Points. Elvis always digs up a nice one 💥 Hope you all made a bit of coin. 💰🕯

    The Darts final was something else last night. 🎯 Going to miss that now it’s all over.

    1:30 Hereford – Archer @ 15/2 **NB**
    2:20 Newcastle – Pocket the Packet @ 13/8 ***NAP***
    2:40 Dundalk – Rocky Dreams @ 12/1 *each way punt*


    • cairnzy1878 1 year ago

      Annoyed the darts is over myself mate, watched it every night it was on.

      Smith was a cracking price last night at 5/2 given he’s starring to prove he’s not a bottle job anymore.

      Price was disappointing along with Peter Wright.

    • postman 1 year ago

      👎👎👎 Life come at ya fast.

  3. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Swiss pride 6-30 kempton 9-4.

  4. Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

    free? cheers!!

  5. Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

    silverlode 6/5 without or 3/1 to finish exactly 2nd, in the without market it has to win or finish 2nd to the fav, so you almost treble your odds if you dont think it can win but betting it to finish 2nd: both joke bets so may as well take the bigger price.

    • cairnzy1878 1 year ago

      Morning database,

      In the nicest way possible, your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      I’ve never once mentioned in the above post that I don’t think my 2 selections in the double can win. In fact it’s quite the opposite I think they have decent chances. Money has come for both since my write up went live.

      Pocket the packet is the form horse taking a drop in grade and has to bounce back from a below par run and probably is the more likely winner but I think my selection can go close and possibly win.

      Using the betting without market basically covers yourself if you feel its a 2 horse race as such.

      Why on earth would i put a selection up to finish exactly 2nd if I feel there’s a bit of a chance it could win?

      Another bizzare comment from yourself.

      If you don’t like the bet keep your money in your pocket pal.

      Good luck

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      i didn’t tell you or anyone to do anything pal, i said to anyone that doesnt think it can win who is considering following you to consider the x3 better odds to finish exactly 2nd. given you the paid advisor says it should be close to winning if the fav doesnt turn up so potential value. not sure what the problem is.. there is no value long term backing even type prices, need one winner per loser and we know in this game there are plenty of losers. because i said mug bet? long term it is a mug bet, having to dip into this market for profit is weak given the amount of races on offer. hope they win for the thread, and good luck with your stint. very bizarre indeed.

  6. busstop.2018 1 year ago

    Morning All .good day yesterday with my one bet winning and giving the main word PROFIT.

    Well done yesterdays winners just had a look some nice winners .

    two today but smaller stakes for me .


    13.30. .Jikala. .11/4

    15.30. .Flying Nun. .11/2

    Gl All

  7. Gunnaberry 1 year ago

    Fazayte – Hereford 1.00 – 7/2

    My one and only bet of the day and one of my most confident bets in a long time!!

    He brings the best and most consistent form into the race and, from reports I’ve heard, has been in fine fickle since his last run on Boxing Day so I have no concerns for the relatively quick reappearance.

    He was a very close 2nd last time out and gets to race off the same mark today with a 4lbs rise coming up. The horse also has the first time application of a tongue-tie to go with the cheekpieces so I’m hoping this will edge out a bit more improvement, which should be sufficient to win this.

    There are a few unexposed horses in the line up who could give Fazayte a run for his money but at the end of the day I can only see one winner.

    A couple of my recent selections on here haven’t performed/raced the tactics I thought they would however I’m extremely confident that Fazayte will run a blinder and win this race nicely.

    Good luck all 👍

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      he is 3lbs higher than his last run mate (Y) good luck

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      and 8 higher than his win before that. no looked myself but at 10s for some profittable silks, MULHOLLANDS 5l 3rd lto and now gets an 8lb claimer snag a couple extra places and take around 6/7s imo without actually looking.

  8. Sore point 1 year ago

    Cracking day yesterday . but as we all know today is a new day and anything can happen but heres hoping.

    Hereford 2.30 CHRISTOPHER WOOD 11/4
    Hereford 3.30 POTTLERATH 8/1 Each Way
    Hereford 4.00 NOT SURE 4/1

    Good Luck Everyone

    • New123 1 year ago

      Well done with Not Sure

    • Sore point 1 year ago

      Thanks New couldnt believe the price 7/1 turned it into a winning day

  9. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    cease and desist 12.20 ew well done all winners yesterday

  10. New123 1 year ago

    Henshke 17/2 Hereford 4.00

    • New123 1 year ago

      Celtic Revival 7/1 Dundalk 4.45
      (Put this up last week but it was withdrawn)
      Both e/w double & 2 e/w Singles

  11. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    post chaise 2.00

  12. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Drumlees Pet 3.00 Hereford @ 50s top 6 ew extra GL

  13. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Christopher wood 2-30 Hereford 7-2 ,🏇

  14. recoba 1 year ago

    🇺🇸 Nap won again but 2/5 in the Canadian meant a squeak of profit.
    Better racing tonight and some big prices for such open races I think? So sticking with ones I’ve noted and taken another 2 for a Doozy of a Canadian.
    Had a right good look at them anyway! 👀 😣

    Canadian …

    Tampa Bay – R2…Flag Woman 11/4 Nb/***
    R5…I’m Nervous Now 5/1
    R7…D’Craziness 8/1
    Philadelphia- R8…Smooth B 7/2 Nap/**** Skybet
    $2 Trifecta 2 – 6 – 8
    Gulfstream R6…Invaluable 6/5

    All prices for Canadian purposes with Bet365.
    Nap is better price with Skybet

    GL rest of the day folk!

  15. smoothsailor 1 year ago

    Paul Mulrennans ride on Kraken Power (320 Newcastle) is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. It almost looked like a non-trier.

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Welcome to low grade racing smoothsailor.
      It’s the way it works, probably decided beforehand to create the impression it’s trying without going all out to win.
      Some jockeys are not good at this game of acting though and it’s often visibly obvious to the watching public that it’s being held back as it’s not his turn to win.

      I saw a race recently at Wolverhampton with the front 2 going hammer and tongs from 3 out until the end, the 3rd was 2 lengths behind 3 furlongs out and list by the same distance but the jockey was just pushing this horse gently and was blindingly obvious he was trying to not win.

      Of course no stewards enquiry as they know very well this low grade stuff is corrupt to the Core.

    • Sore point 1 year ago

      Used to bet at these courses learnt my lesson the hard way .No point looking at form or anything it means nothing .

      Turf flat and jumps only for me

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      the aw is the best. but it requires attention, most srent up to it and most cannot read between the lones, you use hot yards winning combos and discount all the no hopers and u can win, most people look at it too basic, oh a horse won lto is up 2lbs it must have a like ppl say a horse loses on purpose and has its day eventually.. picking them has its issues but plenty of big priced winners, rather lose on 25/1 ew shot than back a 6/4. just bet what u dont mind losing until u spot an opportunity.

  16. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    shawe cross 4.00 well done all winners today

  17. Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

    mabre at 3s isnt value but was on combo recently as they won and will chance along withhhh starry eyes to win stake back altho i think that places at best.

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      form isnt exactly boosted at this level but undortunately incremental weather the favs form just got a lil boost from haseef. gl dont like win only so probs loose change only

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      easy game dunno what all the fuss is about

  18. Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

    looking at charlie apples record he has diversified his jockeys recently but hollie is 1-4 last two years and marquand is 1-5 having not ridden for a whole year.

    marquands 9/4 fav just went to 5/4, sadly the jockey bookings arent overly conclusive on this occaision but i am going jacky mitchell. 5/2. its a newcomer so i think we max bet at a fiver given theres a strong chance its a learning brief and we are betting for an interest.. unfortunately i have no restraint like some of the seasoned pros around here. cox and fahus 50/1 is 21/1 for five places if feeling a bit gatacre petey

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      lolol 2/2 love to see it.

  19. smoothsailor 1 year ago

    Sorry Elvis, I couldn’t directly reply to your message. Mulrennan had the perfect position throughout and had plenty of time to decide what to do. God only knows what was going through his head. How the horse can go from being fairly prominent to being shuffled back to last is baffling.
    It may just be a case of trouble in running. Maybe it was something else. Either way we have all been there and you have to take it in the chin and move on.
    Luckily I didn’t have silly money on it but it’s still frustrating.

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      how can it be frustrating if its understood at the outset? u want a horse to be trying wait for cheltenham.

      u backed a 9/4 shot who had never won a rated race….: …………..

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      watch the 1830 marquand thats how u do it sheeesh

  20. recoba 1 year ago

    Small play at Mahoning – R3… Whiskey Helps 13/2 Paddy Power
    Fancied it and in frim 15/2 so few $s following the money

  21. smoothsailor 1 year ago

    It can be frustrating because backing horses that suffer trouble in running and finish with a flourish always leave you with a feeling of “what if”.
    When backing horses we know there is always a chance it might meet trouble in running when hard on the bridle or fall at the last when 20 lengths clear. When these things do happen it doesn’t make it any less frustrating knowing there was a chance it might happen in the first place.

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      bet what u dont mind losing and eradicate all frustration. never really wanna see ur horse lead early in any type of race tbf. ive not seen the race but perhaps track the horse next time.

  22. ew thief 1 year ago

    Corinthian kid in the next 20-1 ☘️☘️

  23. a3780cd 1 year ago

    Who is this know it all bell end on here?


    • ew thief 1 year ago


    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      perhaps keep scrolling. as for know it all, the game is about knowledge, ive never lost over a year and survived off racing alone for two but can see im not wanted.

  24. ew thief 1 year ago

    Humanitarian in the next 7-1☘️☘️

  25. ew thief 1 year ago

    Sir titan 8.00 14-1☘️☘️☘️

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      rob hornby for carroll when he has like at least 5 of his regular riders there lololololol (and ues im giving him sheet bcz he wanted to meet me and get hurt lolol)

  26. smoothsailor 1 year ago

    On this occasion the frustration doesn’t come from the amount of money lost although I accept this can be a reason why people do get frustrated.
    It came from a shockingly bad ride.
    Also, if a horse is a confirmed front runner or performs best from the front then you definetely want it to lead early. I assumed someone who claims “the game is about knowledge” would acknowledge something as trivial as this.

    • Tulsa Sbed 1 year ago

      ur crying about losing on a bet bcz a class six donkey faded from being prominent and then try to be condescending lol the two dont mix.

      go watch 1000 races and tell me how many of those that lead win, the answer will be a very small percentage, like i said its rare u want em leading early a most basic and accepted of points and u want to argue it or twist my words like evey other mug here betting a quid studying the horses to pas their days since retiring.

      waste of energy contributing here will leave and continue building the bankroll, and living scott free of racing happy new year.

      whole page is run by rizzle ffs he isnt even as good as busstop who is like what 5th best here??? a sess pool of racing for fanny bettirs and part timers so clueless they run the only helpful c-nt away.

      as for ew theif email me if u like ill send address legaldvds hotmail com

    • a3780cd 1 year ago

      Nobody cares.

      “Waste of energy”

      Stop coming back then

      Enjoy your millions

      Sad sad man


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