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Alan Thomson landed his nap at Kelso yesterday and has two bets at Huntingdon on Sunday

Huntingdon 3.35

ONEMOREFORTHEROAD (3.35) has been deliberately kept away from heavy ground this winter and will relish faster underfoot conditions at Huntingdon.

Neil King's gelding made an immediate impression when bagging a Newton Abbot bumper last October and runner-up Good Risk At All won a Listed bumper at Newbury last month. Onemorefortheroad has since chased home useful Gunsight Ridge at Doncaster and makes his handicap debut off an enticing 113 rating.

Huntingdon 2.00

MARADA (2.00) wasn't beaten far by favourite Martello Sky at Market Rasen and Dan Skelton's mare makes some appeal in the novices' hurdle. She scored over course and distance in November and gets the nod over dual winners Hystery Bere and Pasvolsky.

  1. skyfly 1 year ago

    As Cheltenham approaches are there any tipsters on here who have had a couple of good years with their tips?

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Skyfly if yer unsure stick with Alan T as above and Voice of Value. 👍

  2. recoba 1 year ago

    Well in the winners yesterday there was plenty as we like it!!
    3/4 and 3 singles do me(get a Yankee up 1 day soon as I swear 🙄)

    Darian comes VERY Good in the USA(*****)
    as It should.
    2 left to run in my Yankee at Santa Anita (Brickyard Lane -R8)
    But I can’t get away from

    Maxfield R10 Santa Anita at a poor 4/5!
    Godolphin horse that was aimed at the Breeders Cup till injury but came back with a really nice win and with more to come I’m putting a few $s on it.
    1.00am start but!!

    GL all

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Get in Brickyard Ride! 4/1 drift too!!👌🇺🇸🐎
      Cut my stake on Maxfield R10 still 4/5 and it’s goodnight gents! 👍

    • recoba 1 year ago

      ByeBye ByeBye -R1 Charles Town 3/1(*)

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Poor Maxfield 🤔

      Tacticion R2 Sam Houston 11/8(**)
      Good old horse!

      An that’s all she wrote!” 🇺🇸🐎

  3. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Mr Muldoon 3-25 Sedgefield 7-4 NAP (bet365).

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Gl hopefully your run of naps continues sir 👍

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Jett 4-50 leopardstown.
      Ew extra
      40-1 for 3 places
      20-1 for 6 places
      12-1 for 8 places

    • winners are grinners 1 year ago

      Cracking cheers!

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Well done Elvis ✅👍

  4. bracknell jack 1 year ago

    Gateacre Pete
    Great tip yesterday mate . Saved my Saturday. Top Man

  5. Mr Humbley 1 year ago

    Good morning Sir Gateacre Pete.Are you in today? 😂😂😂😂

    • Deb2000 1 year ago

      Parzov a hope you done the double 👍

  6. Parzov 1 year ago

    Hello good morning can any of you give me some advice on how I should bet and stakes ect. For example Alan t posted 2 today would you do just a double or just back them as singles ?

    • Mr Humbley 1 year ago

      You can go four ways

      Method no 1.

      Medium risk – play Alan’s two with other two selections in a Yankee.

      Method 2

      Big stake – two of those selections to be placed – that’s a minimum risk

      Method 3

      Play as singles but each way sucks for me unless odds are big

    • Parzov 1 year ago

      Thank you for your reply m.r humbley that’s gave me a clearer mind on how to bet thank you.

  7. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    8:00- Mumbai- streek 4/1

  8. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Double of the day hopefully haha

    3:35 Huntington – great hall 6/1

    2:55 Sedgefield- achill road boy 10/1

    E/w double and 2xsingles gl fingers crossed for a day similar to yesterday

  9. Luke M 1 year ago

    Well done yesterday – fantastic tipping.

  10. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Morning all. Thanks for my MBE title Mr Humbley 😊 well done to everyone for chipping in with some winners. I have to admit, Sunday is usually the day I give all my money back to the bookies. I very rarely win on a Sunday for some reason. Probably because the racings rubbish. I’ve had a good look but as I said, it’s rubbish! The only one which might get a place at a price is Mrs Barnes 50/1 huntingdon 3.05. But tread carefully. GL😁

    • Parzov 1 year ago

      How manny placesdo you recommend Pete we extra available too

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      They’re paying 7 places at 16/1, I’ve gone place 5th at 30/1 and 3 places at 50s.

    • Parzov 1 year ago

      Ok thanks Pete I’ll do 5 places 25/1 0.50 ew and 0.25 ew at 50/1 3 places. great tip yesterday thanks a lot 👍

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Some shout yesterday Gateacre Pete! I was all in cash wise or I’d like to think I’d have put something in it but it looked like a right good day for lots of us yesterday.

      Let’s keep it up right through Cheltenham and I’ve just seen the football (I’ve hardly touched it) tips done great too 👏👏🐎 ⚽️ 🥅

    • g-unit 1 year ago

      thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Megatronsb1 1 year ago

      take a bow mate

    • Super Wilf 1 year ago


      Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice

      Well done


      Legend !

    • skyfly 1 year ago

      Wow. Thankyou very much

    • earl 1 year ago

      Oh my days. Pete you are some kind of genius. Thanks man

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Effin hell !!! 50/1 winner Jesus Christ how the hell did you manage that haha . Fair play to you sir 👍

    • double carpet 1 year ago

      Just on to say fantastic tipping and glad to see so many were on.
      Well done

  11. Barnsley tykes 1 year ago

    Sedg 2-20 Brian boranha 11-2.

  12. postman 1 year ago

    Just going to follow Dan Skelton today at Huntingdon, He has horses in 6 of the races and should produce some winners from those.

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Well I’ve took Alan’s 2 one of which is Skelton in a Trixie with Midnight Aurora another Skelton horse so best of luck!

  13. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    peaches and cream 4.50

  14. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    fairyhill run 3.45 ew

  15. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    hystery Bere 2.00

  16. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    silas marner 5.20 ew

  17. azzthewigan 1 year ago

    junipor 3.05 nap well done all winners yesterday

  18. recoba 1 year ago

    Sorry so late but…

    Crown Towers..6/4. Greyville 🇿🇦

    Backed this horse only time it won but wasn’t disgraced in a G3 lto although maird after he gets a (**)

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Wins well and I say late but France and S.A take so long to load it’s crazy!!


  19. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Wasn’t sure whether to put this one up, but sod it, strike while the irons hot, Inforapenny e/w extra paying 8 places. 2.10 leopardstown

    • Horses ass 1 year ago

      God has risen in the shape of Pete

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Up and down like a sewing machines needle but got to fancy the FAV in 4.05 Hindungton W 4 Life 11/4(**)

      In to 🇺🇸🐎 after this

  20. cobretti 1 year ago

    Unbelievable Gateacre Pete, take a bow.

  21. Shiver7 1 year ago

    Pete take a bow,please keep em coming

  22. Deb2000 1 year ago

    Pete has only just done it again 🏆🏆🏆🏆👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Fiver at 70s on betfair and 20 at 10s for a place 😁😁😁😁
    Thank you very much Sir Pete

  23. theplug 1 year ago

    Give pete the freedom of his city
    boooooooooom 55/1 i backed it

  24. postman 1 year ago

    Outstanding Gateacre Pete outstanding

    • g-unit 1 year ago

      thank you pete!!!!!!!!

  25. Maximusbrown1 1 year ago

    £2ew at 40/1 BOOM Thanks again Gateacre Pete

  26. Shiver7 1 year ago

    Someone mentioned this site needs an app with alerts. Think they’re right need to know when guys like Pete, Elvis,ew theif,daz,postman,0lug,azz and whoever I’ve missed post. No one wants to be missing this genius

  27. marko 1 year ago

    Leopardstown 15:45

    Annie Pender 16/1 EW 5 places BFair

    Very Consistent sort up in trip if runs to normal level should be in the shake up

  28. mickmac 1 year ago

    Pete you are an absolute LEGEND. Keep up the brilliant work thank you .

  29. postman 1 year ago

    Good winning nap again Elvis. Thanks

  30. Shiver7 1 year ago

    Elvis NAP kin

  31. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Yep big shout to Elvis to I backed his nap happy days again 👍

    • elvis parsley 1 year ago

      Cheers guys, I feel a bit inadequate compared to Pete’s stuff.
      What a welcome addition to the thread he has been.

      What are Pete’s stats to level stakes this week ?
      Must be astronomical profit.
      As Paul Daniels used to say.

      THATS MAGIC 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Shiver7 1 year ago

    Alan with the double unreal weekend

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Weekends like this were always on the cards It was just always a question of when I said before if everyone on the site has a good day at the same time then there is some serious money to be made fingers crossed for more of the same

  33. alextosh 1 year ago

    well done what a weekend

  34. Shiver7 1 year ago

    Agree completely daz. Hopefully robeccas got some lovely yanky tips for us tonight

  35. recoba 1 year ago

    Superb Pete!
    Another time I’d had a bet but regardless of mr and my antics that’s just Frickin superb! 👏👏🐎

    • Mr Humbley 1 year ago

      Ey Rico what do you use for tracking horses my tracker does not cover most international horses

  36. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Great double Alan 👍

  37. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Haha if this keeps going we will all be retired in a couple of months happy days 😂

    • recoba 1 year ago

      *Darain got the job done and I called it 24hrs prior….
      I should say

  38. recoba 1 year ago

    Need the last for £92 but think I’m cashing out £64

    (From above,cheers Alan T again)

    Well I’ve took Alan’s 2 one of which is Skelton in a Trixie with Midnight Aurora another Skelton horse so best of luck!

    • recoba 1 year ago

      It’s been a good weekend and Midnight Aroura just keeps getting backed and it’s a Trixie so 2/3 and the first in a single is another lovely bit to bank! 😉👌

      Here’s hoping I’m taking it ALL!!! Lol 👍🐎

  39. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    I wonder if anyone had Alan’s Elvis and Petes tips in a 4fold ? What a payout !

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Cmon now Dazzman they be screaming it!
      I think it’s good signs for that big meeting coming up! 😉👍

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      Yeah it’s mad 2 days in a row massive accumulators could have been landed by anyone . You never know someone might have fair play to anyone if they did might be a while before a weekend like this comes around but hopefully not . We still got voice of value to go yet haha 💰

    • recoba 1 year ago

      Yeah I get you.
      Tips are up early so it’s a well I’m from me!

      I’m 10/15 mins before a race in the US so anything early is spot on

      Darian got the job done last night as he should!
      Thank fook tbh 😉👍

  40. Jayell61 1 year ago

    well done Gateacre Pete. UnbelievEable tipping again today.

    My mate Mr Barnes had a fiver e/w on Mrs Barnes and is a very happy camper.

    Cheers. Pints are on him when we get out and about again

    • recoba 1 year ago

      All about Aguaduct tonight…
      Small treble to with the single

      It’s All Relevint R5
      Wasp R7

      GL all

  41. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Race 1 – Tampa bay downs – Irish valour 7/2

    Race 2 Tampa bay downs – east wing 7/1

    Race 5 Tampa bay downs – word man 11/2

    Race 7 Tampa bay downs – king Andres 6/1

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      That’s the first one in the bag ✅ hopefully the other 3 come in now ha

  42. Deb2000 1 year ago

    12.5/1 double AlanT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Outstanding weekend 🏆🏆🏆👏👏

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      As good a weekend the thread could ever wish to have . Hope it’s helped folk out in these not so great times

  43. dazzman1979 1 year ago

    Thought voice of value was going to give us the cherry on the bun for a moment there but can’t grumble at a 12/1 second place

  44. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    What have I missed😁 it won by a nose but I’ll take that all day. Well done to everyone for keeping the faith and getting a few Bob back. Back to reality tomorrow in work. Great weekend with my bank balance looking pretty good at the moment. Yeah I agree, should have an app for this, would be a lot easier.
    Well done everyone🍾🍾💰💰

    • admin 1 year ago

      Brilliant weekend Pete. Well done 👏

    • dazzman1979 1 year ago

      A wins a win would be heart breaking if it lost by a nose haha . Yeah bit of a slap back to reality for most of us 2 Moro but hopefully with your input over the weekend people have something to smile about on a Monday morning being a few quid better off and that’s a good thing to be able to do 👍

    • mr jack 1 year ago

      Yip, I’m up £1200 quid for very small stakes , cheers for that

    • Mr Humbley 1 year ago

      Thanks Pete l treated my kids with another takeaway

  45. Horses ass 1 year ago

    Anybody watch the last race in Ireland ? The jockey went off the course onto another course after the last bend looked like he had the race in hand . They talk about the jockey getting a fine but surely course management is as much to blame .. yes I had a tenner e/W on its back at 25/1 and bitter as hell

    • Horses ass 1 year ago

      Oh it was leading by 8-10 lengths at the time

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      Seen that. Unlucky mate. Hope it hasn’t spoilt your weekend 😉

    • lossie jim 1 year ago

      Pete, you’ve got skybet running scared, after your 50/1 winner today, the same trainer has a horse at Wetherby that’s into 12’s from 50’s.

    • earl 1 year ago

      I was on it too but still £100 up thanks to Pete, AT and VOV.

  46. Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

    Yeah seen it mate. I’ve got my eye on another in the same race that has drifted. Don’t want to commit to it yet. Maybe tomorrow

  47. elvis parsley 1 year ago

    Random question.
    Are you from Merseyside ?

    • Gateacre Pete 1 year ago

      Yeah. Liverpool

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