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Bells On Her Toes never got involved, the pace held up from the front and a previous tip of mine, Aussie Girl took the win. Zoulu Chief set far too quick fractions in front at Newmarket, leaving him no chance of finishing his race off and the same can be said about Kitty Rose who surely would've won if she wasn't so keen in front.

Uttoxeter 3:45 – West To The Bridge 3/1 (1pt)

I wouldn't say West To The Bridge is well-handicapped off his current mark of 135 at the age of 10, but when you compare him to the level of this race, he should have too much class for them.

I'd say West To The Bridge is a fairly solid bet in this despite carrying top weight. More often than not you know what you'll get from this horse, and in a race where there's plenty of questions to be asked about all of the others I think he should be too good for them. I'll touch on the field before WTTB. Hurricane Harvey landed a quick double last season, but that was off a lower mark than today and after a break off a pretty tough mark for him, carrying a decently high weight in comparison to most, I think he will struggle. The Bomber Liston has been shocking over fences, is on a good mark if finding his form back over hurdles, but he is 1 win from 8 tries over the small obstacles, and I don't think he's that good. The main danger will come from Broomfields Cave, this horse has been in good form but has been mixing it at a much lower level, and will never have seen a horse like West To The Bridge, as he's been running against horses below 100 or close to that. Gentleman At Arms had a productive novice season, but on all known form that novice season was fairly shoddy, even off a much-reduced mark he has looked terrible and off a break I think he should be the biggest outsider of the field.

West To The Bridge has been a grand horse for connections, he has won when carrying big weights in the past, loves testing ground and likes to run from the front. If he gets an uncontested lead under Harry Skelton I think they can give him the race before it even starts, as if his fitness is good enough first time out, once he gets into a rhythm it'll be curtains. He was second in this race back in 2020 but I'd say that was a tougher race then, so despite being off a higher mark today I think he can come away with the win.

Kelso 3:30 – Cedar Hill 7/2 (1pt)

Kelso is expecting a tonne of rain so it wouldn't surprise me if the meeting gets cancelled as a result of a waterlogged track, but we'll pray it stays on as I believe Cedar Hill is a cracking little bet for Sunday.

This horse has built up a reputation of being a course specialist as he has racked up five wins at the Scottish border track over the years. He has started this season off extremely well with a runner-up and two wins to his name so far, with the latest start being his fifth win at Kelso. He is versatile when it comes to ground, so no matter the weather it won't bother me in the slightest. I think the fact he is in great form and has had a recent run under his belt is a big positive as his fitness shouldn't be an issue. He's running off a tough handicap mark, but he is running at the bottom of the weights in this contest due to the top two horses being miles clear in the handicap. It's not an easy race on paper with the two top weights being classy horses, but on seasonal reappearance, they will have to run a scorcher to win this, and if it's testing ground then it will call upon their fitness, which shouldn't be as good at Cedar Hill.

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West To The Bridge
- 3:45 pm

3/1 @ The Pools

Cedar Hill
- 3:30 pm

7/2 @ The Pools

  1. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    3:00 Kelso – Brandy mc queen 7/2

    • dazzman1979 7 months ago

      1:45 uttoxeter- Brandt 10/1 e/w

    • robyn 7 months ago

      interesting race dazzle. some insight for those taking a stab at it.

      Over hurdles, Inis Oirr 5/4 beat OUTLAW PETER (Nicholls hot pot) before he went on to win 3 of his next 4, he has failed both times at this track, but this is his chase debut so we can’t discount him based on that just yet. Lucinda’s only chase debutant on Friday was a winner. She sent out 5 runners, 3 won, one fell and the other was 2nd, so she surely needs to be the focus of ones attention at Kelso given she sends a small legion there.

      Swallows Song hasn’t won over jumps or even ran in a chase, Craig Nicol and Jardine won together the last time they teamed up BUT it was the FIRST WINNER in 26 rides since 2020. Sheehan has ridden it, is here but steps off, so is a 7lbs claimer, it has ”seen” early support wearing the same colours as Cedar Hill – if that means anything. Donny Boy hasn’t done anything in chases and is up 4f, as it goes I do like N W Alexander, a name you should know.

      Brandy Mcqueen is 10 above his last/best win over hurdles also making his chase debut. The trainers only had 6 winners last year, 2 provided by this horse, Craig Nicol was on both times but opts for Swallow’s Song, luckily Ryan was on for 3 of them so it’s not concerning but they like to use 5lb claimer Eddie Austin, who is at the track and was on the horse when it last won, 5lbs would be very handy but Ryan is local to the track and a much bigger name, this is a Class 3 too so not a shock they opt for Mania.

    • dazzman1979 7 months ago

      11/2 drift that ll do me

  2. robyn 7 months ago

    Yesterday got a bit much, so apologies for that. I imagine it was hard to follow but there were enough big priced winners to ensure no harm was done.

    I was gutted I couldn’t determine PAINTERS PALETTE was going to win until very late, even more annoying was the fact it was a 17 runner field and it goes off bang on time – I’ll presume no one was able to benefit. I typically advise caution so when I say I’m getting on heavy – it isn’t something I’ll say lightly.

    Big shout out to Pete who popped up late with a 100/1 3rd, without recognition there isn’t any point in contributing so hats off for that. Any tips I find will be posted as a reply to this post tomorrow.

    • Gateacre Pete 7 months ago


  3. robyn 7 months ago

    Rizzle, I suppose you have your fingers crossed that Derek Fox is on board because BIG Ryan Mania can’t do the weight? He looks a big bloke and did retire because he was starving himself, so that could make sense despite Racing Post stating both he and Derek have ridden off 10st 2lbs within the last 12 months. It’s my personal opinion this is most likely the case, I messaged him Facebook but don’t expect a reply :D

    Fox is clearly a top replacement, he’s even ridden the horse before – back on New Years Day this year when 5th of 7, however if weight is not the issue, it is HUGELY disconcerting that the last time he rode for Thomson was in April 2021, they’ve shared a total of 4 rides since 2020. Not here to put anyone off a race I haven’t looked at, just something worth a mention. Finally, if Rizzle thinks it good enough to put up to win, given no one should be in any rush to accrue profit, surely 4/5 for 3 places is the way to go – why make it easy for them. BOL

  4. Gateacre Pete 7 months ago

    Kelso 4.00. The top 4 in the market will probably fight out the finish, but if one of them under performs. Kopa Kilana could grab 4th @ 30s ew extra. ( providing they all run) I have gone top 3 @ 75s as well, just in case one gets pulled, as you won’t get paid out on 4th. Wasn’t going to have a bet as I mentioned on yesterday’s thread, but couldn’t let this one slip me by at that price

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Some shout yesterday Peteacre!!
      Not for first time 👌

    • Gateacre Pete 7 months ago


    • robyn 7 months ago

      good luck, maurice barnes is the trainer of FISHER GREEN, a 100/1 winner for the thread from Uncle Pom, so i’ve always remembered him, very sketchy record obviously but had a few big places since and he likes to use this claimer so here’s hoping for an upset bigger than united beating brentford yesterday.

    • Gateacre Pete 7 months ago

      No luck. 5th but market got it right

  5. recoba 7 months ago

    Yankee and I’m in again on 2 that are bust from yesterday…frickin seconditis and more!


    Santa Anita-Race 7…Book Smart 9/4 **+
    R8….Didia 11/4 ***
    R9…Muth ***** EVS
    R10…Kissed By Fire 7/2 ***+

    Well done winners yesterday and GL any Owl racers. 👌

    • recoba 7 months ago


      Charles Town -R5…Riverviewstevie. 11/4
      Race 8….Makinlimmargaritas 6/4 *****.

      An that’s all she wrote!”

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Santa Anita – Race 8… Didia ⬆️
      Horse has been off 3 months for reasons I can’t see. 2nd in a 300K stakes back then and the horses he was in front of that where 2nd 3rd and 6th have went on to G2 wins and G1 placings.

    • recoba 7 months ago

      “Cmon the frickin 4th Leg!” at Santa Anita!
      Side bet 75p combo tricast 4-6-2

    • robyn 7 months ago

      SIX TIPS, SIX WINNERS???? it still wont convince me to back the american stuff but wow, that’s gotta be one of the best contributions to the thread ever.

  6. recoba 7 months ago

    Yahtzee!! 🇺🇸 🎲 💴 ☑️

    • Gateacre Pete 7 months ago

      Crackin stuff recoba 👏👏

    • azzthewigan 7 months ago

      well done recoba

  7. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    asta la pasta 1.45 nap

  8. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    duleek street 2.30 nb well done all winners yesterday

  9. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    darkest day 2.00

  10. robyn 7 months ago

    I didn’t want to clog the thread up today, but people can scroll, it isn’t hard. I am going to write this 5 times, filtering out the insults each time in order to come across as dignified and able to remain here.

    Reading yesterdays thread, a non-contributing member ”SMOOTHSAILER” gave me some flack… now, given the amount of times I posted, perhaps something was warranted but this is what he said:

    ”Well done. You only put up about 80 horses to get them 👏👏”

    A post that got 5 likes, a really embarrassing post which just goes to show that some people here would rather see you lose than win, simply because that is what they are good at. Let us not forget, I am here to help people, for free, using my expertise in order to prevent you losing, nothing less nothing more. Believe it or not, I would rather one person benefitted from my tips than win myself.

    Given what he said, it is only right to have a quick glance back at what I’ve posted since returning, just to show how stupid his comment really was.

    Last Friday, I put up IKE SPORT, one horse in a 16 runner race, and it won at 15/2. The next day I put up 2 winning place bets, and 3 e/w fancies which included an 8/1 winner and two double figured places, £10 e/w on those three returned £350.

    So, I have had excellent success from a small number of posts yet for some reason I am getting insulted because some people are jealous and can’t handle me posting a little excessively.

    Now, let’s take a quick look at yday’s selections because he said I needed to put up 80, indicating I was lucky?? Is there any need for it Mr. Sailor???

    1630, I said I’d chance Hortzador win only as a saver, whilst posting two big outsiders for an interest. They all lost, but I did mention a niggling feeling about TITIAN too, the 11/1 third. I actually posted the winner of the race around 5/1 2 minutes before the off, it wasn’t ideal timing, but the way I determined he would win only allowed me to post this late, so I won’t count that in totting up the stats, and put me on -3.

    In the 1535, it was naïve to pick two horses on the wrong side of the track, but again it was a massive field cavalry charge, and gave info to ensure no harm was done, but fair enough -5.

    In the 1645, I tipped one named horse and said ”3 others” named in the write up. The tipped horse won at 11/1, a named horse was 2nd at 14/1 and another was one outside the places at 16s. The only other horse mentioned was backed from 16/1 into 5/1.

    I mentioned 3 jockeys, Callan only had one realistic runner from 3 rides, it won at 5/2 (profit if you backed all horses). Hornby only had two realistic chances, a 2nd and a 12/1 winner (backing all resulted in nice profit). Larson had two rides, the one I mentioned finishing a close 2nd. I mentioned one trainer, Michael Bell, he had 3 runners, one of which placed at 50/1.

    I mentioned 14 market movers just good or bad, for information purposes, out of those 14 horses, I MENTIONED I WOULD BE BACKING JUST ONE OF THEM, and yes, you guessed it, HAND OF GOD won at 10/1.

    So, all in all a great day however you want to spin it, absolutely pathetic some people would try drag you down for that. Put up or shut up.

    • earl 7 months ago

      I for one value your contributions, Robyn. This thread nearly died on it’s arse due to petty squabbles, embittered losers looking for someone to blame for their own failures. But I also remember the occasionally golden days of alanm and johnb and good natured banter of well-mannered people.

    • elvis parsley 7 months ago

      Alan Money Thompson best headline tipster in my time here in my 10+ years of putting losers up 😁 but each to their own.

    • robyn 7 months ago

      yeah, i appreciated johnb, he was knowledgeable, a man into his horses, the insight he could offer was valuable, but – specifically towards the end, he was absolutely dreadful.

      as for alan, yes, you could tell he was a pro, and that is what it takes to excel in this game, time and effort. i’d give him the edge too. alanm was a pretty decent contributor, but i wouldnt be shocked if it was johnb on a 2nd account, posting his chancers, although probably not.

      pom was decent for a time, we had a guy called harryjw or something for a few months who seemed legit. and then the charlatan that is hibee, a man who claimed to be in contact with trainers and yards, and then one day, he banged on about a skelton cheltenham horse, and the 2nd string from the same yard one, destroying all of his credibility for me. what elvis has done for the thread has to be appreciated, with dc, plug, duncan, recoba and azz all putting in a lot of time here.

      speaking of old times, where did busstop go and his ‘mate’ whose name i cant even remember… did he declare he was leaving or just stop posting??

    • elvis parsley 7 months ago

      I agree, it went sour when Johnb became consumed in his own self importance and no one else’s opinion counted.

      Money Thompson didn’t get involved with the sniping here, just put up tips take them or leave them, never gloatedvwhen they won or made daily excuses when they lost.

      No one wins long term, that’s why we’re here, but it’s nice win or lose if we do it in a civil manner.

      Good write ups today database, shows at least you’re doing your homework 👍

  11. azzthewigan 7 months ago

    hooton verni 12.10 ew france

  12. elvis parsley 7 months ago

    Auteuil 🇫🇷

    12-58 style de rock
    17-2 win bet365
    11-10 top 3 finish BETFAIR
    10-90 stake
    Outsider of the 6 runners, place probably best this can achieve

    1-33 Papillon cyan
    9-2 win
    13-8 top 2 finish
    30-70 stake
    On a going day this has a great chance of winning, it’s a toss if a coin if this is one of those days though.
    Heads or tails 🤔

  13. robyn 7 months ago

    1630 Kelso – THE VOLLAN 9/1 e/w (ONLY IF GETTING 3 PLACES – chancy selection)

    I want to chance THE VOLLAN, he won over 3m on this card last year and is now a MASSIVE 18lbs lower, a 20/1 rank outsider before any NRs last night, I wrote out a load of old tosh then realised he does his running on good ground, I haven’t dug into the weather but our mate Rizzle says a deluge of rain is expected and when it comes to reports on the weather I trust him like a brother. Having said that, I have just realised SKYBET are paying 3 PLACES in a 5 runner affair, so I am going to stick with him. There will be 100 more selections better than this so one to bet cautiously with. Adam Wedge wins for this trainer, he is on some big prices for her at Uttoxeter..

    Before that, HALF SHOT was going to be my tip, I find it strange there have been 2 NRs yet his price has remained the same, I may be wrong but it just stinks of the bookies trying to attract dead money, despite the horse having a decent chance with enough to like. The Bewley’s had a winner on the card last year, unfortunately this horse makes his chase debut so I can’t back it.

    Lucinda Russell’s string are fully firing, she sent 5 to Hexham on Friday, 3 winners, a 2nd and one faller. CAMP BELAN has only won once, off 9 lower, his patchy record is enough to avoid. The fact Wadge is utilised on DESTINY IS ALL suggests he may be her best chance here. He must be one of the most consistent horses in training, he has never finished outside the top 3 in a chase he’s finished. He’ll run off 109 which is within his capabilities whilst he’s also done well over further so is fully respected but now sky are still offering 3 places, I’ll take a punt on the rank outsider.

    • Deb2000 7 months ago

      Just had a message to say your back database 👏👏. Look nobody can say you dont put the work in especially for the low grade crap.
      But if your going to write full novels mentioning most of the field can you please atleast highlight the actual tips in the race with the meeting and time.
      Also you keep going on about using a bank of 100 for throw away bets how does this bank work when you mention printing money bets like the 4/5 place shot that got beat ? Also comments like my whole bank went on that horse after it won does nothing for your credit same with after timing winners.
      Keep picking your decent priced horses and highlight them and even I will punt a few if I also can see what your seeing 👏👏

    • robyn 7 months ago

      deb you’ve embarrassed yourself enough over the years here, so i don’t want to get involved with someone who doesn’t contribute, just pops up to try and cause a problem, you are impossible to talk to because quite clearly you have an agenda, stating falsehoods and sticking to them as if they’re certified facts.

      i am here to help, you are here to cause trouble.

      you will often find i put the selections at the top, and a write up below, if i don’t, they are just tidbits of information, or punts if people fancy taking them. you really do not want me to back track since returning and giving you the profit i have amassed because it will just show how wrong you are.

      i talk about 100 pt bank rolls, to try stress to people to bet properly, having gone on rollercoasters myself with gambling. so effectively you are trying to ridicule me by promoting a safe way to bet, absolutely crazy.

      what after timing have i done?? i always say bet cautiously. i have posted once i will be betting heavy on painters pallete, which was posted before the off, which admins could clarify. because i can analyse a market and determine a winner by the race card odds movement alone. so again, you are creating myths out of thin air, stating them as if facts, and trying to put my name in the mud.

      how can you complain about ‘full novels’ mentioning the whole field, i am effectively giving you a picture on the whole field to HELP AND ASSIST in your betting. i am doing this so any budding enthusiasts can see my logic and perhaps excel themselves, i am giving you a break down of the runners, and you are trying to criticise me???

      i get NOTHING from helping here, i can gain nothing, i seek nothing, i want to help out, yet that isn’t good enough for you, a total nobody who doesn’t even post tips…. so what is i congratulate myself, or give a boom, let me enjoy myself, if you don’t like it scroll on by?? what harm is it causing….

      yesterday alone i tipped an 11/1 winner and said i would be backing a 10/1 winner.. i’ve already discussed the 16 runner affair at worcester where i tipped one horse, which one at a nice price…

      i could make you look bitter and foolish all day, but that will do. how about this, stop creating negativity and get involved in this team and help us beat the bookies or stay lurking in the shadows.

      if you really wanted to drag me down, you would come with facts and figures of my posts, and shame me, but you cant, so you mud sling and throw out random, made up nonsense….

      is there really any need, you’re a grown women ffs. absolute madness and i am sure i’m not alone in thinking that.

    • Deb2000 7 months ago

      See there you go again writing a whole novel having a go at me when nothing I said was having a pop at you I dont care if I live in your head rent free av not even been looking on the forum lately I am far to busy.
      “Drag you down” absolutely nothing I said is to drag you done.
      I think it was 1 of your very 1st comments from coming back you said something like just had my complete balance on some horse after the race also you mention numerous times of betting the winner after tipping other horses in the race.
      Am never going to read all your war & peace novels as Pete says because most of us have more better things to do.
      Just highlight the horses with times and meeting names I dont think that’s to much to ask for clearly your copy and pasting from writing somewhere else.
      Just tip as I said you know your stuff but foke cant work out what your actually tipping in half your posts

    • robyn 7 months ago

      agenda fuelled nonsense like i said, how about post tips yourself or let us get on with it.

      the fact, the undeniable fact debby, is you want me to get banned from replying to your messages, absolute trollfest, you’ve probably in your 40s or 50s and spend time doing this but apparently have such an extravagant life you belittle us for posting here daily.

      first you claim people ARE TEXTING YOU IN REAL LIFE ABOUT ME POSTING HERE, but apparently you have better things going on and dont track the threads each day, yet you ‘know’ about the firsts posts i made since returning, absolutely pathetic.

      if i post a 10/1 winner here each and every day, WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO ME??????? the answer is no good, i get noting from posting winners, i am not seeking anything in return either, so what good is building a rep on this site??? they hired cairnzy ffs, a guy who was here for about a week and since they were desperate gave him a chance, and what good has he done?? i mean i dont need to slate people, b

      you accused me of posting elsewhere? no idea what you are on about, if you can copy and paste what i write into google, and find it anywhere else on the internet, i’ll pay you any amount you like, any amount…. creating things out of thin air again.

      if you dont want to read what i write, which takes a grand old total on one minute out of your day, then dont, no one cares. ”better stuff to do” … we all have our own lives and we all choose to do what we like with it, what’s better in your view isn’t in mine, so i really don’t need your advice, and trying to make it seem like posting here is a waste of time, as i said, you do you, i;ll do me.

      what people cant find the winners in what i write?? you must be blind. i’lll stick to my format, and you still to yours, you know, the one where you say nothing at all?

      the fact you think you live in my head is laughable, i enjoy putting people in their places, and can type 100 wpm, once sent, the issue is done and you’re back to being nothing… trying to get under my skin and all of these presumptions, it really is pathetic.

      as i said i could embarrass you all day, it’s fun, but i will assure the rest of the thread now, REGARDLESS of what you come out with next, that i will not acknowledge anything else from you and wont derail the thread any more.

      good riddance.

    • Deb2000 7 months ago

      You quite clearly can’t read and am certainly not wasting my time reading your drivel in your reply. I actually tried to give you a complement 1st reply but it shows how much off a stupid little boy you are and it’s only a matter of time before you have another of your meltdowns.
      Your right I haven’t posted and as I said havnt even been looking in on the forum but checking back your posts from your new 86th ID I still get a mention not bad for somebody that’s not been on the forum 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
      Just tip as your half decent at doing and cut out the bullshite that comes with you.

  14. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    Brandy mc queen 😂😂

    • robyn 7 months ago

      nice one lad, thought it was the best alternate to the fav, didnt watch it, was u lucky or did the fav fall early??

    • dazzman1979 7 months ago

      Bit of luck to be fair but jumpings the name of the game and the fav fell so beaten fair and square but a wins a win and that’s all that counts when said and done but we’ve all been on the flip side I’ve have many a faller . Even had horses pulled up on the flat racing or getting caught up in biting one another down the home straight winding me right up 😂

    • robyn 7 months ago

      ive had a faller on the flat to complete a 1k treble, jinked with 50 yards to go… Emma Lamb – 17:30 Sedgefield Sunday 21 October 2018, watch the closing stages of the replay if you can, and imagine needing it for 1k lolol…

      nice one anyway, just watched ur race replay yeah, good shout regardless both going well enough, horse dived at it like he was jumping into a swimming pool :D

  15. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    4:45 uttoxeter- kap Chidley 7/1

    • dazzman1979 7 months ago

      Second ! Nothing lost if you did e/w I did it on the nose 😂

  16. lossie jim 7 months ago

    Tommy’s Oscar hoses up, the class horse in today’s racing.

    • robyn 7 months ago

      Small trainer but mustard tbh last few years and Brian Hughes ain’t on them I’m all over em

  17. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    No cocaine and hookers for Rizzel this week 😂

  18. elvis parsley 7 months ago

    Luna Dora 5-15 uttoxeter
    16-1 ew extra 7 places.

    25-1 ew top 4 for the braver souls.

    Drifted out from 10-1 to 25-1 in places which isn’t promising.
    Course form here is important though and this finished 2nd here twice last October, one was in this very race.
    Ran off 6 pound lower then and form tailed off in the spring hence the ew extra punt

    • elvis parsley 7 months ago

      2nd, thought it was going to win at one point but alas it’s a bit of profit this time and back to work tomorrow

  19. dazzman1979 7 months ago

    5:15 uttoxeter- fever dream 12/1 e/w

    • dazzman1979 7 months ago

      Sneaked a place at 18/1 was going to go with the Alan johns Tim Vaughn duo again as it almost won for me earlier should of trusted my initial instincts ! Oh well

  20. recoba 7 months ago

    Holy sheep $hit! 🤷‍♂️ ⬆️
    Had a “bit” written there but after 10 years odd here me thinks I know better?


    🇺🇸 Cheers for the kudos folk it was a ‘grand night’ and aboot time the full house! Robyn you can tell yer new to post with your kudos there but thanks mate I do try. 👍

    Keeneland -R10…Colin Milner 12/1 Ew Coral. ***
    Looks wide open race and I was keen to just go a combination tricast and First World 9/1 was just being squeezed out the 3 but he’s now 4/1 (dang) so 2nd choice here for Win/Each Way purposes.
    Looks a good shout to place and a win be tremendous effort but vast improvement on the horizon for a lot of these.
    9-5-1 was Combo tricast but lot of money for First World?

    Back with Yankee/Canadian later and probably another around midnight tbh! Lol
    Don’t do suggested singles IF yer not interested in USA I’d suggest just multiples.


    • recoba 7 months ago

      Robyn it’s ‘Big night in the US of A’ and Canada (Woodbine) with no Class 4-6 handicrap stuff to bet on so ‘Stateside Live’ Sky Racing be a good a time to have a wee bet and watch?? 🤔
      Plenty raiders and ex owned horses from UK,Ireland,France and more you may know running in G1 and G2 type races.
      👀 🇺🇸/ 🇨🇦 🐎 💩
      🫡 👨‍⚖️

  21. recoba 7 months ago

    Apologies I see Wolverhampton is on tonight. 🇬🇧

    Belmont is dry and sunny and to stay dry but still to be confirmed ‘OFF Turf’ but sure it will be so it’ll get the big skip again I’d say as it turns into a $hit show for betting.

    Keeneland -Race 8…Amidst Waves 11/4 ***+

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Had big bit there typed out for the why I’m in on but it’s gone to copy n o pi date heaven!! 🤦‍♂️
      Just because ok! 😉

  22. recoba 7 months ago

    🇺🇸 / 🇨🇦
    Wee early small stakes Trixie with couple from tracker at Woodbine and another.

    Belmont -R4…Clover Street 2/1 Coral
    Yes OFF Turf but shouldn’t matter here.
    Woodbine -R3…No More Options 2/1 Coral *** Jockey King Kimura on lightly raced horse that bolted up last run.
    R4…Elusive Knight. 11/4 *** Stuck this in my tracker after unlucky 2nd on last run for Nee barn. Looks revived?

    GL and well done winners today

  23. recoba 7 months ago

    What’s not to understand Robyn,
    my short write up? I see there’s typos there in my comments about certain stuff so apologies but there not important.
    Long as you get the USA picks?
    I know I miss out words in posts at times when talking about USA racing that i should explain more but if you go to the racecard with the horses I’ve put up you would understand what I mean.

    Anything else I post you can just skid on by. 👍

  24. recoba 7 months ago

    🇺🇸 🇨🇦

    Canadian and small singles on larger prices only as I obviously like the 5 but a couple are too short now

    Woodbine -R6..Golden Canary 10/3 ***
    Santa Anita -R3…Madison Rae 13/8
    R6…Endlessly 6/4
    R9…Drumfyre 11/4 ***+
    Keeneland -R6…Anteras 11/10


    *I think and hop a bit too that Nest will win the ‘ Keeneland Juddmonte Spinster G1’ after a defeat to an excellent horse he faces again BUT 4lbs lighter and the last race was ran in very sloppy conditions (that’s ‘WET’ Robyn 😉) and not a true race but at the price it will be a watch,hopefully my Antepost bet on Nest for The Breeders Cup looks better after its small injury setbacks.

  25. recoba 7 months ago

    Wee Ew on this Godolphin horse as the horse it beat has won a nice race since.

    Keeneland -R10…Palm Tree 11/1 Ew 3 places at Bet365 **+
    Its 17/2 Ew extra Bet365 for 4 places

    • hammy730 7 months ago

      Decided to go for dreamfyre for a little interest, what a race that was! Technically ahead the whole way but exciting stuff! Thanks and nice tipping 👊😁

    • recoba 7 months ago

      Cheers Hammy730 and glad you wer on. 💴
      A nostril 2nd as well with Admist Waves that had the worst passage ever again but missed flying home and Ew plays were pants but..
      Ninja Kitten Mountaineer R6 33/1 Ew Extra Bet365 4 places(*) will do f’all unless new barn has worked miracles and they have but big ask!
      A 2 furlong race and worth a buck or 2 for interest

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