DREW BREEZE (3.45) drops into basement level with an obvious chance in the 1m 3f Classified Stakes at Southwell.

Ivan Furtado's gelding ran his best race to date over course and distance in November when held close home by Grimsthorpe Castle and possibly found the extra furlong beyond him when only sixth to Mr Carbonator (winner since) ten days later. Drew Breeze returns from a welcome four weeks break.

MOMTALIK  (3.15) holds solid claims in an equally awful one-mile Classified Stakes. He cut out most of the running until outpaced by in-form Luscifer and Geography Teacher over course and distance last month and that level of form makes him highly competitive.

  1. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Plumpton 2:58 – Danseur du large @ 11/2 bet 365

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Catterick 12:57- thirsty farmer @ 11/1

    • cairnzy1878 3 weeks ago

      Nice to interact with you dazz never spoke before. Zylan EW in 2:10 at Southwell for me tomorrow.

      Looks a nice price,Ben Curtis on board.

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Looks like a good shout to me . Nice to try and chase a bit of value if you can. not the end of the world if you lose

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Well done with your selection, I was on board that one so thanks a lot 👍

  2. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    onehundredpercent 12.40 ew

  3. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    foxboro 12.48 ew

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Unlucky nearly had it

    • azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

      cheers dazzman 1979

    • ew thief 3 weeks ago

      Shout azz👍

    • azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

      cheers ew thief

  4. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    taboo 12.57 ew

  5. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    lillys gem 1.10 ew well done all winners yesterday

  6. tinmantim 3 weeks ago

    morning everyone
    olivers island catt 1257 9/4
    salty boy 1425 plum 4/1
    cracking find 1435 catt 4/1
    snowed in 1537 catt 17/2

    • ew thief 3 weeks ago

      Nice start bud 👍

  7. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    morning all

    race 4 southwell Fantasy Keeper

    really fancy this one today
    make your own minds up

    bol today people

  8. Champion 3 weeks ago

    12.57 catterick..border victor.e/w.gla.

  9. elvis parsley 3 weeks ago

    Poor racing today isnt it ☹️

    Thebannerkingrebel 12-48 plumpton 2-1 NAP.
    Dorking lad 1-53 plumpton 5-2 NB
    Eva’s Oscar 1-30 catterick 11-4.

    Whataboutwalt 12-18 plumpton.
    18-1 top 4 and 12-1 top 5 finish (split stake) bet365 ew extra

    San Pedro de senam 1-20 plumpton.
    16-1 bet365 ew extra 4 places 1/4 odds (33-1 sp).

    • elvis parsley 3 weeks ago

      Finisk river 2-05 catterick 9-4.
      Might have too much weight, if not can upset the 8-13 favourite

    • elvis parsley 3 weeks ago

      Whataboutwalt 3rd 28-1.
      Lands 2 half stake ew bets but part of me wishes I’d gone straight ew instead of 4 and 5 places.

    • ew thief 3 weeks ago

      Nice shout Elvis 👍

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      You can’t win them all mate . I hate it when they fall you feel a bit hard done by but it’s swings and roundabouts we ve all had winners on the back of a faller so you just got to roll with it hey as you said nothing was really leaping out today but it’s still nice to have a bet regardless you never know when that full house might come in

  10. ew thief 3 weeks ago

    Morning all well done winners yesterday
    Dark shot 2.10s 11-1
    Dawson city 2.25p 11-1
    Le manege enchante 2.45s 20-1
    Pearl spectre 3.15s 8-1
    Definte winner 3.28p 15-2
    Life knowledge 3.45s 16-1
    Ew singles & ew lucky63☘️☘️Gl all

  11. Sore point 3 weeks ago

    Plumpton 12.48 Up The Straight 11/8

    Plumpton 1.20 Black Abbey 4/1

    Southwell 2.10 Vape 7/2

    Southwell 2.45 The Golden Cue 7/2

    Southwell 3.15 Khazaf 11/2

    Thats All Folks

  12. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Thirsty Farmer @ 14/1

    next catterick

  13. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Right Hand Of God

  14. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Don’t think the bookies are giving anything away today ha

  15. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Wish I went with my gut on twenty twenty use to drink that in the park as a teenager ha

  16. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    some many false favourites i’m thinking

  17. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Amadeus Grey

  18. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Rock Chica

    fairyhouse ew

  19. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    give in i’m thinking now!!

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Looks like Money is coming in for yours now

  20. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Looks like Money is coming in for yours now

  21. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    2:50 Fairyhouse. Augusta gold – 9/1 e/w

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      3:20 fairy house – forza Milan 11/4bet 365

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      3:20 fairy house – forza Milan 11/4bet 365

    • Maximusbrown1 3 weeks ago

      Nice 1, I got 16/1 on it

  22. ew thief 3 weeks ago

    Well done with zylan cairns👍

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      I second that . Prob bet of the day for me

  23. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Dirchill @ southwell next

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      I’m going with de little engine @ 9/1 gl may the best horse win :-)

  24. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    little bit on Qaaraat as well

  25. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    3:37 Catterick- comber mill now 20/1 e/w stake 3 places gl

  26. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    getting nearer



  27. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    getting nearer



  28. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Augusta gold comes in at 16/1 happy days

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      It drifted to that anyway actually came in at 10s

  29. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Fingers crossed on Alan’s doing the business

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      So far so good 😊

  30. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Last Southwell

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago


      On The Rhine

  31. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    quite incredible 3.50 ew

  32. azzthewigan 3 weeks ago

    Well done all winners today some good ones

  33. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Alan
    Never mis yours ✅✅✅

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Yep thanks Alan made a good day superb . I like it when you show us how it’s done haha . Much obliged sir

  34. rjb 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the double Alan mate Outstanding

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      There’s *tipsters* and there’s tipsters

  35. Crawmeister 3 weeks ago

    Had Alan’s 2 and Zylan in a L15 so good profit.
    Got Angry Anderson 7.30pm Ally Pally at 30/1. Spent last night covering my bet by backing Price to win correct score. Doesn’t really matter so much after a good day at the horses.
    Trying to see good side of Price so I don’t get upset if he beats Gazza.

  36. andymac1980 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Alan, a superb double which saved my weekend👌🏻

  37. spurs55 3 weeks ago


    race 6 aqueduct

    why is this horse 50-1 ???


    • Crawmeister 3 weeks ago

      Based on form it is a crazy price. There must be a negative which is putting punters off backing it today. The favourite has been well backed and again punters must know something we don’t know.
      I wouldn’t put anybody off backing Castagno small stakes as the horse doesn’t know it’s price.

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      Looking at some of the write ups this horse can win

      Comments such as
      A likely double beckons
      or are they leading us up the garden path ?

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Take the gamble if it’s what you believe you will kick yourself something rotten if it comes in sometimes it’s better to let your heart rule your head ha

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      going to watch the prices
      still 50 on paddy power
      25-1 on sky ??

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      20-1 racebets

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      atr are tipping it along with super dude and maybe dark storm

      i’ll watch the prices

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      It’s into 12s now I hope you got in on the 50/1 action !

  38. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    I’m going for a bit of quick entry at race 3 Tampa bay downs @5/1 😂 ha

  39. Horses ass 3 weeks ago

    Paddy power had a boost Anderson van ger price treble in the quarter finals it paid 9/2 all 3 were favs, so I asked my mate “a big darts man “if it was worth it ,he pointed out Anderson as the weak link but could easy win the tie. at that time Anderson was 12/1 outright, I said to him about that and he said van is the man in form. so I stuck £50 on at 9/2 the treble. and van the man let it down.. so now on Anderson who is 11/10 outsider to win so I have a tenner he wins 7-5 at 15/2 with 365 . I never involved my mate this time .

  40. Deb2000 3 weeks ago

    Excellent again Alan T lovely to come home with a very nice double and 2 singles up in my account.
    Take a bow Sir 👏👏👏

  41. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    thanks for a quick entry dazzman


    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Look at the numbers ! 2 might be the order of the day on this card

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Brice at the end was a fancy of mine anyway but now I noticed the number 2’s I think I will def go with it now race 10 Tampa bay 15/8 now

  42. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    No problem it did drift out to double the price then back in again so hopefully a few got the bigger prices

  43. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Going for starship goddess @ 6/1 in race 5 Tampa bay downs it’s at a e/w price so hopefully get your money back at worst , gl

  44. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Tenerife moon in race 4 @ 4/1 if you can’t wait that long haha

  45. Super Wilf 3 weeks ago

    Thanks AT

    Great picking

    Happy New 2021

    Let’s hope it’s a good one

  46. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Big Annie?

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      I nearly went big Annie because of Gary wales being on board

  47. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Get in star ship goddess!!! :-)

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      had microscope in with your 2 dazzman so many thanks

      keep them coming

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      Castagno low as 12-1 now

      took it at 40 in one bet and 50 in another


    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Bloody hell you had a good treble then ! Fair play to. I usually just do singles as there is always one that lets you down . Well if you landed a treble that size anything is a bonus now hey

  48. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Gulfstream 6 – platinum frolic 7/1 e/w stakes again hopefully get you’re Money back at worst

  49. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    I normally do dazzman as well but you seemed on form
    So did a little patent
    Swings and roundabouts comes to mind


  50. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Never did like gulfstream ha . Only one that sticks out to me now is Brice in the last over Tampa @ 15/8 Crap price but I’m sure today is the day if not then 2 Moro is another day and be happy with today’s wins hope spurs lands the big 50/1 gamble

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      Up the garden path defo

  51. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    What a con
    My missus said her lucky numbers are 5/7

    Believe it or believe it not

    Crazy crazy

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      7. American Lincoln
      3rd Jan AQUEDUCT 19:50 EVENT 1m 0f 0y – Win
      19:50 03 January 2021

  52. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Unlucky , it was worth going for . If it was me and it won I would not be happy . You have to take a chance or you will never win . Plenty more days ahead

  53. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    If I were to pick one out at aquaduct I would go for twisted tom in race 7 trading @ 11/2 now

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      your not far off dazzman with your picks


  54. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Bourbon Bay

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Well hopefully one day we will land the big one and walk away from the torment ha

  55. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Haha 😂 I only just realised I had forza Milan today as well at Fairyhouse must of still been celebrating landing Augusta gold in the previous race !

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      Yeah I had forza as well 😊

  56. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    The sharks are starting to nibble on Brice

  57. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    Do you fancy AT’s tomorrow?

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Not really but we all have our own minds and it’s your own personal money so should nt feel obligated to follow the crowd I do like the jockey Laura Pearson and do keep an eye out for her rides . Seems a bit of an obvious winner which is why I question it . I would rather go e/w on gold brocade myself and at least have a good chance of getting my stake back but each to there own something else altogether will prob win now ha

  58. spurs55 3 weeks ago

    onto tomorrow
    AT is very good so which ones do we choose?

    tomorrow is another day
    on we go


    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Just do them as a e/w 4 fold they usually place so can turn a profit and if they all come in then happy days

    • dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

      Did you notice the numbers tonight . There were a few where the race number and winning horse were identical

  59. dazzman1979 3 weeks ago

    Brice does the business !! Crap price but that was the one I was after :-)

    • spurs55 3 weeks ago

      Yeah noticed that before dazzman and number of runners as well

      That’s why I do numbers before anything else !

      On we go

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