Leagues Tipped:

IT'S been five days of virtually no bets and hardly any sport to watch.

But here's the good news – the Belarus Premier League season starts on Thursday and you'd think their timing couldn't be any worse.

However, with just 36 cases  in the country the games have been given the go-ahead with Bgu Minsk vs BATE Borisov and Shakhter Soligorsk vs Torpedo Zhodino up first.

I have to admit BATE are the only side I've heard of but Scott's on the ball and his members bet features a tip from Shakhter so check it out here.

Scott and Greg both correctly tipped Tampines and over 1.5 goals for a nice win on Wednesday so well done to them and any other winners.

I won't be having a bet on the Belarus games but I have been looking at pools picks for Saturday and the A League games so something to look forward to.

March Super Single Stats: +0.9pts

March Advised Acca Stats: -9.4pts

  1. richardo987 6 months ago

    Mr. F it would be wise come for every member to say hi and wave to other members amidist this Global enemy called Coronavirus. For here in Uganda the school been closed temporarily for one month even if we have not confirmed yet.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Over here schools are closing this week for an indefinite period – possibly until August.

  2. xbets 6 months ago

    Enough of this corona virus.. cannot take it anymore

    • gaz1105 6 months ago

      Don’t worry prime minister Macca will be on soon to give an update and no doubt say the premier league will be completed

  3. kiplangat721 6 months ago

    richardo987 how is life there ,I’m in Kenya life here has become hard everything is tight keep it safe brother

  4. gaz1105 6 months ago

    Live Aussie rugby league at least

    North Queensland cowboys -5.5 @ 28/25

  5. old al 6 months ago

    As I’m a dinosaur, could anybody tell what esoccer is, presumably a computer game of some sort but is it relevant enough to be up on bet365 or are they really scraping the barrel?

    • sean567 6 months ago

      scraping the barrel. intrigued I watched one of their virtual games last night, think it was Manchester blues vs stoke, they offered loads of markets for folk to bet on an imaginary match that I would hazard a guess is completely under their control depending on what their losses would be. ive no bets to place today, but my best tip would be if you are reduced to betting on these virtual sports in lieu of the real thing then seek help immediately as in the not too distant future your probably gonna lose everything you own.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      I don’t be on virtual reality but I can see how people will drawn in with nothing else to do.
      However, even during the season plenty of people be on it and of course virtual racing is on in bookies all day.
      I see guys studying the form then placing bets and even discussing the ground.
      The results will be pre-determined and probably races provided by an outside software firm.

    • old al 6 months ago


    • Deano86 6 months ago

      Why would anyone ever bet on virtual sports 🤣🤣

    • old al 6 months ago

      Could say the same about one arm bandits but people do Deano. Personally I stick to football and a few ‘fun’ bets on other bits and bobs.

    • Deano86 6 months ago

      No your right old al, bandits and slot machines are the same I’d never throw my money away on them either, unless it’s a few quid for a bit of fun, the real footy is hard enough to find winners,

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Studying form and discussing the ground in virtual racing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Do they wear their tinfoil hats in the bookies as well?

    • recoba 6 months ago

      The virtual football is okay for small stakes. If ive had a good win or something and admittedly it was mostly late on a Saturday night with a few mates and a few beers, we would sometimes have a gamble on correct scores,best guide is the odds but obviously there are some shocks. Pick next 3 games or next 3 you like and look of and pick 3 correct scores in each match. Its 27 bets i think so 10-15-20p bets for some entertainment. If you get 1 right in each game it can be great returns especially if stick a cheeky 12/1 shot in there or something.
      Quite addictive,especially with a few beers and best donr with mates as it really should just br for fun snd monry yiu DEFINITELY csn afford ti lose!

    • old al 6 months ago

      There’s the answer then, finish all the leagues off playing fifa19 with club players only taking part – they’ve probably had lots of practice over the past week or so.

  6. El Gooner 6 months ago

    Dinamo Brest reserves to win inplay


    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      Also backing double chance now at 11/10

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      All eggs in one basket 5 points on over 3.5

    • El Gooner 6 months ago

      All lost. Not great, really expected another goal at the very least

  7. El Gooner 6 months ago

    Chinland u19 to score the 5th (next goal)


    • El Gooner 6 months ago


  8. paxton11954 6 months ago

    bate v energetic. bate far superior so over 2.5. more for entertainment than money at odds of19/40

  9. Gratitude 6 months ago

    As a former employee of a high street Bookmaker both in retail and as a trader I strongly advise not to start gambling on virtual sports or certainly with very small stakes if you do and purely for fun because you will not win over the period you do. There are few certainties in life but I am 100% sure about that being one.

    We are all at loss to find our daily betting fix, but football and racing will be back, sooner, hopefully than later, and it is perfect time to become a more profitable gambler.

    Patience and discipline. There are some great tipsters on this site and they are still producing winners at this barren spell of opportunities. So keep your powder dry until a well researched tip on the site appears.

  10. maccathered 6 months ago

    Bate Borisov HT/FT
    Over 2 goals
    Over 8 corners
    Best of luck

  11. gaz1105 6 months ago

    Slim pickings but a wins a win:

    Live Aussie rugby league at least

    North Queensland cowboys -5.5 @ 28/25 ✅ ✅

  12. old al 6 months ago

    Bate and Soligorsk both to win by 2+ goals
    @ 3/1 wm hill boost

  13. maccathered 6 months ago

    Great news 2019/2020 season will be extended indefinitely.

    • heisenberg 6 months ago

      Was the only way.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Null and void was nonsense heisenberg and that was only mentioned by Karen Brady in which the media then turned into a scenario,at least we have clarity now. the this season will definitely be completed.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      It doesn’t say will it says “can be”.
      As you know I’d give Liverpool the title but they haven’t made any decisions yet.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Extended indefinitely means as soon as it can restart it will.

    • old al 6 months ago

      Have you given up on two weeks?

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Never said to weeks old man.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Not bothered when it starts, at least we know it’s going to be completed.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      not sure why they cant just extend this season indefinitely as well then instead of trying to get all the games in by the 30th june.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      ignore that- I read that as it meaning next season can be extended indefinitely

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      It’s suspended until the 30th April,then if it’s still not ready to go it will be extended indefinitely until it can be complete.The Anfield Wrap are saying games will probably be behind closed doors..

    • newts68 6 months ago

      Indefinitely means an unspecified time. It basically means they can’t put a date on it.Nobody has said the season will be definable finished. What they have said is they all want to try and get it finished, which as always been the case.
      Your reading it as the season will definitely be finished which isn’t the case.
      If they were 100% sure they would make a statement saying even if it means delaying or scrapping next season.
      As it stands they’ve scrapped the 3rd April and now set a new date of 30th April which is another month into the possibility of it not being resumed.
      And it’s not just Karren Brady who thinks the season should be called null and void should I’m not be completed Sports Lawyer Richard Cranmer said the same. So did Alan Shearer.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      The f.a have said they are fully committed to finishing the season and all other domestic comps,surely that’s a bit more clarity on what we had.

    • newts68 6 months ago

      Looking more likely now. In any case I reckon Liverpool’s title will be sorted. They only need two wins so make sure ya win the first two games back.
      On another note BT Sports 2 at 22,:15 tonight Two Tribes showing. Not sure if you’ve seen it but it’s about the Merseyside Fa Cup Finals 86/87 I think?

  14. martin17 6 months ago

    Hi everyone would just like to say thanks to all contributors to this site over the years many great tips and insights to games from all over the world. Due to work commitments i have not been able to contribute in a way that would have been useful to the bank balance of many. but you all have contributed to my bank balance. So thank-you. Due to self isolation i have had a bit more time on my hand so looking into the 1st game from Belarus today i think the value is on Energetik scoring 10/11 skybet btts 11/10 skybet btts and over 2.5 goals 6/4 skybet. also Bate have a player returning from brest in france called Pavel Nekhajchik who scored 12 in 24 appearences and scored for belarus in their last international first goalscorer 5/1 skybet 17/10 anytime goalscorer skybet good luck everyone and stay safe

    • newts68 6 months ago

      Great stuff 👍👍👍

    • martin17 6 months ago


    • kyle b 6 months ago

      Nice picks Martin 👍

    • martin17 6 months ago


  15. kyle b 6 months ago

    Shakhter Soligorsk vs Torpedo Bolaz

    Torpedo 30+ Booking Points @ 4/5 *NAP*
    Torpedo 40+ Booking Points @ 2/1 *NB*

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      NAP **WON**
      NB **LOST**

      After 3 1st Half Torpedo cards, the visitors rather miraculously didn’t pick up a 4th card in second period.

      Couple of shockers result wise on opening day in Belarus, the Energertik Torpedo double must have paid in region of 100/1 😮

  16. jim burnside 6 months ago

    I didn’t know Kenny millers now assistant coach at Newcastle jets down under.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Technical Director Jim. whatever that is

  17. richardo987 6 months ago

    Yap bro kiplangat721, let us follow the our Gov’ts pieces of advise and pray that God brings the suituation to normality in the few coming weeks.

  18. sean567 6 months ago

    Turkish league now suspended as well. With the news rangers have allowed players to return to their home countries, it looks like the Scottish season will not be getting finished at all IF this country goes into full lockdown.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      Won’t they follow England’s stance or are they totally seperate.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Not sure mate but I’d imagine that if the country is in lockdown then that means there won’t be flights in or out. When they are finally allowed in the country you’d think they will need to self quarantine for a period of time, then be allowed a period of time to regain their fitness whereas players in England are already here and will be training in preparation for a start date, lockdown or not.

    • maccathered 6 months ago

      There on about not having a season next season in order to finish this one if that’s what it takes, so there’s plenty of time with what i have read.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      That’s what I’d do. Just postpone next season for now in order to finish this one properly as no one knows when anyone will be able to resume again. then when you’ve got this season done and dusted then you can look at a footballing calendar for next year when you can be more sure of when games can be played. If that means a reduced amount of games for a year then so be it. Absolutely pointless just now saying we hope to resume on this date when no one has any idea what state the country will be in.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      What I meant to say in that final line was there no point in putting an END date on a competition when you’ve no idea when it will start back up again.

  19. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Brazil ampeanse.
    Santana v ypiranga.
    Btts 10-11 (hills).

    ypiranga have been conceding away from home recently.
    Ypiranga are heavy odds on to win so the opposition must be poor.
    Head to head last July was ypiranga 2 Santana 2.

    Santana only got one game on recorded recently, a 3-1 loss 10 days ago.
    Last year they took a few of beatings but more often than not scored a consolation.
    0-6 1-6 1-8 2-2 1-8 0-2

    Looked at the Haiti games and very rare you get more than a goal in their games never mind Btts.
    Definitely a league for UNDERS backers.

  20. kf 6 months ago

    Can’t even see this on Hill Elvis?

  21. kyle b 6 months ago

    Santana vs Ypiranga
    Over 10.5 Match Corners @ 17/20
    *Medium Stake*

    • kf 6 months ago

      Which bookies Kyle?….couldn’t see this on WH when I looked earlier

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      888 & 365 offering corner markets, that is a cracking price Elvis has got on BTTS, a lot shorter what I’ve seen elsewhere.

    • kf 6 months ago

      Cheers Kyle…there were no markets at all on that match on Hills when I looked earlier..

    • kyle b 6 months ago

      I’ve just seen Elvis post and yeah it’s now been removed from 365 and confirmed as postponed 👍

  22. craneguy 6 months ago

    nite owl LOST

    tonite, 1st bet ever in haiti for me small stakes for interest only…………………

    cavaly & juventus o1.5mgs 13/10

    all 7 games u3.5mgs 11/10

    u2.5mgs just over 7/1

  23. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Looks like Santana v ypirnga match is off, gone from hills and betfair.

    Little bet on Haiti league 9pm, for interest.
    Half stake.

    Violet v Archie
    Archie to score 5-4 (hills).

  24. sean567 6 months ago

    Australian A league.
    Been torn all week on match 1. On paper it looks like an easy away win, however city have a shocking record on the central coast despite the mariners being the worst team in the league for the majority of it. (1 win in 5 years, 2 wins in 13 matches) More recently they’ve also only won 1 of their last 5 away games and star man Jamie mcclaren has just 3 goals in his last 9 games 2 of which came from the penalty spot. I watched them at home last week as well and they should’ve lost that game were it not for Simon cox allowing a defender to clear the ball off the line when he was literally trying to walk it into an empty net. I missed the win over Perth so can’t comment about that game but with the reasons I’ve mentioned above I can’t bring myself to tip/back city. If ever there was a game you’d think the mariners could spring a surprise, this would be it for me. As for the mariners they are on a 9 game losing streak so definitely can’t be backed even on double chance, so for me this leaves goals. As poor as the mariners are they are more than capable of netting at home and having conceded 3 in their last 3 matches to teams of a similar ilk to city I like the asian goal line of 3 at bet 365. My first thought was backing 2-3 match goals at 11/10 but this could be one of those games that could see that in by ht and I don’t want to limit myself. Both teams will go forward and look to win the game and for me this means cards and corners as well as goals. History of reds in this fixture on the Gold Coast in recent times and I would rule one out in this game either but I’m gonna take a skybet cards /goals /corners roll up as my NB and have a small stake on a red.
    Advised tips
    Over 3 mgs (asian) 17/20 bet 365
    Over 1.5mgs/over 8.5corners/over 2.5 cards 5/6 skybet NB
    Red card to be shown 4/1 hills

  25. JOE BM 6 months ago


  26. martin17 6 months ago

    Been looking at the games tomorrow and i like Tanjong Pagar v Albirex btts and over2.5 goals 10/11 skybet and will double it up with seans over 1.5 matchgoals/over 8.5 corners/over 2.5 cards 5/6 skybet double pays 5/2
    good luck with anyone betting on the Haiti games tonight.

  27. maccathered 6 months ago

    I might be wrong but i think there will only be 3 games from Haiti in play.

  28. sean567 6 months ago

    A league
    Brisbane roar v Newcastle Jets
    2 sides in cracking form face off in Brisbane tomorrow both looking for the win that could see their playoff hopes realised. After a shaky start under Robbie Fowler the roar have come to life in 2020 with 7 wins from 11 games and only 2 defeats with those coming away at the top 2. I described them as unwatchable at the start of the season, slow, 1 paced, and with as much attacking bite as 97 year old woman with no teeth, but that’s all changed now and fowler seems to have gotten his ideas across. 1 man who has helped that recently has been Scott McDonald, after a slow start to his roar career he’s now netted 4 in his last 2 and looks a decent bet for a goal tomorrow. As for they jets I mentioned last week how they had gotten a new manager bounce from Welshman Carl Robinson, and it continued with a 3-0 thumping of Adelaide on their own patch. Resolute in defence and with a real threat up front I’d back the jets to make the playoffs they weren’t away to Sydney in one of their remaining matches and had a game or 2 more. They are unbeaten in 6 winning the last 2 against Adelaide and Perth and look in fine form at both ends of the pitch. One of the reasons for their upturn has been the signing of A league stalwart Roy O Donovan. Despite netting 6 times earlier in the season for the roar he looked old and slow, and a player on the way out. I’ve seen him the past few weeks for the jets and he looks completely reborn again and is definitely worth considering for a goal. He’ll be out to show fowler he was wrong to let him go.
    I can’t split these 2 and think a draw is also a decent shout and that will be 1 of my smaller bets. Never mentioned this in my other preview but both games are behind closed doors but I don’t think this will have too much of an effect. The mariners usually average crowds of about 5k and Brisbane play most of their games in a stadium that holds 52k but it’s always a ghost town for football matches (although the match tomorrow is at a different stadium) so I can’t see no fans being a massive change. Good luck if you follow anything between the 2 games.
    Advised tips
    2-3 mgs 21/20 NAP
    Draw 13/5 bet 365/skybet
    Correct score 1-1 15/2 bet victor

    For the guys who like betbuilders both teams should manage 4+ corners each. At 4/6 on skybet this is a wee bit too skinny for a single for me when I have a few other bets on but you could combine this with btts or the aforementioned players to score.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      Cheers, it’s a good preview.

    • sean567 6 months ago

      Ta, let’s hope the action backs up the chat.

  29. sasaharv62 6 months ago

    Hey Mr F.i joined up with full membership on 7th March,just as all or most sports were postponed,will my membership be paused to a later date or will it still be ongoing ???

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      I’d have thought it would be ongoing but admin will confirm.
      We’re still putting up as many tips as possible and we have the same costs.
      Like other businesses we will be hit hard.

    • sasaharv62 6 months ago

      Cheers for reply,just wondered thats all,its fine if its ongoing,just me personally not betting on anything,so not getting benefit of VIP tips.

    • Mr Fixit 6 months ago

      I didn’t say no but we’re all in the same boat here and we’ll try to put some contests and other content that’s not betting.

  30. goalden oldie 6 months ago

    real du cap v fica
    both teams to score
    skybet 7/4

    • goalden oldie 6 months ago


  31. craneguy 6 months ago

    games in oz in morning……………

    overs double 8/5
    o3.5mgs double 9/2
    penalty in each 2/1
    double 8/1

  32. sean567 6 months ago

    Always dangerous to look try to predict things too far ahead, especially as city have another game on monday, but NEXT Friday (27/3/20) Melbourne are at home to Adelaide. The reds are an absolute shambles at the moment and are conceding goals left right and centre. I’d recommend putting on what you would usually stake on a sat/Sunday if there was a card on city to win at 5/6, over 1.5 and over 2.5 city tgs at 8/13 and 2/1. Be best left until after Monday tho to make sure they have no significant injuries and suspensions. Adelaide have conceded 15 times in their last 4 games, the manager sat on the sideline at the weekend and never uttered a word despite his team going from 0-0 to 3-0 down in the space of 15mins. He looks like he’s at the end of his rope and the players are just not listening to and responding to him. Other way would be to go Smaller stakes just now then ramp it up after they’ve played mon.

  33. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Little bet on Haiti league 9pm, for interest.
    Half stake.

    Violet v Archie
    Archie to score 5-4 (hills).

    Half a stake better than nowt 👍


  34. elvis parsley 6 months ago

    Spellchecker strikes again.
    Violette v arcahaie of course 😀.
    But I’m sure you are all familiar with Haiti football and would have known the correct spelling of course 🙈

    • recoba 6 months ago

      I knew what youar meant Elvus even if you didn’t! ; (

      Just had a wee bash on Skybet virtual soccerthere fir 1st time in years bet as i mentioned earlier when Old Al asked (couple of if winners in US racing so why nit?)
      27x 10p bets…3x games =9 time ckrrect scores Engkand v Brazil..1-1 was 11/2 then a goal needed in the next either way let me down but Egyot 2-0 got me a few bob.
      Good wee watch but best done with mates n only for small stakes but definitely fun.,BUT IF IT STOPS!!! lol

      Nice one there Elvis i had a big $5 on..WINNER 👍

      Us racing…Goldenfields (23.01)…..Happy Issue 7/4!
      Im waiting on it for a double but it looks good for it.
      GL all in all yer endeavours

    • recoba 6 months ago

      Winner with Gapoy Tissue! Easy as,love US racing. Its keeping me going anyway
      No racing thread so between tipsters shouts,along with my own “expertise” ;) aka some study ive a yankee fir tommorrow from Oz to Al Jebi. SMALL stakes yamkee on…

      Ancient Aztec…8.15 (single) 9/4
      Expisive Qualiry.,..10.45 6/5
      Zainholm…11.00 7/2
      Tapi Sioux…12,30 7/4

      GL all n goid health to all.

    • recoba 6 months ago

      Apologies for the typos but in work but regarding the virtual soccer im sure you get it.
      See Dundalk is on tomorrow? ?

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